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Im down :3
or we could join an existing one?

I've only ever once joined a public channel, its always private ones for guilds and stuff
  ᴿᴱᴰᴛᴏᴇs / Softcore / 297d 16h 50s
Guys let’s make an open discord chat and talk to strangers
I’m bored
everytime someone posts on real time chat it shows just like in other threads, the problem here is that the messages dont show for us aha
  nomu / 297d 18h 20m 4s
Wait it tells you?
I thought it wouldn’t work :o
How strange
Who's posting in real time chat o.o
It's red but it shouldve been dead for longer
  nomu / 297d 23h 5m 28s
I forget how they acted too tbh @.@
What would the setting be?
  ᴿᴱᴰᴛᴏᴇs / Softcore / 301d 12h 7m 20s
[ woops. click this]
[Watch with me on Rabbit! click to join rabbit]
[center [size10 i legit forgot what the characters even acted like, except that the porcupine one was always crying and the robbers were ..uhh robbers? but yeah im down with anyone o.o ]]
  nomu / 304d 22h 50m 12s
let me know who you guys would be interested as :D
you guys get first seats to pick
oooh, omg that sounds like sm fun :3 i'd be down to do giggles again but also someone like... wildly different lol
  ♧♧ / Amavi / 305d 13h 45m 40s
[size11 I'd be down :oO]
[size11 Man the nostalgia of it all]

for sure, it doesnt have to be the same
  ತ_ತ / Softcore / 305d 13h 48m 41s
I mean if we're sticking to the usual thats fine.
But it would be fun to sorta switch this time around?
[size9 the lyrics are really sad, talking about longtime friends and stuff
O.O waa who would fit the roles tho]
  nomu / 305d 13h 54m 3s
Guys! I'm making a happy tree friends chat / rp!
are you guys in????

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