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Mason didnt know if she wanted to sleep by him, so he just took the couch that night. He walked into the kitchen, eating alone a the table. He felt miserable for the first time in a long time. THe nobel prize was his, but nothing meant anything if you didnt have anyone else to share it with. Sitting at the dinner table, he sighed softly, taking deep breaths as he tried to relax. The thought of his relationship with Charrie falling apart wasnt something he had planned. He thought he'd be with her for a long time. Hopefully more than a year. But all this publicity, this whole prank with the pregnancy test was breaking them apart. He missed pranking her sometimes, but he didnt want that to end their relationship. So once he finished dinner, he slowly made his way to his room, pulling the sheets over his head as he tried to sleep.

The next morning, he woke up a bit later than usual from having no sleep. WHat could he do? There wasnt much that he had going for him besides the fact that his work was just down the street. He could work at home if he wanted since he did have his own lab. But he wanted to get out of this house. Once he took a shower, he dressed in his collared shirt and black pants as he slipped into his white coat. As he walked into the kitchen, he saw the note on the fridge and sighed. That was their only communication. The notes on the fridge. He read the note and looked at the time, seeing it was nearly ten.

Taking a seat on the couch, he turned on the tv and watched Charrie's interview, not really expecting there to be much really. He just expected her to talk about her movie. Whatever it was. It probably had nothing to do with him or something. Or maybe she'd apologize? Who knows, it was all a surprise.

As he watched, he was completely stunned. Not only did she reveal to everyone she'd been dating him, but she also reveal what their entire lives were like. He was blinking in shock. He couldnt believe she said he was unmanly and weak. What will that do to him? Yes she said he was a genius and won a nobel prize, but that didnt do anything! He was in danger now of being beaten up. He was honestly glad she cleared the air, but was her movie really about their relationship? She didnt need to talk about their past lives did she?

After the interview, he hoped not much has changed. BUt he doubted that. WHen he headed outside of his door, he noticed a male on tv. It was the same male he saw on tv that confessed that he was dating Charrie. "So you're that man she's been dating? Mr. Genius Hmm? You dont look any different. In fact you look just like she said. A weakling!" he laughed and shoved Mason through the door. He fell back against the hardwood floors, and stared up at him in shock. "Hey! Leave me alone. I dont want any trouble!" he tried to tell him as he backed up into the living room. Ryan walked past the table and stood before him. "I dont know what she sees in you, but you're not a threat!" he reached back and right hooked Mason in the face. "Thanks to her my career is over. They'll think Im a liar just when I've started. But since she's so busy, I thought, Why not punish her weak boyfriend instead" he smirked, pulling Mason up by the shirt. "Im just headed to work. Just leave me alone" he struggled, using what strength he had, but clearly Ryan was much stronger. He had been working out for his latest film and that required him to have a muscular tone.

As Mason crawled back, he reached behind the kitchen sink, seeing one of his chemical spills in a beaker. He quickly grabbed it and tossed it towards Ryan's face. He yelled in pain, his hands covering his face as he started to feel his skin burning. "WHat the hell is this? You creep!" he couldnt see and was in so much pain. Mason stood onto his feet and quickly shoved him out the door, locking it shut. He then called the police, hoping that they'd get this man off his property.

WHen they took him away, Mason sighed in relief. Ryan might have a few scars on his face, but Mason was just doing self defense. He found some ice and placed it into a bag, holding it against his eye. It was throbbing where Ryan had punched. He was sure it was bruising by now. Probably a black eye.
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She would never become pergo, if she ever had a thought in it. She didn’t like it. The thought of it bothered her. Accidents like that just won’t ever happen if she was careful enough. Besides, it has been a while and there was zero percent chance. She was at least thankful for that because she did still want to continue doing films and everything she else dreamed of but she was afraid if they were drifting apart. She didn’t like being only able to come afternoons but if she didn’t than she’d miss out so much. Maybe there was a solution to it. Who knows...? She wanted to try.

For all she knew, she was over reacting because she was tired. She didn’t even know why it came over her head. She knew he’d stay. She didn’t want to fall apart. She didn’t work so hard for them to be together to only fall apart. Slowly falling apart was the worst that could happen at this point. Maybe it was her fault they were falling apart because she was barely there. She shrugged the thoughts off her head and had to remind herself not to just set the blames on herself. If she did that, it would be making she only depressed and that’s how everything started in the first place. She fell asleep and woke up early morning. She got up and followed regular routine and put another note on the fridge.

Sorry I did that. I don’t know why I did. At ten, turn on the TV, wherever you are and watch my interview, okay? I don’t want us to fall apart Mase... Let’s try to make time for us.’ As she finished she got dressed up and then headed to the studio. Today she was supposed to talk about the upcoming movie. Normally, people who organized the movie, or was the director would not be famous. It was only because she was young and attractive that she was noticed. It wasn’t too long before the interview was set up. She was going to spill out of everything. They wanted to know what the movie was going to be about.

“Actually, the movie is inspired on the relationship with my boyfriend,” She stated and the audience was taking back and so was the host. Well, she was going to admit it now. She needed this break from the accusations.

“I’m not dating Ryan Collin. I’ve never dated anyone through my career and never will because I love my boyfriend-Mason,” She stated and then looked into the camera “Hey, Mase, if you’re watching this. Good luck with the more publicity you’re going to get!” Her dad was going to have a heart attack. Their mom’s were probably going to faint that she purely announced it.

