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He looked incredible. She ran her fingers along his chest, feeling the lines of his abs, while enjoying him tugging, squeezing and kissing. He made her really believe what he said. Charrie easily smiled and enjoyed his fingers going along her bare back. she kissed him softly again, mason licking her bottom lip, and so she playfully licked him back. "You can kick someone's ass. You can also slap 'someones' ass," She lightly laughed. He looked so intoxicating and bad ass in that outfit, she really wanted to see it again, a picture felt like the perfect way to do it.

"Why isn't it fair?" She kissed his neck softly and then blushed a slight "Well, you're not taking a picture of me...because..." She didn't finish it and watched him shrug and agree to it. Charrie grinned "Okay! It's only for my eyes," She grew a little excited. Now she could see Mason looking like this in a picture instead of having to recall from memory.

Charrie grabbed her phone and took the shot, "Now...look casual-back straight- don't look directly at the camera...pull your pants slightly a bit down and done! Oh-wait" She went around him and took a picture from the back, and smirked, "Your ass looks good." She set her phone on the dresser and giggled when he said he'd tug her. "I'll be good. Well...I'll try to be," She kissed his lips again, "How should we play today?" She asked, and remembered, "Ah wait, I brought our toys...or the ones I bought anyway." She remembered and opened her luggage and bended over. She took out the bag and brought out the vibrators out, blindfold, things to tie up with, whip and the fleshlight. "We're going to have so much fun-do you want to do a bit of roleplay with me or should we go into fourplay?" She asked, loving how much more comfortable they were together in sex.
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He really did want to take her out of that dress, but he knew he couldn't really do a thing about it now. They had other plans, so he just had to take her clothes off another time. He really did enjoy the way she looked at him though, when he was pulled on by the tie. He met her lips and kissed her softly as he smirked, letting her go change as he changed into his clothes.

Mason stood there, just looking at himself in the mirror so stunned. He couldn't believe he looked like this right now. His pants hugged his body so tightly, squeezing his legs and showing off his man curves. He had a little trouble putting on the arm strap, but he had it on eventually. He waited for Charrie to step out, but when she did, he was starstruck. [i HOLY SHIT] she looked so sexy that it blew his mind. He didn't think that his choice in the outfit would look that good, but it was so sexy. His eyes met hers and then he slowly moved to her side.

Mason could see her eyes on his body, but as he wrapped his arms around her, he squeezed her ass and then he tugged on her leash. [b "Yes you are. The sexiest woman alive"] he smiled, kissing her lips more as he felt up her back, his fingers touching her bare skin as he licked her bottom lip. [b "Yeah? I really like your choice too. I feel like I can kick someone's butt like this"] he laughed and then he looked surprised when she said she wanted a picture. [b "That's no fair! At least you can take a picture of me. If I do....I don't want anyone seeing you in that besides me"] he sighed softly and then he shrugged.

[b "Fine! But don't show anyone anything"] he told her, posing and then flexing his arm a bit for her, his tight, leather pants showing off his leg muscles and packages down there for her. [b "If you're bad, I'm going to tug on this leash, so be good"]
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Undeniably, he was sexy standing there with a tie with his clothes hugging his body. She found him sexy as he was, but-they had something more planned and the thought of seeing Mason in tight leather pants, highlighting his butt and legs... Mmm. She couldn’t wait. “Deal, we’ll go tomorrow.” She said, her mind drifting off into getting him into what she wanted.

“Oh Mase… I wouldn’t be your wife if I struggled to keep up.” She hand him the bag that contained his outfit, meanwhile Mase gave his that was just straps. They were going to have fun.

She smirked as he squeezed her ass through her dress, “I’ll wear it sometime again. I almost took off your clothes right now too,” tugged on his tie gently and leaned in to give him a brief kiss. She saw Mason raise a brow when he looked at the bag. She giggled and went off to the bathroom to change.

Charrie peeked her head out of the door first. “Taste is a bit?” She stepped in and closed the door behind her. “Fuck me. No really…you’re going to have to fuck me,” She admired him, how it hugged his body, how sexy and badass he was at the same time. She loved it, he looked a bit dangerous. She couldn’t stop herself from staring and nibbling on her lip. She couldn’t wait to see beneath those leather pants too.

