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No school for me
[Size30 NERDS >:)]

[Size10 but I do have work tomorrow though.]
  Clairvoyant / 126d 17h 29m 25s
yoooo i should be studying too :c

also, this frickin 50 character limit

i'm too lazy!!
  ♧♧ / Amavi / 126d 17h 38m 34s
oo like what stuffs

[i iz me, I saw dc and decided to get on randomly even though I should study aHhah]
  Kallow / 126d 17h 42m 2s
All the ughs in the entire world ;-;
laptops are so difficult.

I think I if I try really hard I'll have steam on here by tomorrow and then we can all play a few stuffs.
  Clairvoyant / 126d 17h 52m 15s
it be me

[size8 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin purus est, faucibus eu velit in, faucibus semper tellus. Duis id eros bibendum, luctus urna quis, fringilla mauris. Quisque rhoncus imperdiet sapien egestas pharetra. Nulla ut magna tincidunt dui dignissim porttitor quis ]
  nomu / 128d 4h 39m 53s
What even.
Who posted o.o
Who even is Nomu?

Filler Filler Filler
  Clairvoyant / 128d 4h 49m 52s
H sjabs iakn snsj im sure itll be fine... probably
  |○υʀPɾiиᴄ£ss| / Ester99 / 1y 122d 21h 23m 40s
[font "Times New Roman" O.O what did you talk about ]
  ||♛|| / Ester99 / 1y 152d 6h 10m 42s
So I may or may not have been passive aggressive on Journal enteries
  Melting / 1y 160d 19h 51m 51s
[size10 [font "Times New Roman" Hmm. Interesting.]]
  Music♫ / Ester99 / 1y 160d 20h 6m 17s
They can. They just cant post lmfao unless they request access
  Melting / 1y 160d 21h 3m 28s
[size10 [font "Times New Roman" Wah, I don't think they can even see what we post here o.o Can they?]]
  Music♫ / Ester99 / 1y 161d 19h 55m 15s
[Center [Font "Bree" Cleaning out the chat. It'll be a small circle from now on, and I'd like to keep it that way. If any old members want access, contact Ester about it and just let us know who you are. Stay square, friends.]]
  Skitty / 1y 163d 6h 21m 4s
Weird, sorry the late response been busy.
I'll be more active on es soon though ^^
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 163d 7h 30m 17s
I don’t know why...

She literally told me... “You don’t look Native, you look white or even Middle Eastern.”

I’m mostly Native American. Moscogee and Cherokee. With a dash of Irish and some other European blood that I’m not sure of.
  Senju / Lapis_ / 1y 182d 11h 20m 58s

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