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I'm actually considering selling mine for dirt cheap if your interested
  ℓιттℓє ∂ємσи / skitty / 1y 60d 23h 53m 1s
I need to get this job!

I want to save up for a PS4 so I can play OW, Arc, and Persona 5...
  Senju / Lapis_ / 1y 62d 23h 30m 9s
I don’t.

I only talk a lot when I’m tired.

We do. We both love sushi, Rick and Morty, food, spicy foods. Similar fashion sense.

My niece just fought for sleep for ten minutes. I put Moana and she was out like a light within the first five minutes of the movie.
  Flower / Lapis_ / 1y 69d 11h 27m 17s
That sounds really cool! You guys have much common interest?

Awe it's hard to imagine you being talkative I always imagined you didn't say much.
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 69d 11h 50m 40s
We talk and shop together.

She’s shy as a mouse, so I do most the talking when we’re out together.
  Flower / Lapis_ / 1y 69d 17h 29m 25s
That's nice!

Ahh, you guys do cool stuff together?
Video games? Hanging out? Fun stuff?
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 69d 17h 40m 8s
She’s happy and healthy

Yeah, I love my stepsister. She’s cool
  Flower / Lapis_ / 1y 69d 18h 2m 2s
Awe I bet she's adorable.

I see well do you and the mom help raise her?
Also is the baby healthy?
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 69d 18h 34m 54s
She’s a year now.

She came here with her mom all the way from Virginia to get away from the abusive situation she and the baby were in.
  Flower / Lapis_ / 1y 69d 18h 50m 18s
Well, how old is she?
Do you two get along well?

Also, you got to be relaxed for you're sake I suppose I mean so that you can be happy. Even if one day she grows up the people who love you wanna see you be happy.
Of course, someone can't be chill 24/7 but trying to find things that relax you and make you laugh and smile is the way to go! X3
If not a bit obvious I admit. :P
Again though I hope it doesn't overrun you raising her and try to keep a positive attitude!

It's hard losing free time my best friend David just had a kid and today, in fact, he messaged he can't game the way he used to. With his new lover and daughter.
He doesn't have the time to unwind and having to pay bills. He's gotta find a way to make free time to enjoy the stuff he loves even if it's as silly or small as playing video games. People look at it like a luxury but it really is a necessity
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 69d 19h 16m 11s
I have to be.

I’m helping raise my niece now....
  Flower / Lapis_ / 1y 69d 20h 17m 15s
We all get grumpy at times maybe I didn't notice it just cause we really got along? So maybe I had a biased in it I'll admit xD

Well either way what matters is you FEEL more relaxed ya know?
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 69d 20h 58m 39s

Fam. I was mean as frick.

I learned and grew from that.

Chill city here.
  Flower / Lapis_ / 1y 69d 22h 31m 31s
Late response sorry.
Anyone on?
Also no lapis I didn't think so o.o
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 74d 20h 40m 56s
I was a mean and an annoying little shit back then, huh?

Heyo, just wanted to reminisce and reflect on the old me.
  Lapis_ / 1y 75d 2h 10m 56s

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