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She was describing Heath really well but it was because she knew him more than she knew her own boyfriend at the moment. It was partly her fault this was happening. She was so busy with everything and barely had time. This is why her mom didn’t continue her dream because this dream of hers was starting to turn into a nightmare. All she wanted to do is create movies, that’s it and not have it split away from everything else but it did and was there practically no way to go back. They were falling apart. She couldn’t handle falling apart. Then their fighting about Prim and Heath in between. It was just an excuse to start something. Then she listened to his answer and knew from it that she couldn’t just let thing stay the way they were.

“And that’s exactly why... Our moms told us from day one that we’d be with each other and we believed it without even thinking. And now because of them, this happened. Yea... we can’t. Our lives are too different. Is this it? The end?” She mostly pondered to herself. She didn’t want it to end but there was just a time where things did die off. She didn’t believe it. She never would want to. Spending her whole life being with Mason and this...It seemed worse than being dead. She put up a brave front and decided to hide her emotions well. There was no need to make it harder. He thought the same way.

“There you go again. Making me sound like I’m terrible... I don’t want to be around a weakling? You’re not weak. I’m right, you need to grow up but so do I. I want someone who is equal to me. I don’t feel like you’re equal to me a lot of the time and it’s not because of what you do or how strong you are. It’s because you don’t act like my equal. You let me take in charge of the relationship and yea, I like being in charge at times but sometimes I just wish you would. If you really want someone as terrible as me, then I’ll be at my parent’s house. But if you do come, than you better convince me a reason why would I want to. I’m tired of being put up with. I hate feeling that in the order to be with me you have to put up with me and you’re just doing that because you say you love me. I don’t want to feel like I’m an evil bitch by staying with you...” She finished. She kept such a calm expression that it even surprised herself. And then she remembered there was no way she could act calm. It wasn’t a calm expression; it was a hollow empty one. He headed into the room and she just stood there for a moment, taking a breath. She got out of the apartment and went into her car. She was fine up until she made to the front door of her house. Her mom opened the door and smiled and then asked her what’s wrong. She burst out into tears. Her mom let her cry on her and they went up to her room. She ends up blurting everything out to her mom. She hasn’t done that in years. All her mom could do, was comfort her.

“Honey, have you ever thought about starting all over?” Her mom asked.

“Starting what over?” She mumbled.

“With mason, everything-from the start...”

“I told you, Prim and Heath are in the way of it. We won’t just get over that... It’s done. It’s over. It’s really over and... I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life...” She was sobbing. Eventually it hit night and she couldn’t sleep. She cried for the whole night until she couldn’t shed anymore tears. She didn’t get out of her bed in the morning. She didn’t want to. Her mom tried to get her out but she refused to go into meetings or anything. She didn’t even want to call up that she wouldn’t. She just wanted to be left alone. She decided to spend the day there, just letting the sadness take over her. All of those years to end up like this? She didn’t want it to end up like this. It just couldn’t! There had to be some way to fix it. There just had to be but she said she wouldn’t come crawling back. But she wanted to... She locked her room and made sure not a single soul could bother her. Her dad was yelling downstairs asking what the matter with her was and said he’d go kill the person that made her cry. Luckily, he knew nothing until later on the day he figured it out. He wasn’t as joyful as she thought he’d be. He was upset that she was upset. Although, she was pretty sure Mason’s dad was hearing this and probably incredibly happy about it.

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Mason couldnt believe where all of this had gone. Everything just went downhill from here. He thought that they were going to be able to fix things just like last time, but boy did all the emotions just pour out. How could she say to just break it off? Of course he didnt want that. NO matter what they were going through, he thought they could always fix it. He just thought that maybe these feelings he was starting to feel again was only because he was feeling so lonely. Of course she wouldnt cheat on him with Heath, but he just wanted her attention so badly. To have her home when she was supposed to be, not at some dojo teaching kids how to fight with Heath. He just felt like he was someone that she came home to nowadays. That was all.

"I know what Prim has done to you. Why do you think I've never asked her over, or to see you at all. I know the two of you would just fight and I know it's all her fault. What am I supposed to do? Tell her to just get out of my life after everything she's done for me? My career will fail....I wont have the help that I need to get my work done..." he sighed, hating the fact that all they did was argue.

"You announced me on tv like I was some weakling! Some guy that you had been with for years. Yes you talked about our past and revealed to the world our problems, but there wasnt much I meant to you besides me being miserable all the time. You said that no matter how miserable you made me I stayed by your side. Oh thanks for all of the love and support. That sure sounds way better than how you described Heath...." he frowned and then heard how he needed to just grow up and move on from all of this. Maybe he did need to grow up a little, but was it wrong to feel so alone in a relationship?

