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[center [size11 wahhwahh why are you gonna cry ? :0]]


[size12 this song is so nostalgic for me, it never gets old Lol]
[size11 videos funny as hell for some reason]
  ತ_ತ / Softcore / 1y 105d 4h 17m 4s
[center [size9 I'm about to cry wth, not even that old but the nostalgia hits hard]]
  nomu / 1y 105d 11h 7m 49s
[center [size10 no, it's from tumblr o-o,,,you should join so i can bombard you with shitposts]]
  nomu / 1y 105d 11h 45m 31s
Lmao doushite art’ thou
Classic xD

Mayda where did you even find that? Pinterest?
[center [size10 I was providing some bgm for the pictures below ]]
  nomu / 1y 105d 12h 23m 48s
the sauce is boku no pico

Anyone have the sheet music for those gay noises, im ready to jam out
  ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs / Softcore / 1y 105d 15h 41m 39s
Mayda is this your saint cool way of saying you love me?
[center [pic]]
  nomu / 1y 105d 21h 57m 39s
[center [pic]]
  nomu / 1y 105d 22h 21m 19s
that's pretty hot
what's the sauce????

so sad
too bad
filler filler
  ತ_ತ / Softcore / 1y 106d 3h 22m 23s
[center [size10 ohhh yeh same here, strangely--i mean theyre okay if cooked so theyre not mushy
probably ]]
  [✎] / nomu / 1y 108d 2h 46m 18s
[size11 beans are really good thoughh]
[size11 In like chili or something, they're super savory and rich]

[size11 Isnt chocolate from a bean too? hhh]
  ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs / Softcore / 1y 108d 2h 48m 42s
No no I love coffee
I just hate beans
Baked beans
White beans
Red beans
Kidney beans
[center [size10 O: you don't like coffee??? whatttt]]
  [✎] / nomu / 1y 108d 3h 41m 56s

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