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He sat at the table with her and could feel that pressure just building up inside. ALl he could think about were the good memories he had with her. How he was able to be a good boyfriend and how he was going to marry her. He didn't want to be in her life if he was just going to be a normal friend. He still had all these feelings inside of him that made him angry.

RIght now, he didn't care who was tracking him or who was doing anything because he felt dead inside anyway. What was there to live for when everything he lived for before just left him. He took a sip of the coffee and then he could tell he made her upset. He sighed and then he just slowly nodded. "Fine. I'll be watched like a child. Who should I be looking for exactly?" he asked, finally meeting her eyes and seeing that she was genuinely worried about him. Why? She didn't need to worry about him anymore.

"You know Faith. After everything we've been through, I just wanted to let you know that I still love you. I still want to be in your life, not as a friend, but I know that's not possible. I still have all these feelings and I think it's best if you just stop trying to be something in my life. I'd rather be off on my own...or taking care of myself since I need to get over all of this" he admitted, not wanting to kick her out, but there was no other way.


He saw Ari trying to cheer up Belle, but it didn't seem to do much. Mason held Ori and lifted him in his arms, bouncing him as he looked back at Belle to make sure she was okay. They were all eating popsicles as Ari tried to figure out what to do.

Rick looked at her picture and then he held ARi [+blue "I think you can draw us kids. Me, Bell, you and Ori playing. I think Belle would like that"] he told her and Ari had a bright smile. [i "Otay!"] she wiggled until he let her back down and she went off to go drawing again for Belle.

Mason smiled and was glad their kids were so cute. He looked over at the twins. [b "What do you want for dinner Belle? Daddy will make it"]
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She found comfort in watching her chocolate cake with a smooth chocolate glaze. Maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing to do to eat a cake after she ate a cupcake, but one bite couldn’t do harm. After she spoke, she took a bite of her cake, easing the ache in her chest.

Charrie gave a nod. It struck her strange that he didn’t ask who it was. She expected to board the guilt train but not this to extent. It reminded her of Mason’s behavior a long time ago and she hated it with passion, on how immature and pathetic it sounded. It was like he knew she felt guilty and wanted to tip her right off that edge.

Her throat buckled, and the rage, guilt was shooting up. Her eyes stayed on her cake. There was no point to responding to that-but he kept it up. “Shut up.” Her eyes panned up to him, cold and the anger seeping through. She kept her tone fairly monotone, “I think you’re smart enough to know I wouldn’t come here unless I cared enough to make sure your safe.” She took a good chuck of her cake and began playing around with her fork. The sweetness eased her up a bit.

Charrie shook her head and then shrugged. “Do want you need to keep yourself safe. I’ll have a bodyguard assigned to you for the meantime. It won’t make difference if you’re away, they’ll still target me.” It would actually make it more difficult for her to make sure he kept safe. It sure didn’t like he sound he was concerned about his safety at all.


Belle nodded, “Okay.” She saw Ariel come in with a picture, thanking her. Ariel curiously watched Belle, it didn’t seem like she was any happier. She frowned, she thought giving pictures always worked. Maybe her picture needed to be better. Maybe she needed to draw something else. She saw Rick and lifted her hands up because daddy seemed to be busy with Ori.

“Wick wat awi draw?” She asked, figuring he could help her. She wanted Belle to smile at her picture. Belle glanced at Rick for a moment and then looked away, she was still upset with him. She was definitely going to tell Charrie when she came back.
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He didn't think that Faith needed him anymore or even wanted to speak to him, so he figured it was best just to ignore her. When she kept saying he was in danger though, he headed down to meet her. He met her brown eyes and remembered all the time they spent together. IT wasn't fair that she didn't love him anymore. "Fine" he headed towards the coffee shop with her and then he sat down, ordering himself a latte and just rubbing his eyes.

He heard her say she knew who was behind it all and when he met her eyes, he sighed "You do? So if I'm targeted....then what? Isn't that good for you? You'll have me out of your life and you won't have to worry about me" he told her, folding his arms over his chest. "I don't even mean anything to you anymore" he sighed softly and didn't know how he felt anymore. He really liked her still, but he knew he couldn't be with her.

