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Haha I still check here sometimes tbh xD

Gah I need 50 characters to post Dx
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 161d 1h 19m 52s
[Center [Font "Times New Roman" [Size10 Lol, I know this chat is dead as heck.. but I still wanted to pop in, and say hellurrrr :o]]]
[Center [Size8 I feel like i'm talking to myself :') rip me.]]
  / Skitty / 1y 161d 13h 16m 27s
I'm currently finishing up my spring semester for community college at the moment and then I'm taking a break semester so I can pursue my pro Overwatch career lol.... I'm currently semi-pro atm xddd
  Rin~ / Cheri / 2y 9d 2h 12m 0s
Hentai days?!
Have moorreeeee

Love ads!
Get all the ads!!
  Arthur / Isamu / 2y 22d 12h 24m 19s
Pfht >u< you're acting like this isn't the first time I made an odd picture >.> remember my ... [i cough, hack] hentai days...?
[Size10 good lord Q - Q]
I remember when Tara told me to delete them so I wouldn't get banned.

I hate all ads.
Get out of here mofo
  ll x4n3hp ll / Skitz / 2y 23d 10h 44m 59s

What the fuck?!

Maybe it's maybealine.
Let's whip out all the old ads we love (hate)
  Arthur / Isamu / 2y 24d 15h 48m 56s
#Neverforget >~<

[Size8 Ravioli, Ravioli~ gimmie da formuoli :o !]
  ωιℓ∂ cαт / Skitz / 2y 24d 15h 50m 46s
You're mommy lets you right?
I mean I did call you're mother darling after all XD
  Arthur / Isamu / 2y 24d 16h 18m 42s
Stranger danger down below!
Unless your mommy said you can talk to him, everyone hide >:(
  ⓢⓔⓝⓟⓐⓘ / Skitz / 2y 25d 6h 20m 21s
PS: OMG I'm still in the picture in the description!
Karu! That's me OMG it was destiny all along!!
  Arthur / Isamu / 2y 25d 7h 21m 36s
This chat is still a thing and I.. Have finally returned to it!
The long awaited return of Guardian!
Mwhahaha bow before me!
As I am a Guardian and we...
We protect things?

Howdy all! I am not a fan of chats! This ancient place however may hold the key to the special power of keeping my attention!!
  Arthur / Isamu / 2y 25d 7h 22m 52s
; u ; [Size9 No matter how loud you yell, no one shall hear your screams... muahahahaha...]
  ᴋᴀɪʀɪ / Skitz / 2y 30d 23h 11m 48s
  Pyro / DemiousMonska / 2y 31d 6h 32m 30s
Wowowow~ same haha. Well... I actually decided to just pursue my GED and then work my way up with college degrees. Congrats though! Have you decided on a major yet? ;-; everybodies growing up [i tear, tear]
And honestly :,) same
I rarely log on, except for when I feel all stressed and wanna read back on old chats haha cx
  ★ ᴘ ʟ ᴀ ᴛ ᴏ ɴ ɪ ᴄ ★ / Skitz / 2y 43d 14h 15m 59s
Life is alright for me~ Finally got out of my shitty high school and attending college now.. This page has so many memories from back then q-q I miss the times when we were actually all pretty active.
  Rin~ / Cheri / 2y 44d 6h 47m 21s

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