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He smirked and just loved the way they were able to just talk to each other so casually. THe teasing was so much fun and he loved how Charrie played along back with him. [b "I get frustrated? If I do, I usually just take you anyway"] he laughed and then he thought about about Ori always destroyed Ari's things or took her food. He knew that after he got older, he'd adore his big sister.

[b "I think he's gonna cling onto her when he gets older. THe twins have each other, but Ari also has Ori. When he's able to understand her, it should be okay too"] he smiled, liking how they did interact. Ori was still a baby, but he was growing up so fast too. He could already say a few words and call out for his mom and dad.

Mason snuggled beside her and then he laughed [b "You're so dirty and you know it. YOu and I are very far from clean. [i Very]] he told her and then he kept his arm around her and then wondered what she was thinking. She was so thinking about him. The more he thought about her, he knew she was thinking the same thing. [b "Oh? Rock solid hmm.....well you're right"] he poked his abs and then he watched her put his hand on her chest. [i So unfair] he thought and then he sighed softly.

[b "Uh oh....it's faint. I think I need to give you some resuscitation"] he squeezed over and over and then he leaned in to give her another sweet kiss. HIs brown eyes met hers and then he brought her hand to his chest. [b "I'll need you to hang on MIss. If you need to grip onto dear life, grip onto something rock solid on me"] he teased.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 111d 8h 48m 44s
Charrie smirked and then laughed, and nudged him a little [b "Are you sure? I think you do. Mmm...yea I guess you're right about getting on with it." ] She sure loved how they could awlays tease each other like that. Life always felt a little more normal when they talked about their love for each other and the teasing they did back and forth.

She knew that Ariel would get pretty upset at Ori because he took her food, her took her picture, or plainly didn't know any better. She thought it was adorable, and she figured that as Ori would get older that the two of them should be fine. She shrugged [b "Yea...Ori does. Ariel thinks that means he doesn't like it. I think they will get to. Once Ori knows a few words, and understands I think they'll be just fine." ] She always found it a little funny watching Ori and Ariel interact with each other.

Conrad was on the plate of problems. [b "I'll apologize...I just, really don' think he should ever see me again. It makes it so complicated, and it's risky, I don't want him to figure things out." ] As guilty as she felt...

Charrie laughed [b "What? Me? Dirty? Noo..." ] She popped some cheese in her mouth. They've done too many things to say that they were clean. She loved being kissed by him. She tried to watch the movie with him, but didn't really get what was exactly going on. She felt him lean onto her and shrugged. [b "Mmm, so sexy with...you out in the open, rock solid." She teased and raised a brow seeing him lift up his shirt and her eyes followed down. [b "Mason..." ] She whispered, knowing what he was doing. She took his hand and pressed against her chest, [b "Is my heart beating okay?" ] She asked, wanting to play around with him too, [b "I think it's beating too fast." ]
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Being able to relax with her like this was really comforting. All he really wanted was some quality alone time so that they could cuddle up together and just relax. It amazed him to see her being able to switch from organizational leader to house wife. IT still had him in awe sometimes. [b "I don't get too frustrated. You tease me, I tease you, and when we take it too far, well....we know what to do already. Just get on with it"] he smirked and thought about how every time Ari had an interaction with little Ori, she'd get upset.

He smirked [b "You're right. She tries so hard to make something for Ori, but he always messes it up. Maybe they can at least play together"] he wanted their kids to get along after all.

Mason snuggled beside her, eating and watching the movie when she brought up Conrad. He wasn't jealous at all anymore. WHy would he be? He had her coming home every night and four amazing kids with her. Not to mention the fact that he didn't love anyone else.

[b "Well if you at least apologize, hopefully you could still have him as a friend"] he smiled and then he wanted her to relax more, so he teased her. She didn't sound very convincing at all with the say she said it. [b "You're so dirty"] he teased and then he kissed her lips, seeing the movie and not knowing what happened anymore.

