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Mason knew that his parents appreciated all the hard work he did. Even his father appreciated how he's finally depended on himself and became wealthy. The only thing he really hated was the fact that he was still going out with Charrie. He couldnt believe after all the hard work that he had put him through, all the wars and fights, he was still able to fall in love with his enemy's daughter! How could he. He just wanted Mason to forget about her, find some other girl. But his mother was more than happy with everything he was doing. He was successful. He worked hard. And his girlfriend was the only girl she approved for him since they were kids. In her eyes Mason was practically just like she wanted him to be at his age.

"My dad is proud of me. He just doesnt really show it and he's strict. If I make him happy then he's great to be around, but the fact that Im dating you makes him so angry sometimes. I guess the whole war with our father's is really the only thing keeping us apart. We should try and fix things. I mean....Im still afraid of your father. When you say that, I dont believe he cares for you that much. He would kill me in a heartbeat if I ever got close to the house. Let's just hope that our moms can influence them more" he hoped, wanting everything to just be okay. Even with being famous and successful, he still didnt feel like his life was perfect. There were still issues.

"Wait. So it's better if Im gay, but not cheating? Doesnt that just mean that you will still look good but Ill be a laughing icon?" he thought about how selfish she was being, but then again, anything for her career and image right? (b "Ill stick to Heath right now, but I already know Im going to be irritated. "I dont care if he didnt hate me. The point is he hates me now" he reminded her as he sighed and sat on the couch. "Im only doing this because it will make you feel better. Im going to carry some things in my pockets from now on. I dont want anyone attacking me until then" he picked up the phone and started to order some pizza. He watched the channels on the tv, seeing Charrie on nearly all of them. She was working with so many guys each day and he trusted her. He couldnt even have one female body guard.
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“I’d probably be the same... We’re doomed. If we’re apart we lose ourselves, and if we stay we get into trouble,” She sighed at the harsh reality. She frowned to hear only his mom. She knew his father really hated her but shouldn’t he just focus on the fact that Mason’s over being an alcoholic and became so successful? Her father was proud of her even if Mason was in the way. She still talked to him normally; it was just that at every call her dad would beg her to stop tormenting herself with the devil’s son. They seriously needed to stop doing this. It wasn’t right for her dad to hate Mase, he may be the son of her dad’s enemy but was also the son of her mother’s best friend. Charrie’s father could talk to Mason’s mother just fine.

“You’re dad should be proud of you either way. If I’m in the way or not. No offense, Mase... But I still hate your dad. He’s not like my dad who’s so upbeat, encouraging, fun and really protective of me. Although, you probably hate mine. I think we should fix things up... They need to stop. What in the world made them enemies anyway?” She wondered curiously. She knew their dad’s hated each other for a long time but never knew why. Maybe their personalities just clashed? Or maybe something had happened in the past.

“They follow you everywhere!” She groaned “I could only go to the washroom for three minutes. If it’s longer than three minutes, they’d think you were plotting an escape. I promise it to be different this time though. She narrowed her eyes again at a female one. She didn’t care if people thought he was gay-as long as it wasn’t a female one.

“Better let them think that you’re gay than think you’re cheating on me. Media, Mase...! They catch a girl following you; I’ll make it to the headlines. Of course I could clear things up but then they’d just be more interested to see if it really is just a bodyguard relationship. I’m not taking that risk. I trust you, I don’t trust another girl or the media,” She declared. She hoped she proved a good point. It sounded like it made sense. She rolled her eyes as he called Heath a monkey. He was still not over that phase. Then again, Heath still wasn’t over the phase of insulting Mason.

“He didn’t always hate you,” She stated as a reminder “He didn’t mind us together in the start. It’s only until a little later he started hating you. And don’t worry, he will protect you. He takes his jobs seriously.” If the two of them got along and became friends, it would be much easier on her and their wouldn’t be so much tension when they faced each other. She could trust Heath to protect Mason. Getting a stranger to protect him made her feel uneasy because she didn’t know their skills and she didn’t know if they’d tried to make a move on him.

“That’s a surprise. You actually agree to let me ask Heath for help,” She smiled brightly. She fell back into the couch with him and decided to lean her head on his shoulder and put her legs up in the couch.

“Pizza sounds good,” She admitted and grabbed the remote to turn the TV on. She avoided channels that she was on. She didn’t want to see other rumours about her. One channel was talking about how she declared who was her boyfriend and they talked about Mason’s success. She quickly changed out of it and moved onto some movie.

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"You think so? Well I wasnt going to embarrass you and just lose. No way. Im was going to put up a fight that jerk would never forget. He deserved it after giving me such a gruesome eye" he winced a little and looked at his eyes in the mirror. It looked disgusting. But when he went into his lab, he grabbed a clean rag and soaked it into his healing water. WHen he rubbed it against his eyes, he sighed in relief. It didnt feel as painful as before and he was lucky he was such a scientist.

