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Mason knew that Charrie was so in love with him that no matter what he did, she'd be into him. He loved using that to his advantage in teasing her because she did the same to him. He was a little sad though that his charm didn't really work this time. All he really wanted to do was make her feel turned on, but they had all night to play that game.

He helped their little ones each breakfast, feeding little Ori and seeing his chubby cheeks fill with happiness. He kept his beautiful green eyes on Mason's spoon as he fed him. He was squealing as he saw mommy come in and when Ari came down looking like a cutie, he hugged her and kissed her cheek softly as he set her down and watched her twirl around the living room.

Mason noticed Belle's expression and he knew exactly what she wanted. Mason looked over at Rick's outfit and he smiled. He was in a striped shirt and some shorts just like daddy's. [b "You don't needs daddy's help huh Rick. You're already looking so snazzy"] he smirked and Rick just looked at daddy's clothes and he nodded. [+blue "I just try picking stuff like you dad"] he told him and Mason rubbed his head. [b "That's my boy"] he grinned, hearing Ori clap his hands. [b "My boys"] he laughed and then when Belle came down, he saw how cute Belle looked. [b "Wow Belle, that's such a pretty dress. My three girls are looking so adorable today"] he asked Belle to spin around and when she did, he nodded. [b "I approve. You look awesome"] he cheered and Belle's face lit up. She spun in a circle with Ari and the two were smiling and giggling.

[b "Wow, our family is looking good. Let's get ready, everyone brush your teeth and we'll be off"] he told them, sending a text to Mark and Sarah to head over when they could.
  ellocalypse / 116d 2h 16m 37s
Mason was outright perfect. She wanted to tease him more, she wanted to play with him more in the morning. It was hard not to…she wanted to reach for places she knew she shouldn’t right now. She loved how confident he was, and it made her smile. He knew that she couldn’t get enough of him and she loved that because it was true. She got dressed, and even brought up Ariel to get her dressed. They arrived downstairs and Ariel was cheering on, feeling so pretty in her dress.

Ariel grinned, giggled and squealed when Mason kissed her. She was so happy that daddy liked it too. Charrie felt so happy to see Ariel being so excited about her dress. Then her head turned to when Mason mentioned Belle. She did look sad…why? Spick out… Ah. She still wanted to dress up Belle but the twins always went off to get ready themselves without a word.

“Yea, exactly what daddy said. Come on Belle, let’s find you something. I miss dressing you up so much!” She went over to Belle. Belle hesitated but then took Charrie’s hand and half smiled, “Okay.” She went upstairs with Belle into her room. After going through some of them, they decided on a white dress with a floral red skirt with some red tulle underneath. Charrie bought it a while back ago but they never had the time to get belle in it. Belle loved it and was so happy to spin around in it. Belle then end up picking her cowgirl boots but Charrie convinced her out of it because she was going to be hot.

Charrie helped Belle braid her hair and now Belle was going downstairs with Charrie, feeling much happier. “Mason, what do you think?” Charrie asked, nudging Belle forward.
  Ravenity / 116d 4h 30m 50s
Mason ended up laughing as he kissed her sweet lips, wanting to just take her here in the closet, but he knew they had to get ready and head for the hotel. He saw Charrie in her red dress and she looked so sexy that he just wanted her so much. He loved it on her.

He wondered if he wasn't as attractive as he thought he was, so he was a little confused. Mason just shrugged it off for now and went on with his day. He carried Ari and brought her to the kitchen and soon enough, everyone was eating at the table. He helped cut up food for Ari and Ori, feeding their little boy. He would look around and pat his table as he saw mommy come down.

Ari went up and then Mason finished feeding Ori, wiping his lips and kissing his cheek. [b "That was good huh Ori?"] he asked and he squealed. He helped the twins clean up, but when little Ari came running in her adorable dress, he smiled [b "Wow look at you cutie"] he lifted her up and kissed her, noticing that Belle looked a bit sad. He rubbed her head. [b "Do you want mommy to help you pick out a cute dress too?"] he asked, seeing Ari smile. [i "Mommy pick nice!"] she told Belle and Mason smiled.

[b "You know it's okay to ask help from mommy and daddy sometimes too you two. Don't think you have to do it yourselves"]
  ellocalypse / 116d 4h 47m 44s
Charrie half shrugged and smirked, “Maybe. We’ll find out.” A laugh bubbled out of her when he stuck out his tongue too. They kissed, and he laughed at her reply. She definitely could but she knew she had to keep their lust tucked in until they reached the end of the night. Charrie slipped on the red dress and she was fond of it, red always had been her color.

