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Mason had the table set up with two plates. He didnt really offer Prim anything because she was just always did her own thing. SHe didnt really care about him at all. She didnt even help him find Charrie. SHe was just occupying the space and waiting for Charrie to come home so that she could see that she had Mason. That was her only reason. Maybe she really did use to like Mason, but that was long gone. He never felt any emotion from her. Only lust when CHarrie was around. Other than that, there was no need to call her anything, not even friend after she's done to them.

When she mentioned the fact that her father was didnt even know where she was, he sighed sadly, shaking his head. "Im sorry about using those things on him. But dont worry. Im a professional. The sleeping gas and smoke gas have no harm to the individual. It's just to keep them occupied while I snoop around" he tried to tell her. He had no intention of hurting her father permanently. Of course he didnt like her father, but he wouldnt ruin anything to end their relationship. "I wasted all that time chasing after something that wasnt even there...." he glanced at her and bit his lip. "It was still my best chance of finding you..." he told her, watching her eyes settle on the food.

Then he could see it. All his work finally paying off. She was right there just smiling that grin he loved so much. HE could tell she was loving the look of this food. He guessed the only thing she'd been eating were packs of military food or airplane food. As she embraced him, he hugged his arms around her, chuckling for the first time in ages. He looked at the meal and pointed "GO ahead. Dig in" he relaxed a little in his seat until she spoke.."I did ask you. In the car before you left me. I asked if I could be your boyfriend" he heard her agree and he grinned. "Im your boyfriend!" he kissed her lips and nodded before starting to eat his food. He hadnt cooked food like this in such a long time. He didnt even think he could remake it again. But everything was going so well with CHarrie.

But as Prim came out, he felt even more insecure. The 'pee' was probably his chemicals...and rotting flesh...probably meant the last three years of him just lying around. He tried to ignore her, placing the food slowly in his mouth. Charrie's words were extremely harsh. He could see the distressed look on Prim's face. Yes she did deserve it, but maybe this would teach her a lesson. THe embrace surprised him though. He wasnt expecting CHarre to just pull him into a kiss. His eyes fluttered closed and he kissed her lips, his hands holding her waist. SHe knew just what to do to get him so turned on and to get her attention. He didnt even care if Prim was standing right there. He wanted more of Charrie. Leaning his head back, he let out a soft moan, smiling up at her. "Mmm, w-wow! You know I'd do anything for my girlfriend" he grabbed some of his mean onto a fork and held it up to her lips. PRim was outraged. He could see it in her eyes as she glared at the two. "You two are just sick. I hope you're happy with you're alcoholic and I hope that you're happy with your inhumane murderer!" she pointed to Mason then Charrie before she carried a few of her things to her car.
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That was the craziest thing she ever heard. Mason a chemical weapons creator wasn’t something she expected but also something that would make sense. They’ve been at war with each other; why not create things for war? When he heard that he used it on her father she just stood there wide eyed. She didn’t like to hear that he’s been using stuff like that on her dad. Normally, it would be ‘no duh’ because it was them with their fathers against each other but now it sounded crazy. She decided to let it off because he only did that so he could find her.

“My dad didn’t know where we were exactly either,” She promised him “That’s why you couldn’t find anything.” She didn’t know if her dad knew which country they were until now. After the sleep, things seemed to turn well.

“I know but at least you’re smiling now,” She pointed. At least that changed. She was enjoying this and her mood was lighter than before. Normally Charrie didn’t like surprises because usually they were never with good intentions. This one probably was a good surprise though. Once she finished cleaning she came back and saw gorgeous food. And so, he must have got better at cooking through the years. That would be helpful. She won’t ever have to be in the kitchen ever again if things went right. She was just grinning happily wanting the food more than Mason at the moment. Then she embraced her and she just loved him for it and then heard the last part. Oddly, it was true she couldn’t cook to save her life. Actually, it probably endangered her life. Although, did he just call her ‘my girlfriend ’ ? She bit her lip gently and held everything in.

“You should ask me to be your girlfriend before you call me your girlfriend but okay, I’m up for it. As long as I get to call you my boyfriend,” She smiled and then kissed him quickly on the lips “Thanks for the food.” It wasn’t until Prim started to talk that she caught Charrie’s attention. Charrie really didn’t even want to hear her voice. Hearing Prim’s voice gave her homicidal thoughts of knocking her out with a bat or much worse. She raised an eyebrow at get a room part.

“Okay, Prim. Technically this is in a room. You must be dying that you can’t win against me. I have a better life than you, I have Mason, I’m rich and what are you? You’re just some pathetic insecure little girl that is going to die on her own in the end,” Charrie smirked. Her words were harsh and she knew it but she didn’t care either. She lost all care in the world for people she saw as an enemy. She raise her head over to Mason and kissed him passionately, wrapping her arms around him and then her kisses moved down his neck. She knew this was torturing Prim but she was also doing this for herself. She liked touching him, kissing him and being this close. It gave her butterflies. She then released and smiled at Mason “Really, thanks for the food and letting me stay here.” She sat down on the chair and felt as if she hasn’t eaten for a long time. Airplane food sucks... When there was a meal, she was free to look like a kid. She ate it up.