He smirked and then he leaned into her [b "Oooh, so is your mind on me right now? Do I look really hot?"] he asked, lifting his shirt a bit and showing her some of his abs to taunt her.
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This was the best way to take a break together. She felt it was important to spend some time with Mason, without all the work or taking care of there little kids. She snacked with him, and wasn't sure what the movie was exactly was about because she kept getting caught up in her own words or Masons'. She laughed [b "Really? You usually get so frustrated when I'm feisty." ] She thought about there kids, knowing that they'd grow up. Knowing they'd go to school and have others attention. She lived having them small and wanted it to be this way forever.

It was fun to tease each other around.
[b "I think so too... Ari's a little afraid of him I think," ] She laughed.

Now and then she did think about Conrad. She knew he was angry at her, angry enough to kick her out. She couldn't picture him even worse if he ever found out that everything they had as a couple together wasn't real. She'd rather have him live with the lie than be told the true. It would hurt else...and cause less problems. Charrie nodded, she did what she had to do. [b "I...I don't think we should. It's better if he forgets me, even as friends. But, I think I should apologize for shoving so many questions on him. She smiled gently when he rubbed her back. Mase was sweet... He was unlike the old self that was jealous and worried about Heath. He trusted her, that she really loved.

She teased a little more. Wait. No? She raised a brow and then scoffed [b "I guess you could, because I wouldn't complain." ] She found his lips on hers. She happily kissed them back and felt him tap her forehead. Undress him in her mind? Her eyes fell down his body and then she shrugged [b "Nooo, I'm not..." ] She half tried to sound convincing and mumbled [b "Your already undressed in my mind." ] She giggled. It was easy to picture Mason naked beside her, but nothing did beat reality.
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Mason loved their family so much, but sometimes it got really tiresome. Two little ones were hard to take care of alone, but when they were napping, he was glad he could relax with Charrie for a while, just the two of them. He sat down and stayed beside her after grabbing some snacks and putting on a movie.

[b "You know I like it when you're feisty. Especially int he bedroom"] he smiled innocently and then he nodded. [b "I don't want her to go to school too. IT won't be anytime soon"] he loved having their little artist around. It was cute to be doing housework and having Ari following around or just asking her cute questions. She was so precious.

Mason licked her lips and made suggestive comments. He knew Charrie would get it, but he loved to tease her. [b "I think Ori would love a friend since Ari always just gets mad at him"] he joked and then he wondered if she was really bothered by Conrad.

[b "Well you had to do what you could for your family. Either way, if you want to apologize, maybe you two can at least stay friends somehow"] he rubbed her back and then he saw her catching him staring. She guessed what he was doing and he shook his head [b "Um....NO?"] he smirked. [b "Why do that in my head when I can do that to you whenever I wanted"] he smirked and then he kissed her lips and playfully tapped her forehead. [b "WHy? Do you undress me in your mind? I thought so"]
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They really did have one of the best kids in the world, but, even they needed a break. It was time for there break, and she really could use one with Mason. Nothing beat just relaxing together after work and taking care of there kids. Ori-feisty. It made her smile. He was a bit of a feisty baby. She smiled back, [b "You do? Do like it when I'm feisty?" ] She raised a brow. Ariel most definitely was adorable. [b "I don't want her to go to school any time soon." ] She liked having Ariel around, being a toddler. She knew that wouldn't last forever, and she knew she would really miss having a toddler around one the four of them grew up. She sighed.

[b "Oh he is. I think he gave the message by yelling through. I do have a rule about no violence use against our own members, or else their pay and workload is deducted. That...or put on a horrible mission." ] She shrugged. She loved it when Mason acted like this, licking her lips and saying suggested things.

She laughed, [b "Oh...you sound very yummy, maybe I should have some later for dessert." ] She teased. Charrie really was glad to get that message from Sarah. She did like the idea of Ori having a friend. She laughed, [b "Does she? I think they'll get along. Can you imagine? Ori trying to talk to another baby?" ] She liked the idea.

