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Play time with there kids was also so much fun. She loved seeing their enjoyment, how happy it made them. She watched Mason lift Ori right up into his arms, being an adorable little baby sipping his juice. Charrie peaked down at Ariel who was pointing at the twins. She smiled and nodded. Mason agreed and Rick came over to take hold of Ariel’s little hand. She followed Rick a long, looking so happy to play with the bigger kids. Ari would grip on a bit too tightly on Rick while she was in the water, but she had floaties on and Heath was with them.

Charrie heard Ori’s sneeze first before he heard him call out for her. Then she saw it…the snott. “Ohh…Ori, Mase you should clean that off.” She said, seeing him also drooling. “Mase!” Charrie gasped when he sat her on her lap. Charrie made a face when Ori was sitting on her lap but….even with the boogers he somehow still looked cute. “Give me napkins you trader,” She told Mason. And then she felt it… Ori burying himself on her tummy. “Ori!” She called out. He looked back at her, looking so cozy. She sighed and groaned. She wiped it off her and made sure she cleaned his nose and mouth. Then she would toss the snot napkin at Mason.

She kept him snuggled into her tummy, feeling through his hair, “Are you feeling a little sleepy Ori?” She kissed the top of his head,She realy did love there little baby, hearing him call her mama. She pulled him a bit higher, so he’d rest his head on her shoulder. He looked at her neck and tried to look at her, feeling her lips.
“You love me don’t you?” She whispered and looked at Mason, “Can’t believe you let him drop his snot on me.”
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Everyone was simply jealous of their amazing kids. Mason loved everything about them and he wanted nothing more than to snuggle them close for as long as he wanted. He loved seeing them enjoy the normal world that him and Charrie tried their best to provide them. His eyes watched Ori crawl around the kiddie pool. He was able to stand in some areas and then he would kick his little feet. He was already so fearless and Mason was glad that they weren't afraid of anything. They shouldn't be.

He saw Charrie playing with little ARi, seeing her splash Charrie back and then look away when she asked if she did it. Ariel would giggle and then wiggle away, but Charrie was too strong. THey were soon sitting beneath some umbrellas, chilling by the water as he lifted Ori up into his arms, he whined, wanting to play more, but they had to make sure they stayed hydrated. He gave him some juice and held him on his lap, seeing Ori lean back and rest against Mason's tummy.

The twins and Juliet were playing around with Heath in the water as Mason watched, drinking up a frozen beverage. He looked over at Charrie and then Ari pointed over, wanting to play with the twins too. "Mommy daddy, can Awi pway wid Wick and Bew?"] she asked, Mason looking over to see that they were splashing around.

[b "Okay cupcake, just make sure you stay with Belle and RIck okay?"] he let her wobble over. [b "Rick can you play with your sister?"] he asked, seeing him walk over to hold Ari's hand, helping her in the water. They all looked adorable playing together and then Ori would sneeze of nowhere. He looked so shocked by it and then he would look at his mom with his snotty nose. "Ma Ma!" he babbled, drool going down his lips. [b "Well looks like he wants to play. You can have snot baby for a while baby"] he laughed, setting him down in Charrie's lap and then seeing Ori bury his face in her warm tummy, getting the snot everywhere.
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Ori was a bundle of happiness again. His giggles really gave her life. Shetook hold of Ariel, letting her kick her feet. She found her downright adorable. There kids were perfect in every way. Ori responded to Mason in giggles, until he sat with Charrie. She turned her head and saw Ori sitting right beside her. She looked at him curiously and watched him. She let Ariel go on her feet. She helped Ori into the water too, seeing him float. He kept shaking his feet and squealing. It seemed like he wanted out again, so she lifted him up and he crawled over to Mason.

