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From the guess to his appearance he was already drunk. People always tend to drink away their sorrows because they were too weak to handle it themselves. She didn’t think he was that depressed that Prim was playing around with him. Wasn’t it pretty obvious by the way she acted? Prim just stood still and wide out at his sudden yelling at her.

“Told you didn’t want to get into the crossfire,” She muttered and again Mason let out his emotions out like a girl at the time of her month. Prim just stood silent having no idea what to say and shocked that he figured it out. It was to happen eventually. Hell, she even tried to warn him during high school that she was not doing this for real, but he choose not to listen. When she said something, she meant it. Mason should at least know that. She smirked, already knowing that he just hated her being happy with someone else. He hated her being happy period. So far, he was just destroying himself. She turned to Prim and stuck out her tongue “I told you. No more messing with Mason now that you lost the bet.”

“Yea... Fine,” Prim replied quietly, avoiding her eyes. She just glared at Vince “And whose fault is it that he’s drunk? Where are you going tonight Vince? You’re going to take Mason somewhere and let him unconsciously harass someone again? You don’t have to live with him.” Then she turned her eyes to the drunk Mason “Seriously, Mase, you’re weak as a mouse. If you do this every time you get depressed, you’ll do a finer job than me making your life hell. And you’re welcome by the way. I got away my loving best friend between us.” She sharply spoke and then grabbed Prim’s hand and pulled her out of the bar into the fresh air. At least Prim’s problem was solved. She walked further in the street with Prim.

“Hey, you think someone is following us?” Prim whispered looking over her shoulder.

“Nope,” She popped. There were times where Prim was paranoid of everything. The girl was even afraid of people could read her thoughts. She just walked in her normal pace and decided to go to an in cream shop. It wasn’t till a little later she noticed they really was being followed by some creep. Prim nudged her and telling her ‘I told you so.’

“Just wait a little longer, the person will leave,” She attempt to assure her. After a good half an hour they got out of the ice cream place and hit the streets again. Surprisingly, they were still being followed. Charrie swore under her breath and then met Prim’s eyes, stopping for a second.

“Let’s split. Either go to police station or go get someone. I doubt it’s anything huge though,” Charrie ordered. Prim looked at her as Charrie had her brain stolen by aliens. As much as Prim would backstab Charrie, she cared for her. Charrie was always the one to help Prim out when they were younger. Prim was the one bullied and get into bad relationship, Charrie would always help her out of it. She knew that Prim meant no true harm when she backstabbed. Charrie still believed that Prim could change back to her old self again.

“No!” Prim exclaimed.

“Oh for... It’s nothing. Just go,” Charrie rolled her eyes and when Prim didn’t move, she just pushed her back and that got her going. Charrie walked in a slower pace until the other man that was following up to her caught up to speed-oddly near an ally. There wasn’t anyone around the place. So, when he got close, she instantly sprung into action when she was almost grabbed. She did a back kick and struck the man’s weakness. Somehow, she ends up getting slammed against the wall, bumping her head. She groaned at her vision was blurry but forced herself to get quickly back in action, and punched him directly into the nose and once the man was in the ground. She ran out of the area and entered a busy street. She heavily breathed out to calm her pacing heart. Then she moved to a bench and sat down because her head was dizzy. She wanted to close her eyes but remembered that she might have a concussion.

She dialed up Prim but had to leave a message “Hey, I lost him. So, it’s fine now. Just go home; I’ll meet you there soon. ” She leaned her head back and rubbed the top of her forehead to see that she was slightly bleeding from the concrete scrapping against her skin. Thank god she took lessons since the age of six. She than was going to dial another friend to pick her up with a car but as that happened, she just closed her eyes for a second until it became longer than a second.

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The bar was a perfect place to just relax and be amongst people that were here to just have fun, be themselves, or to gather their lives back together. He was in the third category, but Mason had no clue of anything at all. Sitting at the bar with his friends, he just wanted to forget about everything that had happened in the past week. He was tired of it all, and just when he thought he had someone he could trust. Someone that had the potential to be more than friends, he just knew it was all another game. After all Prim's done for him the entire week, he was starting to open his feelings towards her again. But seeing her with some other guy at school just crushed everything. And now he was feeling like shit. Worthless shit.

Holding a beer in his hands, he chatted with the boys about the upcoming party this weekend. Maybe they would all go together. It would sure get his mind off of that damn Prim, and even Charrie. He hated how she was right, but why in the world would she help him? She hated him, so it was only natural that he thought the advice was just a trick. He thought that maybe there was a reason why he was living with the the three of them. But now no one was on his side to make him feel better. He was back to saving his own ass.

But that one moment of peacefulness was short lived when he heard Charrie's voice in the side of his ear. Damn that girl. She wouldnt even lift a finger off of him. It was as if she had him in her hands to play around and do as she pleased. But he wasnt going to take it. Not now. That bottle he was holding was already his forth. He was far from being his normal self. All of his emotions were intensified. And the first one to test them out was her.

Slamming his beer against the counter, her shook his head, turning away from her. When Prim came over, that was the last straw. WHy couldnt they just leave him alone for today. Why did they have to rub it in and make things worse for him. His tired eyes turned around, facing Prim as he just stared. "How are things going? What does it look like Im doing. I feel awful. Im drinking my sorrows down so I dont have to deal with them right now. That's how Im feeling!" he rolled his eyes and simply took another gulp of his beer. He couldnt believe she had the audacity to come on over and ask him on a double date after her performance at school today.

