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Sometime's it amazes me how this place has stayed up for 4 years, lmao~ it's pretty much ancient ; u ;
Life's awesome. It's been pretty hectic, but it's going. You?
  ★ ᴘ ʟ ᴀ ᴛ ᴏ ɴ ɪ ᴄ ★ / Skitz / 2y 44d 20h 10m 20s
it really has! I thought about hoping on to check the site and then i stumbled upon this post haha. How's life ?
  Rin~ / Cheri / 2y 45d 15h 26m 48s
[Center [Font "Times New Roman" Oh hey you :D It's been a while.]]
I don't quite remember the name I went by but maybe it was mokar >.> im unsure tho
  Rin~ / Cheri / 2y 46d 9h 35m 15s
[Center [Font "Times New Roman" Who are you? o-o]]
  / Skitz / 2y 46d 15h 5m 3s
oh hai there, long time no see~ Haven't checked this site in ages lol o-o
  Rin~ / Cheri / 2y 46d 15h 20m 9s
Course they do, we need to get everyone together again
  Kai 2016 / DayDreaminKaii / 2y 46d 20h 41m 25s
[Center [Font "Papyrus" Oh shit ; - ; people still reply on here?]]
  ᴡᴀʀᴍᴛʜ / Intoxicated / 2y 105d 16h 34m 32s
Hey! I just turned 19, drop that attitude, you young whippersnapper.
  Kai 2016 / DayDreaminKaii / 2y 118d 5h 20m 55s
Wow everyone is so old already
EW what even is this place
  Music♫ / Ester99 / 2y 119d 9h 20m 17s
I'm alive, I think?
Am I alive?
Am I real?
Is this real life?
  Łø§ţ BøÝ / Lost-Boy / 2y 128d 10h 43m 1s
Heyo dudes~ anyone alive?
ugh -n- I really hate the whole sub count system here...
  / SneakyKitten / 2y 195d 11h 9m 9s
... >.> ...... <.< ....
[i I'm back betchs, kinda oWo"]

[center [pic]]
  ραитĿєṡṡ / Ultra- / 2y 218d 18h 33m 34s
-walks in, yawning-
Yo, I changed up my user and stuff cause I'm not with a certain someone anymore. I'm sorry sherry.
  Łø§ţ BøÝ / Lost-Boy / 2y 243d 11h 20m 48s
[Center [font "Courier New" [i Yawns and leans against the wall.]]]
  Mei / Shiro- / 2y 249d 2h 46m 26s

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