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“I’m kidding Mason. I don’t expect you to love me with that perverted mind,” She assured. It was a lot of fun teasing him. He fell right for the bait. As they made down further into the hallway and listened to him explain about Jake. Jake couldn’t have meant to get her in trouble. He probably didn’t mean anything by it.

“No, that was my own fault. I fell asleep. It’s not his fault I went into a small coma,” She defended and then she mentioned his parents and she smirked “Were you scared too?” After she slapped him he whined about her kissing him. She rolled her eyes and then just laughed at him.

“Fine, I won’t ever kiss you again then,” She promised “I wouldn't want to harass you.” They went over into the parking lot and he tried to convince her it was her fault. That’s when it hit a nerve. It was nowhere near her fault. He had started it. She faced him with brown eyes in complete disbelieve. She crossed her arms and didn't move an inch from her position, the only thing was moving was her mouth.

“Are you kidding me Mason!? You may think of me as some bitch but that’s only toward you! Okay, you liked someone else but did you seriously have to make out with her in front of me? It’s not like I literality pulled you two apart or put a gun to your head telling you to split. I just fucking watched and then left. I got with some other guy because I thought it would only be fair and it hurt just sitting there and watching. Yet you couldn't handle it when it was the other way around! You got jealous and you screwed things up for me and then I fought back. Don’t try to blame the victim! Neither you nor I are victims in this,” She spat.

Charrie was looking out more for the car but really couldn't find it lying around. Where in the world did it go? She felt a little panicked as if something wrong was going to happen. It was this sick feeling at the pit of her stomach that send fear through her veins. When Mason asked about that man that was staring at them, she turned her head.

“Um...No, I don’t,” She replied and thought back to where she was followed before "Never mind, he's the one that injured me in the first place." Did it have something to do with that? Was someone out to kill her? Then she saw the pair of keys being held up and saw Dale. She stood still as her eyes attempted to calculate all of this into her brain. Dale was tied up and the man was holding a pair of keys. Her body barely could react when Mason started to run toward the man. She didn’t like this where this was going. As Mason ran, she ran right near him and grabbed his wrist and pulled him back at his idiotic move. You never run toward the criminal. Mason really knew nothing.

“You really are stupid! Never run toward a criminal that is holding a hostage,” She advised. As her eyes lifted away from Mason she saw a gun coming out of place and it was pointed to her. She released her hold and froze into place. She was scared. She was really scared. She stood still afraid she would get shot and then die. Charrie found herself holding her own breath for a long time.

“Nice to meet you again, Charrie. Since you’ve put me through pain, I won’t let you off so easily. Come toward me or I’ll kill this man, and then once I’m done with him... I’ll kill the person beside you. Understood, little girl...?” The man spoke sharply having a deep voice. Her lips shook to even speak a word. Her whole world was falling apart and she was just honestly scared out of her mind. She didn’t want anyone to die. She managed to speak out and pretend she was confident.

“Go ahead. I don’t care what you do with them. I’m not coming with you. Besides, there’s security camera’s around here. You’re going to get caught weather I call the cops right now or they catch you later,” She warned with a brute voice but her hands were shaking. She hid them behind her back to not show weakness. If she acted that Dale and Mason weren’t important than they won’t bother them.

“I don’t care much about being caught. Come forward or I’ll blow his head,” The man demanded.

“No thanks,” Charrie shrugged.

“Very well than,” The man smirked and suddenly switched his aim to Mason. Her eyes popped not thinking he’d actually shoot. She pulled Mason out of the way as soon as the gun shifted toward him. The bullet nearly hit Mason. Her heart sped up like crazy and she turned back to the man.

“Come forward, Charrie. We’re going to have a little trip, have some fun and maybe if your parents pay up, I’ll release you,” The man told her. She knew what that met and she didn’t want to but what could she do? That man held that gun and she had nothing in her hands. She glanced back at Mason and then took a deep breath before taking the steps toward the man with the gun. She died every step she took. She felt tears threatening her eyes.

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Mason wasnt one to just pick out a random girl and claimed her for himself. He liked the girls that made their way to come and talk to him. To want to get to know him and if he found them attractive, then he would instantly aim to ask her out. There was nothing wrong with that. It's what usually most guys do anyway. When she said that he really liked her, probably loved her, he bit down on his lip "Pssh! No way! LIke I would fall in love with you! You're just making stuff up. I just said you were attractive. That means I like the way you look. Nothing more" he shook his head and continued further down the hallway.

"Jake was the reason why you were in a coma. If he didnt trust his own instincts and just listen to Prim, you would've been fine. You wouldnt have missed out on a day of your life. You know how....scared your parents and my parents were, how scared Prim was...." he calmed himself down and just shook his head. He felt her slap his cheek and he winced, pulling away quickly as he rubbed his face. "WHy do you only get to kiss me. Why cant I do anything? It's not like Im going to harass you again. And technically you were harassing me in there. I didnt want to be kissed at all!" he crossed his arms and sighed softly. He would never get a chance to plant one on her his way.

