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This is my planning thread. No stealsies, please. Find something you like, feel free to let me know or comment on it.


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ѕ υ p r e м a c y

You are n o t the next Supreme.

Welcome to Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. The Academy was built in 1790 as a private school for privileged girls but was turned into a military hospital in the Civil War. The Supreme, the most powerful witch of the generation and a prominent socialite back then, reclaimed the building and reinstated it as a school as a cover-up, but in reality turned it into a safe haven for young witches to learn and hone their powers. It is currently under the ownership of Ms. Cordelia Foxx, resident Supreme. The witch Council consists of Zoe Benson and Queenie. You are here because you have power. You are... a witch. Welcome to the Coven.

Cordelia has just opened the doors to the Academy to the public, exposing the Coven to the media. You can call or email or stop by any time. But it turns out that there are hundreds of you... "witches". You come pouring in and taking up the rooms, eating the food, lusting after power.

You do have power, don't you?

And you want to prove it. You are the next Supreme. And you will show them all. It doesn't matter who you have to destroy and bury. It doesn't matter what you have to burn. You will make them see even if you have to kill Cordelia Foxx to grow into your powers.

ѕo ѕнow мe.


000. Yes, this is based off of American Horror Story: Coven. No, you do not need to have seen it to join.

002. Literacy. I'm setting it at 1500.

003. Lust, love, lies, drama. Surprise.

004. This is not a huge group roleplay. No one can accurately keep up with that. I will set character limits.

005. It will probably come down to you handling lots of minor characters. But you start with one and it's nice to pick up some for the effect of an academy.

006. Don't godmod. It sucks. It's a buzzkill.

007. Dynamic characters are in want. Don't know what that is? Good bye.

008. Don't rush me to post and I won't rush you. I, for example, am getting over a gigantic writer's block. I'm hoping this will give me some inspiration.

009. Spelling, grammar, punctuation.

010. This idea is not mine, but the written form of this rp is. So don't be a shit and steal it.

011. Yes, they have powers/abilities. Be imaginative. Google something. Wow me.

012. If you can't handle mean characters, get out. No one in the academy is without blood on their hands.

013. I like real pictures. Don't be afraid to ask if you need help or want it edited or whatever.

014. This is not a super futuristic world. It's rather modern day.

015. Please, please don't be afraid of me. I'm not as mean as I sound. PM me with any commentary, huh? Questions are cool, too.

016. Don't be afraid to be a guy! Maybe they're neighbors, witch hunters, or friends of the Coven. Either way, they could prove to be quite interesting characters.

017. Have fun!

018. Not everyone is the Supreme, obviously.

So join up, bitches.

Name: ll Age: 17-25 ll Gender: All witches are female. Any males would be humans outside the Academy.ll Sexual Orientation: ll Power: ll Origins: Where did you come from, location-wise?

мay god ғear тнe ѕυpreмe.

  safeguards / 6y 190d 7h 51m 23s
page two
the devil rp
q and a

Questions and Answers.

Q: Why is the devil on earth?

The devil has descended upon earth. Well, no, that's not exactly the term... more like she was outcast from Hell, her kingdom, her throne stolen away from her. She needs the help of these 'useless' humans to get back to where she belongs.

Q: The devil is a woman?!

The stories that the original devil, Lucifer, was male is true, yes. But since then, God and Lucifer have fought under the shadows of man, and both have perished in the effort. God has been replaced, as has the Devil.

Q: How are some simple humans going to help?

The devil plans to use these humans to get through the seven circles of hell, back to her throne, and kill Legion, the demon who has forcefully taken her place.

Q: So it's going to be easy, right?

Not at all. Demons are hunting the devil, her own 'children'. Angels are also on the prowl - it isn't every day you get a chance to finally kill the devil.

Q: What do the humans get out of this?

Not a lot. Heaven will not accept those who help the devil, and the demons of Hell will be out for their throats. Their only lifeline is each other and the devil, and the latter isn't too much of a good choice. If they decide not to help, she will kill them, and if they decide to help, heaven will exterminate them
  _Prometheus / 6y 224d 7h 1m 24s
ɹǝpu [ ∩ ] ɹno [ ʎ ] pǝ [ q ]

You have feared us all your life.

But you have seen nothing yet.

Of course you remember the long nights you'd lay awake trembling under your covers. Back when you figured they could help you, I mean. You would tell your mom and dad there was a monster under your bed, but they would never believe you. They never will, either.

We are in your closet.

We are under your bed.

You humans have called us 'monsters' for the entire lifespan of your race. We've gotten used to the name by now. We live by it. We have been terrorizing your kind for eons. Before you ran this world, we did. And now we will run you.