"What if I just move then? I'll stay away from you so your family can be safe"


Mason hugged Belle and looked over her knee, giving her an ice pack. He kissed her cheek and then he let her sit down and relax. [b "It's okay Belle. It'll go away soon and we'll have so much fun this weekend okay?"] he rubbed the top of her head and then he saw little Ari walking over.

[b "Belle got hurt, but she'll be okay"] he smiled and then he saw Ari bringing her drawing over. Belle looked at the monster and she thanked Ari, but her leg still hurt. Ari raised her hands at Rick, wanting him to pick her up and he did, holding her in his arms and Mason went into the freezer and pulled out three popsicles, letting them each have one as he went to Ori.

[b "How's my little boy"] he asked, seeing Ori biting on his dinosaur and then wiggling around. Mason tickled his sides and he squealed, kicking his little feet as he looked over at his siblings.
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For a moment, she thought she’d have to break in there and cause the alarm to go off. She couldn’t remember the last time she was that crazy enough, but it wouldn’t be out of the box for her to do it either. Charrie’s shoulders slumped down, feeling relieved when she heard those words of giving in from him.
“Thank you,” She said in such relief.
Charrie took a step further and watched Quinn in the shadow of the building, “Follow me, but don’t make it obvious.” Charrie whispered.
“Understood.” Quinn pulled out her phone and started to fake chat with someone, while she walked a little behind.

Charrie watched the steel door open and out came Conrad who always made her heart ache and fill with guilt. “Come on let’s walk. I’ll tell you when we get there,” She said, walking down the street, knowing the nearest café spot was less than a minute from walking. She opened the door for him to the café. She could use another sweet thing to deal with this and ordered a cappuccino and a slice of chocolate cake. [b “I know who’s behind what happened to my family, and it’s related to the both of us. You might get targeted.” ] Saying it made her realize she had to make sure nothing happened to him, not after what she put him through.

“So, I need you to really be careful. I know a good bodyguard, I think you need one for the time being while the person I hired works on solving this.” She moved to meet his eyes “I can tell you in more detail if you need it. And…again, I’m really sorry. Getting shot at made me really paranoid.”]


Belle still had buddle up tears in her eyes but his hug made her feel a bit better. She hugged Mason tightly back. She met his eyes and still had a frown on her, “I was… I wasn’t running. I was walking. I don’t know why I fell.” Her lip quivered. She continued to sit on the chair by the kitchen. Rick stood there, feeling bad now but he felt that Belle would yell at him if she talked.

Ariel curiously came up, “Wat wong?” She looked up at daddy and then saw Belle look really sad. Ariel had a great idea. She hurried off and grabbed her picture of a big red fuzzy monster with hearts for eyes and gave it to Belle, because her pictures always made people smile.
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Mason loved their little kids so much. He could see how caring they were and how sweet they are to each other. Sure Ori was only a baby, but seeing Ari care for her mom that much was adorable too. He hugged her and then he pulled her onto his lap because she was such a little cutie.

Mason looked after their kids while Charrie headed out. He hoped that she'd stay safe.


Conrad was having a drink with his buddy up on the private bar on the roof. It wasn't until he heard Faith's voice that he took peek and then he glanced down. He saw her and he felt the anger build up again. He couldn't believe that she doubted him after all they've been through. He didn't answer her calls and he sure didn't want to talk to her.

He continued to speak to his friend, but he heard her talking about being in danger and stuff. He heard her apologize and then he just nodded, sighing softly and then looked over. "Fine Coffee. I'll be down" he told her, telling his friend he had to talk with that woman first.

Once he headed down the elevator, he met up with Faith outside and then he faced her, folding his arms. "What's this about?" he asked.