Mason posed and she found it so cute. She could tell from his look that he didn’t believe she’d last. Sometimes she wondered if she fed into his ego too much but she felt that it made sense. She adored him, everything about him and it was hard not to. Ariel was knocking on the door. Charrie heard Mason’s voice reply to Ariel’s.

Charrie smiled to herself and moisturized her face, cleaning up just a bit more before grabbing her bag. She might as well put it downstairs…and Ariel’s and Ori’s. She pulled down her bag first and went to grab there little ones downstairs. She checked the twins rooms but, she heard there voice from the stairs and guessed they must have already brought it down.

When she went down the stiars, there was her family waiting for her. Everyone was eating and the twins bags were downstairs like she suspected.
“Good morning everyone. Mmm…waffles, looks good.” She sat down and ate a bit. She watched Ariel who was watching her too. Charrie rose up and scooped her up, “Come on cupcake, we’re going to get you cleaned up and dressed. Are you excited?”

Ariel nodded, “Awi wan wed.” She pointed at Charrie’s dress.
“Okay, deal,” Charrie giggled and kissed her cheek. She brought up Ariel and dressed her in a short casual red dress with short straps, appearing a bit bohemian. She tied up Ariel’s hair in a bun-not a very good one but it was a bun and made sure to grab her hat and sunglasses. She looked so damn adorable. “Aw Ari. You look a lot prettier than me.”

Ariel giggled happily, and started to run down the hall and the stairs and nearly tripped-but Charrie caught her. “Slow down,” Charrie said, picking her up and letting her feet touch the ground once they arrived at the bottom of the stairs.

“Daddy Daddy! Look!” Ariel raised her hands, wanting to show him her dress.
Belle peaked over, and looked down at herself, she was wearing just a pair of shorts and a flowery top. She pouted, and wished she got help but didn’t want to say anything. She wasn’t a baby like Ari.
  Ravenity / 116d 5h 46m 41s
He loved teasing her because she really enjoyed teasing him as well. He felt her feeling him up, pulling down his pants, and just doing whatever she really wanted. [b "Oh? Hmm, maybe I'll change your mind tonight then"] he stuck out his tongue and then he kissed her, laughing when she said she could do other things to him. She really could and he believed her.

He watched her dressing up and he posed for her, narrowing his eyes when she said she'd last. Really? He didn't think so. Her clothes that she picked out actually looked pretty good on him. He heard the door and then he opened it up, seeing their little toddler. He smiled and then he picked her up [b "Hey baby girl. You hungry?"] he kissed her cheek and then he smiled, bringing her downstairs.

He saw the chef making some waffles and sausages as he sat Ari in her high chair. THe twins were already at the table sitting. [+red "Daddy we're ready to go"] Belle said as the two already had their bags down and they were dressed. [b "Oh wow. We're just waiting for your mom. Here you two cut Ari some breakfast, I'm going to get Ori"] he told them and then he headed up to Ori's room, seeing their little boy nibbling on his dinosaur. Mason picked him up and kissed his cheek [b "Hey champ. Let's go eat and get ready"] he said, bringing him to the kitchen as well.
  ellocalypse / 116d 6h 12m 22s
Mason spanked her, and it made her urge to tease him go further. She slid his pants down and picked out clothes for him. “No, of course not. I don’t think you’re that daring.” She let him dress up and then he said she couldn’t tell him what to do. She stuck her tongue out and he went into kiss her, kissing down her neck. She moaned and met his eyes. “Yea, you are already dressed up-but that’s always an easy fix.” She shrugged.

She took the red dress and began to slip it on while she caught Mason trying to pose. She laughed. “I’ll last.” She promised and went into the bathroom to brush out hair and pull it up. She heard light knocking on their bedroom door, “That must be Ari. You should open it,” Charrie spoke from the bathroom, and then sat down her hair brush. While Ariel was waiting, she tried to open the door but it was a struggle to reach and it seemed to be locked.

“Mommy, daddy,” She called and knocked again. She yawned loudly, hoping to catch more of their attention. When Ariel was let it, she would look and lift her hands up in the air, “Food.”
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He felt her nibbling on his lips and he found her to be just so sexy. He couldn't ever get enough Charrie and he was really excited for all of the fun they were going to have that night. He smiled and then he headed into the closet, finding something that she'd like to wear. He pulled out a red dress, but she was in the middle of teasing him.

Mason spanked her ass and then he laughed [b "I won't make it easy either"] he felt his pants go down and when she agreed to wear the dress, he smiled brightly. He took the shirt she picked out and put it on [b "Do I really have to wear nothing?" he sighed, seeing her pull him in as he faced her. He leaned in to kiss her and then he laughed "I don't want anyone seeing my junk. And if you pull down my shorts by accident...it's all over"] he grabbed some boxers and then he put them on along with the cargo shorts.