King Boogeyman is starting his little game again. We've been given instructions to take our kids. Finally put our hands on them, drag them down here with us. Turn them into a monster or watch them die trying to escape.

But you die anyway. No one will accept nor respect a monster who was once human.

You are all scum.

There will be a number of trials. If you choose to turn, that is. Those who don't, well, you are given the option to chance escape. If you follow through, you're free, but if we catch you, you'll wish you chose becoming one of us.

We know your nightmares.

We are your nightmares.


  _Prometheus / 6y 224d 8h 12m 47s

001. First of all, this was a homosexual female kind of thing. Don't mean to kill your vibe or anything, but hey. Just getting that out of the way.

002. Literacy, baby. I'm setting it at 1500 because I know I'm too nice sometimes. I want 2500, though. It honestly isn't too straining.

003. Lust, most definitely. Sociopaths, hello? Love, perhaps under the tons of hate. But also betrayal. I want pain and blood and begging. Gasp! Scandal. Don't forget violence.

004. Plot twists are great! How? you ask with doe eyes. The answer is simple: crazy shit. Blowing up a house, trying to kill one another, calling in the police even though that is the worst idea on earth. Anything goes, kids.

004. This is a 1x1. Sorry.

005. You'll be required to handle lots of minor characters. But you start with one and it's nice to pick up some.

006. Don't godmod. It sucks. It's a buzzkill.

007. Dynamic characters are in want. Don't know what that is? Good bye.

008. Don't rush me to post and I won't rush you. It would be nice if this was long-term. Just sayin'.

009. Spelling, grammar, punctuation.

010. Don't steal my idea. It'll really hurt my feelings, you know?

011. Yes, they have superpowers. If you're sitting there like omg, I'm gonna give her pyrokineses/ hydrokineses/ telekineses/ whatever! then you can promptly fuck off. Those are unimaginative powers and I fucking hate them. Choose something unique you won't find in those "kids with powers in an academy" roleplays. Wow me. A healing factor, however, is mandatory. Yeah, they're kinda gonna try to kill each other a bunch.

012. If you can't handle mean characters, get out. I want a sadistic, sociopathic, merciless bitch. You can't make that happen? It was nice while it lasted.

013. I like real pictures. Don't be afraid to ask if you need help or want it edited or whatever.

014. This is not a super futuristic world. We probably don't live on Mars yet. Settings-wise will be considered per episode. Episodes depend on where the two antagonists are staying. Example: church, hospital, cabin in the mountains. It's whatever.

015. Please, please don't be afraid of me. I'm not as mean as I sound. PM me with any commentary, huh? Questions are cool, too.

So join up, bitches.

Name: ll Public Name: If there's a difference. ll Age: 21+ ll Gender: ll Sexual Orientation: This could make things fun. ll Power:

  _Parasomnia / 6y 253d 5h 12m 55s
м ε я c ι ℓ ε s s

N a r c o t i c sweet talk until we have some t e e t h marks.

I don't think I've ever hated anyone so fast.

It happened very quickly.

The year is 2015 and I promise you that hardly a thing has changed. Your heroes from yesterday still continue to play today. Flying around in the air, shitting on the bad guys like always. Proud, are you? Everyone was. Then he happened: the hero with the fucking ego.

α м в ι v α ℓ ε η c ε

He called himself Vertigo. A dumb name, if you ask me. Sounds like some kind of crack Crayola color. I did use a dictionary, though, and found out that that means some kind of imbalance. It struck home when he killed the first of us, which certainly wasn't the last.

The first to go was Typhoid. He went quickly, but the word of Vertigo went around much quicker.

You see, I'm not really one of the good guys you might be used to by now. I was never really cut for it. You may have heard of me. I've been to jail more than if you count the years you've been alive. I may have stolen something from a few of the most heavily guarded places in the world. My face has been on TV, on pamphlets, on riot signs. People hate me, and I love it because I hate them too. I am here to cause you pain.

I am the very best in villainy.

Maybe that's why Vertigo is so after my blood.

ғ ℓ υ c т υ α т ι σ η

It was a town in California called Middleton that I wanted. I had to get Vertigo's attention somehow, right? If I killed him, I'd be the best of the very best, wouldn't I?

But she had that same idea.

We arrived at the same time, I think. She went to the mayor to threaten him and I went to the local media. We wanted the same thing: to kill Vertigo. We had the same thing in mind. I had never hated anyone so fast.

Vertigo came, all right. He came and he almost killed us both, powers or not. So now we're on the run.

Together, must I add? God, it feels so horrible knowing she breathes the same air that blows over my skin. Believe me, I tried to kill her six times already, but it hasn't worked.

If you f i g h t for nothing else, fight for the woman f i g h t i n g next to you.

"Enemy of my enemy is my friend" my ass. I just want to kill Vertigo so then I can kill her without being a sitting duck.