"You know this whole war thing wasnt just my fault" he tried to convince her. "What was wrong if I liked a girl. Someone who wasnt you? I dont see a problem with that. You did the same thing, but I believe you were the one that started the war with ruining the relationship I had with that girl" he walked slowly to the door, wondering if she too knew it was her fault. "I only got back at you because you practically sucking the life out of that guy" he shivered in disgust and he headed outside of the hospital, looking around the parking lot for Dale and his car.

He didnt see it either. His eyes only went to the tall man, keeping his eyes on Charrie. "Do you know that guy?" he asked, seeing that he was holding a pair of keys. Then to his right, he saw Dale tied to a tree. "What the hell. Come on. We need to go save him!" he ran towards the tall man who suddenly began pulling out a gun from the inside of his shirt. He stood still, pointing to Charrie. Apparently he wanted Charrie in exchange for Dale and the car.
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It felt good to have him kiss her back and have himself tamed for once. He didn’t seem to get that she wasn’t some toy that he could touch everywhere before. She didn’t like it. She never liked to go far with anyone. It mostly had to with the fear of what would happen later and then she’d regret it. She’d hate herself for it. She still didn’t trust him, and still hated him but now she just wanted to love him.

His respond irritated her about the random chick that he wanted so badly to go out with. If he wanted to, he can make his way to hell along with her. She did sound like a bitch when she thought those lines but that’s how she was feeling. She didn’t like it. It wasn’t fair that he sees one random girl and decides them. It happened before and it made her boil even more than anything. She was really thinking about throwing him into the hallway. He already knew that it bothered her. He grinned at her for displaying that she was attracted to him.

“Only when you’re not sexually harassing me and not making me want to kill you,” She admits “So most of the time-no.” As he was about to leave he instantly turned back at her and insulted Jake. She first just laughed and teased him a little “You like me Mason, you really like me. You probably love me . Although, you pretty much sure suck at showing it. Apparently it’s fine when you go out with someone but it’s not okay for me to be with someone.” She had no idea what he meant by Jake’s fault that she almost died.

“What do you mean?” She doubly blinked and then he puckered his lips. She just shot him a glare and slapped him on the cheek. He should be happy of what he got for now and not get greedy.

“You’re giving me a car ride anyways,” She mentioned .

“Do you remember how this all started?” She asked and then decided to answer it herself “When you decided to make out with some girl in high school not to mention my best friend and I had to watch. I don’t like to admit things but that scared me the most, more than when...at the car. Congratz on starting a war.” She ended her talk She caught his hand and pulled him out of the hospital, checked out and then entered the parking lot. She couldn’t find the car though. At all... Did he change his licence plate along with the complete car? She glanced around and found someone staring at them in the distance. Creep...

“Either someone stole your car or... I really lost track of how your car looks like,” She sighed.

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Mason was working so hard to make sure that he didnt say anything stupid, or something that would tick her off. He was feeling better over the past two days. With Charrie in the hospital, he was able to rest and eat on his own. Without any help from Prim, the lying whore that went around with another man. How could she do such a thing to him. Still, even though he looked better, he didnt feel so hot. What Prim did hurt him inside, and all he wanted from here on out was the truth from her. Obviously whatever they had was over, so it didnt matter anymore.

He stood there, facing Charrie, so upset that he ruined his plans. Now she knew he found her attractive, she could hold that against him for however long she wanted. But he knew that she found him attractive to. Or was that just the fake Charrie playing around with him. He hated himself for being such an idiot. He was so stupid for thinking that he could get away with his feelings for Charrie. So when he headed out the door, he felt her arm grab his as he was pulled back into the room. He was in utter shock. Why in the world was she doing this to him. He felt her press up against him and before she leaned in, he was about to say something. Instead he felt her lips and then he just leaned back and closed his eyes. In that instant, he just wanted to take control and go crazy at it. But he knew now that it would get him hurt. Instead, he tried something else. His arms wrapped around her waist, holding her close as he kissed her back tenderly. Her lips and her body against his felt so good. It made his spine tingle and honestly, his heart was racing. Her hands heated up his skin, thinking of going more than this. But eventually she pulled away, disappointing him.

He lost sight of why he hated her, why he just wanted her miserable, but when she pulled away, he remembered perfectly. "It may be better since I dont get hurt. But I'll be the judge of who's better. SHe doesnt bring me to the hospital" he narrowed his eyes and got back to reality. Her sudden kisses were messing with his mind. If she didnt allow him to kiss her, why should he. "So you are attracted to me" he grinned and began heading out the door, but at the mention of Jake, he just turned the other way and spit. "Dont mention that asshole to me ever and maybe Ill keep this all a secret. That man deserves no thanking since he's the reason you almost died. Come on. Ill give you a ride home if you let me kiss you once more time?" he winked and puckered his lips at her.
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To her complete shock he didn’t say the things he expects him to say. She thought that he was going to lie and trick her to make a fake memory. But he didn’t, she was completely lost for a long time at his explanation. Did she hit some opposite dimension? Maybe she was still in her dream and not awake yet. She watched his cheeks grow red and it was hard not to crack a smile. Ha, she caught him. She really got him this time. She got him bad! Oh, she already knew that he found her attractive from the harassment. She didn’t say a word as he answered her fake questions.

