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She should have done these years ago if she wanted to win the war. Play around with Mason’s heart and then tare him down because obviously it was the worst she could do. How could she tell him exactly what they did? It wouldn’t be right. Who knew just a couple of minutes can make such a big difference. Then again, she shot someone within a second and made a big difference because they could be dead. She really couldn’t forgive herself for everything she did. She thought the best next thing was just accept that she did it and live with the burden even if it met releasing it out like this.

“I don’t know... I’m not hiding anything else Mase! I swear. I can’t just tell you the exact details. You wouldn’t want to hear it, would make you feel worse. It’s the same thing as being there if I tell you. I’m sorry, I know that my apology doesn’t change anything or do anything but I really am. I can’t change what I did. I regret it but what’s done is done. I can’t go back and fix it,” She continued but knew that matter what she said, it wouldn’t change anything. She did it. She deserved to rot in hell. She knew that deserved everything that was bad to happen to her. If she were Mason, she’d just leave.

“I know, and I’ll try,” She muttered. It just became harder for her to speak. She really didn’t know how to make this up, ever. Hell, she probably made Mase depressed again and he’ll probably go drinking because of her all over again. She didn’t want that. The more he talked about all he could see is Heath and her in bed, the worst she felt. Funny, how they were fighting about almost the same issue during high school. She didn’t want to fight with him. She was so sick of fighting.

“Well great, that she helped you. She was just trying to steal my life though. She always seems so innocent for the great acts she does but those acts always have a reason for it. Helping her out is exactly what she wants you to do to prove that she’s got things on you. Believe what you want... You can go ahead and be an idiot again and fall for her manipulations,” She sniped. As if she didn’t know what was going on that girl’s head. She chooses to act very nice and yes she did help but not for any good reason. She never had good intention. She hated Prim so much.

“Just do what you want Mase. Help her out to prove that she’s won for all I care,” She nibbled on her lip. She got that he wanted Heath gone but he didn’t destroy everything up like Prim did. He never did the things that Prim did to her, to Mason. She stood by Prim’s side for god who knows how long and in the end she just got back stabbed so many times. When she left and almost went to the point where she could have bled to death, she was trying to play with Mason just so she can be happier than her. She just her mouth locked not knowing what to say anymore. It was her fault he felt insecure and hurt. She just sat there staring at the table as he placed the money done.

“I’m going to my house,” She whispered, just so he knew. She let a couple of tears release out. She saw that everyone was staring and she decided to ignore. She got up and then decided just to walk her way to her parents’ house. She wanted to go in her own room and just cry in her bed from how much she hated herself.

She didn’t notice that her house was far from here. She didn’t care though. Her phone rang and it was Heath. He wanted to know where she was. She just hanged up on him and tossed the phone into the garbage. She didn’t feel like talking to anyone, especially him. She got near her house and then it started to rain. She didn’t want to walk in there looking depressed. If her parents saw her like this and then they’d see the cut marks, it would destroy them. Instead she went to a nearby park to her house where she went as a kid and sat under her tree. She always stayed under this tree when she was feeling upset when she was younger. It rain hard and she was soaking wet but she didn’t care. If she died her, she didn’t care. Maybe the rain became so cold it would get her sick enough that she’d lose. She didn’t have guts to end it herself because she couldn’t imagine her parents or anyone else find her dead, not knowing what went wrong. They’d blame themselves when it was all her fault. Heath was probably calling up everyone to ask where she was right now, probably would get her parents involved and then tell them.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 257d 4h 3m 17s
Mason knew that there was something she wasnt telling him. He watched her reactions and it sounded as if she really did cheat on him but wasnt willing to tell him. This angered Mason even more inside. He was angry because she kept trying to hide it from him. He didnt nothing but try and tell her the truth once in a while. All of the truth. Taking in a deep breath, he looked int her brown eyes and he frowned. "You wouldnt call it cheating? What would you call it then? You had an emotional attachment to Heath. You nearly slept with him and whatever you're trying to hide from me. I want to know everything. What kind of relationship do we have if you're not even telling me the truth?" he narrowed his eyes as she tried to explain, but still, nothing came out. He sighed and glanced down to the table, feeling even more insecure. "I really hope you can make it up to me. RIght now...Im not feeling too good" he stated, looking over to the side.