Mason just sat there, feeling like this was all going downhill. He knew she was going to breakup with him any moment and as she asked him why he loved her, he looked into her eyes and he gulped. "I love you because you were always there. You were always there beside me. You were the only girl I kept my eyes on and you kept your eyes on me.....thats why. Im sorry I dont really know you. We havent had the time to spend with each other lately. I havent been feeling anything at all from you really. You come home and we head to bed, barely even talk anymore. I guess those old feelings crept up on me again when you arent there. I felt jealous. I felt miserable. I felt sad. You're just busy it's not your fault. And all this publicity...Im just not used to.....I guess we just have different lives now and we cant hold it together anymore" he kept his eyes on the ground and he could feel it coming.

When she said that she wanted to take a break, he didnt think he could say those words himself. "You're not an evil girlfriend Char. You're doing the right thing. Im the one changing, the one who doesnt know you anymore. You dont want to be around someone who's such a weakling and just cant grow up. Who does things for you with no feelings behind them. I understand. No matter how much I dont want this....I guess it's for the best" he frowned and rubbed his eyes, getting up onto his feet. "Dont bother talking to my father...we dont need to" he headed into his room and he just closed the door behind him, sinking down to the ground, his back sliding down the door. What just happened?
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“Cares about you...?” She spoke in disbelieve “Are you so sure? Fine, don’t. And I told you if you don’t want to be miserable from having me around, than just break it off. And how the fuck is it my fault you don’t talk to anyone else!? You can talk to anyone you want! I’m not obsessive! I’m glad the person that used to be my best friend, back stabbed so many fucking times is someone you call your friend. If I faced her right now, she’d still treat me like shit. She never once tried to fix things up with me. I just let it go. I don’t ever remember you defending me either.” She wondered why in the world he loved her. It didn’t make any sense. It was just a word and how they felt but the reason, it was unclear if he really knew why. It seemed that all they could do is fight.

“Because he didn’t just go for it! Yea, he might have done it to keep me happy but that doesn’t matter. It’s not like he’s deeply supposed to care about you. Maybe he wouldn’t hesitate. Because if you were gone than I’d break down and that’s what he usually does, be there. Oh my god! Did I just not fucking announce how great I thought you were on TV? And the other times you wouldn’t have known about how I talked about you because you weren’t there. I made Heath jealous by talking about you. I would non-stop talking about you. Heath isn’t perfect. He’s done a lot of mistakes in his life. He was just man enough to get over them and grow up. Go ahead, be with Prim for all I fucking care! If was obsessive than I would get her fired from your job-and that’s picking whose in your life! I don’t want her there because I can’t trust her! You don’t seem to care the fact that she did so many stuff to me and just pretends like she doesn’t owe it to me after all the stuff I did for her.” That was it. This was going to go nowhere. She didn’t know what to do but if things kept going on like this. It really was just better if it was done for. She took a breath before speaking again. She looked at him with a curious, questioning expression “Why do you say you love me? Do you even know why? Even spending two years with you, you still don’t really know me. What do you think of me? Do you think I’m obsessive, a bitch, some evil girlfriend who makes you always miserable and depressed? You say that I don’t but is that really the truth? When I’m with you, I feel like I’m in your way.” The way things were going he probably thought that’s how she was like.

“If that’s how it is. We should really just...” She fought the emotions swirling up in her “...take a break. I should go home to my parent’s house for awhile... I’m not leaving you but...as long as you think of me like that; I don’t want to be around you. I don’t even know if you really care about me. You do things for me but I just don’t feel it. I can barely come home but it’s not like I don’t want to.” She’d never tell him or say it out loud. But the only time she felt like she was a horrible person these days was around him. She knew she was bad but not that bad. She stopped herself from crying again. Tears wouldn’t solve anything.

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Mason shook his head at the thought of her going to see her father still. If his mom wasnt there, she'd be hurt for sure and that's now what he wanted. "Ill go with you if you want me to. But I still dont suggest you going. He is dangerous. Maybe not as dangerous as your father is to me, but still. Im worried something will happen, so Ill go" he sighed at the thought of trying to fix things. He didnt really want to fix his father's problems. They could fix it themselves if they really wanted to. He just wished they would for their kids sake.

Everything he told her was true about Prim. She still tried to make him feel better when Charrie was gone. She tried to say whatever she could to make him happy, to make him feel as happy as he was with Charrie. Sure it didnt work sometimes and she was angry with him for being so depressed over someone like her, but she never left his side. She kept trying, even until now and that was something Mason appreciated. He felt like she worked so hard for him and he felt bad because he couldnt return the favor. Sometimes he felt as if Prim appreciated him more than Charrie did. When they lived together, she made him lunch, and supplied him company. The one thing he couldnt get rid of was the fact that she'd been a friend to him. Something he didnt really have when Charrie was gone for three years.