When Mason colored with Ari, he could see her walking around the table, looking around the house and then she would go back to her table and draw again as if getting inspiration. He heard someone fall and when he looked at the stairs, he headed towards them and saw Belle's knees. [b "Rick that's not nice. Your sister got hurt. Tell her you're sorry"] he told him and then he helped Belle up.
[b "Are you okay cupcake?"] he asked, bending her knee to see if it hurt.
[+red "It hurts"] she told him
[+blue "I'm sorry Belle"] Rick said, but Belle didn't really care.
[b "Okay let's go put some ice on it. Can you walk?"] he asked, seeing Belle try to make it to the kitchen. She nodded and wiped her eyes as Mason got her a bag to hold onto her knee.
[b "Don't worry. It'll be better soon. Just hold that on there"] he hugged her, kissing her cheek. [b "You have to be careful"] he told her.
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There babies were the cutest, but when Ori pooped, she wanted to be as far away as possible. She came down and she didn't want to go off. It stressed her out because of this situation going on. She gave them hugs and went off with Quinn.

When she arrived there, Quinn stood outside, not too far, staying against the building and watching their surroundings. The roof wasn't that up high, two and probably a half floor up. She called out and there he was, she saw him near the edge. [i I put a tracker on you and I have someone watching you that's how. ] She definitely couldn't say that. [b "It's a long story. We really need to talk." ] She repeated. Charrie's nearly rolled her eyes.

[b "No, and I wouldn't be here if you just picked up your phone. You can keep living your life, but if you don't hear me out, living your life might become really difficult." ] She saw him look back. Must have been a friend. This fed her up. [b "Don't make me break in there, because I will. And-I'm sorry okay, for making you feel like I was accusing you. Please... at least talk to me, or we could go grab a coffee or something." ] She rambled on and hoped that he would come down, or someone would let her in.


Belle and Rick were all done their packing. They began struggling to get it downstairs. Rick got it down and then on the last step Belle tripped and fell. Rick looked back and saw her on the floor and he accidently laughed. Belle got up and she felt her knee ache, "It's not funny! It hurts."
"Sorry..." Rick cleared his voice and offered a hand but she swiped it away, "Go away. You laughed."
"Because it was funny." Rick said
"It's not!" Belle half cried, "You're always so mean."
"No I'm not, you're always mean."
"Nah-uh! You always laugh if something happens to me." Belle cried, getting more upset.
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He smiled because he was glad their little ones were happy when they arrived home. He knew that they could handle packing, but he'd check up on them later to make sure they had their essentials. He glanced back at them and smiled, soon carrying Ori in his arms. For some reason their little boy always needed to poop in his arms. He sighed and cleaned him up before kissing his cheek and then setting him in his playpen to play.

He watched Ari draw for a while and then when Charrie came down, he was glad that they were able to pinpoint what was happening and he knew that it was a relief to know it wasn't Conrad. That he was telling the truth. He wondered if Conrad would even answer her, but he wanted her to be safe if she did end up going.

He loved how sweet their kids were when it came to their family. He drew some pictures with Ari and when Charrie came down, he hugged her and told her to be safe.


Conrad noticed the calls, but he wasn't going to answer. HE couldn't believe that Faith doubted him that much after all the time they spent together. He only ever wanted what was best for her and was even willing to spend the rest of his life with her. Maybe she's changed?

He ignored her, but when he relaxed at the bar, he was having a conversation with one of his acquaintances when he could hear constant yelling from somewhere. When he saw Faith, he narrowed his eyes "What are you doing here? How did you know I was here?" he called out, shaking his head and then sighing. "Just go home Faith. You have a family that needs you. I'll just keep trying to live my own life" he yelled back at her, his friend waving him over back to the bar.
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“Thanks daddy,” Belle smiled, “Come on Rick.” She head upstairs with him. She figured she could help him too. They both felt that most of the time they had each other since Ari and Ori got most of the attention. Charrie saw them heading up and hoped they would be fine doing it on there own…of course they would be. They knew how to take care of themselves. She put Ori in his arms and she even caught the face he made. He definitely was going to make a number in his pants. She head off quickly.

Ori sighed after he was done and looked up at Mason confused and gripped onto his shirt, and then his eyes watered because he felt uncomfortable. Mason took care of him and he felt all better after, and grabbed his toy dinosaur after to play.

