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Mason knew that the reason for them loving each other was the fact that their mother's started forcing them to be together. It wasnt just that though. He started liking Charrie because he was always around her. They were always together, playing together, and just growing up together. They understood each other up until high school. You could say he wanted to thank his mother for bringing him so close to her, but at the same time, it wasnt their mother's thad made them love each other, they just did.

"If I told my teenage self that we were going to love each other.....it wouldnt be such a farfetched idea. I mean, we liked each other before then, and the fact that our war in high school was just based off of jealousy, I think things would still go the same way. After all, I was the perverted one remember. If I told myself that you would be my girlfriend in the future, I dont think I would have a problem with it. I mean I might dislike it at first.....who knows. BUt IM just glad I love you right now" he stayed beside her and didnt want to be apart.

When she said she'd try to change, he knew she would put an effort into it. He would be more outspoken and tell her how he felt, she should at least learn to be nice about it if she didnt get what she wanted. She usually did run on tantrums. "DOnt worry. I know you can do it. You can do anything really. Look at me" he yawned softly and drifted off to sleep.

After making breakfast, he sat beside her and he began to eat slowly. "No problem Char. This is one of the things I've gotten used to doing for you. I mean sometimes I dont want too, but today I just felt like making you breakfast" he smiled and finished off what was on his plate. "My parents? Oh...they just said the usual. My father wanted me to come back with a different girl, my mom wants grandchildren. You know" he smirked at the thought, but shook his head. HOnestly he was closer to his mother's decision really.

"You're right, let's get going then shall we? Pack a weeks worth of clothes! Dont forget the sunblock and your bikini. You know I love seeing you in basically nothing on" he winked and blew her kiss before he headed off to finish packing.

The rest of the day went rather smoothly. He was already dont packing as he zipped his bag shut. He then glanced down the hall to see if Charrie had finished.
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They’ve been through a lot through their lives with each other. Well, most of her life was about him. If she never knew Mason, it would be being a complete different person because they stayed by each other since birth. Their mom’s set them up before they were born. She wasn’t too sure if she should thank her mom or be mad at her for practically forcing it. What if their mother’s didn’t force it, would it be the same? It wasn’t because of what her mom told her that she loved Mason. She didn’t really get caught up with her parent’s belief, not like how she was younger. She didn’t know of her dad knew that during high school it wasn’t because of him she got in war with Mason. He probably didn’t know. If he knew the real reason was jealousy than she had a feeling her dad would think he’s whole entire life is a lie.

“Neither of us wants to. So it wouldn’t happen. What do you think our teenage selves think if we told them they were going to love each other?” She pondered. They probably wouldn’t believe it at all. Completely discard it and keep going on with the war or even make it worse just to make sure something like that wouldn’t ever happen. She was glad it did. They did have to change some parts of themselves. You’d think the changing each other would come later on. She frowned but got what he meant. She couldn’t just get whatever she wanted.

“I’ll try not to,” She promised. She didn’t like being spoiled but she picked up a habit of it. It wasn’t so hard for a rich, famous girl to get what she wanted. If she asked for it, she got it. There was barely any effort in it. Once they called their parents to tell them, they went to sleep. She thought a little a bit about what her mom said. Over their years she usually filtered out what her mother said and take in her jokes. Her mom was never joking about it but Charrie just never took it seriously. It’s like how she didn’t take her dad influences seriously. It seemed that her mom was creeping back into her head as a kid. She just has to push it away again. She believed it as a kid but now she knew how reality could be.

She woke up and later on found Mason woke up. He made food and that always made her smile in the morning. She loved that he did this for her but she wondered if he was bothered by it. He would say something if he was, right? She sat in the chair at the kitchen table.

“Thank you,” She said and started to eat quickly. She wanted to go to that trip with him badly.

“What did your parents say when you told them we’re going out for a week?” She curiously asked “Probably the typical stuff. How you should break off with me, or have grandchildren, get married... When we get back, we need to talk to my dad and then yours. I don’t want them to start plotting to separate us. Who knows, maybe our dads will actually talk to each other to split us up.” Normally, she wouldn’t ask because she could get pretty close to what they were saying. Once she finished, she put the plate away. She stretched out her arms “We should be going. This is great! Vacation with a week with you. I hope we get to do this again.”

