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Heath had her crying, screaming, swearing, kicking and punching through the whole way to the plane. No matter what she tried to pull, Heath wouldn’t let her free to run back. He talked all about this bullshit that she wasn’t making things any easier for herself, him or Mason. He said that it took a lot of guts for Mason just let her go and it would make it harder for him if she came running back. She didn’t even give a shit. She just wanted to go back and even if they died, so what? She can die happy. On the plane she was hysterical. She was losing her mind. The flight attendant even suggested calling a therapist that was on the plane. Heath thought she meant a therapist for him because she was driving him crazy as well.

She eventually ran out of tears to cry out and a voice to scream and her hand had burses from punching Heath’s hard rock chest. All her energy was out and she felt asleep hoping she’d never wake up. Or hoping that when she would wake up, she found it was all a dream. She hoped that the plane would crash and she hoped everyone lived except for her. She could feel Heath brushing her hair as she fell asleep on him. She never thought she’d cry so much that she lost all the energy in her. She had nothing to hold onto but the clothes she wore now. Even her cell-phone was long gone. There was simply nothing there. As there was nothing there, there was nothing inside her. When she woke up the plane landed and she just became numb and cold. Heath wanted her to have a new life in Russia. Yea, Russia... She thought that would be the last place he’d take her too but were they were heading was a small village with very few people. It was going to impossible to find her. Impossible for Mason to ever make contact with her... She also had to be dragged her way there because she was tempted to bribe a pilot to privately fly her back. Through the weeks, months and seasons she kept on trying to find a way back but failed. She gave up on it and decided to try to help take down those guys that were after her, even if she was in a different country.

She’s never been so alone before. She thought she knew what it was like to be alone. She discovered what it really was. When there were some hot Russian guys wanting her, she just couldn’t. Nothing made her want her to start a relationship. She wanted to keep the promise. The only thing she had to lean on was Heath. She felt as if they were enemies but as the second year came, she grew close to him as friends. It wasn’t until the third year that they discovered that one of the people that was involved the reason she was put through this, was in Russia. Charrie ran on her own to track the person, having Heath end up tracking her down to make sure she was safe. She could no longer say she was an innocent person after that. They integrated the man brutally and threatened his family if he didn’t speak up. A lot of people were involved and it got solved. She could go back now, even if it wasn’t the same.

It’s been three years. Three years since she’s seen Mason. That they’ve kissed each other, slept with each other... She had been doing a lot of thinking of how dumb they were to fight with each other back then. Now, she desperately wanted him but a little part of her was afraid he met someone else. With so much time, things could change and he moved on. She wouldn’t blame him if he did. She and Heath were ready to board the plane-a private one. She wanted to get there as quick as she could. She couldn’t fall asleep and Heath could see her excitement.

“Charrie, if you don’t sleep than you won’t be able to be conscious when you see him,” Heath reminded her.

“I can’t. I really can’t. I’m afraid if I sleep, I’ll wake up and the horror is starting all over again,” She spoke. When the plane landed she was the first one out. Heath never informed anyone that they were coming back yet-well maybe her dad knew. She was pretty sure that he wouldn’t tell anyone so he could surprise her mom. She didn’t care anymore about hiding that Mason and she weren’t at war three years back. She didn’t know how he felt things about now and was a little scared but wanted to change the chance. Heath drove in fear that she’d speed the way to her mom’s house and die. She arrived at her mom’s and her mom stared at her as if she saw a ghost.

“Honey, is my daughter really standing here?” Her mother spoke wide eyes. She laughed remembering the ‘honey.’

“I’m here mom. So, where’s Mason? Is he still in that house with Jake and Prim? I really want to see him,” She first mentioned. Her dad came In, heard her and assumed she was dead.

“Nope it’s not her. She’s a fake,” Her dad decided “My daughter would never want to see the devil’s son,” Her father defended.

“Sorry dad, I do,” She shrugged.

“Save those words,” Her mother grinned.

“Mom!” She exclaimed and then remembered she had to go over to Mason’s parent’s house. Her mom instantly invited them over and then called up Mason to come over as well. Mason’s father wasn’t too glad to see her but that didn’t matter. She just really wanted to see Mason. They were all sitting in the living room. She missed her home.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 238d 14h 27m 51s
The long highway was empty. There was nothing there besides the forest trees and this dark, grey pavement that ran between it. Everything was empty just how he felt at that moment. He honestly didnt care if died right then. All these plans of suicide were flowing through his mind. What if lightning struck a tree and it 'happened' to smash onto him and kill him. Or one of the cars was driven by a drunk driver and he was hit and run over. That would be much easier than feeling like this. His chest hurt and his eyes just kept pouring. He was like a little girl crying because she couldnt get the doll she wanted at the toystore. The whole world kept them apart and he just wished that he could defy all the rules and play god. He wanted Charrie back right now!

