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“Mase, I know that you feel insecure about it but I really can’t do anything to change it. All I can say is, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I can’t make it special for you,” She frowned “If you know away to make it up to you than just tell me because I don’t think it’s possible to make that up.” It would make sense for him to be upset. It would make sense if she just ditched her and went with someone else. Then he sounded worried all over again that she’d go with Heath. She didn’t know how many times she had to repeat that she wouldn’t. She was sick of repeating it.

“I’m happy, I love you no matter what too, weather your an alcoholic, unhealthy or not. You know it’s not easy to just stop,” She reminded. If it was only that easy... If only she can just say she’d stop and magically she could. That would solve a lot. The climbed out of her house and then headed to the car. It felt like they were filling up for the high school years they’ve missed because of the war. Him sneaking into her house and her sneaking out with him... All to get away from her parents. They got into the car and she wondered exactly where they were going. She loudly groaned at him suspecting Heath was tracking her. He was probably right. Actually, he was right.

“I thought we were over the tracking Charrie part!” She whined and knew what she had to do to get rid of it. Chances were that Heath put it somewhere on her clothes, or even on her skin. She had to go get changed. She slouched into the seat and ran her hands through her shoulders, neck but then lowered her hands feeling the after effect of cutting. It really stung. She didn’t want to move her hands at all.

“Drop me off at a store or something. I need to completely strip and change into different clothes. He probably put it somewhere on my clothes or body,” She sighed and then leaned into speak to Dale “Drop by the nearest mall.” When they did, she got out of the car.

“Stay right here. I’ll be back,” She told him. She then walked into the mall and picked out a completely new set of clothes to wear, including her shoes. She wore another long lime green sleeved hoodie with a cute dinosaur and a pair of skinny jeans and boots. It was a good thing she had some cash on her. Using a credit card would make it easier to track her. She came back into the car safely. She was just glad that nothing happened on the way here.

“Okay, I think we’re good now,” She lightly smiled “Oh and I bought something for my damsel in distress.” She pulled out a toy tiara she picked up and put it on his head and laughed. That really cheered her up. Little torments like this made her happy. It wasn’t like when they were in war where she intended to make him miserable. She just thought it was amusing. The last time she pulled something, she remembered being his room. It seemed to match.

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Mason still felt insecure inside. He was worried that not only is Charrie hurting herself, but she also loved Heath. Why couldnt she just love him.... and have him be the only one like she was to him. When he hugged her tightly, he felt like this whole mess was dying down a little. He still believed it to be all Heath's thoughts. The poor monkey could think all he wanted about him, but he just hoped that Charrie just wanted him and him only. He couldnt deal with the fact that she always would go to Heath. She couldnt. He loved her too and Mason was worried he'd sweep her away somehow. Or get into her pants again.

"Heath talked to me. He tried to clear things up but it made everything slightly worse. He told me what happened in Russia. How you just willingly gave yourself up to him...I cant believe it Charrie...now he wont go off about how hot you look. Its disgusting. TO think that I was the only one with you that night and you'd go off think he was me. It just makes me feel like everything we did together wasnt special anymore because you nearly did it all with him" he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck as he tried to get his words out. He hated talking about the two of them, but he needed to explain why he was so upset. "He likes you...and he knows that you love him. I-I just dont want to see him take you from me Char" he looked into her eyes and then down to her wrist. After bandaging them up, he led her towards the window.

When she kissed his lips, he had a small smile on as he helped her out, wanting to keep her safe from what her parents were going to do. "I came because no matter what you do I still love you. Just be happy for that and stop cutting" he shook his head and helped her down the garden fences against the side of her house. WHen they reached the backyard, he led her through his bushes back to his house. "Dale is outside, let's go" he pulled her arm and tugged her to the car, hurrying inside. (b "Dale hurry. Let's get you driving somewhere, just not to my place. "Charrie...I think Heath is tracking us. He knew where we were at the park jogging. Maybe he put something on you?"
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He gave words of encouragement to the weakling to let the little girl he loved be with him. It all seemed wrong but it was the right thing to do. He decided that as long as things didn’t get worse he wouldn’t get in their way. Mason was just feeding himself negative thoughts of Heath just so that he could feel better. He allowed it, knowing if that’s what made him feel like he’s won for once and stopped Charrie being upset, he’d do it. This wouldn’t inflict or change anything between him and Charrie. She already loved him to begin with. He stood there until Mason left the park. Then he slowly went into his car. Once her parents figured out what was going on, he wasn’t too sure if her dad would find more encouragement to keep the two away. He had to tell them either way. He arrived back at the house and Mr. Danny came to ask what happened.

“There’s something you should know about Charrie’s mental state,” He began. All of it had to come out. It would hurt her parents but he didn’t want her to keep doing this. He didn’t trust Mason to stop Charrie from cutting. He should be less nice toward them. He should have just split them up and keep a good distance from each other. An alcoholic and a cutter didn’t belong.

She opened the window and didn’t expect him to seem all so hyped up to talk to her. What happened? What in the world switched his anger into this so quickly? It was all very suspicious. Hell, he was smiling when he hugged her. When he hugged her, she held even tighter on him, still wondering what happened. She smiled a little that he really was here. It shouldn’t matter why.

“Thanks for being here. I thought you were too upset to see me. What happened...?” She asked. Then he continued and she just wondered where in the world he got ‘Heath said you were hot.’ Did he talk to Heath? But, she told him not to even bother. She couldn’t believe Heath would talk to Mason and try to fix things up. She knew that Heath did like her-otherwise he wouldn’t have almost got through with sleeping with her.