As she decided not to leave, he smiled brightly. "Thanks Charrie. I dont know what I'd do without you. I would probably be like how I used to be, but I dont ever want to go back there again. I have my friends back, my parents are proud of me. Well at least my mom, and the fact that I have you...I dont ever want that old life" he smiled pu at he genuinely, glad that she wouldnt destroy all of that. He wanted her to be selfish.

"That's great. I dont think I want someone to be following me even into the bathroom. Maybe just standing outside of my door or something is fine" he was glad that he wouldnt get someone like Heath. But when she said he wouldnt get a female, he sighed "I dont want to get a male! That would be so weird! Having him following me around. People will think Im gay! Why cant I get a girl Char? You know I only love you. And I know you can kick her butt. THere's nothing to be worried about" he tried to convince her, not wanting some man following him around.

"Heath? Hell no! Why would I want that monkey around me anyways? He's always hated me. And not to mention the fact that we always fight! I dont want him near me. He probably wont even protect me..." he sighed, not wanting this at all. But he knew that Heath was the best choice. THey both knew him. He had no chance with Charrie and just the plain fact that he knew the deal between him and Charrie. Maybe he'd give him a chance, but if something happened to him, he would blame it on the monkey. "Okay. You can ask Heath....but dont let him be like how he was to you. Ill take it for now" he pouted a little and then sat on the couch to relax. He was tired from everything today. He just wanted to snuggle up beside her and fall asleep. "Food sounds good. Why dont we order a supreme pizza?" he offered, grabbing the phone into his hands.
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“You really did do a good job on him,” She giggled. She shouldn’t encourage him to fight this way in defense but she enjoyed it this way. She loved it that he fought back and gave the jerk an injury he’ll never forget. For once, she was glad that they were this close. Hopefully, it’ll stay this way again. She wanted it to stay this way, noticing each other, being affectionate... Charrie did rely on him for things like this. If it weren’t for him, she would have stayed depressed for a longer time period. She also depended on him when he was sick. So far, she hasn’t had any serious sick days. She made sure she avoided sickness.

“I’m not going to leave... I can’t,” She sighed. She wouldn’t leave him. There was too much history and too many emotions that she had for him. Leaving like this would give her no closure. It would be on her mind forever. She needed to get him a bodyguard. Incident’s like that could never happen again but she didn’t want the bodyguard around 24/7 like her father made Heath do.

“Don’t worry; they’re not going to stay by you all day. Only when I’m not around they’ll be there. That was my dad’s fault, he wanted me guarded 24/7. I don’t want that. I can protect you myself if your around me,” She stated. When their kiss ended he chuckled something that wasn’t funny to her. She narrowed her eyes at him, even if she knew he was joking. The Heath situation was never going to happen again. She didn’t Mason to get too comfortable with a female bodyguard. Not that he stood a chance... She trusted him a lot, and knew he wouldn’t but the presence would bother her.

“Haha, you’re so funny,” She sarcastically spoke “You’re getting a male, or a female that looks like a man. I’m your kickass female bodyguard when I’m around. I was going to let you pick but since you said that, no. Or you know what? Maybe I’ll get Heath to babysit you. He won’t make my pay up so much.” She decided to tease him with a smirk on her face.

“Who knows, maybe you’ll become best friends with him?” She taunted and sighed “He’s really not bad, Mase. I’d think if you guys got to know each other, you’d be good friends.” She knew it probably started crazy to Mason but she actually believed it. Then she started to feel a little hungry. She normally didn’t eat anything in the morning because she had to rush and then at lunch she’d eat at a restaurant which wasn’t always the best for her and afternoon-well that’s the only time she actually ate something healthy but Mase was hurt and she didn’t want to make him work.

“How about we order food tonight?” She suggested and bit her lip “I’d say I’d cook but you know that it would end up bad if I did. I would have really starved if you didn’t cook.” She could always hire someone but she didn’t like to spend too much.

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Mason knew that his life was at stake now. WIth everyone knowing that he was Charrie's boyfriend, he would be getting a ton of publicity about her. He just hoped that he didnt ruin her career by saying something wrong, or accidentally messing around in public only to see that cameras were now following him. He needed to stay alert around him so that he didnt make a mess in public. That was going to need some getting used to, but he was sure that he could get it done. If he kept everything in secret, only inside of his apartment, then everything would be fine.

Holding Charrie in his arms felt like heaven. He's missed her so much. And ever since the tree house, he felt like everything hasnt been the same. "See I told you Char. I can handle myself. Sure I have a black eye, but that actor has a ruined face. It's going to take time and money to fix everything back to normal. And I doubt he will come after me again" he smiled and just hugged her once more. Part of him was glad they were getting closer again and the other part was just really happy to see her today. It had been months since he's ever been attacked like this and he just wanted everything to be okay and when he held CHarrie like this. It did feel like everything was going to be okay.