Who even knew where she was going? Heath didnt even give him one sign of hope. Everything he said didnt help him at all. The only clue he had was that she was going to be far away. Far from all this danger. That could mean anywhere. Charrie was filthy rich. It could be the moon of all places. BUt the thought of never seeing her again made him feel so weak. So alone. He'd lost his best friend. The girl he hung around with practically everyday. They had the same friends, the same big family...and she disappeared at the worst moment. The moment where they admitted they loved each other.

Mason sat on the grass beside the highway, just bringing his knees to his chest as he stared at the pavement. He was so dead inside, he just didnt know what to do anymore. Of course school continued and everyone would be asking about Charrie. What would he say? SHe had to leave because she was in danger. And we were a couple so she also has to stay away from me? It was all a lie. But Mason did know one thing. If anyone knew where Charrie was, it was her father.

When Dale's car arrived, it stopped right beside him. The door opened and he tried to lift him up. Dale was like Mason's second father. He knew everything about the boy, but kept silent about it all. Seeing him like this meant Charrie was gone. He helped him into the car, buckling him in before taking him back to the apartment. But what was the use, the minute he headed inside, he went into his room. THey hadnt changed it yet. It was still princess themed. Mason ordered Dale to cancel the order to makeover his room. He wanted it this way. It was all he had left of Charrie. The male simply crawled into his princess bed, clutching the sheets as he buried his face into his pillow. He didnt know if he could take it all. He wanted to give up. He wished he had been selfish.

SHould we TS? maybe a few years?
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They both seemed to understand the situation and knew where it could lead if they didn’t. Mason sounded so confident of it and she wished she could be like him. Her mind kept on pulling her back and forth of what was right and what she felt was right. Was it even possible to live without a person you’ve been with since you were born? She’s seen Mason more than she’s seen her own family considering they also had to see each other in school. It didn’t make sense. They world couldn’t just put them together from the start and decide ‘oh, they’re getting to happy. Sorry, you have to split up.’ Fuck the world. Fuck the whole universe. Fuck the people that are doing this.

He couldn’t be selfish. Not this time... The Mason she thought she knew was dead. This one in front of her thought of her and would do what’s right. She didn’t know who he was any more but it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Mason as an enemy and him as a couple were completely opposite of each other. The car stopped and she knew it was the end. The end of them for a really long time or for good... She gripped onto his hand so tightly as he squeezed. His words hurt her more than anything. She had to leave wishing things could be different. He closed the door and she touched the glass. Heath drove off and that was it. She was lost. Tears were falling off her eyes but she remained still without any expression. She pulled her legs up, and hid her face.

“Charrie, I’m sorry. Just know that you made the right choice. Once we figure this out, you can be back with him,” Heath suddenly softened his voice. Why did he care? Had he any idea how hard this was? Why didn’t they just put a bullet in her head because it was much quicker?

“Shut up Heath... I don’t want to talk right now...” She half sobbed. Why did the right choice feel so wrong? The right choice was never easy, right? She hated right choices. Couldn’t she be selfish? She wanted to be but she herself couldn’t let it happen.

“God, someone should shoot me now. I’d rather deal with that than this,” She mostly talked to herself, repeating her thoughts. She felt like crap. She had no idea where Heath was heading and didn’t care so much. She just wanted to rewind time and change how things were. Maybe that dream she had was right about her life. It did show her that she and Mason would put themselves in great danger but it didn’t mention how and how they’re relationship was like. Reality was cruel. When the car stopped and the door was opened, she raised her head. She did not expect him to go this far.

“No.” She bluntly spat and then tossed her head to Heath opening the door “I won’t. I can’t, not that far. That’s too far. Who gave you that permission? I’m not going. I’m staying here and I’m not moving until those people after me and burning alive.”

“You’re dad gave me the permission. I was supposed to take you away today anyway. We’re going to a different country for now and we’ll come back later when your parents finish handling things,” Heath told her.

“Not a fucking chance! I don’t care if I die! I’m not going that far. I demand that you take me back to my house. I’ll hire fifty assassins if I have to!” She exclaimed only to be pulled out of the car. She gripped onto the handle strongly before Heath could pull her out. People were staring and she didn’t care. Maybe they thought she was being kidnapped, than they’d call and she’d be able to go back. Heath dragged her strongly by the wrist.

“Heath! Please! Anywhere but that far... I’ll die! I’ll jump off a bridge. Come on!” She whined all the way in and she was full of tears. Then he suddenly stopped and then embraced her but it meant nothing more than just hugging a kid he thought that needed it.

“Shh, I know... Don’t cry, it’ll be over before you know it. You can’t meet each other if you’re both dead,” He mentioned.

“Actually, we can. There’s this thing called the afterlife,” She managed to crack a joke but was slightly being serious. He let her cry on him thinking she’d voluntary move her ass to the plane if he did. She wasn’t. She was going to get Heath on the plane and then ditch him as soon as the plane left. It would be hard but she’ll do it if it was the last thing she would do. She’ll stay away from Mason but she will not go that far!