Charrie’s eyes raised up to him and his eyes were widened. She couldn’t help it. She loved it when Mason admired her body. Always, he always made her feel so sexy. She giggled, as her eyes dropped down to his pants again. Charrie stepped forward at the sound of his voice. She felt such a rush of happiness.

She followed where his eyes fell. Her back was practically all exposed. She felt a tug on the leash and she grew even closer, finding it so sexy, “I am?” She whispered and kissed his lips softly back, “My Mason looks so sexy and dangerous.” She wrapped her arms around him and tugged on his lip gently, “You picked such a slutty outfit for me, I love it, the leash is fun…and I love what I picked for you.” She felt around the arm that had that sleeve on, "It looks so cool on you...I want to take pictures of you. Can I?"
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Once everyone was put to bed, Mason held her hand and led her towards their bedroom. He walked inside and he couldn't help but want to be with her and take her out of that dress. He smiled [b "You can slide with them tomorrow if you want? Or we can all just go to the same place together so it won't be so bad"] he smiled, telling her they should just go to sleep, but when she said they weren't getting any sleep, he smiled [b "Hmm, I'm okay with that. Just make sure you can keep up with me"] he laughed and then he went to grab her outfit.

When he handed it to her, he walked up to her and then he squeezed her ass first. [b "Mmm, but you look so sexy in this dress. I wanted to take you out of it first"] he smiled and then he gave her the bag, seeing her reaction. When he saw his bag, he took a peek inside and then he raised his brow. She really wanted him in this? What did it even cover? Mason just laughed [b "Okay baby"] he waited for her to head into the bathroom and then he tried to get changed.

Mason slipped into the mesh underwear, looking down at himself and just staring blankly. This was underwear? It was like wrapping his lower half in just plastic wrap. He scratched the back of his head and smirked. Charrie was sure daring and wanted to see all of him. He smiled and then he slowly slipped the arm strap on his arm, fixing it and then taking a peak at the mirror. He had to admit that he looked pretty cool.

When he put on the leather pants, he saw his ass being hugged tightly and then seeing all of his man curves. He ended up laughing and then he heard her knock. [b "I'm ready! Your taste is a bit....actually. I think I look pretty good"] he teased and then he saw her step out. Mason saw all of the leather straps covering pretty much nothing as his eyes widened in shock. Damn she was so sexy... he wanted her already.

[b "W-Wow baby. You...look....so...MMM"] he could already feel himself beginning to bulge. HE waited all day for this. [b "Come here"] his eyes went from her face down to her legs, eyeing every open piece of skin he could see as he approached her, his hand running over her bare shoulder and then tugging on the leash, pulling her towards him. [b "Hmm, looks like you're all covered"] he leaned in, kissing her lips softly, his hands moving around her to hold her close.
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Everyone was cozy in bed. It made her happy to see their youngest asleep. The twins and Juliet were up, but as long as they didn't go wandering around, she didn't worry. She went into their room with Mason. She had brought her own suitcase in their room and felt more then excited to get this started. He did look sexy in what he was dressed in too, but she had that outfit planned out. "I am suggesting we get this started," She smiled, "Yea you did you lucky bastard. I wanted to go on them too." He pulled her closer towards him.

Charrie nodded, "We should. Go...sleep?" Charrie laughed, "No, you're not getting any tonight."
Mason went into his suitcase, she went into hers, taking the bag out and then stretching her hand to give it to him. Her eyes lifted down seeing what he brought and how he was smiling. God, she loved him to death but holy shit that was really something. She saw the starps which were supposed to cover things up-she sure hoped some of it did...well maybe not really. It didn't matter. Charrie had gave him the mesh boxers underneath and this left leather arm strap with leather pants. "I'll take the bathroom, you can change here," She said. She went into the bathroom and was trying to figure what went wear. She realized it even had a leash on it. Damn it Mason...making her get excited just by wearing something slutty for him.