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Mason smiled and he sat beside her, deciding to tell her what his job was. He reached over, holding her hands in his as he thought of a good way to explain it. "Well Im actually a chemical weapons creator. I...um, make all of those weapons that the US uses when fighting in wars. You know all of the chemical weapons, like smoke bombs, grenades, sleeping gas.....things like that. Occasionally they ask me to even make some bombs, but it's stuff I used to make when I was trying to find you. I made some distractions so I could take a peek at your dad's office, maybe I could've found something that led me to you, but there was nothing" he sighed a little and just leaned down to kiss her forehead.

The rest of the day was running smoothly. Since it was saturday, he didnt have to work until monday, so he was actually able to relax. And it was the first time in such a long time that he was able to cook for someone other than himself. He honestly felt better. Charrie was getting him to talk more, so that was a plus. And Prim was almost moved out. When he shuffled through the kitchen, he decided to make some spiced chicken and salad for the two of them. Maybe Charrie might be hungry after that long flight back home. And just doing something for her just felt so good. In the past he wouldnt even lift a thing for her. Not even hand her the remote, he hated her so much. But now he was cooking for her. It was amazing.

He started chopping the chicken, starting to separate the drumsticks as he covered them with his secret spice blend that he he'd been experimenting with since back at the apartment. He then grilled them in a pan and made a side salad to go with it. Hopefully Charrie liked it. Even though it's been a while, he hoped he was still a good cook.

When he heard Charrie's voice, he peeked out over the counter to see her. "Hey you. Im glad you're well rested" he said with a grin. "I only shaved. I doubt Im over anything" he continued grilling the chicken on the pan. "You wash up. I've got a surprise for you when you get out here" he finished cooking the chicken and began plating everything. Once it was all down, he set it down on the table, turning around to hug his arms around her. "Of course it's for you. I know my girlfriend cant cook to save her life" he mentioned slowly. It was so weird to call her his girlfriend. Were they still that close. Was it okay for him to call her that? He didnt know, so he gave it a shot.

As he held her, Prim was walking back and forth moving her things. "Oh please. Get a room already. Im so glad to be leaving this terrible place. It's disgusting. It smells like pee and rotting flesh!" she commented.
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“What exactly is your job?” She raised an eyebrow “I know it involves chemistry but that’s just about it.” Then he responded to her question about Jake. She was glad to hear that Jake probably moved on because she didn’t mean to make him upset about what she did three years back. Right now, he was long gone. She just wanted to make sure that she wasn’t the result of another bad result.

She woke up a little later and opened her eyes to see that she wasn’t still Russia. Even though there were a lot of bad times there, there were some that weren’t as bad. Where they stayed was pretty beautiful but otherwise, it was just an emotional rollercoaster. She hated rollercoaster’s in reality or anything to do with machines that went upside down while only one strap held you down. For a long minute she just lay in her own thoughts. It was all over now. She didn’t have to worry about not being able to come back. She heavily sighed and stood up on her feet. Then she moved around until she found Mason in the kitchen. It reminded her of the mornings they had. It seemed everything that they were doing today set her back memories of the last days they spent together, only excluding some things.

“Hey,” She suddenly spoke out and then poked out to see his face and then smiled “It looks like you’re already over it.” She knew he wasn’t but wanted to say it anyway. She leaned against the kitchen counter and then noticed a little bit of blood at the tips of her nails. She pulled it back quickly knowing that she probably accidently scratched herself while she was asleep. Cutting her nails seemed like a good idea.

“Be right back,” She announced and found the washroom and washed off her hands and glanced at her wrist to see two scratches. They were small and she knew she was getting much better since two weeks ago. She then arrived back and stretched out her arms from just waking up.

“I hate long flights.” She declared. She moved right beside him, bumping him gently and then kissing him on the cheek “But it was worth it. And that food there better for me Mase, as long as it doesn’t contain poison.”

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When Mason set her down onto the couch, he could see she was struggling to fight sleep. He had no idea what she's been through up there in Russia, but maybe it was like during a war. Because he knew that she stopped whatever and whoever was trying to kill her. WHo knows, maybe she even turned into a great fighter like Heath. All that Mason knew so far was that she's done some terrible things in her live, he just wasnt sure what it was. But she was right, the two of them just had to try and be happy. One step at a time. Now that they were together, he felt that they had to work on their relationship, get to know more about each other, then maybe everything else could follow.

"Yes I got a degree. I had nothing else to do except study. I mean, I focused everything into studying and now I guess you could say...Im happy with my job" he lifted a small smile, knowing that all he did was just simply work and sleep. Nothing else. "Well Jake decided that since I was so depressed and never talked to anyone, he thought you just disappeared. SO he moved on. I recall him holding a girl's hand once at school. SO maybe he's been able to get over you. I just wished Prim would do the same" he shrugged and sighed sadly. He hated how desperate she was, or how clingy she was around him. He just wanted her to leave him alone.