“Heath talked to you?” She asked. Then he focused on her cuts. He noticed. That was just perfect. She didn’t want to seem like one of those people who would cut every single time they felt upset. It was just pathetic. Yes, what she did was pathetic either way but to let this get through this time was just sad. She didn’t want anyone to know.

“All the things in my head eventually had to be released out,” She muttered and listened to him. She knew she can’t keep on doing this. She cracked a small hearing that Mason thought he was right about Heath. This just proofed that Heath really did care about her to do something like this. He always helped her, yet she couldn’t give him anything. She really didn’t deserve to have him around. She sat on her bed and he came back with supplies. They met each other’s eyes and even if he said she needed to stop this, she didn’t know how.

“I know and I’m sorry. I’ll do my best to make it the last,” She promised. She wanted to stop but this time it got out. It would happen again if she kept on holding on to the emotions and didn’t let it go day by day. At least she couldn’t even bear the thoughtcutting right now. She just wanted to make it up to Mason somehow. Then he mentioned about Heath going to tell her parents about now.

“Yea, let’s go. I can’t have my parents see me like this. I can’t imagine how they’ll look at me,” She shivered at the thought. Before she got up, she pulled Mason close and then quickly kissed him on the lips “Thanks for coming.” She got up and then got a couple of things. She didn’t need much because everything else she could buy.

“We should just use the window to get out of here because using the front door won’t seem like a good idea,” She suggested. She opened the window again. She really wanted to get of here before they came up to her room and to be with Mason and hoped they wouldn’t get into another fight. She didn’t like fighting with him.

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When Heath said that Charrie had a hot body, he wrinkled his eyebrows in disgust. How could she have allowed such a man to see her. That was the only problem he had now. Heath had almost taken advantage of her. She was going to pretend that he was Mason and now Heath was always tormenting him with words about Charrie. "Dont talk about her that way you perv. You're sick. NO wonder she said no to you. And she wouldnt have died. She'd just be like me. Emotionally unstable. But that can be fixed with encouragement" he shook his head. Heath could think whatever he wanted of Mason now. He knew the truth and Charrie wanted only him. He may have acted so extremely about this whole thing, but it just showed how much Charrie meant to him. He couldnt give her up so easily. He'd do anything to make sure she was his. In the end Heath still lost to such a weakling, that was probably why he was so jealous. BUt that was also the reason why Mason's confidence was up. He loved to feed on Heath's misery. Heath could convince himself all he wanted, but Mason knew he was jealous inside. No one would be able to stand coming back here after three years with Charrie, seeing her still in love with someone else. He deserved to suffer from their happiness together.
"Dont worry Heath. Im not afraid anymore" he chuckled and left the park.

WHen he stood at her window, he could see the whole thing. The blood on her sheets, her trying to hide it. She did it again! Damn it, he was too late. As she opened the door, he wrapped his arms around her in a hug, smiling in relief to see she was safe for now. "Im here because Im your boyfriend. Im not just going to move on. You know I only love you Charrie. It's going to take some time for me to just get used the fact that someone else saw you're body besides me....I cant believe Heath said you were hot. Disgusting!" he shook the thought out of his head and just wanted to focus on them. "Why did you do this again Charrie? You cant keep cutting yourself. It's not your fault okay. Im sorry for just leaving. I was so angry. But I was right about Heath. I wont let him take you from me" he said softly before heading into her bathroom. He grabbed some supplies and he began cleaning her wound. "You need to stop this" he looked into her eyes seriously. "That's no fair. I didnt even drink. This is the last okay?" he bandaged up her wrists and kissed her cheek. He felt a little better after what Heath said, but he just wanted to keep Charrie safe first. He wanted to help her. "Let's go back to my place. Bring what you need. Heath is coming to tell your parents that you need therapy" he warned her.
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Heath just tossed his head away and smirked, stopping himself from laughing “Well, Mason. Charrie does have a hot body doesn’t she, it’s hard to stop. Actually, it wasn’t my fault. It was both of ours but would you want her to always be alone for the rest of her life until she died of depression? We could have been stuck there and you’d rather have her die than cheat? I never said I don’t make myself look tough on purpose. We all have our weakness. You just see me as tough because you’re much weaker. And I know I failed to protect her from herself. Otherwise, my job was simply to keep her alive and not let others harm her. She didn’t get harmed by others. I’m already going to tell her father about her cutting. You should do something about your issue as well.” He really was like a little kid to Heath. Getting all excited because he admits he was jealous over it and tried to rub it in. He didn’t care too much of it. He wasn’t truly jealous. He couldn’t be jealous of Mason who was weak. He was just upset that Charrie loved someone like him. Although, it seemed that using the world jealous worked and made Mason’s confidence boost up.

“Oh you’re welcome. Just remember that if next time I see her think of suicide because of you, I won’t hesitate to use some of my skills in torture,” He promised. If he had a choice, he wouldn’t be convincing him to go back to Charrie. She couldn’t move on. He realized that. Might as well try to keep her happy.

There she’s done it. She’s done it all over again. It was going to be hard to get over this because she start almost right back where she started. She used sharp scissors. Once she was done she just stared at her bloody wrists and hoped that no one would see this. She told herself she wouldn’t do it for her parents, and everyone else but she did. She got up and got some cloth and started to wipe some blood off. There was blood on her sheets. It was going to be hard to cover. All that she held up for the couple past days from the dreams, what happened it released. If she held it in, it always came out even worse. She then heard a tapping. She turned her head to the window and saw Mason. What was he doing here? Didn’t he hate her now and was going to move on? She first put on a hoodie, covering up the cuts. She just hoped he didn’t see it before. She then moved to the window and opened it.