She did clean up a bit, putting her hair in a ponytail so it wouldn't get out of the way. She used just a bit of perfume that was delicate and sweet like candy. She knocked on the door "Are you ready, can I come in?" She asked, feeling excited to Mason in what she choose for him. She looked down at herself and blushed just a bit, really realizing it. She remembered the first time she dressed up into something...wow that was such a long time ago. When he gave her the okay, she twisted the knob and poked her head out, wanting to see him first and would just daze off when she saw him looking so damn badass and sexy at all the same time.
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He didn't think that they started too early at all, but at the same time, it was mostly because he really wanted kids when he couldn't have them. Mason's eyes looked to their little ones and he was really happy that they were happy and content with their little trip. He watched their twins finish up their food and Juliet looking at them as if they were some superstars. He was glad that their friendship with Juliet never really faded.

Mason carried their little boy, kissing his cheek. He looked content and full and as he stood up, he held him against his chest and just rocked him slowly as they spoke. It was so adorable to see little Ari feeling really good though. He could see her getting tired, so once they headed back to the suite, Mason watched Juliet and the twins head to their room and then he walked towards Ari's and Ori's room, seeing that Ori already fell asleep on his shoulder. He was adorable. Must have been tired out from all of the fun today.

He changed him out of his nice shirt and put him in a onesie that had a dinosaur on it. He kissed his little cheek and tucked him in with his stuffed dinosaur. When he kissed Ari goodnight, he met Charrie's lips and he smiled, holding her hand. He made sure the twins and Juliet had enough blankets as he headed back to their room.

[b "Oooh, are you suggesting something? I mean...this guy went down tons of waterslides just letting you know"] he laughed, shaking his head as he pulled her towards him. He smirked [b "Shall we get dressed and meet back at the bed? I'm excited to go to sleep"] he stuck out his tongue, teasing her as he went to his suitcase to grab what he he brought her. [b "Here you go baby. I want you in this"] he smiled seductively.
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She still believed they stared a family too early, and that’s why she felt older than she really was. She didn’t think much about she gave away to have kids-besides her career. Things would have been a lot different if they didn’t have kids, and she didn’t think she would be able to stand not having all these four cute babies. They were everything to them.

Head bed early to do each other in bed. Sarah caught on. Of course she would…

The cake was oozing with chocolate. Charrie was happy with taking a bite and she could see so were there kids. She laughed seeing Ariel’s and Ori’s faces. She leaned in, “Hold on baby,” She wiped Ariel’s cheeks and kissed her after. Charrie helped clean her hands. Charrie lifted her up and snuggled her in, “Do you have a happy tummy?”
Ariel patted her tummy, “Yup! Full.”
“I’m glad, we’re going to head upstairs and read a book together, sounds fun?”
Ariel nodded. She looked back at her friends and Heath got up too because he didn’t want Juliet to be staying up that much over. But she did tug his shirt and whisper if it was okay to have a sleepover with the twins.
“Charrie, Mason, is it okay if Juliet has a sleepover at the twin’s room?” Heath asked.
“It’s fine with me,” Charrie smiled and then looked at the two couples after, “Have fun,” She waved at them.

Charrie carried Ariel’s small little body all the way to their suite. On the way, Ariel was already getting sleepy in her arms. Her little fingers balled up while clinging onto her dress. Charrie watched Mason carrying Ori and knew he’d put him right to bed. Charrie went into the bedroom for their youngest and sat Ariel down on the bed, “Come on Ari, let’s get you changed.” She helped her out of the dress and midway Ariel decided to lay down. Charrie helped in her PJ cupcake buttons and shirt. She kissed her tummy and then forward, whispering, “Goodnight.” She gave a glance over at Ori, seeing that Mason put him to bed.
“Let’s say goodnight the twins and head to bed together,” She leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on his lips.
After giving a goodnight to there twins, kisses and made sure they were ready for bed, she took Mason’s hand and went into the bedroom and closed the door behind her. She faced him and smirked, “Looks like it’s me…you…alone,” She scanned his body, “Looking so sexy.”
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Mason loved watching their kids, especially when they were out in public because they got so many compliments on how cute they were. People would pass by, saying how adorable the twins were, or how cute their toddler was, even the baby. Mason would glance over at Charrie, a smirk on his face as he smiled brightly. Ari didn't seem to like the attention that much, but after Mason kissed her cheek and told her it was okay, she warmed up again and ate her food.

