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She kept on blurting out swear words like crazy knowing that it probably killed his ears because he was so close. Hopefully, he really grew deaf. That was the price to pay for what he was doing to her. She relaxed a little when he pulled away and then he started to talk. This wasn’t over yet. She just wished for it to be over. It turns out the damn bastard that she’s always beaten up all the time wasn’t weak-yet he was still terrible at stopping her from putting him in pain.

“Convince you?” She scoffed “Why don’t you leave me alone first? If you stop, I promise to stop. You continue than I’ll continue to make your life legit hell.” She felt him so close, at her neck kissing her and slightly groaned not wanting this to happen. Every time he backed up she just knew that he was going to keep continuing. Who knew who long this could last?

“What are you, a cannibal?” She dryly asked at his honey comment. He kissed her even for longer time, making electricity shoot up through her. She’s never felt so helpless around him. She’d always be able to do something but this time she couldn’t. She may have everyone convinced that she won this game with him but now she had to find something better or stay on the losing side. He was enjoying these touches and kisses too much.

“I don’t run, I fight back,” She reminded to be interrupted by another deep kiss that left her lips tingling. She bit her bottom lip as he talked and felt a wave of relief when he said he’d actually release her. He had no idea how much she wanted to get back at him now. For letting his hands run through her body, kissing her more than anyone ever should.... Her hands and feet were released and she could finally take a breath to calm her nerves down but she was pretty sure these memories of him tying her up and then forcing a make out session was going to stick by her in detail. This was also bad for Mason because if a memory sticked by for her-it meant endless payback. She smirked over at Mason.

“Good decision, now we can really have fun,” She leaned in and kissed him slowly but passionate, the rush ran through her and this time she was in control. Just like her dad, she had to have control almost of everything. She then pushed him down against the seat, with a brilliant idea. She then moved really close and kissed him again, slightly biting his lip. Her hands lifted up his shirt until she took it off. Then she got off his pants and left him in his underwear. He was probably thinking she was going to go full way. Oh yea... Sure... She then quickly opened the door behind him and kicked him out of the car, leaving his clothes in the car. She quickly locked the car doors and then leaned into the driver.

“Drive to our place fast, I’ll pay you a thousand,” She promised. The driver seemed unsure but as soon as Carrie upped the money she was going to give him, he sped away toward the home leaving Mason half nicked on the streets. She leaned against the seat and shivered.

“I can’t believe I let that happen,” She muttered to herself. She touched her lips and knew she had to burn her whole skin off to stop the contamination. On the way back her thoughts were filled of him touching her, kissing her. A part of it wanted to actually slaughter him and then the other ten percent part liked his body. A very small part that still held anger. As soon as she arrived back to the house, she ran toward Mason’s room. She then start breaking everything in sight, his laptop, his IPod, desk, pictures, windows. She also grabbed a bucket of puke green and yellow paint and spilled it all over. She also ripped the sheets out and got all of his clothes, dumped it outside. Created a simple fire and burned them all. She then got back into the house and Jake was awake. She instantly ran to him and he asked her wants wrong. She explained exactly what happened, she didn’t need to even exaggerate. She end up going to his room for the night, sleeping in the same bed but he didn’t even lay a single finger on her that made her feel uncomfortable. She tried to fall asleep but the images still haunted her.

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THe entire feeling was great. He listened to her babble about how he made her life miserable and he just sighed softly. In order to shut her up, he just kissed her lips even more, holding her hands back since he was much stronger than her. Of course she had the moves and the technique, but when it came to brute strength, MAson could compare to her. While she was out going shopping, or hanging with her friends, Mason was at the gym with the guys, building their muscles and aiming for that perfect body.

But no matter how much Charrie screamed, yelled, or struggled, it all came down to the fact that he had her tied to the seat. She couldnt do a thing and she couldnt move anywhere. He had her all to himself and if he really wanted, he could tell the driver to just disappear and they wouldnt be seen again.

But when she told him about what was he going to do after he let her loose, he just bit his lip. She was right, what was he going to do if he let her go. She would send him to prison, or even end his life. His parents wouldnt believe him, maybe his dad would, but other than that, he had no one that would help him. This was bad. But Mason wasnt one to think ahead. He was really good at planning and setting up what he had in mind. He really didnt think of the consequences after. Maybe he should just let her go so she wouldnt ruin his life even more. But even he knew that she wouldnt go easy on him.

"You can argue all you want Charrie, but I wont let you go right now. Maybe if you convince me, or promise to stop all these games and leave me alone? That would solve so many problems wouldnt it?" he nibbled down her neck, playfully kissing her collarbone. Her skin had this natural sweet scent to it, and the honey bath he gave her a day earlier was just so sensational. "Mmm, that honey on your skin. You taste so sweet!" he then made his way back to her lips, just kissing her even more, wanting her to remember what he did to her. What he was going to do.

Mason wasnt that stupid. He was a chemistry major after all. That meant that he had the ability to think in complex situations and solve his problems. He wasnt going to rape her and then suddenly go to jail for it. He would never go that far. If he was innocent then that was good enough for him.

