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Looking for a semi lit romance rp
sword art online
high school
two warring planets, countries, families, etc
forbidden love
i'm open to alot of things so if you are interested ask
not really good at anything else other then romance but willing to try

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  me as a neko ^^ / hear_me_now / 6y 261d 7h 17m 20s
I'm always looking for partners no matter how many people post
  Twins / HollowLink / 6y 278d 22h 39m 31s
Ill do a forbidden love one ^^
  me as a neko ^^ / hear_me_now / 6y 279d 6h 24m 12s
I'm up for Pokemon, High school or a Forbidden Love roleplay, if you're still looking. Just let me know.

  Makara / Lyadain / 6y 279d 6h 58m 41s
ill do a high school romance
  OffToTheRaces / 6y 279d 13h 4m 8s

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