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Mason could feel how heavy his chest was. His heart beats were slow. They were pounding against his chest every three seconds. It was as if he was walking towards his own grave. Living without Charrie? WHat kind of life was that? He's lived with her practically since they were in diapers. He couldnt bare to separated from her even for a day. Now he was going to lose her, maybe forever in hopes that she was alive and well. He hated those criminals. He hated Heath. And he just hated everyone at that moment! Everyone that messed up their lives. THe people that allowed for this war to happen. Mason could of spent those peaceful years Loving her, just being a normal couple, who knows maybe even having that fairy tale ending by now! But no...it was the exact opposite. He was able to experience true love for just a moment. Now it was leaving in a car never to be seen again. The whole situation was breaking his heart. He finally understood that he loved her. Ever since that night. He did.

Sitting in the car beside her, he just couldnt let go of her hands so soon. THe next time they would see each other....could be years! "Charrie....I-I cant be selfish. Not now. We both know that if we want the other to be safe...this is the best decision. I dont want to leave your side. I barely got to be with you...but it made me feel so happy for the first time" he admitted. His relationship with Charrie was the only thing that he felt was right in his life. ANd now he was going to just end it. The thought made him so pale. He felt like he was giving up that happiness and he would be miserable for the rest of the time he wasnt with her.

When Heath stopped the car, he heard her speak and he just lifted the happiest smile he ever had on his lips. Holding her hand in his one last time, he squeezed it gently as he spoke "I love you too Char" he stepped out of the car, closing the door as he gazed into her brown eyes once more. Heath began stepping on the gas and he just watched his lover leave right before his eyes. It was the worst feeling he's ever experienced in his life. Worse than a break up, than being in the hospital from her blows. Worse than being shot and in the hospital. He never wanted to feel this way. He just wished he could've been wherever she was.

Once the car disappeared from sight, he rubbed his eyes, seeing that there were tears on his hands. Taking in a deep breath, he tried to pretend to be strong. Like nothing phased him. But he just couldnt. It was like he just lost a part of his life. WHen he pulled out his phone, he dialed Dale's number, asking him to pick him up as he waited on the side of the road. However long it took. He would wait for her. He said he'd keep his promise. He just hoped she kept hers.
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Dreams were meant to be dreams for a reason. Their mother’s dream of her and Mason being with each other to the end of life. Her dream of just wanting to try to be with him and see how far it would go... What she wanted did sound like a fairy tale ending. But dreams were dreams after all. People wished many things but people seemed to stop them from happening. Sometimes she believed that they’ve already lived their lives and this was hell. It really felt like it. Destroy those moments she wanted to have, pull pranks that embarrassed her, dumb honey, harassing her seemed such a big deal back then. Those things were small things. This was really big.

She felt suffocated in the car having Heath blurt out their reality, not the one they thought they lived in. She wanted to be safe but if being safe meant having to be depressed than there was no point to it. Would she risk staying together, loving each other and then having one of them die? She didn’t know the answer to it. When she moved into the back with him, she just hoped he would follow his selfishness. She already told him back when he got shot to be selfish. If he was selfish then they didn’t have to separate. But she got exactly the opposite of what she wished for. Sure, that mean that he really cared about her, more than she thought but she didn’t want it to end this way. She already died when he start saying that he’d go. He seemed so confident about it too.

“What...?” She whispered “Mase, I told you to be selfish. You said if I asked you to you’d be selfish.” She won’t forget that. Then he told Heath to drop him off. No. She didn’t want this. She didn’t want them to separate. She didn’t want another person or situation in their life to separate them again. It wasn’t fair! Charrie would hate to be a spoiled brat and stupid but she couldn’t breathe the thought of separating. What could she say though? It’s not like she could tell him to stay because she did fear he’d get almost killed again.

“Mase... I really don’t want us to...” She muttered and couldn’t help but let a tear fall. It wasn’t fair. Why was this life so cruel? She felt so angry, so sad that she wanted to track the people down that were attempting to kidnap herself. To turn the tables around and kill them before they could kill her but she knew she wasn’t strong enough. She had to fix this. There had to be some way. She already felt like she died inside, about to become hollow again, just like when she was in the coma. She was hollow, cold, barely feeling any emotion.

She felt his arms around her and she didn’t want him to ever let go. Now she actually felt it. Felt that she really loved him. She knew that they had to separate and she’d go through with it because she didn’t want him dead. She may have to kill herself mentally. She kissed him softly back; it was almost as if it was a desperate kiss. This may be the last one for a long while or if Heath liked to say it-forever. Then he pulled back and she didn’t want him too. Heath stopped the car and it suddenly became so real. She grabbed Mason’s hand before he could open the door and really leave.

“I just want you to know that... I really love you.” She cracked out. She hated Heath at this moment, not because he was did this to them but because he was right. She never believed that bull shit ‘if you love someone, you’ll let it go’ but now she could see why. If they wanted to live then they would. She had to figure a way to stop this.

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When Charrie said they could date, he had a huge smile on his lips. He wanted that now that they were so close together. And after sleeping with her, it was like he's finally woken up. She meant more to him than he thought and he really would do anything to keep her safe. THere was a reason why he couldnt hurt her as a child. Ever since elementary, he's liked her. He believed his mom so much that even during war, there was no way he could hurt her physically. He loved her outer appearance, her beautiful hair and skin. He didnt want to ruin any of that no matter how hard at work they were to destroy each other.

