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She knew he was right, but it still didn’t stop her from being a little jealous. When it came to these things, she got immature. She really had to fix that. She couldn’t let her respond like this. Just how she handled the fan and paparazzi situation, she had to get a hold of herself in these situations too. She embraced him and managed to bring half a smile “I know you wouldn’t. I just got a little jealous... Oh, don’t worry. I could care less about the gossip at this point. We just need to get away and alive.” If it came down to it, she’d do anything to keep them safe, it didn’t matter what.

The fear of falling down there was stronger than her fear of that man. From the start, she never remembered fearing people. It wasn’t the people she feared it was the weapons that they had. Although, this man could have a weapon and seemed to strong for her to handle. Besides, she was pretty sure she’d make the story of the year if she somehow did kill the Russian man. That would also be a little humours but then authority would get involved and she didn’t want that. The man came nearby as the stood at the edge and knew they had to get away. Get away or push the man out of the plane instead of them jumping off. But she was pretty sure that would be murder-or man slaughter if she called it an accident. Then they were off into the air. Yea, humans can’t fly. She held onto him tightly. She was really depending on him. He was really taking charge, taking more responsibility. She really felt like she can trust him on this even though she had more experience than him. Well, tomorrow’s news would be interesting.

When would they ever stop falling? It felt like they were falling from the sky from what it seemed like forever. Gravity wasn’t exactly her best friend. She held onto him, maybe too tightly but she didn’t care if she appeared a little weak around him. She didn’t like to pull up a brave act around others all the time. If she was with someone else, she’d just suck it up and pretend to be calm.

“Alright,” She muttered and found where she had to pull. She didn’t like being released by him but at least she still got hold of his hand. When he pulled the red tab, she did as well. Having pulling that, made her stomach slowly start to return. The fell into the water and she felt more safer in the water at this point than the-damn it. She looked down at the water as they floated and saw fish. Now was the time to panic.

“I’m going to die of fear,” She spoke and listened to him. Yea, there was no problem of swimming to shore now. Not if she wanted to get rid of the fishes. She sniffed “There’s fish under us...! Oh why does this have to happen to me? We’ve got to hurry. I don’t know how much for I can take of this. I can’t handle fish.” She started to swim forward and made sure they were going in the same pace. Once they reached out to shore she shook her whole body and shivered at the thought of the fish touching her.

“I never want to do that again,” She whined and looked over at him. They were both wet. She embraced him “Thank you for helping out. Really... You made it a lot less scarier.” She was really glad to have him here. Just as she was once glad to have Heath there and coming up with different methods to get out. She always pitched in and sometimes they’d follow her plans but it was great to have someone to do this with her and know what’s going on. Then she looked over at the land and wondered where in the world they were. She just hoped she didn’t land one of those stranded islands that weren’t on the map and got stuck there. She’d really lose her mind.

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THey both knew that if they didnt take this man down together, that they would be captured. They needed to kill or be killed. But how could they possibly kill this man here? Mason has never killed a man before. He knew Charrie has killed people, but that was for self defense. The most he's ever down was splash acid on someone. And that wasnt even enough to kill someone. The thought of trying to fight this man just couldnt play out in his mind. He wanted to help out Charrie if he could, but he was so large and he could have found a weapon. Even if they ran out to kill him, he knew Charrie's career was at stake. What would they say when the world's sweetest and cutest celebrity just beat up a large Russian man? Or killed him? THat wouldnt be good on anyones part considering no one knew who the man was.

Mason knew that his plan was risking everything, but they had no time to argue right now. All they needed to know was how to use those parachutes without causing such a big scene. He was learning rather quickly, not only was he taking action, he was making sure that Charrie's career wasnt ruined. If she just stayed in her seat, nothing would happen. The people around them wouldnt be judging her. If he was flirting with the flight attendant though, it would be a bad reputation on his part, but none of it would ever be Charrie's fault. She wouldnt need to ask the flight attendant how to use this. She wouldnt need to yell at her if she asked why. There would be no need for questions. IT was alright if he just did his plan. He just hoped Charrie would trust him and that he didnt mean anything by it.

He was able to grab the parachutes easily. THe flight attendant wasnt any bit suspicious since she was still daydreaming, and the people didnt really know what was going on. THey didnt care either since it had nothing to do with Charrie. Although it would make a huge jealousy story in the papers.

He heard Charrie and he was expecting it. "She probably wouldnt have given it to me if I asked for parachutes. She would have been suspicious and ignore me. Dont worry. It was just to grab the parachutes, nothing more. YOu know I could never do that to you for real. Im sorry okay. I just wanted you to get out of here with the least amount of gossip possible"

WHen he took her to the edge, he held onto her hand tightly. The man behind them was already pushing his way into first class. He knew Charrie was scared. He was scared too, but they needed to do this. "We need to go CHarrie. Just take a deep breath and hold onto me" he wrapped his arms around her waist, leaning forward as he pushed them both off. He heard the footsteps of the man behind them and everyone else trying to save Charrie. Of course they thought Mason was trying to kill her now. He could see the news tomorrow. Headline: CHarrie's boyfriend flirts with another and tries to kill her by jumping off of plane! That was terrible. Either way, they had to do it.

