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Mason felt really off at that moment. He had one thing to ask of Charrie. It could have been anything in the world! Maybe he could have slept with her? Or even ask her to be his girlfriend! What did he just do? What asked for was simply a promise. CHarrie could easily avoid something like that if she really wanted too. It was as if he got one wish from Charrie. He didnt even think much about it. Part of him wanted something more than just a good night. He didnt even understand himself anymore. This time the two of them were actually alright. They actually admitted that they liked one another. Maybe he was just feeling like he wanted something that would last a lifetime. Or something that would benefit the both of them. If she didnt look at any other guys, then he wouldnt feel jealous. He could be that one guy that possibly she dated. THat would just about fix everything with the two of them always fighting. The only problem that would cause was a parental disappointment with their fathers.

He knew his father would freak out when he found out that the two of them were okay. That they didnt need to torment each other any longer. Ever since he was a kid, his father had been filling terrible things about Charrie into his mind. BUt now that he was an adult, he wanted to make his own decisions. He didnt need to follow what his father was saying. He was much closer to his mother when he was younger, but even with all the fairytale talk, he didnt believe it completely. "THen we wont let anyone find out. We'll keep it a secret. Maybe we can try and find some privacy for just the two of us, then we can be like this. But outside, we can keep the drama going? No one will know except us" he tried to think of something. THey could keep fighting. Maybe it wont be as terrible, but at least they could keep their parents and friends at bay. "THe only one we need to worry about is keeping Prim out of our way" he whispered softly.

But when he felt so sure about what he wanted, he just slid his lips along hers, loving that amazing feeling flowing through his body. He didnt want to stop, couldnt stop. She was just too irresistible and as a guy, he wanted more. HE was about to take over, but when she pushed him down and straddled him, he laid his head back on her sheets, gazing up at her as he took deep breaths, ready for another long kiss. He could feel the intense heat and passion between them as if nothing was holding them back. There was no Heath, Prim, or means of hate anymore. It was simply kissing her because he wanted to, he felt that attraction and he wanted to share it with her. There was nothing in their way to distract or stop them.

Letting out a soft breath, he felt her lips travel down his neck. It was so much different than when she forced a kiss on him to get him going crazy. He could feel her emotion in it. And he knew she wanted this just like he did. A quiet moan escaped his lips as he leaned his head back, giving her more room but when reached up to kiss her, his fingers intwined with hers as he made out with her even more. His mind was spinning and his heart racing. He hadnt felt this way in such a long tim. She had his emotions expressing themselves tenfold.

He honestly didnt know where this would go. They were so deep into the kissing that he didnt want it to stop. He didnt want it to just end and then they would have to go back to hating each other. If he could, he wanted their relationship to be like this. When felt the warm breath of her promise, he closed his eyes, smiling at the thought of her eyes only on his. Her warm, and gentle caressed was turning him on so much. Her fingers on his skin felt so nice that he slowly pulled off his shirt so she could touch as much of him as she wanted. As he reached up and straddled her, his lips leaned down and kissed her neck, leaving a hickey as he licked down her skin slowly. He was lost in the heat. He was only supposed to making Charrie feel better about everything. He still hoped he was doing so, but now he was making himself feel better too.

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  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 5y 323d 17h 50m 7s
Her door was locked and the windows were shut and Heath wasn’t there to disturb her. What more could she ask for right now? Normally, Mason would get a whack in the head for saying those lines but that was when they were in war and he was just doing that to anger her. When there was different intention she took it lightly.

“Yea I know,” She sighed with a little smile. He seemed so assured that things would be fine if their parents discovered they were getting alone but it wasn’t that simple. She had a tight relationship with her dad, always made him proud of her and it would be odd to let him down. A lot of the time she was a daddy’s girl.

“You know what are mom’s going to make us do when they find out that we get along? They will start creeping on us, taking pictures and start with the wedding planning,” She spoke through the horror “We won’t have any privacy at all.” She knew their mothers were crazy and would do anything to bring them together. Hell, they’d sent them on a plane and tell the pilot to crash it on an unknown island just so they had nothing but each other and were forced with it. She thought he wanted something else then what he just said but what he wanted made her smile. She should be the one saying that but even she knew Mason wasn’t a complete jack ass when he wasn’t in a fight with her. She opened her mouth to answer; making one sound out and he leaned and kissed her sweetly. She closed her eyes and for a long time they kissed and then parted to take a breath. She then pushed him down on the bed and straddling him. Her kisses moved down his neck, nibbling gently. She let her fingers run against his and moving intensely close. She pulled him back into a long kiss. There were so many emotions within her and the electricity shooting through her didn’t help her control. She untangled their fingers and trailed her fingers slowly up his shirt.