"Thanks Char. Im glad that you like what I did. I mean...I dont want you to leave. We've been together for so long that things would be different. If you want me to have a body guard, I dont mind it at all. I mean I would be much safer if I leave the apartment with one. I just dont want one that would be like Heath, who needed to be around me 24/7. I do like my privacy too" he smiled up at her and leaned in to kiss her lips softly. It felt so good to feel the warmth and comfort around him again. No career was worth losing Charrie. WHatever she wanted, he would give her as long as she stayed by his side. "What do you think of a kickass female bodyguard? Would I get to pick?" he chuckled in excitement.
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It was true that he could handle much more and a punch compare with what she’s did to him before. She should just be happy that it wasn’t more than a punch. If it was worse, she’d really just leave him alone. They really were much closer in the tree house, maybe because they had time with each other. She wanted to spend so much more time with him, even if they were so busy with their career. But she was afraid something like this would happen again. She should really hire a bodyguard or something-other than Heath. She thought of it before because her fame was getting bigger but she thought she didn’t need it because she knew how to protect herself-but Mason didn’t and she couldn’t be around him 24/7 to protect him.

She felt comforted by him, being held by him, holding him back. It’s been awhile since she felt this. Even if she already knew, it was still nice to hear him say he loves her. IT made her feel wanted when she knew she didn’t deserve it. They knew each other since the start of their life. She couldn’t just walk away. Not him. She’d do it anyone else but not him. Then she heard the splashing with acid. That really cheered her up. Ryan will never be able to get back to his acting career ever again, not with a ruined face.

“You got a black eye and he gets a ruined face along with his career ruined. It’s a fair trade. Even if he managed to get his face done and get out of jail I’ll make sure to show how fucking innocent I am,” She promised. She was glad that he handled it that way, defend himself. She was too selfish thought. Was it really okay? He made it sound like it was. A smile couldn’t help but make it on her lips when his lips brushed by her cheek. She loved the feeling of being at his touch. She remembered the first night they got intimate. They were nineteen and got into bed before they could figure each other out. Half of that was lust and the other half she started to figure out she loved him. They had a lot of their firsts together.

She cracked a small quiet laugh at what he did to Ryan. Chances were that he was in the hospital crying about his face that was the only thing that made his career.

“I’m proud of you. I won’t go now but he’ll eventually come out a prison and come back after you. I wouldn’t be risking my life. He’s nothing compared to what I’ve dealt with before. I’ll beat him down and make beg him for your forgiveness,” She said. She looked up at him to still see his eye injured. She wanted it gone and she wanted to get her own personal payback.

“I should get you a bodyguard... I can’t be around you 24/7 even if we spend more time together,” She sighed. If he agreed to it, she would get him one. She didn’t want this to happen again.

“I really love you and I want to spend more time with you,” She decaled and move in to press her lips against hers and kissed him slowly and passionately. It has been a while since they kissed. She didn’t know how she’d make time but she would. She’ll have to make her meetings with Sarah shorter and cancel some appearances on TV and deal things through the phone instead of meeting them in person.

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Mason was doing his best to try and convince her otherwise. She couldnt leave him all for just some stupid actor punching his face. No. He wouldnt take that. It would be like Ryan did this on purpose so that CHarrie would see that her boyfriend was hurt, then she'd leave him to protect him and then he could make his move. Mason knew that the only way he'd be happy was if he stayed with Charrie. Sure they were distanced right now, but they could always get back to where they were. How could they not? They loved each other from the bottom of their hearts and he knew that if they were just as close as they were in the tree house, then no matter what they'd stay beside each other.

Mason could also see what his future would be like without Charrie. After blowing her relationship to the world, people would still be after him. They would know his name and face. They now paid attention, knowing he was the nobel prize winner. WIthout Charrie who would protect him? WHo would teach him how to defend himself? He could always hire a body guard like Heath, but Mason liked the privacy. If she wasnt there, he'd feel empty just like four years ago. And he never wanted to feel that depression again. Now that he was better, the last thing on his mind was going back to a time when everyone left you. When you were alone and alcohol was your best friend.

He stood facing her and he shook his head "Im not hurt Charrie. This is nothing. I can take more than a punch. Im perfectly fine emotionally. I just miss being close to you like at the tree house. And we can be again. We just need to make time for each other, and when that happens, no one can hurt us. That's when we'll be the safest, when I have you in my arms with me" he tried to tell her. As he held her close, he didnt want her to ever leave. It's been weeks since they last hugged and he just wanted it to last. "I love you and I want to put up with all of this with you. I dont care if Ryan punched me, he sure as hell isnt taking you from me. I splashed his face with acid. He probably isnt going to get another date until his face is reconstructed" he smiled and felt her pull away.