Tucking her onto the couch, he headed into his room, looking in the mirror. He had no idea Charrie was coming today, he looked like a mess. So as she slept, he stayed in front of the bathroom mirror, shaving off his newfound beard and mustache and then smiling a little. He looked much cleaner and more younger now that everything was okay. He did his best to try and look decent for her when she woke. He took a quick shower so he wasnt smelling like chemicals. He then combed his hair back and messed it up a little. He liked that get out of bed look. He then changed into some jeans and a collared shirt before heading into the kitchen to cook something for dinner.

Sorry it's short hun. I have to go to one more class.
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Charrie wondered how long this would last. Their kissing, compliments and wanting each other. Would it be there for a long time or will it just die off? She didn’t even want to worry about that. She didn’t even care. All she knew that she loved him. Because they were both a mess, she wondered how they were going to deal with this. Can two really screwed up people fix things up?

She understood what he meant about being desperate. When a person’s desperate, they’ll just do about anything, even if they know it was wrong. She would be a hypocrite if she lectured him on it. Stooping down to getting Prim’s help was as desperate as a person could get. She thought that maybe Prim gave up and moved on with her life but always seemed to want more. Prim would eventually have to move on. Charrie wasn’t going to acknowledge Prim’s existence for long. They may have been best friends before then but it wasn’t like Charrie needed her. It was Prim that needed Charrie.

“I get it. Being desperate get’s you to do lots of stupid things,” She sighs and was on the matter of his brain cells and then laughed “So, you got a degree in it after all! You’re always better than me in grades yet you’re so stupid in situations. Not that I blame you. I suck at chemistry as you suck at beating me. Just don’t become one of those genius scientists that this evil organization wants to steal to dominate the world using their deathly creations and I’d have to be the one to save you.” She could see that playing in her head. Although, she could also picture him as a mad scientist too. Her ears rang to hear Jake.

“Speaking of Prim and Jake... What happened to Jake? Did he find someone else?” She mumbled her words from the loss of consciousness. She didn’t want to close her eyes just yet. What if she woke up and he was no longer there? Then she’d wake up back in Russia with her over stressed mind and out of control emotions. Buts he was so tired. She really should have tried hard to sleep on the plane like he told her to. She was helped up and practically wanted to lean on him and just fall asleep standing. She’s fell asleep leaning on the fridge before. When she forced herself to be more alert in the waking world she found herself being lifted up by Mason. She leaned into his chest and closed her eyes. Her body instantly shut down like she thought and fell asleep within a second.

Her dreams weren’t the safe place to be. On rare occasion she’d have the good one’s but most of the time it was just her negative emotions mirroring in her dreams. How she threatened that family. How she threatened to torture that man in front of them. The kids would look up at her, terrified. She tossed around until she fell flat against the ground. She groaned but not at the pain from falling but at the thoughts and images in her head wouldn’t disappear. She didn’t torture, or do any of these things but threatening alone made her feel like a monster. Why would she do that? She did other things. Those things never bothered her at day time but when she was in the room, alone in the dark the guilt came rushing out even if she said it wasn’t there.

“I’m sorry ... I shouldn’t have done that.” She muttered to herself and just cried. All the sudden she felt as if she was back in the house she and Heath stayed. She started to believe she was there. She was there. She never saw Mason. She was just dreaming of it. Then the sounds of bullets echoed in her ear and she flinched. She dug her nails into her arm trying to stop the guilt in her stomach going up to her lungs that made it hard to breathe.

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Mason listened to her in the car and he just sighed, nodding his head. "I know. Those three years really screwed things up didnt it. But at least you and I are alright. We can both get through his together") his eyes narrowed a little as he blinked curiously. He didint know she did inhumane things. THere were so many new things about her that he didnt know about anymore. Three years was a long time. What could they both have been doing. He knew that he was depressed, getting drunk all the time, and just pushing everything out of his mind working. He had no clue what she'd been through since she looked perfectly fine on the outside. Then again, she was wearing long sleeves.

He was so glad that they could at least relax now. He didnt mind it at all that she was beside him in the car, resting her head beside his. Every little bit of her was something he cherished. Heck he did obsess over her. It was all he thought about for years and having her here now, was the biggest life changer since then.

When she mentioned Heath not being an issue, this was also surprising. What could of happened in Russia between them? They could have both been alone, both sad and maybe even lonely. WHat if their relationship was closer together. At first he was worried. But she mentioned older brother and a smile came onto his lips. That was good. They were just close like family, nothing romantic.

"Still. Im just glad he isnt breathing down my neck, trying to make sure I dont touch you or something. Im just glad I have you to myself" he hugged her in his arms, pressing his lips against her cheek softly. She made him smile, made him feel so happy. He hoped this would last a lifetime.

"I know I shouldnt have let her in, but I was desperate for help. I really wanted to find you and she said that she could help and get information from your father.....but she always ended up coming home with nothing....I was just too blind to see it. I wanted you back no matter what" he sighed and shook his head "My brain cells can come back Charrie. I mean....Im a chemist...Im always thinking of something" he buried his face into her neck, just wanting comfort from her her as he smiled.