“If you’re worried about Heath hearing, don’t worry. I won’t kill you this time either and I promise I won’t look at other guys.” She whispered in his ear. She didn’t know if what she was doing was right or even might regret it later, even if it was just a make out session. It didn’t matter at the moment. Everyone else’s thought, about them wasn’t important. What their parents wanted didn’t matter. It was her want she was going to follow not theirs, not Prim’s either. She actually felt happy for once.

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Mason walked to her room rather sluggishly. He honestly didnt know she had a plan. All he thought was that it would be a movie, with maybe a hug or two, then he would be going back to his room for the night. He didnt expect anything to happen at all. WHen she opened her door to greet him, he was instantly dragged into her room, the popcorn being taken completely and without a word, he just stared at her for a moment. What in the world was she doing? He made that popcorn so the both of them could share? Maybe even get their hands caught in the bowl and then eventually stare into each other's eyes and then the make out session would resume. After all Heath didnt mind it at all when they were in the lake.

But when he saw the bowl completely finished, there went his plan to try and get cozy with her. Then there was the comedy movie being blasted on her screen. Comedy? Who watches comedy on a day like this. It had to be scary so she could cuddle into him. He knew she was afraid of the paranormal thing. Gosh she was afraid of fishes swimming around her. Who coulda thought of a black belt being scared of fish! Still, even a romance would have been better than this. This movie was going to get them nowhere. He was completely oblivious to the fact that she had a plan to get closer to him too.

It was getting worse. She made her way to the restroom and he instantly thought it was over. He waited impatiently for her to come back. And while he sat there, he was thinking of other ways to make a move while watching this comedy. But when she returned he saw her lock all the locks on her door as she made her way to her bed. Mason smiled and looked over at her window, instantly locking it shut as well. There was no way he was going to let Heath ruin this moment for them. They really needed this.

"Im glad he's gone. It was getting really awkward. I feel like he's cockblocking me" he winked and laughed softly. He was just joking with her....really. Her words made him raise his brow. Do whatever they wanted. What was something they could do that wouldnt get him in trouble, or slapped, or even the possibility of losing the ability to have children? "Dont worry. I wont expose this to my dad. And it doesnt really matter to me. My mom has way more influence on my dad than I thought" he was lucky for that. His mom would love to hear the two of them were starting to get along.

"But there is something that I want. I want you to keep your eyes on me. No other guy. Just me. Can you keep a promise like that?" he wondered, his eyes glancing down to her lips. They were so full and soft against his. He loved them honestly. But even before she could answer, he leaned in, closing the inches between them as he pressed his lips against those full, soft, and sweet lips of hers.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 5y 324d 3h 51m 23s
Once Mason arrived with popcorn, she practically stole it from him and sat on her bed. She turned on her giant flat screen TV across from her. She put on some comedy movie on and blasted up to the max as it started. She had a plan. She ate a lot of the popcorn before she got up again and glanced at Heath. Heath probably knew something was going in that evil genius minds of hers.

“I’ll be right back, Mase. I need to go the washroom,” She spoke and got up from her bed and lead Heath out of the room. She went into the washroom and then came out. She then slowly made her way back into her room, and then quickly got into the room and locked it before Heath could stop it from closing without her injuring him. She then spoke through the door.

“Don’t worry, he isn’t able to kill me...or anything,” She assured and locked the door with three different locks. She had got them since the situation with the gun came up. She then jumped onto her bed and then turned to Mason with a smirk on her face.

“Now, that he’s dead and gone, we can talk of whatever we want or do whatever we want,” She pointed it out. She glanced over at the movie. To be honest, she wasn’t in the mood to watch a cheesy comedy. She just put it on so that it drowns the noises of anything and Heat couldn’t snoop all over her life.

“I’m really sick of Heath following me around. I can’t have a single second of privacy,” She whined and the decided to drown him out. At least he was no longer in her room to be bothered. She really just wanted to be alone with Mason for the first time in her life. She’s known him for so long and it wasn’t his fault the war started, so she kind of had to make it up to him. Also, for the fact that he saved her life weather she asked for it or not.