Mason just kept quiet, feeling depressed inside again. He really wanted to drown it with alcohol, so when he looked around, he noticed the people were just staring at him. Fuck them! They didnt have these kinds of problems. He was sure of it. Even though she tried explaining, he shook his head, not caring at all. "I dont care. All I see is Heath and you in bed together, doing whatever you're trying to hide from me. He didnt suggest anything because he went straight to doing it" he growled irritatedly. He was tired of all this. He just wanted Heath to go away. Whatever happened to them was more recent than anything that's happened intimately to Charrie and Mason. Right now Heath had her and he just felt like he had a tight grip on her that he couldnt pull her away from anymore. For all he knew she could be wanting to train with him so they could do it all over again behind his back. After all he trusted her anyways.

"I got this job first. Prim was doing something in the same field so she joined me. And that's when she promised to start helping me look for you. She helped me alot through those three years. Yes she said some horrible things, but she didnt let me die. She kept me focused on my career and here I am today with a job I love. We both talked about how when you came back she would move, but Im still working with her. You do what you want, but Im gonna help her out like she helped me. Ya she did some bad things in the past, but I feel like those three years made up for it" he told her, knowing that Prim also helped him out with contacting his friends and telling them about his problems. He knew she genuinely cared about him and he was glad she kept him going. He almost lost sight of what he needed to do those three years ago.

"I hate how you always have to be with that big monkey! Im only allowing it because I love you. If I didnt, I would of found a way to get him fired and get him out of our fucking lives" he knew it was harsh, but he felt the same way about heath as she did to Prim. Maybe not that extreme, but he hated what he's done to Charrie. That he touched her without him thinking. Mason considered it cheating since she wouldnt tell him a single word. "Just do what you want. Go train with Heath or whatever. Im going home. Im so tired of all this fighting, feeling insecure and hurt all the time" he managed to say. "Ill ask if Prim can work in a different division, but that's the best I can do" he placed the money down for the pizzas and had his to go. Everything that happened today was so exhausting and so degrading. He needed to rest at home.
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To think he’d actually ask her how far they went. It just lasted for a couple of minutes and then she stopped. She didn’t really think of it as cheating. It was more like the big bang. They were yelling at each other like crazy and insulted her how she had to stop being such a whiny bratty princess that depends too much on Mason to make her happy. Somehow that all ended up in a bed... She bit her lip and glanced away from him. She could feel his eyes make a hole in her head. He really wouldn’t want to know because it all sounded like she did betray him, cheat on him. He’d probably think she was a slut or something. She knew she wasn’t because the only person she slept with was him.

“I don’t think you want to know...” She muttered “I wouldn’t exactly call it cheating. I don’t see it as cheating. I don’t know... I-um... we got... Within a couple of minutes we did a lot of things...just not have intercourse.” She stared down at the table in shame. She really deserved a slap in the face or something for almost doing that.

“I’m sorry... I’ll try to make it up to you, even though I don’t think I can...” She whispered. She felt guilty about it but there was nothing she could do to make the past disappear. There were many things she couldn’t change and because of it, she cut. She managed to look up but avoid eye contact.

“You helped me too. I got much better when I realized I could come back and, he had more time to help me out. So you can’t say that for sure,” She mentioned. For all she knows, Mason will be the one to stop her from completely cutting. As the conversation drifted to Prim, she happened to lose it. He spoke reasonable but she didn’t want to care. She just wanted her far away-even dead. Then he went on about how Prim didn’t try to sleep with him.

“Hey! Heath did not suggest sleeping with me! We were yelling at each other and somehow it ended up like that! And he never tried to kiss me, touch me or anything unlike that bitch! She’s done things before, she’ll do it again. And I’m not afraid of you cheating! I’m afraid of her getting in our life again. Why would you get a job with her? And I can’t live with the fact that you’ll be working with her every single freaking day! You know, it’s not that hard to get her fired. I can just give a call and bribe them to fire her.” She reminded him with a smirk on her face. She wanted to destroy Prim more than she wanted to destroy Mason when they were at war. She wanted Prim to drop to the bottom. To have no job, have no one around her and her to cry, beg her to help her out. She didn’t care if the bitch was going to end up on the streets being a prostitute for money. She was so furious with Prim. If she didn’t have such an anger issue, she would have let it go and not bother. She took a deep breath but it already reached her head.

“I’ll find a way to get rid of her. I’m sorry that I’m yelling and blaming it on you for no reason, but she has to go. I don’t care how. Or at least after that project, I’ll get rid of her if you don’t,” She slipped her anger still out but it was better than her yelling out.

She didn’t notice that all eyes were on them and watching them as if it was some kind of drama show. They weren’t even bothered. Apparently, their conversation was either A. Entertaining or B. Scaring the shit out of people. They were going to get kicked out eventually.

