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[Size10 but actually guys I don’t like beans... :(]
the pink bean
the creamy beany
beans and chill
club bean
the moist bean
beans and peens
[size10 and many other unholy bean names > . 0 [i stay tuned~]]

[center [pic]]
  ತ_ತ / Softcore / 1y 68d 4h 14m 30s
[center [pic]]
  ◑.◑ / nomu / 1y 68d 4h 24m 52s
the [i f o r b i d d e n] fruit :O


[center [b [i s l u r pp]]]

[center [pic]]
  ತ_ತ / Softcore / 1y 68d 5h 10m 50s
[center [pic]]
  ◑.◑ / nomu / 1y 68d 5h 35m 3s
Bundle up Nomu <3 ~

[size11 rrREeEEEEEE no one can stop me >:>]

your crotch is gonna get chilly nomu
  ತ_ತ / Softcore / 1y 68d 11h 23m 0s
Nomu you're spilling everything.
Stop it.

  Clairvoyant / 1y 68d 11h 41m 17s
[center [pic]]
  nomu / 1y 68d 11h 54m 39s
[b [Size25 C L A S S I C]]
subscribe to pewdiepie
  Clairvoyant / 1y 68d 12h 17m 15s
Sherry show me ur bobs or i die pls tyvM

  ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs / Softcore / 1y 68d 11h 46m 52s
[size10 ooh I guess if you make an account on mobile it would seem less complicated, like downloading the app, buttt idk what you talking about fb seems complicated with all its statuses and getting posts from your friend's friends?? Idk theres also that messenger app thats connected to it??? Idk

You know what, it was probably your common sense telling you your mom wouldnt like it or that you were too young]
  [✎] / nomu / 1y 68d 12h 57m 39s
It seems so complicated.
I’ll stick to my simple ass Facebook page lol.

You know when I was younger I always wanted to make a MySpace but I wasn’t allowed ;-;
Like my mom didn’t even tell me I couldn’t.
I just told myself I wasn’t allowed lmfao
  Clairvoyant / 1y 68d 23h 44m 1s
[size10 whaha tumblr isn't really hard though, unless you wanna make yourself like a really intricate homepage with your own code-- even then there's templates to borrow// but then again I just use it for reblogging stuff I like, I don't post anything]
  [✎] / nomu / 1y 69d 2h 40m 17s

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