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Watching Ariel try to write made her think back when she tried to teach the twins how to write. It was…hard. They always distracted each other and were hard to keep in one spot. She sure missed them being as little as Ariel though. She also wanted to spend time with them, they were still so small, even if they acted older than their age at times. She helped Ariel fix up her writing a bit, praising her for her work too.
Charrie looked back to seeing Mason interacting with there youngest baby and she couldn’t get enough of it. She tilted her head and smiled and focused back on Ariel. After awhile, Ori got to her and she held him in, loving him, tickling his tummy and getting his stuffed animal. Charrie laughed a little seeing Mason clean Ariel up and get the hug she wanted.

“I can!” She cheered, She held onto Mason’s shirt, resting her head on his chest. Her eyes would droop more and more as he ran his fingers through her hair, it was making her very relaxed. Charrie felt realy relaxed just laying down and watching sponge bob with him. Areil went back to to darwing and Ori kept on babbling and would eventually sit next to Ariel and try to chew on the marker. Charrie took it right out of his hand and he whined and she gave him his stuffed animal to calm him down again.

[b “Of course they will be okay, but I’ll go check up on them,” ] She said, [b “Stay right here, don’t let anyone in.” ] She head out the door and went downstairs and saw the twins still playing with Heath and Juliet. She came from behind, wrapping her arms around them, “How are my two loves doing?”
“We’re having fun,” Belle said.
“Do you want to play?” Rick asked.
She lightly smiled, “I do. But do you think we could bring this game up at the hotel? I don’t want to leave your daddy alone.”
“It would be a good time to get some water for a bit,” Heath mentioned, “Come on kids, let’s head up.” Heath got up. Juliet helped gather a few things along with thet wins.
“Thanks Heath, for watching them,” She nudged him, “Where did Mark and Sarah go?”
Heath half shrugged, “I’m not entirely sure, they said they were heading out together but didn’t specifically mention where. I’m sure they’re fine.”
Charrie nodded, [b “Thanks.” ]
She head back up to the hotel room with them and sat down beside Mason again. The twins came in, “Daddy, do you want to play with us too?” Belle asked.
[b “We’re going to play cards with them, “Charrie explained.
  Ravenity / 94d 22h 57m 24s
He loved watching Charrie with their little ones because even though she always doubted that she'd be a great mother, he could see that she was amazing at it. Ariel was so focused working on trying to spell her name that Mason would watch and be in such awe because she really tried her best. Mason's attention when back to ORi smacking him. He kissed his forehead and then he poked Ori's cheek. He would look at his finger and then poke Mason's cheek, giggling after.

He rubbed the top of his head and went to grab them snacks, setting Ori down to throw away the trash. When he saw Ori finding his mom, he looked over and saw that Ari wasn't getting enough attention. [b "We sure did"] Mason smiled and then he sat down and then he helped clean off Ari's lips [b "Of course sweetheart"] he hugged her and then he kissed her cheek, setting her on his lap. [b "Wow, I'm so proud of you Ari. You can write your name"] he said with a smile.

He turned on the TV and put it to spongebob as they relaxed. Mason ran his fingers through Ari's red hair and then he could hear ORi pointing to the screen, babbling. Ari would watch and then draw more pictures and then watch again. [b "DO you think the twins are okay baby?"] he hoped that Heath was taking good care of them. At least they were having fun.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 96d 21h 45m 43s
Ariel was starting to get the hang of it. Charrie enjoyed watching her look so focused. She was a smart determined little toddler. Charrie helped her out a bit and kissed the top of her head. She would take a peek at Ori and saw him pat Mason’s cheek. She felt at peace seeing their little kids enjoying themselves. It was nice to play with them for a while. Charrie focused her attention on Ariel again, and showed her how to draw an ‘e’ again. Ariel would make sounds when she didn’t think it looked right and would do it over and over again.

Ariel saw the pudding in front of her and her eyes would widen. She set her marker down and Charrie laughed. She opened it up for Ariel and gave her a spoon. She soon felt poking on her ear, and then her hair. She turned around and saw adorable eyes. [b “Hey baby, when did you get here?” ] She kissed his cheek and watched him look directly at her. She then went to kiss his tummy, He giggled and tried to roll away. She scooped him up and sat him on her lap, holding him in her arms, [b “I love you so much Ori.” She felt his little hair and looked up at Mason, “We really made amazing babies.”
Ariel looked back with pudding on her lips, “Awi wan hug.” She pouted and then looked at daddy, with pleading pouty eyes.
  Ravenity / 96d 23h 22m 58s
He loved their family so much and seeing her with little Ori and Ari was so adorable. They were their two, perfect little ones and he loved them to death. Hearing ARi try to spell out her name was the most the most precious thing in the world. He then saw her writing it with Mommy and she was so proud.

