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"M-mom? Wake up... We've gotta go home..." the lion cub spoke with a croaky voice, as she was about to cry. She watched her evil Uncle stalking away then buried her face into her mother's blood-stained fur. "Mom, please, wake up!" she cried, tears running down her cheeks. "N-No... It's all my fault... I-It's all my fault..." Kyami continued to cry. Then she was picked up and taken away by her Uncle's mate... Kyami's flash-back kept on appearing, her mother's death was only a few months ago... and Kyami was still a cub. She had been taken into her evil Uncle's pride, and she was planning to escape today. But could she leave her cub-friends behind? And what would her Uncle do? Surely hunt her down, and what happens when she finds her father?... How will this story unfold?

Evil Uncle=???
Kyami's Father=???

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[[Yeah, you can join.]]
  Kyami / Blaze / 8y 245d 15h 53s
*can I join as one of the cub friends? im going to make a character*
  Rika Caliban / Cateryna / 8y 245d 17h 18m 41s
Real Pictures please. Anyone want to join? :)
  Kyami / blaze / 8y 246d 16h 47m 33s

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