But that dream was also awakened as Heath spoke to him outside of the car. He sounded right. To protect Charrie and to protect himself, he just had to let her go. If he stayed with her, he could be a distraction. Heath wouldnt be able to protect her all day, he would beg for some alone time, and who knows. These dangerous criminals could come out of nowhere and take her away. Then it would all be his fault. Mason was starting to realize how dangerous the current situation was and there was no fighting it. No matter how much he wanted to be with CHarrie, how much emotion he felt with her, he just couldnt be with her. Not now. If he wanted what was best for her, he had to keep her safe and back off. That would mean separating and even having the chance of never seeing her again. It scared him to death that he didnt want it at all. It was much better knowing she was safe than seeing her on the news that she was found dead in a car explosion.

WHen he stepped into the car, he sat in the backseat, just keeping quiet. Heath was right about everything. And it just took him until now to realize. He had a decision to make, either he stayed with Charrie and risk her life, or separate from her, maybe even for good. That way Heath could protect her one hundred percent. He had no doubt that he could keep her safe. She was safest with him.

The car ride was silent. Mason was pondering what to do. He just couldnt decide. He was in the middle partly because he was so selfish, but at the same time, he really did love Charrie. Her life wasnt worth risking. And more importantly, he didnt want to be some bait used for them to capture her. He wouldnt let that happen.

Mason was feeling sick inside, knowing the right thing to do. It would hurt him so much to see her leave, but she would be alive and well. God he hated how Heath was right. WHen she took a seat in the back with him, he was glancing down to his hands, rubbing the back of his neck as he tried to just suck up all the emotions he was feeling right now. "Heath is right. Your safety is more important to me than anything. I cane be the reason for something bad happening to you. I just want to protect you Charrie. And I know what this means...but dont worry okay. I-Ill find you. You'll be alright" he tried to tell her with a confident face on. He felt horrible. He was about to lose her when they just started dating. "Okay Heath. Drop me somewhere safe. I can get a ride from Dale. Please guard her with your life" he looked into the rearview mirror, putting his trust in him. "Just stay alive and Ill keep my promise" he wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her lips softly before pulling back. He waited for Heath to stop the car so he could get out. It would be a tough sacrifice, but Charrie would be safe.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 238d 16h 53m 17s
“Yes, I kind of figured that you jump in spot after you took the chance of getting from the second floor to your room,” She heavily sighed “Even now it’s still my fault you get injured.” Hopefully, that would end soon and he wouldn’t be always burdened by the secret she wanted to keep. If she told her dad he was the reason why Mason got a sprain ankle, he’d probably be so happy and yet her mother would kill him. Maybe her mom could help her out in this one even if she won’t hear the end of it?

There they were, sharing compliments saying they wanted to be with each other. She was sure that their old self’s would rather die than do all these things. It wasn’t too much of their fault that this all happened. She liked the closeness between each other. They were able to lean into each other and talk like not much had happened.

“We could date,” She smiled at his nervousness. That’s when all the sweetness disappeared and she was reminded of what was still bothering her in her life. There was barely a moment in time where she could just have her peace. The world just didn’t want her to be happy for some goddamn reason. They’d like to see her suffer just as much as Mason did before. She could hear Mason yell as Heath held her like a sack. If he only knew... Of course she hadn’t done anything to anger bunch of people to kill her. Whatever her parents got into, was serious. They probably made the right choice if they didn’t agree to the deal with a group like this. But it put her in danger. Heath glared at Mason as he yelled, once he put Charrie in the car, he was ready to speak out.

“It just happens that you two picked bad timing to get along. If you want to keep her safe, it’s better just to keep your distance. Charrie being in danger isn’t some kind of joke. Do you understand? I can’t let her out of my sight and if that means not giving you too much space, then so be it,” He calmly but deadly spoke. He saw them as two younger kids deciding to fall in love in the worst time possible and thought it was just about them. It only put them in trouble.

“Yea, I heard all about you taking a bullet for her. You two are so alike that it’s odd. I have no choice but to take you with her right now but its better if you just stay apart unless you want to get involved,” He spoke sharply. He didn’t actually think Mason was any harm because he got easily beaten by Charrie. If Mason was out to get Charrie, it was safe to presume that she was safe but instead it was others.

She stared outside wondering what in the world where they talking about. Mason all the sudden covered his mouth and she wondered if he spilled something he shouldn’t. She couldn’t talk because she did the same thing and didn’t tell him about it. She wondered if he was going to get more in danger if he stood near hear. Well, that was highly possible considering someone as out to kill her-or maybe they just wanted to kidnap her. Whichever it was, it wasn’t good. Last time something like that happened, Mason got shot. The color drained out of her skin. Then both of them entered the car and curiosity rose in her.

