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She just laughed as he paused at him only seeing her all of her. Maybe it wasn’t a laughing matter but because she really wasn’t into Heath, it was just something way back into the past. He was her first and still was the first person that she wanted to be with. She never ever remembered wanting him as much as she wanted someone else. He was the only one.

“You are my first and will be the only one I’d sleep with,” She promised. She did love him for so much more. She didn’t care so much about the outer appearance. She just wanted him for he was on the inside. Mason being attractive was just a bonus. She wanted to tease him a little “How do you know that for sure? I could be lying. Maybe I just love you for your body and the reason I only wanted you to be healthy is because I wanted someone attractive.” She did really love him. No one else could have him. As they entered the hut he tried to convince her there wasn’t any monster around. It took more than that to get her relax.

“It still doesn’t’ make sense,” She sighed “It could have just taken everything. No that’s okay... We don’t need to look for it. In the horror movies, whenever a character goes searching for things, they always get killed or tortured-or both. Okay, I’ll try to get some rest,” She nodded. She wanted to trust him but even so, her mind was still playing tricks on her. She just hoped she could fall asleep tonight. IT would be hard because there was no mattress and there were probably things’ creeping in the dark but at least Mason was here. It’s not like he could protect her from those things but he did gave her a lot of comfort and that was enough. Then the kiss ended and it was enough to keep her mind on for now.

“I’m so glad you’re here with me. This place wouldn’t be as pretty if you weren’t here,” She admitted and decided to lie down. She closed her eyes and felt his presence there. As long as he was there, she felt as everything would be okay. They can handle things together. With his brains and her fighting skills they can do just about anything. It wasn’t as hard to fall asleep as she thought it would be.

When she woke up in the mornings he was incredibly sore. She felt like a giant bruise. Her body was used to sleeping in a large bed, with an expensive mattress that was designed for perfect sleep. She really wished she had a mattress or anything that was soft. She wouldn’t dare to sleep on grass though. There would be bugs crawling on her. Then she rose up remembering there still could be bugs. She looked at Mason to see him still asleep. She was always waking up before him. She ran her fingers through his hair and then got up and went outside. She stretched and groaned at her aching muscles. She looked around to see the food gone and her spear. What the hell?

“Come on! I worked hard on that spear!” She exclaimed. Now she was just mad. Monster or not, she was going to kill them. She worked hard on gathering food and making the spear. She groaned and went a little further into the sand, shore of the water. She stared into the distance. Being trained, she could just pick about anything, especially if she was focusing. She heard some rustling, movement of what seemed like a good size animal or maybe not an animal. She glanced over there but really could see nothing. For a second she thoughts saw eyes but then remembered she was probably just going insane from being out here too long. She dipped her toes slightly in the water.

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Mason knew he probably sounded like a hopeless romantic. Everything he said was as if it was from a fairytale. One love since birth, how he would always place her before everything. That they belonged together. It didnt sound like something that happened in the real world. It was something people worked hard for, and even though his and Charrie's relationship was hard to manage, they were able to pull through anything. He knew that no matter what happened they would always find their way back to feeling like this. "You know Im right Char. You might as well admit it right now. Only me, Heath and your family know about you. But I do get one extra bonus. I've seen all of you...well...wait...." he thought for a moment, knowing that Heath has seen all of her too. "Um....well I'm your first" he figured it out and had a smile on his face. The Heath thing was gone by now, but he couldnt help but still think about how he's seen her. He wished with all his might he didnt. "Im just glad you find me to be hot, rich, and famous. But I know you love me for so much more" he chuckled, just glad that they were there for each other and how they truly loved each other.

As he walked her into the hut, he could see that she was now freaking out. Great. The last thing he wanted was to be stuck on some island with ravenous animals or natives. It didnt seem like there was anyone on the island, but he was pretty sure there were animals around. "Charrie....I dont know...a lot of animals make nests...maybe they needed more warmth or something. We can look for it tomorrow. Let's just get some rest okay?" he was doing his best to look on the brightside. If she didnt, someone else had to.