“I think we should pretend to be still at war around are parents if anything comes up-even if Heath might screw it up and...” She scrolled knowing she may regret it and might have to spend a lot of money “Since I do owe it to you for blaming you and taking a bullet for me. I’ll get you anything you want or I’ll keep a promise or something. I don’t know. I just don’t like having to owe people for stuff.” She watched him from the corner of her eyes. Just not long ago they were out in the water making out and everything was ruined. Funny, how things went. She then glanced away quickly hoping he wasn’t a mind reader or something like that.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 5y 324d 4h 9m 35s
Mason knew it was a long shot to get in bed with her, especially with Heath just right here. He wanted to spend some alone time without him watching. He felt so much better with his expression of his emotions if it was just Charrie. Still, being with her was better than being alone in his room. He wasnt just some pervert who wanted it all. He really wished she just got that out of his mind. Mason could be a Jake if he really wanted to. So he thought he'd give it a try. The worst that could happen was that he just wouldnt get anything, but Charrie would love him more right?

"I guess you're right. Ill change too" he tried his best to look normal, to hide the fact that he wanted that steamy make out session back. The one that stupid Jake and Prim had to ruin. If they hadnt shown up, they would have gone longer together. He was irritated, but he still wanted to make her feel better. So once he got into his room, he slipped out of his wet trunks and put on some black basketball shorts with a white and grey striped wife beater. He wasnt sure where this 'friendship' was going, but at least they werent trying to kill each other.

If his father ever found out about this, he had to come up with something. Maybe he could invent some tactics that he'd pretend to do, or maybe they could just pull off the toned down pranks and exaggerate them. Their father's would be happy with it all, and they could stay closer than they were before. It was a shot, but at least he had a plan. As Mason fixed up his hair, he simply brushed it off to the side, shaking his head to make it look as it usually did. He then headed into the kitchen and made them some popcorn. It was probably just going to be another boring night. But at least he was with Charrie. A movie and then it was bedtime for him. He wasnt expecting anything more. That dreaded Heath was always there. He couldnt make a move without being jumped. As he headed up the steps to her room, he knocked on the door, holding the tub of popcorn, trying his best to just keep cool and not be so perverted.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 5y 324d 4h 26m 42s
Fix things up... How long would that take? Maybe it wouldn’t be as long as she might think it will be. Only time will tell. She gazed up at him, already aware he was having trouble saying things that involved emotions with her. It hasn’t been long since they truly said the words.

“Yea, we can try,” She said. She didn’t want to get into another large fight with him. Her destroying his room, car, messing with relationships, friends and ruining moments and him does the same right back to her. They put each other through so much torment. She didn’t want to go back to that. Playing small pranks on each other now and then was harmless and fun but what they did was go so far. When she heard he didn’t want her to change, she just translated the whole paragraph. By ‘I want to spend more time with you’ he meant-I want to get in bed with you. She glanced over her back to see Heath giving a glare at Mason for a warning. Ah, Charrie just remembered that Heath did work for dad. There was no way in hell Heath was going to let anything happen between them if he wanted to be paid.

“It’s safe to say that if I didn’t change-things would happen to you,” She forewarned. It wasn’t even a threat from her-it was a statement of what could happen. Then she had thought about her Dad. What in the world what he’d think? That scared her. Hell, he’d probably try to disown her, not that her mother would let him. Wouldn’t it be the same thing for Mason? His dad hated her just as much as her dad hated him. Would they even tell them anything to begin with? It was probably better to not to give any clue to their family that they were getting along.

“Yea, meet me in my room in a minute. We’ll put on a movie,” She decided wondering if he actually meant those words. Sometimes she knew what was on his minds and sometimes she didn’t. She hadn’t heard him say something like that before. Then again, he’s been saying things that she never heard before all day. She walked up into her room, went into her closet and changed into some comfortable shorts and a black tank top. Heath was outside of the door because she was changing. She waited for Mason; she wanted to get through about what in the world where they tell their dads when they called. Her dad tends to call her often-to ask what she tried to pull on Mason this time. If she had no respond-if he got information from Heath. Oh god, she’s a goner. Heath is going to spill everything!

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 5y 324d 4h 49m 26s
Mason knew that all of this was hard to take in right now and he could see that Charrie was the one suffering through all of it at that moment. Mason felt bad for Prim, but after everything she's done, he didnt feel too sorry for her. He took a deep breath and he spoke "that doesnt mean you have to go around ruining everyone elses lives! You could have made it better for yourself, but you stay this horrible person and started hurting everyone that you were friends with. Charrie is your best friend, yet you treat her like dirt. She'd always stick up for you and you just hurt her in return. You're sick!" he watched her and shook his head. "If you dont want your life to suck...be a better person. GO out with that guy you really liked. Stop messing with people!" he tried to tell her before CHarrie stepped out.