Mason kissed her cheek [b "You're so smart cupcake"] he grinned and then he let Charrie help her write more. He held Ori, holding him in his lap as he watched his sister and mom draw on a piece of paper. Ori wanted to try, but Mason knew that he was still too small for a pencil and paper. He gave him his dinosaur instead and he started snuggling into it. He would pat Mason's cheeks and then he babbled, making them all laugh.

He tickled his little sides, hearing his cute squeals and then he would nibble on his stuffed animal. [b "Are you hungry Ori?"] he went to grab an applesauce in the fridge and some pudding for Ari. He set it on the table and then he fed Ori, seeing him open his mouth wide for the next spoonful.

[b "Good boy"] he rubbed his head and he soon finished all the sauce. Mason set him on the couch and he would crawl towards Charrie's head, poking her ear and then tugging on her hair to get her attention.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 98d 20h 21m 6s
She enjoyed her time with Ori, reading a book and having him warm up by staying in her shirt. She gave Ariel a shot at trying to say her name. She listened to Ariel repeat and it was the cutest thing in the world Charrie would repeat sounds when she didn’t say it exactly right. She did it and she felt so proud of her. She let Mason take hold of Ori in the meantime. [b “Okay Ari, let’s write your name.” ] Charrie moved to the table to write with her. Charrie gently overlapped her hand over Ariel’s and began writing ‘A’ to ‘L’ Ariel looked amazed.

“I dit it! Daddy! DADDY!” Ariel yelled bouncing and pointing.
Charrie laughed [b “I did Ari, come on, you can try it without my help. Can you draw A for me?” ]

Ariel stared at her puzzled, “But I dit it.”
[b “Try again, just one more,” ] Charrie said.

Ariel grabbed her marker and tried to make ‘A’. All that drawing Ariel did sure helped. She saw that A and it was done perfectly. [b “Ari, you’re really something.”
Ariel grinned and giggled, but stared at the paper and tried to look at the other letter. She tried to make an R, but messed up a bit on that.

Charrie looked back at Mason with Ori and saw him take his fingers out of his mouth. Charrie laughed when Ori started clapping and squealing. There babies truly were damn adorable. Ariel showed her paper with her name written on there, it wasn’t exactly straight, the same size and it was sometimes too spaced out but she was proud of it, “Look,” She said.

[b “It’s amazing baby, can you do it for me ten times because you have such a pretty name?” ] Charrie asked. Ariel sighed but she couldn’t turn down the challenge, she could give it to her as a gift.
  Ravenity / 98d 23h 21m 21s
He watched Ori just play around in Charrie's shirt and he thought that it was amazing to see him just having fun like that. He was a cutie and hearing ARiel sing her ABC's was just as cute. He rubbed Ori's head, seeing him look around curiously and touch it himself. Mason laughed and then he sat with Ariel, showing her letters.

Ariel would try to convince her mom to spell her name for her since she was getting really confused. She would follow Charrie's sounds and then she get all the way to the letter L. [i "Mommy Awi wan wite name down"] she asked, holding a marker and wanting Charrie to show her how to draw it.

Mason heard Ori's sounds and then he lifted him up [b "Come here champ. No, don't put that there"] he took out his finger and kissed his forehead. He bounced him in his lap and then he showed Ori another book. His green eyes would look around at it and then he would look up at Mason and point. [b "Yup. That's a doggy"] he told Ori, hearing him babble.

Mason then sat with Charrie and Ari, seeing them both draw. He put Ori's stuffed toy in his hands and he immediately started biting it and then pointing at Ari. Ori would squeal and clap his little hands, bouncing on Mason's lap.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 99d 22h 24m 19s
Charrie giggled, keeping ori wrapped in her arms, and sharing her shirt with him. She loved that baby smile-except for when he pooped. She heard his cute little babbles. [b “He is, he’s our funny little baby.” ] She kissed the top of his head. She brought a book and would open it, read it to Ori and Ori took enjoyment of the pictures and babbling to her.

She would peak over and listen to Ariel. She laughed about Ori knowing how to read. Ori looked up at Mason curiously, and then would touch his hair after Mason ruffled it, and squeal when he was kissed. Charrie booped his nose and he gave such a strange expression, staring blankly at her. She booped his nose one more time and he leaned back, shocked. He touched his own nose.