“So... What were you talking about?” She broke the silence as Heath started to drive. Heath didn’t bother to respond, he just kept it to himself. It only made her more curious. After a couple of minutes, Heath finally spoke out. Charrie was starting to feel the cold aura around Heath and how just serious and dangerous he was.

“Mason, I thought you should know what you’re getting into. They’ll discover Charrie is interested in you and use you as bait to get a hold of her. You can choose to walk away and it’ll be easier to keep Charrie safe instead of both of you. It’s better off this way,” Heath harshly spoke. She didn’t want that. She really didn’t want Mason to get shot again but separating!?

“And how long could this last!?” She yelled.

“Groups like them don’t give in. It’s safe to say for a long time, maybe forever,” Heath bluntly spoke the truth. She bit her bottom lip and felt the panic in her. She didn’t think it was that serious. She held her breath and didn’t want this to happen. They just got together! But did she want to put him in danger? She tried to unbuckle the seat belt and move in the back with Mason but Heath pushed her back not allowing her.

“Heath!” She exclaimed “Just let me. You have no idea how long we’ve been fighting and finally get together...” He rolled his eyes and slowed the car down a bit. She got out of shot gun and moved in the back with Mason. She felt so guilty and wanted him. She leaned herself toward him “What do you want to do? I think he’s right but...” She trailed on “I really don’t want to see you shot again or anything else.” She felt like crying at the situation. She’s never been so upset.

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Mason just looked down at his leg, biting his lip as he reached over to massage his ankle. Taking in a deep breath, he sighed and just hoped it was alright. He stretched out his leg and he winced in pain. “Im not sure. It really hurts. I don’t know if Ill be able to do much. Apparently the painkillers have worn off. So Im sorry in advanced Charrie if we’re caught because of me. You know me. I just think on the spot, I don’t know of the consequences. And we both know that only works half of the time, but not always” he chuckled and wrapped his arm around her waist.

Everything was really weird. Only a few weeks ago were they enemies. She wanted to hurt him every chance she got, and he wanted to do the same. Now they were here hiding from everyone else, wanting to be together after a history of violence and hate between them. His attraction to her, wanting to be close to her, it all stopped the war. And for some reason their connection was stronger now than ever, especially after last night. He wanted to be with her. He loved being inches from her touch, her kiss. And just giving her comfort. The two deserved it after going through so much with their families and friends. This time he wanted what felt right to him. “Im fine with anywhere. I just want to be with you too” he rested his head on top of hers and he just relaxed. They needed some time together. Somewhere far from here. Where no one, especially Heath could touch them. So that they could figure out what they really were, because right now, he was confused with it all.

“You’re right. We’re not friends since we made love. But we’re not dating….I would say we’re in the middle of lovers and being a couple. Because I really like you Charrie. More than a friend. More like a couple. M-Maybe….if we could get through all of this. Maybe I could date you?” he wondered, biting his lip nervously before he glanced up to face her. It wasn’t long until someone grabbed her out of nowhere. “CHarrie!” he reached his hands out to grab her, but she was already gone. Stepping out of the car, he looked around, seeing Heath holding her over his shoulder. The two had some long conversation, but all Mason heard was that some stalker was after again. “She’s in danger. But why am I not in danger. Why cant they be after me? Charrie hasn’t done anything” he defended, feeling so irritated and upset with all of this. He just wanted to be a normal couple with Charrie. TO spend some alone time with her so they got along. Then maybe if they got close, their mother’s would support them and just maybe they could get through this.

But as he watched Heath lock her in his car, he stood behind him. “Please…don’t take her away! We never had the chance to be together Heath. Now that we finally admitted everything to each other…I just want to keep her safe. Just like you. I want to be more than her friend. I could have a chance with her, but you’re always in the way. You’re always blocking me whenever things are finally okay. Cant you just keep her safe, but maybe give us some space too? Im not going to hurt her. You already know that!”

He followed Heath to the car and he ran his fingers through his hair. He didn’t think it was that bad, but when Heath picked him out as a suspect, he growled. “I wouldn’t be apart of whoever you’re talking about! I don’t want to hurt Charrie! I just want to be with her. You know that. I haven’t hurt her since I took a bullet for her!” he covered his mouth and he bit his lip. Oh gosh. He just blew another secret. “Im telling you the truth. Just please keep us somewhere. An abandoned shack, a cabin in the woods. You can keep her safe from this killer. Just take me with you! Because Im going no matter what!” he opened the other passenger seat and sat down, looking up at her. “Im going with you. Don’t worry. We’re going to keep you safe from whoever is after you”
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 238d 17h 58m 17s
She had noticed him in pain on the way. As much as she didn’t want to rush him, she didn’t want to be caught by Heath. She was pretty sure if Heath caught up to Mason, he’d be in more pain then he was now. They just went to the hospital to get it fixed too. She just hoped it wouldn’t get serious. She felt like they were in a safe zone but she’s underestimated Heath before and caught her easily.

“Get him fired sounds like a good idea,” She agreed to that and glanced at his ankle “Is it any worse?” She listened to him as he gave bunch of suggestion of where they should go. Obviously, she wanted some time alone with him. To her anywhere was fine really. It never really mattered of the place, it mattered on the person.