The feeling of his stomach flying out of his system wasnt the best feeling at all. He held onto Charrie, not daring to let go. He could see them drawing closer to the water, his hands turning her around to face him. "Charrie! Just hold my hands. We're going to get ready to pull the red tabs!" he yelled into the sky. He was scared out of his mind, but something calmed him down. His life was at stake.

When he slowly released her body, he held her hands and the two of them were just spinning in the air. He looked up at her and yelled "Pull the red tab now CHarrie!" he pulled his and instantly shot into the hair, holding onto her hand so he wouldnt lose her. His parachute deploying as he safely floated into the air, falling into the water with ease. "Just stay close! to me. Lond distance swimmer or not, we have the parachutes to hold onto. And we've got adrenaline" he told her, looking around when he hit the water. He could see a small strip of land in view, they needed to swim over.
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“They wouldn’t let me pass with a weapon in my bag,” She dryly reminded. He was in panic he probably forgot that they couldn’t pass security if she had a weapon on her, even if she was a celebrity. There were certain things she couldn’t even get by. She looked back behind the curtains and wondered how in the world she was going to handle it. The bigger they are, they harder they fall? Yet, if she didn’t knock the man unconscious than they were screwed. She doubts she was able to do that. Not without a weapon or almost killing him. She even doubts she’d even make a mark. Mason was right; if they didn’t leave he would attempt to kill them. She never thought of hiding an option. It wouldn’t work. What was worse if everyone else got in danger in this plane because of her?

“Okay, okay...! I’ll do it,” She exclaimed. She knew Mason probably felt like this was a life and death situation. It was but she couldn’t take it as seriously as she did back in Russia. They will get away. No matter what happened, they would. She wouldn’t allow them to be harmed even if they couldn’t jump. It’s just it’s really risky to stay. Then she watched him move the flight attendants. What was on his mind? Only be a second? Trust me? What did he mean by trust me!?

“Trust you for what?” She curiously asked. She wanted to know exactly in detail what was on his mind but before she knew it, he was with one of the flight attendants with a flirty smile and she was smiling right back as if she wanted to get in bed with him. Oh hell no... Her hands curled up to a fist. She was madder about this than that man over there wanted to kill them. His hands wrapped around her. That was it! Charrie was ready to stand up and separate them using every ounce of skill she had in her. Then she remembered he said to trust him. What kind of plan was this!? Her jaw dropped when he touched her ass. She scowled and starts swearing under her breath and restrained every bit of her not to go rip him off from her. Fly of this plane together? No need, Charrie will push her off and test if humans can fly better than planes. And then all hell broke loose in her when she touched his chest. She was going to die! How dare she touch someone else’s boyfriend!? Charrie didn’t care how tempting Mason was. Touching a girl’s boyfriend that has killed before is a big no, no if they wanted to live.

Charrie stood frozen, out of anger and fought incredibly well to stop herself from going more insane than the man that wanted to kill them. Then Mason came back with the parachutes.

“Pervert! You couldn’t have just asked her? She would have probably told you anyways! Pinching her ass, really Mase!? Maybe I could have asked. Don’t torment me like this!” She frowned and couldn’t help but whine like a child. She trusted him but she did not want to see that no matter what. She really couldn’t handle it.

“Oh okay...” She muttered as his instruction. The door opened and she felt regret all ready. She was scared as hell to try this. She gripped onto his hand even more tightly and looked down at the fall in fear for her life or that she may pass out on the way down. She was in front of him and couldn’t just turn back.

“I change my mind. I’d rather risk being on the plane,” She blurt out and looked down for a long minute. She was really just going to turn back and then he pushed her out. Her stomach was gone. It was completely gone. She screamed holding onto him. She was scared as hell. She kept on screaming until she reached to the point she was so much in shock she just became silent. Below them was water in the distance she could spot land.

“I’m not a long distance swimmer!” She screamed and then cried “I’m going to kill you for pushing me off!” She didn’t mean it. She knew he had to do it but she was still upset. She closed her eyes and kept her ears open for when he said to pull them. She wouldn’t let him go. Well, at least she can practically cross out sky diving out of list of what to do before she died. This might kill her, so it made sense that this could be the last thing she did before she died.

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Mason was panicking, but he also didnt want to ruin her image. If they were going to die, it was not going to be in a plane from some random man that he didnt know. And it wouldnt be on a vacation. THat would be the worst thing that could possibly happen. The thought of not having any weapons with them was such a terrible thing.If they didnt have any weapons, what could that man have? Was he able to cover it up somehow? Or maybe he made a chemical bomb? Either way, Mason was sure he could make something in that kitchen. He just needed some vinegar, some baking soda, maybe even some water.....he could make a bomb that would stun him, or even give them enough time for Charrie to pin him down. But he just couldnt think right now. All he did was wonder when he was about to be killed.