There were issues... She shrugged and frowned thinking about Conrad [b "I...no. I can't. I'll give him security but, it's better if he does choose to stay away from me. It'll be easier. I hope he doesn't Mase. I don' really want to be forgiven. I should feel this way-I should feel guilty." ] She sighed. Her eyes drew back onto the movie, unsure what was really going on, but it looked like the couple were separated. She gave a double look, catching Mason staring a there. She leaned in and gave his lips a quick kiss [b "What's on your mind?" ] She smiled, [b "You're staring so hard...are you undressing me in your mind?" She narrowed her eyes, just to tease around with him.
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He was glad that they could finally relax after a long day. He really just wanted to be able to spend some time with her because he felt like with everything happening all they could manage was looking after their little babies and work. He was glad to get some alone time with Charrie like this.

[b "Yes he is. I like feisty though, so it's okay"] he smirked and then he kept her hand in his. [b "She's adorable. I feel like once she goes to school everyone is gonna want to eat her up"] he laughed and ate a piece of cracker with some cheese. He took a sip of his wine and then he told her about his team's meeting. [b "Luckily the injured man wasn't very vengeful"] he told her, licking her lips.

[b "I am yummy. If I were a flavor....I think I'd be like a jolly rancher watermelon. Hard and sweet"] he smirked and then he heard that Sarah didn't sleep with that guy. That was a relief.

[b "Can you imagine Ori with a little playmate. Hopefully they get along because Ari just thinks of him as the destroyer"] he laughed and then he snuggled into her side, his arms around her waist as he leaned into her. [b "Well you can try to make up if you really want to. Maybe he'll come around. If he really still has feelings for you, he'd forgive you"] he told her, looking at the screen. It was a romance movie about a couple that were separated through time. It was a little sad, but Mason wasn't really paying attention, his eyes were on CHarrie.
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It was good to snuggle up with Mason on the sofa after they put their two adorable little kids to bed. Mason hugged her and she held him back, feeling the warmth she got when she was near him. She laughed [b "Ori? Feisty like me?"] She poked his waist [b "I remember a few times where you weren't all so sweet either," ] She kept her arms wrapped around his waist, fingers locking. [b "Ariel is so sweet, so adorable. She was working so hard to say the words." ] She saw the snacks Mason brought and thought it was perfect for the break they were taking.

At least it went all smoothly. She didn't want them to go after each other's throats. [b "Good... I figured they would get yelled at. I know a lot of organized crime...they would go off with their heads. I'd never do that way unless it reached to that level." ] She spoke as she ate, and drank small sips with him. She kissed him, and smirked when Mason licked some wine off. [b "Oh yea...tasty? I knew I was sexy, but I didn't know I was tasty," ] She teased and gently nibbled on his lips [b "I think you're yummy." ]

Her phone buzzed, and she went to go give it a look. One problem down. Charrie nodded [b "She'll figure it out." ] She recalled a time when Mason thought Ariel's wasn't his. Oh, did that upset her. She was so furious at him. [b "I don't think so... I told Sarah not to mention that she was pregnant. I told her to ask him if he was the hot guy she had sex with at that party they went too. Sarah said in her text that he said 'no but we could do some of that,' so...he has no reason to lie." ] She shrugged.

She didn't think about offering any tests. [b "Yea...but I think it's clear now. If she is pregnant, it's going to be Marks. Well, on the bright side, maybe Ori will have a friend." ] She laughed and grabbed another sip. [b "Still have much to worry about though. Our safety...and I'm pretty sure Conrad hates me now for interrogating him. Not that I blame him..." ] She ran her fingers through Mason's hair. She was glad they got some down time to be beside each other, and talk. [b "So, what's this movie about again?" ] She glanced back at the screen.
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HE loved their little girl and their kids so much. Mason had a smile on his face as he watched Ari getting into the show. She was dancing and saying the things that Dora was saying. She answered her questions and even sang the map song. Ori looked a little jealous, wanting to sing and do what Ari did, but Mason would just feed him and he'd be content. HE fell asleep on Mason's shoulder and then he carried him up to his room.

