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He called her beautiful because to him there wasn't anyone more beautiful. She was still so attractive to him and Mason would never get enough of her. HE loved her so much. Mason led them inside and Ori would tease Charrie, calling her over and when her attention was on him, he'd hide away. Ori would cling onto Mason's shirt and when they headed inside, Mason couldn't help but wonder why Ari was waiting at the door.

THe twins came when they sat at the table to eat some snacks, Mason carried Ari and tickled her for a while. He could see she was getting anxious to play though and he knew she wouldn't stop. [b "Hey babygirl. It'll be okay. The twins have a few things to do first okay? THen they'll play with you later"] he tried to relax her, turning on the TV and putting on some Spongebob.

He saw Charrie move towards Ori and when Ori pretended to do nothing and then Mason laughed. [b "I swear! I'm not teaching him that"] he chuckled and then Ori would sit up and then stand, looking at the edge of the pen at the TV. Mason rubbed the top of his head [b "You're becoming just like daddy huh champ"] he smiled and then he let Ari walk around. She looked disappointed, so she just sat on the couch. Mason covered her in a blanket and then he kissed her cheek. [b "It's okay babygirl. Daddy will play with you"]
  ellocalypse / 56d 16h 2m 9s
Charrie grinned when he called her beautiful. It never got old. None of his compliments got old. She felt bad for what she said, and hoped that she fixed it and that Ariel would never try saying that word right or even just saying it period. Ori teased her, definitely like Mason. Charrie shook her head, laughed and kissed Ori, [b “You spending too much time with daddy aren’t you baby?” ] She kissed him once more before questioning what Ariel was doing sitting on the ground.

[b “Ari, you’re going to get cold,” ] Charrie debated if she should get Ariel a blanket to sit on. She saw the time. They would be back soon. Charrie moved over to Ariel so that she wouldn’t be alone. And Ariel hugged the twins and kept asking them to play. “Ari we got homework,” Rick said, taking off his backpack. Ariel pouted “Awi wan pway…” Ariel said before she was picked up and sat on the couch by Mason. Daddy made her feel better at least, with his tickling.

Charrie loved the sight and went onto helping the twins set things away, asking them how their day was, if they ate there lunch, and if anything wrong happened. She liked talking to them and remembered how the twins were upset at one point about not giving them enough time too. She loved them, loved them equally. Charrie heard Ori’s whines and when she went there toward him and he turned away like nothing happened. [b “Ori you tease.” ] She shook her head. Ariel listened to the twins talk about there day and then she blurt out “Pway with Awi!” over and over again, so much that the twins looked like they were getting annoyed.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 56d 17h 17m 25s
Their kids were so precious and he couldn't help but want to always be there for them to lean on. Ori almost pulled out some of Mason's hair and he was laughing because he was cute trying to stop the invisible wind blowing his hair. He kissed his forehead and then led them back to the house, walking in the sand and then hearing that Charrie's arm was feeling better.

That was great! That meant his pills were working. He just hoped that she didn't find out because he knew she'd be really upset with him. He smiled and thought about their next family vacation. He was sure the twins would have a good time, not to mention Ari and Ori too.

[b "Oooh, well you are my beautiful wife"] he heard Ari and then he smirked, seeing Charrie handle it. Ari was such a good girl. He was glad that she was such a sweetheart. Mason saw Ori teasing CHarrie soon after and he would laugh, kissing the top of his head. [b "Are you becoming like daddy Ori? Always teasing mommy?"] he smiled, walking inside the house and seeing Ari on the ground waiting.

The twins came home and they were greeted by little ARi. [b "Aww, don't worry Ari, they'll play with you. Let them have some snacks first okay?"] he set Ori in his pen and then he let him play with his airplane before picking up Ari and sitting with her on the couch. He kissed her cheek and then he started tickling her sides, hearing her giggles as she tried to crawl away. Mason would catch her again and then lift her up as he spun her around.

The chef made some snacks and when the twins came over to eat, he carried Ari with him, asking them about their day.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 58d 16h 47m 54s
Babies were just adorable, especially there babies. Ori gave her a good laugh when he was pulling Mason’s hair or trying to block the wind that was blowing his hair. They were so little, it was hard to believe Ori was going to be old as the twins. She kissed Ariel’s cheek, “Come on let’s go.” She walked off the dock and towards there home. She did notice that the pain was nearly gone. She would hate to feel it again without the pain killers. [b “Thanks, yea, I guess so, as long as I can take these pain killers I’ll be fine.” ] She nodded. It made her feel less stressed about everything to know that the pain wasn’t going to stand.