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Mason knew that Charrie had to change as well. He had many problems, but he was trying his best to fix them day by day. And the more days that passed, the more words Heath said, it made everything seem like he had so much to work on. WHen he looked over at Charrie, he couldnt help but chuckle "I know you didnt mean to put me in the hospital, well maybe back then ya. I felt the same way too. All I wanted was to make your life as miserable as possible. If I felt just a little bit better, I thought I won the war, but it was this constant back and forth of hurting each other. Im just glad it's all over. I dont know what I'd do if we were fighting again" he shook his head sadly. THe thought of having another war with Charrie didnt seem possible. So much has changed. So many memories between them have happened. How could he just do something terrible and not feel bad about it. SHe was his best friend and girlfriend. If she was sad, he would feel bad, especially if he was the cause of it.

"I know you can change too Char. I have a much harder time with everything. Im sure a little more time together like this could help break bad habits, or these attitudes we dont want. Like the fact that you get everything you want. If I refuse to give something to you, dont get mad okay" he tested her out, smiling a little as he booked the tickets. When he told Prim, he could see she was a little angry when he mentioned her name. Biting down on his lip, he really hoped she'd be okay. She should feel happy. Prim was taking his place so he could be with her for a week.

When Mason finished with the tickets, he printed them out and kept them on the table. He then called his parents, telling them he'd booked a trip with Charrie. His mother was completely fine with everything, but his father was grumbling in the background. "Dont come back unless you bring a different girl home" he told him. "Honey! Dont say that. He meant dont come back unless you bring grandchildren" she smiled as Mason shook his head and hung up. His mother was always so cheery on the topic. Either way he was going and nothing would stop him.

WHen he crawled into bed that night beside Charrie, he had his arm wrapped around her waist as he slept peacefully. In the morning, he awoke to the sound of her voice. YAwning softly, he rubbed his eyes and sluggishly walked into the bathroom down the hall. He was still asleep, but as soon as he remembered what today was, he quickly showered and began packing his hygienic products, followed by his other items in the bathroom. He then rushed into his room, pulling out a rolling bag before heading into the kitchen to make some breakfast.

He made some waffles and eggs, placing them on the table for Charrie. He didnt mind cooking for her at all. He had become quite used to the fact that he practically fed Charrie like a husband and wife. Heck, they lived together like one. Mason never thought about marrying her, but the thought did cross his mind. If only they didnt have so many problems, and if only Charrie brought up the topic. "Breakfast is here Char. let's hurry" he smiled excitedly.

Night hun!

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“I’m sorry about that. I didn’t me-yea I meant to put you in the hospital and maybe worse but now I get how wrong that was of me. In my defense, you almost scared me for life. We seriously messed up with each other’s life’s bad,” She pressed her lips together. She hadn’t thought about all the things they’ve done to each other back then anymore. All she knew is that they went really far and they were really angry with each other and it got worse with each year. It was a good thing they only had one war. She couldn’t imagine if there was a second one. It would be hell.

“I’m glad we don’t fight like that anymore. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Honestly, we were really cruel toward each other,” She admitted. That was all over though. She would never go back to those days. They were so cold hearted toward each other. If they got emotionally hurt, physically hurt they’d just look away and enjoy it. Now, it was much different. If she watched him hurt, she’d feel just as bad.

“I wouldn’t,” She sighed “I trust that you will. Just how you stopped drinking and got healthy. It’s not just you Mase though. I need to change some things about myself too.” Things had to go great from now on. They deserved it. The world owed it to them. Sadly, most of the time the world didn’t seem to work for her. Just when things go right, some things go wrong.

“Yup!” She exclaimed. She’s never wanted to do something so bad. Taking a trip with Mason around Europe? It sounded perfect. They barely had time for each other and every time they did get close to each other something pulled them away. She’ll do her best so something like that wouldn’t happen again or at least not for a long, long time. She heard Prim and a little anger rose in her but remembered that he worked with her. She didn’t want to pick on him for talking to Prim. She really didn’t want him to get upset at her for it. He got over Heath, and she should do something about Prim but she had no idea if that was possible. Heath always helped out, Prim never did. It was complicated. She watched him book the tickets and the more seconds past by, the more real it felt. Oh, that’s right. She’s got to tell her parents. She got out her phone and dialed her mom. Her mother picked up and told her to have fun and kept on telling her how she might as well be married to him if she was going to go for a week. No matter how many years, her mother will never change. Her dad heard and he was yelling at the background saying it was an accident waiting to happen. She hung up and saw that he was just as happy to doing this.

She fell asleep, comfortably by his side. Sometimes, she’d just huddle up against him at night. She liked his warmth. She even did this when she barely got to saw him. They lived together, slept in one bed, dealt with each other when they were sick or having problems and now they were going a week off to spend time together. It sounded all great.

She woke up with sunlight hitting her face through the window. She forced her eyes to open and saw Mason still sleeping. She poked him, hovering above him.

