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"I know, I know. I wont test on myself. I have lab rats. But even then I still feel like a good person is worth the test if the outcome is ground breaking. I mean yes it's terrible, but it could also save millions of people's lives. So for me I think it's worth it. But I'll tone it down. Promise" he grinned and thought about his healing water. If this was finally let to the markets, he would be famous. His goals would be achieved and he would be a role model, a genius, a savior. People just wouldnt look down on him anymore, and thanks to Charrie's support, he didnt feel so helpless any longer.

"I may have the brains, but if you challenged me to fight....Im pretty sure my brain will be the first thing beaten down. Still it's nice to have strategy and a plan to work through. How else would I come up with those little sneak attacks on you. And you're not just brute strength either. You're smart with tactics and you're fast. Those skills combined make you one deadly girl to deal with. I doubt with all this training I will lay a finger on you. This is just to help me compare in attraction. Right now if someone saw us as a couple, they would wonder how in the world did I get such an attractive girl to be mine. I mean....a strong wind could blow me down" he laughed and just rolled his eyes.

"Dont laugh at me.....I was terrified. It's not everyday someone is after you with weapons. And for a person who cant fight, it was horrible. Of course I bursted into adrenaline mode. Here it's alright. I can take it easy and just work hard. After all that's the only way to get results" He looked up into her eyes as she laid over him. Sitting up, he stretched and rubbed his thighs from hurting so much. "I think Ill need assistance back to the tree house. We should get going before I collapse here. I doubt you can lift me up alone" he smiled at the thought of her becoming famous. She had a great dream and he could see himself beside her, supporting her. If she became famous, he just hoped that she kept him in his sights as well. He knew that day three years back he made her keep a promise, but he wondered if she even still remembered that.

As he held onto her shoulders for support, he walked through the trees as he followed his tracking device. In a few minutes, they were safely walking back to the entrance of the tree house, heading up the elevator. Days like these were so peaceful. It took a lot of hardwork to train today, but his mine was occupied, he had Charrie beside him, and he didnt feel like he had so many problems anymore.

Should we TS to when they're in good shape hun? Or discuss what should happen?

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  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 286d 15h 32m 5s
“You shouldn’t test anything on yourself whether it’s toxic or not” She frowned. He trusted his science a lot more than she would ever. She couldn’t. She trusted herself to hold a weapon and use it well but she doubt Mase, could handle there. There you go, they were practically equal. She shouldn’t ever look down on him because he couldn’t do the stuff she could and it shouldn’t go the other way either. It seemed being together like this, and focusing on this distracted them from everything else. It didn’t put so much stress over her mind.

“Most people don’t need to fight. You got something better,” She assured him. Other than her fighting skills, she was pretty creative. How else did she find much different way to torment Mason for many years? Then they had finished the half hour and he looked really tired. She knew it must have been really tough on him. If she was pushed to the limit she’d just break.

“It is better. Last time you just ran on adrenaline. It was too funny,” She laughed. It was great to see him trying so hard to do this. She honestly felt like they were getting better. Maybe it wouldn’t be too long before they got better and they’d just be able to live normally-or at least their normal. Maybe, she wasn’t exactly doing herself her favour by making him get so strong. Weather she liked it or not, guys had an advantage over their strength. She had good strength but she mostly just focused on moving quickly and inflicting the most damage possible. Then he’d have some advantage over her-yet, she’d still win in the end. Oh well, they would never get into war like that ever again.

“Ha, that’s a good number,” She said and watched him started to wobble. She giggled watching how much she pushed him. She should help him out. Moments like this seemed comfortable and easy to be with him. They weren’t fighting; they were just two people trying to get better. Then he lay there on the grass. It was a good time to call it quits. She didn’t want to kill him. She lay right beside him, hovering over.