“Mason is a scientist, completely known and a lot less manly than me. He’s the brains and I’m practically the brawns,” She explained.

“Can you tell us how you met?” She asked.

“We’ve known each other since birth. Our mothers were best friends, our fathers are enemies. We were told we were going to marry each other by our mothers. So, our first kiss was when we were playing bride, and it was time to the kiss the bride-so we wondered how it would feel-and we did,” She explained and the crowd went awe. She started to explain their rage for each other in high school and they had to split after awhile because of some kind of trouble and tried to help each other out until they ended up here.

“My boyfriend can’t be replaced. No one would expect us to be together. He’s a genius in chemistry, won a noble prize. If I play with chemicals, I’ll make something blow up or accidently kill a person. I can fight, beat up people pretty bad and he was once so weak the wind probably could blow him down. And no matter how many times I make him miserable, he stays by me. If I let that ever die off, I’d be one of stupidest person in the world. That’s what the movie is about,” She explained and then they talked some more. Once it was finished, she took a deep breath out. She was actually nervous for the first time in her life. She talked to the host for a bit and then left. She went over to the dojo and Heath stared at her in a different light. He watched didn’t he? She actually admitted it out into public and that would probably give her less privacy than before. She taught some of the kids and the little boy was jealous that she had a boyfriend. She already told this before to them but they probably didn’t believe it. Once that was finished she decided not to go to the party. She just went straight home wondering if he did watch it. The moment she stepped through the door her mother called and was screaming. It sounded like she was being murdered but she was just excited she blurt that all out on TV.

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Mason was still upset with the whole pregnancy thing. He couldnt believe she was still so childish. A prank like that didnt make anyone laugh. It only hurt people. And Mason felt like he failed the test she was trying to give him. How could he pass, he thought she was really pregnant. And they both knew that right now was no time for a baby. Not only did they not have enough time for each other, but they were suddenly going to have a kid? Mason didnt mind having a family with her sooner in the future, but now was talking like crazy. What kind of child was going to come out of two busy people who werent even married? They were celebrities and had their own lives. The child wouldnt be well taken care of and Mason decided that if they were to start a family, that wouldnt be the case.

But the fact that she was going to tell the world that he was her boyfriend made him smile. He was glad she felt so proud to be his. At first he thought she didnt tell anyone because in the entertainment industry he was nothing. There was no benefit to telling the world she was dating a small town guy. But now that he thought of is, it would make her life easier by calming down the lies and paparazzi.

"Char....it's not that I dont want it. Just think about it. We cant take care of a child right now. But like I said, if you really were pregnant, we'd deal with it together. I promise" Mason never went back on his promises and Charrie should know that by now. And the thought of her being angry with him when all he did was try to please her, made him even more upset. "Im sorry. I dont want a child right now. Maybe in the future when we have all the resources for one" he watched her mention his career and he just rolled his eyes. "Just do what you want Charrie. My career wont suffer at all. I've already won the prize okay. Nothing can change that I invented Mason water. You need to do what's best for yours" he spoke softly, looking up at her as she walked into the bedroom. It wasnt exactly the afternoon and night he was expecting. He barely saw her anymore and all they did was fight when they did. They barely had any intimacy and she was slowly growing distant. Maybe they just werent meant to be like this.
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“It never will be true. But I don’t want to keep having to tell you it isn’t. I always thought if I did become famous that accusations like this would come. I don’t want to be one of those celebs who losses their boyfriend because of the media and rumours,” She admitted “I’m glad you didn’t think it was true or else I wouldn’t know what to do.” She really did love him; she never wanted him to doubt that. She never doubted that he loved her either. Sure, they may not be meeting face to face except the afternoon’s lately but it was still were there. She just hoped that they didn’t get so busy that they won’t be able to barely see each other at all. If that were to happen, she’d just start to tone down her career. She wanted to reach her dream to the limit but there were certain things that she’d never sacrifice for it. Being alone, wealthy and famous was useless if you didn’t have people around you.

“Thank you,” She smiled at him hugging her “I feel guilty for putting this on you but I just want everyone to know I don’t date people like that and I wouldn’t because I have you.” The only funny about what she did was that his eyes went at her stomach as if anything was there. Although, when she set out this prank with Prim when they were in high school of what they’d do, it wasn’t meant to be funny at the start. But she thought with Mason it would be. The purpose of it was to figure out their reaction and if they’d leave after it. Testing if they really loved you that much... So if this were really to happen, Mase would be upset. It was like a little clip of what would happen. His eyes went so wide and he looked like he’d pass out. She’d panic if that were to happen but she’d just accept it. A part of why she was so interested in film was because her mother had the same dream. But she scarified it for Charrie. When she asked her mom if she regret it, she never did. She wanted to make the dream come true and she did. She was big in the film industry. Her mom was so proud of her right now, even after cutting.

“Yea, I get it, you don’t want it,” She sighed hearing him say he really couldn’t. It’s not like she would but it kind of hurt to hear it. The career was way more important to him. Why wouldn’t it be? He just became so rich and known for it and helping people out with the medicine he created. Then she watched him relaxed but she still felt tense. Then he said he didn’t have a choice. He did. He can just leave. She knew he wouldn’t, not ever but if that’s the way he felt, maybe it was right.