Charrie head back downstairs and she was glad he sounded relieved that she found something but at the same time, it also stressed her out. She sighed, “No…” She figured he’d ignore her call but she knew it was right to tell him. “I will, If I have to go I’ll bring someone with me. I know I can’t risk myself getting hurt, because I have my amazing family to be with.” She lightly smiled. She watched Mason tickle Ori’s tommy. Charrie laughed a little and kissed Ori’s forehead, “I love you, I love you all so much.” She felt a tug and saw Ariel. She looked concerned. She felt bad for ever worrying her. She bended down and gave her a warm hug, “Of course.” She was glad she had such a loving family.

She gave Mason a quick kiss, “I’ll go make the call.” She smiled and head off back to her office because she didn’t want Ariel or the twins overhearing in case they came down. She called him up and it would just ring…and ring…and ring. She sat down at her chair and decided to dial again. She would prefer to handle this through the phone but she knew that may not happen. She called for the third time and she could tell this time he declined the call. Well… Time to find out where he was. She made a call and got his location because they planted a tracker on him. He was at a rooftop bar. Well…it was too early to be drinking, so it must have been something else. She called Quinn, who sometimes acted as a bodyguard to come by and follow her. Charrie wasn’t taking any chances. She needed to be here for her kids and needed to be here to have fun tomorrow with her family.

She casually put on some active black leggings, and a t-shirt that was slightly a bit long. She saw Belle and Rick working together in Rick’s room. She took a peak, “Hey guys, are you doing okay?”
“Yea…but Belle said one of my shirt is ugly. I don’t think it’s ugly.” Rick said.
Charrie laughed, “Show me.”
Rick pulled out a horizontal stripped t-shirt on. Charrie raised a brow, “Belle that’s not ugly.”
“I don’t like lines.” Belle added.
“It’s okay… I’ll be back, okay? You can call me if there’s anything.” Charrie said. Before they could ask, she head downstairs, “Mase, I’m heading out.” She went quickly to give him a kiss on the cheek, along with there two little ones. Charrie met up with Quinn at the front and took the car.

When she got there, the place was closed, but she definitely saw two people up at the roof. She took a few step backs from the sidewalk and wave, “Hey!” She called, “We really need to talk! It’s important, I swear.” ]
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Ariel was being really cute by feeling so embarrassed by what happened to her. It was normal though and he felt really bad because she was hiding beneath the table and then he tried to help her out. He didn't want her to feel embarrassed at all because she was still little and she was learning. He lifted her up and then he sat her down on the couch, hugging her close.

Mason watched Ori and he laughed, seeing him soon listen to Charrie after she kept complaining. He saw him snuggle and Mason smiled because he knew how much their little ones were loved. His eyes went to Rick and he nodded [b "I pulled out your suitcases from storage and it's in your rooms. Just make sure you bring enough clothes and underwear okay"] he told them, seeing them head upstairs.

He let Ari draw, seeing her make some colorful pictures as he carried Ori into his lap. When he started making that face again, Mason narrowed his eyes and then he carried him. [b "You did that on purpose. I don't want you always pooping when you're with daddy. That's a no no"] he told him and then he had Julian look over Ari as he went to go change Ori.

He brought him upstairs and changed his diaper, seeing his giggles and wiggling his feet as Mason tickled his toes. He cuddled him in and brought him downstairs again. He smiled, settling him down in his playpen. When he saw Charrie, he faced her and listened. [b "You did? That's great!"] he was glad that she found a lead.

[b "You call him....but do you think he'll pick up? I think if that doesn't work....you can visit him, but make sure you're safe baby. I want you to have guards on you at all times"] he said, holding Ori in his arms. [b "You want mommy to be safe right?"] he tickled his tummy and Ori squealed. [b "See?"] he laughed and then Ari looked up at her mommy. She grabbed her pant leg and looked up at her [i "Mommy cawefuw"] she said and Mason smiled. [b "You can go as long as you're careful"]
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Ariel remembered how mad Belle was when she wet the bet. She didn’t meant to but she had, and now she fell into the toilet and it didn’t feel so good. She got help and she went to draw a bit. Then her borther and sister came and she couldn’t believe Belle already could tell something was wrong.