“Mase, wake up. We got to pack,” She reminded him and then got up from the bed. She went into the washroom and then decided to pack some stuff while he was asleep. She thought about trying to cook but knew she wouldn’t be doing them any favour by trying. The last things he wanted was to ruin the mood by making burned food or if the worst came-burn the whole apartment down. She went into the kitchen anyways and drank some milk.

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He was glad to hear that Charrie wouldnt kill anyone on purpose. And even if she did something, she wouldnt put the blame on him. That was nice, but there was no way he was going to let her go to prison either. If something happened between them, yes it was better for her to be in jail since he wouldnt be able to handle it, but he wouldnt allow it. He wouldnt hesitate to take the blame for her. The last thing he ever wanted was to see Charrie suffering like that. And usually she was only suffering because he brought it onto her. All of her suffering was because of him and he just felt horrible for causing her so much of that pain because of his own flaws. He just wanted to see her smile, to see her loving him like she does. When they were like this together, he felt like nothing could go wrong. He just wanted it to last forever.

"I know you wont hurt me Char. But I do know you'll keep doing those pranks. I probably will do some small things too, but dont worry. I wouldnt hurt you either. And I wont take that to my advantage either. It just makes me feel lucky that I wont get hit anymore. Back in our war I was always taking visits to the hospital" he shook his head and shivered at the thought, trying to get it out. But Mason would never ask Charrie to do something so stupid. He would only ask her to do things that would benefit them both. Maybe even just him once in a while. He was slowly getting there.

"Of course I wouldnt let you go. I mean...you wouldnt let me go. I know how hard it must have been to break up with me. But you were right. I needed to change....and I promise it's a slow process, but it'll get better" he smiled and kissed her cheek. It was all surreal. He still couldnt believe that Charrie had taken time off of work. For him it was pretty easy. Prim could always fill in for him. She didnt seem to mind it at all. He really wanted this time to just be with Charrie. TO get closer to her once more. It seemed like they always just drifted apart to become closer than they were before.

"I really like all of them. Maybe we can take a tour down France, Germany, Italy, and Spain?" he smiled at the thought of touring Europe with her. That would be amazing to visit a foreign land with his girlfriend. Who knows, maybe something could spark. They were miles from home, anything could happen.

"Ill book the tickets and Ill call Prim!" he pulled out his cell and he dialed Prim's number. He told her he'd be gone for a week and that he'd appreciate it if she covered him. Once he hung up, he then grabbed his laptop and began searching for flight for tomorrow night. "You should inform your parents. Ill do mine too. Then it's off to bed so we can pack in the morning" he booked the tickets online and then he grinned up at her. "We're all set! We're really going to leave the country and tour Europe!" he said excitedly as he hugged his arms around her and headed into her room behind her. THey lived in the same apartment, but usually slept in the same bed together. IT wasnt weird at all. Mason soon passed out and fell asleep rather quickly beside her. He as content, having CHarrie beside him again.
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“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t actually kill people. Not if it wasn’t my life or theirs. And if anything, I’d make sure the evidence would point to me and confess that it was all me. You wouldn’t last in jail,” She frowned. She wouldn’t really last either but that’s why she wasn’t ever going to go to jail in her entire life. So far, she was clean since everything she’s done was out of self defense. If things went well, then who know how far it’ll go. This great feeling she had right now, she hoped it would last. It had to. Sure, they fought sometimes but it was all worth it for a moment like this.

“My threats on you will never work again. You already know that I won’t hurt you,” She frowned childishly “And now you know I’ll probably do whatever you want-well as long as it’s not something crazy. I love you Mase, but I would not jump off a building for you-not even if it was budgie jumping.” Of course, he’d never ask her something stupid like that. If he only knew that she would have done most of the stuff that he asked of her. He never bothered her asking her to do anything. He didn’t have guts to it before. She was just glad that he seemed to freely speak to her now. They haven’t been this close for a long time and it felt like it was just the first time they kissed again.

“You were right not to let me go. If you let me go than I wouldn’t be in a great state...” She admitted. She thought about it. They were actually going to spend a week off from their work and spend time somewhere together. She loved going on vacation. Laying down in the sun, getting a tan and jumping into the water, floating. That gave her another memory them when they were in college and she was floating in the water. Of course that came with the bad memory of Jake watching-but he didn’t take it as hard as she thought he would. Jake was long gone in her memory.

“We should go to...” She paused and a many places came into mind “Paris, or maybe Rome, or Greece? Or all of them. Well, actually it doesn’t really matter. I just want to have fun and spend time together.” They were going to take a week of with each other. It still didn’t hit her. The only tie she’d thought she’d take a whole week off from her work is if it was on a honeymoon. That’s skipping way far ahead but it was just a vacation, so it wouldn’t count.