He was slowly getting turned on by how much he wanted her body. Her luscious lips, her smooth skin, and he scent were all inviting. He never had the chance to actually have what he wanted, but this was what he was waiting for. "Mmm, Im not weak. I just know that if I let you go, you're just going to run" he mumbled, kissing her more deeply. "But I do like the sound of making out. And it would be much more convenient if you wrapped your arms around me" he reached up her sides, untying her hands and then her feet. He was lost in the kiss that he wasnt really thinking. When he finished untying her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, wanting to kiss her even more.
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She just continued to glare at him as he talked and complained about what she did. As if he hasn’t done things too. Yet, all the blame is on her. As far as she could remember, he was the one that started this all. She’d never fight back if things didn’t get screwed up in the first place. He sounded like a psychopath talking like as if she’s made him watch her kill babies. She just smirked and then got bunch of salvia into her mouth and spat at him and just smiled at his chatting.

“As if you’re any fucking better than me! You’ve done equally just as bad things to screw up my life and you’re complaining at that I fight back? And yea, I should embarrass you in front of her family because you fucking deserve it,” She spat. She held back many times of what her thoughts were to do because of legal stuff. It couldn’t be possibly bad unless he wanted to go to jail.

“Scarred...?” She muttered and then instantly knew what he was up to. This was not going to end up well. She actually had fear coming into her stomach along with a mix of anger. She just stared at him and then he pressed her lips against her neck and she didn’t like it. She closed her eyes for a second and tried to move but he really tied her up well in this. She really couldn’t get out.

“Mason, you’re taking this too far. Stop,” She sharply spoke. Yet he continued and didn’t seem to give even a damn. She was losing her mind in a matter of seconds and wanted to do so much to get back at him, so much to get rid of him. Or at least make him far away from her and shoot him with sniper in the distance. Wait, till she really screws up his life. Her hands were moved and she didn’t like it and he just started at him furious and she was going to be scarred. This was going to leave a big mark.

“What about when I can move? What are you going to do then? I’ll make sure you’ll never be able to have kids and I’ll frame you for murder or if you’re going to continue-I’ll just call it rape and go to the cops and cry fake tears in front of them and pretend to be shaken up. What about than Mason? You’ll rot in a cell while I live my life. Then how well your parents think about you?” She refused to give up even if she was tied down and he was touching her in places she really didn’t want. His whispering haunted her and then he kissed her slowly. Then she came up with an idea in mind. She kissed him right back and decided to play a game called love. Once they released she looked at him with a smirk “If you wanted to make out, you could have just asked. But instead you’re so weak that you have to tie me up? Come on Mase, you’re better than that. It’s sexier if I play back right?” She’d say anything to get out this situation.

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Mason had more planned than just tying her down to the seat. He had a lot more ideas running through his crazy head. Once he got into the seat beside her, he had a satisfied smile on his lips as he grinned "Well, I think it's best that head home. Im really sorry about your mom, she seems perfectly fine. But as for you and me. We're far from fine. Tie me up to a bed! Wake me up so suddenly? You could have just shaken me awake and asked for a ride. Not I have to wear a fucking face mask!" he ground his teeth and he looked up at Dale. "Nice work Dale. You can take us back home. But take the long way home. I have a few things to take care of with CHarrie" he winked and buckled her up.

"It's just natural for me to want to one up you. I mean look what you did to me in front of my parents. Now Im just some big disgrace. My father probably wont stop nagging me about why I cant just do what Im supposed to do and make you lose. You just have to ruin everything for me. Well Im getting you back for today. I dont care if you're sad. Or if you're angry. Not today!" he watched as DAle began driving.

Mason wanted more than just satisfaction. He wanted to see Charrie in so much distress. So he worked on his plan. "I dont want to just tie you up. I have my own plan. ONe that will get you scarred for life" he scooted closer to her, leaning up to press his lips against her neck, his breathing steady as he playfully licked her skin. Mason knew just how to get a girl going crazy, and poor Charrie was going to experience it first hand. Lifting her hands over her head, he held them down as he straddled her lap. "It's a shame you cant move darling" he kissed his way up her neck and across the side of her face softly, his free hand snaking its way up the front of her shirt.

He's always wanted to touch Charrie's body. He's had his eye on it since he was just a kid. And it planted in his mind that he just wanted it beside his all the time. His fingers gently caressed her smooth skin, making his way up her stomach towards her chest. If she ever broke out of here, he knew he would probably be dead, so he wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. "You're are one sexy girl" he whispered into her ear as he pressed his lips against hers slowly. He's never kissed Charrie before, but when he did, boy did it feel so good.
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She decided the wall was comfortable and maybe falling asleep against it wasn’t so bad or even staying for a while. It may be better than going back. Then he patted over her shoulder and she sighed and decided not even bother to pick up a fight or anything. She wiped her tears easily away but still had in ache in her. She just had to convince herself that everything was going to be fine, even if it wasn’t true. They went outside and she saw that he actually did get a ride this time. He opened the door for her-which was strange-really strange. She narrowed her eyes at him before actually sitting because she was just too depressed to even give a damn right now. She just wanted to cuddle with her pillow and fall asleep. Her eyes than turned to see Mason grabbing rope. What in the world? As if tying her up would work.

She attempted to move and then her face went blank. Oh no the bastard did not just glue her to the seat. She was already worried to death for her mom and he didn’t even give a fuck that she really wasn’t up for it now. Apparently, he really did have no heart. How dare he do that when his mother was right up the hospital?

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” She screamed out in anger and tried to release her arms from the rope and tried to get out but she was completely stuck. It didn’t stop her from trying though and then she met his eyes with pure hatred leading through hers.