"She's my friend Charrie. And no matter what you say, nothing is going to change the fact that she's been there when you werent. Just like Heath. All of these amazing things Heath's done for you. Yes I get it. THey mean more to you than everything Prim did, but they mean a lot to me. Everything she's done for me because she cares about me. Since high school. I know you see her differently, but I still appreciate her. She may not be the same as Heath, but Im not going to just stop being her friend because you want me to. That's just making me miserable. Other than you, I barely talk to anyone else. Any other girls. She's a friend so Im defending her too" he felt defeated. Of course he was jealous of Heath. Just the way she spoke about him made everything feel worse. Who would want to fix anything with a guy that was so amazing, who loves your girlfriend and clearly is going to stay in her life longer than he probably would. Just like she stated.

"happy that he wouldnt? Why in the world would that make me happy? He's only doing it to keep you happy since you're with me. Once Im gone, he wouldnt hesitate. Ill make him my body guard just for you, and ill try to fix things. After all he deserves it since he's so amazing. I never heard you once talk about me in that way. Yes Im jealous, but who wouldnt be after hearing all of that! Just like Heath, Prim is staying in my life for as long as I want her to. Im already doing you a favor by talking to that......guy! You cant pick who's in my life if I cant do it to yours" he narrowed his eyes at her. He felt defeated. He tried his hardest to get Heath out of her life, but he couldnt. So instead he tried putting up with him staying and he still couldnt. Charrie was making him even more miserable inside. He just didnt say a thing. She was barely home, she was always with Heath, she was cutting out his close friends. What else was he supposed to do? He loved her, but she expected so much of him that he didnt want to put up with. Now he had to try and fix things with Heath. HE didnt want to, but it seemed like he had no choice since Charrie was dominating the relationship.
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“If you’re mom is around, then nothing will be fixed,” She stated “Don’t worry. I’ll handle it. If anything goes wrong I’ll just call my mom over from next door. If you want, you can come with.” She knew it was a risky situation but she would take it. Oddly, she thought handling her dad would be much easier for her. Mostly because her dad fought the way she could handle-guns. If there weapons or fighting involved, it was in her area of expertise.

She just scoffed. Prim alike her and Heath? Yea, if the devil became an angel. The girl couldn’t compare to the things she’s has been through with Heath over there. Little went around while she was gone except for Mase being depressed and focusing on his career. She could have lost her mind when she shot those people completely but Heath saved her bunch of times from becoming a complete psychopath. When she got injured he wouldn’t insult her for doing something so reckless, he just helped her out and took so many damage because of her. He scarified so many things for her and what did Prim do? Nothing that any other person that could have done for him... It sounded the exact same stuff Prim would do for others to get close to them. Those little things...

“I’m sorry but did Prim do anything more than that? Helping you out in your career? That’s it?” She smirked “Come on Mase, you got to do better than that defending her. She doesn’t compare. Admit it. After all that she’s done, you’re just going to let it go? You’re always so easy to let things go for her. I let things go for her too many times. She’s had enough chances. If you think I forgot about you dating her in high school. I didn’t. In case you wondered, I cried a lot. It wasn’t until then I started really hating you. No she’s not done as much as Heath has done for me. Because he loved me. He really loved me Mase and you know that. Yet, even if he loved me he didn’t just fuck me. He let it go. He tells me that it’s hard to see me every day knowing that I would never ever split away from you. Don’t tell me he’s the same as her. It’s insulting. And he didn’t exactly rub it in your face; he just told you what happened because I couldn’t. Say if I didn’t love you, and I loved someone else and that person happened to be a drug addict, and you almost went in bed with me. Would you easily apologize for it? And I doubt he’s waiting for it! Prim isn’t anywhere better. Just because you’re jealous doesn’t mean you can try to defend her. Nothing in the world could defend that girl!” She just couldn’t let it go. She couldn’t stand Prim being compared to Heath. She loved Mason but she also cared Heath as family. She’d defend him.

“Well, I don’t think we should have a fight every time we mention them. And what in the world are you talking about!? You can’t handle yourself! I got a bodyguard before, that didn’t make me some little kid. Mase I love you but fix things up with Heath. You shouldn’t be mad at him because he almost did it with me, you should be happy that he wouldn’t. Why am I even bothering? You won’t listen to me or even understand it. Yea, I get Prim helped you out with your career but until somehow in the world she fixes things up with me, I’m don’t want you around her. And whether you like it or not but I still treat Heath as family and he’s going to be stuck with the rest of my life but not in the same way as you. I don’t want you guys to fight like our dad’s are,” She explained. She was really frustrated.

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Mason just didnt understand why in the world she wanted to talk to his father. He already knew what the man would say and do. "Get the fuck out you demon child! Or ill Ill skin you to the bones with my hedge clippers!" he shivered at the thought of that happening to her and he shook his head "Please dont go talk to him. Dont give it a try unless my mom is there. Otherwise....he may not kill you, but he will definitely harm you Char. And I dont want that to happen to you. I like it when your hair is on your head" he told her, biting his lip as he shook the image from his mind. He knew CHarrie could handle herself, but it wasnt like she was going to kill his father.

