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Charrie picked up Ori's cute giggles, and squeals. She smiled big when she saw Mason tickling him, holding him. He was such a good dad... She adored that perfect sight of them, and him snuggling with ARiel and tickling her. She felt really lucky to have Mase. He was good to there kids and her. She stood and watched for amoment, before returning to packing things up.Ariel heard a word and Charrie really didn't want her accidentally saying it.

[b "I figured she did because she's our little artist." ] Charrie came in and kissed Ariel's forehead. The second Ariel heard Mason needed help, she followed and took it seriously. Charrie laughed and sat on the bed herself, and saw Ori nearly going off the edge. SHe swooped him up [b "Oh no you don't baby." ] She sat him on his lap and gave him the stuffed bunny on the bed. She watched Ariel come out with clothes. [b "Wow Ari, you really are good." ]

Ariel giggled and started to shake her his a little, "Tank you."
Charrie saw what Mason took out and smirked [b "It sure is." ] Charrie helped Ariel climb up the bed and sit beside her and then she said something so cute.

"Well I like daddy more," Charrie said.
Ariel gasped, "Nooooo, Awi wike."
"Nope. I do."
"Awi do."
"Fine, but I love him."
"Awi wuv daddy!" Ariel cheered. Charrie felt so awed by her. She had to snuggle her and kiss her cheek, "We love him a lot huh."
Ori squealed and put his hands up. She didn't know what that meant but it was cute.
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They were all in CHarrie and Mason's room just relaxing as Mason watched how cute it was to see his favorite red heads picking out clothes together. It sure made Ari feel like her input was so important when Charrie picked out some things for them. Mason looked at Ori, watching him try to look for the ball. He kept a close eye on him just in case he rolled off of the bed.

He saw him crawling around and then Mason would tickle his little feet and he'd giggle and babble "Da!" he smiled, showing his two teeth and Mason thought he was the cutest thing ever. He'd catch him and make him squeal as Charrie and Ariel picked out their clothes. WHen she showed him a sexy dress, Mason smirked, loving how it looked. He did like the idea of them having some alone time with so many people to look after their kids.

He told Ari she wasn't allowed to say those words. She decided that was a rule and just headed back into the closet. She picked out a few more clothes and then when she finished, he smiled at Ari, tickling her on the bed, hearing her cute giggles.

[b "Ari picked out some nice clothes"] he smirked and then he headed into the closet. [b "Ari, help daddy pick too"] he looked through the closet, picking out some shirts. Ari pulled out some green and black trunks and Mason smiled and put it in his luggage too. [b "Perfect"] he then pulled out a dress shirt, it was a dark blue color. [b "Is this shirt okay baby?"] he asked, holding a silver bow tie and black pants with it for the fancy dinner.

Ari sat beside Charrie and grinned [i "I like daddy"] she said.
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All four of them went upstairs and she was digging into her closet with Ariel's help. Ariel was being so damn adorable helping her pick out outfits, running inside and then running out with clothes that were two times her size. Ori caught her attention when Mason told him not to throw the ball. Charrie laughed [b "Ori's not listening?" ] She saw Ori crawling around and rolling, kicking. What was he looking for? OH-his ball.

Ariel came out and Ari picked out a dress. She didn't know what these dresses really looked like because they were too big and she couldn't imagine how it would look like, so she just picked on based on color and what she thought it was.

Charrie pulled out a dress she thought Mason would like on her and was grinning when he said it looked sexy. [b "Good, I'll wear it." ] She giggled. She picked up Ariel asking Mason what sexy was and forgot they really needed to be careful on what they said around there kids. The last thing she wanted was to hear Ariel say 'sewy' to people. Not that they'd understand though... [i I really need to work with ARiel to say words right. ]

Charrie shook her head [b "Yes, and only I and daddy can say it." ] She cleared and Ariel got of the bed and helped her pick things again. Charrie picked some shirts and thought about what if she picked something sexy for Mason for one night... That would be fun.

Charrie saw what Ariel came out with. It was a teal one piece teal bathing suit with a triangle opening below her chest, with a fairly open back. Ariel couldn't tell but she thought it was a pretty color. [b "Perfect," ] SHe kissed Ariel's forehead. Ariel felt so proud as she watched Charrie fold the bathing suit to put it in the luggage.