“Get these fucking ropes off me or I swear to god I’ll find a way to make you wish you were never born! And real classic by the way!” She demanded. She wanted to kill him. She wanted him dead. He’s always pushed her to her limit, always to the top peak of her rage. It seemed that all her problems in life were him. So many things would have gone smoothly if he weren’t around and she just wished that their parents never knew each other. She closed her eyes for a second to manage the anger going through her body now. Then she fluttered her eyes open and coldly glanced back at him.

“What are you going to do now, huh? You’re going to keep me here all night and just leave? Go ahead, I don’t give a shit. What in the world does tying me up does for you? Satisfaction that you tied me up like I tied you? Big deal. Stop copying my ideas. We’re going to arrive back, you do nothing but leave me here till night and come back because eventually you do have to help me out,” She spoke through her teeth. She just rested against the seat and breathed heavily out staring at the window slowly trying to calm herself down.

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Mason was still holding her mother's hand, smiling up at her as he looked over at his father. He was bothered by the fact that CHarrie and her father were making fun of him, but he tried to ignore it. Even thought Charrie was a black belt at martial arts, he was still a guy. And guys were usually stronger than girls. He needed to plan something. Maybe he could tie her up in bed when she was asleep and see how she liked it.

Everything was was so irritating at the moment he just couldnt think. With all the problems going on in his life, he knew that one thing was for sure. He would never marry Charrie, no matter how much their mother's wanted it. She'd ruined too much of his life already and he just hated her with such a passion. he glared at her father, hating the man and all his guts. He had never been nice to him at all. Only trying to pull more pranks to get back at his father.

He noticed a sudden change in Charrie's eyes. He could tell she was worried sick for her mom. He would probably feel the same if something happened, but that wasnt going to stop him from ruining her mood. She woke him up, tied him to a bed, and beat the hell out of him today. He wasnt going to let it go. When he looked back at his parents, he told them goodbye before smiling up at Mrs. Danny. "Ill come visit you again Mrs. Danny he headed out the door. Pulling out his phone he decided to call Dale. Dale. I need a ride, and I have a plan. I want you to bring some super glue and rope" he smirked and headed out towards the hallway.

When he saw Charrie in the hallway, he honestly felt bad, but not to the point of helping her out and trying to get her mood up. Instead, he walked over, patting her on the shoulder. "Hey. COme on. I called my driver. He'll take us home" he told her, turning back to head down the steps towards the front of the hospital. There Dale was waiting with the car. Mason walked over and whispered in his ears. "Is it done? Perfect..." he smiled and held the door open for Charrie once she sat inside. The seat was covered with Super glue. He simply held the door open and once she sat down, he immediately grabbed the rope from Dale, tying down her arms and legs so she couldnt move. "I believe it's my turn"
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A shiver ran down her back at the thought of what happened when she tried to wake him up. It was only law that saved the bastard from not going any further than self defense techniques. The adults were talking and she just felt disturbed, it wasn’t until her mom called her name that she got shot back into reality. She relaxed her muscles. She had no idea who won this round. She won’t ever be able to get that out of her head. The goddamn bastard was going to be a rapist in the future. Maybe the law will make an exception to getting rid of a person like him.

All head’s turned to the door as Mason came walking in. She held it for a couple of seconds but end up letting small parts of laughter between every view seconds. It was unbearable to control. She had to hold her breath and stop the tears coming out. Her dad bumped her shoulder slightly, looking at her from the corner of his eyes and giving props to her. Mason seemed to ignore that they were dying out of laughter inside. She moved her eyes toward Mr. Clint and saw that he looked irritated. And that’s when Mason decided to play friendly with her mom.

‘When Charrie told the news, you grabbed her ass’ She thought to herself and wanted to speak it out loud but knew that he wouldn’t make it out alive today if her dad heard, and their mothers will think they wanted to settle down. She wasn’t going to let that happen. She just bit her bottom lip and stopped her tongue. Then his father started to speak and Charrie cracked another quiet laugh, along with her dad. It wasn’t too soon before her dad blurt out his pride in her.

“You should really take him up on boxing lessons, huh, Clint? Not that it would help,” Her dad flashed a smile toward Mr. Clint and pulled Charrie close “She’s amazing isn’t she? Someone like her needs a real man.” Charrie’s eyes popped wide open and broke away from his hold.

“Dad! Stop!” She exclaimed.

“Yes, stop,” Her mother suddenly spoke out. She was in loads of trouble. Every time her dad started to speak as if he was proud, she got in trouble. No matter what she’d tell her mom about what he does, she won’t believe it. Sometimes she wondered if things would have been different if both of their parents weren’t such close friends and others enemies. They were influenced by their parents and a part of it had to do with how they treat each other now. Although, she’d still hate Mason even in the next life. Her mom glared at both of their fathers.

“We told you to end your fights before your kids start doing the same thing! They’re fighting because you too can’t seem to stop being selfish! We’ve planned this since we were in high school for our kids to be together and just happen that our so called husbands are trying to keep them apart. You’re not even letting them get a chance to be together.” Her mother spat toward them. After what she spoke there was silence. She would say that they would fight otherwise and she didn’t have to make it seem like some kind of forbidden love of some sort. It wasn’t going to happen. Both of their mother’s dreams weren’t real.

She met her mother’s eyes for a split second. Charrie noticed that the yelling probably made her situation worse for her. She leaned into the bed and looked over at her “It’s not just their fault. I’m sorry. I’ll try not to do that again. Just rest up...okay? And get out of here quickly; I don’t want to visit you in the hospital to meet you like last time.” Charrie was half begging for her not to get sick. She thought about it, if her mom died. She had no idea what it would be like. She was pretty sure that she’ll be hallow if that were to happen. Her mom brushed her cherry red hair behind her ear and smiled at her “I’ll live to see you get married to him. I promise. At least until then...”