Holding her in his arms as he restrained her from Prim, he didnt know how she felt, but he could tell that she hurt Charrie so much. It was years of trust that had been broken and so many of her relationships were destroyed because of what Prim did to her. She ruined three lives today, his and Charrie's most. But what really surprised him was that she needed him right then. Just him. that was a first. Charrie never wanted to be alone with him, let alone need him for emotional support. He was usually the cause of her sadness. But today was so different. They were getting better and he wanted it that way.

"I know it's her fault, but at least you know now. It's been years since we've fought and we only figured it out. Better than going on with tormenting each other for more years to come when the only problem was Prim. We can fix things...now....cant we?" he loved the feeling of holding her in his arms. To have her warm and sexy body against his. Yes it was the pervert thinking, but was it wrong to be physically attracted to someone?

WHen Prim slammed the front door, Mason glanced up into her dark, brown eyes, scanning her outfit when she mentioned she would change. He really didnt want her to. Right now he just wanted her to come with him to his room. She was turning him on so much with that sexy bikini. BUt when his eyes looked up at Heath, he could tell he didnt want what he was thinking. "Um...I really dont want you to change. I mean I want to spend more time with you.....to make sure you're okay....But Heath here is telling me you should change. Maybe I can...come up to your room and we can just try and get through things? Relax and put on a movie?" he suggested, wanting to be her comfort. SHe was breaking down right now and honestly Mason felt the same way. Their lives had been ruined by someone close to them.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 5y 324d 5h 17m 2s
Every single, blame had landed onto Prim who once in her life used to be innocent. The girl used to be sweet, kind and unusual in a good way. Charrie could only understand her to a certain point of Prim attempting to fit in high school. She thought it was just a phase and Prim would get out of it. Charrie stood by her because she knew that that’s all Prim had. On the other side, Prim thought of Charrie having everything she couldn’t have. Charrie had confidence and even if she wasn’t really social, she could make other people want to be her friend, look up to her. Charrie was rich, she had someone already by her and what did Prim had? She only had a terrible family who didn’t care about her and people who would break her down when she was younger and Charrie always standing up from her, made her seem weak. Charrie always showed how much better her life was.

“You want to know why?” Prim scoffed “It’s because my life sucks, so why should everyone else’s be good? I don’t get why Charrie has to have everything so perfectly.” She didn’t speak more than that. Then Charrie came down and the girl’s didn’t have a good connection anymore. There was heavy aura in the room. As Charrie apologized to Mason, she was glad that she forgave her for it.

“It’s all her fault we broke apart,” Charrie muttered. Then she had threatened Prim and was ready just go at her. She knew that picking a fight with Prim would be like picking a fight with a little six year old girl. A lot of people couldn’t stand a chance against her. Mason restrained her from going toward her but it calmed her down a little from the anger boiling in her. Prim looked like in the verge of tears and true fear. No one liked to make an enemy out of Charrie. Charrie turned around and faced Mason and just felt so sad, and upset at herself. She trusted the wrong person. She leaned into him and heard him mumbling about Jake.

“I just want you right now...” She admitted “I just feel so stupid. I should have caught on earlier. I hate her. I hate her so much.” She hoped that he believed him. She just broke off with Jake too. If things were to go wrong between them again, she didn’t know what to do. Right now, she just wished Prim could disappear and she could just be alone with him. She wouldn’t admit it but it was obvious. . Then she could hear the door loudly slam shut-the front door. Prim must have left. Heath was still around and watching her every move and Charrie would have told him to leave but she doubt that he’d listen to her. She then remembered she was still in her bathing suit and being with Mason with his half bare chest, tempted her. But she knew that wouldn’t lead to well because after all-he was still Mason with a perverted mind. Just because she liked him, didn’t change all his flaws but even his flaws she didn’t mind so much. That was part of liking someone.

“I should, um... change into different clothes...” She sighed taking a step back, not wanting to go further but it’s not like Heath would leave her alone. She was afraid to ask because Heath would probably tease her again.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 5y 324d 5h 37m 31s
Honestly, Mason didnt know if what he was doing was a mistake or not. If Charrie told him that he was right, then he wouldnt be angry with her any longer. He would just be like he used to. He would still love Charrie and maybe the two would get back together. That thought just scared the hell out of him. All of this hardwork to maybe get Charrie to like him was soon going to end. WHy in the world was he trying so hard. When Charried headed into Jake's room, he thought all of that effort to expose the fact that he liked her would disappear. He would try to torment her once more to get her separated from that guy.

