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This was their first time buying something like this together. She hoped that it would become easier because, she liked doing a lot with Mase in bed. Charrie walked along the sidewalk with him. She thought doing it in the lambo would be lots of fun. Sure, it might make a mess...but she felt so excited to try things out while they were alone. She got into the car seat. Charrie nodded [b “I’d like that.” ] She closed the door and leaned back, getting anxious about doing it in there car.

Mason parked and her eyes watched him, waiting patiently for him to put the car in park. The sun roof opened up and she nibbled on her lip while smiling. [b “I think we’ll have more room at the back, but I could always hop on while you’re there and then we can move into the back. Ah-“ ] She remembered something from the past and laughed a little [b “Remember that time, you tried to glue me in the car seat and felt me up. That didn’t end well…but funny how I’m so willing to do it now.” ] She leaned in and let her hand reach underneath his shirt a bit, [b “Do you want me to come over there?” ]
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He was glad that they were both figuring out all of these things together. She was willing to try out some new things with him and that got him really excited. Mason wanted to always be able to keep her happy and to keep that flame burning every time he spent time with her. That never went away. He loved her so much.

After they had all of their things purchased, he stepped outside with her, walking along the sidewalks, past other shops as he made a suggestion. Now that they were alone, he didn't think they could pass up a chance to get some alone time together, so when she agreed, he smiled and then he led her towards his lambo, putting the bags inside as he felt the anxiousness build. He really wanted to be able to do things with her right now.

HE got into the driver seat, waiting for Charrie to step inside. [b "How about we go somewhere a little more secluded?"] he backed up and drove towards the beach more, a little further away from the city. He parked off to the side, away from any buildings beneath some palm trees. He opened up the sun roof and then he glanced over at Charrie. [b "Well we're all secluded now. DO you want to come with me to the driver side? Or should we get dirty and head into the back seat?"] he suggested, getting really excited.
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Charrie lit up [b “Yea, you’re right.” ] She held his head. They found condoms and it has been a while since they’ve used them since she used birth control. She felt pretty excited about using what they got and wished to do it even sooner. They reached the cash and what she said upset her. She couldn’t believe it though, how someone would risk their job to flirt with Mason. Did they have any respect towards other people or themselves?

They walked out together and she carried the bag. They were done, she figured it was time to head back to the car. She saw Mason giving a look around. She opened her mouth to ask why but he said it. The edge of her lip lifted [b “What’s a better place than having sex in a luxury car? I don’t think I can think of somewhere else public that would still hide us.” ] She added. She felt the burst of excitement in her.

[b “Are we going to keep the parked here, or will we go somewhere else?” ] She whispered and glanced back at the bag of stuff they just bought. She felt pretty good about herself. Mason would never want someone else. She loved how he only ever wanted her, that she didn’t feel any fear of it.
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He was glad that they had a lot of choices to pick from because Mason really did just want to have fun with her today and have some memorable nights on this trip with so many people being able to look after their kids. He smiled [b "Yeah, but as long as you and I have a good time, nothing else matters"] he held her hand and then he walked with her to the condom area.

He found a few cool choices as he looked around. Why didn't they think of these things before? Maybe it was because Mason didn't really like to wear those that much, but if they were trying new things, then why not? He picked out a textured one, another one with some stubs, and another with some ridges and rows.

WHen he finished, he headed to go pay for their things [b "There's nothing wrong with sneaking"] he smirked and then he paid for their things, hearing the cashier whisper. When he was going to say something, he heard Charrie interrupt. THe woman didn't care about Charrie at all. She was only interested in Mason.

[b "I would like a demo, but I'm going to demo everything with my wife"] he took the items and then he held Charrie's hand, walking with her outside. He thought about what he bought her and he looked around. [b "You know....my lambo is tinted....and there's a lot of space inside"] he winked, wanting to try out something they bought. [b "UNless you want to go somewhere more public?"]
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Charrie filled up a smile [b “I know.” ]
They had a lot of choices. She was feeling a bit embarrassed too being out here, knowing that there were real life people knowing what they were going to be doing by what they bought. She end up picking three with him. [b “I know what you mean…” ] She sighed.