“What are you doing here?” She asked quietly and noticed her voice was a little shaky. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were red. She didn’t even care. Looking bad wasn’t even an issue. She remembered that he’d go through this window before as kids. It brought memories that she couldn’t have back.

Going to sleep
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Mason was ready for this. He was crazed out of his mind to kill this man. When the car stopped at the park, he waited, looking around outside as he kept his hands in his pockets. It was only him. This man was the only thing keeping him from being with Charrie. If he wasnt there, she wouldnt of done any of those crazy things she mentioned. The one thing that Heath was too stupid to see was what he'd do for Charrie. He'd risk his life for her, practically be anything she wanted him to be. He would give her anything she wanted. The only problem was, all Heath saw him as was some scrawny little punk that always put her in danger, that always hurt her, the one with all the problems that put it on everyone else. He didnt know Mason. So he shouldnt judge him so much like that. But he guessed it wasnt his fault either, Mason just saw him as a big monkey that clung to her and wouldnt let her go.

It wasnt like he was going to make it easy on Charrie either. She apologized, but he wasnt going to forgive her that easily. She cheated on him and nothing could change that. It was going to take more than 'feeling bad' to make Mason forgive her.

When Heath spoke on the phone, he was even more irritated. Mason wasnt even drunk! He was going to be that selfish guy Charrie wanted him to be. He's going to do this all for himself. He needed to defeat this alcoholic old self so he could prove to be that guy Heath just didnt understand. And he was doing quite well besides the crazy part.

When Mason stepped out of the car, he stood away from Heath, waiting for him to make the first move. He had his hand on the sleeping gas bomb in his pocket but when Heath predicted what he'd do, he just hissed and folded his arms. What was this more lies? Trying to convince him that Charrie belonged to him? Whatever it was, he wasnt going to buy it unless it matched Charrie's story.

It seemed to match everything she said. But when he described how they she cheated on him, he glanced down to the ground, feeling defeated once more. He was able to get her in bed with him? Why Charrie? Why did you go....Why did you expose yourself to him? He wasnt anywhere near Mason. "So it was your fault then. You do like her. You couldnt restrain yourself from just a hug? You're weak too. Making yourself look tough all the time is a lie. It's your fault she cheated on me. You got her into bed. You had intentions and you were jealous. Instead of doing your job you failed to protect her. I should tell her father of what you did. You'd be fired in a heartbeat" he smirked to himself after figuring this whole thing out. It wasnt Charrie's fault, but she still gave in. He couldnt believe she saw this monkey as him. Still, it was a war between two people who loved Charrie. A smile fell on his lips and he waved to Heath "But I wont. It makes me happy to see that you like her but she loves me. How does it feel to be jealous? It's just plain fact Heath. You dont know me. You only see me when I look bad. Only Charrie can see the real me. If you want to see why she likes me then you cant just keep teasing people the way you see them. Like Charrie Im hard to be with at the start. But we've been together so long it's easy" he thought about Charrie and remembered what she said earlier today. She said she'd be at her house.

He smiled at Heath, giving him such a large grin. "Thanks Heath. That's the nicest thing you've said to me" he got back into his car and told Dale to head back to Charrie's house.

Once they were there, he stepped out of the car, moving into his backyard. He always had a way of speaking to Charrie as a kid. Even if her father didnt want him there. He then made his way to her backyard and started climbing the criss cross garden fence up to the roof. He then made his way towards her window, knocking on the glass slowly. He needed to talk to her. It wouldnt be easy to just forget what she did, but he didnt want her to go to therapy either. THey would help each other. This time there were no secrets. He'd tell her of Heath's intentions in Russia. He was right this whole time. Heath did like her. "Charrie? Open up?" he whispered.
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The room door was locked. She locked it for one good reason, to stop either of her parents to come into the room. They’ll start to see she’s depressed and then they’ll look at her wrists. They’d blame themselves, well at least her mom would. Her dad would all set it up on his enemy’s son. Her mom was already sick, she didn’t need this stress. She couldn’t believe Heath was going to tell them something this big. She wanted to fix it on her own so that they didn’t have to know and see that their daughter is to the point of suicide when they’ve done nothing but good things for her. Her mom was at her door and asking questions she just kept her mouth shut and pretended to be asleep. She couldn’t fall asleep. Because her parents were up here, where was Heath? She was a little lost. She thought he’d be talking to them downstairs privately now. It got her suspicious. Heath was always damn righteous after all. What was he up to?

Heath knew Mason’s background and what his skills were. He was prepared that he’d probably attempt to attack him with everything he had. Even so, he didn’t care so much that he could. He simply wanted to talk. If it was up to him, he’d beat the crap out of the weak scrawny guy. He was pretty sure it would make matters worse if he fought back. He decided to go in unguarded but wasn’t going to hide the fact that he knew what was on the guy’s mind. He was always a step ahead. That’s why he was able to protect Charrie. From the sound of Mason yelling over the phone, he was over his head. He always seemed over his head. He simply couldn’t understand why Charrie would want to be with an alcoholic who obviously was only focusing on hurt he felt. Charrie already said she felt bad over what she did; he thought that should be enough to forgive her for it. He knew Charrie more than Mason knew her considering the two never got to know each other very well.

