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Charrie laughed, and raised her finger to feel his soft lips when he smirked. [b “I would feel good.” She rhan her fingers down his bare chest and loved how she had all the power in the world to make him feel happy to be touched. [b “Mmm, it’s nice to have a sexy guy too.” ] She sure loved hearing him call her sexy in a bikini. Mason held her ass and while she loved it, there were eyes that would fall on them.
Charrie met him half way to kiss him. Charrie shrugged [b “Sure we can go for a walk.” ] She removed her head from his lap. She trusted that Heath would have it covered. It was too public for something to occur too. Mason definitely knew how to make her feel really sexy. She admired him for that, and admired how sexy he was too. She held his hand. Excitement filled her up “I like the sound of a secluded spot.” She squeezed his hand.
She looked back at Heath and the others [b “Hey guys, we’re going to take a walk.” ] She said before walking along the beach with Mason for a while. There were people resting down. She swung Mason’s hand and hers. There was a bit of higher ground that followed. She looked back at him, and then bumped her shoulder with his. It was hard to find a spot, because of all the sand, nothing seemed big enough. [b “I think a few people saw you touching my ass,” ] She mentioned.
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He laughed a little because they really had no shame [b "It would look bad, but it would definitely feel good"] he smirked and then he felt her hands on his bare chest, touching his skin. He loved her body and she really loved his. It made him feel really good. [b "We should probably head up, but it's nice to have a sexy girl in my lap in a bikini"] he smiled and then he reached down, touching her skin as well. He held her ass, but then he pulled back when people were looking.

[b "You're right. For the sake of all of these people, we shouldn't do this"] he met her lips and had a bright smile on his face. She could always make him really happy so quickly. [b "Hmm, how about you and I go for a walk? We can walk along the beach?"] he suggested, looking over at Sarah, Mark and Heath. [b "That way I can still be with you and you can still be in that sexy bikini of yours"] he held her hands and then he slowly sat up, setting her down. [b "What do you say? I'm sure there might be a secluded spot too"] he smirked.
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“Would it look bad?” Charrie giggled. She pressed her hands over his chest and could felt how warm his skin was. She did something and adored seeing him being teased and comment. “Like we’re being that discreet right now? We probably should…be discreet if we stay here.” ] She needed to grow some self-restraint. She liked the idea of doing what they wanted. She felt his hand go over her chest, and she nibbled her lip, enjoing his hand sliding down her body and then into her bikini bottom. She would look out and there was clear view…that wouldn’t be good. She felt like they would be told by security to quit being so inappropriate.

“If you’re going to do that Mase, we should head up. Can’t have security other others watch us touching around, we’d arouse the wrong people,” She joked. She sat up and kissed his lips “Should we wait for the night? Or should we head up now?” She asked, and would look back seeing the twins were still having a good time with Juliet, heath and Sarah and Mark. They were mostly just sitting, relaxing because even they looked a bit tired.
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Mason loved being able to hold her and just be lovey dovey with her in public. It really kept the others at bay and he didn't want anyone trying anything on his wife. When she was beside him, he'd make sure the world knew she was his. [b "I know you're trying to arouse me baby. It would look really bad if I was hard out here"] he told her, seeing Zack and Kiera take the kids away.

He felt the heat warm up his bare chest as he leaned back. He felt something toughing him and when he looked down again, he could see she was still teasing him. [b "I could if you want. Maybe you won't have be discreet about anything. If we go upstairs, you can do what you want"] he smirked, letting his hand go back over her chest, cupping her bust as he slowly let his fingers glide down her stomach towards her lower half, letting his hand slide into her bikini bottom, touching her ass.
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Charrie smiled up at him, stretching out her hand and caressing his cheek for a moment, “Me too.” ] Then, she rubbed against him. She giggled when he glanced down at her. [b “Doing what by purpose?” ] She felt Mason run his hand over her bikini top. Kiera and Zack came in and took Ariel and Ori upstairs. It would be better if they were in a cool room than out here in the heat.

Charrie held his hand and relaxed of a bit of the sun. Then she just touched a little with her lips. She instantly laid normally on his lap when he peaked. [b “Hmm? What are you talking about? Mmm….that depends, are you going to demonstrate things to me if we go up?” ] She raised a brow and ran her fingers up his chest and then gave him a pat. She sure loved to tease him, and sure loved resting with him here too.
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He smirked when she was smiling at him. [b "That was really nice. We had a good time and I can't wait until tonight either"] he smirked, soon feeling something rubbing up against him. When Mason glanced down to see hre, he knew she was teasing him [b "That depends...are you doing something on purpose?"] he asked, letting his hand run over her bikini top.

He could hear her complaining, but when Zack and Kiera took their little babies, Mason didn't think that they needed to head up. He just hoped that Ari and Ori didn't make a big fuss when they woke up.