Prim had been one of his closest friends even until now. Yes she ruined their lives in high school, made them separate. Hurt him in college, but he still couldnt have won that nobel prize without her help. He couldnt finish his healing water without her help. She was like his assistant and he could only get things done when he was in the lab and she was beside him. When Charrie wasnt around, she was a really sweet person and a helpful one at that. He guessed it was because they were alone, but call it manipulation or what not, Prim had his back when it came to his job and the workplace. If he ever needed a favor, she wouldnt hesitate. When he decided to head home early, she would stay back and finish up the rest of his work for the day. It was something Charrie didnt see and he didnt think she'd ever see her that way again.

He didnt want to fight with Charrie, but not everything he believed about Heath was true. Just like her thoughts on Prim. "I dont believe you and Heath are that different from me and Prim. I've seen Prim do that to me. SHe's had my back when I was late, when I was at my lowest. She helped fill in my spots at work when I couldnt make it, stayed after hours to finish up my work and clean up when I wanted to come home and meet you here. SHe knows Im dating you and she hasnt tried anything. Sure in high school she was terrible, but maybe she did change. Because what is the point of manipulating me right now? She knows I wont leave you. She's done just as much as Heath has done for you. ANd Heath isnt great. He's just a pile of shit too! All he did was rub everything into my face. He never apologized for what he did. In fact he's proud of it. He knows that's one thing I can never get back anymore. The one thing that caused us so much fighting and we still are. He's just waiting for us to end so he could have you all to himself" he was angry about the way she spoke to him about how Heath was all high and mighty. He was a Monkey and that's all he'll ever be to him.

Mason knew that even with time he would still think of Heath that way. If he could change back what he did to Charrie, maybe he would consider becoming friends. He could never forgive him for what he did to their relationship. And the fact that Charrie just couldnt leave his side. He just wanted to forget about all this. It only made them fight so much more. WHen he started calming himself down, he shook his head. "You're right. I dont want to fight. I told you not to mention him to me. It only makes me more angry even until now. I dont need a body guard. I can handle things on my own. I dont need someone to protect me like Im a little kid" he ran his fingers through his hair irritatedly as he stared at the tv.
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She laughed at him thinking her dad was crazy. She knew he was. he really was nuts but she loved him anyways. It was only natural for her dad to bring out a gun from how over protective he was and because she was his little girl. She sighed thinking of how much Mason’s dad hated her. She didn’t know exactly why. She didn’t want Mason to be hated for it either.

“You know what... I’ll talk to your dad. I’ll go tomorrow and talk to him and maybe can change his view of things. I’ll give it a try. He won’t shoot me like my dad would shoot you. So it’s safe,” She smiled. She wanted to fix things up. If they got that fixed up, than it would get rid of one other problem. It’s not like she wanted to have everything her way. She had to make the best decision possible and having a female bodyguard for him and then the media getting into his privacy wouldn’t be good. Mason would get annoyed from it.

She didn’t know how many times she had to remind him that she would mind him spending time with Prim. How could he even think of spending time with her? She screwed everything up between them. That was four years that they’ll never get back because of her. And it wasn’t just that, it was personal things that happened with her and Prim. She could never see the girl in the same light ever. She hated her to the core. She’s never hated a person as much as she hated Prim. She was always trying to stealing the guys she was interested in. Always got them to fall for her and ditch her. Charrie just pretended it didn’t bother her and moved on with her life. That always got Prim mad and always made her try harder. Charrie always thought she’d change back to her old best friend, the one that was innocent, kind, caring and a little bold but still shy at times. Even if Prim were to change back, she would never forgive her. She couldn’t. The thought of her boiled her blood.

“Heath and I, are different then you and Prim. Heath truly protected me and had no intention to get close to me at the start and did not screw up my whole life for years. He listened to me when I said no, respected that I loved you and if I told him to get along with you, he’d try his best. He even tried to bring us back together Mase. Did you ever see that bitch do that? She only tried to keep us apart. And it’s not just about us that she screwed up but she hurt me bad. If you hang out with her like that-I don’t know but trust me, you’ll see me back to the girl I was when I was in war with you. I’m not going to deal with her bull shit again. You let her in once, and she’ll screw you up. Don’t be an idiot; she has a long term plan for getting back at me. Every single guy I liked or close friend I’d make, she’d pull them apart from me or make them want her. I won’t forget that. Don’t ever fucking compare someone as great as Heath like her. She’s a pile of shit. Call her a friend, and watch you take an advantage of her. If I saw her again, I’d destroy her so she has to live in the streets,” She let the rage within her out. She could never let it go. She found it unfair that he would compare Heath to her. Yes, the Heath situation upset him but Heath tried so hard to fix things up.

