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Mason had the biggest grin on his face when she smiled. He loved seeing that amazing smile on her face, wanting it to always be because of him. He just hoped that they had a fun time at the waterpark with their family because he really did believe that their kids deserved it. He really did hope that Sarah and Mark were doing okay though. They were their best friends and Mason wanted the two of them to also be really happy together.

He could smell the pizza from all the way upstairs, so as he headed down, he took it out and began setting it up for everyone. He cut it into tiny pieces for their kids and then he slowly began serving it to Ori and Ari, seeing them walk over and crawl over. They were so adorable when it came to food. Mason loved them so much.

He set Ari down in her high chair, seeing her and Ori make a mess of their faces as they were eating. He ended up laughing, watching them stuff their faces with pizza and looks o content. Mason was really glad that everyone really liked it.

He let Charrie tell them about where they were going and then he nodded [b "We'll buy you guys something so make sure you be good to Auntie Sarah and Uncle Mark"] he rubbed her head, hoping they didn't have a fit when they left.

When Sarah and Mark came, Mason greeted them, hugging Sarah and hand shaking Mark as he smiled, [b "COme on in guys, there's pizza in the kitchen that I just made. Thanks for looking after our little ones"] he told them before cleaning off Ari's face and giving her cheek a kiss. He also hugged Ori and brushed through his hair [b "Be a good boy okay little guy and you'll get a surprise"] he smiled and then he headed towards the garage.

[b "Okay baby, let's get going"] he smiled when she took a slice and then he grabbed one as well before heading to his car. Mason finished it up and then he stepped inside, waiting for Charrie before zooming off downtown quickly. He smirked, driving so fast in his nice car as he rolled down the top and let the wind blow through his hair.

[b "A nice date with my baby"] he grinned, heading towards downtown.
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Charrie lifted a smile [b "I'm glad... I hope they're doing okay. I think they should be doing okay," ] She nodded, still not even sure of Sara had said anything to him yet. She really wanted Sarah to be happy. She had so much for them and they had been friends for such a long time. She nodded and they went downstairs together. The kitchen smelled of freshly baked pizza. Ahh...she really could eat it all herself. She leaned over into the pizza when Mason set it on the table. Ariel came walking toward them and Mason scooped her up. Ori crawled, wondering what was going on. Charrie went to him and lifted him up too.

[b "You guys smelled something good, huh?" ] Charrie kissed Ori's cheek and he began pointing to the pizza with his tiny little fingers. Wolfie came in and she pet him too, [b "I don't think you can have any, Come on, I'll set some food for you too." ] She carried Ori with one arm and got out the dog food for Wolfie, She poured some for him and then put Ori in his high chair.

[b "So, Ori, Ari, me and daddy are going to go out for a bit. Sarah and Mark is coming over, and you'll have lots of fun with them. But don't worry, we'll be back soon." ]
Ariel's eyes widened [b "whe mommy, daddy go?" ]

[b "Some grown up shopping, but we'll get you something too." ] Charrie said and watched her stuff her mouth with pizza. Charrie nibbled a bite and oh-did it taste good. She kept eating. Ariel made a mess, and Ori definitely made a mess, getting it all over his cheeks and fingers. She helped him out and he started giggling as if it was funny.

She heard the door bell and she went to get it and saw the two. Sarah flashed a smile "Where are the two little cuties!" She called and then hugged Charrie and whispered "Thanks again" to her. Charrie smiled back at Mark [b "Hey Mark, thanks for helping out. There's some pizza for you guys at the table. Excuse Ori' and Ari's mess. And Sarah, we have to talk when we come back, okay?" ]

"Yea, Yea..." Sarah laughed and headed straight to talk to Ariel. Charrie looked at Mason [b "I guess we're free...but wait." ] She ran to get another slice because she couldn't go without it and then she moaned, [b "Mmm...almost better than sex and cupcakes... Should we take your lambo?" ] She suggested, grabbing her wallet.
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He wasn't really the greatest chef, but he did like cooking for their family and he loved hearing their honest opinion. Mason wanted to cook them up good food and hearing them enjoy it. He felt Charrie slap him and it caught him off guard as he leaned in to hug her, kissing her cheek. He couldn't wait to have fun with her at the hotel. It's been such a long time since they were able to have fun together like they used to.