“Want to leave tomorrow?” She asked and remembered something “I have to call Sarah and tell her I’ll be gone for a week.” She brought out her cell-phone, told her and hung up before she could be yelled at and called irresponsible. Charrie wasn’t irresponsible, she was known for being responsible. She just wanted a break from all of it for once and she didn’t care if that harmed her career at this point. She cared if she didn’t spend enough tie with Mason that they’ll fall apart. She glanced at the time.

“We should go to sleep,” She stated and smiled excitedly “I really can’t wait. I want to go so bad with you. I haven’t felt this excited about anything since I first released my movie. I haven’t been on a plane for a long time too. I can’t believe that we’re going to skip a week of work.” She should really go to sleep because of all that happened today, she was tired out. When she didn’t get enough sleep she either talked too much or was slightly on the grumpy side. She decided to go to sleep and for once she could sleep without any worries on her mind. If a dream appeared, it would be a good one.

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When she said she'd take a week off of work, he couldnt believe it. Charrie was the only one who was always busy with her movies and her interviews and talking with new actors. She was really going to take a week off of her busy schedule to be with him? THat just about made him the happiest man alive. Charrie really did love him and he didnt doubt her one bit. It was just the fact that the past few days have been so hectic, he wasnt able to even get a hug or kiss from her. Starting with that Ryan guy coming over. It was the first time he realized that he could stand up to people. It was the first time Charrie wasnt there to protect him. ANd thanks to that, everything just turned in the right direction for him.

"Im not going to let you kill people with my chemicals. You wont be the one blamed. It would be me. Im the one who would make the concoctions, so technically I had the motive" he shook his head and smiled at the thought of changing her father's mind. He really did want her father to approve of him no matter how hard it was. Maybe he just had to keep this attitude up and then Mr. Danny would realize that he wasnt such a bad guy.

But the best part about today was the fact that he had earned some kind of magical power. Charrie was going to sit on his lap just because he said so. This was amazing! When she sat on his lap, his arms wrapped around her waist, leaning in to brush his nose against hers. He heard what she was going to do and then he chuckled softly. "Harmless pain sounds just fine with me" he smiled lightly and then he leaned in, meeting her halfway. HIs lips traced hers for a long time. His arms wrapping around her waist, holding her close to his chest. He missed moments like this so much. It reminded him of when they were in the tree house. "I couldnt just let you walk out of my life. You've been there the whole time" he leaned in, kissing her forehead as he gazed up at her " So where should we go? SOmewhere tropical? Maybe a cruise?" he sounded as if they were going on a honeymoon. He just wanted to leave all this behind for a few days.
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It seemed as if there was always something in the world that was against them. Weather that was their fathers, prim, each other, killers, addictions or their careers; they’ll make through it. If they battled for that long than they can make it longer. Hopefully, it was as long as she breathed. She couldn’t imagine her life without seeing him again. She already lived three years of hell and would never want to go back there. She was glad to hear he would take it off but just hoped that it wouldn’t get him in trouble. She was going to take it off too. She didn’t really care if she got in trouble. She’ll let Sarah handle a lot of the things.

“I’ll take a week off too then,” She insisted and felt his lips against hers. She loved his touch. They got out of the apartment and he was holding her hand. She held back tightly, not ever wanting to let go. They’ll get time to themselves this time. No one would be in the way. It was just like at the tree house where no one could find them. Not a single person could bother them or interrupt them being together or making love. She laughed that he actually understood she meant it.

“Damn, I was really hoping to go for the kill,” She sarcastically spoke and smiled brightly at him “Hmm... Maybe chemistry is not so bad when I’m using it against people.” As long as those chemicals were never used against her, she was fine. She doubts that anyone would mess around with them if they heard her threat. She was pretty sure that there were going to talk about her image-innocent to not so much. It would be funny to watch. But that celeb world was far back into her mind. It was just like when she wasn’t famous and she could just be with him.

“He saw you as weak guy that’s always being beaten by his little girl. My dad isn’t completely heartless. He can’t help it liking a boyfriend that has the guts to stand up for our relationship. Oh, he wouldn’t kill you Mase. He’d shoot you, not kill you.” She assured. She loved her dad and she couldn’t wait until the time he accepted Mason as her boyfriend. He still saw Mason as some seductive monster that gave his daughter some magical potion to make him love him. The entered the apartment and he was already getting a little cocky. She moved toward him and sat on his lap, and faced him leaning in.