"W-Wait. What did you just say? A double date? Why in the world would I double date? First of all. Where would I fit in? You have some guy of your own. You dont need me around anyways. And lemme guess who we're double dating with.....um...Charrie and Jake? Forget that. I have better things to do than to be one of your pawns in this little game you're playing me for, and I'd rather not be watching the love fest going on between Charrie and that asshole" his emotions were pouring out like rain. He was drunk and he said what he needed to say. There was nothing left he needed to get out there and he wasnt even sure of what he was doing. But he was getting so angry and his blood was boiling. HIs best friends had to restrain him back before he broke something.

"Hey, Hey. The guy is drunk. Just leave him alone. We heard about what happened over the weekend and he we dont want any trouble here. You two better just leave" Vince told the two girls. He knew Mason well, as good as anybody. He wasnt the best person to be around when he was drunk, but boy did he relax. Having Mason drunk when he was having a bad day was the best thing for him in Vince's eyes. He was able to get it all out, and by tomorrow, he knew he would feel much better.
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After an hour she forced herself to get up from bed, sleepy or not. She made it to her car half asleep. She leaned against the door and then saw a note on her car. It was probably from Mason. She probably shouldn’t read it. She should ignore it, and throw it away because it would do nothing but anger her. She sighed at her curiosity and read it after all. ‘Maybe we should get it on in here?’ A shiver ran down her spine. She shook her head to get every image out of her head and then crushed the note and threw it on the ground. She got into her car and drove to the college.

Her classes ran smoothly as her start going close to some others that seemed more decent than her current friends. She was invited to a couple of stuff but didn’t really want to. She really didn’t like social gatherings. As she was going to her next class with Emmy, she caught Prim fooling around with someone else. Then she picked out Mason watching from the corner of his eyes. She tried to tell him but he didn’t listen. Charrie could have just let him fall for Prim and then be heartbroken but she didn’t like her friends in the crossfire. She had to get rid of Prim without looking like it was a big deal. She went through her next class to have Prim meet at the door.

“Hey, you want to hang out?” Prim innocently asked. They end up sitting at a cafe. Prim probably expected her to threaten her about getting close to Mason. She just sipped her smoothie until Prim decided to bring it up.

“So what do you think about Mason and I?” She asked.

“Nothing, we both know you’re fooling around,” Charrie shrugged.

“What do you mean? I’m taking it seriously. He-“She began.

“-Prim, I’m pretty sure we’re at the point of our friendship that we’re not fake with each other.”

“You’re right, sorry,” Prim laughed “its killing you isn’t it?”

“Nope, do whatever you want. He deserves it for harassing me.”

“You know, you’re both at fault. Well, since you don’t care, you wouldn’t care if I had sex with him.” Oh, yea she would. Not that she had to do anything about it.

“Go ahead, but he won’t be satisfied with you. Besides, if you do that, my mother and his will track you down like a wild animal,” She spoke a true fact “It’s your choice if you want to be in the crossfire.” She then got up once she finished her smoothie. Right then her hand wrist was grabbed by Prim.

“I know where Mason is, you want to come? Maybe we can have a double date,” Prim suggested knowing that would end up bad. The four of them wouldn’t survive through that.

“He’s not going to go out with you,” Charrie stated.

“You want to bet?” Prim challenged.

“Okay, if I win you step away from the crossfire.”

“Fine, if I win, we have a double date. I and Mason, you and Jake,” Prim agreed. Prim tugged her toward the direction where Mason was. She wasn’t too surprised that it happened to be a bar. She hated bars. The worst could happen here. She couldn’t recall having a bar fight yet with Mason but there was ninety percent chance it could happen. She couldn’t even imagine what would happen if one of them were drunk. She didn’t get drunk because she didn’t drink because she didn’t want to lose brain cells. She was internally healthy. She caught were Mason was and he was with his friends. Some were glancing at her when she came up behind Mason.

“Hey Mase, is prim so hot now?” She whispered into his ear and backed up when Prim came close enough that she could hear. Prim put on her mask, playing innocent “Hi Mase, I came to check how things were going. And I was just wondering if you’d like to double date.” Charrie cracked a laugh-as if! The dangers of it, besides he know knew that Prim wasn’t so sweet and innocent. Then the bartender came up and asked her if she wanted something. She told him no and he just scanned her body, smirked and said something under his breath. She scoffed, rolling her eyes knowing what lured in a guy’s mind. She just wanted to leave this place before anything started and to make fun of Prim later. Prim could get any guy she wanted, at least so Prim believed. It was just a game to her.

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Night darling ^__^

Mason wasnt sure what had gotten into Charrie when Prim spoke. He thought the two were best friends and that's why they decided to live together. The only reason why Mason agreed to live with her and her friends was because their mothers blackmailed him. And everything was just turning out all wrong. He couldnt even go to school because of his situation which defeated the whole purpose of trying to live together.

When she told Prim that he was speaking lies, he simply rolled his eyes. How could she not think he would die? She kicked him out of a moving vehicle, there was a chance of death laced within every part of that sentence. But what really ticked him off was he didnt understand what she was trying to say. 'Dont fall for her games....but if you want to be stupid as you are, go ahead' he didnt know who to follow. Why did she care? She never cared about his wellbeing. But in his eyes right now, Prim was there beside him and Charrie was only out to ruin him. WHy would he trust her when she destroyed his trust many years ago. It's not like she'd listen to him if he said that Jake was just playing the nice guy.