Although CHarrie's statements made him feel much better, he was still worried that man could do something about them. He was so large and muscular. A guy like that wasnt just trained to look great. He had a reason to get revenge on Charrie. "I just thought you kept something in your bag. But you're right. Our luggage is in the cargo hold. How are we supposed to get there. This man is probably making his way from the seats towards first class right now!" he frantically spoke. "What other choice do we have Charrie? If we dont jump, he'll come in here and probably kill us. If we wait or try to hide, he might kill these civilians!" he was trying to convince her the only way out was down and off the plane on their parachutes.

"You're not jumping for me. We're jumping to save our lives right now okay. It's better than being killed on a plane on a vacation" he sighed and shook his head "You can apologize to me later. Let's just jump off of this plane and save our lives!" he walked over to the flight attendants, looking at Charrie "This will only be a second okay. Trust me" he headed over and walked her to the parachutes. Mason then smiled up at her and asked if she knew who he was. The woman nodded her head, a huge seductive grin on her face. This was perfect. He's play out the charm. He just hoped Charrie believed him.

When he wrapped his arms around the woman, his hands gripped her ass as he pinched them a little. His glare became seductive as he winked to her. "How about you teach me how this parachute works beautiful. THen maybe you and I can fly off this plane together?" he joked, but was seriously asking her to teach him how to use it. The woman instantly fell for his trap. Mason was a Nobel prize winner and not to mention he was dating one of the top celebs. She rested her hands on his chest and smiled, taking hold of the parachute as he held her close.

Within a few minutes, she taught him how to pull the tabs to release the chute. That was all he needed to know. He then grabbed the bags and whispered to her, "Someone is complaining back in coach" he pointed to the direction of the yelling man and he tossed a bag to Charrie. He could see the man just behind the curtains, trying to get through. "Let's go. The exit is this way. Dont let go of my hands, pull on this red tab when I tell you okay?" he walked her over to the door, pulling the exit handle as the door opened. He then held onto Charrie's hand tightly, pulling her in front of him so he could keep an eye on her. He's never done this before, but their lives were at risk. He took a deep breath and pushed her forward and off of the plane, his arms quickly wrapping around her waist as he held on tight. They were falling into the sky and as Mason looked down, there was nothing but water beneath them.
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Well, he handled this lot better than she thought he would. To be honest, she thought he’d panic to the extreme. For her, it was just another day of having her ass on the line. The only difference between last time and this time was that this time it wasn’t as bad and that Mason was now by her. She’s got to make sure to watch out for him as Heath watched out for her. Maybe she should convince Mase to learn how to at least use a weapon or gun or something. Anything to protect himself because his chemicals couldn’t follow around him everywhere. She was calm, mainly for one reason. She learned that being in panic never helped the situation.

“Slow down! You’re not going to die. We’re not going to die. I told you, we can call the cops and let them escort us out safely. They’re not dumb enough to shoot while there are cops. I’m just afraid he’ll make an earlier attack. He won’t kill us. I won’t let him kills us, okay? I handled a lot before,” She spoke confident even though she wasn’t confident that she could protect both of their asses. Back then, she had a gun by her side. Now, she had herself. When he asked if she brought a weapon her eyes went wide.

“Mase, I wouldn’t bring a weapon onboard!” She half whispered half yelled “Okay-it’s in my big luggage and it’s not with us. And even if I did, I’d be put in prison if I shot someone. There’s bunch of people, seeing me with a weapon is not something I want in their heads. Calm down, we’ll figure something out.” Actually, she could use just about anything as a weapon. She could use a plastic fork as a weapon and make them chock on it. There were many ways if she was desperate enough. Then he actually suggested jumping off the plane. He’s lost it.

“You’ve lost it,” She declared flatly “I’m not jumping off a plane. I told you, there are certain measures I won’t go for you. One being jumping of a building even if it was budgie jumping. Two, I will not jump off a plane.” Then she starts to think of different ways but she really didn’t know what. That man was really physically strong and she would not be able to handle that, not even with her skills and adding on she had to watch Mase at the same time. It would be too risky.

“Goddamn it, this is a pain in the ass,” She groaned and looked at him “I’m sorry about this. But don’t worry; as soon as we lose him this time, I doubt he’ll be able to find us again next time. Even if he does, I’ll have people paid to get rid of the problem.” Normally at these situations, Heath would handle it. He would come up with something and so far, jumping out seemed like the next best thing than being murdered on the plane.

“I don’t know... I mean, what if we don’t land in a proper place and I don’t do very well with heights,” She spoke unsure and then she could hear some yelling behind first class. Oh yea, they were screwed. She got up from her seat.

“Okay, let’s go. Maybe we’ll land in a hotel or something or in a pool,” She tried to cheer him up. She was more nervous jumping out than she was about being killed. What were the odds of being in the same plane?