Charrie grinned [b “I am, aren’t I? My wonderful sexy genius husband.” ] She smiled and Ariel stared at her and said, “What wecky?” Ariel was trying to say ‘sexy’. Charrie’s eyes widened, she forgot how careful she needed to be around there kids with words [b“Nothing Ariel, it’s a word that only I and daddy can use.” ]
“Why?” Ariel innocently looked at her as Charrie opened the door.
[b “Because it’s a mommy and daddy thing.” ] Charrie rubbed her little nose with hers.
“Okay!” Ariel nodded and then Charrie let her down when they were inside. Ariel grinned when daddy said that they would play with her, “Yay!” She went over to the door and decided to sit there until Belle and Rick would come.
[b “Ariel, what are you doing?” ] Charrie asked at then heard Oreo call her. She turned her head, and smiled at him, about to go him and then he hid his face, [b “Hey Ori, I thought you needed me.” ] She shook her head. She went over to him and kissed his cheek, [b “Your so cute.” ] Charrie then looked back to Ariel who was still sitting there at the door.
[b “Ari, why are sitting there?” ] She asked again.
“Belle and Wick,” She said and pointed at the door.
[b “You don’t have to sit there.” ]
Ariel didn’t say anything but sit there and stare at the door. When the door opened, she got up on her feet and hugged them each, “Awi wan pway!” She cheered over and over again.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 58d 17h 28m 47s
He loved being able to just relax like this out in the water with them. Mason really enjoyed spending time with their to youngest like this. They were simply adorable and with everything going on, it was nice to just have a break with Charrie and then play with them.

Mason held onto little Ori, showing him the water. He looked really excited, bouncing in his arms as he pointed out to the vast ocean. He could hear the sounds of the waves crashing against the boat and then he smiled when he saw Ari. She really did want to be a mermaid like Ariel in the little Mermaid. He laughed a little, but then his hair got pulled on and Mason lowered Ori.

[b "That wouldn't be good. Ori you don't want daddy to be bald like you would you?"] he teased and then he saw Ori trying to block the air he blew towards him. Mason laughed and then he headed back inside, leading them back to the docks to greet the twins.

When he heard that Charrie wasn't feeling much pain anymore, he had a smile on his face. [b "I'm glad you're feeling better then baby. That means that we'll be able to go on the trip sooner"] he suggested, hearing he was a genius. [b "Well you are looking at the lead of the chem division"] he smirked, heading back onto the sand as he held Ori. Ori gripped onto his stuffed bear and then he would babble "Ma! Ma!" he called out and then he hid his face into Mason's chest as if teasing her.

Mason stepped back into the house and smiled [b "I'm sure Belle and Rick would love to play with you babygirl"] he headed inside and asked the chef to make some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 60d 16h 32m 48s
Their kids were looking out into the water, and it was funny seeing Ariel look so interested in the water, yet clinging with her dear life on her shirt. She held her in tightly and snuggled her in. She was this perfect little girl. She loved feeling Ariel's warmth and Ariel talking about how there may be mermaids in the water. she loved her little imagination and just agreed with her on it. Ariel gasped, hearing daddy and turned her head, "Awi twn to merwaid!?" She asked. Charrie laughed [b 'You don't have to be a mermaid to swim." ] She said and watched Mason with Ori. ori gripping onto much. ori stared back confused when he said 'Oww'. He whined when Mason put him a bit lower.

[b "Well if Ori keeps that up, you have less hair in that spot." ] she laughed lightly. Ori stared back at Mason and charrie began to laugh with Ariel when Ori tried to stop the wind with his hand, like it was some strong force against him.
"Owi funny." Ariel giggled.
[b 'yea, he is." ] Charrie said and walked toward Mason and Ori more.
It really was reaching the time the twins were coming home [b "You mean our trip the water park?" ] She asked.