"I look better without my shirt? You like? Im glad. It's all for you anyway" he laid beside her, sighing a little. If anything happened, Charrie would be safe in his arms. He would feel who was coming since he was right next to the opening. WHen he wrapped his arms around her waist, he held her up to his chest, kissing her lips softly. Even if she was just using him as a distraction from her fears, Mason would be there. Whatever made her feel better. "You just go to sleep. I know that you're afraid. But I mean, as long as your here beside me, Im not afraid" he lifted a small smile and shrugged, hoping that tomorrow would be a better day.
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She smiled at him hearing she was first. She put him first too. That sounded like crazy love. The ones where you’d read about in the books and wished you can have but knew it was impossible and if it was possible, not so many great things happened. Well, they’ve been through so much. So, at this moment it felt like they’re life was perfect but before they came here, it was pretty much hell. Whenever they finally got together, something would go wrong. They’d either fight or something else pulled them away. She was sick of that. As long as she remembered these moments, she’ll remember why she has to fight to stay by him. He was hers’ ever since they were born, or at least that’s what they’re mothers made it like.

“A lot of things tried to break up us apart. It didn’t... I doubt anything else would,” She assured. She would never be able to let go of him. Even when she said she’d break up with him, she really wouldn’t be able to move on from it. She was aware that probably a lot of people in the world were thinking about her. But they practically knew nothing of her or how she was like. Having others that barely know her think she’s cute wasn’t shocking because of her image on TV but the true people around her were different.

“They only make opinions of me what they see on TV,” She stated “They don’t get how I’m like. You’re right, only you know the truth.” She kissed him back wanting all of him. She didn’t think he had to apologize for the flight attendant, he did what he thought would get them out.

“No it’s fine. You don’t have to apologize,” She said and then just scoffed “Come on, you’re hot, your rich and your famous! Of course she’d be into you. We will go back to the tree house once and awhile. I’m not going to let us drift apart again. I don’t care how stupid people I think I am for dropping work once and awhile. Everyone is so obsessed with their jobs and work and loose people. I’m not planning for that to happen.” It won’t happen. She made a promise to herself she wouldn’t let it.

As she arrived near the hut, she was still concerned about her jeans disappearing. She did want to get caught without pants on when they were going to be rescued. When, not if . She frowned hearing that he claimed that he didn’t cheat. She could have outrun him if she really needed to. It would be a little hard since he was better now though. At least if any situation came up and they had to run, he wouldn’t fall behind her.

“Oh great...! There’s a serial killer in here or some monster out to guest us. This is just perfect! It’s horror island! I might as well drown myself before I have to face it,” She whined. She knew if she lived in a horror movie, she’d never follow any sounds or shadows. She’s stayed right there and if the monster came near her, she’d rather just take her own life. She was less afraid of a serial killer than a monster though. She tried to pick up what Mason was looking at and saw nothing unusual.

“What kind of animal is interested in jeans and a shirt?” She questioned him “They could have gone for the leftover barriers and nuts we have.” She glanced at her bare legs when he said she looked better without them. Of course, if he had his way, she’d wear nothing.

“You look better without your shirt too,” She played back smirking. She glanced over at the forest before they went inside. She was slightly scared now. She grabbed Mason’s hand without thinking. She almost missed what he was saying.

“Okay... Yes, please stay beside me and, tomorrow if we’re still here, you take the small bed. We’ll take turns,” She decided and just leaned into him, put his arms around him touching his bare back and kissed him slowly. She was less frightened when she was distracted by something, even if it was only for a few seconds.