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Mason just wanted to relax and finally get everything out of the way. The announcement really did help out everything. He just hoped that no one would come and bother them through first class. Was it wrong to just do what you love and want to have peace and quiet. Charrie deserved to relax more than anyone and even with all the people on the plane wanting to get a word with her, or an autograph, he was going to make sure she was okay with it. She really was used to paparazzi. Unlike him, he would of already spoken his mind about everything. Her image was still standing tall. She was nice about everything and she even said he wouldn mess it up. How did she know he wouldnt? He would just take it all in and keep calm. After all, he wasnt expecting Charrie to get famous. He thought their relationship would be the same. But he had to put up with the paparazzi if he wanted to stay with Charrie now.

When they were able to get back to their seats, he laid back and just wanted to forget about everything. This was supposed to be a vacation for the two of them, so he would start relaxing even if it killed him. The movie was a romance film, filled with lovey dovey scenes and kissing under the moonlight. Mason didnt really mind it much. But it did want to make him get closer to Char. He sat beside her, resting as he smiled.

But when the flight attendant ended up disturbing them, he sighed and glanced over to see the note. It was probably just another fan message or something. It really was irritating when it got between them though.

As he watched the movie, he turned to face her when she said something about Russia and not to panic. Now he was worried. What was she trying to say? Were their lives in danger again? As she explained, he took a look at the note and he just gulped. Their lives really were in danger, to the point of someone actually wanting to harm them for real. It wasnt just their fathers now, and its not like they could smooth talk their way out of this one.

"Char! I dont want to die on a vacation! And I dont want this to be the end of you and me.....w-we have to figure something out. We cant land....he has friends...and we cant stay here...he'll kill us...what should we do?" he glanced around for some kind of relief. "Did you bring a weapon? Maybe we can take him down....but what if there's more back there. I dont want to risk our lives. I think the best we can do Charrie....is to hide, or jump off the plane. Look over there....there's parachutes" he pointed over to the side bin. It was labeled Parachutes.
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“You’re doing well. I don’t expect you to do anything but endure it. I know, I know... I feel like screaming a lot of the time but I remember that it’s not their fault. They’re the ones that got me rich and spread the word about the films. Yea, you can’t yell at them. I feel like doing it to but it does ruin the image and it wouldn’t be good for you either at all. Don’t worry, Mase. You could never mess it up,” She assured. It got a lot of time to get used and she wasn’t fully used to it yet either. Most celebrities got used to handling it or breaking down and screaming. She didn’t want to be the screaming type. She fell asleep on him and it made her forget about a lot of things going around her. But of course when she woke up and it all came up. She felt that Mason had to endure this but this is what it was like being a celeb’s boyfriend.

Once she was done with the announcement, she did notice that some would curiously look over at Mason. They went back into her seat. She decided to brush the thoughts away of what she saw. It was probably her sub conscious telling her she was still guilty for what she did but all those people had it coming. They were first to threaten her life. It was only fair. She stopped beating herself up for that. She snuggled up to him comfortably. No one was sneaking through first class anymore. Guess that announcement convinced them to leave her alone.

“They won’t bother us like before,” She assured. She watched the movie with him. It made her relax a bit more and hoped that Mason felt the same. She knew how the fame can get into a person’s head. She never understood how other people who became famous got really cocky from it. She was just simply annoyed. Her mind was sucked into the movie and the moment until one of the attendants came up to her with a piece of paper.

“A man said to pass this to you. I tried to refuse but he kept on insisting to give it to you and if I wouldn’t he’d come up here himself. I’m sorry,” She apologized. Charrie sighed and took the piece of paper from her and told her it was fine. She opened the piece of paper and read it.

Fame won’t make your past disappear. ’ Oh it was definitely from that man. She instantly froze. This wasn’t good. This wasn’t good at all. How in the world did they happen to be in the same plane? It’s not like he could have known because they set up the tickets just yesterday. It was probably coincidence. Yet, that coincidence could get her in deep trouble. Damn, she didn’t even have Heath to figure it out. She turned to Mason and bit her lip. How could she tell him without making him panic?

“Mase...” She muttered “I’ve got something to tell you and please try not to panic. You need to be calm and think clearly. I can’t have you panicking and I’m sorry that you’re going to be put through this. I always put you through so much but I hope you can still forgive me.” She took a long minute break before building up the guts to tell him what was going on. She first past him the piece of paper.

“Remember how I went to Russia and I said I shot people just for self defense. Well, I shot the man who sent this note’s friend. While I was making the announcement, I saw him, he saw me. He probably wants revenge. I don’t know how we end up being in the same plane. He probably would make his way to first class and risk everything to get revenge on me. I’m guessing that his friend died. That or he has people that are waiting for him at our destination-with guns. Then we’ll be followed and maybe killed. Since I love you, they’ll kill you first and then me. In conclusion, we’ve got to find the best possible way to get out of this and survive. I’m sorry I put your life in danger again,” She than took a deep breath out. There she said it. Now was the time to panic. She doubts that flight attendants could do much. Once that man was here, they were screwed. People in the organizations that were after her, are hard core when it came to royalty and revenge.

