Bored, and I would like an Rp partner and/or group. Please take a look.

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So I haven't been on in a long time, and I would like to get back into rping.

I like doing group, and 1x1 rp's, so I'm up for anything really.

I am really interested in Percy Jackson, Studio Ghibli, Disney, Nick, and Fantasy.

I also like Twilight, Hunger Games, Harry Potter and things of the sort. I like making things up with litte touches from these series as well.

I do not like war, zombie, rape, depressing, horrible things.

I'm a generally hyper, random, colorful, happy person.

I pefer to play female. I've nver really tried being a guy, and don't think I'd be too good at it.

My longest post was 2798 characters.

I like other people that can post as much as I can, so it gets more interesting, and easier to reply to.

I usually use real pictures, but I also use anime.

So, if you would like to Rp with me, group or 1x1, just give me some feed back, and hopefully we'll figure stuff out.

Please PM me with your idea's or interests.

This is just a search, I'll make a new thread when all is figured out.

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Anyone interested?
  Sarabeth Marks / WideAwakeDreamer / 7y 170d 17h 34m 22s

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