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  Music♫ / Ester99 / 1y 38d 12h 41m 24s
They can. They just cant post lmfao unless they request access
  Melting / 1y 38d 13h 38m 35s
[size10 [font "Times New Roman" Wah, I don't think they can even see what we post here o.o Can they?]]
  Music♫ / Ester99 / 1y 39d 12h 30m 22s
[Center [Font "Bree" Cleaning out the chat. It'll be a small circle from now on, and I'd like to keep it that way. If any old members want access, contact Ester about it and just let us know who you are. Stay square, friends.]]
  Skitty / 1y 40d 22h 56m 11s
Weird, sorry the late response been busy.
I'll be more active on es soon though ^^
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 41d 5m 24s
I don’t know why...

She literally told me... “You don’t look Native, you look white or even Middle Eastern.”

I’m mostly Native American. Moscogee and Cherokee. With a dash of Irish and some other European blood that I’m not sure of.
  Senju / Lapis_ / 1y 60d 3h 56m 5s
We’ve all been there lol.
I started out as a waitress, then a cashier at a grocery store. Both didn’t really give me any status or respect. I did make really cool friends though.

Rude much?
Do people really evaluate based on race? That’s so sucky
  ℓιттℓє ∂ємσи / Skitty / 1y 60d 10h 29m 15s
Oh wow, why is that better that way?

Also, I'd love to play OW with you it'd be fun! I'm addicted haha.
Also good luck with all the other stuff! ^^
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 60d 11h 39m 31s
That’s why I stopped working at the grocery store near me and Krispy Kreme. I wasn’t getting anywhere and they were treating me like I was trash.

Also, I went check to check Native American on my application at another store in the shopping center across from the mall here, the lady at the desk told me to check “white/caucasian”. She said it was better that way.
  Senju / Lapis_ / 1y 60d 14h 46m 54s
Do it.
It'll get you a lot of experience in general girl. You could go branch onto bigger things from a job like that, maybe even corporate level. That's what I'm trying tbh but I'm still stuck at store manager and living off of commission and shitty store bonuses.
  ℓιттℓє ∂ємσи / skitty / 1y 60d 15h 37m 47s
I want to.

My pc stopped working and my original game was lost.
  Senju / Lapis_ / 1y 60d 16h 46m 28s
Wait Lapis you wanna play OW? Overwatch? Oh wow I love that game actually xD
  Sweetheart / Kudaketa / 1y 60d 17h 21m 51s
At the dealership job, I’d be an assistant and desk clerk.

Spencer’s, I’m praying like Hell...
  Senju / Lapis_ / 1y 60d 18h 40m 12s
It's cool.
Planning to move out soon so I'll be saving and all.

Dude, go with Spencers.
Sales in general is utter hell. Ugh.
Especially car dealerships.
  ℓιттℓє ∂ємσи / skitty / 1y 60d 18h 53m 0s
Sure message me.

It’ll be a bit before I can rack some cash.

I’m trying to get a job at Spencer’s or with my uncle at a Ford Dealership
  Senju / Lapis_ / 1y 60d 23h 21m 50s

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