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He knew that Charrie could be scary, but he's been with her long enough to know that no matter what, he'd love her anyway. She was clearly getting angry for something that had to do with their family.

The teens teased her and James was dumb enough to give the hotel room number and his name. They really suspected her to come over to their hotel room later. Once they stepped away, Mason approached her and asked what they wanted. She was right. Mason didn't think he'd let them go at all for doing anything to any of his girls.

[b "They gave you all the info you needed? That's nice of them. Baby, you can just report them, you don't have to get too involved"] he told her, holding her hand and telling her what Belle said. [b "I'm glad she didn't get it at all. That means we're good"] he walked with her back to everyone else and saw Mark still with their babies and the twins back in the water.

Mason leaned in to kiss her cheek [b "You handled that well baby. I'm so proud. I was waiting for when I needed to jump in there and break it up"] he teased her.
  ellocalypse / 132d 21h 19m 32s
Daddy made a point. She nodded, “Mommy can be pretty scary.” She felt less worried and went over to Rick but would tell them what happened.

Charrie attempted to hold it together. She didn’t get what being a ‘hot’ mom had to do with anything. She heard the laughter and she planned far more than just reporting them now. Charrie didn’t look amused. [b “Okay James, thanks for offering to keep your room unlocked for me.” ] She saw them giving each other high five. Who the fuck did they think they were dealing with? Death would be extreme, but she had done some pretty horrible things to Mason for crossing the line when shew as younger and she was ready to unleash it to bunch of boys who needed to learn a lesson.

She took steps back and found Mason coming over. Was he watching? She didn’t know if she should be upset or happy that he trusted that she could handle it without severely injuring someone. [b “They wanted to f- me. Do you think I’d let them go unharmed if they tried something in front of Belle?” ] She raised a brow. She saw him looking at her, making sure she was okay.

[b “Not yet I didn’t.” ] She scoffed [b “They just gave me there room number, and they said they would leave it unlocked. I’m going to give them the biggest scare of their life.” ] He took hold of her hand and she followed him back. She sighed [b “I’m glad Belle didn’t understand…cat? Oh…they said-pussy, she probably thought pussy cat.” ]
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He looked over their little girl [b "Of course. Your mommy is strong, just like you and Rick"] he kissed her cheek and then asked Mark to look after Ori and Ari while they slept. He headed after Charrie to make sure she didn't do anything unreasonable like she used to. She's gotten much better, but he didn't know why she was so mad. Maybe it was because Belle was there.

THe man and his buddies were listening to her. His eyes on her body "Maybe? It's okay, your little girl will live fine. She's lucky to have such a hot mom" he spoke and his buddies laughed. When she asked for his name and number, he smirked "Yeah sure, the names James. Room 206. If you'd like to stop by, feel free. We'll leave our rooms unlocked" he reached back and his buddy gave him a high five. They started walking off and then Mason came over.

[b "Baby what was that about? What did they want?"] he asked, looking her over [b "THey didn't do anything to you right?"] he saw that she was okay from head to toe. [b "I'm really glad you didn't make a mess"] he held her hand in his. [b "Let's head back, Belle is okay and it doesn't seem like she understood what they said. She said something about a cat"]
  ellocalypse / 133d 4h 58m 35s
Belle frowned, “Is she going to be okay?” She was about to follow Mason, but she saw that angry look on CHarrie’s face and Belle was worried if she would get mad at her for coming back. Belle ran off to Rick, and he asked where dad was going. She explained a bit and she saw Heath’s eyebrow rise. He whispered, “Does have a death wish?”

Charrie was unamused. If she heard it while she was alone, maybe she wouldn’t give attention to it but Belle’s innocent little mind heard that. Thankfully, Charrie didn’t think she understood must of the words. [b “Let me be clear, do you honestly think I would ever be interested in hearing an opinion of someone with brain that’s the size of a grain? I don’t fucking care you said that, I care because you had the nerve to say that in front of my little girl and I heard one of your buddies comment on her too.” ]

Her body tensed up when he would give her another look and saw a few of his buddies laughing. [i The world is testing me. ] AN image of slamming his face into glass fell into her mind-but she wasn’t like that anymore.

[b “Yea I am, but keep all those perverted thoughts to yourself. Give me your name, and your room number.” ] She was going to give that a shot first. She wasn’t going to let him get away with it.
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He knew that it was a big deal because if anyone found out. If anyone tried to get into his brain and if he remembered it would be over. He understood that Charrie was worried about all of this and he didn't want to endanger their family, but it was a risk that he had to take. Helping Charrie be able to use her arm again was a no brainer. He'd choose her over a lot of things, their family over everything else.