Now that he mentioned it...it didn't. That pain killer must have been extra strong. she frowned [b "No...it doesn't. That painkiller you made really makes me feel nothing. I mean it's a little sore when I bend it in a certain way but it's hardly even noticeable. ] Weird. She might be taking more of those pain killers if it dulled it this much.

[b "I don't feel any side effects either... You really are a genius." ] She said and walked her way off the yacht, [b "Come on, we need to make sure we say hello to belle and Rick," ] Charrie said.
"Wick and Belle gonna pway with Awi!" Ariel cheered, figuring they couldn't say no to her.
  Ravenity / 60d 17h 3m 7s
He loved spending time with their little ones like this because he knew that they felt so loved when mommy and daddy were playing with them. Ari was just playing the way she normally played, having fun with mommy, daddy, and even Ori. He heard Ari's cute laugh and kissed her cheek, seeing Ori just lay back and nibble on the animals. Mason carried him and then he rubbed his back and tummy.

He asked if they wanted to see the water and Ori just looked at him because he heard his name. Mason snuggled him in and stood up, leading them outside onto the deck. He kept Ori against him, letting him see the water. He would glance over and see Ari gripping onto Charrie's shirt, staying close because the water looked so vast and large.

Mason listened to Ori, imagining him telling him about how cool the water was. He would point out and babble, as if asking questions as Mason kissed his forehead. [b "Yeah the Ocean ORi. You and Ari will be able to swim in it one day"] he felt him gripping onto his hair and then he would wince a little. [b "Oww, too hard Ori"] he removed his hands and moved him a bit lower so he couldn't get to his hair. He loved how excited he was though. [b "Hey! I don't think I'll be balding anytime soon"] he laughed and then he looked down, seeing ORi staring up at him. [b "Don't worry Ori, you're going to get so much hair soon. No need to be worried"] he blew wind into his little hair and then he would wave his hands around to try and stop the wind.

Mason laughed and then he gave him the bear again, seeing him snuggle back in. [b "I think the twins will be home soon. SHould we head back? Maybe we can talk about our planned vacation to excite them. Does your arm still hurt baby?"] he wondered.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 61d 1h 10m 18s
She expected to have this much fun with their little ones. They were perfect in every way, with their giggles, how they spoke to each other, what they did and how they played. She was in lala land, finding them too adorable. Her bunny was taken by Ori. Ori was puzzled and just wanted to hug random stuffed animals. Ariel giggled Mason said ‘Ori bear’. “Daddy funny,” Ariel laughed. Charrie moved to her and kissed the top of her head and held her in, while watching Ori lay down and hug the bear. Was Ori tired? Either way, she liked watching him on Mason’s lap.

Charrie spoke a bit to Ariel when she heard Ori, and Mason asking him a question. Ariel gasped “I wanna see!” She cheered over and over again. CHarrie got up [b “okay, we’ll see. Come on, do you want to go up in my arms?”
Ariel looked up at her and nodded, hands stretching out for her. She picked Ariel right up and watched Mason carry him while Ori babbled and squealed. Damn adorable. She walked out with them and watched the water.
“Pweetty,” Ariel spoke but clung for her dear life on Charrie’s shirt because she didn’t want to fall in. Charrie laughed lightly [b “I won’t let you go, and it is pretty, pretty like you.” ] Charrie booped her nose. Ori squealed loudly, almost next to Mason’s ear and then patted Mason’s cheeks, while the other hand gripped onto his hair for more support-maybe a little too tight.
“Ori careful, don’t pull daddy’s hair, I need him with hair on his head,” Charrie spoke. Ori stared back at her when he heard his name but that’s all he did.
  Ravenity / 61d 17h 3m 42s
Mason sure loved their kids so much. Ari and Ori were still so little, but seeing them grow and make progress made him really happy. The twins were already so independent, but they were going to go on a family vacation soon. They'd all have some fun.

He decided that they'd play with Ari, seeing her creative imagination take place and hearing her adorable little giggles. She was so happy to be playing with them, but when he ran away with his doggy, ORi decided to sit on her lap. Mason helped her up and was laughing. The two were adorable.