He looked through the closet, trying to figure out what he wanted to see her in and what he wanted her to wear. He thought about a few ideas and then he messaged Mark and asked if him and Sarah could watch ARi and Ori for a few hours.

He got a text back saying he didn't mind it and he'd be over soon. Mason smiled at Charrie [b "Looks like he's coming over. I wonder how him and Sarah are doing. I hope everything worked out....seems like it if they're coming here together"] he told her, scratching the back of his head.

When he heard the sound of the oven, Mason headed down and then he took one out of the oven and set it on the table, cutting it into as he made it into eight slices. He then went into the living room and scooped up Ariel [b "Daddy made your pizza Ari, tell me if it's good okay?"] he kissed her cheek and Ari brightened up once she heard the word pizza.

[i "Otay daddy. I eat"] she smiled and Mason set her down on her high chair, waiting for Ori and Char as he cut up pieces small enough for her and Ori.
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[b "Mmm, It's going to be sooo yummy," ] Charrie leaned her back against the counter, watching him put it in and then teasing him with a slap. [b What? Me? A tease?" ] She giggled. She liked how he said it, getting excited to be in bed with him again. It never did get old. They head upstairs and she started to look in cupboards, because that's where usually the more revealing stuff were. She didn't like to leave them exactly out.

[b "Yea... We haven't," ] She sighed, thinking about what it was like a long time ago, before Ori, how many dates they had. It was easier than, because they didn't need many people to watch one little baby girl, and the twins handled themselves so well. But, she wouldn't trade Ori for any of it. Ori was their little boy. Mason hugged her and it was warm and it felt like home.

Sarah and Mark. She liked that idea. She trusted them. She trusted her guards too, but the more they focused on baby sitting, the less they focused on there protection around them. [b "Yea, it should be. I hope they agree, Do you want call or should I?" ] She asked and then thought about what fun things she could make Mason where, and how they could play with each other.

[b "Ah, but first, pizza!" ] She reminded [b "We have to eat pizza, and feed them. We should probably leave at least some for Sarah and Mark if they agree, since they'll be helping us out." ]
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He laughed when she apologized, making him smirk [b "Good, you'll get to eat Mason's really good pizza soon, so don't worry baby"] he set them into the oven and then sat with her, talking about how they could both plan and just have fun with it all. [b "You're a real tease you know that? Just wait until I have you all to myself in that hotel room. You'll be mine"] he smirked, leaning in and kissing her lips.

WHen he led her up to their room, he wondered what he should get for her. Definitely something that showed all of her wondrous curves. [b "I'll make you excited if I want. We haven't had a date night in a while"] he hugged her and then he thought about going shopping. He didn't want to leave their babies alone, but bringing them into a slutty shop out in the open didn't seem very safe either.

[b "How about we call Sarah and Mark over to watch them with the guards? I think should be enough?"] he wondered, really wanting to buy something for her before the trip.

[b "WHat do you say?"]
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Charrie laughed [b "Sorry," ] and set that lest pepperoni she was going to eat down. She let him put in the oven. Date nights...how she missed them. Things were going so perfectly than and for a moment she hadn't want to get pregnant because it was going so well. Although, it was nice to get to really plan for it. [b "Ooo, I think you'll stand out either way though," She leaned in and kissed him. Then she slapped his ass and watched him jump. That-was really funny.

There kids were playing around, and it made her happy to see them like this. [b "Ahh, well go ahead and take a look around." ] She looked around there closet and realized, she needed to start to organize it. She faced him and liked the idea of shopping. She couldn't remember a time when they went shopping to find something slutty for bed, or even just plain out shopping for clothes that weren't there kids.

[b "I do want to." ] She nodded and saw the stuck out his tongue, [b "Don't make me too excited," ] She nudged, and Mase pulled her in closer. She wrapped her arms around him and then-remembered. Ori and Ari. She felt worried to leave them here but it would be really difficult to have them around. [b "I don't know if they'll be okay here without us but I don't think we could bring them along either." ] She sighed [b "I don't know Mase." ] It was really hard to get some time alone-outside. She sure missed it. Ori was still a baby, Ariel was a toddler. Still, she didn't want them to grow up because she liked them being this little.

