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Okay this is for everyone that is in the highschool rp's with me. Post here and if you wanna join any of my highschool rp's please post here.

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Yea looks like that half an hour turned into like a few minutes. Anyway I am back now!
  Selena Montez / premiepower94 / 7y 132d 17h 57m 5s
lol yeah. and okay, i do too actually really soon.
  Eri / NoraGene / 7y 133d 5m 40s
Also I have to go in about a half an hour
  Selena Montez / premiepower94 / 7y 133d 6m 20s
yea lol I think he just left cuz it was getting way out of hand.
  Selena Montez / premiepower94 / 7y 133d 6m 38s
ooooo. ha and he left ><
  Eri / NoraGene / 7y 133d 9m 0s
Thanks I can't take all the credit tho. Caleb actually made his with the groups and all and I asked him if I can and he said I can use it.
  Selena Montez / premiepower94 / 7y 133d 9m 33s
lol yeah i guess. I like the idea of this rp. i really do :)
  Eri / NoraGene / 7y 133d 12m 1s
Lol I was kinda saying that to everyone but I guess you are the only one here lol.
  Selena Montez / premiepower94 / 7y 133d 13m 13s
okay, ill try to have mine, but since he is blind he really cant tell what she is wearing unless he is groping her lol
  Eri / NoraGene / 7y 133d 21m 7s
Lol no it's fine it's actually good for writers block. Um, also I ask that people like treat my girl Selena kinda different because she is differet. Cuz that's exactally how I used to be, wearing skirts all the time no pants whatsoever. But now I am wearing pants an I have been homeschooled most my life and I am now going into highschool next year and can't wait.
  Selena Montez / premiepower94 / 7y 133d 22m 17s
sorry took so long ha. im having writers block, like i said, this is my first lit rp.
  Eri / NoraGene / 7y 133d 25m 48s
ooc-Lol, of course your still here lol didn't know it was you I was talking to anyway it's your post now.
  Selena Montez / premiepower94 / 7y 133d 33m 39s
Yea I know like in the new rp I created, I am the top and everyone below me is posting already...So yea, also I deleted Calebs post and I deleted all the ooc's Okay um lets just start from whoever posted last. whoever is next post now.
  Selena Montez / premiepower94 / 7y 133d 35m 44s
not only that people would leave and when they come back they would post even tho its not their turn.
  Eri / NoraGene / 7y 133d 37m 8s
Okay, you didn't have to join that one I just wanted to make it more simple. I think the problem was I wasn't there and just anyone was posting, I wanted to be there to make sure everyone was poting in the right order. So I am ganna fix that and just delete all the oocs and all and figure out where everyone is at.
  Selena Montez / premiepower94 / 7y 133d 39m 33s

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