“I won’t do anything to screw up your career. Don’t worry... I won’t even mention you tomorrow. It won’t be good for your career to be dating a celeb,” She muttered not even looking at him. IT wasn’t her fault. She could have blown out but she didn’t. He knew how bad she can get in a bad temper and this was a calm one. Who could blame her after hearing that though? That the career is more important? She knew that some people were married to the career. She got up from the couch.

“No thanks, I’m not hungry,” She decided and just went into the bedroom and lay down there. She was upset but she wasn’t going to admit it. Tomorrow, she had a couple of things to take care of and continue with building up that film. No one knew what the film was about, Mase didn’t know. It was about their life-well it was inspired but it, it wasn’t exactly like it. She tried to get some sleep but couldn’t.

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Mason knew that whenever there was something going on on tv, it had to be fake, especially things revolving around Charrie. SHe couldnt possibly be dating some guy she didnt really know. But still. That didnt mean it was all gone. He wanted to ask her to be sure it wasnt true, because he knew some people that just woke up one day and decided it was over. Maybe that could happen to them. She could just wake up one day and fall in love with another actor that wasnt him. The thought of that happening to them was slim, but he honestly couldnt predict the way Charrie was feeling. Yes she was grumpy most of the time, she was very specific with what she wanted, but he was starting to learn everything in exact detail. She was a very specific girl and she was not every other girl.

"Im sorry Char. I wont call you that anymore. I promise. Because to me, you're one very special person in my life" he assured her, knowing that with all the fame and constant press and the fact that she always had her days full, she was still the same person at the end of the day and that's what he loved about her. "Dont worry. I was just wondering about that man. I didnt think it was true, but you never know. Those people in movies usually pick our relationships like they're playing another role. I know you arent that way Char. I just wanted to hear it wasnt true" he knew for sure that male was just being an ass. Like every other guy that tried to say they were with Charrie.

"You didnt confirm me as your boyfriend yet?" he blinked curiously, wondering why she hasnt. SHe probably had a good reason. WHen she explained to him the life of a celebrity, he nodded his head "You're right. I dont really want those cameras around me all the time. No one bothers me at work or when I go home. I guess it's a good thing hmm? But if you really want to clear your name. Im fine with it. I dont want anything else bugging you on tv. We can settle everything as is and people can leave us alone" he hugged his arms around her, kissing her cheek before his eyes fell to her tummy.

His eyes widened from her words and he nearly collapsed. "Y-You want it? Our baby?" he was stunned as he thought about it. Having a family with Charrie right now just wasnt in the picture. They were so big in each of their fields. A baby would just end everything they've worked hard for. It would take time away from them doing what they wanted. "I-I dont know....I mean....if you really wanted to keep it....maybe we can figure something out. But I still dont think now is a good time to start a family" he tried to tell her. Even if she wanted the baby really badly, he just couldnt. He knew their careers were more important.

The thought of not being able to cure anything was something he disagreed with. "You never know Char. There's usually a remedy for basic illnesses. Im sure there's going to be a cure for everything. I just need to work hard and try to figure it out. But I promised I wouldnt test you out with any chemicals, so I guess this is going in the trash.....no. I need to test it. If it works, Ill be rich!" he laughed and hurried back into his lab, labeling the flask as he set it aside for later. WHen he sat beside her once more, he frowned. "We cant be having this baby now....." he stuttered.

But when she revealed the secret, his eyes narrowed on her to see she was telling the truth. THen he stood on his feet, feeling so irritated. (b "You dont joke about something as big as that Char! What if it was real...what were we going to do? You made me waste all day today trying to come up with some remedy that you wouldnt even try.....I hate it when you do these things. Taking in a deep breath, he sighed and slumped into the couch, feeling so relieved they werent going to have a baby. "If it ever happened then it seems like I cant do a thing about it. You wouldnt take what I make, so you're just going to have the baby. I wouldnt have a choice now would I. I mean, Im also against taking lives, so we would have the baby" he told her honestly. The only thing Mason hated was when she brought his line of work into this. She hated chemistry. It was as if she hated his entire career. The thought of experimenting with chemicals was something she never wanted to do. And it was clear that she didnt trust him enough with his concoctions. Of course he wouldnt risk anything on her. He just was so shocked and surprised today that he didnt know what to do. "Look. I know you've had a rough day and I hate being the one you blow up to when you get home. You should get some rest. I've got a few things to do later in the lab, so I made some pasta in the fridge if you want" he said before heading off to eat some so he could get back to work. He was irritated and annoyed with this pranking thing. He's hadnt done anything to her in such a long time.
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He came in a hurry that must have meant he must have thought she was prego. She’d never take that risk. It would be career suicide at this point. She had to keep working on her career for a while before anything like that ever happened. They were just so busy, there wouldn’t be any time and plus, she didn’t know if that’s what it would ever lead to. She loved Mase to death but you could never be sure. She sat up and glanced at the flask and felt slightly guilty for making him work on it but then suddenly he focused on the TV. She couldn’t believe he was actually considering it was true. And then he called her ‘baby’ again. It was becoming a habit but she just like it when they just used their regular nicknames. It made things right. Just because they’ve spent a good years enough together, she didn’t want too much to change or it wouldn’t be them anymore. It would just be another couple.