“I may sound selfish to you but I don’t even give a shit right now. It’s your choice if you want to be friends with her but its only natural that I’ll react. I know I’m trying to get you and Heath to be friends and it probably seems fair for you to boil a pot of friendship with Prim but it isn’t. If she didn’t do those kinds of things that I’d just let it happen but she did. I don’t care if you think she’s changed. She isn’t, she never will. And by the way by the bodyguard thing, if you want a female bodyguard so fucking bad, than go get one yourself. I don’t see why though. You always make me sound like I’m incredibly selfish and yea, I know I am but I’m no more selfish than any other human,” She kept on going and decided to shut her mouth. She really didn’t want another fight to stir up. She could handle him being friends with a prostitute or a super model that was gorgeous, her cousin, just not Prim.

“Forget it. I don’t want to fight. I just don’t want to hear about her again. If it makes me a bitch saying that, then so be it,” She hardly spoke.

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Mason knew that trying to impress his father wasnt exactly what a son should do. And his mother would always try to explain it all to his father, but he was just too adamant to learn anything. He was proud of Mason's achievements, it was just that girl he hated and didnt want to be around Mason, otherwise he wouldnt talk to Mason that much unless he left her. But why would he do that? He loved Charrie. "Ya I know you're a daddy's girl and I know you love your dad, but I still think he's crazy. At least my dad doesnt shoot you. He just stands watch when I come home to see if you're with me. But he does have a few things in mind, I just try to tell him I came alone" he shook his head, knowing that it was pretty much impossible to get their dads to stop fighting. Maybe they could just get them fighting with each other and not their children, then maybe they could just forget about everything.

Charrie did have a clear point with the body guards. If he did have a female one, a hot one at at that, who knows. The press might even catch him ogling her, or even just trying to take a peek at her behind. That pervy part of him was still there, he just wouldnt cheat on Charrie. "I guess you're right. It's better if I get a male body guard. I mean the cheating thing is bad, and so is being gay to the public, but whatever you want Char, ill do that one" he really wanted a female body guard because he just thought it would be much better having a hot girl defending him like Charrie. But that was just it, he had Charrie. Mason just really wanted her to feel like how he felt when Heath was around. Then maybe he could be good friends with the body guard like she was with Heath, then she could see why he hated Heath so much.

She was with him everyday, just like she was with Mason. Sometimes she was with him longer and would come home really late. He knew that he trusted her, but sometimes he just felt lonely. And yes he had Prim at work to spend time with, but Charrie didnt even want her to mention Prim. The two would still work together, but that was about it. He couldnt be her friend because of Charrie, only an acquaintance. So Mason thought it to be unfair she had Heath as a close friend, and he couldnt have Prim as one.

"So Heath it is I guess. I mean I do need protection when I go to work. But you're right. Maybe if Heath sees me as a friend then we wouldnt have so many problems. But I doubt that. He'll always have that one thing between us that I cant get rid of" he spoke quietly, hoping she didnt really hear that last part. He was pretty much over the whole sleeping with Heath thing. He just still hated Heath for doing it and he always will. "And then maybe you wouldnt mind if I actually spent some time with Prim. I mean I work with her everyday like you and Heath. It would be nice to call her a friend wouldnt it?" he looked up at her but saw her bringing over the pizza. He grabbed a slice and just sat on the couch watching tv. WHen she fell asleep, he smiled a little and took a bite. If Heath was his bodyguard, maybe things would be fixed.
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“Yea, I can tell he’s strict. You shouldn’t have to do things to impress him though. I never had to. Even if I did the worst, he still was great to be around to. My dad doesn’t blame me for dating you or is angry at me. Instead, he’s just angry at you and your dad. I’m daddy’s girl though... I might make it sound better than it really is. I’ve really got to figure a way to stop him from shooting you in sight,” She sighed. It’s been years and even their mother’s wasn’t’ able to stop the hatred between their father’s. Charrie already decided it was impossible for them not to be enemies. She just didn’t want her dad to hate Mase or threaten to kill him in sight. That’s all she wanted from him at this point. She didn’t even know if that was possible either. As long as her mother was in view, her dad wouldn’t bring out a gun. She loved him to death but sometimes he went too far. She heavily sighed hearing him making her sound like a really selfish bitch. In a way she really didn’t want him to have some other girl around when it wasn’t needed it. She was a little selfish that she didn’t want some girl following him around like that and protecting him. That was her job. To protect him, love him and be with him. She got why Mase was so upset with the situation that happened with Heath. She always understood that and always felt bad for it. She wasn’t too sure if she made it up now but she hoped maybe she was close.

