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Plants VS Zombies


"What do you mean zombies are attacking?" the peashooter said to his[her] friends. It's true. All of the plants were shocked when the lightning hit the ground a little bit a ways, changing them. "Da fuck?" said the torchwood. Looking at his new hands. He looked like a person. "there's not enough time to contemplate what's happening! Look!" there was a zombie, slowly walking over to the garden. The peashooter, stood behind his[her] friend torchwood, and picked up the gun that appeared from the ground, and started shooting through the Torchwood's hair. "Why isn't it setting on- the peas started catching on fire and the zombie went down.

So now that we're getting ready to play, I must let you guys know, that we will not be playing with sun. The zombies, you guys can come back. Plants can move. Object in actuality is to figure out why you guys have risen. Depending on how this goes, we'll add more plants in, and I'll update it. Plants can update, but must wait til you get my okay.


  • Peashooters: 1
  • Walnuts: 1
  • Cherrybombs: 1
  • Chomper: 1
  • Snow Pea: 1
  • Torchwood: 1


  • Zombie: 1
  • Conehead Zombie: 1
  • Polevaulting Zombie: 1
  • Buckethead Zombie: 1
  • Football Zombie: 1
  • Newspaper Zombie: 1


  1. Sex is a no
  2. Involve your group
  3. Talk to each other, that's what makes group RPs work.
  4. You can cuss. I fucking love to do it.
  5. Romance is cool, just no instant love shit.
Please write purple pineapples if you read everything.


  • Plant or Zombie:
  • What/Who you are:
  • Character Name:
  • Account Name:
  • Small Background/History:
  • Favorite Color:

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