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I’m down to join the OG chat~
Just gotta make a profile,
And characters.

O lord all this work :(
  Clairvoyant / 1y 254d 21h 49m 7s
I still do not know how to use Tumblr :(
Or Twitter
  Clairvoyant / 1y 254d 21h 51m 10s
[size12 yeaa I still do~ its great source material]

also I have no idea what I walked in on L0L ..
its... furry-esq
  ತ_ತ / Softcore / 1y 255d 46m 34s
[size10 yehhh love tumblr, i dont interact with people but just check my feed and stuff]
  [✄] / nomu / 1y 255d 1h 19m 33s
ALSO, do y'all still use tumblr?? because I definitely do lol
  ♧♧ / Amavi / 1y 255d 1h 25m 44s
ooh, yes i'll join too but i need to find a proper anime pic to use now don't i :T
  ♧♧ / Amavi / 1y 255d 1h 27m 38s
[size10 oh wait now that i more about it, there should be less since the site is dying and people that stay are more tight knit---
ooh ]
  [✄] / nomu / 1y 255d 1h 35m 53s

[size11 L0L I get it tho]

Im about to request, lets see how it is :>
  ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs / Softcore / 1y 255d 1h 40m 22s
[size10 oh noooo, hopefully theres no more of those or well i hope at least they wont be attached to you guys anymore since there's fresh-er prey around? probs at this point you guys give a slightly more mature aura....or maybe im jinxing it ]
  [✄] / nomu / 1y 255d 1h 44m 59s
Exactly, lol
[size11 nice guy for like 2 seconds, realizes you don't wanna send him your #bobs&vagana, then turns bloodthirsty]
yep thats him

  ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs / Softcore / 1y 255d 1h 49m 24s
[size10 ahahaha really, i find it hard to recognize pple anymoreee, did that person do the whole nice guy™ play? but sure i dont mind, let me know if you request access]
  [✄] / nomu / 1y 255d 1h 56m 51s
I forgot how annoying it can be to type on here

guys wanna join this “ES OGs” chat just for funzies
i see some familiar peeps

but one name sounds suspiciously like chris so im hesitant e.e
  ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs / Softcore / 1y 255d 1h 59m 21s
[size10 pfft except there's few people to talk to, idkkkk it feels like talking to my 13 year old self or something]
  [✄] / nomu / 1y 255d 2h 3s
it is super old, like I think it maybe 14+ years old even
but its refreshing to use again I have to say :3 its like going back to myspace or something lol [i retro]
  ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs / Softcore / 1y 255d 2h 9m 46s
[size10 feel like an old lady with new technology but this actually a pretty old site '']
  [✄] / nomu / 1y 255d 2h 13m 42s

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