Oddly, she felt slightly guilty. Maybe he actually was worried about her. Is that even possible? Well, it was true that she was sick. Although, she thought he came here for all the wrong reasons. She pressed her lips together and watched him caught in panic know that he spilled everything. Yet, it didn’t change the things he already done. She smiled a little to hear that he actually did come here to check up on her. As he was about to leave, she got up, took the things off her off and pulled his arm. She pulled him back into the room, shut the door behind and then leaned into him.

“It’s not a stunt,” She first spoke out “And thank you. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear the last part for now.” She pressed herself against him, wrapped her arms over his neck. She slowly kissed him passionately, closing her eyes feeling the heat of his body. Just having him there wasn’t so bad after all. She wanted to have what she couldn’t have that was in her dreams. Her lips moved down to his collar bone and her hands slowly lifted up his shirt and this time she wasn’t just going to throw him out nicked-or maybe she will. Depending if she felt like it. Torturing him was also fun. All the sudden the things they did to each other faded for the moment of being so close to his body. She did say only a moment. She then stopped kissing him but still leaning into him. She couldn’t go too far here.

“Oh and I’m pretty sure I’m much better than that girl you were about to go out with. I’ve got more on you than she will ever have,” She smirked “Mention another girl and I’ll throw you out there nude. It’s a promise.” She leaned in for one deeper kiss and then looked up into his eyes “Isn’t it better when I actually want to kiss you? Just because I’m doing this now, doesn’t mean that it’ll change what you did Mason and I doubt you’d forgive me either.” She then pulled away fearing that she’ll regret this later. She had remembered Jake and thought about they were sort of dating.

“Um... I forgot, I’m dating Jake. Don’t mention this to him. He got me out of the bench while you were drunk. I should go and thank him too,” She mentioned wondering if a bit of jealousy would catch Mason.

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Mason just watched her for the longest time. He knew it probably wasnt pleasant for her to see him right then. She probably was waiting to see her mother or her father, or even that asshole. Well that was too bad for her. He was here. And the cold hard truth was that he wanted to see her eyes open. No matter how much he hated or despised her, he didnt want to see her dead. That was the mind of a killer. But when she spoke the words of a person who had amnesia, he sighed and looked up at her. Maybe this was a chance to set things right. To prevent this entire war in the first place. He could set their lives straight. "Im Mason. Im your roommate. We're childhood friends. And your name is Charrie" he ended it and glanced to see the look on her face.

He was really tired of it all and frankly this was getting them nowhere but in the hospital. When she mentioned he was attractive, he instantly blushed. Charrie never said something like that, but maybe this Charrie was a much more nicer one. Something she would naturally say to him if she wasnt out to kill him. "T-Thanks. You're very attractive yourself. And it wasnt any trouble. I couldnt let you just stay at home. SO I took you here. Plus our parents are close friends....a least our moms are" he rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled softly.

But what was worse was being tricked. When he saw her cold expression, his eyes went wide and he just took a deep breath. "Oh god. You cant do that to people. Not when you're in a terrible medical state. You're sick!" he told her bluntly. He couldnt believe she got him to say all those words. He was ruined. She knew everything. Fuck he thought to himself before shaking his head. "No I dont want you dead. Im not some killer. And believe it or not, I came to make sure you were alright. You're parents were worried about you so I came to see you everyday. Not to mention what a mess Jake and Prim caused by not taking you here, so you should thank me. I just saved your life" he lifted a grin and shook his head. "Im not going to do anything to someone in a hospital bed. That's stupid and a tactic only pulled by you. But if you really dont want me here, then Ill just tell your parents you're alright. You've already cost me enough trouble. I had a hot date yesterday and a party that I missed all thanks to your Im unconscious stunt" he shook his head and headed towards the door. He knew his efforts were pointless, but at least Charrie was alright. No matter how much he hated her, that other half of him was happy she was alright.
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It wasn’t so lovely waking up to a face she didn’t want to see when she woke up. Why was he even here? What in the world made him decide to do this? Was he there to make sure she stayed in the hospital and never came out? That made sure sense. It was either that or her mother forced him. He said he was worried sick. She didn’t believe any of that shit. She turned to him and just stared at him for a minute. She was weather to bluntly be rude or play another prank. He’d probably wish she was dead by now. Have all his problems gone and all that fancy.

“Um... I’m sorry?” She responded and then cleared her throat because it sounded quiet. She didn’t want him here. Why couldn’t it be someone else that actually cared if she was alive? Why him? Might as well let the grim reaper come in here too. Hell, why not all the demons as well?