So for the rest of the night, all he could think about was the harassment and those pictures. He didnt really remember what ticked him off in high school, it was something about one of them getting into a relationship. But he couldnt quite figure it out. Instead, he tried to just fall asleep on a good note, remembering the past when they actually thought they were going to end up being together. The thought was silly, he shook it out of his mind and stayed curled up beside Prim.

In the morning, he noticed she was out of his arms. Rubbing his eyes, he could see that he was just on time. And he felt so much better. His body ached, but at least he wasnt coughing. He was feeling so much better compared to last night. So when he stepped into his bathroom, he took a long shower, drying himself off and changing into a grey vneck shirt beneath a striped cardigan. He then slipped into some jeans before grabbing his bag. It was his first day of school and he was going to make sure he made a good impression.

When he headed outside, he noticed Charrie's new car had arrived. It looked really nice and expensive. He decided to mess with her a little bit. He pulled out a note and stuck it just above her windshield Maybe we should get it on in here? he smirked and called Dale to pick him up. When he walked into his chem lab, he spent the morning doing his experiments, chatting with his friends, and even meeting up with high school classmates. It was going well until he saw Prim hanging around with another guy. Wasnt she into him? Why in the world was she holding that guy's hand?

Mason just watched her in the corner of his eye as she headed towards the male's car. He knew it was all just some joke. Ever since he's been ditching school, she probably thought that he'd never catch her here with some guy. The whole scene got Mason's mood down. He was starting to like her again, and then she just does....That. Charrie was right. But he didnt want to admit it. Charrie didnt even have to anything to mess up this relationship. It died before it started.

Mason left a with a couple of his friends. They were invited to go to this party Saturday night. Everyone of his friends were invited and they were all excited since it was the first big party of the year. But Mason wasnt feeling as great as he was this morning. Him and his two best friends decided to just head to the local bar. They knew what Mason had been going through and they just had no advice for him. They just wanted to make him feel better, so they sat at the bar, getting some drinks.
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She just listened to the sound of Prim’s voice and wondering who in the world was she trying to fool. Prim was even stuttering over her words. The two of them would joke about how Prim would fool some people or how she’d complain about how most people were dumb asses and such. Maybe she was just trying to get close to Mason for some reason? It wouldn’t be the first. Not too long ago, Prim tried to go after someone that she knew took a liking to Charrie. She really didn’t care if Prim would attempt to steal people because she honestly couldn’t care enough. Ever since high school things changed a lot, Prim changed a lot and damn the actual huge fight started between her and Mason. She couldn’t actually remember what set it off.

When it got late at night, she dropped on her bed and tried to fall asleep but it just didn’t catch her. She got on her laptop-relooked some pictures and didn’t know why. She decided not to reply to her mom about it because if she did, she’d say something on the lines of ‘I hate him, it’s never going to happen because he did sexual harass me and is the problem to my life.’ She played a game and then end up drawing something in one of her old notebooks. She looked through the pages and saw what she wrote when she was younger. She couldn’t help but just laugh at her childish mind. Damn, she was so dumb back then. She had no idea the bastard was a pervert. She then fell back into bed and fell comfortably asleep.

When she woke up, her head was pounding and she didn’t want raise. She just checked the time and found that she was late. She groaned and really just didn’t want to get up. So, she just decided to stay there a long as she wanted.

going to sleep
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The rest of the day went quite smoothly for Mason. He was able to relax and get better. His body was feeling like it was going to give out yesterday. THank goodness he was able to make it home. Dale was such a savior. Everytime Charrie had done something to him over the past few years, he would always count on him to cover up the mess, help him out and get him settled into something new. He pretty much knew exactly what Mason wanted most of the time.

If it wasnt for Prim helping it out, he probably would've starved to death. He didnt want to move out of bed, and he didnt want to go out there and see the redhead that caused all this agony. At least in his room, he was safe. He had everything he needed and a girl was kind enough to take of him when no one else believed him. There was so much he owed Prim and one day he would.

The rest of his afternoon was spent doing his prelab for his Chemistry lab tomorrow. It's been two days since he hadnt shown up to class, but he's explained to his teachers that he had been in the hospital, and how he was physically unable to attend lectures. The teacher understood as long as he turned in his coursework. It didnt seem like it, but Mason was really smart in his major. He loved science, especially working in the lab. It was quiet, peaceful, and he could make anything he wanted in there. It was like his private solitude from Charrie ever since they were in high school.

Not only was he smart, Mason had a ton of friends. His phone was now blowing up with texts from his classmates, asking where he was all the time. He's been MIA for two days. Luckily he was feeling much better. He was sure he would go to school tomorrow as long as this silence with Charrie kept going.

But that ended when Charrie entered the room. At first Mason could feel his heart racing. He was in no shape for another beating. But he was relieved when she spoke to Prim instead. Mason knew Prim really well. She had always been on his side. And even though she was Charrie's best friend, she knew that it was unfair that she had Jake here and Mason had no one. NOt to mention how harsh Charrie was at treating her so called 'best friend'. "Um...Im sorry Char.....I know what Mason did was unforgivable. But he's sick, Im just helping him out....he could have died. And I mean....you have Jake here. H-He doesnt have anyone on his side?" she tried to tell her. She was just helping out. She didnt want to get in the middle of anything.