I dont care. We just have to live like our old house with Prim and Jake, only no Prim and no Jake" he assured her, watching her slowly fall asleep. "Hey come on. Ill take you to my room. You can take a nap there" he helped her up onto her feet, lifting her in his arms. He was still able to carry her in his arms as he walked her up to his apartment. When he entered, he placed her down onto his couch as he quickly grabbed a blanket. When his eyes looked down the hall, Prim had already started packing. THank goodness.
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She really was worried of how screwed up the two of them turned up through the years. They obviously had some things to figure out. She listened to him and what’s going through with his family. Watching him turn like this made her see why his dad may be right about her. She never put that against her since it was theirs dad’s battles not theirs but because of her he was in a mess. Our maybe it was her killers fault, or... It could be anybodies or no ones. She stood close to him.

“They’re just worried about you. And Mase, we’re both sick. It’s sick to harm yourself because of me and it wasn’t right of me to do inhuman actions. They shouldn’t treat you like that no matter what but it’s true, or at least for me it is,” She replied softly. They’ve been through the hardest time. At least it was over, right? At least they could go through this together. They were screwed together but at least neither of them was alone. They always seemed to be around the same mood as each other through the life. If they were at war, they were miserable, they were making up they were happy and when they were separated, they lost themselves. She felt the instant closeness between them, and maybe even more. They got in the car and he rested her head on shoulder. This was right. They day they split up were in the car. She was leaning against his shoulder and he leaned his head against hers. She couldn’t forget that day. She laughed at not having Heath around. Back then she thought Heath was incredibly annoying. She had more space even in Russia with him because he tried her and respected her that she could handle doing some things on her own.

“Heath is no longer an issue. I’m no longer and danger and even if I was, he trusts me enough to know how to protect myself when I want to be alone. We are actually kind of friends now. Well, kind of like an older brother I never had,” She assured and listened to the next. She’d complain that he shouldn’t have let Prim either way.

“Mase, you should have never let her in. I keep having to tell you that she’s always just waiting to get into your pants and steal my life. It was the perfect chance since I was gone. Don’t fall for her tricks; she would never want to find me. You really killed of your brain cells didn’t you... Why not...? I don’t mind getting one together. Just don’t complain that I’m not the best roomy,” She forewarned smiling back. Then the car eventually stopped. She rested her head near him for a good minute. Her eyes were slowly closing. She was more tired than she realized. She put her hands into her hoodie’s sleeves. She always wore long sleeves now and then because the cuts were still healing up.

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Mason just wanted to take her away from here. TO be happy with her, to hold her and love her like he used to. He felt as if so many things have changed and he just didng know anymore if they were still as happy as they were three years ago. Still, he wanted to get out of here. He didnt want to hear his father's angry remarks or her father's horrid words. He just wanted to sit with CHarrie and just get to know her. Ask her what happened, how her life had been the past three years. So holding her hands in his, he could hear his father mumbling something in the back along with her father. His mother was simply in awe, just happy that her son was finally happy. Maybe Charrie could whip him back into shape. She could make him smile and be that old and popular guy he once was.

"I've lived here for too long. I've heard enough of their talking and everything that they do. Im sick of it. My parents dont even believe in me anymore. THey think Im sick, that something is wrong with me. THere's nothing wrong...I just didnt want to be a part of anything, or say a word. I had nothing to say to them" he told her, taking in a few deep breaths. Talking sure was difficult after so many months. He was glad that he could talk to Charrie though. He felt like he could do it all if she was near him.

"Yes I have my own place" he smiled and shifted, wrapping his arm around her waist. He didnt want to wait. He wanted to continue where they left off. He was sure they could. After all, he still loved her. Maybe it's been magnified over the past few years, but he did ask her if he could be her man. All those years ago. Dale greeted Charrie and held the door open for the two, soon getting into the car. He kept his arm securely around her, feeling like someone could just snatch her away so quickly. "It feels not having Heath around. I like it. But if you need a place...maybe we can get one together? I told Prim she could only stay if she helped me look for you. She should know by now that she cant live there anymore, then there will be an empty room" he lifted a warm smile and leaned over, resting his head on her shoulder. He would do anything to stay beside her. After three years he wasnt going to lose her again. He wasnt going to open that opportunity. Staying beside her was what he wanted to do, so he would do it.
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There years without being touched was almost as hard as not even seeing each other. She wanted to enjoy it a little longer even if their parent’s presence was around. She didn’t even feel a single guilt that her father was disappointed in her. It didn’t matter because she knew that her dad loved her and no matter what he’d have to go through with her choices like he did with her mom. Nothing felt like it could go wrong now but she was afraid to think it. When she thought nothing could possibly ruin it, something came up. She wanted a break from all the agony and live her life. Maybe the world will give her a break this time after all the things she’s done to get back here. She’d do anything to see Mason again. It was proofed when she threatened an entire family and might have killed a couple of people if they didn’t get into the hospital quick. That was behind her now. Those things wouldn’t get her in trouble either.

“You will do it. I trust that you’ll try your best,” She smiled and then started to wonder if their love was more of an obsession. Without each other they were a wreck and did terrible things. Was that a bad thing? She wasn’t sure. As she whispered to him she saw his eyes widened and knew that would be a definite encouragement. She knew that her mom was probably curious of what she was whispering and might ask her later. She knew this because she always liked to snoop into details of her life. She blocked her out during high school but that didn’t stop her from asking or snooping.

