RP Idea's and Partner?

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I am a FEMALE. So I don't play males. I wouldn't know how.

I don't really have any ideas at the top of my head, but I know what I like, and don't.

1.) Drama's
2.) Stranded

Don't Like:
1.) Rape pr's.

If you have any good ideas please post them!

I post anywhere from 600-3000 characters, so I prefer you to do the same.

I use real pictures, and likfe real life situations that happen in the world today.

I would like for you to be a male, and use a real picture, I have no preferences really.

I'm really bored and would really like something to do.

I follow site rules, so if our characters do get to that stuff, we will text it.

Please post in here, or PM me ideas, comments, or questions.

Thank you :)

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hmm kk the plot

Vampire's have been discovered, the realm of dark secrets, of the night has all been discovered, not on purpose, but accident. Humans stumbled upon it so much that it could not be contained, Found out so much that the realm of the night could not be contained any longer. Now being hunted down one by one Vampires, werewolves, and all other creatures and beasts of the night.

Priests once men of the Holy Chruch have become the hunter's themselves. Amplified by the powers of Vampires or werewolves these Priests have become like the human's super defense against the realm of darkness, and with that they are being hunted themselves when they fully turn themselves from Vampire or werewolf.

One such Priest is the last in his bloodline. Born a half vampire half human super weapon. This priest has been sent to hunt the strongest and Oldest of the Vampires.
  M|A / Twisted_colorful / 7y 52d 11h 32m 43s
My internet won't load that site
  Auriel Ivory / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 52d 11h 38m 29s
ok here is a link to the plot/Idea..I always save them on another sight, then link them here, so I can use them here as well, but so I know its truely mine, because of how many people we have going around and just snagging plots and twisted them.

  M|A / Twisted_colorful / 7y 52d 11h 42m 31s
I'm totally fine with that
  Zoelyn Jones / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 52d 11h 48m 39s
ok wait first I want to know if your fine with a possibility of not having romance in the rp. While I do like a good Romance rp, I just feel as if I should try and stay away from them, being as they end up somewhere weird.
  M|A / Twisted_colorful / 7y 52d 11h 50m 20s
Let me hear it!
  Zoelyn Jones / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 52d 12h 34s
well Mrs Wideawake I have an idea, but its more leaning towards fantasy.
  Twisted_colorful / 7y 52d 12h 2m 15s
Please come and join me. ^^
  Marnia Johnson / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 263d 11h 10m 25s

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