“Selfish as always Mason. Three years keeping you apart was to keep her alive. I’m not allowing her to die for you. This isn’t some Shakespeare tragedy, dying for love, it’s real. It’s not worth it. If you both have to die just so you could end on good terms than you really are over her head. I don’t know why I’m bothering with a drunk. I should just do what I set in mind to do,” He hung up. He simply thought Mason as an emotional weak kid that couldn’t handle himself. He didn’t think to well of Charrie in the start either. He arrived and he saw Mason. He was probably prepared to have some sort of fight, which he stood a good advantage because Heath had nothing on him. At least if he does get seriously harmed, it’ll just proof to Charrie that she really loved someone that didn’t deserve it. Truth be told, he thought they both weren’t right for each other in this state. They should have just took time off and get better before they got together.

“Hey Mason, you decided to show up,” He smirked still walking toward him and then stopped once they were a good distance “I’m not here to start some sort of war with you. I really just wanted to talk and explain what happened even though I really don’t think you should ever see her again. Before you start throwing toxins into the air or use a bomb, or something on the lines of that, let me finish,” Heath began. He couldn’t believe he was sort of trying to bring them back together. He had to protect Charrie from herself and this guy after all.

“I and Charrie went to Russia. She would not stop screaming, yelling, crying and tarring everything apart. She got my goddamn fucking nerves to the point I was going to lose it myself. She kept saying she hated me, wanted me dead, etcetera. She tried to go back doing extreme things. That was the first year. We felt nothing for each other. Year two, I finally lost my temper on that day and yelled at her for the first time. She finally woke up and realized to get back to you she had to catch the guy after her. I agreed to help. We tried hard to find something but we couldn’t. I told her that she should move on because we may never get back. There was no point in tormenting herself for the rest of her life if we were going to stay there for who knows who long. She missed her family, her room, the little things and missed you the most. Sometimes, she’d look at me as if I was you. She needed something like you, so she pretended. Eventually we found a man that knows about why she’s in danger. She ran ahead without telling me and when we went there, the man would not say a thing. He threatened to kill her and her parents. So we found the man’s house and she would do anything to get back to you. And I meant anything. So she threatened the man and to kill him in front of his family while the kids were watching. She was devastated what she did it for weeks. We got into some trouble by threatening that man and we had to protect our self, she had to kill even though I tried my best to stop her. One day I found her cutting and I lost my mind. I made her feel worse and then the next day I tried to make her feel better. Charrie’s really kind hearted, that’s why she started cutting. She wanted to get back to you and if she thought she couldn’t than there was no point to it. That’s when we start seeing each other for the first time-or at least me. She said she’ll try to move on. We got closer but we never touched each other, kissed or anything on the lines like that. Although, I could tell when she looked at me she just tried to see me as you. At day time she was ice cold, no expression, no emotion. She seemed like she was dead. She acted like she was dead a lot of the times. I convinced her to get closer to me. Anyways, you just want to know why we did it right?” He just thought it would be good to know what Charrie had to go through back there. He remembered seeing her so cold during those times.

“One day, we both lost our minds. We yelled at each other and I don’t know how it happened but all the emotion of what I felt for her and her desperate need for someone like you came through. We started to make out and then we end up on the bed. We kissed, practically everywhere. I got her into bed with me without any clothes and then just when we were about to have sex-she said she couldn’t do it. The sad thing about that, is that when she was about to sleep with me, she was thinking of you. It’s disgusting. All she ever thought was about you and she wanted to replay the relationship in her head with you, using me. She’s always cared so much about you, only you. I was nothing to her. It made me jealous, hate you because I couldn’t see why she would like someone as weak and pathetic. She always pushes me away when I get in the way between you too. There only thing between us was you,” He finished. It was up to Mason what he wanted to do with what he said. Heath needed to leave, to speak to her parents and maybe get some therapy for Charrie.

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Mason wasnt able to sleep after all. All he kept thinking about was Charrie. No matter how hard he tried to get it out of his mind, she just lingered there like a disease. He couldnt get rid of it. ANd right now he was still so angry that he couldnt do a thing. Everything he wanted to do was in his mind. He made himself a personal goal. He would get better for himself, not for anyone. Then he would try and move on. This wasnt doing him any good, the more he thought about Charrie, the more he ended up killing himself. THe more he wanted to just forget everything and start all over. He just wanted to go back to being that favorite chemist of the company. WHere all he worried about was meeting deadlines and being sort of happy. If this part of his life wasnt there, maybe he could actually make it in this world. BUt he just couldnt leave it behind. He loved Charrie to the point of death. Even if she cheated on him, if she nearly killed him, he wouldnt forget about her. She had been there since day one.

Getting up onto his feet, he was completely unaware of what was happening to Charrie. He assumed she got home safely. She was rich and she had Heath, what more could she need. She didnt need him, her life was perfect besides the cutting. Her family was there and she was back from Russia. SHe could become that film director without him if she wanted. Mason thought she didnt need him. She could do what she wanted without an idiot, weak, alcoholic like him holding her back anymore. It was time to wake up.

Mason decided to keep his mind off the alcohol. His plan was to keep himself locked in that room for the rest of the next few days. It was already day two of no alcohol. He was to the point of breaking, but as long as he kept himself occupied, he could knew he could do it.