He was running with his doggy and Ori decided to chase them all with his crawling. He grabbed the rabbit and ended up just clinging onto it. Mason chuckled and then Ari pointed it out. [b "Well looks like bunny is gone"] he sighed and then he rubbed Ori's head, seeing him give up the rabbit for the bear. Mason clapped his doggy hands [b "Yay, all the animals are safe from the Ori bear"] he cheered and Ori stayed laying on his side holding the bear. Mason lifted him up and kissed his forehead. [b "Are you tired Ori?"] he asked, holding him in his lap as he nibbled on the bears ear, babbling and then kicking his little feet.

THe boat started to rock a little and it caught his attention, looking up at daddy. "Da!" he called out, pointing to the window. [b "You want to see the ocean Ori?"] he stood up and then he let him look out the window, seeing the boat rocking on the water. He would squeal and babble, pointing more as he looked out in the distance with his large, green eyes excitedly.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 63d 14h 18m 7s
There kids were pure angles. She could cuddle them all day and night because they were just the perfect blend of her and Mason-or well, better. She sure missed when Belle and Cynric were so little too. She remembered being on her own so often with them. Mason sometimes would come home late…it did get pretty lonely until she kept her busy with starting up something to protect their family. She was really glad to have Mason work with her, at home, with her and there little kids.

They played around with Ariel’s story line. Mason made the dog run, and CHarrie began to chase Ariel’s bear saying [b “Leave the doggy alone!” ] Ariel’s giggles filled her day with happiness. She kept trying to say ‘grr’ and go after Mason. Ori crawled over onto Ariel, disturbing Ariel’s chase, and she started tipping back until Mason supported her. Ariel giggled when Mason talked like he was the doggy. She tired to chase after him again. CHarrie began to move in circles with the rabbit too.

Ori got off Ariel’s lap and began to chase the actual stuffed animals by crawling, laughing and eventually catching Charrie’s rabbit and then snuggling it in.
“Owi got wabbit!” Ariel yelled out, “Daddy! Oh no!” She pointed.
Charrier laughed, [b “It looks like I lost.” ] She hugged Ariel from behind and kissed the top of her head, [b “You like playing with us cupcake?” ]
“Yes!” Ariel cheered and used her bear to get near Ori, “I wan da wabbit.”
Ori stared back at the bear and then back at Ariel. He released the rabbit to grab the bear and Ariel squealed when Ori strangely had strong strength to grab the bear. Now Ariel had the rabbit.
  Ravenity / 63d 16h 55m 49s
Their kids were their lives now and Mason wouldn't have it any other way. To think they started out with just the two of them always fighting and arguing and yet here they were with four amazing kids. Their little ones were just so cute and adorable. They were so dependent on him and Charrie that he couldn't help but want to help them all the time. He sure loved each of their kids so much.

Mason took Ari into the boat and once Charrie and ORi followed after, he had a smile on his face. He sat down in the main living space and then he let Ari lead them. Ori was being such a baby, just trying to get a taste of everything. It sure made him smile to see their little ones so happy. Mason held onto his dog, looking at Ari's adorable bear. She really was a creative little angel. He moved his dog towards Charrie and Ori, but when she started chasing after him, he pretended to panic. [b "Not the mean bear! Doggy needs to get out of here"] he moved his doggy around and when Ori tried to take him, Mason pouted and then Ori stopped and ended up crawling to Ari.

He laughed when he saw Ori on her lap and thinking it was so adorable. Mason held Ari up, holding her until she managed to sit up again with little Ori in her lap. [b "Looks like Ori is on the bears team. We have to get out of here Ms. Rabbit or we're going to get eaten"] he told Charrie and then he saw Ori patting his hands, reaching for the moving animals.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 65d 16h 30m 50s
He smiled and just looked into her eyes and thought that they had come a long way since when they used to fight each other everyday. It was all about doing the worst things to her, but still liking her and yet now all they did was care for each other and their little ones. Who knew that he'd end up having everything he wanted with him right here.

He kissed her lips, feeling her hands moving down and then he pretended to get her heart rate up. Mason squeezed and smirked as he held her hand in his. He massaged her chest and then he kissed her lips [b "Very solid"] he tried to make suggestive comments, but when she said that she didn't get it, he sighed and then he felt her moving down. She spoke and then he decided to tease her too [b "Oooh, I want some watermelon"] he smiled innocently and then he looked around. They did have a lot more guards.