As he waited outside, he saw Prim head inside. She stood beside him and rested her head on his shoulder. "Prim. Why do you have to ruin everyone's lives? He didnt need to see that. Not only could you have ruined his life, you ruined all the hard work me and Charrie have been doing. Stop playing with me okay? I dont like it and I want nothing to do with it. Go be with that boyfriend of yours at school. I can see what you've done. You're the one that started everything in me and Charrie's lives. She never needed you. And I dont even know why I dated you. I gave you everything, yet I didnt even know you were just using me to make Charrie jealous. Just leave us alone. Dont you have anything better to do?" his eyes narrowed and stared at her with hate. He was so disgusted with the fact that he used to love her...

The two waited to see what would happen, but Heath seemed the most worried. He was listening to Jake's door, waiting for a loud sound or someone screaming. Jake wouldnt hurt her. Maybe Charrie would, but Heath wouldnt be concerned about that. But once Charrie left the room, Heath was relieved. But he wasnt the only one. Mason wondered what happened. Were they still together or broken up? When she said she was sorry, he shook his head. "Hey. Dont worry about it...I did get a girlfriend first....but that was because Stupid Prim over here was manipulating me to get one" he sighed and tried his best to comfort her. She comforted him at the hospital. He wanted to do the same. But when she began yelling at Prim, he wrapped his arms around her, restraining her back. "Hey, hey. Shhh, it's okay. SHe wont. We all know her tricks. Just try and ignore her. She's not worth it Charrie. YOu have me....and if you really wanted....Jake.." he mumbled the last part, hating to admit it, but she did.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 5y 324d 6h 12m 15s
The kisses and the touching was something she’d so much wanted to avoid with Mason but this time, she didn’t. She just wanted to be close and not just because she was attracted to him-she was but it was more than that. She didn’t even worry about taking a breath, feeling her chest against his and both of their hearts pounding against each other. It was like a d ream. But of course all dreams come into an end.

Prim had it coming when she slapped her. It was all her fault everything had started. She blamed the war on Mason, that he stared all of this. The fact of him kissing another girl in high school wasn’t that the fact that he did it but he did it in front of her. Now to know that Prim purposely let her toward her their made her furious. Next time, she’d break of a friend quick if they did something like that to her, no matter if they’ve known each other for a long time. She’s never felt betrayed like this for such a long time.

She was heading up to the house and then she picked up right behind her, Prim forcing a kiss on Mason. All the sudden, she couldn’t move or breathe. Why? Why did Prim try to so hard to obtain the things that Charrie had? What was the point of it? She bit on her lip so hard that her teeth cut through it. She didn’t like it. Not one bit. It made her remember how Prim dated Mason and he’d treat her like she was some kind of goddess before. During that time, she had to be a bitch and separate them because it killed her to watch every single day and Prim playing with him. She couldn’t do anything about it because no matter how hard she tried to separate them, Mason always insisted. God, she hated those days.

Charrie continued to storm up into Jake’s room and attempted to twist the door knob of Jake’s room but found it locked. Why...? Why did Prim do all these things? She couldn’t understand that.

“Jake, please open the door. I’m so sorry. I really am,” She spoke with a voice falling apart. Mason then had came near and yelled out something to defend her. Charrie really had no excuse to go kissing Mason while she was dating Jake. She shouldn’t have but did anyway. She should have said something to him before she did anything with Mason. Suddenly, Jake unlocked his door. She rushed in and shut the door behind her, leaving Heath right outside. No matter what, the guy would not leave her!

“Did he really force you?” Jake raised an eyebrow, gazing down at her and moving close. No. She wanted to say. It wasn’t right to lie to him. If she said Mason didn’t, then she’d be force to torment Jake if she liked someone else. Why was even Mason helping out? She was actually surprised that he was covering for her.

“I don’t know... I really like you. You’re amazing, and always had my back, never touched me when I didn’t want to be touched. You’re perfect but-“

“-Oh god, Charrie! Don’t give me that ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ bull shit! I’m not stupid! I can see what’s going on between you two! Him visiting the hospital every day, and then you did the same thing. Prim told me what was going on, I just didn’t want to believe it. You were using me to get back at him, weren’t you!?” He suddenly yelled out hurt.

“Charrie, don’t cry...but I don’t forgive you. You’re right, we do need a break,” Jake whispered and then touched her lip. She only began to notice that her lip bled.

“I really am sorry,” She repeated.