“Anywhere is fine... I just want to be alone with you,” She smiled taking her hands off the steering wheel and unbuckling her seatbelt. She then scooted closer to him and leaned her head on his shoulder. How was this even possible? To be close like this and not wanting to kill each other. The whole idea that it was allowed to be close was completely new to her. He had a good question. What were they? They weren’t enemies, and they weren’t friends but they never technically dated, so she didn’t know exactly.

“I don’t sleep with friends,” She assured “I don’t know. If we loved each other, I’d say lovers. If we’ve dated, I’d say we were a couple-but we skipped that part and did it. I’d say girlfriend or boyfriend but none of us asked each other. So, I’m not sure.” She was so lost in what they were doing with each other. She’s known him as her enemy for such a long time and now that he wasn’t, she really just couldn’t find the right word for it. All the sudden, her door opened and she was grabbed out of the car. She gasped and instantly swung her fist to hit the attacker. Her punch got stopped by Heat, fitting into his pam.

“Shit,” She muttered “How did you find us!?” Heath looked really irritated. He really looked mad for some reason. He shouldn’t take them ditching him so personally. She didn’t see what the point of pulling her away.

“I’m a lot more skilled than you Charrie. It’s not too hard for me to put a tracker on you,” He sniped. He did what?

“You did what!?” She growled “Okay fine, whatever... Now that you found me, leave me alone.”

“Do you have any idea that your stunts are going to get you killed!? I’ve noticed a person watching you-or you can say stalking and they don’t have any good intention. I found a bomb in your car not too long ago. I got it out before you noticed.” He yelled out. A bomb!?

“Why would they do that?” She asked.

“People want money, they’re greedy and they’re upset your parents didn’t make the deal with some other company. That’s why they’re after you,” He explained and then tried to drag her away from her car and into another that Heath was driving.

“Wait!” She whined and tried to kick him but Heath picked her up over his shoulder as if she was some kind of sack. He forced her into the front seat, putting on the seatbelt and locked the car. She swore under her breath and watched Heath still outside.

“Mason, you get in the car as well. I’ll call someone to pick up her car and if you pull any other stupid stunt along with her, I’ll take you as a threat. Your father’s don’t have good relationship after all, I wouldn’t be surprised if you we’re doing this by purpose to put her in danger, ” Heath snapped over his sudden suspicion. Charrie had no idea that she was in true danger. The price of being rich was your life or soul. She hated that. She tried to break out of the car and tried to make out what Heath was saying but only heard noise.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 239d 1h 52m 12s
As Mason crawled on the grass, he could see the car. And as he looked back to see Heath with angry eyes. He looked like he just wanted to tackle them down, possibly pin him down and give him one long bruising. That way Charrie could listen and not afford to escape since she would have no one with her.

Hurrying to his feet, he began running towards the car, it was rather hard since his ankle was injured, but it wasn't like he had a choice. He didnt want to be at that gathering any longer, so he pushed himself to the limit, trying to sprint to the car. Hopefully no one saw them besides Heath, because they were holding hands and they were heading to her car. That didn't look too suspicious did they? As he jumped into the car, he shut the door and sighed, panting heavily as he tried to regain his composure. Feeling a surge of pain through his leg, he cursed himself "Fuck! Damn foot!" he yelled into the sky as Charrie drove them off.

"oh god Charrie, Heath is getting into a car. Hurry!" he held onto the door as Charrie stepped on it. They zoomed out of Heath's way and were soon on the road. "he's gone Charrie. We're safe" he relaxed and leaned back as she parked her car. "Finally. We can actually be alone together. No one breathing down our neck. We should escape Heath more often, or figure out some way to get him fired. He knows too much" he sighed, smiling at the fact that she was all his. Now they could decide where they wanted to go, just the two of them.

Maybe they could go somewhere romantic, somewhere where they could just get along. Mason had a few places in mind, but he didnt know if she was up for it. "Well since we're together, maybe we can spend some alone time together? Maybe we can get cozy at a motel? Or we can relax at the beach since our lake adventure was interrupted? Or maybe... We can just sit here. Since we're hidden?" he suggested, wanting to be closer, wanting everything to work. So that they could be comfortable telling everyone they're not at war anymore. "I mean, what are we really? Surely we're more than friends right?" he wondered, knowing he didn't just see her as a friend.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 239d 2h 27m 29s
Annie’s face and screams amused Charrie to the max. To have the girl scream was music to her ears. She’s always wanted to do that but never had an excuse or reason to. She was already excited to get away with Mason. It was almost exactly like the movies. She hadn’t had this much fun for a long time. She laughed “I’m way ahead of you on that one.” She glanced over her shoulder to see Heath already lost in the crowd to pick her out. They crawled through the mess of the food until it was safe that they weren’t going to get food thrown at their heads. As Mason yelled that he could see her car, she looked over her shoulder and popped her eyes.