“No, what I meant was, if it’s a male it’s easier to pick out that he’s a friend or he is your bodyguard. I doubt they’d go the assumption that you’re gay unless you hold hands. It wouldn’t happen. You won’t be a laughing icon, I promise. I wouldn’t do anything that embarrasses you like that. But if a female bodyguard came by, which is pretty rare actually, it would create more suspicion to who they are. Say if I hung out with Heath in public-they’d think I was dating him not that he was protecting me. They assume everyone I hang out with, I’m dating. It’s no fun, Mase. It’s better not to get the public thinking pointless things. If it were between gay or cheating, yea I would rather have it be cheating but since that assumption is almost to none... Why do you want a female bodyguard anyway?” Shea asked. She hoped Heath and him could fix up their really bad relationship too. She just wanted the two to make up so that she can freely talk to them in the same place without having so much tension.

“It’ll get better. You’re no different than him. You hate him too,” She reminded him “I’m glad you are doing it but you don’t have to. It’s your choice. I just think it’ll be good for the two of you to get along. Heath really respects people who are smart, unselfish and can handle responsibility. He still remembers you as an alcoholic. You hate him because he stood between us once and some other reasons I’m not sure off... You might like each other.” She stared at the movie but her mind was elsewhere. She loved filming but it was the fame she didn’t like. She never liked the fame part of things. She just liked the artistic creative side.

“Why couldn’t I just create movies and not be annoyed or bothered by the media...? It’s no fun being famous,” She sighed. Then the pizza arrived. She got up and decided to pay it herself. She sat right beside Mason again and took some for herself. Normally, she’d just finish off everything they got before but she learned how to share. Somehow, she eventually fell asleep on his shoulder.

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Mason knew that his parents appreciated all the hard work he did. Even his father appreciated how he's finally depended on himself and became wealthy. The only thing he really hated was the fact that he was still going out with Charrie. He couldnt believe after all the hard work that he had put him through, all the wars and fights, he was still able to fall in love with his enemy's daughter! How could he. He just wanted Mason to forget about her, find some other girl. But his mother was more than happy with everything he was doing. He was successful. He worked hard. And his girlfriend was the only girl she approved for him since they were kids. In her eyes Mason was practically just like she wanted him to be at his age.

"My dad is proud of me. He just doesnt really show it and he's strict. If I make him happy then he's great to be around, but the fact that Im dating you makes him so angry sometimes. I guess the whole war with our father's is really the only thing keeping us apart. We should try and fix things. I mean....Im still afraid of your father. When you say that, I dont believe he cares for you that much. He would kill me in a heartbeat if I ever got close to the house. Let's just hope that our moms can influence them more" he hoped, wanting everything to just be okay. Even with being famous and successful, he still didnt feel like his life was perfect. There were still issues.

"Wait. So it's better if Im gay, but not cheating? Doesnt that just mean that you will still look good but Ill be a laughing icon?" he thought about how selfish she was being, but then again, anything for her career and image right? (b "Ill stick to Heath right now, but I already know Im going to be irritated. "I dont care if he didnt hate me. The point is he hates me now" he reminded her as he sighed and sat on the couch. "Im only doing this because it will make you feel better. Im going to carry some things in my pockets from now on. I dont want anyone attacking me until then" he picked up the phone and started to order some pizza. He watched the channels on the tv, seeing Charrie on nearly all of them. She was working with so many guys each day and he trusted her. He couldnt even have one female body guard.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 281d 8h 2m 50s

“I’d probably be the same... We’re doomed. If we’re apart we lose ourselves, and if we stay we get into trouble,” She sighed at the harsh reality. She frowned to hear only his mom. She knew his father really hated her but shouldn’t he just focus on the fact that Mason’s over being an alcoholic and became so successful? Her father was proud of her even if Mason was in the way. She still talked to him normally; it was just that at every call her dad would beg her to stop tormenting herself with the devil’s son. They seriously needed to stop doing this. It wasn’t right for her dad to hate Mase, he may be the son of her dad’s enemy but was also the son of her mother’s best friend. Charrie’s father could talk to Mason’s mother just fine.

“You’re dad should be proud of you either way. If I’m in the way or not. No offense, Mase... But I still hate your dad. He’s not like my dad who’s so upbeat, encouraging, fun and really protective of me. Although, you probably hate mine. I think we should fix things up... They need to stop. What in the world made them enemies anyway?” She wondered curiously. She knew their dad’s hated each other for a long time but never knew why. Maybe their personalities just clashed? Or maybe something had happened in the past.

“They follow you everywhere!” She groaned “I could only go to the washroom for three minutes. If it’s longer than three minutes, they’d think you were plotting an escape. I promise it to be different this time though. She narrowed her eyes again at a female one. She didn’t care if people thought he was gay-as long as it wasn’t a female one.