Watching her reactions made him feel like she really was going to leave his side. But as he held her arm, he wouldnt let her leave. If she wanted to, she had to beat him to the ground and scrape him off of her. He was going to put all he had into saving this relationship. "I dont care if Im damned. I want to fight beside you. Im not leaving you Charrie. Only if something crazy happens because I love you too damn much" he pulled her back towards him into his arms, holding her close, missing her warmth and protection. "It's okay to be selfish. You've been giving films to the people. You deserve someone to call your own" he brushed his lips across her cheek and he exhaled against her skin.

"He's probably at the hospital or the police station. That chemical I poured on him is going to require a lot of fixing.....so maybe hospital" he told her. "But Char...please dont go right now....I need you. Ryan is already going to prison. You dont need to risk your life by hurting him even more. I want you safe and with me...." he asked quietly.

Night hun!

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Even if he said it wasn’t her fault and wasn’t the one that technically gave this to him, she still was the reason why it happened. He didn’t have to get injured if she never said a thing. It was true that she’s beaten him much worse but that was her. She beat him up before-no one else. Only she was allowed to beat him up and now-she never would. It angered her to have someone punch him. She’d definitely get payback for it. Then she heard who it was. Ryan. He was up to for hell. Yea, Ryan seemed strong if you looked at him but she could beat him down as if he was a baby. All he had was blunt strength; she actually knew how to make him feel pain. He was going to go down in extreme pain.

She always made rash choices when it came to anything but fights. She wasn’t any good in it and that’s why this all happened. She never thought that Ryan would come over to their place and beat Mase up. How in the world did he get the address? She’ll figure it all out. She listened to him but thought it really was best if he just broke up with her. It was only fair. But when he said he wasn’t miserable, she didn’t know if she believes it or not. There were good times but they’ve been so busy that it just started to hurt from the distance.

“It matters to me. I don’t want to see you hurt or be hurt because of my decisions...” She stated. She loved him a lot and that what’s convinced her it was just better if she stayed away. She knew that Mase loved her no matter what she did but she didn’t think that was a good thing. What if she screwed up to the max, then what? She wouldn’t want him to love her after that. Although, his words made her feel better like it wasn’t her fault but there were still the voices in her head that would try to fight them. He came close and she should just push away but she didn’t. She wanted to be close to him and just let some things out. But if she stayed like this, then he’ll just be put through her shit again. She managed to pull away and just go for the door. Then he caught her arm and she didn’t know if she ever had the guts to leave. She’d destroy herself leaving. She won’t be able to get out of bed or even care about her career if she left. She glanced at him.

“Mase... It’s not okay for you to put up with me. I know you love me no matter what but if I’m causing things like this, then I shouldn’t stay,” She said and bit her bottom lip. IF they did separate, it wouldn’t be good. She knew that. It would be bad for who knows how long. She couldn’t separate from him, no matter how right it was. He was damned with her until he decided that he finally had enough. She moved back to him and looked up at him. She wiped a tear off her eyes.

“Until you break up with me, you’re damned for who knows how long with me,” She said as a fact “I love you and I can’t leave even though I should. I’m too selfish.” If only she wasn’t. She moved herself close to him, hugging him. She just wanted to feel the closeness because they could barely be close to each other because of being so busy.

“Do you know where Ryan is right now? I need to ‘talk ’ to him.” She asked. She didn’t know exactly what had happened. All she knew is Ryan came in here and hurt her boyfriend. Which was beyond crazy.


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Mason was sitting down at the kitchen table. He couldnt believe this had happened to him. What was he thinking. When he held the ice pack to his eyes, he just sat there taking deep breaths. How the hell did that man find his address? How did he even get there so quickly when the interview was only playing on live television a moment ago. THe truth was, even though his eye was hurting, he felt so happy that he had that man's face burned with acid. How dare he get on Charrie's nerves and say that he was her boyfriend. He wouldnt let that slide so quickly.

When Charrie entered the house, he was blinking up at her, sighing softly. He knew none of this was her fault. She didnt mean to do this by intention, it just so happened that a crazy man wanted a little more revenge than possible and their true background stories worked to his advantaged. Mase was lucky enough to have some acid beneath the kitchen sink. The poor guy should of researched that part about him a little more. Now he was going to have his face reconstructed.

"Charrie. Im sorry I didnt call you or anything. Please it's not what you think. Dont worry it's not your fault" he tried to explain before he watched her step closer, reaching out to touch his swollen eye. He bit his lip and took in a deep breath "You've beaten me up worse before. Dont worry about me. I can take care of this eye. It was that good for nothing male that claimed he was dating you yesterday" he frowned, feeling so disappointed that he had been beaten and left looking like this. Now he had to work from home, or else the press would take a picture of his new shiner that only proved he was such a weakling.