“Mase, I’m going to remind you again. Don’t call me by that,” She reminded “Just call me Char, like you usually did. It’s what I’m used to and it’s my name. Calling me that makes me seems like every other girl that has a boyfriend... I don’t like being every other girl.” She smiled at him and then got him to sit right beside her on the couch. She leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Don’t trust the media. You know I won’t... They’re just a bunch of cocky actors that want to use me to gain fame. I love you, only you,” She stated and then put her head up. She met his eyes and wasn’t too sure if he knew she confirmed it or not but she didn’t. She didn’t want to screw things up for him and have some people trying to track him down. She knew what could happen to a celeb’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

“Hey, listen I never confirmed we were dating to the public. Did you know that? I didn’t think it would be right because it would give you a hard time. Being in cameras and having people gossip, and then accuse you of dating or cheating is terrible and it’s less privacy and they go snooping in your life. I didn’t want you in that... But I’m just thinking of announcing it tomorrow, if that’s okay with you. I’m just sick of them assuming I’m dating so many different people. I only want you in that place. So, if it’s fine, I want to tell them you’re my boyfriend,” She bit her bottom lip hoping that he’d allow her. She knew that it was a lot to handle but she was just so tired of these accusations and not speaking that she did just love him. Then he moved onto the fake prego thing. Doubted...?

“That was the other thing I was going to tell you about...” She strolled on. Although, something just hit her. She raised an eyebrow “Okay, what if I do want it? Then what are you going to do? Our careers are important but are they more important than that?” She didn’t. She wouldn’t. Too much of a risk.

“You can’t just fix things up with chemicals all the time. And Mase, you don’t know if that’ll work for sure. You never tested it out,” She reminded him. Then she heavily sighed and decided to just let it out. Turns out, it wasn’t as funny as she thought. She should have just thrown it out the bag.

“It’s fake. I’m not pregnant. It’s practically impossible with how careful we are. I just wanted to see your reaction. But really, if I somehow did, what would you do? I wouldn’t want to take a chemical to destroy it. You’ve got to know me at least that much. I can’t stand chemistry and taking that risk. I’d rather go through it but don’t worry, it won’t ever happen. So, you won’t ever have to worry about it or make something to get rid of it,” She finished and start to rest her head at the edge of the couch again. She might have been slightly grumpy today from all the work going on these past days and weeks. But it wasn’t depression, she was just tired out.

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Mason spent the afternoon working on trying to come up with a way to get rid of the baby. What if the media caught this, what if she lost her career because of this. It was clear they werent ready for a baby. Not now. Their careers were skyrocketing and the last thing he wanted was to have a baby and end it all. They were both doing so well. He was the biggest name in science, and she was the biggest name on television. Of course everyone knew her. The media was much more known than the science world. WHen he walked along the streets, he wasnt tackled down, he wasnt filmed. He was still just a normal guy with a nobel prize. But it still wasnt a big deal.

Ever since Charrie made her first film, she had been everywhere. He barely had anytime to spend with her. It was much different than when they lived at the tree house. THey were together twenty four seven. THey practically never left the other's side. This time he barely saw Charrie except at night. And if they were out in public, they were always being bothered with paparazzi. Well what could he do? SHe was such a celebrity.

When he heard the sound of her voice in the living room, he gulped, hurrying out of the lab when he finished making his no prego mix. "Im here Charrie. I made something for you, which you should take now!" he hurried, holding the flask as he hurried out the door. He knew those words anywhere. Hey we need to talk? that meant she really was pregnant.

WHen he made his way outside, he panted softly, holding the bottle in his hands. Charrie never confirmed they were dating. He didnt know that at all. He thought the whole world knew. No wonder why no one ever tackled him down when he was in public. But as he stared at the tv, he was shocked. A male confirmed that they were dating. What the hell was going on? As he stared, he looked down at Charrie, knowing he didnt really believe in this sort of thing, but it was getting much too serious. Another male actor just confirmed it. That had to mean something right?

"Baby? WHo is that guy? Is it true?" he looked over to her, holding the liquid in his hands as he placed it onto the table. "I-I made you something that would try and lose the pregnancy....I doubted you wanted a child right now" he gulped.
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It’s been great through the years. Nothing so terrible has occurred and they were both so successful. She didn’t do much for the world really. All she did was creating this fantasy world and make it real and out there. Although, people who said TV teach you nothing, they were wrong. A lot of people learn a lot of things on TV, especially kids who learn their sense of moral or how they talk. Media affected everyone, manipulated them. She never liked the manipulations, she just loved the enjoyment. She never focused on selling and influencing others to be stupid to be cool because that’s what this ‘actor’ or ‘character’ did. Then she also had to keep herself in watch because if she did something wrong, than she’d be caught and people would want to do it or shun her completely out. As for Mason, he made it big up there. He actually helped a lot of people. She was slightly jealous. He was so smart and now he was healthy. He really did surpass everyone. To think she thought of him such a loser really years ago and the other people that didn’t think much of him. They really made it big, both of them. She never thought this was going to happen but it did. The survived through the hard times and got something that was well worth it.