“Shit! Run!” She yelled seeing Heath giving an intense glare into the distance. She grabbed Mason’s hand and then tugged him the way to her car in a bolt. She quickly got into the driver seat and started to yell “Hurry up and get in!” Once Mason was in she started the car and was all set to go. Right before she hit to full speed, she saw Heath coming close up. She grinned glancing at Heath with a wave like the queen except her was using her middle finger. The next second they were getting away with the car.

“That was fun,” She laughed “I should do something like this more often.” As she sped around the street, she had no idea where she was heading to. She just wanted to get away now before Heath could find a car and try to come after them. Hell, they might even be a car chase scene. She thought that would be cool. She found a place to park at the side of the road. The trees were covering it, so Heath probably wouldn’t be able to see it. They couldn’t wander around forever not knowing where they were heading.

“So, where do you want to go because I have no idea?” She asked him and then added “You think we should keep us a secret for a really long time?” She was worried that they’d found out before they could say anything. Then her eyes moved down to her jeans and noticed the large grass stain from crawling. Damn, they were her good jeans too. Her cousins may have a point that she was a complete mess at the moment. Well, it wasn’t her fault her dad had to bolt in the house and she had to rush to change.

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All I can take you to dinner to her. And every bit of it counted. Her knew nothing about her anymore. It's been nearly ten years. Who knows how much could have changed. But to him, Charrie was someone worth getting to know. He headed into their room and simply laid in bed, not wanting her to go, and he didn't. I just was just simply sweet. He loved that side about her. The one that didn't harm. The one that was jealous when he was looking at a girl. The one that secretly loved him. "You special when I took your virginity" he whispered softly, before he greeted his friends and family.

Thank heavens the painkillers were still working. He would have never been able to walk through this whole party. When I cleaned walked over, hugging wrapped his arm around Mason's shoulder. "You didn't tell me you had a beautiful girl under your arm Made. Finally, starting to to reach the point of finding that special someone" he patted his back as Mason pulled away." Shes not my girlfriend. She's just a friend. And she drove me here. We'll.... Not even friends" he tried to cover it all up as he headed towards the food. He didnt know when Charrie's plan would be happening, so he just stayed by the table. Speaking to a few more relatives, he kept his eyes away from Charrie's side of the family. Most of her cousins were so good looking, one of them even decided to flirt with him, asking if he had a girlfriend, or if he was free. But something about that promise to Charrie stuck with him he refused to play around and before he knew it, food was flying everywhere. This was it.

When he ducked down, hiding behind one of the tables, he watched everyone in a laughing and irritated frenzy. Even his atherosclerosis was letting out steam, throwing food at Mr. Danny. Mason saw Charrie beside him and he nodded his head. "Ya let's get outta here. We need to lose Heath as well" he crawled into the grass slowly, trying to make their way to the car. Mason was done with this party. He hated family gatherings as well. "Well almost there. I see your car!" he ushered forward.
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“Losing him was part of the plan,” She assured. She didn’t want Heath around to bug her and Mason. They really were getting a long this time. They weren’t fighting or even coming up with ways to destroy each other to the point of depression or serious injury. It was nice this way.

“I want to get closer too. I’m pretty sure we’ve covered the physical part of that though,” She partly laughed. All she knew about Mason was the flaws that she saw in him during the war. He probably only knew her as this bitch that had no purpose but to destroy his life. They really didn’t know each other when she really thought about it. Just that they fought and now they want to be close. When he gasped at her reply, it just proofed that they didn’t know each other. Many of her friends knew exactly that she wouldn’t be able to sleep with someone without cracking. She just couldn’t. She didn’t trust them and she surely did not love them.

“Oh...? So if I did sleep with five guys, I’m not that special?” She raised an eyebrow, slightly teasing him. They got out of the car and then he assured her mind of not staring at her cousins. She turned away when he blew a kiss afraid someone would see. They separated ways as she went to her mom. Her mom hugged her and then brought a question up that she expected to here.

“You never told me that you were dating!” She exclaimed.

“I’m not,” She flatly responded “I pushed him off the window and I had to drive him here.” Apparently, she did. Her mother’s excitement faded but it was too late. Her cousins heard the first sentence of what her mother said and they were going to tease her, and annoy her with it. Her aunt had came back and smiled over at Charrie.

“You’ve grown up! You look gorgeous honey. Say, you want to help me out with this fashion show? I want you and Annie, Rebecca and Prill to be in it.”

“It’s alright...” Charrie assured.

“No, I insist. I really want to put you into a dress. You’re better than my girls so I’ll make you have the best,” Her aunt promised.

“Maybe...?” Charrie spoke unsure. Then she separated from her mom and aunt. Her girl cousins came by her, wearing some short dresses and being very tall. She wasn’t the tallest and she was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. They began to tell her she shouldn’t wear what she was wearing. She simply gave them the middle finger and walked off. Then suddenly, Annie grabbed her from the waist and luckily Heath was by. She caught Annie’s hand and forced her to separate and then Annie whispered something in his ear and suddenly everything was cool with heath. Annie dragged her to the car from behind along with her other cousins just staying by. They were going to kill her weren’t they? She managed to shrug them all of and ran because they couldn’t chase her with how terrible they were at gym. She decided this would be a good time. She grabbed some food in her hand and then threw it at Annie. All hell broke loose. Charrie dodged every single one because she was just that good. Actually, she just crawled and made it to Mason.