Charrie laughed and nodded, “I did. I don’t know about that, the twins are more fearless then me.” She looked down at Ariel and splashed her a little. She gasped and wiped her eyes. So, she splashed Charrie back.
“Did you just splash me?” Charrie asked and laughed.
Ariel glanced off, looking a bit ashamed. She scooped up Ariel and kissed her tummy, “Oh I’m going to eat you up!” She called out, Ariel giggled, and tried to push her head away but couldn’t seem to. Charrie had her where she wanted her. She put Ariel back down and fixed her little red hair up.

“How about we go and lounge for a while?” Charrie suggested, picking Ariel out of the water and headed towards everyone else, and would sit down. Ariel pouted a little, because shew anted to keep being in the water, but once Charrie got her a fruity drink, she was happily sipping away. Charrie couldn’t help but admire there kids. The twins where playing cars with Juliet and Heath.
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He loved their little ones so much and when he got Ori all dressed, he was wearing matching swim trunks as well and a tank with a shark. Ori was holding onto Mason's shirt and was looking around curiously with his big, green eyes. His smile was so infectious as they all headed out to the pool. Mason was in charge of watching Ori and Ari while Charrie got her adventure on and rode the slides as Mason played with their little babies in the kiddie pool.

Ari was running around and giggling as she splashed in the water. Sarah and Mark were trying to play with her, but sometimes Ari got shy and would run to Mason a bit, hiding beside him. IT was odd for Sarah to see them with such a shy kid because the twins were loud and upfront most of the times. He would kiss her cheek and Ori would crawl to anyone, patting his hands on the water as he squealed.

Mason held Ari in his lap and then he splashed some water on her, seeing her giggle and feel more comfortable. WHen Charrie returned, he saw Ari smiling, nodding her head as she went to play with Belle and Rick. Mason saw how sexy she looked in her bikini and couldn't help but wish the morning lasted a bit longer.

He held Ori and dodged the women, kissing his cheeks and then seeing him wiggle out of his arms, wanting to be in the water again. He set him down and Ori would kick his feet so fast and then look up at them. [b "You're so cute Ori"] he brushed his blonde hair back and then he sat with Charrie [b "Did you ride all the big slides with the twins? I bet they had fun with their fearless mom"] he told her, seeing Ori crawl back towards him, lifting his arms again to be carried.
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Charrie held Ariel on her lap when they waited and sat on the sofa. She loved holding there little girl in her arms. She was adorable, talking about her drawings and her clothes. She snuggled her in her arms. She turned her head when she heard the door open and out came Mason and there baby boy. [b “There you are… Oh my little Ori is looking so cute!” ] Charrie grinned. She watched how he gripped onto Maosn’s shirt, babbling. He was…perfect.

When they got down there, she let Ariel stay with Mason too, whiel she head off to go on some slides with the twins. She looked really forward to it. She had so much fun going down the slides a few times. Juliet and Heath had enjoyed them and she finally got to talk to Heath like he was her best friend again. Sometimes…she forgot the history they had, like it had never happened. But, she was glad to see how well he was doing after all those years. Soon enough, they returned to the other couples and Mason and there little ones. She came in and scooped up Ariel seeing her splash around.

[b “Hey baby,”] She kissed her cheek and tickled her little tummy, [b “Is my little princess having fun with daddy? I and your bother and sister had a lot of fun, right guys?” ] She looked back at Rick.
They were grinning and nodding and then start chatting with Juliet and started asking Heath questions about what his job as a spy was like. She sighed, hoping they would completely forget about that part of there life…mostly because she didn’t want Ariel to catch on. But, she recalled Ari already wanting to do what Rick and Belle could do. That was right, she needed to work with Ari still, to make sure she knew where to hide and what to do.

It was only minutes in that she noticed some woman in front of them near Mason. She raised a brow but didn’t bother to deal with it because Mason was a big enough to deal with it himself. He didn’t need protecting from her anymore. She trusted him enough that he'd make sure everyone knew who he was married to. She went into the water with Ariel and let her paddle her little feet.
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He didn't want anyone knowing what they were doing this morning or all last night. He chose the farthest room from everyone else for a reason. It was already really embarrassing to hear that the twins thought they were fighting, so he didn't want anyone else to know. He played it off as nothing and then he made sure that the twins and Ari were taken care of and full after breakfast.

