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ARiel tried hard to copy Belle and Rick, until Charrie pulled her in and tried to tell her just to watch for a bit. But she did go back up there, and tried, -it mostly looked like dancing to Charrie. Shew as this adorable little girl trying her best. Charrie watched her, feeling so in love and then correcting the twins posture, form and how they defended themslves. Mason and Ori came in soon after. She heard Ori's babbles and decided to give the twins a break. Charrie laughed quietly when Belle spoke to Mason.

"Yummy! Your the best daddy." Belle grinned and tehy ran off inside, wanting to eat right away. Charrie lifted Ariel up and kissed her cute cheek, [b "You were so good Ariel. I have such a smart little girl." She tickled her little tummy and saw Ori curiously watching and then babbling and patting Mason's shoulder and pointed towards the font. She smiled and headed inside. She placed Ariel in her high chair and she began to yawn. Following Rick and Belle was helping tire her out. She set a plate for Ariel, breaking things into smaller pieces for her. She then sat down herself, and let Mason handle Ori who was still eager to eat more foot and keep his hands messy.

The food was good. Life was good... And it helped forget about some problems. [b "What did you and Ori do while I took the twins and Ariel away?" ] She asked. Ori was stuffing his face and touching his face with his messy hands. She sure loved how adorable he was. He titled his head up and looked up at Mason, trying to touch Mason's face too with his dirty hand.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 40d 17h 45s
He knew she could persuade him with the whole birth thing, but he couldn't argue. She did have to carry him for nine months and do all of the hard labor. He cleaned up Ori quickly and when he was all smiles again, he kissed his cheek and let him kiss Charrie.

It was adorable to see little Ariel begging to be apart of the sparring though. The way she spoke was so adorable and seeing her mommy give in made him laugh. He let them spar for a while as he did a few things on his laptop, letting Ori relax on him as he babbled and would ask what daddy was doing. Him and mommy did the same thing. Sometimes he would touch the screen and when Mason finished, he decided to let him get a glimpse of dinner.

Ori was excited when he took a bite. He wanted more, but Mason had to pull him away. He brought him outside to get some sun, seeing their kids all sparring. It was the cutest thing to see Ariel trying to follow the twins. Ori pointed and was babbling as if asking what they were doing. [b "See that Ori? Your brother and sisters are training to be like mommy"] he smiled, seeing them all come in. Mason rubbed the top of the twins' heads, seeing them both go up to change. When Ari wobbled in, he leaned down. [b "Did you have fun cupcake?"] he asked and Ari nodded her head. [i "I fowwow Belle and Wick"] she said so proudly, clapping her hands as she walked up to mommy, raising her hands.

[b "We're having wings and fries for dinner guys, so get ready"] he told them, bouncing Ori as he leaned into Mason's arms, looking down at Ari who was reaching up. [i "Mommy. I did good?"] she asked Charrie, wondering if she was able to do it well.
  ellocalypse / 43d 14h 58m 38s
Charrie knew she got him when she pulled out the 'I gave birth' part. It always seemed to work. She didn't like the whole diaper situation, but she sure liked being with Ori. He took her face and kissed her. She loved how loving he was as a baby. She knew he was probably copying what he saw too.
Ariel won this round. She was too hard to resist with her cute little red hair in a ponytail, adorable brown eyes, tiny little hands and big smiles. She didn't want Ariel to do anything like the twins but, she knew there was no harm in her watching and playing. Ariel giggled when daddy said she would do good, and just had to hug his arm before Charrie scooped her up to take her outside with the twins. The twins ran upstairs to go get changed into easier clothing. Ariel tugged on her shirt wondering if she should be like the twins. She pointed upstairs "Awi too."
Charrie didn't see why not, so she head upstairs and helped Ariel change into a little pair of leggings and a t-shirt with a pair comfortable shoes. She was so damn adorable. She the twins come out and they were just...perfect. She couldn't believe Ariel was going to be that big.
She went outside with the twins and Ariel. She first let the twins warm up and Ariel wanted to try, so Charrie ran in small circles with her and let her stretch. It was so damn adorable that she had to start filming the twins and Ariel. The twins did something and Ariel would try. It made the twins laugh and tried to teach Ari how to touch her toes. But Ariel end up tipping forward with her bum sticking out. Charrie helped her back up. She watched the twins practicing sparring, knowing the rules that they shouldn't actually hurt each other. Charrie convinced Ariel to watch this time, and Ariel watched very carefully. Watching how focused Ariel was reminded her when she was a kid, how watching her dad or his friends would practice their aim or fight. She rubbed the top of Ariel's hair, knowing she would grow up to be different then her but it was nice to see a bit of her in there.