Being around all of this had her excited. She wanted to do many things with him and she didn’t want to wait long. Charrie picked up the condom package and then raised a brow and turned her head. [b “Test… I’d want that.” ] She figured he meant at him but then he said it. It wasn’t like they haven’t done the dirty deed in public before. [b “I don’t think they’ll let us go in together, so we’d have to sneak.” ] She whispered quickly. And then someone came to them.

Mason stepped slightly ahead of her. Charrie carried two of the vibrators, so that it was easier for Mason to take out his card and pay. She saw that girl at the cash was watching him in a different way and then Mason glanced back at Charrie. Charrie lifted a light smile and set the items down. The girl whispered but, Charrie heard. She stared back at her. Did she just offer to do what now? Charrie gave her a long look, [b “Demo huh? Since this stuff will mostly affect me…and he got it for me-then who’se the demo for? Because I know for sure you’re not offering it to my husband.”] Oh, it ticked her off, Charrie stopped herself from just not losing, [b “What do you think? Do you want a demo?” ] She glanced at Mase. Hell, she wanted him to shut her down fast.

She let Mason pay it off and felt ticked. She took hold of his hand after.
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He loved how he could just do what he wanted to her. He wanted the world to know how sexy his wife was too and she was all his. Mason saw that sweet smile on her face and he knew she felt the same way. [b "Do I? I'm glad you love it. You're allowed to squeeze it to your hearts content"] he smirked, walking into the shop with her.

When Mason looked for something they could get, Charrie made some good choices. They haven't really played around with toys much and since she was interested in a variety, why not? He thought up some cool ideas with each one and he was getting really excited. He did enjoy the foreplay between them.

He nodded his head [b "Yeah, we'll have a great time"] he smirked, feeling a bit embarrassed now that he thought about it, but this was normal for a health relationship. [b "It's just...we don't really do this in public, but it's new. I'll get over it"] he told her, hearing that they would have fun. He didn't think that those toys would be used for him, but he was sure that Charrie would turn the tables eventually if they had it now.

When he looked over the other sections, he held her hand again [b "I don't know if I can wait either. Maybe we can test one of the new condoms?"] he suggested, looking through a few and then getting a few different kinds with more textures. [b "There's a fitting room....or we can always go into the bathroom"] he told her, knowing they've done many dirty things out in public before anyway.

He heard the employee behind him and then he glanced back [b "Yeah, we're okay. Thank you though"] he told her, heading to the register with their items. When Mason paid for it, the cashier was looking at him, her eyes moving down as she bagged his things. "And who are you going to have fun with these?" she asked, smirking a little and then glancing over at Charrie.

"If you really want to know how to use them....I can also give you demo out back" she whispered a little.
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She adored when he complimented her. It meant nothing from someone else, but it always meant something to her coming from him. Charrie flashed a smile and gave a halfhearted shrug [b “I think you’ve got a sexy ass too.” ] She squeezed his hand.

They stepped inside the shop, and she felt overwhelmed with the amount of choices. What should she get? What was good? What would be good for her? She imagined anything would be good as long as Mason was doing anything to her. She spotted a small one, with a remote. She thought it was cute and less intimidating, plus it had a remote. [b “You think so?” ] She asked, and saw his cheeks lit up a bit. To think she was admiring him for how comfortable he was.

Charrie pointed at this big purple one, reading it had strong vibrations. He was blushing. [b “Why are you blushing? We’re not going to put that in you.” ] She laughed and she had trouble picking things out. [b “All three?” ] Her eyes widened and then she nodded [b “We…will. I know I definitely will.” ] She wouldn’t be so shy about any of this when they were alone. She just didn’t want to be overheard. She followed Mason and saw the condoms and imagined.