“I know you are. You’re not manipulative like Prim,” He spoke “Just leave me alone for a while though... I need to think...” She apologized again but she end up going out of her room. She then met Mason eye to eye. She couldn’t believe he actually tried to cover her.

“Thank you and I’m sorry for blaming you for starting everything... I really thought it was your fault,” She was making a lot of apologizes today. At the moment, she felt like knocking Prim out senseless. Her eyes switched onto Prim with pure hatred.

“If you fucking touch him again bitch, or mess with Jake’s head I swear to god I’ll make you wish you were never born,” Charrie spat. She always kept her word. Always... Prim knew that very well. She didn’t care if Prim was going to cry and acts like the victim.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 5y 324d 6h 27m 59s
Mason had no idea where the courage to do such a thing came from, but he was so thankful for it. He held her gently, not wanting her to feel like he was trying to kidnap her or something. He knew that he surprised. her. She was squirming and kicking, and he was sure that he would be tackled any second. But when she stood still and wrapped her arms around his neck, he smiled into the kiss, glad she didnt pull away or slap him, or call him names. It was as if everything was turning out for the better since they both admitted they liked each other. He was so glad that she was okay with him kissing her. It made him happy inside to know that he was allowed to kiss her as well. As long as he didnt try anything so perverted.

"I did too Char. I meant every word. BUt I think you knew that" he felt her pull him closer to her, which he was completely happy about. Her warmth against his body, feeling her amazing junk on his chest. He was in heaven for a moment and as he pressed his bare chest against hers, it was like only a small piece of clothing was holding them back from being naked with each other. Letting his tongue enter passed her lips, he wrapped his around hers, playfully wrestling hers as he kissed her so passionately. It was like none of the kisses he experienced with her before. It was so much better because they knew they liked each other. Maybe even love. His heart was beating loudly against his chest, he was sure she could feel it against her chest.

But the little piece of heaven ended when she pulled away and looked back at Jake. Turning his head, he saw him with Prim and he thought that he was asleep. It was all Prim's fault. As he held onto Charrie's hands, he released them and let her go after Jake. They were technically the ones dating and he felt bad. It was as if he saw Charrie kissing Jake. He felt horrible inside. Running after the two of them, he made his way onto land, trying to help in any way he could. But when he ran towards the house, he saw Charrie slap Prim and his eyes widened. Did she finally realize everything had been her fault. When he approached, Prim grabbed his arm and she pulled him into a kiss. Her arms wrapping around his shoulders as she forced herself onto him, tackling him to the ground.

Mason was in utter shock. He shoved her off and pulled away, quickly getting to his feet. "You cheated on me! You had another guy. I dont care about your lies Prim. You made everything worse. Just stay away from me. Leave me alone!" he headed inside, trying to find the two. WHen he managed to catch up to them, he yelled something that he thought might help. "Jake! It's not her fault. I kissed her. She tried to struggle...but....I forced her to kiss me! I swear" he tried to tell him. He didnt know what he was doing right now. He didnt want Charrie to get in trouble for some reason. And he was also fixing them back together. After he spoke, he decided to keep his mouth shut, letting the two of them handle it from there.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 5y 324d 7h 23m 41s
While her head was in the clouds, she didn’t notice that he arrived. She was expecting him to come maybe late, or maybe invite that other girl. Just because they said it, didn’t mean that things were going to change. If only... Right now, she just wanted to do one thing only. Relax and enjoy floating in the water while she can because for all she knew it, she wouldn’t be able to relax again. His arms grabbed over her waist and for a second, she thought it was someone wanting to kill her again. She was ready to stab her elbow against the attacker. She then tossed around and felt his lips against hers. Her heart jumped out of her chest. It was different when they were tormenting each other. Maybe it’s because when they were kissing before, they were getting back at each other.

She closed her eyes and kissed him back, wrapping her arms around him, pulling him even closer. He knew that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. But, she was slightly afraid it would happen again. To torment each other until they really could never meet eyes. She opened her eyes and looked in the distance and saw Heath watching almost ready to jump in to get her. She ignored which gave Heath the okay.

“Mase, I meant what I said,” She said, just wanting him to be sure of it. Then she had noticed that they were half nude and wet. This was much closer than before. Even so, she pulled him back and used her tongue and a minute later she looked into the distance to notice Jake. Jake and Prim out there watching them. She gently pulled back Mason and her mouth dropped seeing Jake watching. She knew how it felt to watch someone she liked kissing someone else. She then swam toward the shore with sorrowful expression.