He didn't mean to blurt out anything though when it came to Kiera and Zack. He thought she had a vague idea of what Zack wanted, but when he saw the surprise, he shrugged [b "There's no rush at all. You two should do what you want to do before settling down"] he told them, glancing back at Ori when he squealed. He saw Ori looking around and then he wiped his lips and hands. He gave him his stuffed toy and he looked content again. He sure loved that thing.

Still, they were both really young, but they had a good family. Mason didn't mind it that they started young. To his surprise even Ari thought they weren't that old. He loved their little cutie.

When they decided on plans that night, Mason was more interested in his plans with Charrie. [b "Yeah It's rough looking after four of them. We'll probably head to bed early"] he told them, hearing Sarah laughing. No, she couldn't have guessed.

After everyone finished dinner, Mason ordered them a chocolate lava cake for the adults to share and one for the kids. They were all content with the food and Ori had chocolate all over his face. He looked around with his green eyes and babble, pointing to Ari. Ari also had chocolate around her face, but when he wiped them off, he made sure to pay the bill before getting up. [b "Don't party too much guys. We'll see you in the morning then. We're going to take these kiddos up for bed"] he told them, seeing Ori already falling asleep as Mason picked him up into his arms.

The twins were also tired, yawning as they walked to their parent's side, waiting to go back.
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As usual, there kids were looking adorable and happy. Time spend with them like this made her feel like life couldn’t get any better. She felt content at the moment. It was cute when Ariel sheltered herself from the attention after speaking him. She had trouble to speak again, but once less attention was drawn to her she ate happily, and did her best take at her lips.

Charrie snapped a few moments with her phone, like the twins chatting, Ariel eating and missing her lips again when she saw Charrie taking the picture, and Ori being fed by Mason. She brought a conversation and there it was-Mason exposing it to Kiera like he accidently exposed something to Mark.

Kiera straightened her back, her mouth slightly gaping. She turned her head, “I…didn’t know. I thought you didn’t…” She looked around and knew she couldn’t talk about this right now. Although she wasn’t exactly ready to give her body away for months and her mind for the rest of her years just yet. She entertained the thought but she had still a lot she wanted to do and she thought they were on the same page.

Charrie glanced back at the two and hoped they didn’t start some kind of conflict. [b “Well, you two are still pretty young too. You’ve got time.” ] Charrie smiled and Ori raised his hands up randomly and squealed and then looked around for his dinosaur.

Charrie leaned onto Mason for just a moment, [b “I know, that’s what I meant. I expected to have my first kid when I thirty, not have my last one a year ago.” ] Well, life wasn’t something that could exactly be planned perfectly anyway. She was happy with what they had. Charrie heard Ariel and it was surprising to hear a toddler not call them old. She remembered being a kid and thought everyone over 12 was ancient. But, it sure was sweet. [b “Oh baby, thank you. Make sure you chew Ari, I can’t have you chock.” ] She admired there little girl and she took a napkin and helped her clean up. [b “You’re just the cutest,” ] She kissed her cheek.

“I’m guessing Heath, Charrie and Mason along with the kids will be off to bed early,” Kiera mentioned, used to going on past midnight with friends. Technically Charrie was her boss but they had grown into being friends.

Charrie sighed, [b “Yea…” ] She then glanced over and Mason and couldn’t help but smirk. Not because of the kids, but because she had plans with him.
“Ah hmm…yea the kids are the reason why,” Sarah laughed, picking it up.
Charrie blushed a little, [b “They are…” ]
Heath nodded, “I definitely am. Someone needs to keep an eye on our kids.”
“I’m not going to bed early, maybe we the four of us can do something after,” Sarah suggested.
[b “You’re pregnant, you shouldn’t be drinking,” Charrie reminded.
“Who said I was going to drink? I swear I’m not,” Sarah said.
Charrie smiled and finished off her dinner. Just for fun, she slid her hand underneath the table and caressed Mason’s inner thigh.
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Their family as a whole was just perfect to him. Mason loved all of their kids. They finally were able to raise them in a safe environment, not as crazy as the life they used to live. There were still dangers, but at least with Charrie's alias and his craziness, they could let Ari and Ori grow normally.