When it was just the two of them again, he held her hand and nodded, leaning back as he relaxed beneath the sun. When he felt something touching down there, he peeked [b "And what do you think you're trying to do? You can't just start something here...there's people. But do let me know if you want to go up?"] he smirked.
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Charrie nodded, unable to stop herself form smiling. [b "Tell me about it...It felt like two of you...mmm" ] She spaced out, thinking how she got to feel that again in the morning. She snapped herself out of it, and enjoyed his fingers in her hair. Mason shifted, so she applied pressure there with her head. She looked back at him and saw the slight pleasure in his face. She smirked [b "Feeling something? ] She asked, and found him gliding underneath her bikini.

[b "Mason..."] Her arousal showed slightly through her bikini. She was drawn to the feeling and then Kiera and Zack came in. She thought about it, and she did worry about there kids being in the sun too long, and waking up and not seeing them. [b "Do you think we should head up?] She asked Mason.
"We promise to be careful with them," Zack gently smiled. They took the two strollers and head upstairs.

Charrie looked up again and then lightly laughed [b "Yea...but they're gone now." ] She took hold of his hand and squeezed it. She softly sighed, and closed her eyes, feeling pretty relaxed. She then turned her face around, so now it was her lips pressing against the spot he was sensitive on. She couldn't resist teasing him.
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He could see her smile and Mason felt really lucky it was because of him. He heard he was making her aroused and he laughed a little. He guessed he needed to tone it down a bit. [b "Oh did you? I enjoyed all the candy in the world on you. Plus being able to be two at once is a great feeling. I get to hear my name being said more often. It's sexy"] he teased and then he had her lay with him.

Mason brushed his fingers through, relaxing her as he shifted and then felt pressure down there. [i Crap] that was arousing. He looked down and then he let his hand glide down her back, his hand gliding over her bikini top gently, applying a little pressure as well.

When Kiera and Zack came by, Mason retracted his arm and then he nodded [b "Okay, just be careful when they wake. They might be a little surprised that they're not with mommy and daddy"] he warned them and then he let the two take the strollers up. It was better than letting them sit in the heat.

Mason looked down again at Charrie [b "No matter where we are, it's always those two nearly catching us"] he laughed, remembering when they used to stay together.
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Charrie couldn't stop the edges of her lip from lifting up when he mentioned his fingers. [b "I definitely rather do that. But your making me aroused," ] They made way and she sat down with him. She shared what was on her mind, [b "Was I? Me too... I really enjoyed the eye candy and...you know, experiencing two at the same time." ]She whispered, because she didn't want anyone to accidently hear. She lay down her head on his lap, and listened to him tease her too.

[b "Mmm... I look forward to that demonstration. There are, aren't there?" ] She laughed quietly. She relaxed to his fingers brushing through her hair, setting it back behind her ear. She glued her ones on him, finding herself in awe for him telling her she was the best wife. She took his finger in her mouth, and sucked, and drew it out again. Mason shifted and she end up pressed pretty close to his groin. That...aroused her. She pressed her head tighter against the spot, applying pressure without care.

[b "It is...isn't it." ] She could feel the sun on her skin. [b "Naked? That would be a great way to get tanned evenly...but it'll get dark, then we won't be able to." ] She mentioned. She looked back at their sleeping toddler and baby in there strollers. It was a bit hot here, and it would be better for them to sleep somewhere cool...

"Hey, we're going to head up," Kiera and Zack came up, "We're planning on relaxing and watching some tv before coming back down. Do you want us to bring Ori and Ariel up? We don't mind watching them."

[b "Um..." ] Charrie looked at Mason [b "It's okay with me if you keep an eye out for them, what do you think Mase?" ]
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He walked with her back to the pool and when he spoke, he could see that she was really curious. He raised his brow and then he pulled her in close to his side [b "Other things? You know. Those things that I do to your body. What my fingers do and what my body does to yours. [i Those] things"] he smirked, holding her hand again.

Mason hear her and he smirked [b "Well you were even more sexy in that outfit. I'm really glad we were able to choose each other's clothes. Last night was amazing"] he sat down and patted his lap for her to lay back. He really did love teasing her, but when it came to teasing Charrie, she'd tease back twice as hard.

Mason smirked as she spoke [b "Oh really? Well I'll give you a demonstration later. There's too many witnesses right now"] he smirked, feeling her hands ride up his stomach. He brushed his fingers through her hair and then he pushed it back behind her ear. [b "And you are the best wife ever"] he leaned down, seeing her take in his finger. HIs eyes narrowed and then he squeezed her hand. He shifted a little so that her head was exactly on his lap, pressed up close to his groin.

[b "It's really nice out today. It's so warm and I'm getting a great tan. If only I could also get a tan somewhere else. Maybe I'll lie out on the patio when we get back to the hotel naked"] he teased her, knowing she'd like that view.
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Charrie nodded and then paused, and tilted her head “Care to share what other things?” She smirked, wanting to hear some dirty talk. Mason waved his arm around her waist while they made there back. She would rather have the night be for them too. She wanted to get someone else to do the dirty work.