“Hey, I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean to-“She began and Jake just stared at her without saying a word and turned her way. Her stomach sank and the guiltiness was killing her again. Jake didn’t mean as much but it wasn’t fair to him. She was so caught up with this world that she forgot not to break someone’s heart. She glanced back at Mason and told him quietly “I should go talk to him...” She didn’t want to face it but she had to do it. Prim was fighting a smirk. That bitch! That’s it. She had it. She had it with Prim. Why was she always doing things like this? She stormed her way to Prim with rage in her eyes. Prim just looked over at her confusion. As soon as she was in front Prim, she slapped her right across the cheek.

“You fucking bitch. I helped you out with the bullies; I saved your ass when they were beating you and you fucking screw up my relationship with Mason and Jake. I always stood by you Prim. Prim stared at her shocked and hurt and turned her eyes up to her.

“How’s it my fault? I only did what I should have!” Prim exclaimed.

“You mean how you had to show me Mason kissing some other girl!? Just like how you dated him!? Then wake Jake up and do this to him!? You’re trying to make me seem like a bitch by kissing Mason and then ditching him to go to Jake. Stop messing with my life! You can’t have my life Prim! Get over it!” She screamed and was already to punch her best friend out but she was so much better than her.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 5y 324d 13h 8m 53s
Did she really say it? She actually liked him too? There was no way she would say such a thing. It was Charrie!?!? Of course he knew she found him attractive and that she kept it a secret, but hearing it just come out of her mouth was like true bliss. He didnt lose this war just yet. Maybe it's just on pause. Everything seemed like it was slowly getting better. Charrie hadnt done anything to him in the past ten hours, maybe it was going to get better. He wanted to try something. In his mind, he wanted to put her answer to the test. Maybe if they go for a swim, he could get cozy with her, to see if she really liked him. He would give it a try.

But when he looked up at Heath, he had to figure out a way to dodge him, or at least for everything to be okay. The only reason he would hurt Mason was if he touched Charrie and she didnt like it. WHen Heath looked surprised with his accusation, he shook his head "It may have started out like harassment, but in the end I dont think it was. There's not really any harassment in war Heath" he laughed softly. Pretty much all they did was harass each other since high school.

He remembered that there was a party last night. He couldnt go because he wanted his work done, but when he heard Charrie was drunk, a part of him was worried. What could have happened to her last night? Charrie never was drunk. SHe was always worried about losing brain cells or something like that. He didnt realize she was so upset or to the point of wanting to lose her mind.

But when he did mention Jake, he was glad the asshole was asleep. Unfortunately Prim was awake, but he didnt pay any attention to her. She was just some whore that played around with him. He would take Charrie's words of advice for real this time. Because even when she tried to warn him about certain things, somehow it ended up being true. Like she really did care sometimes, but she also didnt mind it if he was hurt in the end. SHe did like to point it out and tell him 'I told you so'.

She was going to head out to the lake. This way he could try his luck with Charrie. He knew she was going to be in a bikini so he didnt want to miss any of that silky skin. Making his way to his bedroom, he looked around for his trunks, finding some black and grey striped ones. He changed into them, grabbing a towel as well before he headed out the backyard.

Charrie was already floating down there. His eyes caught the glimmer of her body laying on the water and he grinned sneakily. "She was hott and every guy knew that. But Mason wanted more than that now. Maybe he just wanted her body before, but the way she kissed him, she had her own way of showing her affections. Making his way onto the grass, he ran in her direction, jumping into the water as he splashed her. Maybe Heath would dive in and separate them, but he had no intentions of hurting her. But he did have something in mind. He would risk getting hurt from Heath to try and pull it off.

When she resurfaced, he slicked his hair back and he laughed softly. They were still tormenting each other sometimes, but the intensity died down by a lot. He carefully wrapped his arms around her waist, thinking that Heath had already jumped in. He then leaned in to kiss her lips. He wanted to kiss her for so long. Since he was in the hospital. And this time, he didnt care if she pushed him away or if Heath beat him to a pulp, he didnt do it forcefully. He just pressed his lips against hers.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 5y 324d 14h 59m 56s
“Yup, I feel better and I like you too,” She laughed at his nervousness. It was great to make him feel nervous. It was fun playing around with him-but at the same time it was also real. In the end, they both lost. She knew that Mason probably thought he won because she got him to say it. Their goal to the war was to make each other miserable. At this moment, there was no misery. For such a long time she didn’t feel hate toward him. It was the exact opposite. But it was still soon to tell...right? Who knew what could happen. She never thought they’d go in full war in high school but it happened.