“Do I know you?” She asked, pulling off as if she had amnesia. Should be funny to mess with his head and wonder what he was going to tell her. Maybe she’ll have a good laugh out of it. She then touched her forehead. She’s going to have to go to the cops and make sure they caught that man and slice him into bits. Chassie was pretty sure they no longer do public torturing anymore though. She sat up and looked to her side to see Mason still there. She stared at him for a long time and then thought back into her dream. How things screwed up so bad. She was going to keep this act for just a little longer and then blow it up. She didn’t want it to last. She just wanted to get a good laugh.

“If you know me, then what’s my name? Not that I don’t remember, I’m just testing you,” She sheepishly smiled. She then ran her fingers through her own hair and stared at her hair as if she’s seen it for the first time. She should honestly become an actress too. She could nail it very well-or at least that was her opinion. Her eyes lingered back to Mason and faked a blush “Um, you look really attractive... Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m just pointing out a fact. And If I do know you, thanks for being here. I appreciate it.” She was hoping this would all work and he fell for it. Really she knew he wanted her dead. After she was done acting she’d blurt what she really wanted to say out. Then her muscle’s relaxed some tension, her confused smile changed back into a cold expression. An act was just an act after all.

“Just say it. You’d rather have me dead,” She sighed and rubbed her eyes from her good long sleep. She wasn’t tired anymore, that was for sure.

“So, what’s the reason you came here? You have some evil scheme in your mind? I’m not stable right now so, you have an advantage. Makes sense why you’d come here to mess up with me even when I could never wake up to this horrible world. Damn, you know what? Maybe I’ll just fall back asleep and do the person I hate the most in the world a favour?” She ran the words out of her mouth quickly at her frustration.

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Mason was waiting patiently and irritatedly. He didnt know what he was doing. He had a great date with an attractive girl tonight. Shouldnt he just leave Charrie and head back to his house. He really wanted that, but something wasnt right. What if Prim, or Jake told her parents that he didnt stay? He would be in big trouble. Or what if she died and the last they heard was that she was with Mason. They'd trace everything back to him and either way he'd be sent to prison or something. That wasnt good.

In the end, all the pondering led to staying. Whether she liked it or not, he would be by her side. It was crazy even to him why in the world he was doing this for her. BUt he still wanted her to live. Maybe she would thank him for the help. Thank him for saving his life, then she would magically start being nice to him again? That would be something, but Mason knew it was a long shot. Still he had high hopes for it. If she left, he wouldnt have anyone holding him back anymore. He could be free to love someone. To go to sleep safely at night. Or to even to just smile for once.

When the nurse told him the news of her being in a coma, he just narrowed his eyes and smiled a little. "Oh really? Well if she's not going to be waking up soon, I guess I should head back then. Thank you so much. Ill come to check up on her in a few days" he thanked the nurse and decided to head on home. Of course he was worried about her life being on the line, so he decided to call her parents. "Mrs. Danny. Hi. It's Mason. Charrie suffered from a concussion yesterday and now she's in a coma here at the hospital. I-I was told she could wake up in weeks, or months, but to keep her on life support is up to you guys. She's just a floor below you" he told her parents and they sounded extremely worried. Her mother was nearly panicking, but Mason didnt want her to worry, or for her condition to worsen. "Dont worry Mrs. Danny, you just work on getting better. I-Ill watch Charrie. Ill even come once a day until she wakes" he blurted out before he wrinkled his brows. What was he saying? That was completely idiotic!

But once he finished speaking to her, she wounded much more relieved. She trusted him and Mason was glad that someone from her side of the family did. He made his way back home, looking at the time. THe party was nearly over now and he knew he wasnt going to make it. Instead, he headed back to the house, being greeted by Jake and Prim. "She's in a coma guys. And the doctor doesnt know when she'll wake. IT's all thanks to someone for not bringing her to the hospital soon enough" he narrowed his eyes at Jake and then he went straight into his room for the night. He didnt want to talk with any of them for the time being. He was still angry with Prim and He just hated Jake.

In the morning though, it was the usual school day. He hitched a ride from Dale and went to his classes. Claire was sympathetic about missing the party since she knew his friend was in the hospital. But she was also being really nice to him. Mason felt lucky she asked him for help and no one else. SPending lunch with his friends, he then hurried back to Dale, wanting to keep his promise for Mrs. Danny. He needed to visit Charrie to see if she was going to wake. So when Dale dropped him off at the hospital, he headed straight for Charrie's room. WHen he walked inside her room, he noticed that she was still in her bed, fast asleep. SHe looked peaceful, happy even. He would be if he was away from all of these problems. But Mason was content. She wasnt around to mess with him or to yell at him. It had been quiet at home. Sitting down in the chair beside her bed, he remembered those photos her mother sent and then he tried to think back to high school. WHy did all this start to happen? He remembered her kissing this guy and he just couldnt take it. He had to break them up. Had that started it all? He wasnt sure, but soon after that they were simply at war. He remembered Prim having something to do with it also....But as he was lost in his thoughts, he looked down, seeing her eyes fluttered open. "Well it's about time sleepyhead. You had me worried sick" he had as smirk on his face, but deep down he was glad to see her awake. He wouldnt be sent to prison.
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The doctor checked up on Chassie and examined that she did get a concussion which lead into a coma. The doctor came out and saw Mason in the waiting room and decided to speak to him because he did bring her here.