After awhile, they saw Ori and Mason come out. Ariel was carefully watching. Charrie helped fix Belle's footing. She heard Ori babble and it got her to turn her head. [b "Hey," ] She smiled over the two and then looked back at the twins [b "I think we're okay for the day, We should get ready for dinner." ]

[b "What are we eating?" ] Belle asked and looked down at her clothes [b "I need to take a shower." ] Charrie watched Belle and remembered how she really couldn't treat them like babies. They didn't need her help with anything because they had that year where she wasn't here and Mason was struggling. SHe wondered if she still didn't talk to them enough.
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Mason didn't think it was fair that she always made him change the diapers. How could she anyway? He was always the one doing it. But when she made that point, he just kept quiet. Yeah she did....maybe he should change the diapers more. He looked down at Ori, hearing his cute babbles and then feeling him bounce on his lap.

Mason watched him kiss his mommy and thought he was going to be one adorable kid like Ari. He thought about a way to get her to understand that the pain killers were just working really well, but when she just left it alone, he figured he had some time.

Mason let Ari play with the twins, but hearing Charrie teach them sparring made her want to also. She always thought her big brother and sister were so cool. Mason carried Ori and when Charrie decided to show them some things. [b "Yeah you're going to do well babygirl"] happy that she was at least happy. Mason would then pull out his laptop and check on his inventory. Ori was on his lap pressing buttons, so as he checked through and replied to emails, he ended uplifting Ori and tossing him in the air, hearing his little giggles. [b "You like that huh little guy"] he caught him and then he kissed his forehead. [b "Let's go see what the chef is making for dinner"] he told him, walking towards the kitchen and smelling some chicken wings and fries.

When he showed Ori, he would reach his hands out to eat one, but Mason only held him back. The chef offered him a little piece and he clapped his hands when he got to try some. After a bit, he started to whine, wanting more, but Mason just led him outside so he could watch his siblings.
  ellocalypse / 44d 15h 47m 22s
Charrie shrugged and laughed when he called her a cheat. [b “I gave birth to him.” ] She stuck her tongue out. She looked at Ori and found hi so damn adorable, how he babbled and bounced. [b “I’m sure he does.” ] Charrie leaned and kissed his cheek. Ori turned his head and tried to hold her face and kiss her back. Charrie laughed and snuggled him while he stayed in Mason’s lap. Ori whined and she released him and let him stay back.

She trusted that Mason meant it, that she should take another one before she slept. Although, she was surprised it didn’t have any side effects for being strong enough to last a day. Although, with Mason, that couldn’t be too unheard of. There children were adorable, and they weren’t covering their noses now that Ori didn’t smell like poop. Charrie leaned into Mason’s shoulder, while she watched their kids play. [b “I guess Ari got to play with them afterall…hmm?” ]

There family was just perfect. Ah, she could go out and give the twins some training again since her arm was better. [b “Belle, Rick, after you’re done playing, we should work on your sparring.” ]
Ariel then gapsed, “What tat?”
[b “Martial arts.” ] Charrie said, knowing she wouldn’t get it.
Ariel frowned “What tat?”
“Fighting Ari,” Rick explained.
Ariel gasped again “I wanna! I wanna be like belle and wic!”
Not this again.