“Better let them think that you’re gay than think you’re cheating on me. Media, Mase...! They catch a girl following you; I’ll make it to the headlines. Of course I could clear things up but then they’d just be more interested to see if it really is just a bodyguard relationship. I’m not taking that risk. I trust you, I don’t trust another girl or the media,” She declared. She hoped she proved a good point. It sounded like it made sense. She rolled her eyes as he called Heath a monkey. He was still not over that phase. Then again, Heath still wasn’t over the phase of insulting Mason.

“He didn’t always hate you,” She stated as a reminder “He didn’t mind us together in the start. It’s only until a little later he started hating you. And don’t worry, he will protect you. He takes his jobs seriously.” If the two of them got along and became friends, it would be much easier on her and their wouldn’t be so much tension when they faced each other. She could trust Heath to protect Mason. Getting a stranger to protect him made her feel uneasy because she didn’t know their skills and she didn’t know if they’d tried to make a move on him.

“That’s a surprise. You actually agree to let me ask Heath for help,” She smiled brightly. She fell back into the couch with him and decided to lean her head on his shoulder and put her legs up in the couch.

“Pizza sounds good,” She admitted and grabbed the remote to turn the TV on. She avoided channels that she was on. She didn’t want to see other rumours about her. One channel was talking about how she declared who was her boyfriend and they talked about Mason’s success. She quickly changed out of it and moved onto some movie.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 281d 10h 5m 23s
"You think so? Well I wasnt going to embarrass you and just lose. No way. Im was going to put up a fight that jerk would never forget. He deserved it after giving me such a gruesome eye" he winced a little and looked at his eyes in the mirror. It looked disgusting. But when he went into his lab, he grabbed a clean rag and soaked it into his healing water. WHen he rubbed it against his eyes, he sighed in relief. It didnt feel as painful as before and he was lucky he was such a scientist.

As she decided not to leave, he smiled brightly. "Thanks Charrie. I dont know what I'd do without you. I would probably be like how I used to be, but I dont ever want to go back there again. I have my friends back, my parents are proud of me. Well at least my mom, and the fact that I have you...I dont ever want that old life" he smiled pu at he genuinely, glad that she wouldnt destroy all of that. He wanted her to be selfish.

"That's great. I dont think I want someone to be following me even into the bathroom. Maybe just standing outside of my door or something is fine" he was glad that he wouldnt get someone like Heath. But when she said he wouldnt get a female, he sighed "I dont want to get a male! That would be so weird! Having him following me around. People will think Im gay! Why cant I get a girl Char? You know I only love you. And I know you can kick her butt. THere's nothing to be worried about" he tried to convince her, not wanting some man following him around.

"Heath? Hell no! Why would I want that monkey around me anyways? He's always hated me. And not to mention the fact that we always fight! I dont want him near me. He probably wont even protect me..." he sighed, not wanting this at all. But he knew that Heath was the best choice. THey both knew him. He had no chance with Charrie and just the plain fact that he knew the deal between him and Charrie. Maybe he'd give him a chance, but if something happened to him, he would blame it on the monkey. "Okay. You can ask Heath....but dont let him be like how he was to you. Ill take it for now" he pouted a little and then sat on the couch to relax. He was tired from everything today. He just wanted to snuggle up beside her and fall asleep. "Food sounds good. Why dont we order a supreme pizza?" he offered, grabbing the phone into his hands.
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“You really did do a good job on him,” She giggled. She shouldn’t encourage him to fight this way in defense but she enjoyed it this way. She loved it that he fought back and gave the jerk an injury he’ll never forget. For once, she was glad that they were this close. Hopefully, it’ll stay this way again. She wanted it to stay this way, noticing each other, being affectionate... Charrie did rely on him for things like this. If it weren’t for him, she would have stayed depressed for a longer time period. She also depended on him when he was sick. So far, she hasn’t had any serious sick days. She made sure she avoided sickness.

“I’m not going to leave... I can’t,” She sighed. She wouldn’t leave him. There was too much history and too many emotions that she had for him. Leaving like this would give her no closure. It would be on her mind forever. She needed to get him a bodyguard. Incident’s like that could never happen again but she didn’t want the bodyguard around 24/7 like her father made Heath do.

“Don’t worry; they’re not going to stay by you all day. Only when I’m not around they’ll be there. That was my dad’s fault, he wanted me guarded 24/7. I don’t want that. I can protect you myself if your around me,” She stated. When their kiss ended he chuckled something that wasn’t funny to her. She narrowed her eyes at him, even if she knew he was joking. The Heath situation was never going to happen again. She didn’t Mason to get too comfortable with a female bodyguard. Not that he stood a chance... She trusted him a lot, and knew he wouldn’t but the presence would bother her.

“Haha, you’re so funny,” She sarcastically spoke “You’re getting a male, or a female that looks like a man. I’m your kickass female bodyguard when I’m around. I was going to let you pick but since you said that, no. Or you know what? Maybe I’ll get Heath to babysit you. He won’t make my pay up so much.” She decided to tease him with a smirk on her face.