“Hello, are you her boyfriend? How long do you plan to wait? Months, maybe years?” The female doctor joked slightly “Anyways, Ms. Danny must have fallen asleep while she had a concussion. Someone should have brought her in before-at the moment she’s in a coma. There’s a chance she could wake up tomorrow, in a week, maybe months. We don’t know how long it could take. If she does continue to be in a coma, her parents can decide whether they want to keep her here and keep waiting for her to wake up or follow another option of letting her go.”

Empty, cold, lonely and had nothing by her anymore. When she really thought about it, she had no one anymore. Her parents are expecting both opposite things, both not knowing her. Her best friend changed into this. Things got screwed up pretty bad and who did she have around? Herself... She always thought that the only one for her is herself. It was the harsh truth. Visions of what would happen in the future showed up. Her mom dying, and her dad probably devastated that he’ll just stop talking to her too. Mason and her probably go to such a far peak that they’ll both put themselves in big danger. It was all going to end up bad. She didn’t want this life.

Do I really want to go back to this life? ’ She asked herself. Nope, but it could be worse, right? There are people starving, at least she’s not starving. Then an image of the things she enjoyed appeared in front of her. Where what her mom said was true and that they didn’t start this whole mess. It made her happy but also sad that she couldn’t have it. Too bad it was fake and she hated him so much. It was his fault this started first of all. He was so freaking selfish even back then. He knew that she did slightly did like him way long ago. She knew that he believed in her mom's words too. Yet, he goes full on makes out with some other slut, right when she was watching. Always, goddamn selfish! Not to mention going out with her best friend. That really hurt. Guess she lost it from there on.

I can stay here and live this life instead of the one I have now. That sounded great. Except there was one problem. It wasn’t real. She didn’t even have a clue to why she was even in this place. This place was unreal. Did she die or something? That panicked her a little. Or maybe it was something else? What if this was a small dream and she was going to wake up in the morning. What if she just stayed in her dreams. She was pretty sure that would lead into something bad if she didn’t want to wake up. Wouldn’t that be suicide? Yea, she wasn’t that type of girl. Besides, she still had a lot to live for. She wanted to be a director, make films, live her life and make sure to end things completely with Mason or come up with something so bad that he couldn’t possibly get back at her for. Either one sounded good. If she stopped messing with his life, it didn’t mean he would. All that mattered now, is she didn’t want to be stuck in a fake reality.

She fluttered her eyes open and found herself staring at the white tiled ceiling. The scent in her nose lingered of the hospital smell. What in the world happened? She glanced around and wanted to get out of here as soon as possible. What time was it anyway? How long has she been asleep? Hell, it felt like it’s been a couple of years. Her eyes widened. What if had been twenty years and she grew old and didn’t get to live her alive!? She glanced down at herself and breathed out relieved. Thank god she appeared the same. She saw no one in the room. There was no surprise to that. Although, if anyone would care, she was pretty sure her parents would care. She’ll just wait until someone arrives and if it’s too long she’ll find her way out of here herself.

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Mason was just sitting down on his bed with the attractive Claire sitting beside him. She was pointing to a few problems and Mason was pretending to be the amazing and smart guy in class that could help her with anything she needed. He smirked and showed her how to do the problem. Claire was intelligent herself. She just needed someone to point her in the right direction. When Mason did it, she ended up finishing the problem much quicker than before.

The entire afternoon was going perfectly. The two were giggling and enjoying each other's company. And after, they would be heading to a party! His plans for this friday night were set and he was sure to forget about all of his problems here at home. No one was even bothering him! Jake was out somewhere, Prim was probably feeling so depressed he was mad at her and Charrie was nowhere to be seen. He was actually feeling really happy.

But that happiness was short lived when he saw his door bust open. Everything that was so happy and perfect was now crashing and burning the minute he looked into Prim's eyes. "What the hell is going on? Why are you crying?" he bit his lip and wondered if he did something. Or if Charrie told her something about him. He took a deep breath and he sighed when she blurted out that Charrie wasnt waking up. His eyes glanced to her and then to Jake as he frowned. No matter how much he hated Charrie right now, nothing was worse than having one or the other killed because of neglect. He was going to probably regret this. He was giving up an extremely hot date and the party to help Charrie. He stood onto his feet and he looked around "But....she doesnt even care....Fuck! Okay okay. Claire. I have to take my friend to the hospital. Ill meet you at the party okay. I mean. I have your number and we're basically dont with our homework" he then called Dale, asking him to hurry up.