  _Parasomnia / 6y 253d 6h 25m 36s
googleFont: hurr <link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Devonshire' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

  _Parasomnia / 6y 261d 12h 49m 5s
"Oh God."

"What have we done?"

"What's done is done. The girl is gone. He'll be happy."

There have been rumors about what happened to Daphne Blake. No one came close to the truth, though, and the police case was closed after a mere three months. The Blake family was left to mourn, left in the dark about who murdered their daughter. They didn't understand. Two teeth, two fingernails, and four pints of blood gone. What kind of killer does that? The only clue they had was chalk on her skin and candle residue .

Two Years Later.

The state was North Carolina, in a little town hardly anyone passed through. There were seven of them once, but two years ago, the number had dwindled down to just five. They hadn't mourned, though. Not for long.

Life was better than good for them. After all, they'd gone through the whole ordeal to change things, hadn't they?

The group had expanded to six exactly six months before they went to visit the old house that Daphne Blake had died in to replenish their luck, wealth, looks, and life.

That meant another sacrifice. The newest member would be the next to go.

At least that was what they thought.

Do you know what happens when a sacrifice to the devil goes wrong?

The demons get angry. When that happens, well - let's not discuss that here.

It started with a bang. The door closed and wouldn't open.

Then it was a gasp when their candles went out.

The lights were flicked on almost instantly. They were terrified. What could possibly go wrong? They'd made sure the incantation was right, everything was prepared surroundings-wise, and their sacrifice was a virgin -

Wasn't she?

And thus, the demons rose from under the ground to avenge the disgrace these humans have managed top put on their Satanic majesty.

These humans who expect so much, they will be possessed, one by one, by the baddest demons in Hell: the seven deadly sins.


001. Character numbers are set. You will be required to double as a demon.

002. 1500 character limit.

003.Real pictures.

004. If you're faint of heart with love, lust, and violence, go away.

005. Have a dynamic character.

006. No one is invincible.

007. Romance will surely find its way, but there will be cracks, hitches, and bumps. Nothing instant. I mean, people are dying here.

008. Don't steal this idea. I worked hard with MutilatedCorpse to make it. Send your skelly to me or her.

009. Profanity? Yes.

010. Remember the plot. Horror/gore/demonic posession/satanic occurrences. This is no Mary Sue shit. Be tough.

011. You will be background checked.

012. We don't expect you to post 50 times a day, every day, and you shouldn't expect that of us.

013. No first-come, first-serve found here.

014. PM one of us if we didn't scare you away. Thanks for reading.

Let's Fuck Shit Up.

208 days ago
  _Parasomnia / 6y 262d 9h 17m 32s
  _Parasomnia / 6y 294d 11h 53m 9s
She is a reckless one, this girl.
You'll always find her dancing in the rain.
With a splish and a splash.
All the puddles know her by name.
You'll never see her without a smile.
But you'll never know if the water running down her face is the rain or tears.
But just like the rain, she is relentless.
And by the end of the day everyone knows her by the name RecklessIIRelentless.

  RecklessIIRelentless / 6y 337d 19h 22m 14s
Welcome, to prison, bitches.

This is New York, the Big Apple. Fashion is everywhere, and so are cabbies and traffic and people with coffee-stained teeth that wear suits. But you don't see them. Not in here.

Welcome to Painterfield Women's Correctional Facility.

That's what the sign says. But darling, this is jail. Your life is over for the time you're in here.

It's not full-scale maximum security, but it's not a walk in the park, either. The correctional officers are usually asses. It's hard to find a counselor that actually gives a shit. The other inmates are tough as fuck and they will tear you apart. But don't be afraid. You can have visitation as long as you don't get in trouble. But don't be so excited. Here, I'll show you some rules.

001. Don't make friends.

002. Don't make enemies. These bitches will kill you.

003. Don't get thrown into solitary. You can and will lose your mind.

004. Don't ever assault a guard, ever. Your life is over if you do. No matter how shitty they are to you, don't touch them.

005. Don't drop the soap. Obviously. I recommend body wash.

006. Don't openly disrespect the kitchen food.

007. Don't do drugs. You may be represented with them, but if you do them...

008. Don't be a hero.

009. Go to work.

010. Don't miss count.

There are probably more rules, but these are the ones that really stick out to me. Anyhow, I'm sure you'll get used to things around here anyway.

Your life outside doesn't matter in here. You're new. You're either called by a nickname or your last name. All you need to do is survive. Good luck.

So I have just one question. Are you the bitch or will someone else make you their bitch?

Fill Out Your Paperwork.

Name: Real Name / Nickname. This is either last name or other nickname.

Age: 21+

What Are You In For?: No one comes in here for the company.