[b "Our little artist is also really good at picking clothes," ] She added. Ariel grinned and went back into the closet and pulled out a shirt. Charrie folded it too. [b "Thank you so much for helping me Ariel." ] She lifted her up sat her on the bed, [b "Did daddy pick out nice clothes for you?" ]
"I picked!" Ariel cheered. She said yes or no to things he picked.
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He loved seeing Charrie baby Ori around because he knew how much it hurt when she had a miscarriage. IT was as if Ori was making up for all of that and he was really glad they had him. He was a beautiful little boy and he was just perfect. Mason loved their family so much and he couldn't wait to go on their trip together for once. It wasn't often they had a chance like this.

He saw Ori playing around in his pen and Mason thought he was the cutest little thing ever. His eyes looked over him and then he lifted him up, grabbing the ball after he whined and then heading up to the room with Ari. HE sat on the bed, letting Ori sit in his lap. When he was given the ball, Mason saw him trying to throw it again, but then he gave him a look. Ori just buried into him and kept squeezing the ball, but then he threw it eventually. Mason sighed [b "Ori no throwing the ball"] he told him, watching Ari pick out some nice dresses for Charrie.

He laughed and then he let Ori crawl around the bed as he rolled onto his back, kicking his feet as he looked for his ball. When Mason saw the dress he smiled [b "Ooh, that looks so sexy baby. I like it!"] he smiled and then he saw Ari sit beside him as he snuggled her. [i "Daddy wut sewy?"] she asked, wondering what sexy was.

Mason looked over at Charrie and then he sighed. [b "It's a big word cupcake. You'll learn it when you get a little bigger okay?"] he kissed her cheek, seeing her walk off to Charrie again, helping her by pulling on some swimsuits. [i "Ma dis one?"] she asked, wanting her to wear it.
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Charrie was sitting down with Ori on her lap for just a while. She saw Ariel and Mason come in. Ariel gave them a good laugh. Ori stretched out toward the ground. Charrie let him go on the floor and crawl around.

"Momm need help?" ARiel turned her head and looked at Charrie. Charrie nodded, and got up. Mason lifted ORi up and Ori whined because he wanted to get the ball. Charrie helped ARiel get up the stairs, mostly carrying her up by the waist with each step. They got into her bedroom and she let ARiel move around on her own. SHe opened her closet and Ariel walked right in and started looking around curiously.

Charrie laughed [b "Pick whatever bikini you like, even...something else that's sexy too for night." ] She smirked. Ariel came out of the closet with a red fancy dress, "Tis." She grinned. Ariel was so damn adorable. [b "Aww, Ari, thank you. But that's a little too fancy for where we're going. Can you help me find something else?" ] She kneeled down to her height. Ariel stared back at the dress, she didn't exactly understand what clothing was appropriate for things. "Okay, did mommy war tis betore?" She stared up, never seeing this dress.

[b "Yea, I did. When I made movies." ]
Ariel's eyes lit up "Mommy made movies!" She cheered.
[b "Yea, when you're a little older you can watch them." ] Charrie kissed her forehead. Charrie started picking out something comfortable for bed, Ariel made her get the cupcake PJ's, not that Charrie had to disagree with it. [b "Mase, we're going to have dinner at a resturant right...maybe I will get one dress." ] She figured and pulled out a small black one, with mesh sleeves and slightly over her chest and a slightly open back [b "What do you think of this one?" ] She showed him the dress on a rack.

Ariel stared up and then decided to struggle to climb up the bed and sit beside daddy too for a moment, before she would head back into the closet and help again.
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Mason laughed when she said she wouldn't smother him. He knew she'd never do such a thing, but seeing Ori getting so much attention sure made him really happy. He was giggling and babbling so much, but when he wanted something else, Charrie ended up putting him in his pen. THey needed to get him off of Charrie and more onto a bottle.

They picked out a cool hotel overlooking the waterpark. They had an entire suite that filled the whole floor, with rooms for every couple. He even picked out a room for Ari and Ori and then the twins. He then headed upstairs, letting Ari choose what clothes she wanted, seeing her pick out some outfits and then he had them packed into her suitcase.

When he headed down, he watched Ari make it down the stairs behind him, seeing how cute she was. He then heard her and laughed [b "Don't worry Ari, daddy's not packing you anywhere. We're going to help pick out mommy some clothes though okay? Let's go upstairs"] he saw Ori looking at the ball and then he lifted him up too as he brought them upstairs.