As she came into the apartment, she did not exactly see him in the living room. Did he runaway after seeing that? She knew he normally ran away from his problems but not as much, but she couldn’t picture him running away from it. He’d probably find a way to handle it. She smiled to herself as she rested her bag on the couch. Maybe he was in his lab trying to fix something up like last time. She was so tired from that meeting and then helping out the kids. Tomorrow, she had to go into an interview, and then talk to this actress with the manager. They wanted to personally talk to her about getting the role but Charrie wasn’t sure about that. She never liked that actress-all because of what she heard how it’s like to dealing with her. Then after that, she will drop at the dojo for a good half an hour and then there was a party afternoon that she was invited to but unsure if she wanted to go.
“Mase!” She yelled out. She could just check the other rooms but just felt too tired to get up at this moment. Just in a few seconds, and she promises to herself that she will get up. She had to go get changed into something more comfortable.

“We need to talk! It’s important,” She declared. She just wanted to have fun with him like she used to. The only place she could talk comfortably with him was inside here because everywhere else, she was afraid of someone was listening on. She was careful not to be seen. Then she forced herself to get up and go into the closet. She changed into a long t-shirt and some leggings. She came out dragging her feet and dropped back into the couch again, flicking the TV on. When she turned it on, it was a cartoon show. She went through a couple of channels and sighed as she saw herself. All of them thought she was so innocent, so kind, funny, charming and brave. She wasn’t so innocent. She did things that they couldn’t believe but that was all over. Then they showed an image of her with some actor walking, talking, eating and declared that she was having secret meetings with him to date. She rolled her eyes.

“Yea right... He wishes,” She scoffed. Then they showed a clip of the actor saying she was attractive and he confirmed that they were- She chocked on her own spit. Her eyes started to tear up. She ran to the kitchen and drank water down. That bastard! She knew she shouldn’t have bothered to talk to him about the film! He just wanted this chance to get people to know him. He wasn’t even a known actor, he used her.

“Ugh! Why me!?” She whined. She couldn’t let these things get to her head. She shut the TV off and groaned, lying on the couch. She had to fix that up. She didn’t exactly confirm Mase and her were girlfriend and boyfriend. She should clear that up tomorrow but she was afraid of the media getting in their noses in and accuses her of cheating something. Mase never really believed that stuff, and thank god for that. It was just better to say she loved him and only him and state that anyone she is speaking to is only for the movies.

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THe thought of her encouraging him that he would be stronger made him smile. He loved how Charrie truly cared for him. He knew his job, but even with all these chemicals, she kept him in check. Not to do anything crazy or life threatening. But the fact that she said it wasnt his appearance that she loved him made him one of the happiest guy ever. He didnt need to work so hard to become super buff, but he did want to be healthy. "Well I believe you look amazing. But just like you Im not dating you just because of your looks. I liked you when you were pull ups and pigtails" he chuckled and finally made it back to the tree house.

Eventually a few weeks became a few months and the two of them were growing so much more closer together. The fights began dying down, their problems were slowly going away, and they were as fit as can be. Mason continued with his daily routine of cooking for Charrie, then they would eat breakfast and head out to train. WHen he was too exhausted, the two would spend so much time getting to know the other through the years they've missed. All of this distraction and training really had Mason focused. He had finally gained some muscle in both his abs and arms. He wasnt some scrawnt geek anymore. He was a finely toned geek. And thanks to Charrie's company, he was able to give up on drinking alcohol. The first week was the worst, but Charrie was much stronger than he was. She would hold him down. The weeks after became much easier to the point of him being back to normal. At least mostly.

Charrie had also been getting much better. He noticed that if he made her mad, or kissed her, she wouldnt even think about anything depressing. And since most of her depressing thoughts were on Russia, or between the two of them, as long as he stayed happy, she was too. Mason felt so close to her. There was no need to be insecure anymore. And by the time they returned home, they had a few more things to deal with. Mason's parents were used to his disappearance, but when he came home, they were happy. HE had stopped the alcohol business and was even looking less pale and about to die. Of course he avoided Charrie's parents. He knew that her father probably still had a shotgun stuck behind him each time. But it did die down a little.

Charrie never left Heath's side, but Mason didnt feel insecure about her being with him. Sure he could try his luck, but he believed that Charrie only loved him and that Russia was simply a mistake. THey had gotten over all of that. Mason was even able to get his job back at the secret weapons department. He still worked in the same industry as Prim, and they finished their project. Prim would try to do more, but Mason simply sent her to another department, only calling her over if he needed her help.

His healing water was finally approved and sold in stores. It was prescribed by doctors and soon he was rolling in the dough. He had become famous in the scientific world, but tv wise, Charrie was all over it. She had become a celebrity in the entertainment world. While he was being distracted with live demos, or interviews on his next idea, Charrie had paparazzi all over. Sometimes it was even hard for him just to get into his own apartment. But he was really proud of her. She did what she wanted and now she was a big star. He was just glad that he had made such a huge impact on people's lives. He even started launching his product in different countries. THe man thing he was proud of was that people respected him now. Sometimes he even wondered what Heath thought of him now. But that didnt bother him. The two have been doing great things without having much of a need to hurt themselves anymore. It was going great.