WHen his phone began ringing, he wondered who could be calling him? He was anti-social. Was it Charrie? Or maybe Prim? But when he heard the voice in the background, he just grit his teeth in anger. "What the hell do you want! Stop fucking calling me you asshole! My life is a living nightmare because of what you did to Charrie bastard! Im not feeding into her cutting. The two of you are ruining my life! You're too stupid to see that those three years of keeping her away from me ruined my life! You're the one feeding into my problems. Not the other way around! I love Charrie way more than you ever will. That's why all of this hurts so much. You dont know what the fuck you're talking about. But ILl go there. Ill give you a big piece of my mind you piece of shit!" he was blazing hot. Not only was he ready to beat the crap out of this man, he'll do it his own way. Everything was feeding into him already that Mason was becoming utterly crazy. He wouldnt hesitate to kill this man. It would end all his problems.

His plans would have to wait for now. He would continue them after he killed that bastard. At this point he didnt care what Charrie thought. He would get rid of him once in for all. Mason grabbed a few things. In his pocket he carried a syringe filled with a toxin, sleeping gas, and an injection to bring paralysis. He would make the fight even if he had to. This time he would use his mind over Heath's muscles.

Dale took him to the park as he waited to see the big monkey. This man ruined his life, his relationship with Charrie, and just everything good in his life. He figured once he was gone, his life would be so much better.
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She didn’t know how long she just stood under the tree watching every drop of water fall on the grass. So much was wondering in her head right now. So much of it just made her want to find something sharp but she didn’t want to move from her spot either. She leaned against the tree and stared at the leaves, some falling and dying. It was all so messed up. She didn’t understand why she fought so hard to get back anymore. She should have just gave into the depression back in Russia, that way she can just say someone killed her instead of she did it herself. She shook her head knowing she shouldn’t even think of those thoughts, no matter how bad it would get.


She lowered her head expecting to Mason or something but it was Heath. He was soaking wet and heavily breathing. She didn’t know why he was here. She kept rejecting him and he took it so easily and still stood by her. She didn’t get it. He moved to her quickly and then grabbed her wrist to pick her up. She winced and he released.

“You cut again!?” He yelled harshly. She nodded no. IT was a good thing it was raining or he’d be able to tell she was crying. She liked how heath helped her out but sometimes she didn’t want him to help her out. She liked it but all the time when he helped her, she wished Mason was there. But he was off and probably didn’t care about her anymore. It made sense why. He should move on. She should too but she knew she couldn’t.

“What happened...? You got into a fight?” He asked, leaning into her and then wiping off a tear, seeming to already notice. She bit her lip and just nodded yes and just burst out into tears and a small cry. He pulled her in and held her tightly.

“It’s my fault. I always cause trouble. I always make him so miserable. I wish I could just-“

“-Don’t say that. It’s not. It’s not your fault someone put you danger and you were forced to get away from the country. I’m not going to lie but you did make mistakes but at least you regret them and know not to do them next time. I think that’s enough to forgive yourself, knowing you care,” He advised. She held onto him and hid her face into his chest. He’s always there. Sure, he’d never make it to her second choice because she only saw Mason, even when she almost slept with Heath, she could only see him. Heath wasn’t Mase, and she shouldn’t have almost treated him like that back at Russia.

“It is... You don’t get it. It’s my fault and I can’t fix anything. I know I should just leave him alone and let him move on and he probably is now... I just really want to give up. I just want to end it all and not feel anything,” She kept on going, ranting on him like she usually does. She needed Heath more than ever right now. If he didn’t find her and she kept staying under that tree, she would have eventually got into the mind of doing something.

“Charrie, for the last time, you don’t deserve to die!” He exclaimed “I told you to stay away from him for the time being! It’s not good for you or him to be around each other. Didn’t I tell you that you’d this would happen? For once in your life, would you just listen and trust me. We’re going home and I’m going to tell your parents. I’m doing this because I care. I don’t want you to lose your life. And do you want me to talk to Mason for you?” She slightly backed away and stared at him with wide tear filled eyes. By talk, did he mean ‘beat the crap of?’

“No!” She exclaimed “Don’t tell them! I didn’t cut! I’ll stop thinking these thoughts just please! And don’t talk to Mason. You’re going to make it worse. “

“I have to and I meant actual talking,” He assured.

“Oh... No!” She repeated. He muttered something under his breath that she couldn’t pick up. She ends up being carried by Heath, even though she complained that she could walk. He took her into her house and then left her up in her bedroom. Her parents wondered what the hell happened when Heath brought her in. Heath stayed with her for a couple of minutes until she could calm down and told her he’d be downstairs. He was going to tell he parents soon.

Heath knew he had to tell her parents and he would soon. They had to fix up Charrie’s problem before she really did commit it. He had to fix things up for her. He did really care for her after all. He went outside of the house, inside a car and dialed up Mason.

“Mason, we need to talk. I want to know what exactly happened and I want to explain to you what happened with Charrie and me. If you choose to keep feeding into her cutting, I’ll personally make your life a nightmare. She made a lot of mistakes and you said you’d help her over it, but instead you feed into it. As far as I’m concerned, I love her more than you do. Meet me at the entrance of the park you and her went jogging in,” He instructed. He always kept watch of where they were, using the tracker. He decided to drive there, even if Mason didn’t arrive. If he didn’t, he’d make sure he stayed away from Charrie.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 349d 23h 32m 46s
Mason was feeling like shit. It just took him now to realize what the hell was he doing? He had been spending the last three years chasing a dream that never existed. He lost all his friends because of this...because of her. He felt like if he found her it would make his life so much better. If he could embrace her, hold her again just like the last he saw her, then he would of been the happiest guy ever. BUt no. THe minute that car took her away was the worst mistake he's made in his entire life. He let her go that day. Off with Heath! Now nothing could change back. NOw he was left with broken pieces of the girl he used to love. The girl that loved him. He couldnt take it anymore. No matter much he was trying to fool himself, he could never get back those days. He should of held onto her. They could have been so much different than they were now. they wouldnt be fighting, only loving one another. If that man killed the two of them, so what? THey would have been happy together int he after life. This life he was living now. That was hell.