“Demand like that every day and I’ll punish you through harmless pain,” She whispered into his ear and then start kissed him at the nape of his neck. She leaned back and kissed him on his lips deeply for a good long time. Then remembered how this would turn up. She sighed and looked into his eyes.

“I’m glad you got some sense into you,” She quietly laughed “Or else we wouldn’t be together again.”

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Everything around him seem to get better than it had been before. When he spoke to her father, he didnt even know where that came from. It was probably from the fact that he just was tired of all the fighting. He was sick of her father trying to kill him all the time for no reason. He didnt know who he was personally. He only saw him as the devil's son trying to steal his daughter away for good. Mason knew he was just trying to protect Charrie, but he also knew that Charrie would be miserable if he was shot and killed. All he wanted was for them to get along.

He was willing to give up days from his job just to take a break and be with Charrie. He didnt even care if the paparazzi followed them. He loved her, and who cares what the world thought of them. It wasnt going to ruin his career since he was a scientist, but also the rumors he didnt really care about either. It was clear Charrie loved him and no matter what fake stories they came up with, it wouldnt change that fact.

"I'll take off a week from work. The common cold doesnt need to be solved that early" he smirked and leaned into her, kissing her lips even more. When he glanced around, he found it best to rekindle their love inside of the apartment. So when he stepped out of his car, he helped her out, holding her hand tightly in his as he walked towards their apartment. He just wanted alone time with her. No work, no paparazzi, no Heath or Prim. Even though he was fine with Heath, he still wanted Charrie all for himself. He wouldnt let anyone have her, no matter how close they were.

"You just tell me when you want the acid Char. Ill gladly make some for you to pour down their throats. Nothing to kill them, maybe just give them a few weeks in the hospital. It would be painful to eat though" he chuckled at the thought of a guy getting in her face and her pouring down the acid. One thing he loved about her was that she didnt care what happened around her. She only cared about what was important to her.

"You think your dad respects me? Well still, even for a second Ill take it. I dont know how I did it, but I just wanted him to stop. It's crazy to think that he'd actually kill me" he shivered and walked over to the couch, laying back happily. "I demand that my girlfriend come over here and sit on my lap!" he tested out his new dominance, only joking, but it was true. He wanted her beside him.
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To spend time with him without getting into a fight was all she could ever ask for. If this turned out right than they wouldn’t be fighting and just love each other. If things were clear with Heath, than there wouldn’t be any problems that would start with Heath again. Although, she wasn’t too sure about Prim. She’ll just have to try to handle it the best way as she can but she really didn’t know any way to get her rage over Prim and being friends with him. Of course, if anything were to happen that Prim did, she’d bring her down within a second. None of that would happen, though. It hasn’t happen for years.

“If I could, I’d spend days just with you,” She admitted. She didn’t want work to steal them away from each other. They still had to follow their career but tone it down and make sure they have time for each other. She didn’t want to be restricted so tightly to her career but it was hard because if she wasn’t working, she was out there with the chance of being taken pictures or videotaped of. She saw how Mason didn’t even react to the paparazzi around them. It made her feel more confident of letting everyone know and that he might just be able to handle being her world. She trusted him that he’ll get better but she also needed to get better. Just like how they got over their addictions.

“I can’t be happy if you’re not. Doing things for me once and awhile is fine but not every time. I don’t’ want you to one of those guys that do everything their girlfriend says. I kept waiting for you to just stand up and say something but it looked like you never even cared that I kept telling you to do stuff,” She frowned but glad that it was going to be over “I’m just glad you realize it now. I love it when you’re happy but I couldn’t find a way to do it.” She knew that their kiss would probably be on TV or on a couple of websites. People were probably stalking in their personal lives. They were either flaming them or wanting them together. That didn’t matter though. It was only about them, no one else.

“Well, it was almost like the decision of leaving you for three years. I left because I love you. I dumped you for the same reason. I’m glad I did then but it wasn’t really a dump since we’re back together,” She mentioned smiling. He really was better than before but he was still him. He was still the guy she knew since they were babies. It took her by surprise when Mason talked to her father. That was incredibly brave. For a second, she could see a little respect in her dad’s eyes-a split second and no more. She guesses it was because Mason finally stood up instead of her standing up. She didn’t know if it was possible but he loved him more than before. They escaped the paparazzi and were glad Mason was enjoying her threat to people who came after them. She hopes he knew she meant what she said. She would pour acid down their throat. She didn’t go back on her word. Then they arrived back at their home. She smiled at him “Me too. You got me back. We’ve got some catching up to do. Maybe even talk about what’s been on your mind for these two years or just have fun. Oh-and then we have to talk to our dads. For a split second, I think my dad respected you. Don’t tell anyone I said that. He’ll find out and then shoot you to prove me wrong.” She wrapped her arms around him and leaned into him, just happy to have him there. She had to also thank Heath for talking to Mason and not just pushing him away.