[b "You can't tell me what to do!"] he kissed her lips and then he held her neck, kissing down as he squeezed her ass again. [b "Mmm, you're just lucky your figure is amazing. I would take you here and now if I could, but I already dressed up"] he put his hands in his pockets and then he posed for her. [b "You have to keep your hands off of this until tonight. Can you last?"]
  ellocalypse / 117d 2h 56m 2s
Charrie nibbled on his lip after he said he couldn’t wait. “We’re going to have lots of fun playing together tonight.” She kissed his soft lips. Warm arms were around her and gave her more kisses that she couldn’t get enough of. She loved hearing him agree, “Yes, and you’re the best husband ever.” She followed him off their comfy bed with their sheets hanging loosely on it. She stood there naked, while he started searching for her something to wear but…she couldn’t stand there for long. She felt him up and got him to look through more so she could feel him more, seeing how he jumped up.

“I never make it easy do I?” She tugged his pants down, feeling so playful and adoring to tease him. Ah right, he pulled out a dress. She gave a glance at it, red-perfect. “I love it. I’ll wear that,” She said and lifted her eyes back up. “Mmmm…” As she thought about what she could put him in, Mason kissed her cheek so sweetly and the next slapping her ass.

“Hey, don’t turn me on,” She tugged on his boxers, leaning in so her lips were close to his, “Because you’ll regret it.” She sure loved teasing him, “I want…you to wear a deep v-neck t-shirt and…um shorts, without any boxers on-until you become uncomfortable. Then you can put it on.” She shrugged, “Okay? I think that navy blue shirt you have would be nice.” She nodded and went into the closet herself and pulled out the shirt and a pair of black cargo shorts.
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He peeked and got a nice look at her sexy figure. Mason loved how great she always looked and she managed to always stay in shape. He smirked [b "Ooh, then I can't wait to see my daring wife"] he met her lips, wrapping his arms around her and then he would kissed her lips again. He loved her embrace and the way they were so close together. He didn't want to really play around if they were going to do all they could tonight.

[b "The very best wife ever!"] he laughed and then he helped her up. He put on her bra and then he asked her what dress she wanted. He went to the closet and then tried to think of a casual dress she'd wear. [b "How about this?"] it was a red sundress that had a lace back and straps. He then felt her hands moving up his ass and then he jumped a little. [b "Baby, you're not making this easy"] he smirked, feeling his pants go down.

[b "Hmm, okay find me something sexy you'd want to see me in then"] he leaned into her, kissing her cheek and then he slapped her ass, hoping to tease her back as well.
  ellocalypse / 117d 11h 51m 1s
Charrie giggled when she saw him peeking beneath the blanket, smirking at her. “Yea? Then I’ll be a daring wife.” She kissed him, feeling him pull her in. She pressed her own body on him, snuggling in and meeting his beautiful eyes.

“Me too. Mmm…I know, so do I.” She felt up his shirt and kissed his neck. She brought his hand up her body and Mason gave her a squeeze. “Am I the best wife ever too?” She laughed. She loved feeling his hands on her, gliding down her side. She sat up and then got up to her feet, watching him stare directly at her boobs. “You better.” She teased. Mason helped her put on her bra, followed by a kiss on her shoulder. Charrie shrugged, figuring she would go with her classic skinny jeans or shorts with a t-shirt.

“Okay, a dress,” She nodded, unable to stop smiling. She watched him dig into her closet. She slowly crept behind him and felt his ass from behind, her chest against him until he would turn back. She took a few steps back and scanned the flowery dress. Charrie shook her head, “Mmm…maybe something else.” She stood back and waited for him to pick something else. While he was doing that, she tugged down his pants, “Maybe I should help you pick your clothes too.”
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He saw her eyes looking up at him as he faced her, his hands slowly went down her back, touching her smooth skin as he spanked her. His eyes looked over her, peeking beneath the blanket as he smirked. [b "Well I do like daring. I also like that you are my wife"] he smirked, leaning in to kiss her lips sweetly, pulling her naked body against his chest as he met her eyes.

[b "I'm excited for later tonight. I wish I could have you right now"] he smirked and then he felt her bringing his hand up her body. Mason gave a little squeeze and then he nodded [b "Best way to wake up"] he let his hands glide down her sides again and then he stood up, rubbing his eyes as he wrapped his arms around her and then he helped her up.