“Yea, I can’t stand the teasing here,” She admitted. She wanted to be with her family after three years but not when they were blurting out plans and when she just really wanted to be alone with him. The reason she left so far was so that they could be both safe. The damage over the years has been done.

“Oh, you have your own place now? Sure,” She blurt out surprised. Well, it has been three years. What did she expect? He couldn’t possibly be living the same way he used to. A lot of things would have changed back here as she did over there. She had so many questions and he probably wanted to ask some things to her too. To think of mentioning the things she did, made her feel awful. She turned beyond cruel than ever before and became mostly heartless to others. Seeing someone crying in the streets, begging for their life no longer inflicted her. She’d just wanted them to shut up. Deep within, she did care but she was in a survival mode where only her, Heath and getting back was important.

As they made it to the car it brought bunch of memories. One memory involved her being tied up and kicking him out. The things that they did to each other were crazy. She still can’t believe she did that. Dale seemed completely happy, maybe because Mason was different today. She could tell that he’s been like the walking dead. She got into the car and spoke “Hey Dale, nice to see you again.” Then she turned to Mason “Well, if things stay good than we can spend all the time we need together. I hope it does. I have a lot of things to ask about how you’re life is like now. Since you got a place... I should get one too her stay with my parents for a while. I missed out so much... Do you work now? Oh and, not to be jealous but what was Prim doing with you?” They never knew each other deeply and now there was too much to catch up on. She then suddenly felt a little tired from the plane but knew that if she closed her eyes she wouldn’t fall asleep until her body gave in completely and decided to shut down and fall asleep.

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Mason meant every word of what came out of his mouth. He really did miss her. Even after all these years, to se eher standing here like this was just like a wish had came true. He didnt know all the attention was on him, but not much had changed about Mason. He was still the same clueless guy about everything. Only his appearance had changed. His hair, his face, and his body. Mostly what was inside was still the same personalityjust a little more timid and less outspoken. His very life was almost to the point of ending because Charrie was taken away from him. He wasnt going to let anything stand in their way, not even their fathers, or Heath, or any criminal anymore. He wasnt going to make the same mistake and watch her leave him. He had her right now and he wasnt going to let her go.

Holding her in his arms was like he entered a whole other world. There was no way he'd ever thought that he could feel this good again. Just a simple touch, a small gesture that she did to him felt like everything was going to be okay. It reminded him of those few days they had together. Those days that kept his hopes up, that kept him thinking she was going to come back. He wouldnt give up on her. Even if she moved on. He wouldnt. And just to embrace her made his body feel so warm, made his cheeks flush, and made that hole inside slowly fill back up. Everything was looking brighter the minute she hugged him.

When she said she kept her promise, he pulled back and looked into her eyes with the a sigh of relief. Charrie was so attractive, any guy could of snatched her up in Russia. And it was easy to fall in love with a foreign man. He had been worried that when she came back, she would only have bad news. "Im glad you kept that promise. But you're here now. That's all I wanted. Im not sad, Im really happy!" he said softly as he continued to press his lips against hers. He didnt want to pull away. It had been the first kiss he's had with her in years and he was going to make sure he took advantage of it no matter what. Their fathers werent going to stop them. He'd go crazy scientist on them if they ever got between them. It was the best two minutes of his life at that moment. Just to feel her soft lips once more was a like a dream. Just to feel her warmth and he affection was already good enough for everything.

He was glad that she was back. It sure made his days a whole lot brighter. But when he heard his parents speak, he didnt care. He would make them grandchildren if they wanted as long as they'd leave the two alone. Seeing Charrie blush made him smile. She was still that adorable girl he'd fallen in love with those years ago.

As his mother explained the problem, he felt so embarrassed. SHe didnt need to make everyone aware of the fact that he was so depressed and hadnt been the same. He took in a deep breath and glanced down a little. BUt When Charrie stated the fact that they needed to get better, he just couldnt say no. He'd do anything for her at this point just to keep her within arms reach. "Y-You're right. I-I know I havent been helping out my body lately....but Ill do it. I want to get better. And I wont hurt myself anymore now that you're back here with me" he held her hands in his and listened to her plans "I promise" he heard her whisper and his eyes widened. Yes he wanted that. It had been three years. He would give anything to share his love for her in bed. Alcohol was going to have to go. It would be hard and it would take a while, but he knew he could do it if she was there. His cheeks flushed and then he looked to Mrs. Danny. Boy were they rushing everything. He shook his head and just hugged his arms around her once more. "L-Let's get out of here. ILl take you somewhere quiet" he was tired of all the talking. Tired of the parents planning things out for them. He just wanted to hear her stories, to see how she was doing. Because the only problem he saw with her right now, was just how angry she was at everything. He wanted to help her as much as she was willing to help him. "Does my place sound okay?" he asked, his voice still soft. He hoped he wasnt a complete disappointment to see. It was all just too difficult for him.