“We can stop now,” She assured “You did great today. If we keep going at this, you’ll be good in no time. Once we can get better we can live normally. Go on with our lives. You go to work, I’ll get a job, make a film maybe even become a celebrity. Then... Then-well who knows what happens but I hope that it’ll be good.” Having that hope that things would turn her for the best want her to keep going. Staying away from her parents might just be what could make her better. She didn’t need to go to therapy. She didn’t want a strangers help. She’d rather have Mason, even if they were both twisted up.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 286d 15h 56m 30s
Mason knew that all of his hard work was going to benefit himself and his relationship with Charrie. If he was healthy and fit, he would be able to run from someone and not just solely depend on adrenaline. And if everything went well, he wouldnt need the alcohol and he would probably add another ten years to his lifespan, which was always a plus. The thought of running and doing pull and push ups was going to destroy fat and build muscle. The health benefits were great, but there was one thing he wanted other than that. He also wanted to defend and look good against Charrie. Sure she could beat him up to a pulp, but if this worked, he could at least put up a small fight, or maybe even pin her down. That would be lovely. It was rather odd that she was the one taking charge in this relationship. Usually the male's role was to be the strong and protective one. But then again, they werent ordinary. With the muscles, he could stand up to Charrie and not look like some skinny wimp. He didnt want to look like a bodybuilder or anything, a finely toned body was all he asked for. Charrie was amazing outside and underneath her clothes. He wanted to be as well.

The thought of experimenting on himself was brought up on accident. He didnt mean to worry her, but he did tend to use his concoctions on himself sometimes. "Dont worry. I wont use it on myself unless I know for sure it's not toxic" he promise, continuing his jog through the woods. Talking with her really helped him keep his mind off of his aching muscles and straight to his goal. He wasnt going to give up so easily. Yes it was tough, but with Charrie depending on him, he'd give his best.

After a while, he would walk and take a breather, trying to relax and gain some energy to continue. That's when she said that he wasnt so weak. And when he thought about it, she was right. Just the way she said it made him feel so relieved. "You're right Char. I guess IM not so weak in my world, but in yours I am. And you're the same. I never thought about it like that. But then again we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Mine's just fighting and beating people up to defend myself" he laughed softly, shaking his head before he continued running. After the half hour, he was standing against a tree, panting heavily as he held his hand against his chest. "Damn! That was tough, but definitely better than the first time"

WHen she asked about pushups, it actually wasnt that bad. "I can do at least thirty. You know those large glass bottles of chemicals dont lift themselves. So I guess you could say I have at least been working my arms" he stretched out his arms and wobbled them a little before kneeling to the ground. Luckily he had such a professional teacher. He was going to get fit in no time. And he was sure that Charrie wasnt depressed. His plan was if she had her mind on him, it was off everything else, and that was a great thing.

He started working on his arms and his core, barely making it past the first reps. He was tired from the run and was nearly going to pass out. "CHarrie. C-Can we take a break....or go back now. Im so exhausted" he laid back against the grass and just tried to take a breather. She had been pushing him to the limits and his body just couldnt take anymore today.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 286d 16h 32m 20s
“I’m proud of you, Mase. For trying hard. Just remember, you’re not just doing this for me but yourself,” She smiled at him. Even if it was slowly, they would get better until they didn’t have anything to worry about. Then, the better days would come. They wouldn’t live with their issues forever. If she focused on the great things that could happen if they did stop harming their bodies, than she wouldn’t think so much cutting. There was ways to stop it. As long as she didn’t feel depressed or those thoughts in her head overtook her, she’d be fine. She didn’t think testing chemicals on her would be safe. As much as she trusted Mase, she did not trust things that were mostly dangerous.

“No it’s fine...” She sighed “Yea, I do feel better now.” Then she heard about him testing it on himself. He was joking right? She stared at him with wide eyes. If he did, he would who knows what he could have done to himself “You’re joking, right? He was right but it still didn’t stop her dislike of chemicals. She couldn’t understand them, she never would. Science was never one of her strengths-actually her weakest. Mase may have been weak in her world but she was weak in his. She could never handle a battle of using her brains unless it involved strategies in a fight.

“Good, I wouldn’t ever want to get lost,” She sighed in relieve. They jogged for a couple of minutes only having to slow down again. She didn’t want to push him too hard. He needed to go on his own pace. Only when he’d start being lazy, she’d push. As the walked she decided to mention it, hoping it would boost up his confidence. She kept on reminding him and insulting him that he was weak.

