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There was a lot to do, and she knew that her place was right here, to watch their kids over together. Charrie nodded [b "Exactly." ] She loved being around there toddler and baby. They were so cute in the way the interacted with each other. She got Ori to tell her who was who. Ori giggled when Mason tickled him and then looked at Charrie. [b "hey baby, daddy tickled you huh?" ] She patted his head lightly and saw him crawling in and patting her chest. Oh boy...

Charrie kicked the blanket off as Mason carried Ori [b "Yea, let's go." ] She pushed her feet onto the ground and looked back at him [b "No, I'm okay. I can help out. My arm is tolerable right now, and I'll just take another pain med." ] She knew she was overusing them but what could she do. If she didn't, it would really effect her. She went downstairs with her, admiring what a good dad Mason was. She helped put Ariel in her high chair. She saw the twins coming in and she hugged them as well and told them to make sure they eat up.

When they were done eating, and the twins went to school, she got Ariel and Ori down and ready for their play time. She decided to spend some time with Ari, and help her learn the ABC's more, and read simple words. Ari was really trying and she thought she had them all right. It was damn adorable hearing her and looking so innocent. She had to her squish her cheeks a little and kiss her. She w0uld wait till Mason was done with what he needed to get down before she head up to check on her work. She got a phone call, she picked it up [b "Ari, can you practice reading while I'm on the phone?" ]
"Okay mommy." She said, pulling the picture book on her lap, and not reading, but looking at the pictures and wanting to draw it.
[b "Anything new?" ] She asked.
"Yes, the man you asked to look for, we tracked him down, how would you like us to proceed?"
Thank god. This was about Sarah. [b "Can you grab his phone number?" ]
"We have it."
[b "Just send it to me, I'll take care of it." ] Charrie figured it would be a good idea of she got Sarah to give him a call. Once, she got it, she sent it to her and hoped that it all went well.
"Caw," Ariel pointed at the cat in the picture.
"Cat-T-T," Charrie corrected.
Charrie laughed "Cat, Ariel, Cat."
"Cow!" Ariel grinned.
"Oh Ari," Charrie shook her head.
"Cat?" Ariel spoke.
"yes!" Charrie hugged her.
"Cat, cow,cat," She sang.
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Mason loved seeing their little ones coming into their room. It was so cute and he sure did love spending time with them. Mason kissed her and hugged her, pulling her right in with them and then he spoke to Charrie. [b "I get it. Our family's safety is more important than anything else"] he agreed and then he figured that she just needed a trust worthy team to take care of her business.

He carried Ori into their room and when he crawled over to Ari, he laughed, and thought the two were so cute. They were only two years apart, but he was glad ORi loved his big sister already. Charrie asked him about who's who and when he got it all right, Mason kissed the top of his head. [b "You're so smart Ori"] he tickled him and he fell onto his side, peeking up at Charrie and wanting to eat.

Mason knew what that meant. They had to get up and feed their babies. He nodded and then he sat up, carrying Ori into his arms. [b "Let's go eat some breakfast?"] he looked back at Charrie and then he sighed a little [b "You rest baby. I'll feed them and make sure the twins are okay"] he headed down, holding Ariel's hand and then brought them into the kitchen.

When he sat them both in their high chairs, the chef had prepared some eggs and bacon. Mason sat down and fed Ori some of the eggs and Ariel chopped up pieces of bacon. The twins were already eating, getting ready for school. Mason hugged them and watched the guards that were with them. He didn't really know who they were, but he knew Charrie only kept the most trustworthy people to monitor their family.

He scheduled his team to meet up with that guy that got hurt and hopefully had a meeting to understand the consequences their mistakes made. He'd participate through video later, but right now, he wanted to make sure their kids were taken care of. Hopefully CHarrie felt better too with the pain killers.
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Ari loved all the attention she was getting. She grinned when Mason kissed her forehead, and squealed when she was hugged. Charrie was glad to have Ariel right here with them. She looked so lost when they were talking and didn't realy get what they were saying, but kept looking back and forth between them.