He sat on the bed with Ori on his lap and then he let ARi walk into the closet to help mommy pick out some clothes. [b "I'm here baby. Let me help you pick out a bikini"] he smirked, bouncing Ori on his lap and then tickling his sides as he squirmed on him, squealing.
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Charrie exaggerated a gasp, [b “I am not going smother him.” ] She looked at Ori and kissed his little cheek, his chin [b “right Ori? You like my kisses, right Ori? You like my attention-“ ] She kissed his tummy and heard his giggles and then he touched her boob and gave this hungry look. [b “Oh hell no.” ] She kissed him again anyway and then put him in his playpen. She sat down with Mason and looked through the hotels together. [b “Yea…that really would be nice.” ] She patted his back. They picked one and Ariel went off playing with the luggages. Mason picked her up before she could hurt herself and helped her pick out clothes.

She started bouncing on the bed a bit and then nodded, [b “Okay daddy.” ] She looked at her closet. She thought she had more clothes than what Mason showed her, and that’s why she felt she needed more. [b “I wan red one, and blue one, and black one and white one.” ] She rambled, hopping around. She followed Mason down the stairs, taking her own sweet time to get down because stairs were still like mount Everest to her.

Charrie finished off with Ori’s stuff and came downstairs and saw the two there. She sat down and nodded [b “Alright, maybe you can help me pick out clothes too,” ] She smiled. Then Ariel gasped, [b “Awi no in there” She pointed at the luggage. She thought when Mason said “I’ll pack Ari’ he meant he’d put her in the luggage. Charrie burst out a laugh [b “No baby, that’s not what daddy meant.” ] She truly was adorable. Ori shouted out all the sudden, and flung his small ball into the ground. He then stared at it long and hard and back at his hand, realizing he could throw that.
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He could see how much love Charrie had for Ori and how close he was to her. HE loved seeing them together because they were so adorable. [b "Careful not to smother him CHar"] he laughed and then he looked down at Ari, who tried to talk to him about what he was saying. Mason headed into the garage to grab their luggages and then he saw in the living room trying to book a hotel and make a list.

He could see that some hotels had better amenities than others, so he let Charrie help him out in picking one. [b "I like that idea. We can get massages"] he smiled and then he picked out the one with many rooms to accommodate all of them and their friends. Mason saw Ari playing with the luggages, but from the way she was rolling on them, he knew she'd get hurt eventually.

He carried her to her room, holding out clothes and letting her pick what she wanted. IT was cute to see Ari pointing and then Mason putting them into her luggage. When she was all set, he smiled [b "How about when we come back we can go shopping with mommy and pick out new clothes okay?"] he suggested, putting her luggage aside and then he walked with her back downstairs.

[b "Ari and Ori are set? We just have to pack our things. THe twins have theirs, and then I'll pack Ari and Ori some toys"] he told Charrie, letting Ari draw again as he headed upstairs to put everyone's luggages in their room. Mason pulled out some trunks and some warm clothes for the weekend and then he grabbed their necessities before pulling some books, and animals and toys from Ari and Ori's room to keep them entertained on the ride there.
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Charrie watched Ori's beautiful eyes, thinking about how much in love she was with their baby. She grabbed a toy car and played with him, showering him with hugs and kisses, and cuddling. She loved him so much. She set him down and she went to Mason. Ariel was being so damn adorable watching them so curiously.

[b "Okay good, we shoudln't forget anything." ] She leaned into him and looked at the hotels. She wanted to help pick it out too. [b "They will," ] She watched them once more when Mason mentioned them. She pointed at one hotel, [b "Click that, they have a spa. Maybe the two of us could go." ] She would double check her phone now and then. [b "Alright..." ] She said a bit distracted. She heard thes ounds of wheels rolling and Ariel was pushing around the luggages, having fun with it.

"Okay daddy!" She ran a little with the luggage, having them roll and follow her. SHe found it pretty amazing how it had wheels, it was like her very own car. THen ARiel began to sit ontop of it and tried to roll around it but it didn't work... Then Mason scooped her up, "Okay," She then looked at Charrie, because she usually helped her choose clothes.

[b "Have fun picking clothes." ] Charrie smiled. She probably should help gather Ori's clothes... She looked down at Ori and he looked back at her for a minute. Charrie bent over to him, [b "What do you want to wear Ori?" ] He stared and then turned his head. [b "Thanks for the help." ] She leaned in the playpen and give the top of his head a kiss. She picked him up and headed downstairs, not wanting to leave him without her eyes on him. She picked a few clothes for him, and watched him at the same time. His clothes were so small, but he kept getting bigger.

Her phone vibrated. She checked and Juliet and Heath could come. She felt good about it. She could tell the twins that Juliet was definitely coming. Charrie folded the clothes she picked out for Ori and head downstairs.