“Any suggestions? If he doesn’t go after us now, than I can maybe talk to the flight crew to get the cops and escort us safely out of the airport? But if he comes after us now...” She didn’t know exactly what to do. She’d jump out of the plane if it didn’t kill her.

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Mason knew that the peace and quiet wouldnt last anymore the minute that woman said Charrie was on the plane. He knew that Charrie didnt want any of this fame, she simply wanted to make movies. And because she worked hard they were great movies, and with everyone liking them so much, her life had to be like this. Her fan s adored her, guys loved her, and people were inspired to work hard and be like her. Not to mention the love story she spoke about on the news. Now everyone just wanted to be in her life, to be able to get an autograph, or to see a famous celeb. They didnt care about how the celeb was feeling right now, they only cared about their own needs. And just look at how great their lives would be if they had an autograph from her or if she touched their shirt. It was something Mason wasnt used to, but he was doing his best for her.

Mason kept his arm around her waist and he sighed a little "Im just trying to handle it Char. There's nothing more I can do right now. It's best to be calm about it, but inside IM screaming to just get some alone time with you. I mean, if I yell right now, or blow up because people cant give us any privacy, that would ruin your image. Even mine. THe last thing I want to do is mess up all the hard work you've done" he watched her relax and soon fall asleep. Him on the other hand wasnt really enjoying this at all. He could see that everyone was trying to get a picture of her, or trying to ask him questions about her. Mason wanted their lives private. He didnt want so many people trying to but into it. Especially on a plane. "Look guys. Charrie is asleep, cant you at least just enjoy the flight" he asked politely.

It wasnt until Charrie woke and headed into the economy section of the plane. He followed after her and he frowned a little. "It's okay Char. The flight will be better. I promise" he tried to tell her, but when she began speaking and handed him the mike, he spoke softly. "Um....Hi" he listened to her explain their situation and he couldnt help but smile brightly. Charrie sure knew what to say and how to keep her image up. He was so proud of her. She didnt blow up like she usually did. She had her irritation controlled.

"COme on, let's just relax back in our seat and watch a movie. If we're busy I bet the crowds will just mind their own business" he walked back to their seat and noticed that the flight attendant was watching the two sections, making sure no one sneaked in. As Mason started the movie for the two of them, he lifted up the arm rest between them and snuggled up to her. He really did just want to enjoy the flight. He really thought nothing else was going to happen.
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She was thankful that they were sitting in first class. It had everything she can feel more relaxed in. She couldn’t imagine how people must have felt staying in economy. That would drive her insane. All those people, all that noise and hell they probably didn’t even have a Touch screen in front of them or good pick of food. Although, first class didn’t solve anything. It didn’t solve the fact she had fame and people continually wouldn’t stop bothering her. She just wished for peace, quiet and be next to Mason without anyone bothering. The only place they seemed to be alone was either in that tree house or their apartment. They only had a couple of hours in their apartment with each other too. She didn’t know if it was possible to go outside without being disturbed.

“I’d love to relax but I don’t know if it’s going to last long,” She heavily sighed and then there came the announcement “See.” She really didn’t want to be stressed right now. If only her work stayed at work. As long as she breathed she was working her reputation for the whole world that watched her to judge. She really wished her fame toned down by a lot. She leaned her head on Mason with a frown, closing her eyes trying to bare the headache. He was helping here a lot with this. She felt more delighted when he told them off too. She couldn’t help but smile at his attempt.

“Thanks for helping me out and asking them to leave us alone. You’re handling this really well. I’m glad you can I was worried if you couldn’t and lose your mind over it. I lose my mind sometimes too, just not in front of them.” She glad to hear he was okay but only partly believe it. She wasn’t fine with all of this irritation, so he couldn’t be. She just hoped he would stay and help her deal with it. She never liked the thought of disguises. She just like keeping her looks but that was the only choice if they wanted to be left unbothered.

“I’ll get temporary hair dye and maybe other stuff. Anything to be left alone...” She sighed. Once no one could recognize them, they were free to do whatever they wanted. She learned a little of how to keep in hiding with Heath. Normally, you’d just go to really crowded areas or areas almost to completely empty. She end up falling asleep on Mason’s shoulder for a bit but eventually woke up again. She had enough of people peaking through to see her. Yes, she understands people wanting to see one of their favourite celebrities because she wanted to before as well but this was getting ridiculous.

“I’ll be right back,” She told Mason and got up from her seat. She then moved to one of the flight attendant and talked to them. There should have been a policy of how people couldn’t just freely walk into first class anyways. At least not this much and making noise. She asked the attendant if they’d stop from people coming through to her seat, politely of course and that got them done. She came back into her seat but after a couple of minutes, people would try to sneak by.