[b “When you’re older, okay my little cupcake.” ] She tucked in Ariel’s hair. Ariel then went onto pouting and crossing her arms. Oh no… Children could be so unfair. Charrie sighed [b “Okay, okay Ari, I’ll show you some things.” ] Show her how to hide or watch the twins.
Ariel grinned when she heard a yes, “yay! Daddy! I be wike belle and wick!”
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He loved it when their kids were home because that meant that they could all relax together and knowing they were all safe was just worth it. He watched Charrie take up little Ori and then he sat with Ari, watching her draw. She didn't want him to see though, so he just pretended to stay away for a while.

He watched the twins with the games, helping Ari smash some buttons and make her feel like she was doing something. She looked really happy to be playing with her brother and sister. [b "See cutie. You're really good"] he told her, seeing Charrie come down.

When she started asking him all of those questions, he didn't want her to find out. [b "Oh I just wanted to make sure your arm was feeling better baby. Take another one before you sleep tonight"] he told her, seeing that she was satisfied with his reply. Mason sighed in relief and then he smelled something gross.

Ari covered her nose and the twins said 'eew' at the same time. He heard Ori calling him out and then Mason narrowed his eyes. He couldn't refuse the cutie though. Mason set Ari on the couch and then he carried Ori, bringing him upstairs. He set him down and then he covered his nose with his shirt as he changed his diaper, tossing it away and then seeing Ori wiggle his feet around. Mason tried to hold him still to put on the diaper and he ended up laughing. [b "There you go champ. All done"] he kissed his cheek and then he brought him back downstairs.

Ari was now sitting beside the twins, watching as they played a different game as Mason sat down and kept Ori on his lap. [b "You're a cheat you know that?"] he told Charrie. [b "But I bet Ori loves his daddy for always changing him"] he smirked, rubbing Ori's head. He would look up and then babble, bouncing on Mason's lap.
  ellocalypse / 45d 15h 33m 51s
Charrie smiled when he changed it around a bit. She let Ariel go do her thing, while she went to bring Ori with her. She let him play on his own while she did some work. He was doing okay, but sometimes he'd whine and need her attention. At one point he end up staying on her lap, and end up taking a mini-nap on her. She made sure to stay quiet and kept him warm. She loved how tiny he was. Then she realized something... Ori woke up and she brought him and herself downstairs. She just had a slight suspicion that what he gave he rwas more than just a pain killer.

"Oh," She over thought it. Charrie lightly smiled [b "Why didn't you tell me before? No wonder I have barely felt a thing. So...When should I take another one?" ] She asked. Charrie nodded [b " Yea, I don't feel that horrible pain anymore, just a bit of soreness."] Then she raised a brow. Getting better? She didn't think it was possible to feel horrible pain one day and the second she took his pain killers she'd be up and running. [b "Maybe...but it wouldn't happen that fast. Well, thanks for telling me." ] She heard ARiel and smiled watching her play. Ori watched the pretty colors on screen and squealed. And then he light out a "ohhh." and stressed his face. The air began to reek. Oh no...

"Mason, take care of your soon, he needs you. You need daddy don't you?" Charrie held him in a distance from the air. Ori understood 'daddy' so he said "da!" with his hands up, looking at Mason.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 46d 17h 29m 6s
Mason smirked when she spoke [b "Of course our family is full of geniuses. All six of us"] he smiled and would glance back to see ARi coloring at the table. She had already calmed down and Mason was glad to see she was doing okay. He hated seeing their little girl crying, or any of their little babies.

Mason did love seeing Ori teasing Charrie though. He was going to be a little teaser. He laughed, seeing Charrie take him up with her as he made sure the twins finished up their homework. After a while, they were in the living room relaxing and ready to play some games.