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Everything that was happening made Mason feel like he was a better person already. Charrie knew his true feelings and at that moment, he didnt care what people were thinking about him, or if their relationship was going to work. He just wanted to take her home, snuggle with her on the couch and finish the rest of that pizza and movie. It was all he really wanted today, but everything just turned into a huge mess. He didnt even know if he could last a day without being with Charrie. SHe had become his best friend and his lover. And just the fact that she mentioned him on tv with their whole life story, he just wanted that move to have a happy ending.

As he walked her down the stairs, he passed by the view of her mother and father. He smiled at Mrs. Danny, knowing that she probably approved of this. When he saw the look on her father's face, he shrugged and led her outside. The cameras were flashing, the people just kept asking extreme questions. THey were getting into their faces and Mason was suddenly getting so irritated.

TUrning to face Charrie, he nodded his head "Of course I'd take days off of work to be with you. I work in the lab all day. I could use a break. And any break that involves me being with you for more than just a couple hours makes me happy" he leaned down, holding her hands in his as he entangled their fingers together. He didnt care if the paparazzi was taking all these pictures of them. THey were just in the atmosphere. All Mason was focused on was Charrie and the fact that she was so proud of him. He had thought about doing this sooner, he just needed the encouragement. For someone to tell him that he should step it up and speak his mind.

"Ill be better. I promise. Ill tell you whatever Im feeling and Ill even ask you for favors. I know I've just been taking everything in....I just wanted to see you happy, so I thought I needed to do all of that. But you're right. We both need to be happy" he felt her lips against his in front of the paparazzi and he just grinned as he kissed her back. THe paparazzi was going crazy by now, just shooting their cameras and blabbering words Mason couldnt care to hear.

When she said he was amazing, that was just about the icing on the cake. He loved it when she told him how great he was. He barely received compliments from anyone else. "You're amazing too you know. If you hadnt dumped me, I wouldnt have realized what I was doing wrong" he glanced up to see her father approaching and he just gulped. His grip on her hand was a little tighter. WHen he pulled out his gun, Mason stood his ground. He wasnt afraid. There were cameras and Charrie was at his side. "Mr. Danny I love Charrie. Ill do my best to look out for her. Just please dont shoot. You know what it will do to her" he tried to tell her father.

WHen her father headed back inside, he hurried into his car with Charrie. The questions were really personal and Mason knew all of them were lies. Charrie was only with him. And when she began clearing up all the rumors, he chuckled at the last part and began heading back to their apartment. Mason took a few turns and circles, trying to lead any paparazzi away before reaching their real home. "Im so glad you're back!" he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her cheek, wanting to just relax with her for the rest of the day.
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She was really happy. He probably had no idea how happy she was to hear him say the things he was saying right now. It bothered her when he just did everything she said. It actually started annoy her more than if he would just reject her. She wanted him to speak up because she didn’t like feeling like a bitch and keep on getting him into trouble while he just did everything he was told. She didn’t like the fact that he said she was coming weather she wanted to or not but she still knew if she truly wanted to break it off completely from him, and moved on, he’d let her be. That’s all she just wanted all this time, for him to do what he wanted to do, speak his thought and take action for once.

“That’s good. I’m done with you giving me everything I want. It was annoying. I’m glad you listened to what I said,” She admitted. She let him hold onto her arm and pull her downstairs. She wasn’t too sure if this new boldness of him was going to get on her nerves later on though. She hoped not. It wouldn’t get on her nerves as much as it did when he just stood there and not do anything about trying to take charge. Her mother was in the living room and peaked through, seeing her and Mason. She probably knew that Mason sneaked in but her dad on the other hand wondered where the hell he came from. Charrie knew he wouldn’t be too happy about this. At least he couldn’t do much with her mother watching over her father.

“I want us to be like we used to be too... Really? You’d actually stop a couple of days in work?” She asked surprised. She loved the idea. She wanted to spend time with him for such a long time but couldn’t. Now that he was saying it, she knew he cared enough to skip work. What shocked her most was that he asked Heath be his bodyguard. She loved the smile on his lips. She loved hearing that he did all of this. And this time, she had a feeling that he wasn’t just doing this for her. She may be the reason he did started to change a little but now he wouldn’t be a push over.