Time: How long is your sentence?

Puppetmaster: Username.

Appearance: Your picture. Remember this is a fucking women's pison.


001. First of all, this is an open sexuality roleplay. Some might be straight, lesbians, bi/pansexual whatever peoplesexual you are. Just because you fuck around in prison doesn't mean you're a lesbian. Just getting that out of the way.

002. Literacy, baby. I'm setting it at 1300 because I know I'm too nice sometimes. I want 1500, though.

003. Lust, most definitely. It's prison. They're animals. Love, perhaps. But also betrayal. Some of these girls have relationships on the outside, you know. Gasp! Scandal. Don't forget violence. Again, it's prison. They don't slap fight.

004. Plot twists are great! How? you ask with doe eyes. The answer is simple: crazy shit. Getting sent to solitary, playing footsie with a CO, cheating, blah. You know.

004. This is a 1x1. Sorry.

005. You'll be required to handle lots of characters. But you start with one and it's nice to pick up some.

006. Don't godmod. It sucks. It's a buzzkill.

007. Dynamic characters are in want. Don't know what that is? Good bye.

008. Don't rush me to post and I won't rush you. It would be nice if this was long-term. Just sayin'.

009. Spelling, grammar, punctuation.

010. Don't steal my idea. It'll really hurt my feelings, you know?

So join up, bitches.

  RecklessIIRelentless / 6y 305d 14h 22m 29s
i want to make a prison rp.

  RecklessIIRelentless / 7y 15d 5h 17m 55s
Name: Ainsley Holmes

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty-Three

Eating Disorder: Anorexia Nervosa

Current Weight: Ainsley is very upset at herself at being stuck at 103 pounds. She wishes she weighed as much as her little cousin and weighs about 78 to 83.

Username: RecklessIIRelentless
  RecklessiIRelentless / 7y 96d 10h 4m 40s
Disclaimer: This RP is based on real-life situations. If you have an eating disorder, find someone to talk to. It’s a serious condition.

The Thin Commandments:

If you aren't thin, you aren't attractive.

Being thin is more important than being healthy.

You must buy clothes, cut your hair, take laxatives, starve yourself, and do anything to make yourself look thinner.

Thou shall not eat without feeling guilty.

Thou shall not eat fattening food without punishing oneself afterwards.

Thou shall count calories and restrict intake accordingly.

What the scale says is the most important thing.

Losing weight is good/ gaining weight is bad.

You can never be too thin.

Being thin and not eating are signs of true will power and success.

If you are thin, you will be loved and accepted.

This roleplay centers around six college students, starting their new year at the prestigious University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom. Three of the students, no matter their intelligence, suffer from eating disorders.

The disorders are crippling - and what can the students do? They’re not stupid; they know what they’re doing. And yet, they can’t, or won’t, stop. They are supposed to be perfect, and nothing less, as the latter is not accepted among the former.

So how do you plan to save yourself from such an effectively deadly thing: your own head? Your own mirror, scale, extremist ideals? Is there such a safe haven? How do you change somebody that is so content with being how they are: self-hating? How do you possibly deal with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and orthorexia nervosa if you don’t think there’s anything wrong?

I need shelter from myself;

If you can hear me, please send help.


Name: What’s on your birth certificate?

Gender: What do you use the bathroom with?

Age: Candles on the cake. 19-25

Eating Disorder: Only applies to the three affected. Choose from Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, or Orthorexia Nervosa. Please know your eating disorder.

Current Weight / Are you happy with that? / If not, where would you like to be?: Self-explanatory.

Username: Do not fully link it.

Sample Post: Show me what you have. Not your best, and not your worst. Two separate ones are preferred.

There isn’t a lot to fill out. Your characters will unravel throughout the rp, don’t worry.




001. This is a 3x3, no more, no less. Once a spot is filled, it’s gone, sorry.

002. The three suffering from the disorders are open-gender, as are the people set to help them get over it . Yes, they are meant to lead up to romance sometime, so if you don’t want a homosexual pairing, in case there is an outweigh of one gender to another, please let me know.

003. The character limit is set at 1500. If you don’t like it, please PM me.

004. If you are helping someone with an eating disorder, your character must be persistent and headstrong! This isn’t an easy subject, and the ones with the disorders are thoroughly convinced there is nothing wrong with them.

005. Real pictures.

006. This is a mature roleplay.

007. You will probably be background checked.

008. No first-come, first-serve. You’ll be considered.

009. PM applications.

010. Most importantly: this isn’t prison, so have fun! I want you to enjoy this rp despite the topic. The OOC will be made when the rp is up and running, so we can all talk to each other and hopefully be friends. Thanks for reading. c:

  RecklessIIRelentless / 7y 99d 11h 23m 58s

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