Mason was glad that Dale got him the same laptop as before. His hardrive fit perfectly into his computer and he was able to use it in no time. When he decided to check his email, he saw Mrs. Danny's photos and he just shook his head. He remembered his childhood well. Those were probably the best years of his life now that everything was crashing down. Flipping through all the pictures, he saw how happy he was with Charrie such a long time ago. It made him smirk and laugh. Things had changed drastically from those times. He knew they werent coming back. But when he saw the picture of them kissing, his hand unconsciously touched his lips, remembering harassing her yesterday. Immediately shaking his head, he sighed and heard his door open. Prim came in with a tray of hot soup. "You need to eat. You'll only get better with soup and a good nights rest. COme on open up" she held the spoon to his lips as Mason ate slowly. Once he finished, he shut his laptop, pushing it aside as he patted the side of his bed for her. "Thanks Prim. You're the best" he waited for her to get in as he draped his arm around her. Thanks to her, he was feeling better. He pressed his lips against her cheek, soon falling asleep for the night, trying to get those sentimental pictures out of his mind.
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He left her room without any complaint and decided that as long as he didn’t bother her, she wouldn’t either. As long as things stayed peaceful than another war wouldn’t start up. She had no idea what their mothers were thinking placing them in the same house together. It was bad enough to be neighbours. She had called up her mom just to see everything was fine and they said she was doing a lot better, that released stress on her. She picked up some stuff in her room and then heard that Mason was sick on the way to her new car. He deserved it. Maybe he had so much enough for her that he decides to just stop and leave her alone. It was better if they were separated in different parts of the world.

She arrived to her class and this time she got to play as role of the director. It was fun being director and everyone else didn’t seem to mind her taking lead. She usually ends up taking lead when others didn’t know what to do. Others were still annoying her by the fact that she smelt like honey yesterday. She decided to ignore it and move on and just go through her classes. Someone invited to hang out with their friends and she simply only spoke out a few times because she wasn’t the social kind. After that was finished she headed back home. She walked by Mason’s room to only hear her supposed to best friend talking to Mason and it seemed like she was helping out. That really bugged her about Prim. For some reason she’d end up siding with Mason. Charrie knew how Prim’s mind work and she was always up to something. She felt like gagging when Prim spoke about ‘don’t worry about me. I got the flu shot.’

She opened the door and stared at her ‘best friend’ “Yo, dumb blond Prim. Mason sexually harassed me last night. Don’t feel sorry for him. It was either that or jail time. He should thank me and you shouldn’t be even helping him out. Thanks a lot bestie, for being on my side and encouraging him that it’s not his fault he wanted to fuck me in the car, and tie me up.” She finished and left the room and got into the kitchen and made sure to watch her food this time. She ate up and went into her room to finish a couple of work. Once she finished she went on her laptop and looked through her e-mails. Her mom send her pictures...

“Come on... When will she get over that?” She groaned to herself staring at the pictures of her and Mason as kids. Things were less violent less than. Hell, she actually thought she was untitled to marry him back then. Glad, she learned that she had a right not to.

“Who’s that?” Jake suddenly popped up from behind her. She half jumped “Oh it’s just me...and someone.”

“You look cute and happy,” He observed. She didn’t want to respond that. The innocent days were well innocent. She got up from her laptop and was about to take the cable off and then she turned her head back to the screen, seeing Jake scanning through the pictures. There was one picture where her mother and Mason’s mother forced the seven years to kiss. Her eyes popped and she quickly closed the lid of the laptop. Guessing that she got the e-mail, Mason probably got it too.

“Not my photo,” She fibbed. He didn’t believe her but didn’t seem to care if she was lying or not. They chat for a little while, just sitting on her bed. Somehow it ended up with a warming kiss and started to go further but her mind was still on last night and didn't even want to think about getting close to anyone at the moment.

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Mason was fast asleep the minute he laid down in Charrie's bed. He was so tired after walking nearly three miles in the cold weather last night, not to mention his blood loss. And coming home to a destroyed room wasnt exactly pleasant. THe only highlight he got out of his day was that he was able to sexually harass CHarrie, and that he socked Jake in the face. He's hated that man for so long and he knew that as long as he was beside Charrie, he wouldnt get any rest at all.

At least he was able to get some rest that night. His body really needed it, and if it wasnt for the redhead busting back into her room, he would have stayed there until his class stared. Mason had no time to cause any havoc to her room that morning. She could easily replace everything just like he had. His tactics were aimed at something else. He wanted to attack her confidence, her spirit. He wanted to make her feel the worst she could.

But he was up within seconds after she said she'd throw him out the window. He knew she would do it, and he didnt want to add another injury on his body. He was basically a walking attraction for disaster. He had a face mask on, his balls were still recovering, and he was covered in bandages. With Charrie, he had broken more bones in his body than everyone she was related to added up. But he didnt care. He was just trying to stay alive so that he was living proof that she couldnt get rid of him so easily. Mason stood on his feet, still half asleep as he made his way down the steps towards his room. Everything was so disappointing. The thought of his room being trashed, how he had no clothes at all, and just the fact that he had no electronics killed him inside. But when he entered his room, he saw it looked like a brand new room. It was completely modernized and he had new furniture, a new tv, laptop, phone, and even his lab was built in a secret basement below his room. That way he could work in piece and not have to bother with Charrie.