[b "What do you think we should do?" ] She looked up at him and swung their hands back and forth.
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[b "We're not going to have enough if you keep eating all the ingredients"] he laughed, shaking his head as he put both of them in the oven. There should be enough for all of them, including the twins. He'd just leave the other pizza in the oven for later.

The thought of having date nights sounded like so much fun though. He missed being able to dress up for her and just have some fun with each other. It's been such a long time since they were able to do that. [b "I know, we will. I'm going to find something really good for you too so I won't be the only one standing out"] he smirked, hearing the toys part. She really wanted to go all out. Mason jumped a bit when she slapped him and then he laughed, meeting her lips as he nodded.

HE looked over, seeing Ori tossing the ball and Ari bringing it to him sometimes. He led Charrie upstairs and then he looked through her clothes, wondering what he should make her wear or if he could get any ideas. [b "I want it to be a surprise. I'm just getting some ideas from what you have"] he thought about what he liked to see her in and then he smiled.

[b "Do you want to go shopping? We can head over for a little bit? I do want to see if I can find something for you"] he smiled and then he stuck out his tongue [b "What a coincidence. I was going to do the same thing for you"] he laughed, pulling her closer.

[b "Should we leave Ari and Ori with the guards? OR should we take them with us?"]
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[b "We're not?" ] She laughed [b "THen I guess we should make sure we eat every little bit so that the twins don't get upset that we didn't share." ] She watched him put them in the oven and then she brought out a suggestion. She missed the date nights they had. They had so many of them before they decided to have another baby. Charrie nodded and then laughed lightly [b "We're going to have a lot of fun. I want to get something real sexy for you. Maybe even bring toys..." ] She smirked and slapped his ass playfully. She kissed his lips back, [b "Good. I had a feeling you'd like it." ]

She looked out into there kids and really loved how they were having fun with each other. [b "Mmm...yea we do." ] She tilted her head, seeing them running after the ball. She turned her head [b "Now?" ] Her eyes lit up. [b "If we do that now...then it'll be too tempting." ] She let him hold her hand and lead her upstairs anyway. She stood in there closet and she wondered what she could make Mason wear. Hell, anything that made him stick out would work. [b "Do you want me to show you what I'd pick now or do you want it to be a surprise?" ] She asked. She looked over his body and just imagined the possibilities. She sure didn't want him to wear much. [b "We could even go shopping and buy some things for each other." ] She added. She's never really done much of that. It was usually Sarah who would nudge them.

"Just warning you, I'm going to find something that won't cover up anything," ] She smiled and wrapped her arms around him.
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HE could feel her warm arms around his waist and he had a smile on. He really did love the way that Charrie loved him. His eyes met hers and he handed the ingredients over for her to chop. Mason was cutting up some of the vegetables as well, dicing them into small pieces and then putting them onto the two pizzas.

He could hear ARi talking and ORi squealing in the living room having so much fun. Mason did like the idea of their kids relaxing together and he didn't want Ari to think that her brother was a monster her whole life. HE was a good little boy too. He stood in the kitchen, playing around with Charrie as he watched her eat [b "We're not going to have any left for the pizza"] he laughed and then he put them all into the oven.

[b "Oooh, a date night? I'd like that. You can bring me something and I'll have something prepared for you too"] he smirked and then he thought about what he could bring for her. Maybe something sexy that didn't cover much. He turned to face her, kissing her lips [b "I think that idea is perfect"] he said with a smile.

[b "Come on, looks like you and I have some time to ourselves. Let's go pick out what we want the other to wear"] he held her hand, leading her upstairs into their closet. Mason looked around, wondering what he should pick for her.
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Charrie came by Mason, wrapping her arms around him from behind at first, and kissing the back of his neck. She moved to his side and she nodded [b "Of course I can handle chopping. I-am definitely not." ] She nudge dhim. she started to chop up whatever he handed to her. The chopping- was actually plenty of fun. she liked doing that more than any of those other things. Mason bumped against her, so she playfully bumped his side with her waist. She looked out and sighed, [b "Yea... looks like they're having fun.' ] She tried to help him put the toppings onto the pizza, and would end up stealing some of the pepperonis to eat now.