He held Ari on his lap, watching the TV as the twins played some games. He let her hold the controller, seeing her press buttons and ask him questions as he let her play. She looked content enough being a part of the game and at least they were all together.

When Charrie came down, he looked up at her, seeing her and Ori. Her question made him a little hesitant, but he thought of something on the spot [b "They last all day. I made them strong enough for at least twelve hours. Maybe more"] he told her, wondering why she was thinking about this. As long as she didn't feel pain, wasn't that enough? [b "Why? Do you feel great? Maybe you're just getting better?"] he suggested, seeing Ari's brown eyes so focused on the TV. [i "Bew, Wick....I do good?"] she asked, wondering if they enjoyed the game with her.
  ellocalypse / 48d 10h 20m 5s
[b “What? Not me too?” ] She raised a brow. Ariel was back to coloring and Charrie felt relief that she was calm and enjoying herself now. She was still so little and just didn’t understand anything, and what was real or right. She hoped that they could teach Ariel right. Ori was babbling and teasing her. [b “Noo, we’re not going to let him become on, right my little Oreo?” She snuggled him in and kissed his cheek, glad he wanted her for real this time. She played with him a bit more before heading upstairs with him bringing him to her office. She sat him down in his play pen and did some work. She felt so stressed about figuring what this threat came from.

She kept working and, checking up on missions she set up for others and she noticed something, or well, not something. She moved her arm and it felt-sore but fine. She paused for a moment and glanced at the time. The pain killer shouldn’t be effecting her body now. But she didn’t feel that same pain before. Why?

She looked at the two pain killers he had left from her desk that Mason made. She decided to pick up Ori and head down. He was gripping onto her hair. “Mase…I have a question, how many hour should the pain killers you made for me should last?” ] She wanted to be sure.
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Mason smirked [b "Our kids and me included"] he laughed and then he saw Ari just coloring by herself. She was really good at being able to do things on her own and he loved seeing her going back to being calm and content. Sure the twins wouldn't play with her right now, but he knew they would when they had the time. [b "Ori is a great teaser here. Hopefully he doesn't become a troublemaker though"] he smirked, hearing Ori babble. He was adorable, especially with the way he was looking up with his green eyes.

Mason saw Ori raise his hands, not kidding anymore as Charrie carried him up. He saw how happy Ori was and then he spoke with the twins more about what other inventions were at the fair. He heard them talking about how the second place person came up with an idea about how someone made a mini submarine. Belle talked about how her classmates thought her volcano was really cool. Mason was really proud of all of them. [b "You two must have done a great job. I'm proud of you"] he hugged htem and then he headed towards Ari to see if she was okay.

When she covered up her picture, Mason backed up a little [b "Oh okay Ari. I just wanted to make sure you had a snack"] he saw her munch on it and continue drawing, humming her song as Mason smiled. He glanced up at CHarrie and then he smiled [b "Okay, I'll look after Ari and the twins"] he told her, sitting beside Ari, but not looking. After the twins did their homework, they all sat down and they got to play some video games. Mason played with them for a bit and when Ari finished, she walked up to him.

[b "Daddy wook"] she held up her picture and then he smiled [b "Wow Ara, is that us on the boat. You did a great job. It's so pretty"] he smiled, hugging her and then putting her on his lap as he let her play with the twins in their game. Belle and Rick played, letting Ari try as well, but she always didn't know where she was going. Mason would help her out and then he'd show her what to do.
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“Five? Who are the five?” She raised a brow. Charrie gave one more glance at Ariel, to make sure she was doing okay. She was very focused, just the way she always was. She rubbed her hair a bit and let her focus. [b “Ari is… Ori? Maybe, he’s such a great tease,” ] She laughed. Ori babbled to Mason when he rubbed his head and then his hands went up high. Charrie raised a brow at Ori wondering if he was teasing her again. She sat back and he kept whining to get picked up. She helped him up-guess it wasn’t a trick this time. She cuddled him in and he snuggled into her arms, “Ma.”
[b “I love you my little Oreo.” ] She tickled his little tummy. Sometimes he liked the attention he got from her. She sat down and then pulled out one of his bunny toys and played with him, he hugged it tightly. She sure loved her little boy.