As he glanced down to the bag of ice, he knew that Charrie was upset about this whole thing. He was glad she exposed the truth, but he didnt want this to hurt them at all. It was just a mistake, nothing more. It probably helped her out in the entertainment world, but it didnt help her private life that much. "Charrie! Stop this nonsense. Im not going to break up with you just because of this okay? Im not miserable. Im the happiest the closest you are. THe more time you spend with me. When we're together, something like this doesnt even matter to me because I know you love me no matter what" he watched her eyes and stood up onto his feet. He hadnt seen her cry in months. And seeing her like this made him remember how much he meant to her. How much she loved him.

"There are good and bad things that are going to happen with what you did today. Im proud you did. He was just one crazy guy, everyone else knows your taken and knows your story" he walked over, wrapping his arms around her waist as he held onto her tightly. He never wanted her to leave. That was the last thing he wanted. "Dont go Char" he begged her, reaching over to grab her arm. "You're only going to hurt me more if you walk out that door!" he tried to say frantically. She couldnt leave. He didnt know what he'd do without her. Everything around him, his career, his prizes all meant nothing if he didnt have Charrie beside him. He would just be that lone nerd who bundled up in his lab all day.
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She dropped the phone and her jaw dropped. What in the world happened? Everything was a mess and Mase had a black eye. Her stomach felt completely empty and her skin turned utterly pale. She felt sick. It was not a coincidence that this happened in the same day she spoke it all out. It wasn’t... She always managed to screw things up. Always...! She let loose of her bag and moved to Mase, slowly. What did she do this time?

“Mase...” She barely breathed out “Who did it?” She was going to kill them. She was going to beat them up so badly that they were going to cry, scream and beg her to shoot them. She’s done it before and she’ll do it again. Her rage issues were never cleared up but people never tended to push her to this edge-ever. They were smart enough to know that if they pulled something like this, she’d do more than just give them to police. She wouldn’t even give them to the cops. She’d handle it herself. She met his eyes and gently touched the black eye with her thumb.

“What happened? It’s because of me isn’t it?” She weakly began but her voice grew stronger “Give me their exact name and I’m going to hunt them down and fucking kill them.” She shouldn’t said anything today. She should have just kept her fucking mouth shut and left them to drift apart or something. At least it was better than this. She was done hurting him, making him miserable and screwing things up. If she wasn’t there, if she never said she loved him that time she left than none of this would happen. It really was her fault. She bit her bottom lip and took a step back but couldn’t help but let the tears out.

“I’m sorry. Even when I try to make things better I make things worse for you. Let’s just forget this... I don’t deserve you. I’m sorry... I’m so sorry,” She end up sobbing “Just forget about me. Break up with me. If you stay with me than I just make things worse. You became an alcoholic because of me and now you’re getting injured. I just can’t take this anymore. I don’t want to be the reason why you’re so miserable. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of being the reason. I don’t want to be the bitch that screws everything up.” It took her this long to do the right thing and leave before things got worse. Heath was right; she should have never stuck with Mason in the first place because in the end she just ended up hurting him.

Charrie didn’t notice how childish she was being. She was standing there just crying so much she couldn’t see past her tears and could barely get a breath. She hasn’t cried this much since they were fighting with their addictions. The guilt she felt now, already consumed her whole. She tried to grab a breath and speak again. She raised her head but couldn’t look at him because she felt such a disappointment.

“I’ll leave. I’ll get my stuff and leave you alone from now on. I won’t bother you anymore or make you upset. As soon as I track the dick that did this and then I’ll go. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry,” She kept repeating. There wasn’t a word strong enough to explain her guilt. She then picked up her cell-phone and bag. She wiped her eyes and was going to head to the door but knew if she stepped out crying, it wouldn’t be good. How did that person find where she lived anyways? There, she broke down. They were starting to have distance with each other, she pulled something on him, tried to fix things and he could have been more seriously hurt. Mason couldn’t live in her world. They were in completely different worlds. She didn’t think anyone could be around her and handle her.

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Mason didnt know if she wanted to sleep by him, so he just took the couch that night. He walked into the kitchen, eating alone a the table. He felt miserable for the first time in a long time. THe nobel prize was his, but nothing meant anything if you didnt have anyone else to share it with. Sitting at the dinner table, he sighed softly, taking deep breaths as he tried to relax. The thought of his relationship with Charrie falling apart wasnt something he had planned. He thought he'd be with her for a long time. Hopefully more than a year. But all this publicity, this whole prank with the pregnancy test was breaking them apart. He missed pranking her sometimes, but he didnt want that to end their relationship. So once he finished dinner, he slowly made his way to his room, pulling the sheets over his head as he tried to sleep.