[b "Hmm, shall we go to my office then? The door is air locked"] he smirked, knowing it was completely safe in there. He leaned in to kiss her again before taking a sip of the wine and then tugging her hands as he headed towards the lab. They had a good amount of time before the twins came home.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 109d 8h 53m 43s
Charrie laughed [b "I know." ] There kids were always somewhere in there mind. She wanted to teach Ariel how to speak more, read, and wanted to get Orion to walk, maybe even saw a few words. As soon as Ori could speak a little more and understand a little more, then everything would be fine. She remembered how the twins used to be like. They were so cute when they baby talked to each other and just somehow knew what each other wanted a few times. She leaned onto Mason and felt a lot of love for him, there family and was glad she had him to share her worries with.

She kissed him, and he rubbed her chest, squeezing after she directed his hand. She loved it and heard him try to deny it. "Right...I think you're making it worse." ] She sure liked being touched by him. She sure also loved touching him too. Her hand went down his chest and then went to hold his hand. She kissed him back and laughed [b "Our relationship is solid isn't it." ] She moaned when he gave her another squeeze. Her eyes went down to his lips when he stuck out his tongue. She leaned in and licked his tongue and kissed him quickly. [b "What rocks?"] She squeezed his hand, [b "Do you mean the rocks outside?" ] She kissed him again, [b "Or...something inside...?" ] She let her other hand land on top of his lower body.

Her eyes returned to his. [b "I think I have time. Do you have time to eat a juicy fruit?" ] She whispered the last bit. They did have guards in the house and she didn't want anyone to be wandering around and hear. Actually, now that she thought about it, this wasn't the exact place they should be acting like this... [b "We should probably go to one of our offices, or our bedroom." ]
  Ravenity / 109d 23h 2m 12s
He loved talking with her this way because she always played along with him. It didn't really matter what they did, as long as they were together, they were able to have so much fun. [b "I love it too"] he smiled and then he thought about little Ori and Ari. He knew they'd be okay once Ori could interact and speak with Ari. THey were both so adorable, it was hard to see them not liking one another. It would be nice for Ari to have someone to play with too since the twins always played together.

He kissed her cheek and smirked [b "We are. It's amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything else or anyone else"] he was always glad they could fall back on each other and just know that someone was always there to love them.

WHen they started talking dirty, he smirked and then he loved the feeling of her warm lips against his skin. He teased her and rubbed her chest, squeezing and then smirking. [b "No! I'm trying to get your heart racing back to a normal pace"] he told her, feeling her hand touching his chest.

He listened to her and knew what she meant. The further she went down, the more excited he got. [b "Oh? Well...."] he held her hand and intertwined their fingers as he leaned in to kiss her lips more. [b "Very solid. I can feel how solid our relationship is too"] he gave another squeeze and laughed, not really paying attention to anything else except Charrie.

[b "Do you think you have a little time to hold onto my rocks?"] he stuck out his tongue.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 110d 9h 32m 53s
For some reason, she never got sick of it, talking him and teasing him the way they always did. Charrie nodded and then laughed [b "Yea, you do...and I love it." ] She bumped against him. Their kids came into their thoughts. She sure hoped that the two of them would be fine, she didn't want Ariel always to see Ori as this destroyer of her hard work, and thief of her food. [i They'll be okay. ] They were too damn adorable too. Ori was going to be a year older...it really felt like yesterday since he was born into the world. They had to protect them.

they snuggled with each other and laughed quietly [b "Yea... I'm not going to deny it. We're really dirty, our sex life is amazing." ] She was glad for that. She always thought that married couples always eventually stopped liking each other down the line. Her parents always seemed to be fine...guess she had good examples. She poked his abs , playing his hand on her chest and nodded [b "I bet I can make your rock solid," ] She kissed behind his neck and whispered to his ear.

[b "Faint?" ] She giggled at his answer. She felt him squeeze, over and over, staring down at looking back at his eyes [b "Your just squeezing, you pervert." ] She teased and and kissed him softly. He was perfect, perfect in every way. She felt him take her hand to his chest, and she felt through.[b "mmm... You really are solid... It's kind of hard to grip here though, I need something I really can hold onto." ] She let her hand roam down his chest, slowly but didn't touch close just yet. [b "Hmm... I know." ] She took hold of his hand and laughed, [b "There, solid." ] She kissed his jaw. Teasing was always fun.
  Ravenity / 111d 4h 2m 54s

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