“Better keep that promise,” Charrie warned. The greatness to that promise was that being with him will never happen. Her throat suddenly felt clogged up and she wanted to cry. She remembered a time when she was younger and suddenly her mom would faint and wouldn’t wake up. That memory terrified her.

“I should be going,” Charrie mentioned, gave her good bye and then exited the door. She was about to take the steps out of the hospital but found a fountain of tears running out. She was so scared of losing her mom. She leaned against the wall and just hid herself away for a while. Then she had remembered that they had no car to get back to the house. Just perfect...

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Holding her body in his hands was more than he could of bargained for. Of course he knew he would get a beating, but at least his balls were safe. He gently squeezed her ass and breathed down her neck softly. Yes he was a jerk, but he had the chance to sneak in a few feels of her body. He wouldnt hesitate. Charrie's sexiness were always in his dreams and just to be holding her like this, right now was just heaven. Not only was he probably invading her space and irritating her, but to touch her skin and her curves was amazing.

Of course that little piece of heaven was short lived when she grabbed his arm. Now it was time for the pain and consequences. Her martial arts skills were more than he could handle. She was smaller than him and much faster. Before he could even blink, he was on the ground, groaning in pain. And as he stood, he was graced with stomach pain, face pain, and nose pain. And to top it all off he was tied to a bed for god's sake. Mason was furious. He didnt get enough sleep and now he was tied to a bed, waiting on an ambulance. "Charrie! Let me out of here! I said I would get us a driver you ass!" he struggled to break free, but just like Charrie had said, he was in severe pain. Luckily she spared him enough from more bleeding, but he could definitely tell his nose was sprained, he probably had a red handprint on his face, and his stomach was throbbing.

When the paramedics arrived, he was happy to be released from the ties. Now he could curl up and endure the pain the right way. He didnt even bother listening to Charrie in the ambulance. He got what he wanted. A little piece of her and he knew she wouldnt forget it. Her innocent little ass was scarred for now and he was going to make sure she regretted what she did today. Obviously she didnt like being touched. He would change all of that.

At the hospital, he was taken to the emergency room, spending the lonely hour being treated for his wounds. The doctor asked him what had happened and he told them the whole truth. "That girl that rode with me. She was the one who nearly beat me to death. Ask her what she did to me. She's somewhere in the hospital!" he complained as they bandaged up his nose. (blue "Im sorry Mr. Clint, but it's sprained and badly bruised. You'll need to wear this for the next few days. He was given a clear face mask and some painkillers before he was able to leave. And when he was free to go, his hands were curled into fists and muttered a few words of hate.

WIth his face mask on, he asked the nurse for Mrs. Danny's room and was soon lead to the door. When he entered the room, he could see everyone's eyes on his. Mr. Danny was obviously laughing inside when he saw the face mask on his face. He knew that his daughter was obviously winning this fight so far. When Mason stepped towards the bed, he ignored the looks and brought out a smile for Mrs. Danny. He knew that she really liked him and that he was obvious choice for Charrie, so he just played it off. "Are you alright Mrs. Danny? I was so worried about you. When Charrie told me the news, I just had to come and see how you are doing" he smiled and glanced over to see Charrie and her father being so irritated.

His father was completely pissed off with the way he looked. "Mason? What the hell happened to you? You look like some hockey player that just got injured and is out for the entire season!" he complained. But Mason knew that his father understood. He sighed and just stayed beside Mrs. Danny. She was like his second mother, always looking out for him and letting him come over for cookies. Deep down, he was really worried about her. "Im okay. Nothing I cant handle. Just a few bruises. Dont worry about me" he shrugged. His mother walked over, hugging her arms around him. "Well it's good to see you Mase. You just left yesterday and I already miss you" she kissed his cheek and chuckled, knowing that she must have been overreacting, but she really did miss him.
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She only rolled her eyes at his girly screams. He got scared too easily by her. That’s one point for her. What better way to make someone’s life hell than to haunt them forever? She ignored him wanting to sleep. She didn’t give a damn. She just wanted to rush to her mom and make sure everything was okay. She didn’t want anything to go wrong. Then his eyes scanned over at her and it irritated her. Even in the most serious times he was an asshole! For once couldn’t he just quit it?

She pressed her lips and stared at him hardly as he commented. She stood still for a second because if she moved she would have just knocked him out and dragged him out. His arms moved around her and the moment she was going to make a move-he made a move. Her jaw dropped at his hand touching her ass. That was it.

“You can’t be serious for one fucking time in my life!? My mom could be in her death bed and you decide its okay for you to touch me!?” She yelled out in rage. She grabbed his hand away and then flipped him onto the ground like he was a sack of rice. Then she helped him up and then stabbed his stomach with her knee cap, poked his eyes and slapped her hands against his ears and finally gave a punch in the nose. Luckily for him, there was no bleeding. All was going to hurt hell. She didn’t over attack him for any reason either. She raised her cell phone and quickly dialed an ambulance.

“Hi, my roommate is in server pain and I think he’s going to faint any moment-“She started to explain and went further on the address. She then glanced down at Mason and smiled “Touch me again, and I’ll break an arm. Oh and don’t worry about the ride I talked about. I already got us one with the ambulance.” She was about to leave the room but then thought he might try to escape. She got the blanket and then pulled his hand and tied him to the bed quickly while he was in pain.