He felt like right now he should be silent so that they didn't fight anymore. He laid back and relaxed, watching their little ones sleep as Charrie went to play games with them. He rolled onto his back, getting his back tanned as well until he heard Belle's voice. Mason raised his sunglasses and then he heard her saying that someone was bothering Charrie.

He stood up [i Damn. Not again] he rubbed the top of her head as he looked over at the pool, calling Mark to watch their kids. [b "Thanks sweetie. I'm going to check up on your mom"] he knew she could very well handle the situation on her own, but he still wanted to make sure she was okay.

He hurried to the women's restroom and then he could see Charrie chasing after some guy. [b "Wait...maybe he could watch. He hasn't seen badass Charrie in a while and that guy deserved it. If it got too far, he'd step in, but Mason would just hide a few feet back, watching the guy look so stunned because he never thought she'd fight back.

"I just thought you looked sexy, I wanted to let you know" he spoke. The man was tall, very muscular, and looked like one of those young douches, thinking he had a chance. He looked over Charrie again "I mean, you're one hooot milf"
  ellocalypse / 133d 6h 31m 6s
There was a lot to talk about. It wasn’t a small thing, it was a major thing depending on what he used in those pills to make her better. She promised no to talk about it, so she pushed away from now but it looked like he wasn’t going to talk too much to her anymore. Maybe because he knew that she knew now. She laid back and would listen to music instead since he wasn’t talking to her either.

She went up to play a game of cards with Kiera, Zack, Sarah and Mark. It was fun, but she got second place when she meant for first. Belle came in and suddenly gave her a hug. Charrie smiled and hugged her tightly, kissing her cheek, and then Belle whispered to her that she needed to go the bathroom but she didn’t want to go alone.

Charrie got up and took her hand, [b “Come on,” ] She head over to the bathroom with Belle. They came out, and as they were about to head back, some guy made some detailed dirty comment and it was heard loud and clear-and Belle heard it. That-pissed her off, because Belle heard it.

“Come and say that again to my face you piece of shit,” Charrie narrowed her eyes. IT has been a long time since she taught someone a lesson. “Belle go back to everyone. I need to get his name and report him. I’ll be back.”

Belle’s eyes widened, and she would just nod and head back to where she saw Mason and everyone. She went to Mason, “Daddy, someone is bothering mommy. They said something about a cat-I think. She said-she said that she will get him in trouble.” She thought she should tell him.
  Ravenity / 133d 9h 58m 25s
He knew that their kids were their world. Their family meant everything to him and he would do anything to protect them if he had the ability to. THeir little babies were fast asleep, the twins were playing around with the adults and Juliet, but Charrie was starting to think about something else.

He would glance over and see that she was being serious about this. She really wanted to know and he couldn't lie to her. He admitted that there was something in his pills. He kept quiet after that and she didn't say a thing either. He knew they wouldn't mess up the vacation, but he still knew he'd get an earful at home.

[b "I know"] he mentioned and then he just leaned back and relaxed, feeling that maybe she was upset at him now. He did it for her sake and he knew he did a good job of keeping everything secret, but still. [b "Okay. Let's just enjoy the vacation"] he looked over at the poolside menu and ordered a few snacks for everyone. He ordered some nachos and a few drinks for everyone to share as he relaxed, letting the sun tan his skin. He didn't really talk to Charrie about it anymore and kept silent for a while, mostly because he still didn't feel like he did anything wrong.
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Mason wanted kids a lot more than she did. She didn’t regret keeping their twins, or giving up her career because she had them, because they were her world. Things were okay now. That incident that happened a while ago was horrible but she was glad that they were still safe. Ori and Ariel were asleep in there stroller. She was glad to have time to cuddle in with Mason now, but…she noticed. There was something off about how she healed so fast. He kept trying to push it away but, the more he talked the more suspicious she grew. “I know but-Mase, I need to know.” She didn’t want to hear lies.

Their eyes met and hes aid the truth. She opened her mouth and locked it, she said she wouldn’t talk about it. But it took all over not to lecture him about how much danger he could put them through because of this. But, she still didn’t know if he developed something new or if he used what he had made before. She took a deep breath, “Okay…We’ll talk about it at home. I’ll keep the peace between us until then-but you really are going to hear a huge lecture from me you know that.” She saw him putting the sunglasses on. She knew he did it because he wanted her to be okay.