[b "Alright, I'll depend on you when there's something. I mostly just want help in making sure our kids or safe, calm and don't feel unsafe. That's all that matters." ] She srhugged and smiled. She was feeling really lucky to have him. [b "I'm dropping most of the burden to others...I wish I could work on it to be honest, but we have a family to take care of." ] She looked back at the baby monitor. He was up.

[b "Thank you." ] She sat Ariel on her lap for a bit, [b "Ariel, your so pretty." ] She ran her fingers into her hair and Ariel began talking about her big idea about a drawing. It made Charrie smile because she loved hearing Ariel's creative and wildest ideas. Both of their heads turn when they saw Ori and Mason come in. Ariel sat down and Ori was trying to climb her back, 'Owi, havy." Ariel said. ORi was giggling. Ariel looked back at Mason and guessed he was right.

Charrie was so awed whenever Ori came over to snuggle with her. She sat up and poked his little tummy [b "You slept good didn't you?" ] His eyes were so beautiful "Ma! A-A," He pointed at Ariel.
[b "A-A? Ariel?" ]
"A, A," He said and looked at Ariel.
"Awi," Ariel corrected.
"A, A."
Charrie laughed, was he trying to call Ariel?
[b "Ori whose this?" ] SHe pointed to Mason.
"Da." He said.
[b "Yes!" ] Charrie grinned and he giggled because Charrie looked so happy. She kissed the top of his head, and he was off to patting her chest, "ma."
[b "Not this time Ori." ] Charrie glanced at the time [b "We should probably feed them." ]
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He could see Charrie asleep beside him and he was happy that at least she was able to rest. He knew she was stressed out and when Julian got injured, he was sure she also felt helpless since she was straying away from the dangers and just letting her team handle it as best they could. He smiled at her words and then he snuggled up to her until Ariel came in.

Their toddler was so adorable, Mason loved her so much. [b "Good"] he kissed her forehead and then he hugged them both, hearing her squeal. Mason laughed and then he smiled [b "I know baby. I just want to help more if you can think of something. I don't want all the burden to just fall on you"] he grinned and then heard Ori on the monitor. Their little boy was awake.

[b "I'll get him"] he headed into Ori's room, seeing him crawling in his crib. WHen he saw daddy, he lifted his arms [i Da!] he called out and Mason lifted him into his arms. [b "Morning champ. Let's go say hi to mommy and Ari okay?"] he told him and Ori just snuggled into his arms, yawning. Mason brought him back to their room and then he laid back down, setting ORi between them. He saw ARi and his mom and crawled over, trying to climb up ARi's back. He babbled happily and then snuggled into mommy.

[b "See babygirl. Your brother loves you. He's just a little too small to know what to do with your drawings. I'm sure when he's older, he'll keep all of them"]
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CHarrie still felt half asleep and then laughed quietly when he reminded her. [b "Right..." ] She saw his beautiful brown eyes, feeling fingers through her hair. She kissed his lips at that time. She knew that she wasn't the only one with worries. She knew this was all falling on Mase too. At least, she had him to share things with. It made things lighter to handle. [b "I know you do, and I love you for thinking about me." ] She pressed her forehead against him, and then remembered she needed to check up on Julian.

Ariel came in, and she got snuggled in by Mason. Ariel nodded "Awi sweep." She thought he meant if she slept. Charrie fixed up her hair while she was laying on her side by Mason. She was such a beautiful little girl. Arial did make it harder for them to get up now. All the sudden Mason wrapped his arm around them, and Ariel squealed [b "Daddy!" ] She was squished. Charrie laughed, and then nodded when Mason asked about needing anything, [b "Of course. I know, you help me out a lot. I'm passing the work mostly to people I trust, because I can't be out in the field and doing it, not with our perfect little family." ] She tickled Ariel, tried to crawl away. Charrie took her by the waist and pulled her back. "elp me!" Ariel called out.