Ariel stood in her room, watching Daddy take out some clothes and letting her pick. "I wike this," She pointed at the red bathing suit, and then she would pick her tops, and dresses and sandals. [b "Daddy, I wan new this." ] She pointed at her closet, meaning she wanted new clothes.
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He thought she was so cute when she tried to say occupied. He smiled and then he kissed her cheek. [b "It just means you're going to play. You can draw babygirl"] he told her, knowing Ori did mess up her work sometimes. He understood if she didn't want to play with him. He was still a baby.

Mason wanted to scold Ori, but he knew he was just a baby, not knowing what he was doing. He was cute though as he leaned in to rub his head slowly. He saw how happy he became after and then he pointed his finger too. [b "Don't do it again Ori okay? Listen to mommy"] he headed into the garage to grab a few things and then he sat down in the living room as Charrie came over.

[b "I already added it to the list baby"] he looked through the rest of it and then he started checking out some hotels. [b "Yeah, I think Ori and Ari will get tired easily too"] he thought about it and tried to find more places to stay.

[b "Okay I'll book a suite with a few extra rooms just in case. We can cancel anytime anyway"] he told her, looking over at Ariel when she walked over. He saw her pushing the luggages and then Mason laughed [b "Be careful cupcake"] he told her, booking a nice hotel in the center of town. He got them a five room suite that took up the entire floor. He then got up and swiped Ari into his arms. [b "Let's go pack your things Ari. You have to pick out a bathing suit and some other things to wear okay?"] he carried her up to her room and then he let her pick out some clothes she wanted as he showed her how to put it into the suitcase.
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Ariel blinked a couple of times trying to understand what oak-pie meaned. [b "Oak-pie mean awi pway wit Owi? I wan draw." ] She said, not really wanting Ori to make a mess on her or ruin her drawing, like he once tried with a drawing she did. And then it happened, the juice spilled.

Ori was hiding away and Charrie found it so damn adorable. He was so cute, and she couldn't be mad at him, but Ori knew he did something wrong, so at least he knew. He eventually looked at him and he was ready to cry but then Mason rubbed the top of his head and kissed him. Then, he felt okay and began poking around and babbling. Charrie laughed and snuggled him in [b "Don't do that again, okay?" ] She fixed up his hair. She carried Ori to the touch to play with him a bit and then placed him right in his play pen when Mason came downstairs. She sat beside him and would peak over into his laptop. [b "What do we need? We should make a list, like diapers, toys, bottles," ] She watched him head off the garage. He came back with luggages and even floaties.

Charrie got up [b "Aww, we need floaties for Ariel and Ori, or we could use the old ones we had for the twins. I can't...believe they're seven," SHe felt the need to look at old pictures and videos of them. They were just so tiny and adorable. [b "We should probably bring a stroller too...even if Ori doesn't stay in it often. AH- Mase, did you even book a suite?" ] That felt-really important. That reminds her...

She went to her phone and went through some messages. Sarah could come, and Kiera and Zack agreed. SHe still needed to contact Heath. Maybe it was better to call him. [b "Sarah, Kiera and Zack said they can come." ] She said and ARiel went up behind her and poked her leg [b "What daddy doin?"

[b "Packing, we're going somewhere fun this weekend. Remember?" ]
[b "Oh-oway." ] She walked up to the luggageand started to push them around because they had wheels and it was intresting to her. SHe started to run a little around with them, "Wook! Awi sta-on!" She meant strong.
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He saw Ori with Charrie and he was being such a cutie. Mason knew he was such a mommy's boy, but he didn't mind that. He's stuck to CHarrie his whole life. She was amazing. He felt ARi tapping him and he smiled. Their kids were just the cutest things in the world. [b "It means that you and Ori are going to be playing soon. Daddy knows you want to play right?"] he rubbed the top of her head and then he helped feed her some food.

When he held Ari in his arms, he felt the spill of the cup onto his lap and then he sighed, feeling the liquid reach his boxers. He set Ari down and saw her wobble to the living room. He grabbed some napkins and wiped his pants as he looked over at Ori, knowing that he was the one pulling on the table cloth. His eyes looked over at him, seeing him avert his eyes already. Ori was such a smart baby.

[b "Hey you little guy. I want you to look at me"] he saw Ori finally look up at him and whine. [b "You have to make sure you don't spill on people okay? YOu have to be careful"] he rubbed the top of his head and then he kissed his little cheek. Mason saw Ori getting a little more comfortable as he babbled and poked Mason's cheek.