“This is driving me insane,” She groaned and came up with another plan and glanced at Mase “I’ll be right back. This time, this better work. If I give them what they want than maybe they’ll stop bothering me.” She got up and then asked the attendant to make an announcement and appear in economy and talk. They allowed her. She then went back to Mason “I know you probably don’t want to do this. But please do this with me, just so that maybe they can quiet down.” She caught his arm and pulled him out of the seat and practically dragged him along with her to the economy with a microphone.

“Hey guys, I’m Charrie. I hope you’ve been enjoying your flight. I understand I have some fans on the plane. I’m glad that you all support me and help me built up my career. I’m here on vacation with my boyfriend, Mason. Say hi, Mase,” She spoke with a smile and passed him the microphone and waited for him to say something. Until he did she brought the microphone back on her.

“I already explained my story with Mason expect, he’s not as weak as I described him,” She stated and talked just a little bit more and answered some questions and then finished off “Okay, now that I’ve gave you my attention, I’d like for you guys to let me spend time alone with my boyfriend. It’s great that you came up to first class to greet me but now I want to have our own private time. Thank you giving me your attention and have a nice flight.” She ended and some cheered. Her eyes scanned the crowd and suddenly she picked out someone that made her worried. No, they couldn’t be. They just couldn’t. She caught Mason’s hand and tugged him back over to their seats. She sat back into her seat and looked at him “I’m sorry I dragged you into it. I just thought if they saw you with me, they’d understand to stop bothering us.” Then she sighed and her skin color started to fade into white. That man she saw in the crowd looked like the friend of the guy she shot back in Russia... It couldn’t be, could it? It was all over, yes but people tend to go for revenge. Well, as soon as the plane landed, she should make a run for it, to get away form the fans and to get away from that man if he was the same man she thought he was.

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When Charrie said he had an awesome body, that made him genuinely blush. SHe's never complimented him on anything before, and he was just glad she liked his appearance. He did try hard to match up to her beauty, even though he thought in his mind that he was just some average guy. Of course he wouldnt look another girl. And he stayed loyal to Charrie. As long as she wanted him around, he would be there for her, whether it was to fix up the relationship, or to just be that guy she needed, he would be there.

As they walked through the airport, Mason kept a calm face on. There was nothing to be afraid of right now. They were just two ordinary people in an ordinary airport. WHy did they need to look so worried. And as they moved, no one seemed to notice them. Thank goodness. They made it to the gate just fine. "Dont worry I put in first class. I know how much you dont want to be in that ratty and noisy area. Plus we got the money" he held onto her hand tightly, walking her towards the flight attendant. When she noticed his face she didnt seemed to shocked to see him. That probably meant she didnt know him at all. He wasnt surprised.

WHen she scanned Charrie's ticket, he bit his lip, soon seeing the woman's face lighting up. She was giggling and as Charrie begged her to stop, she let them enter the gate without a crowd following them. As they were led to their seats in first class, there were only two seats beside each other. Helping her place her bags into the bins above them, he let her have the seat beside the wndow so no one could bother her. He was still protective of Charrie, and he wanted her to know he would take charge and make sure she was okay. "You just relax. We're on the plane now. Nothing to worry about" as he laid back, he heard the sound of the pilot and then he frowned and looked around him. THe flight attendant didnt keep her mouth shut for that autograph.

Mason could see the people staring at them....well....her and then a few people started walking by to ask for an autograph or a picture. "Hey. Sorry guys. Charrie is just trying to relax and enjoy the flight, as should the rest of you. Please just treat her like a normal person. She doesnt want to be bothered at the moment" he tried to shoo everyone away. "It's okay Char. Dont worry about it. Im okay. When we get off maybe we can buy some disguises or something. I really just want to spend the day with you" he sat back and just closed his eyes. Hopefully no one tried to push their way through to see her. All he wanted was a vacation. All these people walking by and gasping just made him more irritated.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 346d 23h 4m 31s
“You’ll scare a lot of them away if you act confident or intimidating. You’ve got an awesome body Mase. You did great with Ryan,” She stated, kissing him on the cheek. She leaned her head on him when they were in the cab. It was great to take advantage of these moments just to be this close to him. She smiled a little to hear him admit it. They belonged to each other. No other girl would get near him, not if she was around and she knew Mase would never go looking at someone else. She didn’t want another case of Prim and she didn’t want another girl finding him attractive as she did and trying to land on him.

When they first entered the airport, no one noticed. They were just ordinary people walking around. She wished they didn’t have to hide but that’s how it was in her life. He was sucked into her life and that was the price to pay to be by her. There wasn’t much privacy. She was just glad that he was handling this really well. It wasn’t until Mason mentions the gate that she remembered that the flight attendant would know-unless she never heard of her. Then, she was safe.