When Mason finally woke up, he rubbed his eyes and headed into the bathroom. After taking a shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist and noticed the pregnancy test on the counter. When he saw it was positive, he nearly jumped through the roof. "Oh god no. She isnt....we...we were careful! MOre careful than we've ever been before!" he was starting to panic. He quickly dressed and headed into the kitchen to see the note on the fridge. Okay, she'll be back later! he ate some toast and Jam before heading down to his office to grab a few things. Mason had been working on a new experiment. One that would cure the flu in a few hours. He spent the rest of the day testing out a few more things before he headed home for the afternoon. Prim was quiet today. She hadnt said a word all week. He wondered what happened? Was it because he was famous? He didnt know, but he had other things to worry about.

As he headed home, he started working in his secret lab. He was trying to make something that would stop an early pregnancy. Charrie just couldnt. How could she be pregnant now, but not then!
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 253d 8h 6m 31s
“That’s all I wanted to hear, a promise,” She smiled back at him. As long as he wasn’t harming himself with those chemicals, than she wouldn’t worry. Besides, she trusted him a lot that he could handle it. His healing water was a really great idea and he’ll probably strike rich on his own. She wanted to gain a lot of money on her own as well. Of course, to do that she needed her parents money. It was just perfect that she was born into a wealthy family because it gave her better chances. It wouldn’t be as hard as the people who started at the bottom.

“Don’t worry; the wind won’t be able to blow you down if you grow healthy. It’s not appearance that I love you, so that doesn’t matter too much. I’m not as attractive as some of my cousins and a lot of people Mase. You’re probably the only one that thinks of me like that. I just see myself as decent, and comfortable of how I look. ” She stated. He was insecure but that had to die off too. Even if he said not to laugh, it was still amusing. He was right; it was terrifying to the normal person. She helped him out the way back. Just the two of them like this felt right.

The more time spent together, pushing each other to be their best. Yes, they were ups and downs but it seemed everything was getting fixed and they were. She didn’t have any need to really cut anymore. The depressive thoughts wouldn’t come in her head unless she chooses to think really deeply about them. She still felt bad for what she did but she wasn’t going to live forever in the past of it. She moved on and decided dedicating her life in misery wasn’t right. Mason didn’t need alcohol to solve his problems or just for the hell of it. It was tough but nobody said it was going to be easy. There, she proved it. She didn’t need therapy from a stranger. Eventually, they did have to go back and she had to face her parents. They were devastated, and angry at her for avoiding them. Heath didn’t take it so lately for avoiding him too and eventually dropped his bodyguard position. Instead, he was helping her out in a dojo-teaching some kids and teenagers martial arts. She knew she should break it off for Heath for good but she couldn’t. Not after all they’ve been through. It would be losing a close friend.

Now, her and Mason didn’t have to live fighting each day because of their issues. They could just live with each other normally-or as normal as it could get with their unique relationship. It was early morning and she had to get up because one of her mother’s connections to film called up. This was Charrie’s second movie she made. Her first did get her noticed, famous even. It was sometimes a bother but she kept her privacy well kept and made sure she had time for herself. People always assumed she was dating many different celebs and then they found out it was for the movie. She had a boyfriend, and she didn’t ever want to lose him. She loved her privacy and she never really wanted to famous, famous, and just make movies. As soon as she finished talking with the person, she hung up. She had to meet up with up with them about now. She was currently in the kitchen of the apartment.

Then she grabbed the pregnancy test box and went into the room Mason was sleeping in. She thought of doing this prank for years but after the first time she was worried that it could actually happened, she almost scrapped it out. She opened it, switched it to positive and left it near the washroom. He had to see it in order to work. If he didn’t, than she’d have to do the manual way.... Luckily, they weren’t as stupid as last time, so they had nothing to worry about. So it was safe to pull this prank. She moved at the side of his bed and kissed him gently on the cheek as he was sleeping. She sighed and then entered the kitchen again, leaving a sticky note on the fridge.

Hey, meeting up with that lady- Sarah Macklin for the movie. Then to the dojo. See you afternoon. Love you! ’ She’s been busy these days lately. Hell, the only time she got to see Mason was afternoons because some mornings she had to rush and get out. There were days where she wasn’t busy but very rare. She loved those days. She could spend them with Mason. She got dressed and then left to go that meeting. They talked about casting directing, scenery and such. They already had the people for it, they just had to approve of everything and put up the auditions. That took a good amount of her time. She got a small break and had to go to the dojo and meet up with Heath. She actually loved dealing with the kids. There was one cute little boy that tried to flirt with her. It was just adorable. He had an older seventeen year old brother that also tried to flirt with her annoyed her more than anything. He was practically a kid. She never took it to heart because he was just seventeen and knew nothing. But the seventeen year old wouldn’t say a thing when Heath was watching. She finished with that and headed off the to the apartment. She fit in the key and walked in, expecting Mason to be there and probably panicking-unless he figured out that it was a prank. Which she doubted because she hadn’t pulled anything for years. She liked pulling things like this on him.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 253d 9h 7m 35s
"I know, I know. I wont test on myself. I have lab rats. But even then I still feel like a good person is worth the test if the outcome is ground breaking. I mean yes it's terrible, but it could also save millions of people's lives. So for me I think it's worth it. But I'll tone it down. Promise" he grinned and thought about his healing water. If this was finally let to the markets, he would be famous. His goals would be achieved and he would be a role model, a genius, a savior. People just wouldnt look down on him anymore, and thanks to Charrie's support, he didnt feel so helpless any longer.