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Mason decided on a supreme pizza. He wanted to start eating healthy too along with working out so much. So when he ordered, he had a small smile on his lips. He just had to keep this up and he could get that body that he once had in college. Maybe this time she wouldnt knee him between the legs when he got physical. It wasnt really about Charrie's body. SHe was super attractive, but he also wanted to be healthy and live as long as she did. He chuckled and remembered that night perfectly. A happy smile and laugh blurted out as he shook his head.

WHen she reassured him that he was the only one for her, he did believe her. But the thought of her and Heath together in bed would always be a nightmare in his mind. He was so scared that it could happen again. If it happened once, there was no limits to when it could happen again. He didnt even know how far they got before she realized it was wrong? "Charrie? Can you just tell me the truth? Have you ever cheated on me? A kiss? maybe a little of something more? YOu know what cheating is.....tell me?" he asked her, his eyes looking dead serious into hers, wanting nothing but the truth.

He knew how much Heath meant to her, and no matter how much he hated to admit it. He can calm her down and even make her not cut anymore. The feeling of Heath stopping her habit was possible. If he couldnt help her. He could and that just meant he'd fail again. "I dont want to be around him. But it seems like he can help you so much...more than I can" he sighed and just ran his fingers through his hair irritatedly.

WHen he mentioned Prim, she blew up. He wasnt expecting how angry she had gotten, but it was better she knew now that Prim had been working with him. "I cant do this project alone. It would take years and that's not what my boss wants right now. She's just a coworker and honestly she knows her chemistry!" he tried to tell her. "It's Prim okay! She doesnt suggest to fucking sleep with me just because I feel lonely? At least she knows that Im only talking to her for work. SHe doesnt get involved like that big monkey! We're just working. There's nothing to be afraid of. I've never cheated on you before. And why am I going to start now. I just thought you should know that she's been working with me. That's why we lived together" he told her angrily, not even caring to look around the restaurant.

He blew up as well, but it just wasnt fair. If she would hang around with Heath, then Mason would just do some work or something. But at work Prim was there, so he had to put up with her. It wasnt like he was going to suddenly sleep with her or anything, and he was smart enough to ruin her career if she tried anything funny.

When the pizza arrived, he sighed and just tried to eat as best he could. It seemed like all they did was fight. Ever since high school. They didnt have enough time to be intimate together and apparently she wouldnt even get close to him unless he was in good shape. When they were together, they were always interrupted, and now that they could relax, they'd always fight.
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She ordered a pineapple pizza. She actually liked them. At first she thought it was odd that they’d put a fruit in a pizza. She had to agree with Mason that the gym was his best bet. She half laughed at anyone to kill him. As long as her dad didn’t track down Mason’s schedule, it was going to fine.

“It’s a good idea. Hire someone and make sure they’re the best,” She smiled and she knew she should be a little insulted that he just did this for her body. But she knew he would do it weather it was sleeping with her or not.

“Get some abs and I’ll get in bed,” She joked and then frowned “Hey, no one will. I’m not easy. It’s impossible for anyone else but you.” She knew he still felt off with her being that close to Heath. She couldn’t blame him. At least he didn’t know exactly how far they went before she noticed what they were doing. She would never ever love Heath like that. Not in her entire life.

“Mase, if you don’t want me to be around Heath for real. Than just ask and I won’t, not until you feel comfortable enough that I have nothing for him,” She promised. She raised an eyebrow at what he was going to do if she did that. She first heard the lab and that was supposed to be expected. But, when she heard the rest. Her nerves shot to the roof. Me and Prim? . She didn’t think so. No way in hell. Over her dead body.

“Prim?” She repeated, “Mase, no.” She couldn’t believe this. Couldn’t he just drop her and do everything in his own, he was smart enough. She narrowed her eyes as a hatred start to burn within her and release out. She just wanted to lash out. She didn’t care who saw or anything. She was ticked. Sure, she had Heath by her some time but at least he wasn’t some bitch that caused a war between them and tried to take advantage of her unlike Prim.