Leading her away from the parents, he walked her to his car. Dale was standing there with a huge grin on his face, glad to see the two were reunited again. "Where to Sir?" he bowed down and opened the doors. "My place Dale. I want to spend some time with you Charrie. However long it takes"
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By the way that he looked around to see what the glares were, she knew that Prim was trying to pull another one. There wasn’t any way that she was going to allow her to separate them again. If she had to personally get rid of Prim in order for something not to get in the way, she would. She won’t let anything between them anymore, not even someone out to kill her. If it happened again, she would go on a rampage. There was no doubt in it. She thought her anger management was bad before while being enemies with Mason, now it was worse. One small thing can annoy her and she’d lose her mind over it. Poor Heath had to handle with her anger issues.

“I know you did,” She quietly responded. As she embraced him, he did the same. There chest against each other and the warmth coming through. She wanted this for so long. She thought just making eye contact was good enough after three years of nothing. His shaky voice made her want to cry from how much time they missed. They only had a couple of days to be together when they finally admitted it and then have to leave again. If she had to decide what was worse, the war or separating; she’d go with separating.

“I’m glad you kept it. I kept mine too,” She slightly laughed “I made you wait a long time. I would have come sooner if it weren’t for the first year I was being stupid and trying to come here instead of trying to stop the problem to get here. And don’t sound so sad, you’re going to make me cry an ocean.” Then she saw him grin and it flooded all the memories back. She couldn’t believe it either that they finally got to see each other again. She was so scared that they weren’t. His hands went on her cheeks and then she was pulled into a kiss. She kissed him deeply back for who knows how long. She closed her eyes just to feel that he was there.

“Charrie, sweetie, you and Mason can use your old room and make us grandchildren!” Her mother yelled eagerly. Instantly, her cheeks lit up at the embarrassment. She knew the teasing as going to worse! But, it was all worth it. She didn’t want to hide it. There was no point to hiding it. It was already proven by the way he reacted. Once they finished their kiss she turned to her mom with a glare. Her father on the other hand was ready to jump out his place and kill them. Her mom had dug her long nails into her father’s hand so that he didn’t.

“Mom, please don’t talk like that, okay?” Charrie asked politely.

“I’m not letting my only daughter get pregnant by a demon!” Her father retorted. Oh no... This couldn’t possibly get more embarrassing.

“Funny, I thought she was one,” Mr. Clint scoffed “I’m not allowing it either.”

“It’s not your choice, it’s theirs,” Mrs. Clint sang. She was right about that one.

“Stop...! It’s not funny,” Charrie frowned.

“I wasn’t joking,” Her mother doubly blinked. Their families just won’t seem to stop putting their thoughts into it. She didn’t want to think how worse her mom could embarrass her later on. She knew she’d go far. She’ll never hear the end of it. She tried to block them out of her mind and then faced Mason glancing at his appearance.

“Thank god you’re here Charrie. Mason won’t speak, pushed away his friends, became unhealthy, I just hope that you can help him to his old self,” Mrs. Clint explained. Yea, well she wasn’t any better losing her temper easily, shooting people and became depressed enough to do things she’d never do.

“You and I both need to get better,” She faced Mason “You’ll stop drinking, become strong and work out with me every day because it looks like you’re weak as hell. I would have died if I was that thin and we’d never meet again. Every single morning we’re going for a jog and make sure you’re eating the right food and staying completely away from alcohol. Because if you do drink, I will send you to the hospital for your own good. We’ll go out sometimes too. I love you Mason, and I don’t want you to be hurting yourself over me. It makes me furious.” She made that as a promise. She’ll pretend that she didn’t have issues too for a while because she wanted to see him get better. Her issues can be solved later. Who knows, maybe she will see a therapist.

“Promise me that you won’t hurt yourself anymore. Even if I weren’t to come back, I don’t want you to be like this,” She spoke weakly and whispered in his ear “When you don’t look like a stick we can have fun in the bedroom again.” She then kissed him again and their mothers cheered.

“So, what date do you want to put the wedding on?” Her mother asked.

“Mom! You’re jumping in too fast!” She exclaimed “And stop embarrassing me.”

“That’s what we do, sweetie,” Her mother smiled brightly.

“You’re right, she needs a ring,” Mrs. Clint stated.

“I had enough of this. I forbid them from ever-“Her father began as their mothers gave him a glare that even the toughest would fear. She wanted to get out of here before they decided to go dress shopping. She had so much to ask Mason of how his three years were. Where did he live? Did he finish school? What job did he have? And, why was Prim around him?

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Mason stood before everyone, a small smile on his face just to be polite, but as he glanced down timidly, his mother looked up at him and smiled. She knew that when Charrie left, it had such a huge affect on him. He was completely different, and she knew that day she lost her son. Here he stood a changed person, but each day she prayed that maybe her son would come back if Charrie did.. The fact that Charrie was sitting there kept him still. He wouldnt believe it until he saw it for himself, but even here and now, there was no way that was Charrie? It's been three years. Three long and agonizing years of failures. Years of depression, of drinking, of finally growing up. He still couldnt believe his eyes until he looked around the room. Heath was looking up at him with a smile, his mother was grinning, and his father was just plain irritated. That meant this was real. She was actually here. Mason didnt even know where to start. What to say. He was speechless and not to mention very antisocial. He barely said anything at all nowadays. Spending the hours in his lab, he kept his mind occupied and kept his feelings out. But he could feel it in the room. Those old feelings were definitely stronger than they've ever been.