Mason knew she was trying to apologize, knew she was trying to ease everything by not telling him, but it just made him feel worse. All the possibilities that she could have done something with Heath scared him. She said they didnt have intercourse, but she also didnt say she didnt cheat. She only said she didnt consider it cheating. But Mason considered kissing someone else cheating on its own. He felt clobbered, like he's lost this war.

He felt as though no matter what she claimed Prim was, he didnt feel she was as bad as Heath. Prim only kissed him when they were dating. Yes, she sabotaged their lives, but Heath was worse. He fucking took his girl to a different country and did whatever Charrie wouldnt tell him about. She wouldnt tell him because it was just as bad as intercourse! He hated that fucking bastard for taking her away from him. Hated him for turning her into this killing machine that didnt give a damn about Mason anymore. He ruined her on purpose so he could bring her back here and hope that Mason would dump her so he could have her to himself.

Mason walked along the streets just clenching his hands into fists and hating how everything was crashing down. He didnt want to leave Charrie no matter what happened. He's dedicated three years to her. He still loved her so much. What was he supposed to do? Making his way towards his apartment, he stepped inside and he locked the door shut. He didnt know what to do. Charrie had a key to his place since she was to live there, but he felt as if he couldnt do it anymore, he couldnt hang on.

Entering his lab, he shut the vault and sat down at his desk. Surrounding him were so many chemicals. Everything known to man. He could easily create some kind of poison to end it all. No one knew of his lab. If he died here, they wouldnt find him. Sitting at his desk, he closed his eyes and passed out. He couldnt let this beat him down. He had to get better and show them all he could do it. Mason was going to start it all over. He was going to start from scratch and reshape his life. THis time he was going to do it for himself.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 350d 20m 16s
She should have done these years ago if she wanted to win the war. Play around with Mason’s heart and then tare him down because obviously it was the worst she could do. How could she tell him exactly what they did? It wouldn’t be right. Who knew just a couple of minutes can make such a big difference. Then again, she shot someone within a second and made a big difference because they could be dead. She really couldn’t forgive herself for everything she did. She thought the best next thing was just accept that she did it and live with the burden even if it met releasing it out like this.

“I don’t know... I’m not hiding anything else Mase! I swear. I can’t just tell you the exact details. You wouldn’t want to hear it, would make you feel worse. It’s the same thing as being there if I tell you. I’m sorry, I know that my apology doesn’t change anything or do anything but I really am. I can’t change what I did. I regret it but what’s done is done. I can’t go back and fix it,” She continued but knew that matter what she said, it wouldn’t change anything. She did it. She deserved to rot in hell. She knew that deserved everything that was bad to happen to her. If she were Mason, she’d just leave.

“I know, and I’ll try,” She muttered. It just became harder for her to speak. She really didn’t know how to make this up, ever. Hell, she probably made Mase depressed again and he’ll probably go drinking because of her all over again. She didn’t want that. The more he talked about all he could see is Heath and her in bed, the worst she felt. Funny, how they were fighting about almost the same issue during high school. She didn’t want to fight with him. She was so sick of fighting.

“Well great, that she helped you. She was just trying to steal my life though. She always seems so innocent for the great acts she does but those acts always have a reason for it. Helping her out is exactly what she wants you to do to prove that she’s got things on you. Believe what you want... You can go ahead and be an idiot again and fall for her manipulations,” She sniped. As if she didn’t know what was going on that girl’s head. She chooses to act very nice and yes she did help but not for any good reason. She never had good intention. She hated Prim so much.

“Just do what you want Mase. Help her out to prove that she’s won for all I care,” She nibbled on her lip. She got that he wanted Heath gone but he didn’t destroy everything up like Prim did. He never did the things that Prim did to her, to Mason. She stood by Prim’s side for god who knows how long and in the end she just got back stabbed so many times. When she left and almost went to the point where she could have bled to death, she was trying to play with Mason just so she can be happier than her. She just her mouth locked not knowing what to say anymore. It was her fault he felt insecure and hurt. She just sat there staring at the table as he placed the money done.

“I’m going to my house,” She whispered, just so he knew. She let a couple of tears release out. She saw that everyone was staring and she decided to ignore. She got up and then decided just to walk her way to her parents’ house. She wanted to go in her own room and just cry in her bed from how much she hated herself.