Once she was up, his eyes went to her boobs and then he smirked [b "Hmmm, I like. I guess I'll give these attention later"] he grabbed her bra and then he placed it around her chest and then he kissed her shoulder. [b "What do you want to wear today baby? A dress?"] he went into the closet, looking for something sexy. Mason came out with a a flowery dress. He showed it to her, wondering if she wanted to wear it.
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She woke, and decided to give Mason a surprise when he did too. She snuggled into his body and waited for when he opened his eyes. She saw a beautiful smile at her and she smirked when his hand began exploring her. She raised a brow when his hand found her ass, and squeezed. Charrie lightly shrugged with her left shoulder. “Save what? I’m just nude in bed,” She felt pretty happy about teasing him in the morning. He bit on her lip and tugged it toward him, so she followed and kissed him.

“Do you like daring?” She whispered and fit her leg between his. She kissed his lips again, “Good morning my dear husband,” She then took one hand and raised it up her stomach to where she’d knew he’d like to feel. “Feels nice to wake up to this? A little preview of tonight,” She asked, and then winked, “Come on, help me get dressed up. You’ll have plenty of me in the evening.” She quickly kissed his lips once more.

She felt excited for today. She glanced at the time and knew it was around the time that there baby and toddler would wake up. “I hope our kids did tire us out too much by the time it’s night.”
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He didn't want to make her feel worse when she was feeling guilty, but that really was hard. There wasn't really a way he could fix things, but they had to do this for their family. He just tried to cheer her up by letting her know that at least they'd have a fun day with the family over the weekend and they'd have some friends coming over too.

Once their babies were asleep, Mason headed up with Charrie and placed her in bed, laying beside her. He fell fast asleep beside her and in the morning, he ended up feeling something warm. He opened his eyes a little and then he saw Charrie in front of him. He met her eyes and then he smiled, reaching over to place his arm around her. He felt her bare skin and then he slowly moved his hand further down, realizing that she was naked. His hand was on her ass and then his brown eyes met hers as he leaned in.

He squeezed her ass and then he kissed her cheek [b "You do know that we have to save this for our hotel room"] he spoke and then he bit on her lip, tugging it back towards him. [b "You're getting so daring"]
  ellocalypse / 119d 4h 41m 39s
Mason gave her the right comfort, his arms around her. He didn’t have to say much to make her feel better. Besides, she also had her kids that were off into their own world of happiness that seemed to feed into her. They carried their two little ones upstairs. Mason came to check on Ori while she was just stepping out. She smiled at the room, watching Ori again. “Yea…they are. They’re so cute and ours.” She smiled back at Mason. They created them, and she was so happy to have babies with him. She head downstairs with him, but along the way she fell asleep.

“Goodnight!” The twins waved and Belle followed Rick. They were excited to talk and have a sleepover again.

Charrie felt a kiss on her forehead. She whispered ‘Mason’ in her sleep. She woke up a bit when she heard ‘night baby’ and felt a kiss on the back of her neck. She flet warm and cozy and continued to doze off. When she woke, it was bright and beautiful, sunlight streaming in and she could feel Mason right behind her. She lay on her back and saw Mason sleeping. She smiled to herself and brushed his hair carefully. She had such a perfect husband. She got an idea, and undressed herself. She put the blankets over them and pressed her body against him while he slept. It was comfortable for her this way and she thought it was a fun way to wake up. If he took too long to wake, she’d fall sleep again.
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He wrapped his arms around her because he could tell that she didn't look happy. That man made her feel guilty and he didn't blame her because it had to be done. He did feel bad for Conrad, but he did cause some trouble to their family even if he didn't mean it. He nodded and then he just sat on the couch with their family to relax. He loved seeing their little ones staying together and getting along. THey were adorable together.

Soon enough, Mason had Ari in his arms, carrying her to her room. He tucked her in and kissed her cheek as he stepped out to check up on Ori, smiling down at Charrie. [b "Looks like the littlest ones are fast asleep"] he laughed and then he went back with the twins, finishing up the movie. He saw Charrie fast asleep and Belle poking her cheek. [b "Okay, just make sure you two sleep okay? Don't stay up too long talking"] he laughed and then he watched them head upstairs. He loved hearing them bicker about nonsense.

[b "Good night you two"] he smiled and then he turned off the TV, looking down at a fast asleep Charrie. He leaned down and then he lifted her into his arms. He kissed her forehead and then he walked up towards their room, laying her in bed as he pulled the sheets over her. Mason got ready for bed and then he climbed in beside her, draping his arm around her waist. [b "Night baby"] he kissed the back of her neck and then he leaned into her, trying to fall asleep. They had a big day tomorrow.
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