He rubbed his head and then he headed upstairs to change his pants into some dry ones. When he came back down, he saw Ari drawing and then he headed back to his laptop, looking at the list. [b "I'll get out our suitcases and then I'll start grabbing what we need"] he smiled and then he headed into the garage, finding floaties and their luggages.
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Charrie scooped Ori right up and sat him in her lap. He was just the cutest, she loved tickling him, having him look at her and then pointing at food. they really did need to start planning there trip but she did want to do it together. [b "Sounds like a plan." ] Ariel tapped Mason, "What oak-pie?'

Charrie laughed quietly when Ariel tried to say occupied. She let Mason try to answer that one. Charrie peaked down at Ori again and saw him looking pretty content today. [b "Yea, I can tell." ] She wanted to snuggle him tightly and just hear his laughter and see him looking so adorable. ARiel was looking adorable too with her yawning and trying to eat even though she was sleepy.

And then...it happened... Ori pulled and the juice spilled. Charrie stood quiet but kind of wanted to laugh. Ori hid away, avoiding to even look at Mason. She guessed he knew he did something wrong. [b "Oh...Ori," ] she rubbed his little back and Mason came over, and Ariel called it. For a second she wasn't sure if Mason was actually mad but, the more he spoke, she definitely could tell he wasn't going to get mad at him. Ori started to whine and try to hide underneath Charrie's shirt.

Charrie laughed and pet his hair through her shirt, [b " It's okay, He's not really mad." ] Ori whined again and she tried to uncover him from her shirt and now he was looking at Mason, looking really worried, still clinging onto her.

Ariel came over and went to Ori "Owi, don pull tat." ] she pointed to the table cloth. Ori didn't really get what she was saying, but he began to try to crawl away and off the Charrie but Charrie made sure that didnd't happen because she didn't want him to get hurt.
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He knew the twins were big, but he didn't think that they wouldn't even need him if they were sick. They were still kids to him. He hugged them and then he sent them off as he fed Ori some more breakfast. He was adorable sitting in his high chair. He kissed his cheek and then he saw him reaching out for Charrie.

He let him go over to Charrie, seeing him sit on her lap happily as Mason saw Ari trying to eat. He laughed and then he helped feed her a little, seeing her wake slowly. He carried her onto his lap when she pouted, not wanting to deny her wants because she was so adorable. [b "Okay, let's plan it out when these two are occupied"] he thought Ori and Ari were just so adorable though. [b "He's really happy today and in a good mood"] he hugged Ari and continued feeding her, seeing her lay back on him yawning.

He loved hearing their little voices as he watched the drink just spill on him. His eyes looked over at Ori and Ori just buried into Charrie. Mason narrowed his eyes and then he set Ari down first so he could wipe himself off. He tapped Ori's shoulder. [b "Excuse me Ori. Who do you think you are?"] he asked, waiting for ORi to look over.

Mason saw Ari pointing. [i "Uh oh! Owi twuble"] she said as Mason nodded. [b "Ori, you better look at me Mr."] he told him, just jokingly, but wanting him to look.
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"I'm okay, I'm big," Rick said and got a kiss by Charrie and so did Belle Everyone but Ariel was in the kitchen. Charrie ate her food slowly and listened onto what they were talking about. Charrie looked back at Ori who was so tiny and so cute. She smirked to herself thinking how they made him. Trying really hard to get pregnant. Ori might have been the only baby she was purposely trying to get pregnant. She definitely wanted to have Ariel, but at that time it seemed like they could never have a baby again. And now... Ori was definitely going to be there last baby. Three already was enough-four, four was plentiful. Aww, she watched him reach out his little hands and Mason would kiss him.

Charrie brought up Juliet and she liked to see the twins become so excited. Ariel was up, and Charrie went to go help her up. She was damn right adorable walking around tired like that. Charrie put her up and Ariel nodded at daddy's quesiton and then she was struggling to put food in her mouth.

It made Charrie laugh, and help her out a bit. [b "We should plan and do it together," ] Charrie said and heard Ori's babbles, and his hands reaching out. Charrie got up and kissed his little hands and he looked back up at her confused for a moment but then called again, "Ma, ma, ma." She scooped him up and sat him down on her lap, she could finish eating [b "He's such a little cutie isn't he Mase, he can play." ] She tickled his little stomach. ARiel watched and felt a little jealous. She looked at Mason, "Daddy Awi...sit." She pouted, her voice pretty quiet since she was still feeling tired. Mason was busy looking at the weather forcast, and Ariel just kept calling "Dady, daddy, daddy."

Rick patted the table and began pulling on the table cloth toward him.
[b "Ori no!" ] Charrie managed to stop him before the glass of water fell on them-well at least theirs. The bottle of juice spilled all over Mason. Charrie's eyes widened and no one said a word at first.
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