[b "Mase, I was thinking...we could have a pretty fun night at the hotel, alone." ] She whispered, and faced, him, and put a tomato slice in her mouth, [b "I want to...pick something out for you that you have to wear. Maybe we can even make it a date night, if...we get enough eyes on our babies." ] She sure missed those. She bumped gently against him again [b "What do you think?" ] She then leaned in and kissed his cheek.

She heard Ori squeal out, just playing around with Ariel and Wolfie.
[b "They are going to really like your pizza. Hopefully Ori likes it more than me." ] She let Mason set the oven and put the pizza inside. She stared at it and just hoped it would be done soon. [b "Mmm, we're going to have a lot of fun going there...and...I hope we save some pizza for the twins. " ]
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He loved hearing Ari's tiny voice and seeing how happy she was. He'd always do whatever it took to see those little smiles. He heard Ari getting hurt and when he looked back at Ori, he sighed and hugged Ari, telling her it was going to be okay. He set Ari down to play with Ori, but it didn't seem like she wanted to.

He went into the kitchen, starting the oven as he looked over to see them all playing. Ariel was having fun again and he was glad she gave it a try. It just seemed like Ori just wanted to play with his sister, so he was content to as they tossed the ball around.

He heard that what he put on the pizza was good, so he just needed to cut up some vegetables and chicken. He heard Charrie's voice and he smiled [b "Can you handle chopping? I don't want you hurting your hands"] he smirked, letting her cut up some tomatoes, peppers, spinach, and chicken.

[b "Let's get chopping"] he started cutting up some chicken and helped her with the veggies, slowly putting them on two pizzas. Mason would playfully bump her side and then he'd laugh. [b "I think Ori just wanted to play with Ari. They look fine now"]
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Ariel got a burst of happiness when daddy said she could have pizza. “Yay! I wan wots of daddy’s pizza.” She clapped her hands and then she felt something hit at the back of her head. She was about to cry, and then Charrie lectured him and so did daddy. She clung onto Mason and held her emotions back. Ariel sat down and she had a pout on. She looked at Ori and didn’t know if she wanted to play with him because she didn’t want to get hit. Ariel looked back at Mason.

“But daddy, Owi gonna huwt.” Her eyes grew warm. But then Mason gave her the ball. So, she got to hold it? She decided to give it a try anyway. She tossed the ball and Ori tried to climb down from the sofa. Charrie helped him and Ori went after the ball like a little puppy. Ariel giggled, “Owi wike wofie!” She grinned. Wolfie heard his name and came right in and Ariel squealed. Ori sat down and tossed the ball on the ground. Ariel went after it, but Wolfie caught it first.
“Nooo!” Ariel called out. Wolfie returned the ball to Ori and he stared at the ball and threw it again. Ariel quickly grabbed it and Wolfie stared up at her, waiting for her to throw it. The three of them began to play and Ariel would share the ball with Ori sometimes too.

Charrie leaned back and watched them, to make sure no one got hurt. Ariel was a little too distracted to hear Mason. Charrie laughed [b “Well, I think you should put pepperoni for one, and then…maybe some chicken, and hmm…mushrooms. Ariel can’t here you Mase, she’s too busy playing.” ] She added, and pulled out her phone to record them. It looks like it was a fun day for their kids. [b “They’re so adorable… I can’t wait to eat pizza too.” ] She smiled to herself. Charrie let one of there bodyguards keep an eye on them and Charrie went to help to make the pizza with Mason.

[b “So, how can I help? I could chop things.” ] CHarrie suggested.
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He loved them so much. Each one of them he'd die for. It took a long time, but he really did want to get to a point where they could start a family in a safe place and just be as normal as they could, so he relished moments like these.