She didn’t notice that her house was far from here. She didn’t care though. Her phone rang and it was Heath. He wanted to know where she was. She just hanged up on him and tossed the phone into the garbage. She didn’t feel like talking to anyone, especially him. She got near her house and then it started to rain. She didn’t want to walk in there looking depressed. If her parents saw her like this and then they’d see the cut marks, it would destroy them. Instead she went to a nearby park to her house where she went as a kid and sat under her tree. She always stayed under this tree when she was feeling upset when she was younger. It rain hard and she was soaking wet but she didn’t care. If she died her, she didn’t care. Maybe the rain became so cold it would get her sick enough that she’d lose. She didn’t have guts to end it herself because she couldn’t imagine her parents or anyone else find her dead, not knowing what went wrong. They’d blame themselves when it was all her fault. Heath was probably calling up everyone to ask where she was right now, probably would get her parents involved and then tell them.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 350d 50m 8s
Mason knew that there was something she wasnt telling him. He watched her reactions and it sounded as if she really did cheat on him but wasnt willing to tell him. This angered Mason even more inside. He was angry because she kept trying to hide it from him. He didnt nothing but try and tell her the truth once in a while. All of the truth. Taking in a deep breath, he looked int her brown eyes and he frowned. "You wouldnt call it cheating? What would you call it then? You had an emotional attachment to Heath. You nearly slept with him and whatever you're trying to hide from me. I want to know everything. What kind of relationship do we have if you're not even telling me the truth?" he narrowed his eyes as she tried to explain, but still, nothing came out. He sighed and glanced down to the table, feeling even more insecure. "I really hope you can make it up to me. RIght now...Im not feeling too good" he stated, looking over to the side.

Mason just kept quiet, feeling depressed inside again. He really wanted to drown it with alcohol, so when he looked around, he noticed the people were just staring at him. Fuck them! They didnt have these kinds of problems. He was sure of it. Even though she tried explaining, he shook his head, not caring at all. "I dont care. All I see is Heath and you in bed together, doing whatever you're trying to hide from me. He didnt suggest anything because he went straight to doing it" he growled irritatedly. He was tired of all this. He just wanted Heath to go away. Whatever happened to them was more recent than anything that's happened intimately to Charrie and Mason. Right now Heath had her and he just felt like he had a tight grip on her that he couldnt pull her away from anymore. For all he knew she could be wanting to train with him so they could do it all over again behind his back. After all he trusted her anyways.

"I got this job first. Prim was doing something in the same field so she joined me. And that's when she promised to start helping me look for you. She helped me alot through those three years. Yes she said some horrible things, but she didnt let me die. She kept me focused on my career and here I am today with a job I love. We both talked about how when you came back she would move, but Im still working with her. You do what you want, but Im gonna help her out like she helped me. Ya she did some bad things in the past, but I feel like those three years made up for it" he told her, knowing that Prim also helped him out with contacting his friends and telling them about his problems. He knew she genuinely cared about him and he was glad she kept him going. He almost lost sight of what he needed to do those three years ago.

"I hate how you always have to be with that big monkey! Im only allowing it because I love you. If I didnt, I would of found a way to get him fired and get him out of our fucking lives" he knew it was harsh, but he felt the same way about heath as she did to Prim. Maybe not that extreme, but he hated what he's done to Charrie. That he touched her without him thinking. Mason considered it cheating since she wouldnt tell him a single word. "Just do what you want. Go train with Heath or whatever. Im going home. Im so tired of all this fighting, feeling insecure and hurt all the time" he managed to say. "Ill ask if Prim can work in a different division, but that's the best I can do" he placed the money down for the pizzas and had his to go. Everything that happened today was so exhausting and so degrading. He needed to rest at home.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 350d 1h 34m 18s
To think he’d actually ask her how far they went. It just lasted for a couple of minutes and then she stopped. She didn’t really think of it as cheating. It was more like the big bang. They were yelling at each other like crazy and insulted her how she had to stop being such a whiny bratty princess that depends too much on Mason to make her happy. Somehow that all ended up in a bed... She bit her lip and glanced away from him. She could feel his eyes make a hole in her head. He really wouldn’t want to know because it all sounded like she did betray him, cheat on him. He’d probably think she was a slut or something. She knew she wasn’t because the only person she slept with was him.

“I don’t think you want to know...” She muttered “I wouldn’t exactly call it cheating. I don’t see it as cheating. I don’t know... I-um... we got... Within a couple of minutes we did a lot of things...just not have intercourse.” She stared down at the table in shame. She really deserved a slap in the face or something for almost doing that.

“I’m sorry... I’ll try to make it up to you, even though I don’t think I can...” She whispered. She felt guilty about it but there was nothing she could do to make the past disappear. There were many things she couldn’t change and because of it, she cut. She managed to look up but avoid eye contact.

“You helped me too. I got much better when I realized I could come back and, he had more time to help me out. So you can’t say that for sure,” She mentioned. For all she knows, Mason will be the one to stop her from completely cutting. As the conversation drifted to Prim, she happened to lose it. He spoke reasonable but she didn’t want to care. She just wanted her far away-even dead. Then he went on about how Prim didn’t try to sleep with him.

“Hey! Heath did not suggest sleeping with me! We were yelling at each other and somehow it ended up like that! And he never tried to kiss me, touch me or anything unlike that bitch! She’s done things before, she’ll do it again. And I’m not afraid of you cheating! I’m afraid of her getting in our life again. Why would you get a job with her? And I can’t live with the fact that you’ll be working with her every single freaking day! You know, it’s not that hard to get her fired. I can just give a call and bribe them to fire her.” She reminded him with a smirk on her face. She wanted to destroy Prim more than she wanted to destroy Mason when they were at war. She wanted Prim to drop to the bottom. To have no job, have no one around her and her to cry, beg her to help her out. She didn’t care if the bitch was going to end up on the streets being a prostitute for money. She was so furious with Prim. If she didn’t have such an anger issue, she would have let it go and not bother. She took a deep breath but it already reached her head.

“I’ll find a way to get rid of her. I’m sorry that I’m yelling and blaming it on you for no reason, but she has to go. I don’t care how. Or at least after that project, I’ll get rid of her if you don’t,” She slipped her anger still out but it was better than her yelling out.