Charrie tipped her head against this shoulder “I know you would. You would protect our kids.” She held onto his hand and was glad to hear he believed it. He truly was very sexy. She giggled after he turned his face so she’d kiss his lips. She flickered up at his eyes and half shrugged, “Maybe…well I was imagining you in that sexy outfit again.” When Mason sat down, she sat right beside him and liked the idea of laying on his lap, so she did and then he continued.

Charrie looked back up at him, “No, I don’t get what you’re saying. I’m better learning through demonstration. But…I like playing games, especially games with you.” She ran her fingers up to his stomach. She wouldn’t do it because they were in public eye, but if they weren’t so open to others view, she definitely would go for it. [b “You really are the best husband.” ] She took hold of his hand and held it for a moment and decided to tease Mason just a little bit. She took his finger and put it in her mouth just for a bit and then drew it out and just held his hand again.
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He really did like the idea of traumatizing those jerks that were after his wife's body, but at the same time, he liked her idea as well. [b "Ahh, that sounds like a better plan. I could think of other things....I could do with you rather than that"] he smirked, his arm weaving around her waist as he smiled brightly. [b "I'd rather have the night be just for us"] he walked with her back to the pool.

[b "You can torture them all you want. I will not let this go undone if something ever happened to Belle. I'd sew their mouths shut if I had to"] he told her and then he held her hand, thinking about how she was all his and how she called him really hot. [b "I'm glad you think I compare"] he turned his face to kiss her lips instead of just kissing her cheek. He smiled brightly when he saw her smirking [b "Are you thinking of something dirty about me? You're welcome to, I don't mind"] he laughed and then he headed towards the lounge area.

Mason sat down and patted the spot beside him [b "Of course. You can lay on my lap if you want....just make sure not to play any games on me down there if you get what I'm saying"] he smirked and then he sat down, patting his lap for her to lay down if she wanted to.
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She wanted her own revenge, a harmless but traumatizing event. Maybe…not mentally harmless but she figured they should learn there lesson. She nodded when he smirked. [b “We? I was thinking about getting an employee to do it for me. I want to have fun here, but if you want to do it together, I’ll do it.” ]

She listened to him agree and liked it. She kept nodding, and glad they were on the same page. She laughed at the torture apart, [b “Well, I’m not crazy.” ] She shrugged, [b “I wouldn’t torture them…not physically.” ] That would be too far.

Belle was too young to understand, and she figured she would never remember this. She was thankful for that but it still wasn’t right. Mason’s beautiful laughter came out and he complimented her. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling and squeezing his hand back. [b “I only see you doing all of this with me. I am yours…your wife,” She smiled and gave his lips a peck. Charrie laughed and bumped her shoulder against his [b “You’re superhot. You do more than just compare. I love you so much.” ] She kissed his cheek. She remembered last night and how he looked and smirked to herself.

They had a great night together. [b “Can we lay down on the lounge chair together? I think Ori and Ari aren’t the only ones that could use a little rest.” ]
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He thought it was nice because they just gave their information all willy nilly. It surprised him since Charrie was going to report them. Mason smirked [b "Well that's good. They're too oblivious to the fact that you're capable of scaring them. I say we do it, let's just not go overboard and get caught with the authorities"] he told her, knowing that seemed to happen frequently too.

He nodded [b "Jerks like them should be terrified to the point where they wouldn't even think about that anymore. You should go, maybe have them all tied up and then you can do some torturing. That sounds fun"] he laughed at the thought, but he didn't like Charrie going to a room fool of teens alone.

[b "Luckily Belle doesn't care too much"] he kissed her and then he walked back, hearing her mumble something. When she asked if she was hot, he laughed [b "Of course I do. You're so hot baby. I'd do you every chance I'd get, so I can see why they would want to also, but you're all mine"] he smiled, squeezing her hand. [b "Do you think I'm hot? Cause if I'm not, then I'm sorry for embarrassing you by being at your side all the time. I probably don't compare"] he teased.
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Charrie nodded and then raised a brow when he said it was nice of them. [b “Mase, they gave it to me because I think they think I’m going to come into there room and give them a good time.” ] She sighed, wanting to definitely do something about it. It annoyed her a bit that Mason didn’t. [b “Reporting them isn’t going to teach them a lesson. I want to give them the scare of their lives.” ] She decided. She would get some people to maybe kidnap one of them and threaten them someway and then release them unharmed after they were told that if they tried to pull that shit on someone again-bad things will happen.

[b “I don’t think she did-thankfully. She’ll probably forget about it.” ] But it still annoyed her. She walked with him towards Mark and felt Mason kissing her cheek. She pouted a bit because she wished Mason came in anyway even if she could handle it. She mumbled to herself ‘maybe I should have looked like I’d kill them so you would come in.’ But she liked him kissing her cheek and liked that he trusted her. She held his hand and leaned onto him, [b “Do you think I’m hot?” ]
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