“Let’s get out of here before we get dirty,” She whispered.

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Mason was worried now. Charrie was right. Heath only had to protect her body. Her emotional side, and what she wanted didn't matter. At least he knew that now, keeping his mouth shut. The best thing to do was keep their secrets to just between the two of them. He didn't want it getting out hat they slept together, or the fact that they were no longer enemies. That entire process still stunned him everyday he woke up. He was still nervous about waking up to see one of Charries pranks, but it didn't seem like she would hurt him anymore. That was one thing he enjoyed. He wouldn't be hurt as much and he two could actually talk to each other like normal human beings. Maybe even be something more.

"You're right. I won't say anything in front of Heath. But I'm at least glad he's somewhat on our side. We know now" he shrugged and simply relaxed in the car when they arrived at the park. He didn't want to join the party yet. All o his cousins would just ruin it all, so when Charrie told him of her plan, he grinned "I like it. We can leave when everyone is in he brawl. But we'll also have to lose the body guard. He keeps getting in the way of me and you and I just feel like after everything going on right now, I want to be closer to you. Maybe to get to know somehing new about you. Something I always wanted to do, but never got the chance to" he hated to admit it, but theyve drifted so much apart since heir childhood, thanks to the war.

But when he admitted his virginity, he listened to her, hoping for the same thing. But when she mentioned sleeping with five guys, he gasped in shock. "Oh really? I've never known before" he felt depressed inside, but as she began laughing, his eyes widened. He smiled inside, feeling glad that they were each others firsts. At least they could share that no matter what. "For some reason that makes me really happy. And you just became so much more special" he chuckled and stood on his feet. "Okay. Let's go. The sooner we get there, the faster we can leave....so hurry up slowpoke before I'm forced to trip you" he smirked, taking a deep breath as he headed onto the field. "And don't worry. My eyes are on you remember?" he winked and blew her a kiss before headin down, keeping a distance from her.

He was soon greeted by all his relatives, being hugged, kissed, shoved, and patted all over. By the time the greetings were over with, he shook his head and looked at his mom. "Are you and Charrie together now? That's perfect!" she smiled and hugged her son. "No mom. I'm not dating her. She just drove me here because I have a sprained ankle" he lied a little and glanced to see her side of the family. She wasn't kidding when she said they were attractive.but his cousins weren't haf bad looking either.
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Mason may think Heath was a wall and he wouldn’t open his mouth but she didn’t fully have that same of faith in him. His words did convince her more than before but that little worry was still there. Also it was because she didn’t want anyone, even Heath to hear what happened between them. She then opened her mouth to mention one important fact.

“He has to protect my body, not my emotions or how my dad reacts. So he can,” She flatly reminded. Heath cracked a smile and nodded “It’s true. I have to tell her dad everything if he asked me. I’ll try my best to cover for you this time but if he gives me a yes or no question-I can’t promise to keep it a secret.” Well, her dad wouldn’t ask him direct questions. At least that confronted her. Her eyes went to the car window as her fingers were ready to unlock the car and go. An uneasy feeling settled in her stomach at the thought of getting up and going there.

“Yea, I guess showing up for a couple of minutes isn’t so bad. At least, I hope but I doubt my mom would let me leave so easily. She has the eyes of the hawk and they’ll get suspicious if we leave at the same time.” She agreed and then burst out a laugh at the thought of slamming cake on Mason’s face. That would be amusing. Hey, maybe they could start a food fight and leave in the middle of it? Seemed like a good idea. She didn’t want to injure each other and sent each other to the hospital either. They had enough of that. She then leaned into Mason’s ear and made sure he could only hear because she didn’t want Mason to hear her plan.

“You want do something fun that will get us out earlier?” She asked excitedly and then revealed her plan “We can start a food fight and when the food fight is going on, we’ll disappear. They’ll be too busy to notice.” Her mind was always coming up with this kind of stuff. After years of coming up with these things, it was too late just to stop right now. Old habits die hard.

“Well, you’d have to eventually tell me,” She scoffed “Or I’d manipulate it out of you.” There were things that were never going to change. She didn’t want to change some things. She smiled at his face going so red. It wouldn’t be a problem telling him her answer because she’ll probably end up lying if he slept with many girls. She promised not to get mad but she doubts she’d help it if it was a lot. She smiled at his answer and then whispered “I’ve slept with five guys.” She waited for a minute and then couldn’t help but crack “I’m kidding. It’s the same for me. Now let’s go and if you want, join me with my plan. I always wanted to get back at my cousins. Especially the older girl ones that scream if they have single dirt on them. It’s funny to watch, trust me. Just...don’t...stare at them or anything. Don’t fall for them if they try to flirt either, okay? Please?” She was slightly worried that he would. She then got out of the car to go meet up with her mother.

It's okay :)
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