It made her excited. [b “Mase. I don’t know if I can wait until we get to the hotel.” ] She whispered and saw the ones he found, [b “I like the ones with spikes, I also like the one that’s ribbed and dotted. I can’t believe we haven’t thought about doing this before.” ]
“Do you need any help?” Someone spoke right behind them.
Charrie nearly jumped and she just lightly smiled [b “I think we’re okay.” ]
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He loved making Charrie blush and to think that even now, he was still able to. They've been together for so long that he was just really glad there was still that fire between them. Their sex life was amazing. He walked with Charrie out of the store and when they headed to other adult shops, he called out a guy for looking at his wife, mostly because he really wanted him to hear that his wife was definitely sexy.

He looked at Charrie's ass with a smile and then he heard her laughing and then he felt his ass being slapped, making him jump. [b "Hey! What was that for?"] he laughed also, loving how they teased each other.

Once they were in the shop, he held onto her hand and then he let her choose some things that she wanted. He walked with her, seeing her move towards some of the vibrators. When she picked one out, Mason started to feel it. He looked at the remote control and then he saw Charrie blushing. It made him blush as well [b "Hmm, I...think this one would be fun"] he told her, looking at the blue one and then he saw her looking at a purple one that was bigger. [b "Hm..."] his cheeks burned a little, thinking about how maybe she wanted someone with a bigger size. He glanced to the white ribbed one and then he realized that this was really embarrassing.

[b "Um...okay, let's get these three then. I think we'll have fun with it"] he sort of went a little timid, but he didn't mind paying for it at all. Mason went over to the condom section, looking at the different kinds that they had. He went over and found one with a bit of spikes on the length. Then Mason saw another one with rigid bumps. [b "Is there one that you like baby?"]
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Even with her voice low, her cheeks felt warm to touch when they talked about vibrators, condoms and whips around a public space. She sure wasn't shy to talk about to Mason, but out here...it was harder. They held hands and he talked about them and she definitely wanted to get those things and play around. She spaced out by being in her own head and then all the sudden Mason was calling someone out, and someone was commenting on something-she didn't know what since she didn't hear the rest of it. Charrie quickly glanced at Mason and he was smirking. What was he smirking about?

Her eyes followed him look back and Mase was most definitely staring at her ass. She narrowed her eyes slightly , then she laughed quietly and shook her head and she got a kiss on her cheek. Once the coast was clear, and she felt sure no one was looking, she slapped his ass lightly again, and whispered [b "You sure he wasn't talking about you?" ] She teased. They stepped into the store and she just...didn't know what to do. These people working here, would know what she would do with anything here. It made her wish she shopped online.

[b "You say that but they'll still know." ] She kept her voice quiet again. She liked a lot of things and she just didn't want these people to know. [b "Okay," ] She held onto his hand and picked out a small one that had a remote control that was a blue teal, [b "this...and..." ] She blushed a bit when she tapped to a big pastel purple one, [b "or...this one. What do you think?" ] She pointed at the one just about them that was white and ribbed. The more she watched him, the more she realized he was completely comfortable. Damn it, she needed to get comfortable with this too. Well, it wasn't everyday that they they'd go somewhere like this-or well at all. She didn't realize how thankful she felt for Sarah when it came towards these things until now.
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He could only laugh because they both knew each other so well already. Mason loved her and they've been together long enough to know what the other enjoyed, what they hated, and how to please one another. He went off, picking some things that he wanted Charrie to wear, looking through and then he found such a nice outfit. He stood there, imagining what it would look like on her before he bit down on his lip. She would look sexy in anything.

HE teased her about the whip and then he walked over to the register to pay for the things he bough. When Mason finished, he walked out with her, asking her where she wanted to go next. He mentioned some dirty things that didn't seem like normal conversation topics, but he did want to have some fun with her. When she agreed so easily, Mason smirked and then he kissed her cheek, seeing she was a bite embarrassed. To think he could make her feel this way. This hard, brutal, organization leader could still be so cute.