Ah, she really loved there little girl. She pulled her in and kissed her cheek again. [b "Your so perfect." ] She didn't want to leave yet. She knew they had to more cautious now. Hopefully the found some leads with Conrad's contacts. She heard the baby monitor and glanced over at Mason [b "Do you want to get Ori?" ]

"Owi mean." Ariel stated, having a grumpy face on.
[b "Ari..." ] Charrie frowned and looked at her eyes, [b "He's not mean. He's a baby, he took your drawing because he really really likes it, but he doesn't know how to hold paper yet." ] She tried to speak slowly for her, and it seemed she got it, but she sighed anyway.
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He loved being so close to her, but he really just wanted her to be the normal Charrie she always was. He hated seeing her down and stressed out. If he could do something to help her, he would in a heartbeat. [b "Sorry that I hurt your arm"] he kissed her cheek and then he brushed her hair, meeting her brown eyes.

She caught him looking worried and he just sighed [b "I just...want to help you so you can relax more and spend time with the kids"] he admitted, telling her how he felt and then he heard that Julian was going to be okay. THat was a relief. That guy had already become a member of the family, even their kids loved him. He protected them all with his life and even Mason had grew fond of having him around.

He then heard the door and when he heard Ari, he smiled, seeing her carry her right in. Mason snuggled her in and kissed her little cheeks. [b "Morning baby girl. Did you sleep well?"] he asked, seeing Ari just snuggle between them. He was glad to see she was in a good mood and it was so cute to see her wanting to spend time with them so early.

Mason didn't want to get out of bed, especially not after having their baby girl here now. He wrapped his arms around the two of them and smiled. [b "Got my two girls right here. I'm glad everyone's okay, but baby, if you need anything, just let me know. You don't have to carry all this stress by yourself"] he told her, wondering if today was going to be safe to head outside.
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She snuggled up to him, closing her eyes just a bit more. [b "Sorry for what..." ] She half whispered. She peaked up at his eyes and kissed his lips happily. It always made her feel good when he said things like that. She lightly laughed [b "You did, huh." ] She felt his fingers through her hair, and she rested her hand on his cheek. She loved waking up with him in the mornings. No phone went off, and no one had come to wake her, so she assumed everyone was safe and sound. [b "I am... I can rest here with you." ] She felt his kiss on her cheek and saw him just looking at her. It looked like something was bothering him.

[b "What's wrong? What are you thinking about?" ] She asked, and remembered. She needed to check up on Julian. She stretched to grab her phone quickly and made the call [b "How's Julian?" ]
"The man that came yesterday right?"
[b "Yes, is he okay?" ]
"He's resting...he hasn't woken up yet, but the doctor said he's stable for now...and umm...let's see...He should be okay, but he shouldn't be stressing himself out for quite a while."
Charrie breathed out in relief, [b "Okay... When he's able to talk, get him to phone me." ] She hung up and looked back at Mason [b "Julian should be okay..." ] She wrapped her arms around him. The pain in her shoulder had lessened. She heard a knock knock at the door. Charrie glanced over. [b "Mommy." ] Ariel called. Time to get up. She kissed Mason's neck quickly and got up, to the door. Opening the door. A woman was right by Ariel, she was part of security detail.
[b "Hey Ari,"] She scooped her up and smiled at the woman, [b "Thank you, anything suspicious last night?" ]
"No Mam."
[b "Yea...you don't have to use the whole 'mam' thing." ] Charrie added.
"Who she?" Ariel asked
[b "We're going t have a few people over our house for a bit, okay Ari?" ] She kissed her cheek, [b "Do you want to sit with us until we go downstairs and eat?" ]
Ariel nodded. Charrie went back into bed and sat down Ariel on the bed too. "Mown, daddy." Ariel said.
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He knew that their family had become so used to the safety that it was hard for him and Charrie to go back to how they used to be. He didn't want to go back to always being on their toes and trying to avoid danger every second, but this was the best they could do.

Their kids were tucked in and safe, but Mason tried his best to calm Charrie down. She must have been so stressed out thinking about how to save Julian, her best friend was probably pregnant, and her arm wasn't healing. He helped her get into bed and then he made a few more pain killers before laying beside her. Mason smiled and hugged her close so she could at least fall asleep in his arms.

He climbed into bed beside her and then he fell asleep, waking up and checking up on their kids because he was worried. When they were okay, he headed back to bed, resting against Charrie, but when she spoke, he moved and then felt her snuggle into him. [b "I'm sorry baby"] he kept his arm around her waist, facing her and then smiling as he kissed her warm lips. [b "Well I married someone amazing too. It goes both ways then"] he brushed her hair back and hoped that her arm was feeling better. It was a new day with a few more problems to deal with, but he wasn't going to let that stop him from helping her out.