“I just realized something. You may be weak in my world but I’m weak in yours. You always won in academics, I won in fights. So I guess you have no reason to feel weak, even if I call you that. I really suck at your stuff after all...” She admitted. They were actually pretty equal. Both of them were better at something different. Brains and brawns, who knew she’d be the brawns.

After walking, she had to get him to run again. He may have been tired out but it would be worth it. When he got too tired, she slowed down. Once they finished running they had to do some other stuff. She wasn’t really that tired. She was put through a lot of exercise back in the three years.

“Mase, out of curiosity. Exactly how many push ups can you do?” She raised an eyebrow. She was hoping not to hear the numbers from zero to ten. But she couldn’t say anything about that. She didn’t expect him to be able to do a lot. It was like expecting her to be good at chemistry. Although, she was pretty sure it took some good talent to screw up as bad as her during the classes.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 286d 16h 58m 2s
THe thought of testing a chemical on Charrie was very risky. He knew exactly what it did, but she was right. It was best not to put anything on her at all. And he didnt want to risk her life either, maybe just keeping her mind occupied with something else was their best bet. Still, he didnt understand why Charrie was so afraid of him and the lab. He really wished she had a little more confidence in his work. He was a scientist after all. Everything in the lab inspired him. Ever since that day when Charrie caused an explosion in class, he was fascinated. Just combining a few simple natural chemicals can cause the world to end. He loved trying to figure out what was something new he could invent. It was endless and Mason loved it when things were like a puzzle.

"Okay okay. Tree bad. We wont climb any trees, but Ill at least try to do some pull ups and crunches. I want to get those abs for you" he smiled at the thought. Usually if Charrie wanted something he could buy it for her. But he couldnt by physical activity. He had to do it himself. It required hardwork and if it wasnt for her, he probably wouldnt even be doing it. But he wanted to be healthy as well.

"Im sorry Char. I was just thinking. I didnt mean to scare you or anything, your safety is priority number one. Not all chemicals are bad you know. All those medicines that people make. Look how that painkiller stopped the fever. I bed you're feeling good right now arent you?" he was glad he could heal away her sickness at least. "Im wont do any experiments on you. I will test it out on myself first" he joked, knowing that he would always use a lab rat. But sometimes he did use a few chemicals to see what it would to to him. It wasnt the smartest idea, but he would always know first hand what to do differently.

"Okay half an hour. Got it!" he was taking in a deep breath, trying to stall the run. DOnt worry Char, I have a tracking device on my wrist. It shows me where the tree house is. We wont get lost" he assured her. Plus he had his phone. Dale could locate them as well.

WHen she pushed him, he was a little surprised, but she was right. He needed to get going. So he spent the next few minutes running down a random path. It was hard after about the first fifteen, but he started to walk for a moment and catch his breath. Having Charrie beside him to root him on was more helpful than he thought. This was harder than he thought it's be. Doing this everyday didnt seem fun at all.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 287d 13h 45m 34s
The mention of gym bothered her. She always hated gym through the years of school. Sure, she beat up most of the girls and guys in soccer, baseball, self defense and running but it was no fun. She got lazy and decided to sit most of time out. That dropped her mark but she could care less. Gym just bored her out of her mind because there felt no real challenge to it. It was the same sports they did every year after all. Charrie didn’t think he could handle trees. She had trouble getting down from them if she went a good height. She got stuck plenty of times.

“Maybe it’ll be better but I won’t make any promises. Mase, if I get stuck up a tree with you, we’re not going down until someone finds us. Good, let’s see if you can last a full half hour this time,” She smiled back. She wasn’t exactly going to go easy on him. This time, she will follow in his pace. It wasn’t about her exercising now, she was pretty much fit. He needed it. She waited patiently for him outside and then he finally arrived. Then she heard what he had in mind. Her eyes just popped. Was he being serious? Putting a chemical on her!?