He smirked and then he saw someone looking at her. Mason called him out and then he looked back at Charrie's ass. [i All mine] he saw the man walk off. [b "Mmm, he's right though, that....fine...."] he teased, kissing her cheek again and then walking into the store, looking around to see all the vibrators. He could tell that the people here instantly knew what was going on between them.

[b "It's okay. They don't care. We can get what we want"] he told her, walking with her. [b "Pick one you'd like baby, then we can check out the condoms"] he told her, not feeling too embarrassed by this place. If he wanted to sleep with Charrie so what? She was his wife.
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A laugh escaped her. Charrie leaned in and whispered [b "It better after touching me so much." ] There backs turned and they went there separate ways. Now and then, she'd try to peak over the racks to see where he was out and try to predict what he'd pick out for her. At the same time...she really did want it to be a surprise. She went through a couple of things and imagined Mason alone in a room with her, dressed in a sexy outfit, kissing her and... She spaced out and only snapped out of it remembering she had to decide what he'd wear. There sex life never seemed to die.

A whip. This would be amusing. She lifted in the air and thought she'd see a face of terror, instead he was laughing. Her eyes flickered back and forth between the whip and her eyes widened slightly. Her cheeks warmed just a tad bit. Well...if he said so.

She purchased a few things and when she was done, she came over. She laughed when she saw a little jump from him. She'd peak over his shoulder but he turned, so she couldn't see it. [b "Okay, go ahead," ] She stood back and let him purchase it. She turned her head and would glance around, until Mason took her hand. She stepped out into the street with him. Mason wrapped his arm around her waist, held her in. It made her happy to be so near. She couldn't remember ever a time where they went to buy a vibrator or anything like that. [b I like that idea... I want to get both," ] She kept her voice low, because she felt a little embarrassed about having someone hear.

Talking about this stuff was making her a little anxious. Her mind travelled again and she suddenly smiled to herself. She pulled out her phone to find a store, when she heard Mason speak out. She didn't really know what had happened but she didn't know why she found that sexy.

"Sorry man, but she's got a fine-" He said, glancing back.
[b "-Hey," ] Charrie interrupted.
He shrugged and walked off.
Charrie looked back at Mason, [b "Who cares. Anyway...that store isn't too far," ] She lead the way and went inside with him. Oh my... She was just realizing how dirty they were. She looked back at Mason, suddenly she felt shy about this, knowing that people who worked here would know... [b "Maybe we should buy things online. I don't know how Sarah does it," ] She mumbled.
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He couldn't remember the last time they went out together at all. Was it before Ori? Mason scratched his head, not sure. He did remember when him and Charrie dyed their hair and tried to go out without being bothered by paparazzi. They bought their bunnies and were both really big in their careers. To think, this was where they were now. They've come such a long way with an amazing family.

He led her into the store and then he smirked. [b "It will fit. My hands know best"] he teased her and went off looking through the racks for something. He wanted something that showed all of Charrie...but at the same time, make her feel like she was still wearing something. Mason shuffled through the clothes and then he saw something he'd like on her. Picking it up, he hid it beneath some toys he bought, along with accessories.

He heard her calling his name, so when he looked back to see the whip, he laughed [b "If you really want to....I'll let you baby. But just remember, if you're into that, I get to use on you too!"] he told her.

WHen Charrie came over, he tried to hide it all, jumping a little [b "I'm done, no peeking. Let me pay and then we can buy things together"] he told her, walking towards the register and paying for his things before moving to her side again. Mason held her hand and then he stepped out of the shop with her, walking along the street. [b "What do you want to buy baby? Maybe stop by the vibrator store? Or maybe we can get some textured condoms instead? Since we both know you love me the best?"] he teased, wrapping his arm around her waist and keeping her close.