“Who knows, maybe you’ll become best friends with him?” She taunted and sighed “He’s really not bad, Mase. I’d think if you guys got to know each other, you’d be good friends.” She knew it probably started crazy to Mason but she actually believed it. Then she started to feel a little hungry. She normally didn’t eat anything in the morning because she had to rush and then at lunch she’d eat at a restaurant which wasn’t always the best for her and afternoon-well that’s the only time she actually ate something healthy but Mase was hurt and she didn’t want to make him work.

“How about we order food tonight?” She suggested and bit her lip “I’d say I’d cook but you know that it would end up bad if I did. I would have really starved if you didn’t cook.” She could always hire someone but she didn’t like to spend too much.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 281d 12h 24m 29s
Mason knew that his life was at stake now. WIth everyone knowing that he was Charrie's boyfriend, he would be getting a ton of publicity about her. He just hoped that he didnt ruin her career by saying something wrong, or accidentally messing around in public only to see that cameras were now following him. He needed to stay alert around him so that he didnt make a mess in public. That was going to need some getting used to, but he was sure that he could get it done. If he kept everything in secret, only inside of his apartment, then everything would be fine.

Holding Charrie in his arms felt like heaven. He's missed her so much. And ever since the tree house, he felt like everything hasnt been the same. "See I told you Char. I can handle myself. Sure I have a black eye, but that actor has a ruined face. It's going to take time and money to fix everything back to normal. And I doubt he will come after me again" he smiled and just hugged her once more. Part of him was glad they were getting closer again and the other part was just really happy to see her today. It had been months since he's ever been attacked like this and he just wanted everything to be okay and when he held CHarrie like this. It did feel like everything was going to be okay.

"Thanks Char. Im glad that you like what I did. I mean...I dont want you to leave. We've been together for so long that things would be different. If you want me to have a body guard, I dont mind it at all. I mean I would be much safer if I leave the apartment with one. I just dont want one that would be like Heath, who needed to be around me 24/7. I do like my privacy too" he smiled up at her and leaned in to kiss her lips softly. It felt so good to feel the warmth and comfort around him again. No career was worth losing Charrie. WHatever she wanted, he would give her as long as she stayed by his side. "What do you think of a kickass female bodyguard? Would I get to pick?" he chuckled in excitement.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 281d 16h 47m 44s
It was true that he could handle much more and a punch compare with what she’s did to him before. She should just be happy that it wasn’t more than a punch. If it was worse, she’d really just leave him alone. They really were much closer in the tree house, maybe because they had time with each other. She wanted to spend so much more time with him, even if they were so busy with their career. But she was afraid something like this would happen again. She should really hire a bodyguard or something-other than Heath. She thought of it before because her fame was getting bigger but she thought she didn’t need it because she knew how to protect herself-but Mason didn’t and she couldn’t be around him 24/7 to protect him.

She felt comforted by him, being held by him, holding him back. It’s been awhile since she felt this. Even if she already knew, it was still nice to hear him say he loves her. IT made her feel wanted when she knew she didn’t deserve it. They knew each other since the start of their life. She couldn’t just walk away. Not him. She’d do it anyone else but not him. Then she heard the splashing with acid. That really cheered her up. Ryan will never be able to get back to his acting career ever again, not with a ruined face.

“You got a black eye and he gets a ruined face along with his career ruined. It’s a fair trade. Even if he managed to get his face done and get out of jail I’ll make sure to show how fucking innocent I am,” She promised. She was glad that he handled it that way, defend himself. She was too selfish thought. Was it really okay? He made it sound like it was. A smile couldn’t help but make it on her lips when his lips brushed by her cheek. She loved the feeling of being at his touch. She remembered the first night they got intimate. They were nineteen and got into bed before they could figure each other out. Half of that was lust and the other half she started to figure out she loved him. They had a lot of their firsts together.

She cracked a small quiet laugh at what he did to Ryan. Chances were that he was in the hospital crying about his face that was the only thing that made his career.

“I’m proud of you. I won’t go now but he’ll eventually come out a prison and come back after you. I wouldn’t be risking my life. He’s nothing compared to what I’ve dealt with before. I’ll beat him down and make beg him for your forgiveness,” She said. She looked up at him to still see his eye injured. She wanted it gone and she wanted to get her own personal payback.

“I should get you a bodyguard... I can’t be around you 24/7 even if we spend more time together,” She sighed. If he agreed to it, she would get him one. She didn’t want this to happen again.

“I really love you and I want to spend more time with you,” She decaled and move in to press her lips against hers and kissed him slowly and passionately. It has been a while since they kissed. She didn’t know how she’d make time but she would. She’ll have to make her meetings with Sarah shorter and cancel some appearances on TV and deal things through the phone instead of meeting them in person.

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