The minute he walked into Charrie's room, he spotted her motionless on her bed. The sight was beautiful. She wasnt moving at all and she was just stunned. He wished it would last, but the better side shook him awake. He needed to take her to the hospital. Lifting her in his arms, she was much lighter than he expected. He's never had the opportunity to hold her like this. This was great. The perverted side of him was taking over, but he just tried to stay focused. When he exited the house, he carried Charrie into his car, laying her in the back as he looked to Dale. Step on it Dale!" he ordered and sat in the back, watching over her. He wasnt going to be the reason for her death. He wasnt going to take that chance. Once they were at the Emergency Room, he carried Charrie towards the entrance. "She was injured last night. Im not sure what but her head was bleeding. And now....she wont even wake up!" he told the nurse before they placed Charrie onto a stretcher and took her in.

Mason was honestly worried. None of their tricks had the other one almost to the point of death. A few were, but they were thought out carefully. So he sat in the waiting room just running his fingers through his hair. What happened if she didnt make it? Would he be happy?
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Her mind was deep within a dream that felt as if it was lasting an eternity. The scenery was still without any sun, head, not even cold. There was no weather. She was isolated by herself in a long deserted icy plane. She sat there just staring ahead not knowing what to do and didn’t want to do anything. There was no emotion, she felt hallow, empty. There was nothing there and no one for her there. Yet, she didn’t feel lonely; she just knew she was alone. It seemed years before people start appearing in the distance. She raised her head and looked at it curiously. She recognized the people, her mom, her dad and Mason’s parents and then Mason himself. This must be a nightmare. It started from the beginning. Memories of what happened and some of what she’d wish to happen. Then all the sudden emotion struck her and she hated watching the memories, actually feeling alone. Wanting to go back to how things used to be.

She finally got up from where she sat after what seemed to be for thousands of years. She ran up to the people that were living their lives and started to grow. It slowly started to become into the days she lived now. She tried to touch her mom but her hand just went through. They didn’t see her. She tried her best to get herself noticed but she was just a ghost. It faded into high school. When she got really mad that Mason was making out with some other girl. She got really hurt. She played back by getting someone else and he got jealous quick. Is that where it started? No, there was probably more to it. She knew she hated him with passion but really didn’t remember how it started. But what she really wanted to do is stop the time from moving. She didn’t want it to end up this way. She didn’t even notice that it was a dream any longer. It soon became reality.

Jake arrived in the morning to check up on Charrie and she was still asleep. He denied to himself that she actually had a problem and left her to sleep thinking she was probably tired. Prim was already out to school and once the two arrived back from it, they checked up her again. She still wasn’t awake.

“It’s your entire fucking fault! I told you to take her to the hospital!” Prim yelled out with bunch of tears.

“I didn’t know it was going to be like this Prim! We’ll take her now.” Jake decided.

“Now, may be too late! Is she even breathing?” Prim yelled in panic and then felt Charrie’s pulse “Thank god... We have to tell her parents first.” Prim exit the room stomping her way downstairs.

“Where are you going?” Jake followed her.

“To call her parents and the ambulance,” Prim explained and then forced Mason’s door open. She didn’t care if he was mad at her for what she did at this point. She had tears going down her face “I don’t even give a damn if you’re mad at me right now. Chassie’s not waking up because she got injured in the head and Jake the asshole didn’t take her to the hospital. Just call her parents or something. She’s really not waking up... This was my entire fault for leaving her alone...” She was emotional wreckage. Jake followed up from behind her and just glared at Prim.

“He knows her parents?” Jake obliviously asked.

“Yes! God, you don't know anything.” Prim spat.

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In the morning Mason woke to the annoying sound of someone trying to wake him. "Hey Mase. You alright man? Are you awake?" Vince asked, holding a glass of water for him. (r "Here drink this. It will make you feel better before school today. You really passed out last night. Boy the whole yelling at Prim and Charrie. It was great. I think you got through to them. "W-Wait....I yelled at Prim and Charrie? What did I say. Did I tell Prim about what I say yesterday?" he remembered seeing her with some guy. And for some reason it really hurt him deep down. He had no one at that house and he just didnt want to go back there.

"Dude! You said everything. You spotted her with that guy, how everything was a lie and even how you hated seeing Charrie and Jake together" he shook his head sadly. "Damn. What the hell is wrong with me. Maybe Im just fed up with it all Vince. Im tired, Im hurting all the time. I dont remember ever being fully healed!" he rubbed the back of his neck and he just looked around the apartment. "Thanks for letting me stay here. But we should get ready for class?" he wondered, getting up on his feet. He took the glass of water and drank it down, feeling a lot better. He would do his best to make sure that he didnt remember anything he said to Charrie or Prim. WHen he did go back home, he would just ignore the two of them. After all, they were all against him in that house, so he would just put up with it all.

Getting up onto his feet, he headed into the bathroom, washing up and borrowing some of Mark's clothes. They were both about the same size and he was just thankful that he could crash here. Once he was ready, he called Dale, asking him to take him to school. When he arrived, Mason thanked his friends and hurried into the car, driving towards campus. Entering class, he began his usual routine of following his prelab instructions and starting on the lab. They made aspirin that morning. It looked really cool. Since Mason had a huge hangover, he took it and it actually brought down his headache.

