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In a world of wallflowers, troubled teens, and heartbreak, is there any hope? That's all Marnia has to keep her alive. With sicidal thoughts, an abusive stepdad, and a crack head mother, Marnia doesn't know how she keeps going on. She hangs out with the wrng people. Sex addicts, druggies, pressurers, and other things amoung them. All she wants is to escape it.

That's when Marnia is taken away and put into a co-ed insane asylum, she wonders if life back home was better or worse. The people here had homicidal tendencies, were creepy, and just weird. Suprisingly, Marnia was able to make a friend, named Stacie.

Thenshe meets ________. A boy thats in here for almost the exact reason as her. They connect instantly, but something doesn't feel right. Will she follow her heart, or gut?

Follow site rules please.
Real picture please.
600+ characters.
Cussing is allowed, we aren't children.
Please use appropriate grammar and spelling. I understand if you make a mistake or two.

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PM me your skelly.

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