“Yea, it does. You have no idea how happy I am that you’re doing all of this for yourself. It might be easier now...” She assured and gave him a hug. She ordered Mason around at times because he really just didn’t say anything about it. She never did that to Heath, they figured things out together because they felt in the same level. Heath was much better than her but she still felt the same and now she felt Mason shift his position.

“Hey, I just want you to be yourself-just step up a lot of more. You’re not a blunt person, Mase. I am. I just want you to say whatever is on your mind when there’s a problem. When you’re upset, I want you tell me. When you feel alone, or sad I want the whole detail. Because if you don’t tell me this stuff, I’ll never know and it won’t end up well. Also, ask me to do stuff for you too, I’ll do my best as long as it isn’t out of line” She advised. When they stepped outside she didn’t even notice that there were cameras. She’s been surrounded by them for so long they felt as if they were invisible. She looked into his eyes and quickly kissed him on the lips.

“You’re amazing. I’ll do my best to be better too,” She promised. Then she was going to turn her head to go to the car and then saw the cameras. Her smile was starting to fade but she managed to pick it up again. There was no need to give bad publicity and bring down her career into shatters by getting irritated by it.

“Hi, may ask all of you to step away from the property? It’s a little out of line,” She spoke kindly and then all bunch of question were asked. Whose house was this? What had happened between them? Were they really dating? She sighed and then her father came out with a gun in his hand. Then he lowered it staring at the cameras.

“Charrie, you didn’t tell me you were having the camera crew over. Are you doing a biography?” Her father awkwardly asked her and then moved to Mason “Get off my property.” She grabbed Mason’s hand and held his tightly.

“Dad, get rid of the gun. I love him, just accept that. Please. Just at least this once,” She half begged and that wasn’t working so she added something else “There’s bunch of camera’s, you can’t shoot him.” Her dad frowned at her good point. He wouldn’t ruin her. He gave a death glare toward Mason and walked back in the house, shutting the door. She than tugged Mason toward his car, as the people followed.

“How far is your relationship with him? Mason, why do you love her? Does your relationship with her effect your career?”

“Charrie, you were dating Ryan. Why did you cheat on him?”

“A lot say that you’ve been sleeping with a lot of the actors in your film production. Is it true?”

She pretended like she didn’t hear a thing. She was annoyed but she couldn’t let it get to her head. But those two last questions got really on her nerve. She turned her head toward them with the coldest eyes she’s ever gave.

“I never dated Ryan. He was a cocky actor that wanted to use me to gain fame. He’s currently in jail because of his attempt to harm the two of us. I’m only with Mason. If anyone else physically tries to attack us again, we’ll pour acid down their throats,” She sharply spoke and that caught them off guard. Not so innocent when she said that, was she?

“Let’s just go...” She muttered “We need to get out of here. This is why I didn’t want to get you involved in this long ago.”

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 347d 22h 32m 40s
Mason was doing his best to just bring her out of there. He was going to prove to her that he was independent. He didnt need her to keep protecting him like a child. He was going to state what he wanted and that way, they could both be happy. Not just the other way around. If Charrie still didnt want to be with him, then he would be fine with it as long as she wanted. He however would try and stand up for himself. He was going to make sure that he gave it all he had. To be that better person for her.

"Look, you're coming with me whether you want to or not. Im not just going to sit around and accept the fact that we're over. I'm done letting you have what you want, trying to give you everything since no relationship ever works that way. I just want to be equals Char and I know that this is the only way to do it" he held her arm, walking down through her house, passing by her parents as he headed out the door. Nothing was going to stop him from having Charrie back in his life, not even her father. If he came out here with a Shotgun, Mason would be prepared.

"I know I sound like Heath, but Im not Heath. I will never be Heath, just like you said. From now on, Im going to tell you what I want too. And right now, I just want you back with me Char. I want us to be like we used to be. We need to make time for just the two of us, maybe spend a week out of the country, or a few days at the tree house. Anything to get away from all the paparazzi and work. But dont worry about me. I asked Heath to be my body, we're both okay now. I took care of it. It was scary at first, but I realized that if I apologized first that it didnt make me look weak. It made an adult" he brought out at warm smile, glad that she said he passed the test, but he wasnt doing it for her. He needed to be able to say no to people, otherwise everything wouldnt be that good.

"I dont really know if Im doing it correctly, but just tell me if Im being too extreme. I dont mean to be. But Ill try to be blunt about things" he wrapped his arm around her waist and the minute he walked out the door, they were surrounded by cameras.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 347d 23h 19m 7s
She let him enter the room expecting him to be the same and probably just beg her to get back or something. Not this time. No matter how much she wanted to, she wouldn’t let it happen. She didn’t want to get back into a relationship with him when all he ever did is let her do things her own way, always listening, and it sort of made it seem like he didn’t care so much of what she did. She never heard one word that he disliked some things. Sometimes, she just felt like putting something to the extreme, just to see something from him. She never did because she didn’t like falling apart but now she they were. She didn’t expect him to practically state that she wasn’t done. It was her damn decision. He couldn’t just change her mind. She opened her mouth to going back there.