“Mase, I’m not your lab rat!” She had to remind him “Besides, even if I put it on my wrists, if I can’t cut there, I’ll find another place. Can’t dumb a chemical all over me... I know you’re just trying to help but you said ‘testing.’ I don’t want any experiment to be done on me.” She couldn’t help but freak out on it. When she thought of chemicals she thought of explosions and toxins that killed people. Her thoughts tended to be violent and because of incidents she had playing around with chemicals in the science classroom when she was forced to-she couldn’t look at it any other way. In her defense, the teacher left the classroom unwatched for a good five minutes. Apparently, that was enough for her younger self to get bored and see what would happen if she combined some stuff together. She was pretty sure Mason knew about one of those incidents. She had more than one.

“Not running, if I ran you wouldn’t be able to catch up. We’re just going to jog for a half an hour. If you need to take a breath, just start walking for a bit and start jogging again. This time I won’t leave you out of my sight-at all. Oh and please make sure you know how to get us back,” She hoped. She slightly stretched and once she was done that. She pushed him from behind to get him start jogging and then start jogging-more like speed walking beside him. She looked around the scenery “I really love nature... It’s so much better than being in the city with all that noise.”

Night :)
  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 287d 14h 38m 42s
The fact that Mason was a chemist did mean that he could make medicines and sell them. He was doing that. He made his healing water and that would be on the market soon enough. Once the town's people figured out how much faster it healed wounds than ordinary antibiotics, he would be rich. Probably richer than his parents. But that wasnt the only reason why he was doing it. Yes the money was great, but he would be recognized and he would be famous. Those people that looked down on him, his parents, Heath, his friends, Prim. Well not anymore they wont. As soon as his healing water hits the market, he knew his life would change. People will see how amazing he was just like how Charrie saw him.

As soon as Mason finished washing up the dishes, he headed into the room. He slipped into his basketball shorts and into a wifebeater before walking up to her. "I hope it's more fun than a gym. I dont think I could handle climbing the trees, but as long as you're with me...I think I can do it. I can definitely do the running. I know Ill last more than ten minutes" he grinned determined to make her proud. To get back into shape and to gain some muscle. It was much better than being seen in the city and almost having the chance to lose your life from her father.

When he started heading down the elevator, he chuckled and shook his head "Well I had a feeling that I could help you out with the wrist thing. It'll have to wait until we got back though. I know a chemical that would be nearly indestructible from practically any knife. We can test it out on on your wrists. Dont worry. It doesnt stick to skin. It can come off easily" he tried to tell her. Hopefully she wasnt freaked out, but he wanted to help her.

"Okay so what are we starting with? A nice mile? Or just running?" he was starting to get unexcited since it was actually getting closer to running.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 287d 15h 3m 33s
“Yea... That wouldn’t have been good,” She admitted “Still, that pill better work, for the sake of both of our lives.” He was good at chemistry, meaning he had to be really good at figuring things out like this. Why was he doing weapons and such when he could have just come up with different medicine and gain a lot of money? Well, anything he wanted to do, he could do it. That reminds her, she needed to go get a job or start that film she had in mind. She liked living on her parent’s money and such but she didn’t like taking advantage of them. She’d rather just come up with the money on her own. Of course, she had to borrow some to do that... As he pointed out running around the forest, she was going to mention that they could possibly get lost. Getting lost in the wilderness wasn’t a good one. There was a time in Russia she did have to sort of do some camping. It was hell. There was no electronics and no bathrooms. Otherwise, she didn’t mind camping too much and she loved standing in nature.

“We could, it’s more fun than doing it in a gym,” She smiled and then laughed “It’s more challenging. But, I don’t think you can handle climbing trees Mase. I can get up there, pretty high but getting down is a different story. As long as we don’t go too high, we should be fine. Unless you already know how to do it.” She was actually looking forward to it. Sure, it would be simpler to go into the city but if they were going in there they had to be careful. If they saw Mason, they’d follow him to her. Getting away is fun, getting caught not so much. He didn’t seem as bad as last time she mentioned him. She didn’t know any other way to explain that they could get caught because he was the one trying to track her down.