Charrie laughed and looked back at Ariel. She looked at the letter she pointed. [b “Yea baby, it’s the same hair color. You have such pretty hair.” ] Charrie…sure missed her red hair. She had to keep dying it each month to make sure her red hair didn’t peak out. Charrie raised a brow at Ariel [b “You’re supposed to Ariel. But, okay, I’ll spell it for you. But, you have to say wit with me, okay? A,” ] Charrie began and would wait for Ariel to say it, before saying ,”R,” And would continue until L.

“Wlll,” Ori made a sound and then would put his finger in his mouth and look around for Mason, “Da!”
  Ravenity / 99d 23h 6m 59s
When Ori hid away into Charrie's shirt, he laughed, seeing how adorable he was. He really liked being so close to Charrie. The sound of his babbles and then seeing him pop out his head was the cutest thing ever. [b "He's a little funny baby isn't he"] he smirked and then he lifted Ariel and kept her in his lap.

Mason listened to her try to sing the ABC's, but it was still mostly in baby talk. It was still really adorable though and he was glad that she was at last learning a bit of it at a time. He kissed the top of her red hair and then he showed her some letters in the book. Ariel would look at the pretty pictures and try to point at the letters that Mason said.

[b "They're really smart. They're going to be geniuses too I can feel it"] he smiled and then seeing Ori with his own book. [b "See, Ori already knows how to read"] he ruffled his little hair and then he kissed his cheek, hearing him squeal out happily.

Ariel looked at the book and showed Charrie the letter "A". She would then point to the picture with the red color, getting distracted [i "Awi hair dat cowor"] she smiled and then she pointed to her head. [i "Mommy spew Awi!"] she asked, turning the question back on her. She then thought about it and scratched her head, thinking it was too hard after the A.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 101d 19h 9m 32s
Ori babbled to Mason and then soon hid away in Charrie’s shirt. Charrie giggled [b “Really baby? A shark? That sounds really dangerous, were you scared?” She asked, seeing the ice cream on her cheeks. She was so damn adorable. She let Mason help her clean up. She snuggled Ori in her arms, feeling him pressing against her chest, just staying in there, and then popping his head out through her shirt. She peaked at him and made a funny face, to hear his little giggle.

Charrie laughed, “He realy does.”
Ariel looked back and forth and didn’t understand what they were talking about. She sat on Mason’s lap and gave it a try.

Charrie pulled out her phone and recorded a bit of it, hearing Ariel try but she wasn’t the best. Ori would make random sounds, as if he was tyring to say it too. She looked at Ori and repeated “A” to him and he would make sound weird sound. Charrie laughed and kissed his cheek. He pointed at Ariel’s book and would whine. While Charrie carried him, she went to grab a book and opened it up for him, flipping pages. He’d babble and point.

"Are kids are so smart Mase," Charrie mentioned, "Ariel, do you know how to spell your name?"
  Ravenity / 101d 22h 42m 25s
Seeing their little ones again made Mason feel a lot more relaxed. KNowing that they were safe and under their care was the most reassuring thing in the world. He saw little Ori reaching out for him and Mason kissed the top of his head, smiling. [b "Aww, you know mommy and daddy won't leave you"] he rubbed his head and then he saw ARiel with her ice cream. Mason cleaned up his leg and let her continue to finish it before heading her cute voice.

Ariel looked up at the two as she ate [i "I sawed a fishy. Big fishy! A shawk!"] she said as she got some ice cream on her cheeks. Mason helped clean her up and then he laughed, seeing Ori in her shirt. [b "You really take from Daddy Ori"] he laughed and then he let Kiera and Zack off to relax. He smiled and then he sat with Ari on the couch. [b "How about we sing the ABC's song?"] he told her, seeing Ariel walk over and sit in Mason's lap.

She started singing [i "Ewie siby effy shee..."] she spoke and Mason ended up laughing, kissing the top of her head. [b "Good job baby girl. Can you tell me which one is A?"] he showed her a picture book and ARiel pointed to some of the letters, learning the alphabet with Mason for a while.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 102d 17h 2m 16s
Charrie adored having Ori back into her arms and he seemed to calm so quickly once he was in her arms. She held there baby boy, bounced him a bit and gave him all the attention in the world. His cheeks were so warm and cute. She watched how he clung on. He rally wasn’t used to strangers. Ori stretched his tiny hands out to Maosn and was given kisses and love. “Da,” He called half crying. She snuggled him in closer, “Were you just sad that we left?” She asked, and took a seat with Ori in his lap. He was pretty spaced out, looking like he was still waking.

Ariel cam shortly after. Charrie laughed a bit. One of Ariel’s hand wasn’t so clean form the ice cream when she hugged Mason’s leg. Charrie pouted hearing her daughters cute little voice. She was so cute. [b “What animals?” ] Charrie wondered. She then noticed Ori sneaking underneath her shirt. She let him stay there. For some reason he liked being under her shirt and just close to her.