“I’ll be back, like I said, I need to change,” She smirked and then exited the room waking up to the second floor and changing into skinny jeans and a hoodie. She felt a little paranoid now. She didn’t like being touched. She then came back into his room and then untied him as the paramedics arrived. They lifted him up and she was allowed to ride in the ambulance of course. She stood at the back at the ambulance with him and was smiling to herself.

“Boy, you never learn do you Mase?” She muttered. Once they arrived, she quickly got out and headed toward her mother’s room ignoring where they were taking Mason. They were probably just going to give him pain killers and let him off in a second or two. She rushed into the room and then saw her mom with everyone else in the room. Her stomach sank and she rushed beside her mom ignoring everyone else.

“Charrie, are you okay? You must be tired,” Her mom smiled weakly.

“I’m fine. I’m okay. How about you? Is it bad?” Charrie asked with a low voice.

“Don’t worry about me honey. The doctors here are professional,”

“Well if they weren’t, we’d have to sue them wouldn’t we?”

“Where’s Mason?”

“Uh...” She trailed on as everyone looked at her. Her father was hiding the biggest grim ever expecting his daughter to commit something crazy like murder. As for Mason’s father, he had eyes that looked like they’d pop out of his eye socket. Seriously, both of them she was capable of murder?

“Don’t tell me you got into another fight. I had enough hearing things from your father and how he’s proud of you from the things you do each other.” Her mother strictly said.

“He tripped from the stairs on the way...so, he’s just getting pain killers,” She fibbed.

“Where did you bury him?” Her dad leaned in to whisper in her ear. She just shot a glare at him.

“I’ll call the cops,” Mr. Clint spoke suddenly. Come on!

“He’s fine, he’s in the hospital,” She dryly defended.

“I don’t understand a thing that is going on,” Mrs. Clint sighed. She honestly wasn’t that evil. Yes, she hated him but no would she go in jail time for him. He should be arriving here soon anyway.

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Mason was fast asleep, not realizing his hands was holding onto Prim's. Her eyes glanced down to see his and a small smile appeared on her face. She had been beside Mason since high school, and the reason for the breakup was the fact that Charrie wouldnt leave them alone. She always sabotaged their dates and she just couldnt take it anymore. It was better to just be her friend so she could admire Mason from afar. But as the movie finished, she was surprised that Charrie didnt do a single thing to bother them, but neither did Mason so maybe the two were getting better. She turned off the tv and leaned down, kissing Mason's cheek. It was adorable when he slept. It made her relieved to see that he was actually getting rest. PUlling the blankets over him, she left the room, heading up the steps past the two on the couch as she went straight to bed right after.

The night was young, the starts shining through the glass, sliding door, hitting Mason's smooth face. A little of the permanent marker mustache was still on his face, and even as he dreamt that night, it was all plots to get back at Charrie. Some of his dreams were filled with Charrie falling off of a cliff because he pushed her, or she was locked in an elevator and he cut the wires down. They were all happy dreams, but he always had the occasional dream of being able to touch her body. That smooth skin of hers, her lovely curves, her amazing voice. His mental desires were always being showcased in his dreams.

But even the safe haven of his dreams were constantly interrupted by Charrie's foolishness. Laying there with his hands in his pants, he loud music once again had him a foot above his bedsheets. But that wasnt what scared him. It was Charrie just standing there. "Aaaah! S-Shit! You scared me to death.....what the fuck do you want? It's so fucking early?" he pulled his headphones off and rubbed his eyes tiredly as he grumbled in anger. "Cant a guy just sleep!" he shook his head and tried his best to listen to what she was trying to say. THe entire situation had him in a bad mood. If you messed with his good night's sleep, he wasnt a very friendly person to talk to.

His eyes just looked up at her in the moonlight, seeing her in a sleeping gown. He had a seductive smirk on his face as he scanned her body from head to toe. "Okay. Okay. Just leave my room! O-Oh wow. Someone is looking sexy tonight" he reached over to touch her, but as his arms wrapped around her, he slid his hands down to grip her ass cheeks. He was completely satisfied with this right now. The car and driver would have to wait.
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She had forced herself up to clean the mess she made over at the kitchen. After that she dropped back into the couch and made talk with Jake until they found another movie to watch. It was a relief that he just let her watch the movie and not be bothered. Most people didn’t get it when she said she wanted to watch a movie she actually meant watch it. The movie lasted till late at night and when it finished them both separated ways to their rooms. Although she could see Jake tempted to come into her room but considering she smelled like honey-no way. She first dialed up her car insurance to replace her torn up car and then relaxed. She changed into a sleeping gown and dropped into her bed listening to music for a bit. She had also made sure to lock the doors, and balcony just in case. She fell asleep for a couple of minutes until her cell-phone rang.

She forced her eyes open into the darkness but couldn’t pick up anything. She stretched her hand around the bed and then remembered she didn’t leave it on the bed. She sat up, with her eyes closed and ends up crashing on the floor. She groaned and didn’t even want to move but her cell-phone wouldn’t give her a break. She crawled and then grabbed her cell-phone on the desk. She glanced at the bright screen but it just killed her eyes. She picked it up and responded “Hello...?”

“Chassie how was your first day?” The sound of her father came up. She doubly blinked at the stupid question in the middle of the night. Why would he call in the middle of the night?

