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Hahaha late response from you!
I suppose mine was 20 hours late but it wasn't four days late though haha xD
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 155d 2h 5m 25s
~boop boop boop~
[Size9 I am here.]
[Size9 let's wreck havoc -w-]
  / Skitty / 1y 155d 21h 42m 15s
With what us?!
I know she saw me and May xD
I read back far myself just to do it.
How endless are they? >>

I did notice pretty damn late I suppose! XD

Wait.. Where is the loveable cuteness? o.o
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 160d 5m 4s
[Size8 She probably saw dance trivia e u e huehuehue...]
the possibilities are endless my friend.

Sherry has ALWAYS been the epitome of cringe... >~> you guys just now notice? shame.
[Size10 with a hint of meme, sweg, and loveable cuteness tho~ <3]
  / Skitty / 1y 160d 6m 54s
Hey what did you read me say Abby?!
How as I cringey >>

Haha Sherr xD
What happened?

Oh Sherry... You're cringey again! Skitty we missed you! Haha
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 160d 4h 9m 27s
[Center [Size11 [Font "Bree" I got too cool for school~ awwww yeaaaahhhh [b *puts on some hella bad-ass black shades*]]]]
[Center [Size11 [Font "Bree" but... but... butts... :C you see? my first love broke my heart on this website. I'll never be the same... [b *Dramatically looks away into the sunset, blinking both my eyes and being as cringe as possibruh*]]]]
  ⓖⓘⓕⓣⓢ / skitty / 1y 160d 23h 37m 9s
Sher Bear you used to be cute on es. What happened? V.V

[Size8 I'm glad Chris isn't as cringy anymore]
  Angel Mike / DearConnorMurphy / 1y 160d 23h 43m 53s
Huh?! Wtf?

Ecchi make you tired girl??

I need 50 characters
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 161d 52m 23s
[Center [Size12 [Font "Bree" My eyes are falling asleep as I talk.. I don't think I'll be able to hold it in any longer!... I...]]]
[Center [b [Size14 [Font "Bree" Z..z....z.]]]]
  / Skitty / 1y 161d 57m 1s
All those great people like goldenbat got replaced with autism xD
Oh my gosh I'm bad.

Ecchi havoc? O.O
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 161d 58m 13s
[Center [Size12 [Font "Bree" >~> Lemme at 'em! pow pow.]]]
[Center [Size11 [Font "Bree" I'm here to wreeeckkkk havoc! -3-]]]

[Center [Size11 [Font "Bree" Honestly, it feels so weird and oddly nostalgic to log back onto ES. I remember when this website was like my lifeline. So many great people back in the good ole' days ; u ;]]]
  / Skitty / 1y 161d 1h 1m 15s
Sherry is back with ecchi already xD

Oh boy the chats!! Stella has cool chats!!
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 161d 1h 4m 30s
[Center [Font "Times New Roman" [Size11 Nahh~ I feel like with my work schedule it would be too extra lol. I'm planning to join lots o' chats though and stuff like that.]]]
  / Skitty / 1y 161d 1h 6m 34s
Haha gonna start roleplaying again hun?
My post are too sherrrrr
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 161d 1h 16m 47s
[Center [Font "Bree" [Size12 I uploaded a great deal of my old characters, but I still have so many more to gooooo.... :c [i sad faceeeee]]]]
  / Skitty / 1y 161d 1h 24m 30s

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