Mason loved seeing ORi's grumpy face because he looked so cute, but he didn't want their little baby to be mad. Ori ended up playing wit his dinosaur, bouncing him around and then talking to it. He faced Ari and kissed her, seeing how brave she was, but when everyone listened to her speak, she grew silent. Mason laughed a little and then he rubbed her head [b "It's okay baby. THey like hearing your stories"] he told her and Ari just relaxed a bite more and nodded.

He started eating his food and then feeding Ori the chowder, bringing spoonfuls into his mouth like an airplane. Ori was more than happy to be eating and he'd squeal everytime a plane came to his mouth. He ate his lobster and pasta as he listened to everyone. [b "I heard that Zack is trying to convince you"] he teased and then Zack turned red. "You're not supposed to tell her" he told Mason and then he laughed.

Mark was watching the twins and Ari and Ori, he still couldn't believe he was a father soon. It was nerve wracking and exciting. He held Sarah's hand beneath the table and just tried to make her feel okay.

Mason smirked [b "We're not old. We just got things started early. Besides, we have such a good family. We've really come a long way"] he told her, Ari looking at them with a fish in her mouth. [i "Owd? Mommy and daddy not owd"] she munched with her small fingers and then she looked at mommy. [i "Napwin mommy?"] she asked, bringing her cheeks towards Charrie to clean her up.
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She enjoyed spending time with their babies more than she thought she would in the past. Things…really had changed so much over a decade. Charrie found herself spacing out as she watched Ori, Ariel or even the twins. She helped out Ariel pick out what she wanted but caught sight of Mason placing the dinosaur in his hands again to keep him from making that grumpy face. She felt so happy tonight, having everyone gathered here, there kids enjoying their time.

Charrie listened onto Mason talking to Ariel, who was trying to find her words. [b “Our little Ariel is very brave,” ] Charrie laughed and saw her hide when attention drew into her. She then noticed, Sarah smiling, spacing out a bit too. Charrie felt that maybe she should talk to her, and tell her not to worry so much, that it would work out in the end as long as they put their effort in it.

Everyone’s food came in. They started chatting about a few things, Charrie tried to leave her work out of it. “So Juliet, how are you doing in school?” Charrie asked. She grew shy and whispered, “I’m okay. I have good grades.”
[b “I’m glad, maybe you can come and visit the twins more often, or they’ll visit you,” ] Charrie smiled. Juliet’s eyes widened, “Really?” She looked at the twins.
“I like playing with you,” Belle added.
“So, Mason, I and Heath have a family. I can’t wait for you two couples to get started too,” Charrie smiled, liking the idea of their friends having kids. She could imagine they would just be as adorable.

“In a few months there will be,” Sarah half shrugged.
“Don’t look at us,” Kiera said, sipping on her glass of wine.
Sarah didn’t know Kiera much but she nudged her a bit, “Oh you’re definitely next after me. By accident-or by choice, it’ll happen.” She laughed because it related to their conversation earlier on the day.
Charrie leaned against Mase and sighed, speaking quietly, “We’re getting old…” They were just thirty but, because they already had kids and went through so much, she felt even older. Although, even that made her happy because, she never dreamt of living that long because of their life before.
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Once he had everyone seated in their seat, Mason made sure they were okay. He rubbed the top of Ori's head and he kissed his little cheek, hearing him babble and pat the table. Sarah and Mark were looking at him and then Mason smiled [b "He's cute isn't he"] he looked over at Charrie helping Ari choose her food. She was a cutie also and much shyer than Belle and Rick when they were her age, but that's what made her so adorable.

Mason caught his dinosaur and then he smiled [b "You thirsty champ?"] he grabbed him some water and then he let him have a few sips. When he saw his grumpy face, Mason sighed and tried to distract him again with hs dinosaur. Ori looked over and began nibbling on it's ear.