But even as he stood with everyone staring, he still felt like he didnt belong there. He hated being the center of attention. In all truth he avoided crowds. He only went there if he needed to, and everyone could tell he was uncomfortable. His mind was just trying to recalculate everything that was going on at the moment. He didnt even notice Prim holding his hand. Charrie was back. But...what now? Could they really just get back together? He was still single and he's only been looking for one person. He could feel a ton of weight lifted off of his shoulders and he could get rid of the weapon in his bag. But when he noticed everyone's faces starting to change, glaring at him with anger, he wondered what was going on. His eyes scanned the room, his brain just taking in everything until he saw Prim holding is hand. What in the world was she thinking. Here of all places. Right in front of Charrie?

When she stood on her feet, he started getting nervous. This was bad. Charrie had been in a different country with Heath, who knows how good she's gotten. He was afraid she would hurt him like she usually did. Slap him across the face, or hit him in the balls. He'd been wearing that jockstrap since, never knowing when Charrie would come back. Everything she ever gave him, did to him...he kept in his apartment. He may have looked like a sicko to most people, but he really did love her and only her.

His eyes fell on hers and he had a small smile on his lips. He slowly pulled his hands away from Prim "I missed you s-so much...." was all he managed to get out. His voice was soft, weak. It was as if he hadnt spoken in months. Prim looked over at him and his parents did as well in surprise. Maybe things would get better.

But when she began yelling at Prim, his eyes widened. He remembered this girl all too well. He's dreamt about her, thought of every minute he spent with her. She was still the same! It was marvelous. She hated Prim and even forced her out of her home. Honestly Mason didnt mind. SHe held his hand at the wrong time, and he knew what everyone was thinking. But when Charrie returned, he wasnt prepared for a hug. But as he arms wrapped around him, he felt that familiar warmth. That loving embrace. It was so soothing, something he's been wishing for since day one. His hands wrapped around her waist and he hugged her softly. He was so happy at that moment that he didnt care about what had happened in the past three years. He just wanted her back, worked so hard to get her back and now that she was within grasp, he was so happy.

Her words made him smile even more. He's been wanting to be able to do what they wanted. Just the two of them for so long. He wanted no one in the way, and the fact that their parents were watching meant that they had nothing to hide. "I-I will...try not to Char. But Im so glad you're back. I've been waiting. P-Prim has been the same. She's no one. I kept my promise" he tried to tell her, his voice shaky as his thin arms reached up to hold her cheeks in his hands. "I cant believe it" he grinned and didnt hesitate to kiss her lips.
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She was chatting alongside her family, mostly her mother and Mason’s. Her father would make comments in between and would glare at Mason’s father. It was like old times but slightly better. She spilled out the beans of what was going on three years ago with her and Mason-leaving out the sex part. That would probably get her father to go nuts. Although, she kept the mother’s entertained, she also told her Dad of what she accomplished in Russia. Charrie was a lot different than three years ago but there were things that weren’t going to change about her. Her appearance changes slightly, she grew out her hair and she was slightly taller than before and fit. She had to fit to fight of some Russian men. Heath trained her through the years and she was becoming just as good as him.

All eyes turned when Mason entered the living room. Charrie was ready to jump out of her seat and knock the air out of him but end up sitting still instead. He didn’t look so good. It made her wonder what he did. He didn’t get on drugs, did he? She was devoured by her worry and guilt. It was all her fault if he was this much of a wreck. But why would she blame that on herself? She was tormented being away from him and her family but all she did was-okay maybe she wasn’t any better. She doubted shooting people for answers were a good way of dealing with things. At least it got her here.

“Mase...” She muttered with worry. Then her eyes moved onto what stood beside him and she turned into stone. She came all the way back for this? She knew she promised herself that she wouldn’t blame him if he moved on but Prim? That wasn’t right. Prim smiled over at her as if she’s won this game. Charrie’s had to be dragged away to another country, almost got killed, and became heartless enough that she doesn’t even flinch to shoot a person anymore. Of course Prim had won. There was no need to steal Mason over. She bit her bottom lip, closed her eyes for a minute and felt the tears already.

“Charrie-“ Heath began pulling her close as he sat right beside her.

“I’m fine,” She interrupted. She then saw Heath glaring over at the two holding hands. She felt really betrayed. Why these things did always have to happen? Maybe it was another misunderstanding, like it was such a long time ago. She shouldn’t assume things. There was only one way to test it out. She got up to her feet and made her way toward Mason and Prim.

“I’m sorry I took so long. I had to beat up a lot of Russians to get here,” She half laughed “I missed you, I even told our parents about us excluding the part where we-you know.” She saw Prim glaring at her because she didn’t like to be ignored. If Charrie’s memory served her right than last time she had a chat with Prim, she promised Prim something. She promised Prim to break her arm if she got close again.

“Bitch, get your hand off him before I break it off. Understood? Don’t you remember what I promised you? Touch him and I’ll fucking kill you. And don’t worry I plan to keep it. I’ve done a couple of unspeaking able things while I was away. Injuring you would be nothing. Who the fuck invited you over anyway?” Charrie smirked. She was dead serious about it as well. She wasn’t fucking around. At the moment Prim met Charrie’s cold blooded eyes as she released her hold. She pulled Prim by the arm out of the house and shut the door on her. Then she calmed herself down and looked back at Mason and knew he was probably in shock. He probably thought that she wasn’t real. She embraced him and let some tears out that she wanted to let out because she missed him so much. To feel him being there was good enough.