[b "You rest some more baby. You must be tired"] he didn't want to leave bed yet, but he knew their little ones would wake up soon. Mason kissed her cheek and just looked her over, wondering if there was more he could do to help her out. He knew he was in charge of the chemistry department, but at times like these that involved this kind of danger, he felt useless sometimes.
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It has been too long since she had blood on her hands. She never wanted to lose someone ever again. What happened in the past, felt all too much like a dream. She felt as if her life had always been like this, with Mason, and there kids safe and sound. But it wasn't. She hated the reminder, it shook her up and she felt so much anger, and saddness all at once, and the pain, the pain was shooting through the rough with the added stress. Then, she was also worried about Sarah...it was too much. It helped, having Mason hugginer her close, speaking to her. He was warm, and he was comfort.

[b "Yea...yea, I know. I'm going to find these people, and they're going to pay." ] She stated. She went to bed, rolling around, the pain getting through. WHen Mason came in, she felt such relief to have a pain killer. SHe snuggled in with him, feeling warm, and comforted when he kissed her cheek or told her he loved her. [b "I know...Thank you. You do so much for me, I'm so happy to call you my husband." ] She gently smiled. She wanted to cry from all the pain and emotion again but she held it together and fell asleep with Mason. It was nice to have him to go to.

Charrie felt movement, and she noticed Mason climbing back into bed. Where did he go? She fell asleep again and woke up again a few minutes in. [b "Mase..." ] She whispered, feeling his back, [b "Your on my shoulder...it hurts." ] She whispered, and then once he moved, she leaned in to give him a kiss and snuggle more into him, putting one leg over him. [b "How did I get to marry someone so amazing?" She smiled back at him, still half asleep. She wasn't in the right mind just yet.
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He didn't want anything happening to Mark or Sarah. They were both their two best friends and if they broke up it would be awkward, but they'd protect them no matter what. They've been beside them through thick and thin and if they ever needed help, he wouldn't hesitate.

Mason knew that it was tough, but if him and Charrie could get through it, they could too. He made sure the kids were tucked into bed, but when he saw Charrie return with blood on her hands, he knew it was serious. It shocked Mason to hear that Julian was hurt. He really hoped that he would make it. Their family had grown accustomed to having him around. [b "I know baby. I'm worried too. I'm sure we'll figure things out, but right now, our family needs to be safe and protected"] he told her, hugging her close.

He let her head upstairs and Mason worked on a few pills before going up. He set them at her bedside and then he laid beside her and kept her close. He kept his arms around her to keep her warm, kissing her cheek. [b "I know. I love you too. I want you to know that I'll always be there to help you when you need it"] he snuggled up to her and tried to sleep.

It took a while, but he managed to fall asleep until morning. Mason opened his eyes slowly to see Charrie still beside him. He wanted to make sure their kids were okay, so he slipped out of bed and took a peek in each of their rooms. It was still early, but he was glad to see them all okay. Thomas was fast asleep in Ori's room on the couch.

He smiled and climbed back into bed with Charrie as he rested his head against her shoulder, not wanting to get up yet, but he was glad to know she was asleep.
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She didn't know what would happen with Sarah or Mark. She hoped nothing fell bad. She didn't want to judge, she didn't think Sarah did it. She didn't think she did anything worse than what Mason did, and she hadn't exactly forgiven him for that, just moved on from it. [b "Who knows..." ]

The evening took a darker turn. At least there kids were in bed, and the house was well guarded now. She still felt so stiff, scared, angry with all that happened. She didn't want to lose Julian. If he was gone, it wasn't just going to be hard on her, but it was going to be really hard on there kids. They've gone really close to Julian since Keira and Zack left. Mason had his arms around her, comforting her, beeing relaly good to her, and helping her wash up.