He carried little Ari and then he headed downstairs as he asked about what they wanted to eat. [b "Pizza? Daddy can make some pretty good pizza"] he smiled and then he heard Ari behind him saying ow. He glanced back to see Ori's ball and then he sighed. [b "Ori it's not good to throw your ball at people"] he told him and when he was walking down.

He heard Charrie scolding him and he began to cry. He sat Ari down on the couch and then he looked at Ori. [b "Do you want to play with Ari Ori? Is that why you threw the ball?"] he asked, looking at their little girl.

[b "Can you play with Ori babygirl? He wants to play with you"] he asked, giving her the ball and then letting Charrie look over them. [b "Daddy is going to make some pizza"] he headed into the kitchen, pulling out some dough, the ingredients and then he started to preheat the oven. [b "What toppings do you guys want?"] he asked, grabbing the cheese, pepperoni, and mushrooms.
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Charrie had Masons' arms span around all three of them, and said such sweet words. [b "We lve you so much too." ] Charrie laughed. Ariel grinning and then Ori giggling and patted his cheek after. Charrie looked at him waiting for her turn and she kissed him back on the lips. [b "Really? That sounds so nice of him." ] She watched Ariel get a piggy back. She squealed and hug onto Mason tightly, and would keep looking down at the height, it sure was really fun though!

[b "Alright, let's have lunch." ] She scooped up Ori. Ori whined and was looking around the room. She was guessing he was still looking for his ball. Charrie felt around with one arm and then she found the ball underneath the pillow. She put it in his hand, [b "Now, don't throw it." ] She kissed his cheek. He stared back but didn't get what she meant. She walked downstairs with them and Ariel started to put her finger on her lips while shew as thinking.

"I wan...pizza!" Ariel cheered. She then would look down at the height of the stairs and her little arms hung onto him even tighter. And then Ori throw the ball while they were going downstairs. The ball hit Ariel's head. Ariel gasped, "Owe!" She looked back and looked so sad, "Owi!"

Charrie stopped and narrowed her eyes at Ori, [b "Bad." ]
Ori stared back and he pointed at the ball downstairs, wanting it again.
[b "Bad Ori. You did something really bad." ] Charrie said and he whined again, pointing to the ball.

[b "Nope, no ball for you." ] Charrie shook her head and went down the stairs. Ori started to whine and then began to cry, pointing at the ball. Charrie sighed, [b "No, you're not getting it. You hurt Ariel." ] He really started to cry. She sat him down and looked at their baby in their eyes, "Ori, you did something wrong."
He cried and closed his eyes.

[b "You made Ari cry." ] Charrie said and he would open his eyes again and continue to cry. Charrie sighed and grabbed the ball and put in his hand. She watched him carefully and he stared at the ball. And then he looked at Ariel that was with Mason. Ori raised his hand toward Ariel with a ball, and Charrie was afraid he was going to throw it again at her. But instead he made noise "Ehhh!" At Ariel to get her attention with the ball in her hand.
[b "I wonder what you're trying to say," ] Charrie mumbled
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He loved playing with their kids because they were so adorable. Just the way that they were made Mason smile because they were all just little CHarrie and Mason's running around. He played with Ori, snuggling him up and when he watched their little artist help mommy pick out some clothes, he thought it was the cutest thing ever. She really did pick out some nice clothes.

Ori was now settled on Charrie's lap, distracted by the bunny as he nibbled on it's ear. He looked at Ari and would reach out, wanting to play, but then she helped daddy pick out some clothes. Mason had a swim suit picked out, a dress shirt and pants. He grabbed his pajamas and then let Ari throw in another pair of swim trunks for him.

He hugged her and then he heard what she said. IT made him smile as the two argued and then he laughed, walking over and wrapping his arms around all of them. [b "I love all of you too"] he kissed each of their cheeks and then Charrie's lips as he looked down at Ori. [b "Okay we're all set with the packing. Mark said he'd drive us to the resort tomorrow too baby"] he told her, lifting up Ari and then giving her a piggy back ride.

[b "Let's go downstairs? We can have lunch and then watch a movie"] he suggested, looking at Ari [b "What do you want to eat for lunch babygirl? Daddy will make it for you"] he smiled.
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