“Massages sound good to me,” Kiera sighed, feeling a bit tired really not knowing how to handle a baby. Ori was fine now. “Let’s go Zack,” She said, and took hold of his hand.

Charrie laughed a bit [b “It is hard taking care of kids. Ariel is there anything you want to do? Maybe we can learn your ABC’s and numbers.” ] She knew they should be teaching her simple things. She bet that Ariel would come out as a pretty smart little artistic girl.
  Ravenity / 102d 22h 17m 20s
He was glad that they were safe. It wasn't like the cops would make it in time since they finished. HE held her on his back and then he slowly walked around and then made it back to shore. Hopefully the twins were having fun and their little ones were okay.

Once they were back in the hotel, Mason opened the door and saw Ori crying on Kiera. She looked like she was struggling and he felt bad. THey needed to get their kids adjusted to speaking and talking with others. Even Ariel was still a little shy. He smiled when Ori leaned into Charrie, looking sad, but slowly calming down. That was fast. He smiled when Ori reached out. Mason kissed his cheek and rubbed the top of his head [b "Mommy and Daddy are right here"] he smiled and then he saw Ariel come in. At least she was doing okay.

[b "You're smart Zack"] he laughed and then he set her down and Ariel came crawling over and hugging Mason's leg. HE lifted her up and kissed her. [b "Finish up your ice cream first. Did you have fun with Uncle Zack?"] he asked and Ariel nodded. [i "We buy ice cweem. Zack show me aminals"] she said. Mason figured they passed by the small aquarium.

[b "I'm glad you had fun cupcake"] he saw her licking her ice cream again and then Mason looked over at the two. [b "You guys can have a break, maybe get some massages? We can take it from here"]
  ellocalypse / 104d 20h 19m 59s
He walked alongside her and squeezed her hand in his. It felt so nice to be able to just relax with her and do what they wanted. Mason was stepping on the sand with her right beside him, his arm around her waist as he pulled her in close. [b "Ooh, I don't like spiders" he thought about it and then imagined being in that storage house and then someone walking in on them. THat wouldn't be good.

HE smiled when she agreed, holding her ass in his hands and then he felt her pressing her chest on him. That was so not fair. HE bit down on his lip and then he leaned in, seeing her lay back and then he lied beside her. There wasn't too many people on the beach, so as he laid back against his towel, he faced her.

[b "So how would you like this. Want to be on top?"] he smirked, knowing they were about to get dirty in public. He reached over to touch her breast, pulling one side down and then sticking out his tongue at her before pulling it back up. "Mmm, how was that? Did you like that breeze?"] he smirked, slowly pulling his trunks down, revealing his v-line.
  ellocalypse / 126d 23h 25m 32s
They were covered enough, their youngest were safely upstairs and asleep and there twins were with three other adults she trusted. She felt that everything would be fine if her and Mason slipped out alone for a bit. They held hands and she walked along the beach with him, hearing the water softly folding on to shore. She swung his hand and turned her head when he pointed to the storage shack. [b “That is…but what if it has spiders.” ] She shuddered. Then he referred to the sand. Well…there wasn’t anybody here right now, and if they were to come along, they’d just come for a stroll. [b “I guess n-“ ] She was interrupted by him gripping onto her ass. She glanced back athim and giggled and kissed his lips, pressing her chest right against him.

[b “Should we?” ] She grabbed one towel and laid it on the sand. She sat down and waited for him, stretching out her legs, and watching his sexy body. Life truly was great. She slid her bikini top slightly a bit down to tease.
  Ravenity / 126d 23h 32m 47s
He loved it when she touched him like that. It felt so good and he loved seeing her so interested in him. HE felt her touching his skin and it was a little unfair because she was doing whatever she wanted. She was making him aroused and he couldn't really do anything about it because a part of him really wanted it.

Mason kissed her lips and then he suggested a walk. He looked over Heath, Sarah, and Mark, knowing that they had enough coverage to look after their twins. He held her hand, walking towards the beach after she made Heath and them aware. As they headed to the beach, there didn't seem to be a secluded spot at all. He kept his arms around her waist and he kept looking. He wouldn't give up.

When he saw some of the small shops by the beach, Mason held her hand, [b "Look"] he pointed to the storage shack and he smirked [b "That's an option...or"] he pointed over to the sand as he held onto their towels. They could try and be discreet. [b "Do you really think that people will care what we're doing? THey could just think we're lovey dovey?"] he reached behind her and gripped her ass, loving the power he had over her.
  ellocalypse / 127d 18h 26m 24s

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