The next morning, he woke up a bit later than usual from having no sleep. WHat could he do? There wasnt much that he had going for him besides the fact that his work was just down the street. He could work at home if he wanted since he did have his own lab. But he wanted to get out of this house. Once he took a shower, he dressed in his collared shirt and black pants as he slipped into his white coat. As he walked into the kitchen, he saw the note on the fridge and sighed. That was their only communication. The notes on the fridge. He read the note and looked at the time, seeing it was nearly ten.

Taking a seat on the couch, he turned on the tv and watched Charrie's interview, not really expecting there to be much really. He just expected her to talk about her movie. Whatever it was. It probably had nothing to do with him or something. Or maybe she'd apologize? Who knows, it was all a surprise.

As he watched, he was completely stunned. Not only did she reveal to everyone she'd been dating him, but she also reveal what their entire lives were like. He was blinking in shock. He couldnt believe she said he was unmanly and weak. What will that do to him? Yes she said he was a genius and won a nobel prize, but that didnt do anything! He was in danger now of being beaten up. He was honestly glad she cleared the air, but was her movie really about their relationship? She didnt need to talk about their past lives did she?

After the interview, he hoped not much has changed. BUt he doubted that. WHen he headed outside of his door, he noticed a male on tv. It was the same male he saw on tv that confessed that he was dating Charrie. "So you're that man she's been dating? Mr. Genius Hmm? You dont look any different. In fact you look just like she said. A weakling!" he laughed and shoved Mason through the door. He fell back against the hardwood floors, and stared up at him in shock. "Hey! Leave me alone. I dont want any trouble!" he tried to tell him as he backed up into the living room. Ryan walked past the table and stood before him. "I dont know what she sees in you, but you're not a threat!" he reached back and right hooked Mason in the face. "Thanks to her my career is over. They'll think Im a liar just when I've started. But since she's so busy, I thought, Why not punish her weak boyfriend instead" he smirked, pulling Mason up by the shirt. "Im just headed to work. Just leave me alone" he struggled, using what strength he had, but clearly Ryan was much stronger. He had been working out for his latest film and that required him to have a muscular tone.

As Mason crawled back, he reached behind the kitchen sink, seeing one of his chemical spills in a beaker. He quickly grabbed it and tossed it towards Ryan's face. He yelled in pain, his hands covering his face as he started to feel his skin burning. "WHat the hell is this? You creep!" he couldnt see and was in so much pain. Mason stood onto his feet and quickly shoved him out the door, locking it shut. He then called the police, hoping that they'd get this man off his property.

WHen they took him away, Mason sighed in relief. Ryan might have a few scars on his face, but Mason was just doing self defense. He found some ice and placed it into a bag, holding it against his eye. It was throbbing where Ryan had punched. He was sure it was bruising by now. Probably a black eye.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 345d 22h 31m 11s
She would never become pergo, if she ever had a thought in it. She didn’t like it. The thought of it bothered her. Accidents like that just won’t ever happen if she was careful enough. Besides, it has been a while and there was zero percent chance. She was at least thankful for that because she did still want to continue doing films and everything she else dreamed of but she was afraid if they were drifting apart. She didn’t like being only able to come afternoons but if she didn’t than she’d miss out so much. Maybe there was a solution to it. Who knows...? She wanted to try.

For all she knew, she was over reacting because she was tired. She didn’t even know why it came over her head. She knew he’d stay. She didn’t want to fall apart. She didn’t work so hard for them to be together to only fall apart. Slowly falling apart was the worst that could happen at this point. Maybe it was her fault they were falling apart because she was barely there. She shrugged the thoughts off her head and had to remind herself not to just set the blames on herself. If she did that, it would be making she only depressed and that’s how everything started in the first place. She fell asleep and woke up early morning. She got up and followed regular routine and put another note on the fridge.

Sorry I did that. I don’t know why I did. At ten, turn on the TV, wherever you are and watch my interview, okay? I don’t want us to fall apart Mase... Let’s try to make time for us.’ As she finished she got dressed up and then headed to the studio. Today she was supposed to talk about the upcoming movie. Normally, people who organized the movie, or was the director would not be famous. It was only because she was young and attractive that she was noticed. It wasn’t too long before the interview was set up. She was going to spill out of everything. They wanted to know what the movie was going to be about.

“Actually, the movie is inspired on the relationship with my boyfriend,” She stated and the audience was taking back and so was the host. Well, she was going to admit it now. She needed this break from the accusations.

“I’m not dating Ryan Collin. I’ve never dated anyone through my career and never will because I love my boyfriend-Mason,” She stated and then looked into the camera “Hey, Mase, if you’re watching this. Good luck with the more publicity you’re going to get!” Her dad was going to have a heart attack. Their mom’s were probably going to faint that she purely announced it.

“Mason is a scientist, completely known and a lot less manly than me. He’s the brains and I’m practically the brawns,” She explained.

“Can you tell us how you met?” She asked.