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"I know Char. We cant just give up on our lives right now. I just dont want anything to tear us apart right now. THis means more to me than anything. You mean more to me too. I dont want to just put anything first. You're my first" he admitted. No one else came close to CHarrie for him. SHe was always the girl at his side. They shared everything together, whether it was being angry, or being in pain. If one disappeared, the other would probably end up the same way. He felt like they were connected like one person. He just didnt know how that was possible.

"I honestly dont think Im the only that notices you're cute. I bet a lot of people in the world think that about you. Im just the only one that knows the truth" he wrapped his arms, pulling her closer as he kissed her lips even more. He couldnt get enough of Charrie. Those nights and days of feeling so alone. A kiss with her could make that all go away, and honestly he wanted a little more.

"Im sorry about the flight attendant. I didnt think she'd be so into me. I didnt think the plan was going to even work, but it got us here and now we're closer together again. LIke back at the tree house. And I mean...we can always go back there when we feel like we're drifting apart" he assured her. THey would always try to fix things. He knew that they couldnt just end so suddenly.

WHo knows, maybe if they were rescued, he'd find the island on the map, build that amazing house and they could fly here for vacations. It might even be turned into a tourist destination since Charrie and him were stranded here.

As Mase ran to the hut, he made it inside and he grinned. Never did he think he was ever going to be faster than Charrie. After all it was all thanks to her. He wouldnt look, or feel this great without her help. HE felt lucky she was always beside him. But he felt even more happier that no matter what she loved him and wouldnt hurt him. "I didnt cheat. You just werent paying attention silly". He could see she was starting to get cold. "I could of sworn your jeans were next to my clothes by the hut....but I cant find my shirt either?" he looked around curiously, seeing a glimpse of a shadow head into the forest. "Maybe it's the animals in the forest? It is a forest after all, there's bound to be something in there. But it's okay Char, you look better without your jeans" he gave her a seductive smile and he headed inside the hut. "You can take the small bed. Ill stay beside you if you need a pillow Char. THe floor cant be too bad, but ILl sure be dreaming about sleeping on a nice mattress"
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“We can’t just runaway from our lives... I wish to do that too. We can’t let it end like last time. We have to spend more time with each other and maybe we could things like that. You’re more important than my career,” She decided. Being wealthy meant that there was no worry if she dropped her career that she wouldn’t have anything to live off of. There were so many other things to do, it just she preferred what she was doing now excluding the fame part. If only she could have the best of everything and cut out the things she hate about it. She frowned but decided to let it go. If he thinks she’s cute at times, then she can’t stop his thoughts.

“If you’re the only one that notices then I don’t mind too much,” She managed to pull up a smile and felt his fingers on her back. She liked his hands touching her until it reached her ass. She couldn’t help but blush a little. The advantages of it being dark... Normally, if he did something like this long ago, she’d beat him up. She wouldn’t do anything to harm him like that again though. He was still a perv at times after all. She just narrowed her eyes with a playful smile.

“That didn’t mean I wanted you to that,” She stated “I’m not that jealous of her. She’ll never be able to sleep with you. She’s probably jealous of me. Besides, I’m more pissed off that she touched you.” She refused to be jealous of a flight attendant that was only used to get them here. She deserved to be used after she touched Mason. She liked the idea of being able to go to the tree house again together. It was private and no one could bother them there. She just laughed at taking a flight back here.

(#d10016 (font "Century Gothic " (center “Mase, if this is a deserted island, in order to take the flight here, we’re going to have to jump off the plane again,” She reminded with a laugh. Maybe it wasn’t deserted but it was a small island. There probably weren’t anything on the other side. She laughed even more at his expression when she splashed water on him. Then she decided to run away before he could do anything but it was too late. She screamed as he tackled her down. Then she got up.
“That’s not fair’! She exclaimed and start running after him. It was all thanks to her that he was a faster runner than before. It would be harder to catch up. She made it out of the water and her whole body was freezing. She ignored it and then made it to him but he did win.