As he made his way to his bed, he began coughing and feeling so lightheaded. WHen he looked into his mirror, he looked terrible. Like a walking zombie back from the dead. He knew this wasnt looking good at all. He needed to see a real doctor. So he called Katie, requesting a doctor to visit his home. The last thing he wanted was an infection, or permanent damage to his body.

Within the hour, a doctor had showed up, entering his room to redress his wounds and to make sure he was alright. He had a serious case of the flu and he wasnt allowed to leave his room. He was put down on bed rest for the rest of the week. There goes his chances at getting back at Charrie. It always seemed like she won. To everyone she knew and to all of their friends. She always came out on top. Maybe he didnt try hard enough? Or he wasnt as harsh as he thought himself to be. Either way, he was feeling much better after the painkillers and the fact that he was back in his own room.

The rest of the day for him was pretty much just resting in bed. Thanks to a few of his friends from school, they brought him his school work and he managed to stay on track, simply working in bed. But what really upped his mood was Prim. She had heard the news from Jake about what happened last night. She was so worried for Mason. Maybe Charrie could've killed him. Prim spent the morning, making him some breakfast, bringing it to his room as she kept him company.

"Thanks Prim. You didnt need to do anything. Ill get better soon. Dont worry about it" he tried to tell her. "Mase. You're hurt. Look at you. You're going to be stuck here all week. And you have the flu. It's the least I can do to help you out. I want to see you get better" her eyes scanned his body and she just sighed. Charrie was her best friend, but she was perfectly fine compared to Mase. She would be her emotional support right after she took care of Mason. "Here. Eat up. Dont worry about me. I got the flu shot" she smiled warmly as she stayed by his side. She snuggled beside him and helped feed him. Mason was thankful that someone in the house wasnt out to get him. He enjoyed Prim's company. Even after she dumped him, she was still that kindhearted girl he used to love.
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All the sudden a loud knocking echoed through Jake’s door. She was already awake because she couldn’t sleep. She guessed it must have been Mason. They dropped in a pretty green soft field, didn’t think he’d be injured that he’d die out of it. Not like it mattered too much to her. He shouldn’t have done that to her. She should have never gone so close to her without thinking that she was going to do something right back. It was his own fault in many ways. One way is that he didn’t stop when she told him the second time was that he failed to remember that she wouldn’t just make out with him after doing that to her. For a guy that had chemistry major, he was an idiot. The door burst open and Jake lost his temper. She felt worry for Jake because no one could handle Mason’s rage except her. They had years of practice on their hate for each other. It didn’t go well if it was released on others.

She watched Jake fall and her jaw had just dropped and then glanced back at Mason “What the hell did he ever do!?” Her cell-phone was grabbed and he instantly left. Mason was smart enough to know that she can replace a cell-phone easily. He was probably just mad enough that he didn’t care as long as if he was inflicting her some way. She moved to Jake and then helped him up and touched his cheek.

“I’m sorry I got you into this,” She apologized “I and Mason have a passion for hating each other and it get’s bad. Next time, don’t do anything, okay? I can handle him.” Jake looked up at her in disbelieve and sighed, rising himself.

“What do you mean? He touched you again?” His eyes went around her and then glanced at the door “I’m going to kill that guy.”

“That’s my job,” Charrie mentioned and hugged him “Don’t worry about it, okay? I’m fine right now. I have many ways to get back at him. I dropped him nicked out of a moving car, after all.” He slightly laughed and leaned into her “When you need help, just tell me though, okay?” She nodded and they just went back into the bed. She didn’t care what Mason was doing now. She just wanted to fall asleep from the long night. She fell asleep alongside Jake and then woke up early once more. Jake was still asleep. She rose from the bed and got out of his room and went through the hallway to go into her room. She was expecting her room to be trashed up too after what she did. Instead she found the door locked. Bastard. She had to go get changed and other stuff. She grabbed a stool and then broke the door open and entered him to see him sleeping on her bed. Great, she had to burn her bed sheets too.

She moved slowly toward him and then whispered in his ear “Good morning love, I’m glad to see you’re still breathing.” She’d do something drastic but she really just didn’t want to put up a fight at the moment. She went inside her closet and pulled out some clothes to change. She had to take another shower so that the honey scent would fade easier. She got into the shower, extra locked the door and took a really quick one and then came out to see the pervert still asleep. She examined him and saw that he did get injured from last night. She got harassed and he got injured. Still, it wasn’t fair.

“Mason if you don’t get up, I’m going to have to throw you out the balcony,” She had fairly warned. She wouldn’t actually do it unless she was sure that he wasn’t going to be in serious condition. She didn’t want to be responsible for that.

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Mason was enjoying all of this. The kissing, the touching, and just the fact that he had everything under control. After all, no matter what happened, she was still stuck to the seat right? That's exactly what he thought. BUt as he led the kisses deeper, he could feel his spine tingling, even his lips were on fire with such sensations. Being able to have Charrie like this was unbelievable. He's been wanting to touch her body for such a long time and now he could have her all he wanted.

The only bad thing was, he was getting sucked into the emotion more than he'd hoped. He was losing his thoughts, only wanting to just feel her warm lips against his. And for some reason, a small part of him also wanted her to feel good as well. Little did he know, she wasnt enjoying this one bit. Her constant cussing and squirming finally died down when he let her arms and legs loose. And when he wrapped his arms around her waist, he was pulling her out of the glue. WHen he took her off of the seat, he watched her smile so seductively as she pressed her lips against his so passionately. Mason was enjoying this so much. What guy could say that Charrie kissed him, only he could.