“I’m so sorry I made you like this. It’s my fault but now I’m not in danger anymore. We can do whatever we want without anyone in the way. And, don’t drink your sorrows away, okay? I don’t want you like that. You have to be healthy. I’m sorry,” She kept on repeating. She didn’t care if their whole family was watching. It didn’t matter. All that mattered as that she proofed that she did care about him and loved him.

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The next day, Mason was nothing but a mess. He refused to go to school, refused to speak to anyone. He wanted to call Charrie. He wanted to hear her voice, to know that she was okay. That she was going to try and come back for him, since he had no clue where she was. All of those thoughts flooded his mind and he just couldnt stop thinking about her. Jake had finally moved on. He never talked to Mason about anything, the two were just walking statues. Mason honestly didnt care what Jake thought. He was the one that loved Charrie and he was the one that won her over. The only problem was he had no proof of anything. Charrie was gone for good.

WIth the help of Dale's influence, he was able to go back to school. But to his friends, he was nothing more than a person that filled a seat. He spoke to no one for nearly two years. Only Dale and his family. He even kept his room princess themed. His friends stopped talking to him. They wondered what happened, why he had been so closed in, why in the world did he have a princess room and never decided to change it. THey knew Charrie left. That was all they knew and they figured this had a big effect on him. But what could they do? Whatever they said, he just spit in their eyes, he yelled at them, forced them away. He was so angry and hurt deep down that he closed himself off from the world. Only Mark and Vince understood him. They tried to back him up no matter what. They'd help him out by treating him to amusement parks, or taking him to the pub, but the only thing Mason did was drown out his sorrows with alcohol.

THere was nothing left to do but focus his attention on school. It distracted him from everything. The days would be spent going to class. The nights would be spent working in his underground lap. He wanted to figure out some way to get her back to see her face one more time. He decided to use his lab as a resource. THe only one who knew of her location was her father. Mason tried nearly every month a new plan to get her father to spill the beans. Of course he didnt do anything harmful, but he had become quite the mastermind. Using his lab, he made smoke bombs, sleeping gas, hallucination liquids and other chemicals to distract her father.

Mason spent his years trying to find something in their mansion that would lead him to Charrie. But everyday, he found nothing. He would uses his inventions to keep Mr. Danny asleep, or away to give him time to search through his files, call the numbers on his phone just to make a simple call to Charrie, or to call Heath. But nothing ever turned up. So then again, he turned to the alcohol. His failed attempts brought him back to the bars, drinking away and thinking of what could have been.

Dale would pretend to tell him that Charrie would come back soon. That when she came back, she wanted to see him looking healthy, happy even. That distracted Mason to at least finish his course in college. WIth all the hardships, he actually graduated from college with a Chemistry degree. And using his inventions, he was able to score a job at a government weapons lab. But everything was still a distraction. WHen he was sitting alone, or falling asleep at night, Charrie was always on his mind. Where could she be? It's been three years. She could have a family by now. Maybe even kids. But no matter what happened, he didnt want to break his promise. How could he.

She was the only girl to really fill that spot in his life. Yes Prim tried a few times. She even scored a job in his industry. So the two would spend time together. SHe knew the secret between Charrie and him, that they liked each other, but she still tried to take Mason away.

But she too was making failed attempts. Just in case Charrie came back, she would make sure that Mason was hers. She did her best to comfort him, to heal him back to the man he was, but he was so adamant about doing what he wanted, he just didnt listen. And with Mrs. Danny calling everyone for a big get together at their place, he saw it as a chance to search once more for evidence of Charrie. The three years really had changed him. He was more maniacal. He was an alcoholic. And just antisocial now.

He now lived in an apartment closer to his work, Prim was a roommate. She convinced him that she would help him find Charrie in exchange for sharing a room, so he agreed. The two were getting ready for the party and when Mason drove them to Charrie's old mansion, he still felt his heart aching everytime he saw her home.

He walked up the steps slowly, heading for the living room. He had become quite thin, basically bone on skin really. The alcohol not doing much for his body besides destroying it. He looked sick, but at least he was still standing. With some glasses on his nose and his hair brushed off to the side, he was in a plain collared shirt and jeans. His face was rugged, prickly hairs along his chin and beneath his nose. He looked much older, and more timid as he stood. He really had no clue what he was doing here, but he did have sleeping gas and a gas mask in his satchel he wore off to the side.

But when he stepped into the room alongside Prim, he wasnt expecting to see what was sitting on the couch. It couldnt be. No...it was a ghost. It was impossible. Charrie! She was sitting right there, looking absolutely fine. She had matured so much since college but she was still beautiful and sexy, like he's always thought. But at that moment, he was too stunned to even think he was awake right now. Prim's eyes widened when she saw Charrie. She quickly reached over and held Mason's frozen hand in hers, smiling happily. She couldnt just let her come back and see nothings changed. She couldnt.
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