She sighed and she scooted her chair closer to him, “You don’t have to hide from me now. Like I said, I promise I won’t release anything until we get home-so for now, we’ll have peace and enjoy this vacation.” She decided it was the only thing she could do and she didn’t want to ruin there time. Nothing was going to change what he did now. He did what he did and she would talk to him about it at home about making decisions like that.
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He loved watching their little ones, especially seeing them with Charrie because a long time ago, he would have never guessed that she would do so well at being a mother. It really did make him smile to see that she was an amazing mom. Sometimes he felt bad because he was the one pushing for their kids, but they were all really happy right now.

He set Ari in her stroller and when they were fast asleep, he sat beside Charrie, trying to get her mind off of her arm, but he was surprised to see that she was doing well. His medicine worked. His eyes watched her curiously for a while and when she kept asking him, he kept denying it because he didn't think that it was a big deal. [b "Relax baby. We're here in the warm sun with our friends and family"] he told her, soon hearing her talk more sternly.

HIs brown eyes met hers and he knew that this was the serious question. He sighed softly and then he nodded [b "Yes they did. We can talk about it later"] he mentioned, knowing that she was probably going to have a long argument back at home, but right now was about their kids. The tension built up a bit and he just leaned back against the recliner, putting on his sunglasses and then laying back.
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Ori had fallen asleep on her, and it was nice to see him sleeping in her arms. She loved there babies, and loved caring for them together. Ariel was soon falling asleep too and Mason’s arms. She was still so small too. She was so warm and cozy, and she was eventually put in her stroller with a shade on. She then began to remember that she was supposed to have an injury yet she didn’t feel anything. She even forgot it was there… She forgot the incident happened for a moment because she felt no pain.

Charrie looked back at Mason and couldn’t piece it together. It wasn’t possible to heal that fast, the scar looked like it happens months ago, not over two weeks ago. He was smiling in a way that made her wonder if he had something to do with it. Where those not pain killers? Where they something else? It was her first suspicion because it has been the only thing she’s used to help it, besides his healing water and the healing water worked extremely well but not this well.

“Uh huh… Where those pain killers Mason?” She raised a brow, “It’ hasn’t been that long.” She heard him about not thinking about too much and she figured he really may have something to do with it but she didn’t want to boil her blood over this vacation. Mason sat beside her and he kissed her cheek and tried to make the thought go away for a while. There had to be something up.

She sighed, but then he mentioned that he was happy and that she wasn’t pain anymore. She couldn’t smile and looked back at him, “Confess up, did your pills have something to do with this or not? I won’t argue about this now, but I need to know. I’ll argue about it when we get home.” Whatever he said, she would trust him because she built a trust with him and she would like to keep it that way.
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He knew that even if Ori had his snot all over her, Charrie wouldn't get upset with him. He was just a little baby and he knew that she'd love him no matter what. Their kids were amazing and he knew that no matter what they did, Mason would always have their backs. He adored their little Ari as well. Mason held her in his lap, keeping her warm and cozy. She was at that adorable age where she was just curious a bout everything.

WHen Charrie asked him about her arm, he was worried she'd find out and make a big deal out of it again. He was smiling out of nowhere and she narrowed her eyes. [i Crap] he sighed and then he looked over [b "Of course. What else would they be baby? I'm sure it probably just healed and you forgot about it"] he told her, shrugging a bit.

[b "It's okay, don't think about that too much. I'm sure they're having so much fun right now that it doesn't even matter at this point"] he was just glad her arm was much better. He lifted Ariel into his arms and then he slowly placed her into her stroller as well. He pulled over the shade and then he sat beside Charrie and leaned in to kiss her. [b "I'm just really happy you're okay and not in pain anymore"] he smiled.
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She couldn’t be bad at him when he was this cute. She knew he didn’t know what he was doing but Mason definitely did. She snuggled him in, wanting him to feel comfortable and warm in her arms. It put a smile on her face to see him falling asleep. She loved holding him and she held him just a little longer, watching his cute sleeping face. Ariel came over soon enough and Charrie admired everyone here. She set Ori in his stroller and watched Ariel rest up too.