“I do mind. I don’t want you around her; I don’t even care if it’s for a project. Drop her, find another partner or do it alone. I don’t care, as long as she’s away. I’m sick of her and sick of you always following into the same fucking trap! Just because I hang out with Heath, doesn’t mean its okay for you to tag along with that bitch. You only mentioned her now because you probably think it’s fair that you hang out with Prim because I’m hanging out with Heath. It’s not even about jealousy, I just hate her. You have no idea what I will do to her if I dare even here that she’s around you or see her face. I’ve probably killed people and if I lose my mind bad enough, she will be the first one dead. Even Prim knows I’m serious about hunting her down. She won’t get near you if she wants to breathe. So, yea, I do mind.” She blurts out bunch of anger out of her mouth. She didn’t know what was she was saying. All she knew she was probably going to regret it later. That temper of hers was hard to control. She rolled her eyes and noticed she made a fist. The waiter came by give the food and she stared at her shocked.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare at me?” She sharply asks. The pizza was put down and she left. She lost her temper again. She shouldn’t have but she did. At the moment, she didn’t even feel like apologizing what she said because she doesn’t regret it just yet. She will later.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 257d 8h 6m 19s
Mason felt somewhat better that she thought he protected her in a different way. What kind of boyfriend would he be if he tried nothing to save her. He knew he would probably never be as good as Heath or Charrie at fighting, but he could help in his own way. Brains can be just as strong as muscle and if He could use his brains, he was sure he could beat up Heath as well. He wouldnt do it of course since Charrie was so attached to him or whatever, but he would if he ever teased Mason like that again.

Once the car was parked at the pizza place, he took in a deep breath and he smiled a little. He was starving and really tired. When he led her inside, he asked for a table for two. The waiter headed over and led them to a booth. Sitting across from her, Mason looked through the menu. Whatever you want, go ahead. My treat" he told her, feeling like he should repay her back for all the help. And he was just trying to be a complete gentleman since she meant so much to him.

"I feel like the gym would be better for me. There wouldnt be anyone out to kill me and I can ask advice from those personal trainers. Maybe I can hire one too to make sure Im on track. That way maybe in the next month or so, Ill be back to the way I was...then I can have another chance to sleep with you. I just hope no one takes you away by then" he shuddered at the thought and he rubbed the back of his neck softly.

When she mentioned Heath again, he just turned away and sighed a little. "Well it seems like I have to not mind?" he didnt want to hear another word about that large monkey. He hated how he came up in their conversations. He didnt want to talk or see that man anymore. "You can do what you want Charrie. After all Im just your boyfriend. I'll just need to find something else to do when that happens" he told her, looking through the menu as he brought it over his face. He didnt want to discuss that anymore.

If she was out training with Heath, maybe he could go to the gym. It would be like his own little sanctuary. "But if you dont mind, Ill be working in the lab then. Me and Prim still have a few more projects to finish together anyway. That will keep my mind occupied" he stated simply.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 257d 8h 42m 18s
“Well, even if you were strong and you could protect me. I’d still want to protect myself. You don’t need to be like that. And you do protect me, just in a different way,” She smiled lightly. Even with Heath, she would tell him she just wanted to watch her own back at times. She didn’t like being overly protected when she could look out for herself. Eventually, she did get her space. If danger came in the way, she was able to come up with ways to escape. Besides, she didn’t mind having to look out for Mason’s back. It’s not like he needed to know the skills she head, he was much better at the genius stuff. She couldn’t do his work even if her life depended on it.

“You did well, although I’m pretty sure you cheated with the adrenaline,” She laughed and she knew how tough ten minutes was at the start. It didn’t matter how the things were set up. She wouldn’t be able to stand someone better in her in fights anyway. She normally always came on top; it would be weird if she weren’t. She noticed Mason’s eyes going down at her hand. Hey, at least she didn’t purposely cut. She felt as if she released a piece of guilt in her out when it pressed against her skin. Of course, just like a drug it didn’t make her feel better afterwards. She’d just want to do it again.

“If I’m around, you’ll do it,” She promised. That meant that she’d do anything to push him to do it. He had to. Just like she had to stop what she was doing.

“Pizza sounds good,” She decided. She hoped that no one would appear and decide to break it up. It seems that every time they got to do something, something always tried to break it apart. She listened to his suggestion of the gym. Normally, she wouldn’t bother with the gym. It just bored her. It was much more fun to train with Heath-except it was kind of painful too. He didn’t exactly go easy on her when she got taught new things.

“We can try the gym, but I hope you don’t mind if I still train with Heath too...” She slowly became quiet “Maybe I can even teach you a thing about to about punching a person or knowing their weaknesses. Okay, let’s go.”

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 257d 9h 58m 52s
Mason was still trying to figure out what the hell just happened. He was still in the back seat stunned, knowing that his life was in danger. What did he ever do wrong? As Dale drove away, he glanced back to see the guys running after them with their weapons. Thank goodness he was able to run away. If his adrenaline didnt kick in, Charrie would have had to save him on her own, but against those four guys, he didnt know if she could. And he didnt want her getting hurt either. He wanted to protect her somehow. Eventually he'd figure out a way to do it. "I know you'll protect me. You always do. Sometimes I just want to return the favor, or even protect you sometimes. It's no fair that Im the male, but his girlfriend is the one always beating up his enemies" he shook his head, feeling like he didnt play a good boyfriend, but then again, they werent just your average couple.