Charrie laughed, “I guess he does.” She tickled his little tummy. He was adorable. Charrie would glance at her phone, seeing a new report being submitted. She should probably check that out. She witnessed Ariel hiding when Belle could tell Ariel had been up to something. Right, packing.
“Okay,” Rick said, “But, do we use our backpacks?”
“Um…I guess you could, but you could always use the suitcase in storage downstairs,” Charrie suggested and felt Ori’s little fingers on her lips, babbling to her. She looked at him and playfully put his finger in her mouth. Ori squealed and took his finger out. “I could eat you up,” She laughed, laying him on the sofa and blowing into his tummy. Ori laughed and laughed, trying to escape, but she had him. She then heard Mason and looked back over at him, “Oh…yea, that would be useful. I have to read this new report that came in.” She lifted Ori up, “To daddy you go now.” She set Ori in Mason’s arms and Ori began to do a number in his pants at the same time.

Charrie went to her office quickly and opened the report on her computer. She read through it carefully and realized just how important this report was. Someone was out for Conrad, and she recognized the name and face. She’s met them before in a not such a pleasant way as Faith. She sighed to herself. What to do with this information? Obviously locate the woman and handle it. If they could find her In the meantime… She wrote down a few instructions to locate her, question her alive or shoot if questioning is impossible. That, and Charrie needed to make sure Conrad had protection too. Should she tell him? That may just freak him out...but having him not being aware and being careless might be worse.
[i Not that he will talk to you. ]
But, they were going to the resort and if something happened between then… Ugh.
She head downstairs and head straight for Mason, “Hey, I got some new news about the whole…me getting shot situation. We may have found the head of the operation…and I think I know what’s going on. I also…think I should tell Conrad. Is it okay if I call him Mase? Or go and visit, just to warm him?” She asked, wanting to know his thoughts. She felt she should make these decisions together.
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He thought it was funny seeing Ari stuck in a toilet, but he wasn't going to laugh at all. She was so cute and she looked like she was about to cry. Mason helped her out and told her he wouldn't tell as he held her hands and then he led Sarah and Mark out the door.

He noticed Ari getting all shy again, so he let her draw for a little bit, hoping to relax her so she didn't think about falling into the toilet again. He saw Charrie and Ori and then he laughed [b "He just loves your hair baby"] he teased and then he saw ORi listening in her arms.

When the twins came home, Mason sat with them at the table, giving them hotdogs as they talked about their day. He knew that the twins couldn't go on a trip, but they could at least have fun with the people they could hang out with.

Mason heard Belle and then he saw Ari just disappear. He smirked a little and then he watched the twins eat up and then happily munch on cupcakes. [b "After you two finish, I want you to pack your things for the weekend. Don't forget your swim suits"] he told them, walking towards the table and then peeking under [b "Ari it's okay to come out. Your brother and sister don't know"] he hugged her and lifted her up, kissing her cheek. He sat her on the couch and Mason put on some spongebob as he glanced at Charrie [b "Want me to look after Ori so you can get some work done baby? Or have the weekend guards set?"]
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Ari was happy that daddy helped her. She held his hand when they walked back. She squeezed his hand tighter and hid away a little behind when Sarah spoke to her while saying bye and made daddy promise not to tell anyone.

Charrie felt a tug in her hair and then noticed Ori playing in it. "Ori, that hurts!" She frowned. That yell startled Ori, and he backed up, looking back at her and touching her hair again. "Ow!" Charrie said again. Ori stopped touching and tried again and she made the same "ow," again and he drew his hand back and then just snuggled into her, opening his mouth to yawn. The twins came right through the door and Charrie was happy to see the two.

"That's right, we're going to have more fun. Yup-even Juliet is coming," Charrie flashed a smile for them." She liked having better control of where they were and where they could and could not go. Plus...she needed eyes on them and needed to be close.

Belle saw Ariel's look and she's seen that smile before. "What did Ari do?" Belle blurt out. Ariel gasped and looked at daddy. He told! But wait, she didn't hear him tell. Ariel decided to hide under the table but also bringing her marker and paper with her. Charrie laughed and shook her head, "Nothing, you two should eat. I got cupcakes again too."
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He knew that accidents happened and he also knew that Sarah and Mark weren't exactly in a good spot. He really hoped that their kid's little mistakes didn't make them more worried, but he thought that training little Ari was so adorable. He stood up and unlocked the door, helping her wash up and change before setting her back down on her feet. [b "It's okay cupcake, all better, no need to cry"] he kissed her cheek and then he walked with her back outside.

