Beauty and the Beat.

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Sarabeth Marks is a quiet, but yet outspoken girl. She loves to read, and always has her nose in a book.

She lives with her father, an older man whose health isn't that great anymore. Sarabeth takes care of him.

______ was a handsom, charming,popular, and musically inclined student, at the same school as Sarabeth. Until one day he messed with the wrong person, a witch. Who cursed him to be a hideous beast and gave him 2 years to find someone to love him.

Based on Beastly.

No Cybering.
Cussing is allowed, just not to much.
Real picture only. I have no preferences.

I have a 600 character limit, but prefer more. Keeps it interesting.

PM me with you're skelly. Then request for access after I say yes.


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