"Ill get into shape I promise. Right now, Im exhausted! Who knew running for ten minutes was hard enough! Im so tired right now!" he laughed and laid back. Dale was bringing them around the city until he told them to stop somewhere. Mason kept an arm around Charrie, looking at her hand. He knew she must of felt good at that point now that her hand was cut, he just hoped no one saw it except for him. He didnt want her to go to therapy if she didnt want to. "If I keep this up, ILl be able to run as fast as I can just like when the adrenaline kicked in. I think I can do it!" he leaned over and kissed her cheek, feeling so thankful for her help. He really did feel as though he was getting better, and this incident didnt make him think of alcohol either.

"Good thinking. Call the police. Ill tell Dale to drive us to a restaurant. Im feeling so hungry after all of that. How does pizza sound?" he told Dale where to do and hopefully that no one would try to sabotage their exercise anymore. At least that's what he hoped. "Maybe we should try a gym?" he laughed, waiting for her to finish before taking her hand. "COme on, we can chat about our workout routine in there"
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He’s a man alright, he had the body and equipment but she was more of a Man than Mason at times if they were looking at stereotypes. They weren’t a normal couple at all, and maybe they will never be. Who combined an alcoholic with a cutter anyways? It seemed like a recipe for disaster. She doesn’t think they will destroy each other, they will figure it out. When she laughed out finding amusing, Mason looked afraid and paranoid. They were different. She was able to find these situations funny, not dangerous.

“I know you didn’t do it on purpose and don’t worry Mase, I’ll protect you if they get to us,” She giggled. She hugged him leaving her head on his shoulder “Don’t be afraid. They’re nothing but a bunch of guys who think they’re macho when they’re not.” She was only kidding. She couldn’t blame him for his reaction because he wasn’t used to these situations. Luckily, this usually never happened.

“Okay, okay! I won’t! But I still want to help you get into shape. You might slack off. You have to learn how to run fast and do it along time. If you can run away, you can get away from a lot of danger,” She assured. She thought he might put the blade somewhere, not throw it out the window! She kept her lip s locked of wanting to say something but wouldn’t. She’s been injuring herself for so long that she could endure the cut on her hand like it was already healed. She built up a tolerance for it. Mason didn’t seem as weak as before. He made it seem like he knows what he was doing. Those guys back there weren’t a big issue to her. It was a good thing she could fight and run. She wasn’t sure if she could handle all of them at the same time but if she broke loose for a second, she could run the next. She was only thankful that Mason was slow as he was so that he didn’t arrive in time to be there with her. Then it would have been harder to get up.

“I think you’re terrible running, just saved you from meeting them face to face,” She sighed. That was the up side of things. On the other side, even if they weren’t really a threat to her, to others they were.

“I don’t know who they are. They were probably doing drugs nearby and a girl happened to come by along. They probably thought they could be entertained. It’s not going to happen again. But I should call the cops because the next girl that comes could be raped and then killed,” She sighed and pulled out her phone. She had to call and make sure nothing happened to anyone else. She quickly talked to the cops and she put her phone back in place.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 257d 15h 29m 12s
Mason knew that it was best both their parents were okay with everything. He felt as if his parents knew about CHarrie, but his father did the same thing as hers. He trusted all of his beliefs in Mason. And seeing him just fall in love with the enemy made him so angry. But then again, Mason hadnt been doing such a good job either. HIs father would always complain that he wasnt working hard enough, or fast enough for him. So he wasnt too disappointed when he found out that he was dating Charrie. Hell he thought worse would happen, like his own son would lose his life to him.

It was still normal though. Whatever happened to them right now, Mason wasnt going to change the fact that he wanted to be with Charrie. No matter what his parents said. He was going to date her no matter what. Hopefully his mother could support him and hold his father under control so he could still be around the girl he loved.