“Shoot, I forgot about the flight attendants,” She frowned “I’ll ask her not to. I just can’t handle our time together being wasted on paparazzi and cameras. You put us in first class, right?” Of course he would. She can’t handle anything less than first class and there was less people to see her if she was in first class. She never really handled airplane flights well. She was expecting for the piece of heavy hard junk to be beaten by gravity like it should be. Yea, she got all how an airplane can fly but it still seemed weird. Giant piece of metal can fly but people can’t. As soon as they gave their tickets, she recognized them. This was going to be hell of a flight.

“Please don’t tell anyone that we’re here,” She whispered to the attendant. The attendant locked her lips and nodded but looks like she was going to pass out. Charrie managed to pull up a smile and the woman looked like she saw a-oh that’s right, she was a celeb.

“I’ll give you my autograph, just please pretend act like we’re normal passengers,” She asked the woman. She nodded and Charrie gave her autograph quickly and they were free to go in. She was worried if people did find out. She would be bothered for the whole flight and who knows if someone may be stalking her and then follow her where her and Mason were going and taking pictures. She just wanted to have pure privacy with him. Once they got into the seat she was prepared for the heavy piece of junk to go into the air as if it was butterfly. Then the announcement came on about what to do in case of emergencies and such. Everything was fine until-

“Today we have a special guest-“They began. She sunk into her seat to hear her name. They did say to treat her like a normal person and not to bother her but she doubt that would be happening. Oh yea... The flight attendant probably couldn’t help herself by telling one other person that told another person that told everyone they knew. She turned to Mason apologetic.

“I’m sorry, Mase,” She frowned “Even when I drop work, it still follows me. I hope this doesn’t ruin the trip. I never liked the fame, I actually hate the fame.” There were things she couldn’t control. Once the plane was up in the air, she was already getting a headache from the loudness of the plane. What was worse that someone may come up to her. She knew that someone would, weather it was someone determine to see her or the flight crew.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 347d 1h 39m 46s
Mason knew that Charrie thought he was attractive. That meant other girls would think he was too. Charrie was so sexy, every guy at the beach was going to get acid down their throats for sure. But he wouldnt do anything to harm them. He just hated when guys looked at his girlfriend. Charrie was really attractive in his eyes. "Dont worry. YOu made me work out more to be healthy and to be able to hold my own, which I am sure I can. I was able to hold my own against that jerkface Ryan. Ill be able to scare some scrawny guys away with this body" he joked and kept his arm wrapped around her in the cab.

(b "Of course IM possessive. You're my girlfriend, that means I am yours too. He loved the thought of them belonging to each other. Now that he was trying to change, he needed to look tougher than Charrie. LIke for guys to get to her, they were going to have to go through him. One bad thing was that she mentioned he was really weak all over the news. If something happened, he might end up getting hurt.

"Dont worry. YOu cover your hair, ILl wear sunglasses" he put on his shades and kept his arm around her waist protectively. Once they headed inside, he began leading them to their gate. No one in particular was looking at them, and no one was screaming out that it was Charrie. THe only thing he hated was all the hiding. She was known for her red hair and now that she was such a superstar, they had to hide all the time. "We're at the gate. Hopefully those flight attendants dont bring attention to us when she sees your plane ticket" he whispered softly, holding his baggage as he walked with her towards the gate.

WHen they were lining up to enter, he handed the woman his ticket and her eyes widened seeing his name. And then when she scanned Charrie's ticket, he bit his lip, hoping that she didnt say anything. All he wanted was to be able to just get into the plane and keep quiet. He didnt want all the paparazzi following them to their vacation spot either. In honestly, he didnt know how Charrie was going to stay hidden in all of those countries they were going to visit.
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“Not really because I felt betrayed by you that time for kissing some girl and dating my best friend. Letting you win would mean I would be weak to give into a guy that all did was make me feel worthless. But now I know that was Prim’s fault and also parts of it was both of our fault. You might have if you tried to make me like you but neither of us bothered. We just fought,” She shrugged. It wasn’t until the day he came to the hospital when she had a coma and got shot for him that things start to really switch around. She learned that he cared about her more than she thought. That time, she really thought he’d rather have her dead but she was proofed wrong. She never wanted him to get shot again like that. She did what she had to do to leave him for three years so he didn’t have to get harm. Although, a lot of damage was done being separated but at least they fixed that up. Now, they just had to spend more time with each other and learn how to be with each other without getting frustrated for bad reasons.

“Yea... I know it doesn’t sound like me. I tried once before but it just didn’t work out. I’m not good at that kind of stuff,” She sighed disappointed and then laughed “Okay, I promise I won’t experiment on you either.” It was only fair. She didn’t expect anything living to eat anything she created.

“We’re going to need to replace the kitchen a lot if I’m practicing,” She stated “But I’ll try. If you think I can do it, I will.” Besides, she really wanted to learn how to make desserts. The rest, she didn’t care so much about. She just wanted to eat sweet things. As they got packing she actually thought of other girls looking at him. Mason wasn’t like when he was an alcoholic. He was really attractive. He’d have some girls staring at him in a minute.