“Yea…we did. They seem very happy,” She smiled to herself, seeing them splashing around the water and playing. Then…she remembered something. She wasn’t and pain and she didn’t recall taking any meciine. She looked back at Mason and he was smilng. She narrowed her eyes. That wasn’t possible… “I don’t think it can heal in that short of a time Mase…” She looked back at her arm…there was just a slight scar. “Mase, were those pain killers?” She asked, wanting to be sure. Mason focused on putting the towel over Ariel.
“Yup…I’m glad about that. They’re not mad at me anymore. But wow, if I know my arm wouldn’t ache by now, I would have gone with him. I wonder how it healed so fast,” She said.
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He laughed when Charrie mentioned the snot. He knew that no matter how messy Ori was, he would be the cutie, little boy they've always wanted. He watched Ori snuggle up to Charrie and he couldn't help but feel like he was the luckiest guy every. He had a beautiful wife, amazing kids, and they were happily on vacation.

Ariel came over and Mason held her in his lap. He smiled and kept her close, loving to hear her asking him so many questions. THe sound of her voice was so adorable as he hugged her and kissed the top of her head. She began waving her arms around in the air and when Charrie helped her out, he saw her drinking her juice and she began yawning as well. He brushed his hands through her hair and then he let her rest on him.

He glanced over at Charrie, seeing the twins off having fun. He sure loved all of them. [b "Me too. We really needed this break with everyone and I'm sure the twins are happy that they got to do this with us."] He leaned back and relaxed, resting on his arms as he let the others play with the twins. It felt so relaxing. Then Charrie brought up the medicine for her arm. [i Damn]. She remembered that?

He looked over and then he smiled [b "Oh really? That's great baby. Maybe it's already healed?"] he wondered, seeing Ariel already fast asleep. He pulled a towel over her and then he could see the twins splashing around with Heath. [b "It seems like they don't care anymore about going on the school trip or not"] he said, glad that they were able redeem themselves.
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“A little snot? That was more than a little snot,” She scrunched up her face and tossed it over to Mason. It was a good thing he was cute and had such a cute little nose, eyes, lips, face hands…he was adorable. She saw how he snuggled up into her, she let him rest on her body, feeling his warmth radiate. She held him comfortably and watched how his eyes started to droop. “I know he does…” She smiled, rubbing his back a little, loving to be so close to their baby.

Her attention drew to Ariel coming in. She watched them play, finding Arie’s question funny. Charrie rested Ori on his stroller but stayed close to him, wanting to make sure he kept sleeping and that no one came by. She took a picture of Mason with Ariel while they weren’t noticing-and then he smiled at her, she took a picture of that too. “It is,” She lowered her phone and Ariel came in to sit on Mason’s lap.

Charrie giggled and leaned over and helped her out of those floaties, and kissed her arm, “Now it’s all off my cutie,” She tickled her little tummy. The twins were splashing around and playing some games in the water. Even Sarah joined in there game. Charrie would take random pictures of them, admiring all of them together.

She looked back at Mason, “I’m glad we came…and…” She pasued for a while. Hold up. When was the last time she took the pain mediciation for her arm? She doubly blinked. She forgoet that she entirely hurt her arm. “My arm…doesn’t hurt…but I didn’t take pain killers,” She said slowly, trying to piece it together.
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He watched their little ones and were glad that they were having so much fun. He knew the twins understood why they couldn't go on the class field trip, but he hoped they enjoyed this much more. Mason kept an eye on little ARi, knowing that Rick would take care of her, along with Heath. They played in the water and Ariel was jumping and having a good time.

When Ori sneezed, Mason laughed when he surprised himself. He looked around and then he saw Charrie, so he reached his small arms out and called for her. He set Ori on her lap, but when he buried his snot into her, he couldn't stop laughing. He didn't plan for that at all. He gave Charrie some napkins, but when he saw her throwing it back at him, he tossed it away and couldn't stop laughing.

Ori was soon snug on her tummy and he relaxed, feeling tired. Mason shook his head [b "It's fine. I always change him anyway. A little snot isn't bad"] he teased her and could see how warm and snug Ori was now. [b "Besides, he loves you see"] he could see Ori falling asleep on Charrie's shoulder quickly.

Ariel soon came back and then he climbed onto Mason's lounger [b "What's wrong cupcake?"] he asked and then Ari asked for some juice [i "Awi tursty"] she asked and Mason gave her some juice. She leaned into Mason and looked at the twins and Juliet playing some Marco Polo. [i "Who dat?"] she asked, peeking up at Mason with her brown eyes. [b "He's an explorer who traveled the world. You'll learn about him when you go to school"] he ran his fingers through her hair, kissing the top of her head. He saw Charrie and then he smiled [b "It's nice to just relax like this"] he leaned back and then Ari sat on his lap, struggling to take off her floaties since she couldn't put her arms all the way down.
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