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what happens when you match a girl skater with a guy rocker you get a beautiful drama
Marcel Florens was a young French student attending a art school with dreams of being an skater
Dante Shakai was a young Japanese that grew up in America attending that same school he was a accomplished skater and rocker


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Marcel stuck her tongue out after him as he skated by her,” of cause I am why else did you think I came here”. Marcel quickly got back on her board and skated after him as fast as she could, letting the warm wind blow in her blond hair, it was such a wonderful day to be skating.
Suddenly someone called Dante, Marcel didn’t stop to listen in on the conversation even though her parents had taught her a whole lot, they had at least told her what was right and what was wrong.
Marcel putted her right hand on the side of the flower bed and quickly stood up on it lifting her skateboard over her, holding it with her left hand making sure it didn’t fall from her feet. She quickly landed and spun around and sliding backwards a short time looking back at Dante as he was on the phone.
She turned around, now facing the right way again she quickly rolled over to an area designed for tricks, like jumping in the air. Marcel placed herself in front of one of the jumps and took a deep breath before she pushed of trying to get as much speed as she could. She reached the jump and got a good angle which send her flying high, as she was in the air, she flipped her board one time, before she landed perfectly safe on the other side with a big smile. She simply loved making these small tricks it made her belly turn inside out with butterflies.
Marcel looked back again at Dante.
  Marcel Florens / Milky / 7y 266d 8h 7m 57s
" this oh nothing " dante picked up his skate board and started doing tricks on the rail laughing " by the way I'm dante" he skated past her and keep skateing feeling the wind in his hair " you gonna skate or what Marcel " he keep going seceretly turning on the camera with out Marcel or any one else knowing. he keep skating and started trying to see what she would do then his phone ring and he stopps to answer the call
yo dante you scouting or what
the voice made dante annoyed it was his sponsor asking about what he was doing
"yeah man Im at the park right now ok"

  dante (real) / danteSaria / 7y 266d 14h 46m 55s
Marcel loved the feeling of the wind in her hair as she skated, it felt like she could do anything in the world. As they skated she heard him say something, but it got muffled in the wind so she couldn’t make out what he was saying.
As they got to the stairway that lead down to the skater park she jumped up on the railing and sided down instead of just jumping. She couldn’t help but giggle by her own trick, sliding was one of her favorite tricks.
She skated into the park not seeing if the guy had followed her or not, when she finally got into the center of the park where there was a small fountain with a statue of a man whose name she didn’t know in the middle, she was sure he was important in some way since they had a statue of him but he didn’t look familiar to her.
Marcel looked around trying to see where they guy had went, whose name she was still not sure of, maybe he was playing a trick on her! Maybe he had invited her just to get some laughs! Because he actually didn’t think she was very good and wanted to show his friend what an idiot she was!.
Marcel quickly let her wild thoughts get the better of her, and started getting more and more angry while she was looking for him, thinking the worst kinds of thought to why he had disappeared on her.
Suddenly she spotted him sitting by the edge of a skate rail, “ Hey what on earth are you doing?”, she asked trying to hide how ashamed she felt inside having thought all those wild and angry thought about him.