Sarah got her blushing and then Mason carried her into his arms. [b "Say bye bye Ari"] he told her and she waved to SArah and Mark. [i "Bye bye"] she waved and then he heard her little secret. [b "Don't worry, daddy won't say anything. IT'll be a secret"] he kissed her cheek and then he set her down so she could go off and draw.

Mason cleaned up the table and then he set some hotdogs away for the twins, smiling when they soon came in through the door with Julian. He told them to go ahead and grab some food and then he set out a cupcake for each of them. [b "Mommy and I brought some home. How was school?"] he asked.

[+red "It was fun. I can't wait for the waterpark though. Our class is going on the trip, but we get to the waterpark!"] Belle cheered and Rick set down his bag. [+blue "Is everyone going mom? Even Juliet?"] he asked, taking a bite of the hotdog and seeing Ariel smiling suspiciously.
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Mistakes didn’t happen too often but they sure did happen. She also hoped she didn’t freak out Sarah and Mark about kids with Ari probably falling into the toilet. Charrie sure hoped she flushed before she fell in. Maybe she should have helped her out instead of letting her go off on her own. She stood by the door and waited for Mason coming in with the key. When the door opened, they saw Ari had slightly fell in. Her eyes were pink because she was slightly afraid of being stuck there.
“Awi sit,” She responded, her voice a little wacky because she was about to cry. Charrie sighed and went over to grab her new pants. She came over and mason helped her out. She heard Ariel’s explanation and it made her smile. She was really cute. [b “Next time, we’ll go together, okay? Until you get used to how big it is,” ] Charrie said. She followed them out of the bathroom and laughed a bit when Ariel touched her bum.

“I’m glad you got her out,” Sarah managed a smile and Ariel blushed, holding onto Mason’s hand tighter.

“It’s okay Ariel,” Sarah said, “Um, well thank you for the food. It was nice to see Ori and Ariel again. We should get going, we have a lot of stuff to talk about.”
Charrie nodded, [b “No problem, you two will be okay. Thanks for looking after them, it’s a big help. ]

Sarah got up and waved goodbye to their kids and then to them, “Buy Mason.” She said and they left. Charrie looked back at Mase, [b “I really hope they’ll be okay. Looks like we’ll have to get new baby sitters too.” ]

Ori started to whine, raising his hands wanting to get picked up. Charrie went over and scooped him up, “Hey baby,” She kissed his forehead, “You had a good meal huh?” She glanced at the time, [b “Time for the twins to come home too.” ]

Ariel tugged at Mason’s hand, and whispered “Daddy, don well wick, belle Awi sip fall.” One time Belle got so mad at her for wetting her bed and she didn’t like that.
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He was looking at ARi's food and Mason couldn't blame her at all. He could tell that she was wanting to keep the food all to herself and it was cute. She was being wary. Mason told her how it wasn't real and she could eat her hot dog. He slowly stood up and then he grabbed some food for Wolfie as he poured him some kibble.

WHen it was dessert time, Mason ate a cupcake and made sure that their kids just had half. He didn't want them to be eating so much sweets like Charrie. He tried to make Mark and Sarah relax a bit so that they weren't too stressed out, but he hoped they could fix things. Kids were amazing and he knew that him and Charrie had a hard time at first, he but he didn't really regret anything.

Mason laughed when Ari spoke and then he watched her head to the bathroom. She was a cutie already almost potty trained. When he heard she was stuck, Mason walked over, unlocking the door with the key. He saw Ari sitting in the toilet, soaked in the water, stuck [b "Ari...you're supposed to sit on the toilet"] he helped her up and then he washed her off, drying her with a towel and then putting her new pants on.

[i "Awi swip fall"] she looked up at Daddy and then he held her hand. [b "You have to be careful. THe toilet is a little big"] he kissed her cheek and then he made it back to the living room with her. [b "DAddy will always save you though okay?"] he smiled, seeing Ari touching her bum, glad it was all dry.
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