He decided to dress up little Ori so Ari could get some mommy time. IT was cute to see her with Charrie, following her mommy around and then staying close. He loved how Ariel was such a sweet and shy girl. She was much different than Belle or Charrie. She was so adorable. Once he carried Ori into his room, he looked through his clothes and picked him out a cute swim suit. He had small dark blue shorts and a striped rash guard with a whale on it. Mason kissed his cheeks and then he carried him. He could feel Ori gripping onto his face, but he didn't mind it at all. [b "You're all happy now champ. Good, we'll do more swimming lessons today"] he bounced him in his arms and Ori would babble, gripping onto his shirt as Mason soon set him onto his bed as he changed into some matching blue shorts.

Once he was ready, he also wore a tank with a whale on it and then he stepped outside to see everyone dressed and ready. They headed towards the pools, Mason carried Ori and held Ari's hands as they walked towards the water. He let Ari hurry off to splash around as he sat at the edge, dipping Ori's feet in. He squealed in surprise and kicked his little feet. Once he was ready, he stood in the water, his hand son Mason's thighs as he babbled, reaching his arms out to be carried again [b "You don't like the water Ori?"] he asked, seeing him kick his feet again and then squealed to be put back in the water. It was a lot of back and forth.

A few women passed by watching the scene and they thought it was adorable. They complimented Mason and asked to hold Ori, but he didn't let them at all. Ari hid behind his leg as people came, but that only attracted more attention. Luckily Sarah and Mark were with him, distracting Ari and playing with her in the water as Mason tried to drive the single women away. [b "I hope Charrie isn't struggling right now"] he spoke, feeling Ori pat his chest. "Da Da!" he pointed back to the water and Mason sat him down in his lap, seeing him splash around excitedly. He loved watching Ori and Ari's firsts. THey looked like they were having so much fun.
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Charrie felt a bit embarrassed about anything related to what they did in the bedroom. She kept quiet and Mason passed it off so casually-thankfully. She cleared her throat and got Ori up in her arms. She had to changed too. She had Ori in her ams and then Mason offered to change Ori, “Okay, here you go, be good to daddy Ori,” She kissed his forehead and let Mason carry him up. Ori looked puzzled, looking back at her and then looking at Mason, grabbing onto his lip for no apparent reason.

Charrie felt Ariel tugging at her leg. She smiled back at Ariel and followed her to her one piece, “Wow, you’re going to look so pretty my little Ariel,” She scooped her up for a moment and kissed her cheek and then let her down, “Let me help you out. Hands up cupcake!” Charrie instructed. Ariel raised her hands and Charrie lifted her shirt and helped her out of her shorts. She grabbed her one piece and helped her into it, looking like the adorable toddler she was. “And…lets put you in this dress for when you’re not in the water,” She slipped on a light teal dress ontop, seeing Ariel grinning. “So pretty Ari.”

Ariel giggled, and began dancing around her room, but followed Charrie when Charrie needed to change into her bikini, she wore a black one piece this time that had a very open back. She put on a tie up skirt and slipped out, grabbing bags that she needed for Ariel and Ori. Twins came out all changed. “You two are so grown…” She pouted.

They were the first ones to get ready, so they sat on the sofa while the rest finished. Once they did, they were off down stairs. The first thing Charrie did was let Ariel and Ori in Masons care, so she could go down the slides with the twins. She had lots of fun splashing down into the water. She wrapped her around her twins when they made it down after her.
“You’re hot,” She heard someone blurt out. She looked back and saw a guy that couldn’t have been older than her. Charrie wasn’t about to rage, so she just smiled, “Thanks,” She wore her wedding ring anyway. She took the twins hands, “Let’s go another one!?”
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They were all at the table and their kids were all eating and soon feeling content. Mason sat with them, eating up a plate of pancakes as he watched their little ones begin to smile. Ari had syrup all over her face, so he helped her clean it up. He heard Rick and Belle talking about him and Charrie and then he tried to just shrug it all off [b "Yeah, we watched a good movie"] he told them and then he could see others starting to head out.