  Marcel Florens / Milky / 7y 267d 40m 2s
dante put one foot down with his black vans sucking the light from where he stood and started skating behind her she was quick and as dantes shirt flapped in the wind he felt the full range of what skateing ment to him by the way Im dante! he yelled knowing the wind would muffle his voice he laughed and smiled as the he skated the long pathway to the stairs juming the stairway and rolling yet again he felt free on his board and love that another person felt the same way. when they got to the skate park he stopped and sat at the edge of a skate rail and started setting up his camera without her knowing
  dante (real) / danteSaria / 7y 268d 8h 20m 56s
Marcel blinked a couple of times trying to get in what he was saying,” uhm sure.. I wouldn’t mind joining you in the skater park”, her voice was a little shaky and nervous, it had been such a long time since she had spoken to a man without it being her brother or father. He seemed nice enough, not to pushy or anything.
“ Oh you were the guy that was singing before!” she suddenly realized as she listened to him speak, “ it sounded very nice”, she said and smiled gently.
She slowly closed her sketch book and her pencil case and putted them both in her bag pack. Before she stood up and grabbed her board from the side of the three, “well I don’t know if I am good enough to make it as a famous skater yet, I am still just a newbie at it, but sure I wouldn’t mind trying out for a job there, the money could be good”, she said with a faint smile. Marcel really didn’t need the money, but she had heard the people in her class always talking about how that needed money, so if she was supposed to act like a normal person instead of a spoiled twat, she would be needing to make use of the things she heard around school. Who knows maybe this guy would be a door to a whole new world a world with friends in it.
Marcel placed the skateboard on the ground and looked back at him, “ the names Marcel by the way, you can call me Marc if you want” she blinked at him and giggled, before she putted her foot down and pushed the skateboard off towards the park.
  Marcel Florens / Milky / 7y 268d 10h 45m 50s
I was wondering if you wanted to come down to the skate park with me it would be cool
he said this in a soft voice leting the girl know who he was.he wondered her answer hopeing she would say yes because now close up he thought she was kind of beautiful and hoped that if he scouted her and she got in he would work with her to start skating and soon she would like him.He looked at her with nice smile I heard around you wanted to get sponsered well I actually scout now for my comany and they need skater girls to put out a girl friendly image for the company.....oh by the way you would be not only paid a lot but you would be famous too. he looked at her with hint of hope thinking that the fame might get her to work with him
  dante (real) / danteSaria / 7y 268d 11h 40m 20s
Marcel had been sitting in her own thoughts when people in the quad suddenly started to move towards the center of the quad. She couldn’t help but feel slightly curious what all the fuss was about, slowly she pulled her headphones off allowing her to hear what was going on in the world around her.
A cover of “misery of business” filled the whole quad, It was a male voice, but Marcel couldn’t see who was singing after all the singer had a large group of people around him covering him from her eyesight.
Normally Marcel wouldn’t care to listen to anything other than what was in her headphones but for some strange reason she didn’t put them back on, nor did she continue to draw, she just sat still while the song filled the quad.
She felt calm and relaxed listening to his voice as he gently sang the lyrics, the music wasn’t bad either, whoever was playing the guitar really knew what they were doing.
When the song finally stopped, people started cheering and clapping, which pulled her out of the calm state she had just been in.
She quickly pulled her headphones back on and looked down in her drawing book, blaming herself for getting carried away.

Everything had finally calmed down after sometime, and people had slowly started to clear the area. When suddenly she heard a mumbling by her side, she quickly turned her head, honestly shocked that anyone would talk to her.
She slowly pulled her headphones down and looked at the young man who standing in front of her, with her blue eyes wide open in surprise, she had seen him around before, in the school and in the skater park where he would hang out with the biggest group of skaters there was in the park.
“ I am terribly sorry but I didn’t hear what you were saying”, she said and looked straight into his eyes.

  Marcel Florens / Milky / 7y 268d 13h 47m 29s
dante grabs his gutiar and plugs it up to the amp and tunes he has a smirk on his face and he pulls a gold pick out his pocket he then starts playing "Misery Bussieness" by Paramore. People start gathering around and cheered his name as he played he looked over and saw a girl sitting alone he saw her in the skate park before showing up most of the boy skaters but he didnt know her name so he decide that after he was done playing he would scout her for Skullcandy the same company that scouted him he put his gutiar and amp back in his room when he finished playing and ran over to where the girl was hey I'm Dante Shakai I saw you over at the skate park and you're a really good skater
  dante (real) / danteSaria / 7y 268d 21h 2m 31s
Marcel was sitting under a three, making sure there was no sunlight hitting her sketch book.
The weather was hot, but with a nice cold breeze which seemed to enjoy most of the other students that was sitting around in the quad.
Her long blond hair was tied up in a knot, so it wouldn’t fall down in front of her eyes as she was drawing. She was wearing black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt with the words if I have headphones on don’t bother printed on the back.
Her headphones was nicely placed over her ears to make sure no noise from the people around her could disturb her while she was drawing, she normally didn’t associate with other people mainly because they often would come to the conclusion that she was an ice queen after just speaking with her once, but also because they were just so weird to her almost alien like. She didn’t go partying, drinking or having sex like girls around her age did, Marcel simply had no clue what to talk to people about.
Her trusted skateboard leaned against the three by her side.
Marcel was new to the school, she hadn’t been going there for a long time. It was her mother’s idea that she should go here instead of simply riding around on the piece of wood, as her mother so beautifully had put it.
Marcel hadn’t opposed them, after all it was so much easier to just shut up and let them have their will, that way they wouldn’t ask questing to what she was doing for the rest of her time.
  Marcel Florens / Milky / 7y 269d 9h 1m 39s
dante grabs his Blue and Gold Gibson Les Paul a small amp and his skate board and walked out to the quad of the school for his daily preformance he did this alot to scrape up some extra cash then he would put he things in his locker and roll on to the skate park to skate with his buds. he puts gel in his black hair to make some of it stay to the back and put on his band "Death's Reaper " shirt and very dark skinny jeans he ties his black vans and headed out with his gutiar and walked to the middle of the school alright lets get this started
  dante (real) / danteSaria / 7y 269d 9h 19m 16s

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