“Cheater! You got to start first,” She frowned and then hugged her arms. The night breeze made it worse. She glanced around to find her clothes but could barely see in the dark. Where did she leave them? Did the dead squirrel’s friend stole her clothes to get revenge? She moved around in attempt to find them but only saw her shirt. She groaned. She put on her shirt and thankfully it was long enough to cover her up but she was still cold. Maybe going into cold water and then coming out wasn’t the best idea.

“Mase, do you know where I left my jeans?” She asked. They couldn’t just disappear. She moved around the fire to warm herself up. She still looked around but had no idea. She was pretty sure it should be in the same place as her shirt. Damn those wild animals. That or maybe this place wasn’t deserted after all and it was home to creatures from a horror movie.

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The thought of being able to have this place turned into a hotel right now would be one wish he'd want right now. A one bedroom house with everything modern. A beautiful bedroom with a king sized bed, a fully functioning kitchen, stocked with whatever they wanted. A bathroom fit for a king, a huge tub and a working toilet! Now that would be heaven. If they just had one of those here, they would be set for life. If only it could happen. But Charrie was right. They couldnt stay here forever. It was like running away from all of their problems. Like the old him.

"I know...we both want each other happy. But really we just need to be with each other like this and everything is perfect. I just dont want to face everything back at home. I know we need to, but I just want to make the time to spend with you. Whether it's going to meet you at lunch backstage, or sitting beside you as you direct our life movie. I dont want it to end up like last time" he sighed and shook his head. "It's not something you can control Char. You just do it sometimes and I think it's cute. You cant stop it. But that's alright because I love seeing that bit of you that you dont notice" he ran his fingers down her back and squeezed her ass softly, a satisfied smirk on his face. "You did say you were jealous of the flight attendant. Well...I save all my best moves for you. You know that" he winked and nodded his head.

"Maybe we can go the tree house on weekends, or even take a flight back here once in a while. We can work our way like that" he suggested, not wanting to even think of how everything was if he moved back. But when the water splashed all over his face, he coughed a little and blinked in shock. "Oh no you didnt!" he ran after her, tackling her down into the water before he quickly ran off towards the shore. "I call the banana leaf bed!" he laughed and hurried towards the hut. It was perfect to just forget the old world and have fun with Charrie. He really did want to be with her for the rest of his life. He just couldnt live without her by his side. It wouldnt be the same. He'd be lonely.

Nighty Night!

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She never wanted to put him through harm again but that was impossible with her life. There were situations she couldn’t control. She couldn’t control life and how things end. It would be playing god. Sometimes she wished that she really could have everything she wanted. Not the objects and small things but what she really desired. She remembered that time in the hospital. After she woke up from that coma, Mason end up in the hospital. They always end up facing around the same issues. It was because they were always in each other’s life though. She smiled at him.

“I know. I want to see you happy too but in order for that to happen, we both have to be happy otherwise it won’t work,” She said. She knew that he’d want to do things for her even if he knew she could handle a lot of it. She never even thought about losing him. She never would. She couldn’t have that happen. If she died, he’d be miserable. If he died, she’d be miserable. No one wins in the end. She loved him pulling her so close. She wanted to be close like this forever. She frowned at him calling her cute again. Overall, she was not cute but maybe something she said might have sound cute to him.

“I should really stop doing stuff that makes you think I’m cute,” She sighed. There really were no distractions here. He understood what she had meant. She didn’t like leaving him alone in the apartment. She wanted to just go back and be with him but with all that work to be done it was almost impossible. She listened to him. Not go back... She didn’t want to. She just rather spends the rest of her life here at the moment but that was unrealistic. Yes, she wanted to have a fairytale, no she couldn’t just do whatever she wanted. Reality wasn’t a storybook.