Mason tucked him in and then he met with Charrie downstairs. His eyes looked her over and then he hugged his arms around her. [b "Our little ones are adorable. Ori is becoming feisty just like you. Ari is a little sweetheart"] he smiled and then he sat on the couch with her, bringing over some snacks. When he sat down, he kept her in his arms and then he ate some crackers and fed her some cheese. Mason smiled and was glad that his pain killers were working at least.

He took a sip of wine and then he relaxed back into the couch. [b "No one got hurt. I was able to talk to them both and they were apologetic, so luckily nothing happened. THey did get yelled at though"] he shrugged and hoped that they wouldn't make mistakes like that again. He kissed her lips, licking some of the wine off and then he smirked. [b "You make a great wife too. A very sexy and tasty one"] he smirked and then he saw her looking at her phone.

When she said the good news, he smiled and was glad that at least one problem was gone. [b "Hopefully she can find out if she's really pregnant and to make sure it's Mark's baby too. What if that guy could be lying and trying to run away"] he hoped not, but he wanted Sarah to be sure. Maybe they could help her out.

[b "Maybe we can help her do a few tests at your organization hospital? We can try and help her"] he suggested, thinking that if Mark didn't know or if there wasn't any record, it'd be a good thing.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 115d 15h 15m 7s
Ari tried to look up at her forehead when Mason poked it. She giggled and was glad that daddy looked happy that she said those words, and even gave her snacks! She was jumping around and saying the words with Dora, but eventually it start to wear her down. Ori pointed at Ariel while Mason fed him, and whined wanting to know what Ariel was doing. Even Or started to fall asleep on Mason's shoulder, fingers curling up and gripping onto his shirt.

Charrie carried Ariel in her room, tucking her in. She was adorable, and perfect. She kissed he little cheek and very quietly closed the door behind her. She knew Mason would put Ori in his bed. She came downstairs and sat right beside him. Charrie leaned over into him, putting one arm over him too. She laughed [b "That's pretty much what we do all day, and some work. Aw, me too." ] She kissed his cheek and adored being hugged by him.

Her eyes followed where his eyes went, to her arm. The pain killers kept in check. [b "I'm using the pain killer you gave me, it's even better then the meds before. I always felt some pain before, and now...I feel normal. Well...until it runs out but it's been okay." ] She nodded. She really did feel thankful having a husband smart as him. She smiled when he grabbed a bottle of wine, with crackers and cheese. She stretched out her legs and fed him a cracker and would take a sip out of her wine, while the watched a movie together.

She stuffed cheese in her mouth, and heard him talk. [b "Thank you," ] She gave him a quick kiss [b "They need to know. I'm sure they don't want to hurt our own people, or friends if hey have one of them that's out in the field. Just needed a reminder." ] She tried to picture what that meeting went like. It must have been really tense...maybe even awkward. [b "None of the injuried guys tried to beat anyone up, right?" ] She asked to make sure, and then decided to give Mason's neck a kiss. [b "Mmm, you really make a great husband." ] She took hold of his hand, feeling comfortable. She glanced at the time. They only had three hours before twins came home. By the time they finished this movie, it would be pretty close. And-no attacks. Thankfully.

Her phone buzzed. She gave it a quick text and saw it was from Sarah. Charrie smiled and looked at Mase, [b "Sarah said the guy said, he didn't sleep with her. One problem down." ]
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He was proud of their little girl because from the way that she was speaking, he could tell that she was learning to speak so many new words. He was so proud of her. He tried to get her to say some words correctly with the facial expression he had on. He saw her copying him and it made him laugh. [b "You're such a cutie Ari"] he poked her forehead and then he gave her some snacks and turned on the TV so they could all just relax.

Mason went into Charrie's office and grabbed baby Ori, seeing him pointing to his plane. He kissed his cheek and grabbed his plane before letting Charrie work for a while. As a leader for her organization, he knew she had a lot of things to do to make sure it was running smoothly. He kept Ori on his lap and let him watch some TV with his sister, seeing Ari dancing along and trying to figure out the puzzles.