“We’ve known each other since birth. Our mothers were best friends, our fathers are enemies. We were told we were going to marry each other by our mothers. So, our first kiss was when we were playing bride, and it was time to the kiss the bride-so we wondered how it would feel-and we did,” She explained and the crowd went awe. She started to explain their rage for each other in high school and they had to split after awhile because of some kind of trouble and tried to help each other out until they ended up here.

“My boyfriend can’t be replaced. No one would expect us to be together. He’s a genius in chemistry, won a noble prize. If I play with chemicals, I’ll make something blow up or accidently kill a person. I can fight, beat up people pretty bad and he was once so weak the wind probably could blow him down. And no matter how many times I make him miserable, he stays by me. If I let that ever die off, I’d be one of stupidest person in the world. That’s what the movie is about,” She explained and then they talked some more. Once it was finished, she took a deep breath out. She was actually nervous for the first time in her life. She talked to the host for a bit and then left. She went over to the dojo and Heath stared at her in a different light. He watched didn’t he? She actually admitted it out into public and that would probably give her less privacy than before. She taught some of the kids and the little boy was jealous that she had a boyfriend. She already told this before to them but they probably didn’t believe it. Once that was finished she decided not to go to the party. She just went straight home wondering if he did watch it. The moment she stepped through the door her mother called and was screaming. It sounded like she was being murdered but she was just excited she blurt that all out on TV.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 345d 23h 24m 58s
Mason was still upset with the whole pregnancy thing. He couldnt believe she was still so childish. A prank like that didnt make anyone laugh. It only hurt people. And Mason felt like he failed the test she was trying to give him. How could he pass, he thought she was really pregnant. And they both knew that right now was no time for a baby. Not only did they not have enough time for each other, but they were suddenly going to have a kid? Mason didnt mind having a family with her sooner in the future, but now was talking like crazy. What kind of child was going to come out of two busy people who werent even married? They were celebrities and had their own lives. The child wouldnt be well taken care of and Mason decided that if they were to start a family, that wouldnt be the case.

But the fact that she was going to tell the world that he was her boyfriend made him smile. He was glad she felt so proud to be his. At first he thought she didnt tell anyone because in the entertainment industry he was nothing. There was no benefit to telling the world she was dating a small town guy. But now that he thought of is, it would make her life easier by calming down the lies and paparazzi.

"Char....it's not that I dont want it. Just think about it. We cant take care of a child right now. But like I said, if you really were pregnant, we'd deal with it together. I promise" Mason never went back on his promises and Charrie should know that by now. And the thought of her being angry with him when all he did was try to please her, made him even more upset. "Im sorry. I dont want a child right now. Maybe in the future when we have all the resources for one" he watched her mention his career and he just rolled his eyes. "Just do what you want Charrie. My career wont suffer at all. I've already won the prize okay. Nothing can change that I invented Mason water. You need to do what's best for yours" he spoke softly, looking up at her as she walked into the bedroom. It wasnt exactly the afternoon and night he was expecting. He barely saw her anymore and all they did was fight when they did. They barely had any intimacy and she was slowly growing distant. Maybe they just werent meant to be like this.
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“It never will be true. But I don’t want to keep having to tell you it isn’t. I always thought if I did become famous that accusations like this would come. I don’t want to be one of those celebs who losses their boyfriend because of the media and rumours,” She admitted “I’m glad you didn’t think it was true or else I wouldn’t know what to do.” She really did love him; she never wanted him to doubt that. She never doubted that he loved her either. Sure, they may not be meeting face to face except the afternoon’s lately but it was still were there. She just hoped that they didn’t get so busy that they won’t be able to barely see each other at all. If that were to happen, she’d just start to tone down her career. She wanted to reach her dream to the limit but there were certain things that she’d never sacrifice for it. Being alone, wealthy and famous was useless if you didn’t have people around you.

“Thank you,” She smiled at him hugging her “I feel guilty for putting this on you but I just want everyone to know I don’t date people like that and I wouldn’t because I have you.” The only funny about what she did was that his eyes went at her stomach as if anything was there. Although, when she set out this prank with Prim when they were in high school of what they’d do, it wasn’t meant to be funny at the start. But she thought with Mason it would be. The purpose of it was to figure out their reaction and if they’d leave after it. Testing if they really loved you that much... So if this were really to happen, Mase would be upset. It was like a little clip of what would happen. His eyes went so wide and he looked like he’d pass out. She’d panic if that were to happen but she’d just accept it. A part of why she was so interested in film was because her mother had the same dream. But she scarified it for Charrie. When she asked her mom if she regret it, she never did. She wanted to make the dream come true and she did. She was big in the film industry. Her mom was so proud of her right now, even after cutting.

