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[size10 so i might have somehow come up with a fetus for a character,,, on another note, i have a paper due but i don't know what to write. I hate this, its due in like a few hours]
  [✎] / nomu / 1d 17h 50m 50s
[size11 > u> eheh thanks]
[size12 I was honestly inspired by all the lewd horse names id come up with on alicia online lolol but this wasnt as dirty and kinda cute so why not]

[size12 youre right ;; in the end I just hope I pass]

[size12 AHH WE SO HAVE TO DC~ I dont think I have anything tomorrow so maybe then?? ><]

I kinda haven’t decided even what gender I wanna be for the cafe RP thingy lol im leanig towards female tho
  ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs / Softcore / 2d 5h 34m 31s
[Size10 Lol, so... Softcore huh. Nice new name lol.]

[Size10 TBH if they lowered the average drastically due to it being difficult then I'm for sure positive that you passed ; - ; you were studying so hard and for so long! and you DESERVE to pass.]

[Size10 Let us discord one day and I'll rant all about it :T I basically kept myself super distracted with work and it helped majorly, but I still feel sorta internally mad. Mostly at myself though.]

[Size10 I'm still looking for RP pictures ; - ; I can't find anything tasteful.]
[size12 They do lol I totally forgot about that aspect of roleplaying kinda]

[size12 :o Why unpleasant??]
[size12 My day was alright im just happy that I finished my exams but now im worrying about if I did well or not]
[size11 apparently the average is hella low cause it was really hard ;~;]
  ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs / Softcore / 2d 18h 13m 6s
I'm gonna cut out butts and paste it on every anime girl picture I find on Pinterest.

Nothing is more tasteful then creativity.

I had a pretty unpleasant day yesterday. How is everyone?
  ωι¢кє∂ / Clairvoyant / 2d 19h 24m 37s
ooh, yes, tasteful lewds are great buuuuut horny pre-pubescent boys are not unfortunately lol.

i feel like ppl start talking to you differently on here depending on what kind of pics you use.

they just wanna cyber once they see tiddies
  MARINA 2 / Amavi / 2d 22h 59m 42s
[size11 Challenge accepted ;3]

I for one think tasteful lewds are pretty neat actually
  ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs / Softcore / 3d 4h 19m 58s
[size10 what does this mean and is it a challenge?]
  nomu / 3d 7h 29m 57s
I dunno about you guys but I could still dive head first into lewd pics and STILL get it XD
  ωι¢кє∂ / Clairvoyant / 3d 12h 36m 18s
[size10 wahhh but it's not like you can act the same way you did years ago o.o you just grew up a bit and became more relaxed maybe, mehh just be yourself and don't stress]
  nomu / 3d 15h 3m 56s
[size11 I was browsing a little for real pics and iT JUST FEELS SO WEIRD TO ME NOW]

[size11 they look nice but im having flashbacks to some darker days lol I think id rather be a cringey weeb]
  ʟᴇᴍᴏɴs / Softcore / 3d 17h 42m 32s

like how did we do this

where am I
  MARINA 2 / Amavi / 3d 18h 45m 24s
;-; it makes me so sad that you called me a granny.
Like everyone thinks I’m being a little too passive aggressive with them or like a little too casual and relaxed like I don’t care about the stuff their talking about and it’s making me feel like ?? Idk I wasn’t trying to imply that.

You know?
  ωι¢кє∂ / Clairvoyant / 3d 19h 9m 50s
[size10 oh for real? i think as long as you don't say hurtful stuff and apologize if someone gets hurt then you should be fine. Don't worry too much about it,also maybe b/c you're a granny you cant connect with the youngsters as easily anymore]
  nomu / 3d 19h 14m 5s
I just grab whatever I think looks neat.
However, I don't find a lot of neat stuff.
Ugh I think I'm getting a little ruder with people.
My socialization skills online really aren't as in par as before where I would get along with practically everyone :l
  ωι¢кє∂ / Clairvoyant / 3d 19h 40m 17s

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