He liked the idea of all of them spending time together this time, plus he did want to see their little ones play in the water for the first time. Maybe even help Ari go down a slide. He smiled [b "Okay, let's all head to the slides together and then once we get tired, we can lounge by the pool together"] he suggested and then he overheard Sarah.

[b "Tired? We've got four kids, the day is just getting started"] he smiled, grinning and trying to make it seem like nothing happened. [b "Okay you two, get dressed into your bathing suits"] he said, lifting Ari up and then leading her into her room. [b "Baby, I'll get Ori changed"] he told her, letting Ari run off to her when she came in. She grabbed her mom's leg and then she pointed to her bag [i "Mommy I wan werr dat one"] she pointed to the teal, polka dotted one piece.

Mason carried Ori into his arms and then he kissed his cheek. [b "Want to match daddy champ?"] he tickled his tummy and he babbled, clapping his little hands.
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The youngest members of this trip were all sitting down and eating there breakfast. Charrie struggled a bit to keep Ori happy, but the second she put a plate of food in front of him, his tears and whimper came into an entire halt. His tear stained face was now munching onto the pancake.

Charrie went into her breakfast and realized just how hungry she was when she took that first bite and would stuff herself up. Rick caught on… She glanced off when Mason’ narrowed his eyes.
“I didn’t hear,” Belle mentioned.
[b “We were talking about it in our room Belle,” ] Charrie explained.
“Were you and daddy watching a movie?” Belle asked.
Charrie’s eyes widened and then she slowly nodded, “Ah hmm…”
“Told you Rick, they weren’t beating each other up,” Belle smiled.
Charrie did her best to keep quiet and stuff her face. The smell of food caught on, everyone came out to eat.

“That sounds like a great idea. I wanted to spend some time with the twins too,” Charrie mentioned because yesterday she spent time with Ariel and Ori and she loved to, but that meant no water slides for her. She wanted to at least two times. [b “I’d like to longue and drink a little after too.” ]

“I don’t think we need any more girl time. We should all hang out together,” Sarah mentioned and then looked over at Charrie and Mason and smirked, “I mean…unless you’re too tired from all that activity.” She smirked. Charrie cleared her throat and drank down some water, “What? Anyways-we should all hang out together, agreed.” ] She said and went on to help clean Ori up because he missed his mouth a few times. She lifted him up into her arms, [b “Time to get this little baby changed…and his toys packed.”
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He loved their kids so much and seeing them first thing in the morning put a smile on his face. They were so adorable. He loved seeing Ori smile when he kissed him and then he ended up on the couch, playing with little Ari as he tried to keep her entertained while drawing and he could see how focused she was looking at the ipad. He would glance over when Ori was whining and he could see that he was crying. He felt so bad, but he just hoped the room service came quickly.

Ari was impressed with Mason's drawing that when she took the pen, she started drawing all over the place too. Mason let her draw as much as she wanted and then he could hear the door.

Once the food was set up, he sat at the table with Ari, cutting up pieces of pancakes and sausages and then he placed it in front of her. The twins and Juliet were sitting down as well, grabbing what they wanted.

Mason thought Ori was being so adorable though when he was all pouting and looking so sad. Once Charrie gave him some food, he was munching away. Their little baby boy was growing up so fast. He laughed and then let Ari continue to eat by herself as he ate some pancakes, smothered in syrup.

He smiled and when he heard Charrie, he narrowed his eyes, soon hearing Rick's question [b "Yeah, mommy was talking about food and I just kept telling her about bacon and eggs, she got really hungry"] he tried to tell them and then he continued to eat since he was really hungry as well.