THe make out session was turning for the better. It felt like she really was kissing him, like they could maybe even go all the way. His hands were behaved as they wrapped around her petite waist, holding her in his arms before she turned him over against the seat. And when she began stripping his clothes, he kept his lips against hers, tracing hers with the tip of his tongue, his eyes gazing up at hers for that brief moment. THe last thing he was expecting was to be kicked out of the car while it moved, but when he flew out, his body hit the grass, rolling towards the side as he curled up to endure the scratches and stabs that were now piercing his bare skin. His body was stopped by a redwood tree, many of them in the area, yelping in pain. "FUCK!" he yelled, feeling so much anger building up inside.

Mason didnt see any of it coming at all. He was too distracted. Too weak to realize that everything just meant nothing. Biting down on his lip, he slammed his fist against the ground, breathing heavily as he managed to get himself onto his feet. His eyes scanned the area and he was just out in the open. It was all forest covering the highway. One lucky thing was that he was still close to the hospital, maybe he could walk back there in time. But it was so late in the morning. It was nearly three am. It was cold and it was quiet. Maybe the wolves would even get him. BUt that wasnt what Mason was thinking of right now. He was bleeding, pretty badly from hitting rocks and being stabbed by twigs. THe worst part was that he didnt even have his phone. It was just him in his boxers out in the cold night, walking along the highway.

All he could think about was killing her. He wanted to kill her so badly! Bury her in the backyard alive. Tying her to a railroad track and watch her just be killed at an instant. All these crazy thoughts filled his mind and it put a happy smile on his lips. He didnt care anymore. She had gone too far by nearly killing him. He had to watch his back and make sure that he could stay alive. He wouldnt let her have the satisfaction of killing him. Honestly, he was going crazy. It was either the pain being inflicted on him right now, or he was losing too much blood. But it was like a sign from God when he saw lights passing by. They were headlights, soon stopping beside him as Dale opened the back door. The driver knew that he would be around here somewhere, so after dropping CHarrie back home for the money, he helped Mason inside, even treating his wounds, wrapping his cuts in bandages. The rest of the ride back felt like the most relaxed he's ever been. He was clothed and Dale even brought him a blanket to keep himself warm. THe generous driver had been serving the teen for years. And he treated him just like a son.

When they arrived at the house, Mason was just out of it. He was dizzy, he was exhausted and he just wanted to get some sleep before school tomorrow. Making his way into the house, he headed straight for his room. He was expecting to be just as he left it, but when he saw everything was destroyed, he blew up. "N-No...NO! You Mother....fucking!!! BITCH!" he growled in anger, shuffling through his things to find as least something working. His laptop's hard drive was still intact. Thank heavens. He had so many important files on his laptop that he just couldnt lose. WHen he opened his closet, there was nothing. Only a pile of burned ash outside of his window. She's gone too far once more. He was a madman in this mood. Nothing could stop him. It was like all of his adrenaline kicked in and he would kill anyone in his way.

Looking around for some kind of phone, he didnt see a thing. He must have left it in his car with Dale. DAMN! Mason simply slammed his door shut and he headed up the stairs. Four am. He was pissed. When he opened Charrie's door, he didnt see her anywhere. She was probably with that douche, Jake. He headed down the hall towards Jake's room, kicking the door open to find the two in bed. The sight was disgusting. And a small part of him just felt hurt inside. She couldnt be with another guy. Not unless he could stop it. She didnt deserve to be happy when he was in so much pain.

Stepping into the room, he watched as Jake approached him, yelling a few cuss words at him, but Mason could care less about some guy just wanting to get some, who didnt even understand what was going on between him and Charrie. Before Jake could even finish his sentence, Mason's fist slammed against his cheek so hard, that he fell back against the ground. HE then made his way towards Charrie, his blood shot eyes so annoyed that when he stood before her, his hands reached for her pockets, grabbing her phone. He then headed outside the room, holding the door shut as he dialed Dale's number once more. "Dale. I need a new room in this house. When you send the guys to build a lab tomorrow, tell them I also need a room makeover. I need new furniture. New electronics. YOu know....everything a teenage college student needs. If you need help, just look at my room back home. I will also be needing a new wardrobe. Thanks Dale" he hung up the phone and simple smashed it against the floor, too furious to care about anything but sleep right now. Walking towards Charrie's room, he locked the door and just quickly passed out on her bed for the night.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 358d 22h 25m 0s
She kept on blurting out swear words like crazy knowing that it probably killed his ears because he was so close. Hopefully, he really grew deaf. That was the price to pay for what he was doing to her. She relaxed a little when he pulled away and then he started to talk. This wasn’t over yet. She just wished for it to be over. It turns out the damn bastard that she’s always beaten up all the time wasn’t weak-yet he was still terrible at stopping her from putting him in pain.

“Convince you?” She scoffed “Why don’t you leave me alone first? If you stop, I promise to stop. You continue than I’ll continue to make your life legit hell.” She felt him so close, at her neck kissing her and slightly groaned not wanting this to happen. Every time he backed up she just knew that he was going to keep continuing. Who knew who long this could last?

“What are you, a cannibal?” She dryly asked at his honey comment. He kissed her even for longer time, making electricity shoot up through her. She’s never felt so helpless around him. She’d always be able to do something but this time she couldn’t. She may have everyone convinced that she won this game with him but now she had to find something better or stay on the losing side. He was enjoying these touches and kisses too much.