Mason fed Ori some applesauce and soon he was fast asleep on his lap. Ari got tired and sat with him as they watched together. WHen Charrie came down, he smiled and then he carried Ori and brought him up to his room and tucked him into his crib with his airplane.

When he sat back down on the couch with her, he smiled [b "Yeah, I can't wait to relax with you for a while. I feel like all I really do is watch the kids lately, I want more time with you too"] he hugged her and then he sat down with her, looking over her arm. [b "Are you still in a lot of pain?"] he asked, grabbing them a bottle of wine and some crackers and cheese. He changed the channel to a romance movie and just leaned back and relaxed.

[b "My team had their meeting with the injured. THey looked so terrified. I think they'll be extra careful now that they can see what their actions can cause"]
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Ariel loved how they got excited when she said a word. She didn't really get it, but she did like the happiness she got from them. She tried really hard, and daddy was being so funny when he made a face, making her giggle before she tried to do the same, but had trouble doing the face. Eventually, she was all tired out from the ABC's and would stop saying them back. She got food to munch on, crumbs all over her clothes and lips.

Charrie had just about enough with Ori tossing the toy and watching her, waiting to see if she would give it back this time. She didn't understand why baby's did that. She had enough of it. Her concentration was breaking every time Ori whined about her picking it up, pointing at it until he tried to break out of it, even attempt to climb the great wall. She saw Mason's text. She sighed, taking a glance at Ori, and her eyes widened seeing him actually trying to reach up, to get to the gate lock. Where did he learn that?

Thankfully, Mason came right in time and lifted him right up. He babbled to him and whined, pointing at his airplane on the ground and began to cry a little. She smiled when Mason kissed her cheek [b "He's getting a little grumpy. Yea, it is nap time. Make sure you grab his plane for nap time." ] She watched him head down with Ori. Ariel looked back and saw Ori looking at her, or staring at her cheese and crackers when he was carried by Mason. Ari gasped and tried to turn them away from his view because she didn't want him to take them.

Ori got fed apple sauce and he was pretty happy with it but he was starting to fall asleep on Mason's lap. Even Ari was started to sit back on the sofa after she followed along with Dora. Charrie came down stairs soon enough and saw their kids practically asleep and Mason on the couch with them. It was...such a great sight. "It's not too hard to put Ori and Ari to sleep huh... The twins were so hard." ] She kept her voice low and picked up Ariel to put her in her bed. [b "They would keep chatting with each other, and kept each other up. I'm going to bring our little girl up." ] She told him and head upstairs to put her in her bed, she woke up a little and said she wasn't sleeping, but dozed right off. They really were perfect. She went to go find Mason after, wrapping her arms around him, [b "Your pain killers really work, time for us to sit down together and just relax?" ]
  Ravenity / 117d 1h 26m 56s
He did love all of their kids, but their little babies were just so adorable. He couldn't get enough of them and he loved seeing Ari practice with Charrie the alphabet. It was about the time they started teaching her how to speak real words so that by kindergarten she'd be able to read and write, just like the twins.

He heard her say cat again and it made Mason smile. She was such a cutie and he loved it when she trie to say big words. She attempted to copy him, but that ended quickly and he ended up laughing. He lifted her up and carried her, kissing her cheek as he watched Ori wanting attention. IT seemed like he wanted to spend time with mommy.

[b "Okay, just let me know if he gets fussy baby"] he sat at the table with Ari, trying to teach her some words.
[b "Can you say Car Ari?"] he asked, pointing to the picture book and she attempted. [i "Ka!"]
[b "Carrrr?"]
[i "Caww"]
Mason made a face with his slips [b "Caaarrrrrgh. Like a pirate"] he tried to tell her.

[i "Cawrr"] she followed him and Mason laughed, rubbing her head. They tried out a few more words and Ari got most of them right. She was able to at least get the proper tune for her ABCs.

He let her relax for a while, giving her some cheese and crackers to munch on. He then saw Charrie's text and then he laughed. He sounded like Charrie's son. [i Looks like you taught him well] he headed upstairs and then he saw Ori trying to break out. He lifted him up [b "Hey you. Where do you think you're going? Do you want a snack Ori?"] he asked, rubbing the top of his head. Ori babbled and wiggled around in Mason's arms as Mason walked over to kiss Charrie's cheek. [b "I'll get them to nap soon"] he let her get back to work and then Mason headed down.