Soon enough, others were waking up to the noise and the smell of food. Heath came out first, looking for Juliet and then seeing her munching at the table. He came over and greeted everyone before grabbing a plate. Soon Zack and Kiera followed and then Sarah and Mark. Everyone was soon at the table as Mason looked over [b "So what should we do today guys? We can lounge at the pool and order some drinks? I'm sure we can all do something together this time instead of spreading out? Unless you guys want more girl time?"] he suggested.
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Mason's tickling and attention to Ori helped her ease him up a bit. She knew hew as hungry and she hated it when he cried. It stressed her the hell out. She grabbed that phone and called in for food. He hid inside her shirt for a while, whimpering and whining, popping his head out after. He cried and she tried to shake him a little, comfort him by kissing his forehead but he really wanted food.

She wished she was drawing with Ariel instead. It looked like he was having fun with Ari. She took out Ori outside for a while not wanting to wake the others up. She even let him tug on her hair. She made funny faces and sometimes he'd cheer up and look at her with tears in her eyes. She went back inside once he calmed down and just then, the door bell rang. She let Mason open the door. Ori smelled the food and would stretched out his finger tips.

[b "In a second Ori," ] she grabbed the high chair and sat him down. His eyes continued to water, until she put a plate of food in front of him. He grabbed the piece of sausage and started to eat it with his hands. Charrie felt through his baby hair, "All that for food." She was feeling really hungry too because of all that activity they did in bed. She looked around for Ariel to make sure she was eating too. Mason fed her.

[b "Don't spoil her," ] Charrie laughed. The twins and Juliet came in, all with bed head hair. She laughed a little [b "Are you guys hungry?" ]
"Very Hungry!" Belle yelled out.
Charrie's eyes widened, [b "Belle, not so loud, don't wake everyone."
She frowned, "Sorry..."
Rick laughed quietly. They sat down and ate too. Charrie took that sausage and began eating-oh it tasted so good, her face showed pure bliss. [b 'You made me so hungry Mase." ]
"How did daddy make you hungry?" Rick aked.
[b "Um...talking about food?" ] She said.
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He loved waking up to their little ones. THey were simply adorable and Mason wanted to pamper them everyday if he could. He lifted little Ari into his arms and then he saw little Ori giggling. He was such a cute baby. Mason kissed his cheek and then he tried to distract him from hunger. Once they stepped into the living space, Mason hugged the twins and grinned when Charrie agreed on the room service. Everyone was still asleep, so that sounded like the best idea.

He let her order and then he sat with Ari in his lap on the couch. THe twins were watching spongebob as he saw little Juliet wake up and walk over to them as well. He kissed the top of Ari's head and smiled [b "You want to draw with daddy? Okay, how about like this?"] he took out his ipad and then he held the pen. Mason began drawing on the paper, he made a small little girl sitting by the beach. There were birds in the sky and there was a boat on the shore. He did his best to make it look as simplistic as possible for Ari's imagination. [b "How's that? Look it's you Ari"] he pointed to the little girl he drew with the red hair.

Mason then saw her looking and then she'd use her fingers and tap the screen, trying to write and draw daddy in it too. He smiled and soon heard the doorbell. He lifted Ari up and then he opened it, seeing the bellhop coming in with a cart of food. There were pancakes, bacon, eggs, and potatoes.

He let him in and Ari would reach her arms out "hungy!" she spoke as Mason grabbed her a piece of sausage and fed her. [b "We have to eat with everyone. Come on you three"] he called the twins over to the table and then then he served them all plates, asking them what they wanted and then putting it on their plates. He then cut up a pancake and some eggs for Ari and Ori, as he helped feed her.
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He loved seeing her cheeks redden because of him. He loved the effect that he had on her, making his cheeks red too because even if they were together for so long, that love for each other never really changed. She was perfect to him.