[b "How can I not be stressed? Julian is hurt, I'm scared what this means. I don't know why this is happening. So much is going on...and I"m worried. I'm so worried." ] She let out, and knew Julian would get proper help and knew that they were definitely stocked up on Mason's healing water, and even used it here. [b "Right, we'll keep an eye on our kids. Yea...yea, I know I can't right now." ]

She nodded, but wondered where he was going. She head into their room anyway, not having the energy to really ask or check. She changed her clothes and lay in bed, but so much was on her mind, and the pain was worseing because of the stress. It felt like forever before Mason came. [b "Thank you." ] SHe took one and laid beside him, snuggling up, feeling the warmth of his body. [b "I'm so glad...I have someone like you. I love you so much." ] Mason always knew how to comfort her. She tried to get some sleep, it was hard.
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He didn't think Sarah was that type of girl, but he also made some mistakes when he was drunk too, so he couldn't blame her. They were in a stressful situation and he wasn't quite sure if they were ready to have any kids at all. [b "I know. I hope this also doesn't force them together"] he sighed, realizing how stressful they both must be. He hoped that at least Sarah can figure out at the doctors if she was pregnant or not.

Mason had the kids in their beds, all tucked in. Thomas was keeping an eye on them, wanting to make sure they were safe. He'd easily give his life for them if he had to. He headed downstairs to see Charrie's hands covered in blood. What happened? He walked over and she looked as stiff as a board.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and then he pulled her in, kissing her cheek softly. When she washed up, he was shocked to hear it was Julian's blood. He really hoped that he was going to be okay. [b "Okay, so don't be stressed out baby. Right now, you have back up. Julian is getting help. He should have some healing water where he's going. We'll stay here and keep an eye on the kids. Just relax. We'll get our revenge when we have the chance, but that's not right now"] he wanted her to calm down.

[b "I'll meet you in the room okay. Just try and relax"] he headed down to his lab and then he sat at the table, slamming his fist against the table. He frowned and then he thought up an idea of what he could do. He didn't want to be helpless, he wanted to be able to do something. To help Charrie and protect their family.

Mason knew he couldn't do much, but he wanted to help, so he ended up doing something that could get him in trouble with Charrie, but he was careful.

He worked on making some modified pain relievers for Charrie only. THey'd get rid of the pain, but they would be infused with a little bit of his invention to make her arm seem like it was getting better day by day.

HE headed up to their bedroom and then he put it at her bedside. [b "Baby. I made you more pain relievers. These should help your arm"] he told her, climbing into bed with her.
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[b "I don't think someone else got her pregnant. I think she's would have remembered some of it if it did happen." ] If it somehow was true...she didn't know if she would even want to tell Sarah, even if she had to. This situation was stressful. There was no way that Mark and Sarah were ready to have kids either. She knew their relationship was rocky and they still had ways to go. SHe felt bad for them... [b "They'll be fine with kids, just what if they're not ready to be togehter? There situation is hard..." ] She sat down with the couch with him, love being held and she went to go put to Ori to bed.

Everything turned for the worst. When she came back inside, her hands were covered in blood, and she felt that horrible feeling she got when she nearly lost someone, mostly anger, lots of anger. That was it, she was putting her foot down and taking this to another level. These people were going down, and they were going down without any mercy. She spaced out, and didn't noticed Mason walking over until he hugged her. Her expression weakened, and she felt the ache in her chest, the fear, and saddness coming in. [b "I'm fine, it's not my blood. Julian...he got injuried, I don't know if he's goign to make it." ]

Mason brought her to the kitchen and she washed off the blood, taking deep breaths and trying to calm herself down. [b "I don't know Mase... I really don't know. We're having at least five more people coming in, and they're well trained, so, if anything pops up, their is no way they stand a chance. It's more dangerous to move around with the kids and startle them." ] She felt so stressed, [b "And my damn fucking arm is hurting, and I might just lose Julian. I am so stressed, and I'm so furious that I just want to...I want to break arms and shoot heads." ] She ran her fingers through her hair and met his eyes [b "We should go to bed. Everything will be okay, it doesn't seem they're smart enough." ]
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Mason didn't want any of their family to be experiencing trouble like their family was. They were already in danger and Mason was afraid to even move again. The last thing he wanted was to have to move to a different city, have the twins change schools again and have little ORi and Ari in danger.