“That’s good. I’m glad you’re not worried,” She smiled at him. She was just waiting for him to finish up eating. She was such a pig at times. She nodded at getting ready. She got up from the chair and then he got her curious about what he had meant. What was it? What might she not agree about? She raised an eyebrow.

“Okay, you should tell me what’s on your mind when I come back from changing though. Meet me outside than,” She told him. She didn’t like being left in the dark. She then changed into another pair of jeans and t-shirt that she brought along with her here. She tied up her hair and then took the elevator down. She wanted to come up with ways of what help he meant but couldn’t.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 287d 15h 52m 21s
WHen she drank down the pill, he wasnt too worried anymore. Contraceptives worked at a good eighty percent. And not to mention the fact that increased the concentration. So he easily bumped it up to at least an eighty five or maybe even ninety percent that it would work. He wasnt too worried. "I dont think kicking harder would of helped at all. I would of probably had them removed if they didnt work, and that means...well...we wouldnt love each other the same. But you're right Char. No matter what happens, we can figure things out together. I know we can" he leaned over, hugging his arms around her, assuring her that nothing would go wrong. As long as they had each other, he would try and make sure neither of them were murdered.

The thought of going out did worry him. He didnt want any chance of anyone ever finding them at all. If they went back to the city, maybe Heath would track them down, or worse, her father holding a shotgun looking around town for him. He didnt want to risk anything. "You're right Charrie. We should probably stay here. I could always just run around the forest with you. I know how to get back to the tree house anyways. Maybe we can even do some pull ups on the branches, or climb the trees for core and arms. We can use it as a gym?" he suggested, hoping that maybe she could train him in a place like this. It could work. They'd kill two birds with one stone. He would Gain strength and they could both break their habits with each other's company.

When she mentioned HEath, he sighed a little, honestly not feeling too bad anymore. He felt okay. After last night he didnt doubt that she would ever be with Heath again. Last night was beyond amazing and no matter what happened, he wouldnt regret it. "It's okay Char. Im not all that worried anymore. I know you love me" he winked and blew her a kiss before sitting down and starting to eat up the breakfast he made. "Let's get ready then. We can work and play. I also have an idea that could help you....although Im not sure you'll agree to it so willingly" he smirked.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 287d 16h 13m 16s
As she drank the pill down she watched him over her eyelids walking around the room. He really seemed worried that she was going to be. It was just the day after. It was too soon to worry about something that would probably never happen. She trusted that this pill would work anyway. It had to. If it didn’t than she’d be angry at both of them. She just couldn’t afford to let something like that happen. The hell that would be brought up if it happen. Damn, they should really think things thru before they go and have sex without thinking of the consequences. All those health classes for nothing! Their father’s would kill them! Their mothers could go either way. But otherwise, it was safe to say that they will be killed if she did get pregnant. It was too fast. She didn’t want to hit fast forward-if it ever happens.

“I should have kicked harder than,” She groaned. She became worried when he heard that the nurse said he was okay. That couldn’t be good. She felt the color drain out of her skin. Now, she was scared of it. Ugh, and she thought this morning was going to be a good one. She didn’t think she had anything to worry about. Now she had to worry about the consequences of sleeping with each other and not thinking about it. She just trusted that this would work and nothing terrible was going to happen. She just had to calm them both down. He seemed calm when he hugged her but they weren’t out of the loophole yet.

“Mase, although I don’t think it’ll happen. There’s still a chance. But even so, we’ll figure it out,” She promised and then they were on talking about food. She loved food. She loved him for cooking her food. She thought about heading into town but she was pretty sure Heath was going to look for her in every inch of the town. If they went any places they went before, she could be caught. If they went into a familiar car, and Heath tracked it down-well she was screwed. She’d be shifted right into therapy and at this point, she actually believed she didn’t need it. The thoughts weren’t coming in her head right now. She was worrying about the after effects of sleeping with each other. As long as things went normal for her, then they were good.