"I may have the brains, but if you challenged me to fight....Im pretty sure my brain will be the first thing beaten down. Still it's nice to have strategy and a plan to work through. How else would I come up with those little sneak attacks on you. And you're not just brute strength either. You're smart with tactics and you're fast. Those skills combined make you one deadly girl to deal with. I doubt with all this training I will lay a finger on you. This is just to help me compare in attraction. Right now if someone saw us as a couple, they would wonder how in the world did I get such an attractive girl to be mine. I mean....a strong wind could blow me down" he laughed and just rolled his eyes.

"Dont laugh at me.....I was terrified. It's not everyday someone is after you with weapons. And for a person who cant fight, it was horrible. Of course I bursted into adrenaline mode. Here it's alright. I can take it easy and just work hard. After all that's the only way to get results" He looked up into her eyes as she laid over him. Sitting up, he stretched and rubbed his thighs from hurting so much. "I think Ill need assistance back to the tree house. We should get going before I collapse here. I doubt you can lift me up alone" he smiled at the thought of her becoming famous. She had a great dream and he could see himself beside her, supporting her. If she became famous, he just hoped that she kept him in his sights as well. He knew that day three years back he made her keep a promise, but he wondered if she even still remembered that.

As he held onto her shoulders for support, he walked through the trees as he followed his tracking device. In a few minutes, they were safely walking back to the entrance of the tree house, heading up the elevator. Days like these were so peaceful. It took a lot of hardwork to train today, but his mine was occupied, he had Charrie beside him, and he didnt feel like he had so many problems anymore.

Should we TS to when they're in good shape hun? Or discuss what should happen?

Good Night!

  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 253d 23h 9m 27s
“You shouldn’t test anything on yourself whether it’s toxic or not” She frowned. He trusted his science a lot more than she would ever. She couldn’t. She trusted herself to hold a weapon and use it well but she doubt Mase, could handle there. There you go, they were practically equal. She shouldn’t ever look down on him because he couldn’t do the stuff she could and it shouldn’t go the other way either. It seemed being together like this, and focusing on this distracted them from everything else. It didn’t put so much stress over her mind.

“Most people don’t need to fight. You got something better,” She assured him. Other than her fighting skills, she was pretty creative. How else did she find much different way to torment Mason for many years? Then they had finished the half hour and he looked really tired. She knew it must have been really tough on him. If she was pushed to the limit she’d just break.

“It is better. Last time you just ran on adrenaline. It was too funny,” She laughed. It was great to see him trying so hard to do this. She honestly felt like they were getting better. Maybe it wouldn’t be too long before they got better and they’d just be able to live normally-or at least their normal. Maybe, she wasn’t exactly doing herself her favour by making him get so strong. Weather she liked it or not, guys had an advantage over their strength. She had good strength but she mostly just focused on moving quickly and inflicting the most damage possible. Then he’d have some advantage over her-yet, she’d still win in the end. Oh well, they would never get into war like that ever again.

“Ha, that’s a good number,” She said and watched him started to wobble. She giggled watching how much she pushed him. She should help him out. Moments like this seemed comfortable and easy to be with him. They weren’t fighting; they were just two people trying to get better. Then he lay there on the grass. It was a good time to call it quits. She didn’t want to kill him. She lay right beside him, hovering over.

“We can stop now,” She assured “You did great today. If we keep going at this, you’ll be good in no time. Once we can get better we can live normally. Go on with our lives. You go to work, I’ll get a job, make a film maybe even become a celebrity. Then... Then-well who knows what happens but I hope that it’ll be good.” Having that hope that things would turn her for the best want her to keep going. Staying away from her parents might just be what could make her better. She didn’t need to go to therapy. She didn’t want a strangers help. She’d rather have Mason, even if they were both twisted up.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 253d 23h 33m 52s
Mason knew that all of his hard work was going to benefit himself and his relationship with Charrie. If he was healthy and fit, he would be able to run from someone and not just solely depend on adrenaline. And if everything went well, he wouldnt need the alcohol and he would probably add another ten years to his lifespan, which was always a plus. The thought of running and doing pull and push ups was going to destroy fat and build muscle. The health benefits were great, but there was one thing he wanted other than that. He also wanted to defend and look good against Charrie. Sure she could beat him up to a pulp, but if this worked, he could at least put up a small fight, or maybe even pin her down. That would be lovely. It was rather odd that she was the one taking charge in this relationship. Usually the male's role was to be the strong and protective one. But then again, they werent ordinary. With the muscles, he could stand up to Charrie and not look like some skinny wimp. He didnt want to look like a bodybuilder or anything, a finely toned body was all he asked for. Charrie was amazing outside and underneath her clothes. He wanted to be as well.

The thought of experimenting on himself was brought up on accident. He didnt mean to worry her, but he did tend to use his concoctions on himself sometimes. "Dont worry. I wont use it on myself unless I know for sure it's not toxic" he promise, continuing his jog through the woods. Talking with her really helped him keep his mind off of his aching muscles and straight to his goal. He wasnt going to give up so easily. Yes it was tough, but with Charrie depending on him, he'd give his best.