“Yea, I get it, you don’t want it,” She sighed hearing him say he really couldn’t. It’s not like she would but it kind of hurt to hear it. The career was way more important to him. Why wouldn’t it be? He just became so rich and known for it and helping people out with the medicine he created. Then she watched him relaxed but she still felt tense. Then he said he didn’t have a choice. He did. He can just leave. She knew he wouldn’t, not ever but if that’s the way he felt, maybe it was right.

“I won’t do anything to screw up your career. Don’t worry... I won’t even mention you tomorrow. It won’t be good for your career to be dating a celeb,” She muttered not even looking at him. IT wasn’t her fault. She could have blown out but she didn’t. He knew how bad she can get in a bad temper and this was a calm one. Who could blame her after hearing that though? That the career is more important? She knew that some people were married to the career. She got up from the couch.

“No thanks, I’m not hungry,” She decided and just went into the bedroom and lay down there. She was upset but she wasn’t going to admit it. Tomorrow, she had a couple of things to take care of and continue with building up that film. No one knew what the film was about, Mase didn’t know. It was about their life-well it was inspired but it, it wasn’t exactly like it. She tried to get some sleep but couldn’t.

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Mason knew that whenever there was something going on on tv, it had to be fake, especially things revolving around Charrie. SHe couldnt possibly be dating some guy she didnt really know. But still. That didnt mean it was all gone. He wanted to ask her to be sure it wasnt true, because he knew some people that just woke up one day and decided it was over. Maybe that could happen to them. She could just wake up one day and fall in love with another actor that wasnt him. The thought of that happening to them was slim, but he honestly couldnt predict the way Charrie was feeling. Yes she was grumpy most of the time, she was very specific with what she wanted, but he was starting to learn everything in exact detail. She was a very specific girl and she was not every other girl.

"Im sorry Char. I wont call you that anymore. I promise. Because to me, you're one very special person in my life" he assured her, knowing that with all the fame and constant press and the fact that she always had her days full, she was still the same person at the end of the day and that's what he loved about her. "Dont worry. I was just wondering about that man. I didnt think it was true, but you never know. Those people in movies usually pick our relationships like they're playing another role. I know you arent that way Char. I just wanted to hear it wasnt true" he knew for sure that male was just being an ass. Like every other guy that tried to say they were with Charrie.

"You didnt confirm me as your boyfriend yet?" he blinked curiously, wondering why she hasnt. SHe probably had a good reason. WHen she explained to him the life of a celebrity, he nodded his head "You're right. I dont really want those cameras around me all the time. No one bothers me at work or when I go home. I guess it's a good thing hmm? But if you really want to clear your name. Im fine with it. I dont want anything else bugging you on tv. We can settle everything as is and people can leave us alone" he hugged his arms around her, kissing her cheek before his eyes fell to her tummy.

His eyes widened from her words and he nearly collapsed. "Y-You want it? Our baby?" he was stunned as he thought about it. Having a family with Charrie right now just wasnt in the picture. They were so big in each of their fields. A baby would just end everything they've worked hard for. It would take time away from them doing what they wanted. "I-I dont know....I mean....if you really wanted to keep it....maybe we can figure something out. But I still dont think now is a good time to start a family" he tried to tell her. Even if she wanted the baby really badly, he just couldnt. He knew their careers were more important.

The thought of not being able to cure anything was something he disagreed with. "You never know Char. There's usually a remedy for basic illnesses. Im sure there's going to be a cure for everything. I just need to work hard and try to figure it out. But I promised I wouldnt test you out with any chemicals, so I guess this is going in the trash.....no. I need to test it. If it works, Ill be rich!" he laughed and hurried back into his lab, labeling the flask as he set it aside for later. WHen he sat beside her once more, he frowned. "We cant be having this baby now....." he stuttered.

But when she revealed the secret, his eyes narrowed on her to see she was telling the truth. THen he stood on his feet, feeling so irritated. (b "You dont joke about something as big as that Char! What if it was real...what were we going to do? You made me waste all day today trying to come up with some remedy that you wouldnt even try.....I hate it when you do these things. Taking in a deep breath, he sighed and slumped into the couch, feeling so relieved they werent going to have a baby. "If it ever happened then it seems like I cant do a thing about it. You wouldnt take what I make, so you're just going to have the baby. I wouldnt have a choice now would I. I mean, Im also against taking lives, so we would have the baby" he told her honestly. The only thing Mason hated was when she brought his line of work into this. She hated chemistry. It was as if she hated his entire career. The thought of experimenting with chemicals was something she never wanted to do. And it was clear that she didnt trust him enough with his concoctions. Of course he wouldnt risk anything on her. He just was so shocked and surprised today that he didnt know what to do. "Look. I know you've had a rough day and I hate being the one you blow up to when you get home. You should get some rest. I've got a few things to do later in the lab, so I made some pasta in the fridge if you want" he said before heading off to eat some so he could get back to work. He was irritated and annoyed with this pranking thing. He's hadnt done anything to her in such a long time.
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