Ariel looked back up at Mason when he kissed her cheek and then she gasped, “Daddy! Don look.” She covered it up with her arms “Awi not dow-n.” She wanted it to be a surprise. But then he gave her a cookie and she took it in her hands without a second though. Charrie looked ahead, hearing Ariel humming. There family was perfect.

[b Mase, I’m going to get some work done. I’ll bring Ori up with me again, I think he’ll behave this time, right Ori?” She met his eyes. He babbled and decided for some reason to lift her shirt and hide underneath and pop up from the collar of the shirt, and said “Ta!” Trying to surprise her. Charrie laughed, [b “Why did you do that? Huh cutie?”
Ori tried to climb her shoulder but failed at it and frowned, because he couldn’t get out now, he tried going through under and Charrie just watch him struggle and it was so damn adorable, his little cute but in the air as he struggled. He fell down on her bum and onto her lap, his head still in her shirt. He squealed and she lifted her shirt so, he could have his head out. [b “You’re really something.”

“Ehh,” He whined and lifted his hands up. She lifted him up and decided to get some work done before they sat down and have dinner. She still needed to figure this whole reason they were attacked and what Conrad had to do with it.
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He really felt so bad that he couldn't cheer up Ari. He really wanted his little girl to be happy, but he didn't know how to calm her down. He tried his best to turn on the TV and to tickle her, but that didn't last long. She grew more anxious and wanted to play even more now.

Charrie scooped her up and when she took her away and when she went upstairs, Mason was able to calm down little Ori with some food. He fed him some applesauce and Ori looked more than happy. [b "There you go. That's my big boy"] he kissed his cheek, seeing Ori just munch down and try to join in on the conversation.

Mason was proud to hear that his two kids were in the top when it came to the science fair. He loved hearing about it from the twins and then seeing Charrie come down. [b "You're looking at five geniuses baby. Ari is going to be a great artist and Ori is going to be a great actor"] he laughed, seeing Ori teasing Charrie again, making the twins laugh as they did their homework.

[b "Hey I didn't do anything right Ori?"] he rubbed his head and Ori babbled and gave Charrie a look, reaching his arms out higher for Charrie. Mason looked over at Ari, seeing her draw quietly and he felt bad. He didn't like seeing their kids upset. Mason went over to Ari and then he leaned in to kiss her cheek. [b "That's really pretty cutie"] he sat with her and gave her a little cookie. Ari took it in her hands and started humming the Spongebob theme while she drew.
  ellocalypse / 51d 14h 49m 38s
Ariel wanted to play right now, and didn't understand why they wouldn't, not really anyway. Mason would calm her down now and then but she'd jump right back into her mood. [b "noww." ] She said. Charrie picked her up and went upstairs with her to get her to calm down, hoping she could help calm her down. She didn't want Ariel to start making Ori cry because than it would be even harder to calm him down. She spend the time with her and enjoyed herself drawing and talking to the little red haired girl that was hers. She calmed down little by little by distracting herself.

Ori stopped whining the second Mason put food in his mouth. He was a pretty happy camper with something in his mouth. She ate and patted the table below him. He would try to listen to what Mason and the twins were saying, well pretending to listen and then babbling in between to pretend he was part of the conversation.

Charrie came down soon enough with Ariel in her arms, tears dried up on her face. She was much more calm now and planned on drawing a picture for daddy, mommy requested it. Charrie sat Ariel down and she got straight to work, grabbing her colored pencil crayons and paper, setting on the table and trying to come up with an idea for daddy.