“Bacon and eggs sounds great,” She assured and as they walked into the kitchen “I want to get out but if we’re going to go to town, we have to find a car that Heath doesn’t recognize to get out of here. We can’t go to places we normally go either. He’ll track me down. Trust me... I know how hard he tries to track me down.” Then she caught her mouth remembering she wasn’t supposed to talk about Heath. Maybe this was an exception. She frowned and had to apologize “Sorry... It just came out. I didn’t meant to mention him. I just wanted to explain that we had to be careful.” She should really watch her mouth more.

“I like the idea of you going to the gym though,” She admitted “I want you to get healthy and fast. Just like how I want to stop myself from getting sick or injuring myself.” Then the food was put on the table. She sat down and smiled at it. She looked up at him “Thanks for the food. You really are the best boyfriend.” Well, anyone who made her food was the best but Mase was at the top out of all of them, simply because she loved him. She started to eat and it didn’t take her long to finish up.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 287d 16h 47m 9s
That was no simple prank. It was torture. WHat if he did get her pregnant? Then what? Everything they worked hard for was ruined. He would be instantly killed by her father, his parents would be devastated and start a way. His father would probably kill CHarrie and then the world would simply end for the two of them in existence. No matter the cost, he needed to make sure Charrie wasnt pregnant. WHen he entered his lab, he looked through his compounds and he began shuffling through his books. He found the one for a contraceptive and he made sure he did everything exact. He was chemist after all. He could make anything, and he's had years of experience, both at school and at his job. THe one thing he was certain of was that to be a chemist you had to be precise, or you could end up killing yourself in the process, or killing the girl you loved. How could Charrie even doubt him. It was the only thing he was really good at.

When he held the pill and water, he placed it before her, shaking his head as he began walking around. He doubled the contraceptive to be sure it would work. Still, he really hoped that Charrie wasnt angry with him. "I dont know Char. The nurse said I was okay down there" he was biting on his lip with worry. This wasnt the best way to start out the day. Because he didnt regret what happened last night, not unless it led to everything.

WHen she told him to calm down, he blinked curiously and then he nodded his head, glad she was okay. He felt her arms around him and he smiled, hugging her tightly. "You scared me to death. But it's okay. It's not the first time my life has been in danger" he gulped and stood on his feet. "Okay, as long as you're okay. How does eggs and bacon sound? Maybe me and you can even head back into town today, or do you just want to stay here?" he made his way into the kitchen and put some bacon in the oven and started working on some eggs. He knew that this alcohol problem would fly by if he was happy with Charrie like this. He was doing great today. "Or maybe we should head to the gym" he shrugged and sighed a little. He promised he would get in shape.

Plating all of the food onto the table, he called her over and sat down beginning to eat. He honestly didnt mind taking care of Charrie. THey would help each other out. He would gain muscle and she wouldnt die of starvation. It was pretty much equal.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 287d 17h 15m 4s
Who knew she’d be sleeping with him in a hideout in the wilderness. If couples were getting away to do something, they’d got to a hotel or random public areas. This was different and much better. There weren’t city noises bothering them. It was purely the sound of nature. It felt like a dream, something out of a book or movie. It was a real moment that she won’t ever forget. No matter happened; she’d never be able to let him go. Waking up to him besides her smiling, she wished something like this could happen every day. She kissed him softly back and he pulled her so close. She was slightly afraid of losing each other again. If she had to leave again after this memory, she wouldn’t able to handle it. She had enough of the depression. His words made her sure that it couldn’t happen. His hands ran through her hair, hearing him whisper he loved her. It was perfect. It was a fairy tale. She never wanted this moment to end and then-here came Mason panicking. She didn’t want that to end either.

She was forced to hide a smile of amusement at his wide eyes. He froze up. She couldn’t blame him. If she thought she would be prego, she would freeze in spot and go insane and then... Oh god, there really was a chance. They really did have sex, and they went full on last night. She was pretty sure they taught her in health class that if a person did have intercourse-there was a chance. Hell if she did, it would be seriously bad. A kid in the middle of their issues would be so crazy bad that it was just not possible. Her dad would murder Mason. And that was a statement. It wasn’t too funny anymore but it couldn’t happen, right? Nah... As much as the world hate her, they wouldn’t do that to her. Meanwhile, she’ll just watch Mason freak out.