She didn’t notice that all eyes were on them and watching them as if it was some kind of drama show. They weren’t even bothered. Apparently, their conversation was either A. Entertaining or B. Scaring the shit out of people. They were going to get kicked out eventually.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 350d 3h 45m 24s
Mason decided on a supreme pizza. He wanted to start eating healthy too along with working out so much. So when he ordered, he had a small smile on his lips. He just had to keep this up and he could get that body that he once had in college. Maybe this time she wouldnt knee him between the legs when he got physical. It wasnt really about Charrie's body. SHe was super attractive, but he also wanted to be healthy and live as long as she did. He chuckled and remembered that night perfectly. A happy smile and laugh blurted out as he shook his head.

WHen she reassured him that he was the only one for her, he did believe her. But the thought of her and Heath together in bed would always be a nightmare in his mind. He was so scared that it could happen again. If it happened once, there was no limits to when it could happen again. He didnt even know how far they got before she realized it was wrong? "Charrie? Can you just tell me the truth? Have you ever cheated on me? A kiss? maybe a little of something more? YOu know what cheating is.....tell me?" he asked her, his eyes looking dead serious into hers, wanting nothing but the truth.

He knew how much Heath meant to her, and no matter how much he hated to admit it. He can calm her down and even make her not cut anymore. The feeling of Heath stopping her habit was possible. If he couldnt help her. He could and that just meant he'd fail again. "I dont want to be around him. But it seems like he can help you so much...more than I can" he sighed and just ran his fingers through his hair irritatedly.

WHen he mentioned Prim, she blew up. He wasnt expecting how angry she had gotten, but it was better she knew now that Prim had been working with him. "I cant do this project alone. It would take years and that's not what my boss wants right now. She's just a coworker and honestly she knows her chemistry!" he tried to tell her. "It's Prim okay! She doesnt suggest to fucking sleep with me just because I feel lonely? At least she knows that Im only talking to her for work. SHe doesnt get involved like that big monkey! We're just working. There's nothing to be afraid of. I've never cheated on you before. And why am I going to start now. I just thought you should know that she's been working with me. That's why we lived together" he told her angrily, not even caring to look around the restaurant.

He blew up as well, but it just wasnt fair. If she would hang around with Heath, then Mason would just do some work or something. But at work Prim was there, so he had to put up with her. It wasnt like he was going to suddenly sleep with her or anything, and he was smart enough to ruin her career if she tried anything funny.

When the pizza arrived, he sighed and just tried to eat as best he could. It seemed like all they did was fight. Ever since high school. They didnt have enough time to be intimate together and apparently she wouldnt even get close to him unless he was in good shape. When they were together, they were always interrupted, and now that they could relax, they'd always fight.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 350d 4h 16m 27s
She ordered a pineapple pizza. She actually liked them. At first she thought it was odd that they’d put a fruit in a pizza. She had to agree with Mason that the gym was his best bet. She half laughed at anyone to kill him. As long as her dad didn’t track down Mason’s schedule, it was going to fine.

“It’s a good idea. Hire someone and make sure they’re the best,” She smiled and she knew she should be a little insulted that he just did this for her body. But she knew he would do it weather it was sleeping with her or not.

“Get some abs and I’ll get in bed,” She joked and then frowned “Hey, no one will. I’m not easy. It’s impossible for anyone else but you.” She knew he still felt off with her being that close to Heath. She couldn’t blame him. At least he didn’t know exactly how far they went before she noticed what they were doing. She would never ever love Heath like that. Not in her entire life.

“Mase, if you don’t want me to be around Heath for real. Than just ask and I won’t, not until you feel comfortable enough that I have nothing for him,” She promised. She raised an eyebrow at what he was going to do if she did that. She first heard the lab and that was supposed to be expected. But, when she heard the rest. Her nerves shot to the roof. Me and Prim? . She didn’t think so. No way in hell. Over her dead body.

“Prim?” She repeated, “Mase, no.” She couldn’t believe this. Couldn’t he just drop her and do everything in his own, he was smart enough. She narrowed her eyes as a hatred start to burn within her and release out. She just wanted to lash out. She didn’t care who saw or anything. She was ticked. Sure, she had Heath by her some time but at least he wasn’t some bitch that caused a war between them and tried to take advantage of her unlike Prim.

“I do mind. I don’t want you around her; I don’t even care if it’s for a project. Drop her, find another partner or do it alone. I don’t care, as long as she’s away. I’m sick of her and sick of you always following into the same fucking trap! Just because I hang out with Heath, doesn’t mean its okay for you to tag along with that bitch. You only mentioned her now because you probably think it’s fair that you hang out with Prim because I’m hanging out with Heath. It’s not even about jealousy, I just hate her. You have no idea what I will do to her if I dare even here that she’s around you or see her face. I’ve probably killed people and if I lose my mind bad enough, she will be the first one dead. Even Prim knows I’m serious about hunting her down. She won’t get near you if she wants to breathe. So, yea, I do mind.” She blurts out bunch of anger out of her mouth. She didn’t know what was she was saying. All she knew she was probably going to regret it later. That temper of hers was hard to control. She rolled her eyes and noticed she made a fist. The waiter came by give the food and she stared at her shocked.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare at me?” She sharply asks. The pizza was put down and she left. She lost her temper again. She shouldn’t have but she did. At the moment, she didn’t even feel like apologizing what she said because she doesn’t regret it just yet. She will later.

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