“Yea, fine dad... I need to go to sleep. Talk to you in the morning,” She yawned and was just about to hang up.

“Did anything happen?” He asked.

“Yea, I got proposed and getting married next week and moving to Alaska,” She sarcastically spoke.

“What!?” He screamed out in panic.

“Why are you calling?” She groaned.

“Just to check up on you. How’shis son doing?” He asked.

“He got his private area checked by a female nurse,” She half laughed.

“You injured him?”


“I’m proud of you Charrie.”

“Uh huh.... Can I sleep now?”

“I called into to tell you, your mom is in the hospital,” He suddenly blurt out. That had her woken her to the max. Her eyes went wide open and she stood up and flicked on the lights in her room. She then started pacing around the room in silence for a moment.

“She had it when she was at her job. I picked her up and send her here. She just woke up. They said she had an attack, but don’t worry. I’m sure it’s not too serious,” Her dad laughed. Yea, just like how last time wasn’t serious. She felt tears threatening her eyes.

“You want me to come...?”

“Yea, and don’t bring Mason here, understood,” He spoke harshly as she could hear the sound of Masons’ mom in the background-along with his dad talking. Everyone was there.

“I don’t want him around either but, mom wants it.” She flatly mentioned.

“Don’t tell me your-“

“Ewe-no.” She spoke defensive and then the entire sudden Mason’s mother came on the phone and talked to her sweetly and told her to wake up Mason and drag him there too. Why was everyone gathering? One big good reason... A. They were setting some kind of evil twisted plan or B. her mom’s condition was that bad. She agreed and then got out of her room and climbed down the stairs over at his Door. She forced it open, flicked the lights on and just stared at for a second. If only he was as calm as he was when he was asleep-than they wouldn’t have a problem. She found the IPod put into his ears again but this time decided to play screamo and blasted it up.

“My mom’s in the hospital and your mom wants you to come too. So call someone to drive us there. Got it Mason?” She demanded. Heh, maybe she did sound like a bitch around him. Funny how far she changes from him to other people. Right now though, she was locking her emotions up even more than usual. Act cold and no one suspects anything. She then glanced down at what she was wearing. Damn, she forgot to change. That was embarrassing.

“I’m going to change, meet me downstairs with someone drive us,” She finished. If she had to drag him there step by step she will. What her mom wanted was much more important than her wants or-her dad’s wants.

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The entire process with the nurse was really embarrassing. He didnt want anyone taking a peek down there, especially a female nurse. He was afraid she would judge him, or worse, laugh at him before even taking a closer look. The entire process took an hour and soon his cheeks were as red as a tomato. She said there was damage to his testes, but nothing serious. "You need to be careful. Another hit like that and you probably will never have kids in the future" she shook her head and did her best to prescribe him some painkillers and even a jockstrap. "In case it happens again Mr. Clint" she patted his leg and left the room.

Mason was far from okay. Charrie was probably planning something right now for him to maybe kill himself! How was he supposed to fight back like this. Not to mention the two roommates that were on her side. He hated how his mother made him agree to living with her and her friends. If it wasnt for his mother, he would rather jump off a cliff.

When Katie left his room, he sat up, immediately putting on the jockstrap. Honestly he was afraid of Charrie's martial arts skills. He couldnt let her have something taken away from him permanently. That would be unforgivable. He only fought back to try and protect himself from her blows. Moving his feet to the side of his bed, he grabbed his painkillers and slowly made his way out of his room. He took extra precautions looking around the house, in case something were to fall and kill him, or maybe a bomb that would explode. She wouldnt go as far as killing him would she? He honestly didnt know, but he needed some water right then.

When he left his room, he saw Charrie and Jake on the couch, all cuddly and stuff. It disgusted him to see her getting close with other males. And he loved breaking them apart so she couldnt be happy. Look how happy she made him today. He was so happy that he didnt have to go to school and just end up laying in bed. If he were in a better mood, he would do something about those two, but at that moment all he cared about was getting this pain to die down. Apparently he was more than bruised down there, so even just a single step was painful. Wincing slightly, he didnt dare show Charrie he was weak right now. She would take advantage. Once he was in the kitchen, he could smell something burning. "Who the hell left this food burning? Charrie....whatever you cooked here is all burnt. You're the most likely to burn our house down anyways" he grabbed a glass of water and he drank his pills down, sighing in relief as he shuffled through the fridge. He grabbed a hotpocket and heated it up in the microwave before heading back to his room.

He began working on unpacking his luggage, even calling Dale. "Dale. I need you to bring my car tomorrow. It has flat tires. i will also be needing an extra room for my small lab. Ill need it for chemistry. Bulldoze my side of the house or whatever, just get it done" he told him before sitting back down against his bed to watch a movie.

The door began creaking and he flinched, looking up to see Prim standing at the door. "What is it? Please dont come here to lecture me. I dont need to hear any of it. I didnt touch her or do anything like that. She just made it look that way because I caused the honey incident" he told her, taking a bite of food. "Mason. I know you two arent getting along, but can you two at least not try and burn the house down" she sat on his bed beside him, running her fingers along his arm. "Why do you care? You dumped me back in high school and you're her best friend" he told her, knowing that Prim was always on Charrie's side. But sometimes she was sympathetic towards him.

