A Bloody Kiss

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This story begins long ago, after the war between the vampires and werewolves was started.

Once upon a time

in a magical kingdom lived a king and a queen. The kingdom live in peace for over thousand of years under the rule of the king and queen. One day, the queen gave birth to a beautiful baby girl; the heir to the throne. Soon enough, the beautiful princess grew into a beautiful young woman. She had long black hair, beautiful red ruby eyes, pale skin and delicate features. Her name was well known throughout the entire vampire kingdom, she was their princess and strongest warrior, Clair Marie De Coudray. She was kind, smart, and strong, beautiful young woman. The only child of the king and queen, the kingdom worship the beloved royal family. One afternoon as she walked through the village that was near the castle which was her home. The beautiful royal princess meet a handsome man. He was tall and muscular with black hair that went to his jaw and beautiful crystal blue eyes that as you looked into them, it looked like you were looking into the ocean. His name was Alexander. Clair didn't know who he was but he intrigued her, and she intrigued him. So they started to meet more in the village but "little did they know" that they were enemies, because she was the princess of the vampires and he was the heir to his father's throne as Alpha of the werewolves.

It was the night of the full moon that Clair found out that her beloved Alexander was a werewolf and he found out that she was a vampire. As she saw him transform she drew her sword at him. He looked at her and into her crimson eyes it was now clear that he could tell the blood that ran through her veins was neither werewolf nor mortal but of a vampire. The vampire and werewolf fought till the moon left the sky and he returned back to his normal form. As they looked at each other, the still burning passion between the lovers still burned. Because of their history they knew they could no longer be together. The two lovers both parted ways, returning to their home. After years the two lovers, took their birth right as Queen of vampires and the Alpha of the werewolves.

Now there is a new heir born with of vampire blood. The current princess and the soon to be future queen, Desdemona De Coudray. She is the "spitting image" of her late grandmother Clair Marie De Coudray, but much has changed in the time since both her grandmother and mother has ruled as queen. A peace treaty has been formed between the two great races; vampires and werewolves. A marriage between both races to keep the peace.

The treaty will only be finalized when the first born daughter of the Vampire Queen and the first born son of the main Werewolf Alpha are married. Many have tried to stop the completion of this treaty but they have had no success in doing so. Will the treaty be completed or will war erupt between the two races once again?

: A vampire can be born or it can be turned from a human to a vampire if a human drinks the blood of a vampire once after it has been bitten. They are beautiful creatures that can walk at night or day but chose not to walk during the day for the fact that there eyes can be severely damaged and they can go blind. Only pure bloods have the ability to use powers but they are born with the power and learn to control it as they get older. Vampires have one Queen that rules them all. Vampire's do have a second form, there second form is normally very powerful and can be quite unattractive unlike their normal form. In their second for a Vampire will normally grow some type of wings, there have been Vampires whose wings look like birds wings and some that look like a bat's wings. When it comes to the royal family's second form not may have seen it and the ones that have died or barely escaped death.

: Werewolves are very muscular, they can change into their wolf format will but on the night of the new moon and the night of the full moon they must change into a wolf form that is not like their normal wolf form. It is bigger and most of the time only stands on its two hind legs. In this form a werewolf is most dangerous and most powerful; they can lose them self to the power and go on a rampage and kill the ones that they love the most without a care. Werewolves have many Alphas but one Alpha rules them all.

: Humans are weak creatures that live among the Vampires and Werewolves, some humans become slayers. Most slayers don't care if their target is good or evil, they think that Vampires and Werewolves are abominations and should be dead. Most slayers end up dead by their 3rd target.

The Calender

Day; [Wednesday, Nov]
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 29
30 31

Time; Night

Upcoming Events

Nov: 31st The Arrival of the Royal Prince and His family.
Dec. 2nd Wedding and Engagement Rings shopping
Dec. 5th Appearance/ Announcement of Engagement to the People
Dec. 7th Engagement Ball at castle
Dec. 9th Special Scroll through the Kingdom with both Royal Families
Dec. 13th Wedding/Bridesmaids Dresses and Tuxedo shopping
Dec. 16th Bachelor and Bachelorette's Parties
Dec. 21st Rehearsal Dinner
Dec. 22nd The Wedding
Dec. 23rd Newlyweds' leave for their Honeymoon
Dec. 25th Newlywed's return to the Castle


- Real pics
- No cybering (SkipTime)
- No one liners
- Violence? Allowed
- Cussing? Allowed
- Romance? Allowed


The Queen Of the Vampires:
The Queen's Right Hand:
The Future Vampire Queen: Taken
The Future Vampire Queen's Lover/The Wolf Prince's Body Guard :
The Young Vampire Princess:
The Young Vampire Princess's Body Guard:
The Wolf Prince/ The Future Alpha:
The Young Wolf Prince:
The Young Wolf Prince's Bodyguard:
The Older Wolf Princess:
The Older Wolf Princess's Bodyguard/Trainer:
The Youngest Wolf Princess:
The Youngest Wolf Princess's Tutor/Bodyguard:
The General:
The General's son:


Social Class:
Additional Information:
Other Techniques:


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