He sat on the couch with Ori, feeding him some apple sauce and then letting ARi watch some Dora the Explorer. He kept him on his lap and Ori looked mesmerized by the songs. Ari was following along and answering all the questions and Mason thought she was adorable.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 118d 9h 6m 39s
She loved playing with the two of them. She really did need to teach Ariel how to say the letters and words right. SHe was getting there. It was so damn adorable hearing her try though. She tried to get her to learn the ABCs through the song too. She got lost along the way, but she at least she got her to say 'Cat' right for once. It made her realy smile and Mason came over and kissed her cheek. It made Ariel grin from getting his priase. She nodded, "Cat." She repeated. Her eyes followed Mason when he spoke to Charrie. "I-dowwe," She repeated mason but couldn't repeat the rest, he spoke too fast for her.

[b "I could use some time to get some work done...and take another pain killer." ] She looked down at Ari [b "Be good to daddy okay? Sleep if you need to." ] She said and went to Ori to give him a kiss and he whined, raising his hands. She stepped away and heard him instantly crying. Guess, he wanted the attention. She lifted him up [b "I'll take him to my office for awhile. ] She head upstairs and Ori babbled to her and would curiously look down. She sat him on her lap and gave him a toy airplane to play with while she did some work. He didn't really bug her. He just babbled to himself as if he was really talking and playing with the plane. He even tried to eat the plane. Why did babies always try to eat something?

She focused on the reports, making sure there was nothing off, and when she felt something off, she would give a call. Then Ori started tugging at her hair, wanting her attention, and lifted his hands up to her. She didn't get what he meant, so she kissed his little hand. He then would stare at his hand strangely and looked back at up at her and did it again. She tickled his stomach and he squealed. [b "Oh Ori..." ] She sat him down in the small pay pen she set up for him in her office, and took her pain killers.

"Bada, boow!" He cheered and then threw the airplane out, but whined when it didn't come back and it was out of his reach. "Ma, ma, ma." He called out. It was...starting to bug her now. She got up and passed him his plane, and took a seat and got back to work. But, he did it again. She gave it back to him, and then he did it a third time. [i You've got to be kidding me. ] She didn't get it for him, and he get whining and then he would sit down and pout. She knew the waterworks were coming in soon. Instead, she watched him attempt to break out of the play pen. Definitely her kid.

She gave Mason a text [i Could you take Ori? He's trying to break out of baby prison. ]
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IT was relaxing to have their little babies beside them because he didn't have to go far when his family was right here. He loved being able to protect all of them like this, but at the same time, he wanted them to grow up in a normal household.

Mason love hearing Ori knowing who was who. Their little boy was growing up so fast and he was so proud of him. He rubbed his head and then he carried him into his arms. Mason walked with her and Ari downstairs to sit at the kitchen table. He helped feed the two toddlers and when he saw the twins, he gave them hugs and sent them off to school. He knew that on Friday, it was their science fair, so he wasn't going to miss it.

He cleaned Ori's face and then he carried him, the two watching Ari trying to learn her alphabet. It was adorable hearing her say each of the letters and trying to say the words. Mason bounced ORi on his lap, using the laptop and then seeing that it was almost time for the meeting. He placed Ori in his pen and then he headed down to his lab for now.

Mason sat in and listened to the victim of their weapons. His entire team was really apologetic and could see that if they didn't make something right, or took shortcuts, people would get hurt.

His team took a blow and implemented more checkpoints before a finished product. Mason worked for a while, setting those up before he finished his meeting.

When he stepped outside, he heard Ari trying to say cat, hearing her singing and then he smiled. She was such a cute toddler. [b "Wow Ari you can say Cat now? You're so smart"] he kissed her cheek and then he looked over at Charrie. [b "Baby, I'm done. I can look after these two now if you need to do some work.
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