"Well...it doesnt seem fair. She's got Jake....you dont have anyone. And since I know about the war between the two of you...and since we used to date. Maybe I can help out sometimes" she smiled and ran her fingers through his hair softly. It was rather nice that she helped him out once in a while. It was kind of like he had his own little snitch in CHarrie's side of the war. "Thanks. But IM okay. Ill figure this out soon enough" he smiled and kept his eyes on the tv. He wasnt sure what Prim was up to, but at least she was a little bit of comfort. And once his medicine started kicking in, he began getting drowsy, soon falling asleep for the night.
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It irritated her to the max when he called her a bitch. The only person that she was a bitch toward was him because he screwed everything up. There wasn’t a single moment in her life where he just won’t be so goddamn obsessed with her. She only did what she needed to do-fight back. At least he struck his pride and joy for what he’s done to her baby and her hair. Although, she had to say it amused her to hear him yell out in agony. Anything to make him scream. Although, she was pretty sure touching her was the highlight of his life and he was never-ever going to do it again. It was a good thing she scrubbed hard enough to get rid of his germs as well as the honey.

Since her Ferrari was torn apart, she got her cell-phone and texted one of her friends to pick her up and drop her off. She went through the first period and it went swell-except for people asking themselves where the smell of honey came from. Eventually they did find the source and they nicknamed her ‘honey’ and would make cheesy jokes on it after class. She bit down on her lip to stop the emotion leaking through of it. She didn’t like it. The first day and this is what happens. A hand grabs for her wrist and she was almost ready to use herself defensive techniques and then she noticed it was just Vic.

“Hey, it’s been a while Chassie... You smell good,” Vic smirked.

“You mean I smell like honey,” She corrected.

“I like the smell of honey,” He assured “You want to go out sometime?”

“Nope, I got some stuff to do,” She sighed.

“I’ll help.”

“By help you mean try to get personally close to me.”

“No... I’ll actually help.”

“Oh, like the time the study date almost turned into a make out date? Not a chance Vic. I don’t want to play another love game with you.” She rolled her eyes and walked away, going around the campus for a while and snacked on something. He would keep on following her like a lost dog. Eventually she had to go to her other class and then eventually the day finished and she didn’t see any more of Vic-until she met up with her friend at the car. He just never gives doesn’t he? Although, he was much better than Mason that’s for sure... She got into the car and slammed the door shut and her friend drove her right back. The first place she checked on was Mason’s room to get a good laugh that he actually had a nurse in there. Well, it wasn’t the first time he needed medical help. She walked out and entered the kitchen and decided to cook something. She didn’t know why but people tend to fear when she was in the kitchen. She attempted to make an egg and bake a cake at the same time. She dropped onto the couch in the living room and watched a show to waste some time before she had to get up and get the egg and cake out. Jake the planted himself right beside her.

“Are you okay...?” He asked whispering into her hear, leaning even closer. She just stared at him from the corner of my eyes and slightly scooted away.

“I’m fine,” She assured.

“He didn’t abuse you too did he?” He asked meeting her eyes sincerely. Maybe he could get Jake to beat Mason up for her? It seems like a good idea. She bit her lip and looked at him “Um... I don’t know.” In truth, Mason did get her physically injured before but it also went the other way around.

“You can tell me Chassie,” He promised “Trust me. I can help out, okay?”

“Well... It does get physical,” She admitted and lightly smiled “But don’t worry about it. It’s my problem. You don’t want to get in the middle of the war, trust me. Every time I date someone, he buts in.” Oddly, that was true. But she also did the same thing. Chassie had noticed that the walls in the house were thin-meaning their conversation could be heard even all the way upstairs. She hated that about houses but maybe it’ll do some justice to her.

“He can’t stop you from going out with other guys,” Jake gently spoke and pulled her head down to rest on his lap and watch TV. He ran his fingers through her hair and she pretended to be devastated. She felt bad for Jake in the fact that she was faking though. Mason even if he was injured should be coming around now. After a couple of minutes later-something popped. Something loud... Something that was in the kitchen-shit. She’d get up but she didn’t want to be held responsible for what happened.

“What was that? Did you try to cook something?” Jake asked.

“-No” She quickly responded “The pervert did it.” When in doubt, blame him. She decided to close her eyes for a couple of minutes, just resting on Jake. Maybe they did know each other for short time during the summers but she did start liking him. He didn’t seem one of those fake guys who just wanted to get in bed either.

Going to sleep now
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Mason was going to get a kick out of this entire show. He couldnt wait to see this little devil walk out of that door and get stuck in honey. Of course he knew that she would be as pissed as hell, but that was exactly what he wanted. She ruined his life long enough, this was nothing compared to all the things she's done. His blood was boiling in anger, from the mustache on his face to the fact that he couldnt even bring his beautiful car over. Now he had to call his driver just to take him to class. The girls on campus would instantly think he was such a nerdy rich boy that got what he wanted all the time.

When she opened her door, he watched that slow honey covering her entire body. His eyes were narrowed and he had such a large smirk on his face, like he was completely satisfied with all of this. Her high pitched scream and then her loud, obnoxious yelling was music to his ears. "How the hell would I know? Im not some Thieving and conniving Bitch!" he yelled right back at her.

As he watched her head down, he saw her through the hallway window, nearly dying when she saw that ferrari of hers. He could tell she was pissed out of her mind, and he couldnt help but start laughing. He was enjoying this so much, he didnt even hear her say he needed a hug until he felt her arms around him. He saw the honey sticking all over his new shirt and shoved her away. "I just bought this! FUck you. Get the hell away from me!" he backed away from her and tried to get the sticky stuff off of him, but before he could even see her knee aiming for all his pride and glory, he just felt an extreme pain and soon collapsing onto the floor, holding his nuts "Oh my god! Y-You...B-Bitch! Fucking Bitch!" he was cursing and yelling as he rolled on the ground, trying to take in the sudden pain. He had tears in his eyes as he struggled to get back onto his feet.