“I don’t run, I fight back,” She reminded to be interrupted by another deep kiss that left her lips tingling. She bit her bottom lip as he talked and felt a wave of relief when he said he’d actually release her. He had no idea how much she wanted to get back at him now. For letting his hands run through her body, kissing her more than anyone ever should.... Her hands and feet were released and she could finally take a breath to calm her nerves down but she was pretty sure these memories of him tying her up and then forcing a make out session was going to stick by her in detail. This was also bad for Mason because if a memory sticked by for her-it meant endless payback. She smirked over at Mason.

“Good decision, now we can really have fun,” She leaned in and kissed him slowly but passionate, the rush ran through her and this time she was in control. Just like her dad, she had to have control almost of everything. She then pushed him down against the seat, with a brilliant idea. She then moved really close and kissed him again, slightly biting his lip. Her hands lifted up his shirt until she took it off. Then she got off his pants and left him in his underwear. He was probably thinking she was going to go full way. Oh yea... Sure... She then quickly opened the door behind him and kicked him out of the car, leaving his clothes in the car. She quickly locked the car doors and then leaned into the driver.

“Drive to our place fast, I’ll pay you a thousand,” She promised. The driver seemed unsure but as soon as Carrie upped the money she was going to give him, he sped away toward the home leaving Mason half nicked on the streets. She leaned against the seat and shivered.

“I can’t believe I let that happen,” She muttered to herself. She touched her lips and knew she had to burn her whole skin off to stop the contamination. On the way back her thoughts were filled of him touching her, kissing her. A part of it wanted to actually slaughter him and then the other ten percent part liked his body. A very small part that still held anger. As soon as she arrived back to the house, she ran toward Mason’s room. She then start breaking everything in sight, his laptop, his IPod, desk, pictures, windows. She also grabbed a bucket of puke green and yellow paint and spilled it all over. She also ripped the sheets out and got all of his clothes, dumped it outside. Created a simple fire and burned them all. She then got back into the house and Jake was awake. She instantly ran to him and he asked her wants wrong. She explained exactly what happened, she didn’t need to even exaggerate. She end up going to his room for the night, sleeping in the same bed but he didn’t even lay a single finger on her that made her feel uncomfortable. She tried to fall asleep but the images still haunted her.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 358d 23h 16m 17s
THe entire feeling was great. He listened to her babble about how he made her life miserable and he just sighed softly. In order to shut her up, he just kissed her lips even more, holding her hands back since he was much stronger than her. Of course she had the moves and the technique, but when it came to brute strength, MAson could compare to her. While she was out going shopping, or hanging with her friends, Mason was at the gym with the guys, building their muscles and aiming for that perfect body.

But no matter how much Charrie screamed, yelled, or struggled, it all came down to the fact that he had her tied to the seat. She couldnt do a thing and she couldnt move anywhere. He had her all to himself and if he really wanted, he could tell the driver to just disappear and they wouldnt be seen again.

But when she told him about what was he going to do after he let her loose, he just bit his lip. She was right, what was he going to do if he let her go. She would send him to prison, or even end his life. His parents wouldnt believe him, maybe his dad would, but other than that, he had no one that would help him. This was bad. But Mason wasnt one to think ahead. He was really good at planning and setting up what he had in mind. He really didnt think of the consequences after. Maybe he should just let her go so she wouldnt ruin his life even more. But even he knew that she wouldnt go easy on him.

"You can argue all you want Charrie, but I wont let you go right now. Maybe if you convince me, or promise to stop all these games and leave me alone? That would solve so many problems wouldnt it?" he nibbled down her neck, playfully kissing her collarbone. Her skin had this natural sweet scent to it, and the honey bath he gave her a day earlier was just so sensational. "Mmm, that honey on your skin. You taste so sweet!" he then made his way back to her lips, just kissing her even more, wanting her to remember what he did to her. What he was going to do.

Mason wasnt that stupid. He was a chemistry major after all. That meant that he had the ability to think in complex situations and solve his problems. He wasnt going to rape her and then suddenly go to jail for it. He would never go that far. If he was innocent then that was good enough for him.

He was slowly getting turned on by how much he wanted her body. Her luscious lips, her smooth skin, and he scent were all inviting. He never had the chance to actually have what he wanted, but this was what he was waiting for. "Mmm, Im not weak. I just know that if I let you go, you're just going to run" he mumbled, kissing her more deeply. "But I do like the sound of making out. And it would be much more convenient if you wrapped your arms around me" he reached up her sides, untying her hands and then her feet. He was lost in the kiss that he wasnt really thinking. When he finished untying her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, wanting to kiss her even more.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 358d 23h 57m 21s
She just continued to glare at him as he talked and complained about what she did. As if he hasn’t done things too. Yet, all the blame is on her. As far as she could remember, he was the one that started this all. She’d never fight back if things didn’t get screwed up in the first place. He sounded like a psychopath talking like as if she’s made him watch her kill babies. She just smirked and then got bunch of salvia into her mouth and spat at him and just smiled at his chatting.

“As if you’re any fucking better than me! You’ve done equally just as bad things to screw up my life and you’re complaining at that I fight back? And yea, I should embarrass you in front of her family because you fucking deserve it,” She spat. She held back many times of what her thoughts were to do because of legal stuff. It couldn’t be possibly bad unless he wanted to go to jail.