When he saw a guy passing by, looking at Charrie's ass, Mason glanced back at him [b "Hey! Keep your eyes off my wife. She doesn't want you anyway"]
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b “I honestly can’t remember the last time we did go alone,” ] She tilted her head, and put her black bag over her shoulder. Charrie grinned and squeezed his hand, [b “So am I. You’re going to be looking so sexy.” ] She kissed his cheek. They walked in and remembered when they were in there early twenties, when she came back and they were dating. How they shopped around, got bunnies… She loved those memories. [b “Me too.” ] Mason kissed her cheek. He was the sweetest husband.

They stepped in and she felt she would have plenty of ideas of what she could do, she just knew she’d have to narrow it down-which would be really hard. [b “Okay, deal,” ] She shrugged and smiled, and then laughed [b “Yea? Make sure it fits me well.” ] She said, and then separated from him. She went to go look through some skimpy things for Mason. She definitely found some options, imagining and picturing what he’d look like. There were some toys around, and she found a whip. Hell yea she was going to tease him. [b “Hey Mase,” ] She waved over, and lifted the whip and smirked [b “Wouldn’t this be fun?” ] She laughed, knowing it would scare him if she dared thought twice about using it. But, she loved to mess around with him.
She definitely got to picking a few things, maybe even for another night. She figures she should buy this first, so she could put in a bag and hide it away before he saw. So, she did. She bought what she needed and then went behind him, [b “Hey, are you done? Should we get anything else together?” ] She asked.
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Ori and Ari were their cutest little things ever and Mason loved watching them eat the food he made. He could see them eating up their food happily, making him smile brightly [b "You two really like that don't you"] he grinned, taking a bite of his before Sarah and Mark came in.

Mason grabbed the things they needed, glanced over to see little Ari looking worried. He made sure to tell her that they'd get her a surprise. As they headed into their car, he hoped that Ori and Ari didn't give them much trouble at all. He didn't want Sarah and Mark not to want to babysit anymore. Still, it was good practice for their upcoming baby.

Mason drove them down the road towards the city, following Charrie's instructions and then he ended up parking outside. [b "It is weird. We haven't been alone together like this in a long time. I'm really excited to pick out something for you though"] he smirked and then he held her hand in his, his arm moving around her waist as they walked around together. [b "Mmm, I miss doing this with you"] he said happily as he leaned in to kiss her cheek.

He thought about where he wanted to go and then he smirked [b "Let's separate for now. I'll find what I want you to wear and you can find mine. It'll be a surprise. Besides I know your size. I feel it all the time"] Mason said playfully.
  ellocalypse / 90d 11h 12m 26s
Ori's little cheeks were so cute. She just wanted to kiss them, and hold him-the second she cleaned up his face a little. Oh, but their babies were just so damn adorable. Ariel was so damn adorable munching on pizza too, less of a mess than Ori, but still a mess. She kept her eyes on them while she was taking bites. Everyone was pretty happy with Mason's pizza. Charrie heard the door and got it.

Ariel looked a little worried, never really feeling comfortable when they were gone. Ori still hadn't suspected anything, even when Mason gave him a kiss and told him to be good. He jsut stared back until they reached the car door. He whined and stretched out his fingers. He instantly cried, and then instantly stopped crying when Sarah put more pizza in front of his mouth. "We got this, don't worry, have fun you too," Sarah grinned.

Charrie waved to their kids. Ariel waved back to her but looked worried, not sure how Sarah and Mark were going to entertain her, or do the same things her parents did.
Charrie took her seat in the car and they were off. The wind was whipping her hair. It was good to actually use their expensive cars for once. Charrie laughed [b "Yes, just me and you for a little bit." ] They drove to downtown. Charrie pulled out her phone and tried to direct Mason where to go, where there was a lingerie and adult store near by. When Mason parked, she got her bag and stepped out. She waited for him, before going inside the shop [b "It's weird being without our kids isn't it..." ] Since whenever they were outside they were usually with at least one of their kids or went alone.

When they were there, she didn't know where to start. She saw lingerie, and short, short skirts, and then tight pants. She smiled to herself and then looked back at him [b "Are we going to part ways, or should we do this together," ] She held his hand.
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