When the waiter came, Mason a small bowl of chowder for Ori as well and he got the lobster roll with some shrimp scampi. Belle and Rick both ordered the fish and chips as well, wanting fries. After everyone placed their order, Mason looked over at the twins, seeing that they were enjoying their time with Juliet. [b "Ari did you have fun swimming?"] he asked, seeing her nod her head. [i "Awi swyde!"] she told him. Mason kissed her cheek. [b "You weren't scared?"] he asked and she shook her head. [i "Awi not scawed"] she said looking around the table and seeing everyone listen to her. She grew shy and then she hugged Mason's shoulder.
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Charrie placed the menu in front of Arie’s eyes, pointing at some and telling her what they were. Her eyes drew right away to the fries. She smiled and kissed her little cheek, “Okay, fries it is, but it has fish okay Ari?” She made sure.
Ariel nodded but then frowned, where was the fish in the picture? “Whe fishie?” She asked.

Charrie pointed, “This, it has…bread crumbs on top. Like chicken nuggets,” She caught her expression and she nodded, beginning to understand. “Let’s get you some peach juice too, okay?”

“Okay!” Ariel raised her hands up in the air. Charrie took hold of one her hands and give it a kiss. Ariel giggled and tried to tug it away, “Twikle,” She said. Charrie admired her so much. There kids were the best. Charrie decided to order seafood pasta for herself. Ori kept patting and looking around so curiously. He looked at Mason and tossed his dinosaur toy on Mason’s side. He saw water and he wined as he stretched out for the big bottle of water. “Da!” He whined and he looked down at his shirt, and decided to well eat the bow tie but it didn’t taste good and he put on this grumpy face again, not liking extra layers. If it was up to him he’d be running out in his diaper.

Charrie took a break from giving Ariel attention and noticed Ori looking frustrated. She sure hoped that wasn’t a ‘I need to poop’ face. She thought that would be the worst out of all of them.

Juliet was peaking over to see what the twins liked because she didn’t know what she wanted and she wanted to be like the twins since they were always so cool. Belle thought about getting chowder since she had it before and liked it.
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He loved seeing their family dress up because they looked so perfect together. Even when they went to weddings or just having formal dinners, they all looked good. Mason was in awe when he saw his girls. Ari and Belle always looked so pretty in dresses. He smiled and hugged them both, telling them how pretty they were. He wasn't the only one either.

Sarah and Kiera were all over their pretty dresses and so were the guys. He smiled, letting them all take a look at their pretty kids. Mason was glad that they were lucky to have them. He came out with Ori in his arms and then he saw Charrie head over to him. SHe was so sexy, he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Maybe he'd give her a little payback at dinner. He wanted to get his hands down her dress.

He gathered everyone, taking a few pictures before they headed down the elevator through the resort. Mason had a large table reserved for all of them as he led them inside. They were sitting on an outdoor deck with lights by the beach. He sat down and got Ori and Ari a high chair, sitting them together. THe kids were on one end and the adults were on another. Mason sat beside Charrie and he kept his arm around her, Ori right beside him with Ari. He looked over to see Ori patting his chair in his nice shirt with a bow tie.

People around the restaurant were looking at their kids, passing by and saying how adorable they were. He was glad everyone complimented their kids. Ari looked over at Char and helped her pick what she wanted. [i "Awi wan fwys"] she told Charrie, pointing to the picture of the fish and chips.
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Charrie took care of their girls. She got them all dressed up and she thought they looked pretty damn adorable. She held Ariel again and Belle came out walking into the living room. Juliet was ready too, in a casual blue dress with a pair of white converse. Everyone cleaned up pretty well. Charrie would take random photos of everyone and Mason came out with Ori. She laughed when she saw him with a fake all printed outfit. Mason must have put it in there. Well, it didn’t seem like Ori had a problem when it was fake. He was holding onto his dinosaur. Mason came out looking sexy as always, making her want to take him to bed and forget about dinner.

Ariel grinned when Mason hugged her. Belle felt pretty happy that daddy said she looked pretty too. “Aww, my boys looks so good too!” Charrie giggled, and had to take a picture of them with her phone. She met Mason’s eyes and saw how he was smirking at her. “Aren’t I?” She smirked and nodded. Everyone was set and ready to go.

They went downstairs and had to get a really big table, Charrie kept Ariel near her. The twins were sitting beside Juliet and chatting away about what they did today. Charrie sure felt nice having everyone here. Well…except their parents. Now that she thought about it, she missed them and figured they should probably make a visit or have their parents come up. She pulled up the menu and leaned into Ariel to get down to what she wanted to eat and drink-since she couldn’t entirely read yet.
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