He had no idea that their roommates were at the door. He was so focused on his crotch that he could barely stand. But when she began placing his hands all over her body, his eyes scanned where his hands had been placed and he looked up at her curiously, hiding one of the biggest smirks he's ever had. Charrie was undoubtedly sexy and attractive. To even be doing this right now was more than he could of asked for. But once he heard the voices from behind, he knew this was starting to look back. His mind just focused back onto the pain between his legs before he looked up at Jake and Prim "W-Wait! It's not what it looks like!" he was pulled off of Charrie and he nearly fell to the ground. He was able to hold onto the side railing before trying to head down the stairs slowly.

All he could hear behind him were Jake and Prim scolding him. He didnt really know Jake at all, but he could care less about him at the moment. And Prim was his friend back in high school. His ex actually. But right now, she wasnt going to help him out either. Simply ignoring their attempts at scolding him, he slowly made his way down to his bedroom, clutching his crotch in his hands. "Fucking bitch! I cant believe....she....ah...aaah...ouch....FUCK!" he mumbled as he made his way to his bedroom. He was nearly pulling out his hair, angry that she would do such a thing. Now his roommates probably think he was psycho. At least Jake did. Prim knew about the two of them, but she was still Charrie's best friend.

Once in the shower, he began washing off his clothes and his entire body. He too had tears in his eyes. He couldnt stand straight and he could barely walk. Charrie knew his weakness. Well every guys weakness. He just couldnt believe she would end it that quickly. There was no way he could plan anymore things feeling like this.

After he dried himself off, he hung his shirt and jeans, changing into a graphic tee and some basketball shorts. Something that was comfy and loose down there. He didnt bother going to class that day. He wasnt in the mood and he was pretty sure he couldnt walk to class in about an hour or so. So he just stayed laying in bed, calling in a nurse to check up on him.
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She was singing loudly to ‘we are never ever getting back together’ and if she did so say herself, she sounded lovely. She wasn’t joking either. She was an amazing singer and always thought about pursing a singing career. Mason would have to bow down to her and be threat like a pack mule if she was famous. Her head swung to the door at the knock. She glared at the door if it was her enemy. Was it him or was it someone else? She doubted he could have made it here so early. It could have been the home owner. She slowly rose from her bed and made it to her door. Yet, her spidy senses were tingling. She took a step back, stretched out her arm and twisted the door knob. She quickly opened it and found nothing until the next second where half of her body was covered in something gooey. A high pitch scream followed next.

You fucking bastard!!! ” She screamed out “Do you have any fucking idea how long it takes to get this fucking thing out of my long hair!? ” Of course he didn’t know. He wasn’t a girl! Mess with her life, mess with her stuff but messing with her precious hair-was the end of it. She stormed down stairs to pick up some equipment in her car and use them against him. She gazed around looking for her car where she parked it but couldn’t pick it up-at all. The only car that she picked up was-oh god, not her baby. She ran toward it and touched her car and completely died. This was too far. She went around the house until he picked him up. She forced a sweet smile on her face.

Mason, honey . You look like you need a hug, ” She sang out and moved right in front of him and gave him a big bear hug before he could escape from her wrath. The honey that was now on her was imprinted on his clothes. She then took a step back and smiled in the way the devil would smile.

Now we’re a matching couple, ” She spoke through her smile as it soon faded. She stabbed her knee into his crotch before he could even think of what she was going to do next. She was going to turn her back on him and walk coolly away to scrub all this gung off of her. It wasn’t over. She had more coming. Then her ears picked up the front door opening. Roommates must have arrived-meaning. She looked over at Mason and stared at his attractive but honey-fied physic. She pulled his arm and made herself lean against the wall and placed his hand where it shouldn’t be. Mason probably enjoyed this to extent but what she had in mind was much more satisfying for her. She groaned and yelped out with false tears down her eyes “Please stop... I’ll listen. I’m sorry, please don’t touch me.” At the corner of her eyes she could pick up their roommates standing still just watching.

Get off her! ” Jake growled. She knew Jake, met once in a while every summer. Sure they barely knew each other but still close enough that he’d help a girl out. The other roommate was her best friend or at least she thought they were best friends. Sometimes she wasn’t too sure because sometimes Prim would betray her. Mason definitely knew Prim.

Oh my god, are you okay Charrie? ” Prim spoke in a panicked voice. Charrie pulled Mason off and nodded sniffing and announcing she was going to take a shower. Jake and Prim could lecture and perhaps beat Mason up from here on. She rushed up to her room. She quickly jumped into the shower as she started to come up with all the ways to get back at him. First thought of her head was homicide by using either C4, a machine gun or drowning him. She rubbed her hair like crazy and felt tears going down her cheeks for her hair. She didn’t want to cut it. Somehow, she did have it off but it took a lot of scrubbing and a long time. Although a lot of her body was covered in honey too. She had to scrub that off and throw her clothes to wash. Thanks to her lovely sweet as her mother called him-husband she was going to smell like honey for a week. She got out of the shower and quickly changed into a different pairs of shorts and tank top. She stood in her room expecting to be alone for awhile. She set up some stuff for her class coming on in an hour. She had to on time for her first class in college of course.

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