"I am a man! Im just so exhausted Char!" he was running low on energy that he was about to just pass out onto the pavement, but when he made it into the car, he saw Charrie laughing at him. "What's so funny? I didnt do it on purpose. Who knows what those guys had?" he sat on the seat beside her and he just felt so scared and paranoid. Why were all these people trying to kill him? He didnt do a single thing wrong did he?

he frowned, feeling nervous about everything.
  Watt / ellocalypse / 6y 257d 22h 55m 54s
“I think we should ask our mom’s. If we do get deeper into this relationship than it’ll get really dangerous if he isn’t controlled,” She agreed. She didn’t like to see her dad angry, upset or even disappointed in her. But she had no choice. She loved Mason and he was going to have to accept that, no matter how hard it is. There wasn’t a time in her life that she didn’t disappoint him though. He probably thought something terrible must have happened and send off a fake daughter back to him. She was sure that’s what was on her father’s mind right now.

It was easy for her to jog for a long time. She couldn’t lie though; it was torment the first time she had to run for such a long time. She just gave in and almost fell asleep on the floor. She didn’t want to leave Mason behind but it sort of ended up like that. She’d apologize about it afterwards. She heard him yell that he was working as hard as he could. Next time they do this, she’ll go in the same pace as him. She just needed to stretch her legs today. When she came back running from the guys that were now chasing him, she didn’t feel like explaining the whole thing.

“Yea, yea, I’m fine. Let’s go!” She yelped out and felt his eyes narrow at the blade. Well, at least she got a blade. Although, it took a man to attack her to get one... It didn’t matter if Mason was tired at this point. If she had to drag him then she would. He stood a better chance at running then at helping her fight them off.

“Suck it up and be a man!” She demanded and it wasn’t until he looked back that he saw what they were being chanced by that he ran for his life. It was amusing in a way. First it was her dad, now it was a gang. She really did cause trouble-except this was funnier then anything. Hell, Mason ran faster than her. She got into the car quickly and just burst out laughing.

“That was so funny!” She exclaimed “Can’t believe I got chased by bunch of people. You sprinted so fast that it was faster than me! Maybe I should hire people to chase after you. That’ll get you in shape in no time.” She knew that Mason probably found it terrifying that they were being chased like this but this was nothing. It was like being chased by these evil bullies on the playground. Sure, she shouldn’t use that term but that’s how she thought of it as. She then calmed her laughter down and looked at the knife in her hands. She accidently cut into the palm of her head. She groaned. Heath was going to kill her.

“Here, you can take the blade...” She sighed and passed it onto Mason. She knew if she held it, she would keep it and use it. Besides, he already saw the blade and she couldn’t hide it now that he knew it was there. She rubbed her knee and frowned.

Going to sleep
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Mason shook his head in the car. "I dont know what he'd do if he found out I slept with you. But let's not test it out since Im probably going to be dead. We should ask our mom's to restrain him. I dont want to die just yet" he sighed and looked at the back of the car. He was so glad that her father had disappeared by the time they reached the park. He didnt want some man with a shotgun following him. Sighing in relief, he stepped from the car and he looked up at her. He was worried that he wasnt going to make it. That she was just going to leave him as he stepped onto the pavement. "Just enjoy yourself Dale. We'll be back after a half hour" he told him as he followed Charrie.

When they were getting ready to go, he did a few warm up stretches, stretching his thighs and calves before looking up at her. "Yup Im ready. Let's go" he started jogging a normal pace, but Charrie was already quite far. He was just going at an easy pace so that he could last the thirty minutes, but soon enough, he couldnt see her anymore. HOw did he even think this was going to work out. He was already panting heavily, trying to continued his slow pace. Mason was so skinny. It looked like a stick was just running on the sidewalks. It looked kind of disgusting, but he would get into shape eventually.

When he heard her yell from up ahead, he sighed and shook his head. "Oh come on! Im working as hard as I can!" he yelled as he tried to run a little faster. THe faster he ran the more exhausted he became. There was no way he could last thirty minutes of this. But he kept up the pace. All he thought in his mind was that he wasnt going to lose to Heath. ANything but that. He could do it. Maybe not now, but in a few days if he kept at it. Taking in heaves of breaths, he was running a little faster, still not able to see Charrie. Damn was she a good runner. He was already to the point of walking when a few minutes later he heard her voice. Call the cops? What the hell did that mean? he was still running towards her, trying to see what happened. BUt by the time he reached her, she was running back.