Charrie felt like going for a long swim. She liked floating in the water and staring at the sky because it cleared her mind. Having a pool at her home, she used to go at least once a weak. It’s been a while since she got into the water.

“Great, I’m going to take a dip. I miss going to my pool and just playing around,” She said and thought about where she put her bikini. She had no idea. She was going to have to search around her room for it or maybe just buy a new one. It was great that the place was near a lake. Hopefully it didn’t have a sea monster. She also had a thing about swimming near fishes-she hated it. It creeps her out. For sure, Heath was going to come because he had to go everywhere she went to go-except the shower and washroom. Otherwise, she was stuck with him.

“Of course, I’m paid to watch her and be around her all times and I didn’t almost kill Jake. Charrie over reacted but if you get near to touch her when she doesn’t want to be touched, I’ll have to get rough,” Heath promised. Heath was practically useless to Charrie right now. If he was here when they were in war it would have been helpful.

“Where were you when that actually happened? I don’t need you around Heath. I can take care of myself,” She scoffed.

“You harassed her?” Heath glanced at Mason in disbelieve and then commented on Charrie “You took yourself very well last night getting drunk,” Heath pointed.

“That was Prim’s fault,” She fought.

“No!” Prim whined “It was not!”

“You can’t blame your bad choices on her,” Heath said.

“Whatever... I’m going to get changed and go out to the lake. Who wants to come can meet me there. Jake’s still asleep so I’ll just leave him a note that we’re there,” She explained pretending like her mind wasn’t on what Mason said. She didn’t want it to seem like it affected her too much in case things did turn for the bad. But, she even thought about telling Jake it was off now. She knew Jake didn’t deserve it but she couldn’t help it. After so many years of fighting and having him and herself admit it, she didn’t want it to go back, not when they got this far. She first got into Jake's room, left a note than got up into her room until she found a black bikini, put on some shorts and then headed for the lake. She jumped right in and started to float in the water staring at the pure blue sky. The sun her skin felt really nice. Although, she was really annoyed that Heath was staring at her. She would wait for everyone else, now her mind was elsewhere.

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Yes he finally admitted it. He told her that honestly just because she knew it anyway. Heath was probably off to the side laughing at him. What was wrong if he liked her? Was it that impossible? They've been through so much hate and fighting, maybe that was how they treated each other, but they still grew up together. Ever since they were kids their minds were filled with happy endings and true love. He was always told that Charrie would be the one to end up with him, and still after all the fighting, a small portion of him deep down still believed that.

When she just stared at his face, seeing him blushing, she was right. He hated admitting it and he just wanted it to stop. He wanted her to stop bugging him about it all. It's not like she would say yes right? SHe had Jake. And he knew that one of them had to start it sooner or later and since Charrie was always so boxed in, he decided to just get it over with so that cloud above their heads would just go away. "I like you Charrie! Yes I said it! I like you. Do you feel better? Happy that you got it out of me?" he asked her, trying his best to hide the fact that he felt so lightheaded, so nervous inside all of a sudden. His whole world was spinning like he just blew the whole war over. It felt like she won, but he didnt want to make her feel that way. He knew nothing would change. She would still torment. The only thing they both got out of this was that everything was said in words. That he got that touch sentence off his chest. At least she knew one hundred percent now. That's all.

At first he was having such a good morning being by himself for once. He was getting tired of the social scene. And with all the talk about him being gay in his princess room, he didnt want to go to his friends and try to make things clear. At least Vince and Mark know the truth. They could be trying to fix things for him too. But when Prim entered the kitchen, he rolled his eyes. Who did she think she was just coming in here and talking like she was the queen. Like he would even spend the day with her? Let alone allow Jake to be with Charrie when he went through all this trouble admitting to her he like her. The day just got better and better.

Mason was partly shy. Only when it came to his emotions. And even though all Charrie thought was that he wanted girls for their body. He really liked them too. Though his shyness came first and he wasnt good at showing his feelings. If she went out with Jake today, maybe he would invite Claire as well. "I was thinking of going out to the lake to relax...but if you guys are so eager, maybe Ill be able to put up with you two" he said softly. It was the weekend. Maybe he would give them a chance. One great thing was that he was able to get his paperwork done. He just had to do the experiments.

Placing his dishes in the sink, he began washing them before looking up at Heath. "You're coming too I supposed bodyguard? If you almost killed Jake....I dont even want to know what's going to happen to me.." he shivered a little. Heck, maybe Heath was on his side, after all he didnt mind Charrie coming down to be sort of nice to him.
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