“Hmm, good thing I kicked you in the balls a good enough strength then,” She frowned. That would stop it. She wasn’t sure if it was a good thing he was making these medicine and pills up on his own. What if he by accident made a mistake and it killed her? What was she? An experiment? She relaxed her thoughts knowing that he was smart; he knew his stuff and wouldn’t make a mistake. He rushed out in panic. That pill probably would fix the problem if there ever was one but she’ll still go through with the prank. Watching him panic knows made her smile. Once she was make sure he couldn’t hear. She just laughed and sat up. She got out of bed and then just put on her long hoodie on and lay back on the bed, resting her head against edge. He came back and looked up at him and decided to be safe and take it.

“It’s fine Mase. I forgot too. Calm down, if anything happens it would be my fault too. And I won’t kill you but my dad will if he ever found out,” She honestly said. It was funny. As long as it still remained untrue. She’d go insane if it weren’t. She got up from the bed and then hugged him.

“If I didn’t get it last time, than I won’t this time. So, don’t worry too much,” She comforted. Then he’ll be really hit when she takes this to another level in a good amount of weeks. She’ll buy a pregnancy tester and then change it into positive and put it somewhere where he could see. It would be funny and then she’ll tell him the truth. She took a back step hiding her hands into the hoodie long sleeves.

“So, can we please have breakfast now?” She asked smiling.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 287d 17h 35m 54s
It was such a calm morning. The sun was seeping through the windows of the tree house and shining down on their naked skin. It was quiet, peaceful. Only the sound of chirping birds around. No one knew of this place. It was deep in the forest, there wasnt even a trail. Mason had put in a tracking device in the tree house so he'd never lose it. Only Dale was away of it's whereabouts. He just hoped that no one did anything to him. Heath knew that Mason always gave Charrie a ride in Dale's car. Hopefully he didnt harm the man. But either way, Dale wouldnt tell a soul, even if his life depended on it.

His eyes just calmly watched hers as her and touched his cheek. He closed his eyes and smiled as he leaned forward, kissing her lips softly. His arms wrapped around her, wanting to feel her warmth, to still be beside her. It was as if he didnt want her to go. Ever. "I promise. I wont let them take you away from me. No one knows of this place. We're safe here" he told her, running his fingers down her beautiful red hair gently. "I love you too Char. So much" he whispered softly, brushing his lips against her cheek before he heard her speak.

WHen she mentioned no protection, his eyes widened and then he froze suddenly. "I-I....I forgot! W-We need to get you a contraceptive....I know how to make one...but then again the chances are low. They're even lower since you kicked me in the balls...but still. I need to make one. Y-You stay here. I need to make a pill just in case!" he turned onto his side, slipping on his boxers before going a little crazy. He couldnt of gotten her pregnant. That would be bad, especially if they were in a state like this.

Mason was hurrying around the tree house, he pranced around to his lab, quickly using his chemicals to make a contraceptive. It wasnt too late to take it. It was prescribed to be taken the morning after anyways. THey could make it on time if she was. Once he finished making the pill, he rushed over with a glass of water. "Here Char, drink this....Im so sorry. Last night was so sudden...I forgot....but this should work. Dont kill me" he mumbled softly.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 287d 18h 11m 59s
As soon as he promised he would, she gave her brain the okay. Even if he didn’t, she’d find a way to encourage him. He would because he knew he had to get healthy and not do it for her but for himself. If everything were going to be fixed than it should be fine to do this now. He found herself being shut up by his kiss. It was much different than last time. Last time they were in her room, blasting up the movie volume so that Heath couldn’t here. They had to bother to lock up the doors and made sure no one could come in. There was no need to worry about it now. When they were tired enough that they couldn’t do more she felt as if her life was fulfilled. Of course it wasn’t yet. They had to get better, they had to know each other to the core and continue their life. She didn’t regret it. She won’t regret it, not unless... Shit, no protection. I better not get... She thought to herself. Chances of that were low. Although, it did give her an idea to prank Mason later on. A small one that would be nothing harmful and amusing.