After a while, he would walk and take a breather, trying to relax and gain some energy to continue. That's when she said that he wasnt so weak. And when he thought about it, she was right. Just the way she said it made him feel so relieved. "You're right Char. I guess IM not so weak in my world, but in yours I am. And you're the same. I never thought about it like that. But then again we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Mine's just fighting and beating people up to defend myself" he laughed softly, shaking his head before he continued running. After the half hour, he was standing against a tree, panting heavily as he held his hand against his chest. "Damn! That was tough, but definitely better than the first time"

WHen she asked about pushups, it actually wasnt that bad. "I can do at least thirty. You know those large glass bottles of chemicals dont lift themselves. So I guess you could say I have at least been working my arms" he stretched out his arms and wobbled them a little before kneeling to the ground. Luckily he had such a professional teacher. He was going to get fit in no time. And he was sure that Charrie wasnt depressed. His plan was if she had her mind on him, it was off everything else, and that was a great thing.

He started working on his arms and his core, barely making it past the first reps. He was tired from the run and was nearly going to pass out. "CHarrie. C-Can we take a break....or go back now. Im so exhausted" he laid back against the grass and just tried to take a breather. She had been pushing him to the limits and his body just couldnt take anymore today.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 254d 9m 42s
“I’m proud of you, Mase. For trying hard. Just remember, you’re not just doing this for me but yourself,” She smiled at him. Even if it was slowly, they would get better until they didn’t have anything to worry about. Then, the better days would come. They wouldn’t live with their issues forever. If she focused on the great things that could happen if they did stop harming their bodies, than she wouldn’t think so much cutting. There was ways to stop it. As long as she didn’t feel depressed or those thoughts in her head overtook her, she’d be fine. She didn’t think testing chemicals on her would be safe. As much as she trusted Mase, she did not trust things that were mostly dangerous.

“No it’s fine...” She sighed “Yea, I do feel better now.” Then she heard about him testing it on himself. He was joking right? She stared at him with wide eyes. If he did, he would who knows what he could have done to himself “You’re joking, right? He was right but it still didn’t stop her dislike of chemicals. She couldn’t understand them, she never would. Science was never one of her strengths-actually her weakest. Mase may have been weak in her world but she was weak in his. She could never handle a battle of using her brains unless it involved strategies in a fight.

“Good, I wouldn’t ever want to get lost,” She sighed in relieve. They jogged for a couple of minutes only having to slow down again. She didn’t want to push him too hard. He needed to go on his own pace. Only when he’d start being lazy, she’d push. As the walked she decided to mention it, hoping it would boost up his confidence. She kept on reminding him and insulting him that he was weak.

“I just realized something. You may be weak in my world but I’m weak in yours. You always won in academics, I won in fights. So I guess you have no reason to feel weak, even if I call you that. I really suck at your stuff after all...” She admitted. They were actually pretty equal. Both of them were better at something different. Brains and brawns, who knew she’d be the brawns.

After walking, she had to get him to run again. He may have been tired out but it would be worth it. When he got too tired, she slowed down. Once they finished running they had to do some other stuff. She wasn’t really that tired. She was put through a lot of exercise back in the three years.

“Mase, out of curiosity. Exactly how many push ups can you do?” She raised an eyebrow. She was hoping not to hear the numbers from zero to ten. But she couldn’t say anything about that. She didn’t expect him to be able to do a lot. It was like expecting her to be good at chemistry. Although, she was pretty sure it took some good talent to screw up as bad as her during the classes.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 254d 35m 24s
THe thought of testing a chemical on Charrie was very risky. He knew exactly what it did, but she was right. It was best not to put anything on her at all. And he didnt want to risk her life either, maybe just keeping her mind occupied with something else was their best bet. Still, he didnt understand why Charrie was so afraid of him and the lab. He really wished she had a little more confidence in his work. He was a scientist after all. Everything in the lab inspired him. Ever since that day when Charrie caused an explosion in class, he was fascinated. Just combining a few simple natural chemicals can cause the world to end. He loved trying to figure out what was something new he could invent. It was endless and Mason loved it when things were like a puzzle.

"Okay okay. Tree bad. We wont climb any trees, but Ill at least try to do some pull ups and crunches. I want to get those abs for you" he smiled at the thought. Usually if Charrie wanted something he could buy it for her. But he couldnt by physical activity. He had to do it himself. It required hardwork and if it wasnt for her, he probably wouldnt even be doing it. But he wanted to be healthy as well.

"Im sorry Char. I was just thinking. I didnt mean to scare you or anything, your safety is priority number one. Not all chemicals are bad you know. All those medicines that people make. Look how that painkiller stopped the fever. I bed you're feeling good right now arent you?" he was glad he could heal away her sickness at least. "Im wont do any experiments on you. I will test it out on myself first" he joked, knowing that he would always use a lab rat. But sometimes he did use a few chemicals to see what it would to to him. It wasnt the smartest idea, but he would always know first hand what to do differently.

"Okay half an hour. Got it!" he was taking in a deep breath, trying to stall the run. DOnt worry Char, I have a tracking device on my wrist. It shows me where the tree house is. We wont get lost" he assured her. Plus he had his phone. Dale could locate them as well.

WHen she pushed him, he was a little surprised, but she was right. He needed to get going. So he spent the next few minutes running down a random path. It was hard after about the first fifteen, but he started to walk for a moment and catch his breath. Having Charrie beside him to root him on was more helpful than he thought. This was harder than he thought it's be. Doing this everyday didnt seem fun at all.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 254d 21h 22m 56s

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