As he walked towards his last class of the day, he met up with his group of friends, not seeing Charrie with them at all. He wondered if she slept in, but then he shook it out of his head. He didnt care what her wellbeing was. After all, she didnt. His friends were going to the party after school and Mason decided that it was best to go. There he would have friends, staying at home he'd have none. So he spent the last hour taking down notes in his lecture class, seeing one of the attractive girls sitting beside him. "Hey...Mason right? I hear you're really good at Chemistry. Want to help me out with my homework later? I could use the help. Maybe I can meet you at your place?" she asked him, a cute smile on her lips. Mason just scanned her body from head to toe. She was amazing. Her body was so thin, but her curves were accented. She had an adorable face and he just couldnt resist. "Um...ya! Sure. Ill help you out. Maybe we can do our homework together? After school. Then if you want....I could take you to a party after?" he offered the girl and was instantly answered with a yes. This was perfect. He had a date to the party and he would be bringing this attractive girl to his place.

WHen the end of class came, he offered his arm to the girl. Her name was CLaire. She was also a chem major. But she was one year ahead of Mason. He led her to his car and had Dale drive them to his house. Leading her inside, he walked her straight to his room as they both sat on his bed, starting on their homework.
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She didn’t want to hear Mason fighting back when he was too drunk. There would be no point to fighting back either. He already screwed himself over. She glared at him when she heard it wasn’t harassment. She did what she had to do, to get him away from her. Otherwise, she’d still be stuck in the same position and she didn’t want that to happen. He put this on himself. She wanted to burst out of anger but it really would be stupid to yell at a drunk. Charrie just laughed when she heard his friends defending him. ‘Mason isn’t like that’ they said. They didn’t know him very well now did they?

“He’s not...? Really? Yea, he’s so fucking obsessed to make me miserable. Yes, it goes the other way, but he’s just as bad. And yea, that was harassment. I don’t believe its fine to touch a girl when she doesn’t want to. He’s not the good guy you think he is,” She spoke through her teeth and just watched them get him up. Every time Mason around she became ice cold. Mason thought himself as a victim; she never liked to think of herself that way. She didn’t want to act like a victim. It would only prove that he won.

Through that entire situation with having her head slam against the wall, it really knocked her out. She didn’t move an inch. For a while she was awake, still aware of what’s going on and not asleep. But the longer she closed her eyes, the more she fell into darkness. The air became still, noises started to fade into silence until there was nothing. It was scary and then comforting just not to feel overwhelming emotions. She didn’t know how long it’s been she’s been laying on that bench but she didn’t seem to care for that. It seemed fine to maybe take a small nap there. Maybe she shouldn’t take a nap but she was so dizzy.

“Charrie!?” Prim’s voice echoed through her head. Well, she wasn’t asleep after all. She opened her eyes but her head still hurt and she was still dizzy. She closed them again but still wondered what she wanted.

“Are oka-Oh my god, your head is bleeding,” Prim spoke. Well no shit.

“Stop closing your eyes,” Prim growled and made her sit up and used her fingers to pry her eyes open. She pushed Prim away and sighed forcing herself to keep her eyes open while baring the headache. Prim than had called what it seemed to be Jake. After a couple of minutes a car arrived and she got in. She tried to sleep on the way but they would keep yelling at her. It wasn’t her fault her head was killing and her eyes just wanted to close. It couldn’t possibly be that bad. They end up taking her home. She got a piggy back ride form Jake to her room and she just dropped to her bed and held her head. They tried to clean the scrape and it stung like hell. Once they left her room she ends up falling asleep into a comforting darkness. After that, all her senses were cut off but she was still awake but paralyzed. It was really freaky considering she could hear Prim’s and Jake’s voice yelling at one each other in the room while she couldn’t move.

“What if she doesn’t wake up!? You should have taken her to the hospital not here!” Prim yelled with fury.

“I don’t think it’s that damn serious! It’s just s scratch! She’ll be fine, stop over reacting!” Jake defended.

“Are you a doctor?”


“Then shut the fuck up!”

“She’s already sleep, it’s not like we could do anything. We’ll just check up her by the morning and if we can wake her up, she’s fine. If not, we’ll take her to the hospi-OW!” Jake yelped. She guessed that Prim hit him with something.

“Not only is Mason passed out, but also Charrie,” Prim stated.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Jake asked confused and got wacked again. After that she lost consciousness to what seemed a really long sleep.

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Mason just sat at the bar, feeling sorry for himself. He lost the only person living with him that he trusted. And maybe he was complaining like a girl, but he just couldnt handle everything that was happening. Being drunk, he was able to get out the truth to Prim, but he might of even exposed other secrets that no one should of known about. He was sick of it all. What made him feel even angrier was the fact that Charrie was just here rubbing it all in his face. She didnt care one bit. And why should she. He never cared about her or what she wanted anyway. Mason was just down and depressed and nothing was making him feel better. Of course he believed Prim over Charrie. They were at war, and her best friend was being so nice to him. He thought that they were going to get back together again.