“Scarred...?” She muttered and then instantly knew what he was up to. This was not going to end up well. She actually had fear coming into her stomach along with a mix of anger. She just stared at him and then he pressed her lips against her neck and she didn’t like it. She closed her eyes for a second and tried to move but he really tied her up well in this. She really couldn’t get out.

“Mason, you’re taking this too far. Stop,” She sharply spoke. Yet he continued and didn’t seem to give even a damn. She was losing her mind in a matter of seconds and wanted to do so much to get back at him, so much to get rid of him. Or at least make him far away from her and shoot him with sniper in the distance. Wait, till she really screws up his life. Her hands were moved and she didn’t like it and he just started at him furious and she was going to be scarred. This was going to leave a big mark.

“What about when I can move? What are you going to do then? I’ll make sure you’ll never be able to have kids and I’ll frame you for murder or if you’re going to continue-I’ll just call it rape and go to the cops and cry fake tears in front of them and pretend to be shaken up. What about than Mason? You’ll rot in a cell while I live my life. Then how well your parents think about you?” She refused to give up even if she was tied down and he was touching her in places she really didn’t want. His whispering haunted her and then he kissed her slowly. Then she came up with an idea in mind. She kissed him right back and decided to play a game called love. Once they released she looked at him with a smirk “If you wanted to make out, you could have just asked. But instead you’re so weak that you have to tie me up? Come on Mase, you’re better than that. It’s sexier if I play back right?” She’d say anything to get out this situation.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 359d 40m 13s
Mason had more planned than just tying her down to the seat. He had a lot more ideas running through his crazy head. Once he got into the seat beside her, he had a satisfied smile on his lips as he grinned "Well, I think it's best that head home. Im really sorry about your mom, she seems perfectly fine. But as for you and me. We're far from fine. Tie me up to a bed! Wake me up so suddenly? You could have just shaken me awake and asked for a ride. Not I have to wear a fucking face mask!" he ground his teeth and he looked up at Dale. "Nice work Dale. You can take us back home. But take the long way home. I have a few things to take care of with CHarrie" he winked and buckled her up.

"It's just natural for me to want to one up you. I mean look what you did to me in front of my parents. Now Im just some big disgrace. My father probably wont stop nagging me about why I cant just do what Im supposed to do and make you lose. You just have to ruin everything for me. Well Im getting you back for today. I dont care if you're sad. Or if you're angry. Not today!" he watched as DAle began driving.

Mason wanted more than just satisfaction. He wanted to see Charrie in so much distress. So he worked on his plan. "I dont want to just tie you up. I have my own plan. ONe that will get you scarred for life" he scooted closer to her, leaning up to press his lips against her neck, his breathing steady as he playfully licked her skin. Mason knew just how to get a girl going crazy, and poor Charrie was going to experience it first hand. Lifting her hands over her head, he held them down as he straddled her lap. "It's a shame you cant move darling" he kissed his way up her neck and across the side of her face softly, his free hand snaking its way up the front of her shirt.

He's always wanted to touch Charrie's body. He's had his eye on it since he was just a kid. And it planted in his mind that he just wanted it beside his all the time. His fingers gently caressed her smooth skin, making his way up her stomach towards her chest. If she ever broke out of here, he knew he would probably be dead, so he wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. "You're are one sexy girl" he whispered into her ear as he pressed his lips against hers slowly. He's never kissed Charrie before, but when he did, boy did it feel so good.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 359d 1h 19m 54s
She decided the wall was comfortable and maybe falling asleep against it wasn’t so bad or even staying for a while. It may be better than going back. Then he patted over her shoulder and she sighed and decided not even bother to pick up a fight or anything. She wiped her tears easily away but still had in ache in her. She just had to convince herself that everything was going to be fine, even if it wasn’t true. They went outside and she saw that he actually did get a ride this time. He opened the door for her-which was strange-really strange. She narrowed her eyes at him before actually sitting because she was just too depressed to even give a damn right now. She just wanted to cuddle with her pillow and fall asleep. Her eyes than turned to see Mason grabbing rope. What in the world? As if tying her up would work.

She attempted to move and then her face went blank. Oh no the bastard did not just glue her to the seat. She was already worried to death for her mom and he didn’t even give a fuck that she really wasn’t up for it now. Apparently, he really did have no heart. How dare he do that when his mother was right up the hospital?

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” She screamed out in anger and tried to release her arms from the rope and tried to get out but she was completely stuck. It didn’t stop her from trying though and then she met his eyes with pure hatred leading through hers.

“Get these fucking ropes off me or I swear to god I’ll find a way to make you wish you were never born! And real classic by the way!” She demanded. She wanted to kill him. She wanted him dead. He’s always pushed her to her limit, always to the top peak of her rage. It seemed that all her problems in life were him. So many things would have gone smoothly if he weren’t around and she just wished that their parents never knew each other. She closed her eyes for a second to manage the anger going through her body now. Then she fluttered her eyes open and coldly glanced back at him.

“What are you going to do now, huh? You’re going to keep me here all night and just leave? Go ahead, I don’t give a shit. What in the world does tying me up does for you? Satisfaction that you tied me up like I tied you? Big deal. Stop copying my ideas. We’re going to arrive back, you do nothing but leave me here till night and come back because eventually you do have to help me out,” She spoke through her teeth. She just rested against the seat and breathed heavily out staring at the window slowly trying to calm herself down.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 359d 1h 36m 46s

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