Her eyes fluttered open again when his arm went around her. She gazes up at him not making a sound and then he gazed down at her. She smiled a little as he spoke “Morning.” This actually happened. Last night wasn’t a dream and they didn’t have to separate after this unlike last time. She couldn’t bear to be separated by him. She brushed her hand on his cheek and then his arm.

“I don’t want us to separate like last time again,” She mentioned “Last time, the next day after we slept with each other, we were pulled apart.” He seemed so happy. He seemed the most happiest when they slept with each other. She knew it wasn’t for the pervert reasons he’d have when they were at war. It was different. She opened her mouth going to say she was sort of hungry. But he spoke out first and she just smiled.

“Good, I was just going to mention that,” She laughed and watched him grin. Today couldn’t possibly go wrong. She just couldn’t possibly be in a bad mood today. Not after this. If something ruined this day, she’ll goes insane. If somebody interrupts, she’ll show them exactly how her skills improved.

“I love you, Mase,” She declared. Then wanted to scare him a little... She wanted to see his reaction.

“We went pretty far last night, with no protection. You better hope nothing comes from this,” She forewarned of her future prank. She always wanted to get her boyfriends scared to death that she was going to be prego. It just really hit her that he was her boyfriend. She always wanted to pull something like this. To see their reaction... It would be funny-unless it was real. Then it was not funny at all.

“We can stay here all day if we want. No one is going to bother us,” She reminded. That was a great feeling. Not being bothered. She had to eventually change though. At least put one article of clothing because she couldn’t stay in bed all day.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 287d 18h 39m 2s
Mason had been such a loner the past three years. It really changed him into the mature male he was today. Sure he didnt have many friends, but he was able to live on his own for three years. His parents still sent him an allowance, but when he became an alcoholic, his mother stopped giving him money. It wasnt until he was able to live without his parents money did he figure out that it took hard work to get what he wanted. So through those months he had to keep searching for a job, but when he finally landed one, he was able to appreciate hardwork and what money could buy. So he wasnt as spoiled as Charrie, but he now had to work for his money. Fortunately for him, his job had a very high salary. SO he was slowly getting to that spoiled part again.

Charrie was very demanding, but he was sure that she wouldnt yell or hurt him if he didnt get her what she wanted. Besides the food or helping her up, that took a little effort like screaming his name, or saying please. But if it was something material that she wanted, Mason would usually just grab it for her. He was usually happy when she was, so if he bought her something she wanted, she would be happy and then he would be one happy boyfriend as well.

This makeout session led to something so much more. Not only were the both of them happy, they were back to normal, their minds only focused on each other, just like it should be. WHen they loved each other like this, no problems mattered. Alcohol was definitely something Mason didnt care for at this moment. When she begged him to sleep with her, he didnt care how fast they were going. Three years was long enough and he was going to make sure that nothing got in their way. He was going to love her like he wanted.

As he laid over her on the bed, he nodded his head "Ill work out Char. I promise. Just....shhh" he pressed his lips back against hers, shutting her up so he could just help her out of all of her clothes. It was perfect. It was so much better than their first time. It was so sexy, intense, and rough. There were no distractions at all. No one to stop them, no loud sounds of a comedy in the background, just him loving her. After catching his breath, he laid beside her, tangled with her beneath the sheets. He managed to fall asleep within a matter of seconds, being so exhausted, but completely satisfied. Only Charrie could ever make him feel so loved and happy.

In the morning, Mason was feeling so relaxed. His eyes opened and he just felt Charrie beside him, snuggling. It was like everything was perfect, even for just a moment. His arm draped over and around her bare back as he held her close. No interruptions, no jumping out of buildings. He could relax here with her safely. "Morning my love" he glanced down at her, seeing how beautiful she looked beside him. She was all for him and that just put a smile on his lips. "Dont worry. You dont have to demand anything. Ill make you breakfast as soon as I stop feeling so good!" he sighed in happiness as he grinned.
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