[b "Hopefully that man didn't get her pregnant and the two work it out okay. I know Mark probably isn't ready for a family, but seeing how well those two deal with our kids, they'll be just fine"] he told her, hugging her and then sitting on the couch, watching over their kids. He loved the sight of seeing Ari and Belle and Rick and Ori getting along. Sadly Ori was getting sleepy.

WHen Charrie headed up, he looked after them for a while until he saw her looking worried. He held ORi and then he saw her head out. She better be okay.

Mason told the twins to head up to their rooms for now and get ready for bed. He stayed away from the windows, managing to close all the curtains. He had Ari in her bed and the twins asleep as well. Mason told Thomas to keep an eye on them as he headed down, seeing Charrie come in with stained hands. He walked over and hugged her, [b "Whatever happened, you're okay right?"] he asked, looking her over and then he led her into the kitchen to wash up.

He didn't know what was going on, but he had to make sure Charrie was okay. He even had an idea of how he could help her, but if their family was in danger right now he was more worried about that. [b "Are we still in danger Char? Should we go somewhere tonight?"] he asked worriedly.
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She worried for Sarah. SHe knew that kind of stress could really get to someone. She felt her chest ache when she remembered that miscarriage she had. She frowned, and felt like it was all her fault for it happening, even if that there were many different reasons for it happen. She was really upset when she was pregnant with the twins but she still had them, and they were born healthy. It...still upset her. [b "Yea... It isn't. SHe still needs to go to the doctor to be sure, but, this isn't good." ] She lived being held by him. Her arm....her shoulder was acting up again.

[b "Mase, it still might heal it's on own." ] She knew she still had a chance of it healing, she didn't want to take the risk and stress out Mason. Mase was sweet, kissing her cheek, and caring about her. SHe was glad to be married to him. She saw him sit down with Belle and Ariel on her lap. It was the perfect scene. She could tell Ori was falling asleep. His eyes were drooping and he would try to lay down instead of sit and then began to whine.

She went over and picked up Ori [b "Thanks for watching over him Rick. Orion is really sleepy right now, I have to take him." ] SHe kissed the top of his head and head up stairs with Ori and he was already napping in her arms. She sat down on the chair in his room for awhile, rubbing his back. Where was Julian? She doubly blinked. Now she thought about it, she hadn't seem him in the living room for a while.

She pulled out her phone and gave him a dial, she kept waiting but wasn't getting a response. She then called her security lead, and the picked up right away, "I was a second away making the call. Julian, he's at the beach front and injured, he had to kill a man that tried to sneak in through the beach. There's no one else that I can see, and I already called a few people to have extra security detail for the next few days. Her heart raced, [b "Thank you." ] She hung up, head down stairs with Ori and looked at Mase [b "Can you please hold him, and stay here with the kids? Don't go near the windows. I'll be back." ] She set Ori in his arms and went to grab the gun she tucked in the kitchen and went stepped out in the backyard. It was dark. She saw two bodies on the ground.

She ran over and saw Julian knocked out and the other guy shot in the head. She kneeled down and tried to shine a light with her phone to see Julian's injuries. He was bleeding it badly. She felt a rush of emotion take over. [b "No... No, Julian, No." ] She patted his cheek, [b "Come on..." ] She felt for his pulse and saw his eyes faintly open. Tears caught on. She hadn't lost anyone in such a long time. [b "You're going to be okay, alright? Just, hold on." ] She dialed a number [b "Get over here, now, as fast as possible] She pressed her hands against his wound, to help stop the bleeding on his chest. Her body was trembling. She forgot this, how it felt. She didn't use to tremble like this.

"There's no use." He whispered.
[b "Shut up. You're going to be okay." ] She swallowed.

Time was ticking, it was bugging her. She didn't know how long they'd really take, and she didn't know how much time he had. Charrie send a message to Mason and Thomas [b 'Get everyone in bed, okay? ]Ten minutes in and a helicopter had flown in. They helped bring him inside, and patch him up in one of the rooms instead. One of them had the same blood type as Julian. At the end of it, they took Julian into the helicopter to get him in a better place for monitoring. Charrie's hands were covered in blood, it still...felt a bit warm. She stood in the hall, feeling dazed and overwhelmed for a while, and knowing she needed to go wash her hands.
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