When Charried spoke to him about being such a girl, he did his best to just keep his anger inside and let it slide. She was only provoking him more, and he didnt need that. He didnt need any of this. He was sure that all these pranks had already shortened his life by ten years. And he knew that Charrie wasnt going to lighten up. So why not lower her lifespan too. Mason turned around, looking up at Charrie, his head spinning as he pointed his finger. "Charrie enjoyed that moment with me. And it wasnt harassment you whore. She kissed me back" he narrowed his eyes at his ex and he just had it with her. He'd deal with everything himself from now on.

His friend Vince was doing his best to back him up. Mason had a lot of friends, but only his two friends were closer than anyone else. Vince looked up at Prim and shook his head. "Mason isnt like that. Even you should know that! This whole thing with Charrie is all he's focused on. SO just stay out of it" he helped Mason get onto his feet along with Mark. "Let's take him home. He's already been through a lot today. If I were him, I'd move away from all of you" he wrapped his arm over his shoulder, Mark took care of the other side. Once he was on their shoulders, he helped him out the door of the bar, taking him to their car. Vince and Mark decided to just take him back to their place. It was only the two of them living in an apartment. Mason was always welcome, he was just always trying to plan something for Charrie.

THe two guys drove back to the apartment, carrying Mason into the livingroom as he passed out. It was typical to see him like this. He had all the money in the world, but he was never happy. Charrie made sure of it.
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From the guess to his appearance he was already drunk. People always tend to drink away their sorrows because they were too weak to handle it themselves. She didn’t think he was that depressed that Prim was playing around with him. Wasn’t it pretty obvious by the way she acted? Prim just stood still and wide out at his sudden yelling at her.

“Told you didn’t want to get into the crossfire,” She muttered and again Mason let out his emotions out like a girl at the time of her month. Prim just stood silent having no idea what to say and shocked that he figured it out. It was to happen eventually. Hell, she even tried to warn him during high school that she was not doing this for real, but he choose not to listen. When she said something, she meant it. Mason should at least know that. She smirked, already knowing that he just hated her being happy with someone else. He hated her being happy period. So far, he was just destroying himself. She turned to Prim and stuck out her tongue “I told you. No more messing with Mason now that you lost the bet.”

“Yea... Fine,” Prim replied quietly, avoiding her eyes. She just glared at Vince “And whose fault is it that he’s drunk? Where are you going tonight Vince? You’re going to take Mason somewhere and let him unconsciously harass someone again? You don’t have to live with him.” Then she turned her eyes to the drunk Mason “Seriously, Mase, you’re weak as a mouse. If you do this every time you get depressed, you’ll do a finer job than me making your life hell. And you’re welcome by the way. I got away my loving best friend between us.” She sharply spoke and then grabbed Prim’s hand and pulled her out of the bar into the fresh air. At least Prim’s problem was solved. She walked further in the street with Prim.

“Hey, you think someone is following us?” Prim whispered looking over her shoulder.

“Nope,” She popped. There were times where Prim was paranoid of everything. The girl was even afraid of people could read her thoughts. She just walked in her normal pace and decided to go to an in cream shop. It wasn’t till a little later she noticed they really was being followed by some creep. Prim nudged her and telling her ‘I told you so.’

“Just wait a little longer, the person will leave,” She attempt to assure her. After a good half an hour they got out of the ice cream place and hit the streets again. Surprisingly, they were still being followed. Charrie swore under her breath and then met Prim’s eyes, stopping for a second.

“Let’s split. Either go to police station or go get someone. I doubt it’s anything huge though,” Charrie ordered. Prim looked at her as Charrie had her brain stolen by aliens. As much as Prim would backstab Charrie, she cared for her. Charrie was always the one to help Prim out when they were younger. Prim was the one bullied and get into bad relationship, Charrie would always help her out of it. She knew that Prim meant no true harm when she backstabbed. Charrie still believed that Prim could change back to her old self again.

“No!” Prim exclaimed.

“Oh for... It’s nothing. Just go,” Charrie rolled her eyes and when Prim didn’t move, she just pushed her back and that got her going. Charrie walked in a slower pace until the other man that was following up to her caught up to speed-oddly near an ally. There wasn’t anyone around the place. So, when he got close, she instantly sprung into action when she was almost grabbed. She did a back kick and struck the man’s weakness. Somehow, she ends up getting slammed against the wall, bumping her head. She groaned at her vision was blurry but forced herself to get quickly back in action, and punched him directly into the nose and once the man was in the ground. She ran out of the area and entered a busy street. She heavily breathed out to calm her pacing heart. Then she moved to a bench and sat down because her head was dizzy. She wanted to close her eyes but remembered that she might have a concussion.

She dialed up Prim but had to leave a message “Hey, I lost him. So, it’s fine now. Just go home; I’ll meet you there soon. ” She leaned her head back and rubbed the top of her forehead to see that she was slightly bleeding from the concrete scrapping against her skin. Thank god she took lessons since the age of six. She than was going to dial another friend to pick her up with a car but as that happened, she just closed her eyes for a second until it became longer than a second.

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