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[size11 Challenge accepted ;3]

I for one think tasteful lewds are pretty neat actually
  ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs / Softcore / 1y 262d 10h 9m 3s
[size10 what does this mean and is it a challenge?]
  nomu / 1y 262d 13h 19m 2s
I dunno about you guys but I could still dive head first into lewd pics and STILL get it XD
  ωι¢кє∂ / Clairvoyant / 1y 262d 18h 25m 23s
[size10 wahhh but it's not like you can act the same way you did years ago o.o you just grew up a bit and became more relaxed maybe, mehh just be yourself and don't stress]
  nomu / 1y 262d 20h 53m 1s
[size11 I was browsing a little for real pics and iT JUST FEELS SO WEIRD TO ME NOW]

[size11 they look nice but im having flashbacks to some darker days lol I think id rather be a cringey weeb]
  ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs / Softcore / 1y 262d 23h 31m 37s

like how did we do this

where am I
  MARINA 2 / Amavi / 1y 263d 34m 29s
;-; it makes me so sad that you called me a granny.
Like everyone thinks I’m being a little too passive aggressive with them or like a little too casual and relaxed like I don’t care about the stuff their talking about and it’s making me feel like ?? Idk I wasn’t trying to imply that.

You know?
  ωι¢кє∂ / Clairvoyant / 1y 263d 58m 55s
[size10 oh for real? i think as long as you don't say hurtful stuff and apologize if someone gets hurt then you should be fine. Don't worry too much about it,also maybe b/c you're a granny you cant connect with the youngsters as easily anymore]
  nomu / 1y 263d 1h 3m 10s
I just grab whatever I think looks neat.
However, I don't find a lot of neat stuff.
Ugh I think I'm getting a little ruder with people.
My socialization skills online really aren't as in par as before where I would get along with practically everyone :l
  ωι¢кє∂ / Clairvoyant / 1y 263d 1h 29m 22s
[size10 I never did much editing but I'm kinda not even looking for pics, ill cringe if I take some anime thing but I'll also feel bad if I take anyone's cool art. Now at this point i'd be like, just make your own art, to myself but I'd end up with something cringier and feel like dweeb]
  nomu / 1y 263d 1h 44m 20s
As you can see from my lack of creativity in this pic.
Me too.
Adulting really drains you.
  ωι¢кє∂ / Clairvoyant / 1y 263d 2h 46m 58s
[size10 I did use the brackets but in the preview nothing came out :<]
[size10 OH oops guess I was using such a small font it didnt work lol eheh]

ahh.. I kinda want to edit to but im too unmotivated

  Kallow / 1y 263d 2h 52m 58s
Testing Testing Testing Testing
Size check
Editing sucks
  ωι¢кє∂ / Clairvoyant / 1y 263d 3h 37m 48s
[Size10 oh I'll fight you real good, don't worry]

I was actually considering that tbh. Like it should be optional to the creator on what the chat limit is, and Stay Away is faulty anyways I think because we broke the top chat part?

Ugh I need to edit characters ;-;

I think you need to use square brackets on here
[ ?

Hey guys since Jimmy disappeared can I use lewd pics again ?? o3o
  Clairvoyant / 1y 263d 4h 4m 21s
fight me sherry (ง⌐□ل͜□)ง

iKR the limit sucks balls and is unnecessary, it should be something you choose to add in a chat honestly

[i how the heck does sizing work again :< ?]
  Kallow / 1y 263d 4h 36m 8s

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