"What happened Charrie? Are you alright?" His eyes fell on the blade in her hands and he narrowed his eyes. She was tugging on his arm and he just quickly followed. He ran as fast as he could, but he was near his limit. He was about to collapse soon. "Im so tired Char. I ran so much already" he tried to tell her. Whatever they were running from, he wasnt sure what it was until he looked behind them. There was a gang of guys chasing after them. "Oh shit!" he then began to sprint as his adrenaline kicked in. "Let's get back to the car. We need to get out of here" he ran as fast as he could towards Dale, hurrying into the back seat, waiting for her to get in. "Dale! Hurry get us out of here!" he yelled.
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She knew that he was doing the right thing by hiding them away. After all, she did throw all the bottles out. It was only fair and even if she didn’t throw those out, he would have to hide the knifes away. If she was desperate enough, she could go find a way to find the knifes and get them or even buy one. Long ago, she’d do anything. She would turn the whole place around until she could find something to relief her guilt. At least she was better than before. She couldn’t imagine if she was around Mason and she was at that bad of a state. It would have been terrible; he probably would have left her if she was that insane as she was in Russia.

“Okay,” She managed to speak out and she found herself kissed. She kissed him deeply back and feeling the feeling slowly slip away. It was still there and she still wanted to go do what she wanted to do. It was killing her inside. But she had to get over it and hide it well. If she hid it then she convinced herself she didn’t feel it and it stopped. The want stopped for a moment of course and then it all comes crashing down and it goes further.

“You should be talking,” She scoffed at his whine. She was referring to the years before, yet he wanted to make skin contact with her. At least it seemed like it encouraged him. Hopefully, the encouragement was enough to push him to a good limit. She could run for a long time in a really fast speed. She preferred to run far distance than jog though. She didn’t think that her dad would actually pull out a weapon to go get Mason when she arrived. He was really ticked that his only daughter went with his enemy’s son. I guess it was his way to quickly fix this. She should talk to her mother and tell her to help her dad stop doing this before it really gets out of hand.

“If he got this mad that I told him I’m moving in with you, imagine how mad he would be if he found out that day that I slept with you...” She shivered at the thought. Mason wouldn’t be the only one dead. She’d be killed along with him. She was a disgrace as a daughter to him. They arrived at the park and she got of the car and pulled Mason out of it.

“Okay, so we’re going to do a thirty minute jog. Make sure to keep up with me, okay? If you feel tired to the point you can’t breathe than just start walking instead and I’ll stop with you,” She instructed. She wasn’t sure if she was actually going to stop though. If she moved at the pace Mason was going to go, then she wouldn’t be doing exercise. She glanced around and felt comfortable just to run around. Running around calmed her.

“Okay, ready?” She asked and then started to jog in a normal speed. Although, her normal speed was someone else’s running. She tried to slow down for Mason but eventually she just got bored of jogging like she was speed walking.

“Hurry up slow poke! You’ve never going to match up to me or Heath if you don’t try hard,” She smiled. Because she wasn’t focusing ahead, she almost tripped. She swore under her breath but caught her footing pretty well. Before she knew it, she speed away ahead with trees at the side’s of the path. She then stopped and took her breath waiting for Mason to catch up. Her ears then picked up something shuffling in the bushes. It was quiet but she was trained for this sort of stuff now. A man came out from behind her. She just tossed to face him and took a step back. He had a knife. A sweet, sweet knife... If he thought she was scared of it, boy was he wrong.

“Follow me, or I’ll kill you after I-,” He threatened.

“-Uh huh... Good luck with that buddy,” She interrupted. She simply started to walk away. When he attempted to attack her, she just grabbed his harm and then flipped him onto the ground. She grabbed the knife and put it up the man’s neck. He seemed a little older than Heath. She looked ahead and yelled out “Hey, Mase! Call the cops!” Then two other guys came out from the sides of the trees. Oh shit... They were a gang. She instantly got up, held the knife in her hand and bolted out of there. Someone grabbed her foot from behind, causing her to trip. She came crashing to the ground and she knew her knee was skinned. She got up and then spin kicked backward, her foot smashing at his face. She then bolted again toward the direction of Mason. The palm of her hand was stinging badly. She then noticed that part of her hand was gripping onto the blade part of the knife tightly. She reached Mason heavily breathing.

“Okay, we have to run fast...before...they reach us...” She spoke in between her words and then stared at the blade in her hand and the cut at the palm of her hand. She looked up at him with wide eyes “It’s not what it looks like. Let’s just get out of here before I find out what other weapons they have.”

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Mason just rolled his eyes when she said that Heath was perfect. He didnt care if he was anymore, that guy was just in the way of him and Charrie. He couldnt even get a few days with her without him showing up at the door. He was just glad that at least today he had Charrie to himself. Hopefully Mr. Perfect didnt show up and just take her away to get help or something. He didnt want that. But at the same time he wondered why Heath never had a girlfriend or anything. Why didnt he settle down himself? Or was it because of her father. Maybe he wanted Heath to watch over her for the rest of her life. THat would be terrible. If only they got rid of Heath at the start. THen Charrie wouldnt have this emotional bond to him.