“I already told you, I can’t just go back to you without a good reason. There is no way-“She began and he said no buts. What was up with him? He never acted like this. This was weird. He never ordered her ever before. Why was he ordering her back to the apartment? She refuses to go back when he was being so-oh. She sniffed and just wipes her eyes before smiling at him. That’s what she wanted, just to hear him speak out and stand up for himself. She wanted to hear out his opinion but most of the time just gave her nothing. It was partly her fault because she was so busy and when it came to their career’s they wouldn’t bother each other from it. Sometimes, she wished they could just everything and everybody and go out on vacation or something but that was fiction.

“You really figured it out,” She stated quietly “And yes, your opinion is important to me too.” She was just glad to hear him finally speak out. It was great to feel something from him. Because she really hated when he acted like the weaker one in their relationship. She was forced to treat him like that because he simply couldn’t say no sometimes. It annoyed her. She didn’t like it when people just did as she said because it seemed as if they didn’t have their own thoughts or didn’t care enough to even have a thought. Was this just a onetime thing or was Mase really going to keep going with this attitude? She wasn’t too sure if it was going to drive her insane. He got her arm and just stared hardly on his grip.

“Mase, you’re starting to sound a little bit like He-“ She began and then it just hit her. He did not talk with heath. He wouldn’t have figured things out so easily if he didn’t talk to Heath. There was just no way. She knew Mase was a genius but not a genius of what made her to do things. She wondered if Heath told her the fact she’d get incredibly annoyed if she was dragged into things. Yes, it worked out in the end but it still annoyed her at the start. She gave Heath a couple of burses when he dragged her into places. She let Mase lead he rout of her room and outside. She probably looked like hell. Her eye were red, her hair was a mess. Even if Heath talked to him, she didn’t care. If it fixed things up than it didn’t matter. He always tried to fix things up with her and she felt bad that she couldn’t return anything for him.

“You passed the test,” She told him “I’ll go back with you but...you do realize that the paparazzi will still be on with you. And you have to make sure you’re not just putting up with me. I’m sorry for being busy with work... I thought you really didn’t care enough to do much about us or get the guts to do this.” She was just proud of him that he had guts to speak to her like that.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 348d 1h 40m 18s
Mason knew what Heath had been talking about. He's seen Charrie dominate him in the relationship for a while now. Whatever she wanted, he would give her, if she had a ton of things to do, he wouldnt bother her at all. He thought that's what would keep the relationship going. He thought she would love him the same as long as he gave her everything she needed. BUt he was miserable. There was no way he could live with always doing everything she wanted. He had to learn to be the top male in this situation. And he was going to tell Charrie everything he felt, what he liked and didnt like. He may have not known her, but she also didnt know him. There was more to him than being some weakling that everyone thought he was. He took action in trying to solve his problems now. Sure he ran away from them in the past, but he had been feeling these problems with Charrie ever since the relationship started. He just never said anything.

Heath had been more than helpful, but Mason decided to just ignore his remarks. The point was he was deciding to help him, even be his body guard. SO if he really did love Charrie this much, it must have been hard on him. Still, Mason was glad he was giving him the chance to help her out. Heath wasnt a bad guy after all. He was just like him. He fell in love with Charrie the more time he spent with her.

As he waited in Charrie's window, it was time to put those thoughts into actions. He's always wanted to take charge in the relationship, sure Charrie probably wouldnt like it, but he didnt like some of the things she did either, they were just going to have to put up with everything. As he waited for her to open her window, he took in a deep breath, trying to think on the spot. "You're not done with this relationship Charrie. Who are you kidding? We've been with each other for so long and even though you think I dont kow you, there's alot I do know. We're going back to my apartment, no buts! Im sorry for letting you get out of control. Im sorry for not telling you how I felt the past few weeks. You're not going to have control over me anymore. My opinion and what I have to say matters just as much as yours" he said determined to bring her back with him.

He wasnt as strong as she was, but he was going to force her out of that house if it was the last thing he did. "Come on, let's go. You're not going to stay here all alone moping. I wont stand to see that you're hurting because I was such a fool" he took hold of her arm and began leading her out of her room. SHe could easily pull away, or punch him down like she used to, but this time Mason wasnt scared. He'd rather get a punch than her leaving him.
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