“Damn, I should have made you work out less;” She sighed and then smiled “I’m glad you’re only for me. You and your acid!” It would be funny to watch but she did have fans. Some of the fans were guys and it wouldn’t be good if Mason got the wrong the idea. She trusted that he won’t. She picked out ‘my ’ Charrie.

“You sound possessive,” She stated but just laughed “I don’t mind. I’m a little possessive of you too. You’re mine and if any other girl gets close to you I can do many things to them.” She decided to handle her bags. They weren’t that heavy. They got downstairs and he helped her placed the bags in the trunk. She went inside the car and then remembered that she should make sure people don’t recognize her in the airport. She got out a zipped hoodie. If she covered her hair, than it would be fine. People tend to recognize her for her hair. Once they arrived she put the hood on.

“Let’s not attract attention. If people know who I am it won’t be so great, especially if they’re on the same long flight as us,” She reminded. She got out of the car and started to get the suitcases out. Once they headed inside the airport she still kept the hood on. She should have just got temporary hair dye. She was pretty sure she could find it somewhere around the airport to do it quickly but she was too lazy for all of that.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 347d 2h 18m 20s
"So if you told your old self that I would win your heart you wouldnt be happy? Well that's a shame. I dont know what I'd to to my younger self, but I still think he has the power to make you like him" he chuckled at the thought of her being so upset by it. In their past, she took it just fine, but that was because he saved her life, and he was there beside her.

Mason always knew Charrie could do what she wanted. How could she not? Whenever she set her mind to something, she was able to just own it. Whether it was beating up her competitors, coming up with plans to destroy him....she did an amazing job with both. Not to mention how hard she worked for making her first film. And all that hard work had become a huge hit. Now she was famous and everyone adored her. That part Mason wasnt really too thrilled about. SHe would sign autographs and males would always be after her. He understood she was an icon, but he still felt as if he had to share with the world sometimes. That's why this vacation was something they both needed.THey needed to spend time and make the other feel so special, more special than anyone else around them.

"You were going to cook? That sounds unlike you Char, but I really love the idea of you cooking for me. Maybe just not the food. I dont want to be the end result of a bad experiment. If you dont experiment with me...I wont do the same to you" he laughed at how ironic that was. Apparently experimenting with each other was one of their rules. "DOnt worry. I bet if you just try hard enough, you can do it. Just watch your food, dont let it burn" he smirked at the thought of all the burnt food she's made in the past.

But once Mason finished packing all of his belongings, he held onto the handle and placed it out into the living room, smiling up at her in excitement. "You're right Char. I dont want any other guys seeing you on our trip in a bikini. THat's not good. But then again....I know the girls will be staring at my shirtless body after the workouts you've been helping me with...." he pondered the thought and he stuck out his tongue. "You know my eyes are only on you. If other guys have their eye on you, Im bringing the acid!" he muttered, holding the baggages as he called for a cab to the airport. "A week with just my Charrie. It sounds unreal!" he held her hand in his and walked her out of the apartment towards the cab, helping to place her bags in the trunk as he sat inside.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 347d 2h 52m 0s
“Oh yea, I definitely remember that you were the perverted one, you still are at times. I think if I told my old self that, she would be upset that you’d win her heart,” She sighed. The past was gone and now they had to stick to the present or even future. Focusing on past things never did much good, not unless it was looking at it to be better. This time they had to focus on the balance between them and how they treated each other. It will be fixed and they will get over it. No matter how hard it is.

“I was thinking of trying to cook today but I don’t think it’s a good time for me to experiment and see if I don’t burn anything. Maybe when I have time, I’ll try to learn.” She bit her bottom lip. She only tried to make it cook faster and then always arrive at the wrong time to turn it off. Maybe, if she actually paid attention to it, she wouldn’t be so bad.

“Ha, of course. It’s always the same thing. Our parents still haven’t changed through the years. How long do you think our mom’s are going to continue with this? Until it actually happens? What if it doesn’t? You think if I completely changed how I look in a way you’re dad didn’t recognize me and told him I was your new girlfriend, he wouldn’t hate me as much as he hate’s my dad?” She wonders but wouldn’t go far like that. Mostly because she didn’t like his dad so much, just as he hated her.

They had to finish up packing. Oddly, she wasn’t like every other girl who packed bunch of stuff with her. She had the money to go out buy most stuff in different places. Forcing to flee the country with practically nothing but Heath made her realize she only needed things that were sentimental or basic things for living. If she wasn’t rich, than she’d be packing a lot. And there was her perv.

“I won’t forget it. May I remind you, if you can see me in a bikini, every other guy around can too,” She smirked and then laughed “I was right, you still are a bit of a perv. As long as you’re not being perverted to anyone else, it doesn’t bother me as it did before.” She then moved to get everything set. She got some clothes, basic stuff she needed and maybe a weapon in her big luggage. In case anything was to ever happen, it could come in handy. She doubted it but it was better safe than sorry. Once she finished she came out with it to the living room and left it there.

“Mase, are you done?” She asked. It looked like he was done.

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