"Good. DOnt try to cut Char. I love you so much. Ill even distract you with everything I have if I need to" he heard her say she wanted it and he just shook his head. He couldnt let her have a knife no matter how much she begged him. She threw out all his alcohol and he hid the knives. "Dont you go trying to sneak off and cut. Okay?" he pulled her close to his chest, pressing his lips against hers to distract her from cutting. If he was lucky, maybe she'd want him more than the knives.

When he pulled away, he noticed that she was more focused on the jogging than the knives now. At least they could forget about that for now. When he was ready to leave for the jog, he was only expecting running through the park or something, maybe that was it. BUt when she said she wouldnt sleep with him, he frowned "You're so mean. You're not supposed to love me for my body" he whined a little but felt the pressure. If he couldnt sleep with Charrie, he needed to get healthy "Okay let's go"

When they headed to her place, he waited in the car, not hesitating to take her advice anymore. He'd already learned she was usually right. As they waited, he saw Charrie come back in a rush. WHen Mason looked back, he saw her father with a shotgun. "Oh shit! Hurry Dale. Dont let him follow you. I thought I would die soon, but not from a shotgun!" he ducked down and held his breath as Dale drove around to the park.
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She just laughed at him calling Heath perfect. She didn’t think Heath was perfect all, actually pretty far from it. He was annoying and... Okay, maybe he was sort of perfect. Every time he annoyed her he did it for her own good. He always did the right thing and he always pushed her to be her best. He even stopped every temptation guys had. He didn’t try to convince her to sleep with her when she said she couldn’t. Damn, no wonder Mason was jealous. It’s not like she needed someone perfect though. Mason was her perfection minus the alcoholic issues.

“Huh... I guess he is perfect isn’t he?” She was lost in thought. She was just glad he didn’t overly react like she thought he would. Back then, they probably both would over react to the top if they almost slept with someone else. Jealousy played a big factor in their life. She just hoped that he wouldn’t mind if she kept contact with Heath for a long time.

“You will,” She promised “and I will too. I don’t want to hate myself but I just do. I’m already doing that. I try my best not to cut so that I don’t make everyone else upset, especially you.” Then he said about slapping her again. She set a hard look on him.

“I dare you to slap me again and you’ll see how it goes,” She warned. That last slap shocked her and she did not want another one. She wouldn’t let anyone even poke her, let go slap. He was lucky that she loved him. She felt guilty for asking him to do it but it would just relief it all. Just for a minute and than she’ll stop. She won’t do it again. Although, every time she would say something like that, Heath would ignore her or give her a rubber duck and told her to try to cut with that.

“I want it...” She muttered and felt his arms around her, comforting her. He was there, she wasn’t back there and maybe she can pretend like it never happen. Was that even possible? To forget everything she did? She couldn’t forgive herself. If she couldn’t forgive herself, she’d never get over abusing herself. Even if she was to stop cutting, those emotions would still be there. She held onto him to him tightly, wanting something to relief this guilt. Having someone around usually helped her calm down and decrease it.

As the subject of jogging came through, she meant it. She wasn’t going to be very kind about it either. She was going to torment Mason with exercise. She did not want him to stay so thin and unhealthy. She wanted him in top health and hell, maybe she could even train him to know at least basic fighting so that he could fend for himself if he got in trouble.

“That’s exactly why we’re going jogging. If you don’t become fit, I’m not sleeping with that body,” She pressured him a little. She wanted to encourage him to get up and start moving around. She wasn’t going to leave him behind, not unless he was slow as a turtle. She’ll come back for him though. He changed and she just smirked at what hell he was going to go through.

“Yea, you’re right. My father wouldn’t have to do it if you don’t run fast enough. If I chased you around with a gun, would you run as fast as you can?” She pondered at the little joke. She grabbed his hand and then they went downstairs to see the car arrive. She went into the car and waited until they drove to her home.

“I suggest you don’t come in with me if you want my dad not to kill you,” She mentioned and then knocked on her door. Her dad was the one to answer and he looked as if he was betrayed. She said she had to tell him, after she changed. She got up into her old room and changed into some of her old clothes. She wore black short shorts and a tank top and tied her up. She went downstairs again and then blurt out “I’m moving in with Mason!” as she ran out the door and rushed to get into the car. Her dad was about to come right after them.

“Dale, drive quick to the park before my dad comes and kills Mason,” She suggested. She looked over at the door of her house to see her dad with a shot gun. Shit...! He wasn’t playing around.

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