He saw her step out in her costume and Mason was just smirking because she looked so damn sexy. He really wanted to take her picture with the way she was dressed right now. He had his brown eyes focusing on her, his eyes looking at her from head to toe with such a seductive look on his face. [b "Okay, just let me take a picture of you sexy. You're so attractive right now. I want you"] he couldn't help but want to take a picture of her and keep it with him so badly.

He did the poses for her and he could see how happy it made her to have a picture of him. He wanted the same, so when she did as he was told, he had a smirk on his face, staring at his phone for a while as he looked at how hot she was in the background. He could see her looking at him and when he finished and then he was laughing [b "Wow, I can't believe my wife looks this good right now"] he showed her the picture and he then he put his phone away, leaning in, wrapping his arms around her. [b "Better than any model out there"] he kissed her lips and then he held her hands in his.

[b "Mmm, okay, then come here. I want to see what my new slave can do"] he tugged on the leash and then he pulled her towards him, meeting her lips as he smiled, biting down on her bottom lip and then he let his hands glide along her side as he felt over every bit of leather that she had.

[b "Do they teach you how to kiss at the slave market. Can you show me? I want you to excite me and turn me on right now and then I'll reward you"] he told her, slapping the back of her ass slowly.
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“I think you’ll get a hold of it,” The edge of her lip lifted. She found her cheeks warm up too, because it wasn’t like they’d ever taken a picture of each other in suggestive clothing before. Well-Mason looked just like a complete bad ass, so she had to. She wanted to always remember. “But-I’m hardly covered up.” She tried to get away with it but he wasn’t going to have it. She got to take pictures of him. He looked incredibly sexy with him tugging down his pants just a bit.

“Okay-one,” She said and saw the camera lift in his hands. She felt…shy. She followed his instruction and felt a little embarrassed. As long as he kept that picture a secret-it didn’t matter. She looked back and saw how much he was grinning because of it. It made her happy to see him that satisfied.

The toys were laid ontop of the dresser. The sight of them made her own body excited. Mason stood in front of her with a seductive smile and she had few ideas what could be on his mind. Charrie remained near him, tangling her fingertips with his and felt thrilled at the idea of roleplay. She kissed his lips briefly, “I’d love to.” She smiled brightly, “I’ll be your new slave-and don’t be kind, you know how I like it,” She giggled, knowing they were going to have fun together. “Mmm…toys…aright. I will be using some toys on you sometime tonight too, I’ll be gentle-sort of.” She half shrugged. She knew when she woke up tomorrow she was going to be real sleepy and she was looking forward to it.
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He felt her fingers slowly moving down his chest and he was getting so aroused. Just seeing her step out of that bathroom had his eyes all over her already. It was amazing to see his imagination for her come alive. She met all of his expectations and just waited for her to come closer. Mason couldn't wait to have his hands on her, feeling her up and just wanting to feel her skin on his. He's been waiting all day ever since she teased him this morning.

[b "I know I can. I'll slap you all you want baby. As long as I get a hold of it"] he smirked and then he felt her lips against his skin. [b "No. I want a picture of you. You get one of me and I get one of you. That's fair"] he complained and then he decided that the pic was only for her eyes. He walked towards her and then he saw her with her phone. He did as he was told, posing in the poses she wanted as he met her eyes. He would hold his pants slightly down, showing a bit of his ass as he watched her smirking. So dirty....

He warned her that he'd tug her leash, so when she finished, he met her lips and then he took his phone out [b "I want at least one picture baby"] he held the camera up. [b "I want you to keep your hand on your hip and then use your other hand like you're brushing your fingers through you hair"] he waited for her and then he snapped a photo. Mason then grinned happily, glad that he had something to look at whenever he wanted now.

The toys were pulled out and then he looked through the ones they picked out. He smiled seductively and then he thought about how he'd start it. [b "Mmm, let's do a bit of roleplay. How about I just bought my first sex slave and took her home?"] he started off with that setting, knowing he could do a whole lot to her. [b "Then I can use the toys and we can see where it goes?"] he suggested.
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