[b "Are you talking about the science fair?"] Charrie raised a brow. Ah, she forgot, she wanted to go to that. All she heard was trophy and she was glad that they won. [b "Aww, look at all of you, I have three geniuses in the house." ] Charrie laughed, and then the twins brought out their homework. Charrie sat beside Belle and end up bugging her more than helping because she wanted to talk to her. How she adored all of them. Ori patted the table loudly "Ma!" He called. She looked up at him and he looked away like he said nothing. [b "Mason, have you been teaching our son to tease me?" ] She laughed. Ori lifted his hands up the air and whined, to get him up.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 51d 17h 49m 23s
He knew that Ari was going to be really sad when she hears that her brother and sister didn't want to play with her. He was doing his best to distract her so that she wouldn't cry, but it didn't seem to be working. He could see that she was getting really upset and when she asked why, he knew that Spongebob wasn't helping at all this time.

He bounced her on his lap, tried tickling her, but when he heard the twins saying they had other things to do, Mason kissed her cheek [b "They'll play with you when they're done baby girl"] he told her, but then she started crying, making Ori start to whine too. Mason sighed and then he let Charrie scoop her up as Mason lifted little Ori into his arms. [b "It's okay baby boy. Ari is going to be okay. How about daddy feeds you some applesauce hmm?"] he asked, seeing Ori quiet down a little.

Mason went to grab some food and then he started feeding him slowly, seeing him calm down. He rubbed his little head and then he spoke with the twins about their day. He told them that they'd be going on their family vacation soon. [b "So how did the science fair go guys?"] he asked, seeing Belle quickly turn to face him. [+red "Daddy! I got third place, but Rick got first. They all liked his invention"] she spoke, eating the crackers on the table.

Rick had a smile on his face [+blue "Yeah dad. They really thought it was cool. I even talked about how it works. They said I'll get my trophy tomorrow"] he said proudly as Mason leaned in to hug them both. [b "You two are so smart. When we go on the trip, we should celebrate! I'll even go down all the slides with you guys"] he promised.
  ellocalypse / 53d 11h 24m 20s
Ariel felt sad now that Belle and Rick wouldn't play with her. Daddy distracted her for a while, tickling her but she really wanted to go play with the twins. She didn't understand why they couldn't play with her right now. Ariel pouted and with a soft sad voice she asked "Why?" She sat down and saw Spongebob, but she thought this was just unfair.

Charrie went to go pick up Ori when it turns out, he was teasing her again. But he was too damn adorable, and there's. She wouldn't leave him without a kiss first. She let the twins go off to eat food before they would go do their homework. They were still adorable too. She made sure they got some water and then she heard Mason and Ariel talking again. Ariel was still pouting and repeating there words.
"We got homework," Belle said.
"Wat tat?" Ariel frowned, "Pway," Her eyes began to water and Mason covered her in a blanket but she had it. Daddy said she could play with them but they didn't play with her. Why? Did they not like her? Ariel began to cry just with tears first but then she started to really cry and shook her head when Mason said he would play with her. Ori heard and whimpered, hearing Ariel cry was going to make him cry for no apparent reason.

[i Oh no... ] Charrie went over and scooped Ariel up. [b "Mase, handle Ori? We need some girl to girl talk." ] She said and head upstairs with Ariel crying in her arms, and saying she wanted to play with Belle and Rick. Charrie sighed and then sat her in her bedroom, on her bed. [b "Ariel, can we talk?" ]

"Pway," She cried, rubbing her eyes.
[b "Ariel, I know your sad but open your eyes, look at me. Rick and Belle will play with you when they can. They want to, but they have some big kid stuff to do to, and you will one day too." ]
Ariel kept crying but she could hear and understand a bit. She lay in bed and Charrie sighed. She rubbed her back, [b "Do you want to be alone?" ]
She whined, "No."

Charrie stayed with her for a while until she finally calmed down which was a long time, and she finally spoke to her and got to draw some pictures together.
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