“I never want to go back either if we had all those things here,” She admitted and then added “But we can’t make that decision. We have to go back. I really don’t want to but that’s how reality is like. We have to go back, get with our career and try to spend some time with each other... I don’t want to go back, but what other choice do we have. It’s unrealistic to stay here... If I only could live in a fictional world where I can just be with you for the rest of my life and not worry about anything else.” She grew upset that it couldn’t happen. She then decided to take a step back from him and splash bunch of water directly at his face. She then laughed. She wanted the mood to go lighter.

“Let’s just have fun here while we can, even if we do have to still do things to survive,” She suggested “And then we have to sleep. Sucks that we don’t have a mattress though...”

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 250d 7m 55s
Everything that they didnt have with them right now, to Mason it didnt matter. Why would he need a tv, or even a phone. He completely forgot what it was like to be a full time working male. It had only been a day, but he felt as if he's been living here for years. The peace and quiet, the moonlight and stars. The crashing of waves onto the shore. It was like a dream. No one could hurt them here. No one could mess with their lives, put them at risk. No paparazzi and no one telling them that they could be together like this. It was just them, the only two on the island. They could make their own decisions without being right or wrong. It was their choice to make.

Mason ran his fingers down her arm and he smiled "I know you wouldnt let him kill me. But I wouldnt let him lay a finger on you either. The last thing I want is for you to be taken away again. Or for you to go to the hospital. I dont want to see you get hurt again, just like when you were in the hospital. I couldnt bare to see you on that bed. You looked like you were just going to leave all of a sudden. And I didnt want that. I just love seeing you being perfectly happy. i love seeing that smile you always have on your face when you're around me. i wouldnt want anyone to hurt you, even if I knew you could handle it" he told her the truth. He knew Charrie could take care of herself, but he was always worried. He knew there was a chance at danger and there was always the possibility of losing. Even though Charrie always won most of her fights, he was just glad she was always okay in the end.

But when she suddenly pulled him into a kiss, he closed his eyes and kissed her soft lips once more, his hands holding her close against his chest. He could feel the warmth of her bare skin and her loving embrace. As he pulled away, he looked up at the moon and the stars and he chuckled. "You and your fairytales. And you doubt me why I call you cute" he kissed the tip of her nose and then he wrapped his arm around her waist, just wanting to enjoy the water with her. "I know what you mean Char. I dont want to leave now that I think about it. I have you and that's all I've ever wanted. Here, there's no distractions, nothing to block our way. My attention is always on you. I can see it all clearly, I dont want to go back to that blur. I never want to feel alone again when Im by myself at the apartment" he sighed and just hugged her close. "We dont have to go back if we dont want to. Maybe I can even ask to bring all the luxury here. We just need a phone" he wanted it to be real and he wanted it to last. But how could it? They couldnt just stay here, could they?
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 250d 36m 7s
They really did take the things they had back home for granted. She took a lot of things for granted and forgot that some people really didn’t have any of that. She just can’t stand living without them. This would be over though. They were going too rescued from this island and they will be back to their apartment. But she wasn’t too sure if she wanted to return to her work, be all busy again and then barely see each other. She would make time for him but she just wished they could just spend days like this as long as they wanted. Who knew how long it would be before they get to spend days like this with each other.

The plane incident and falling from the sky seemed like years ago even though it was the same day. They got away and now that man was free to land to his destination and maybe have the satisfaction that she may have died on the way down. She knew it would be impossible to convince that man that she was dead. She was a celeb, as soon as she arrived back there would be big news that she was alive. When they got back, she had to hire someone to keep track of that man and make sure he didn’t come back for revenge, and if so, she’d just have to go to the cops and let them deal with it.

“Mase, I would never let him kill you. I’d put myself in front of you before he could. I wouldn’t want you to lose your life for me. That time when you took a bullet for me was tormenting enough,” She admitted. Seeing him shot and worrying if he was going to die was the worst thing that could happen. That’s why she took the chance of separating for three years because she would not be able to bare him being near a state where he could die. Still, he was in danger for being with her. But this time she didn’t want to split, it only made things bad. She’d find better ways to handle it. They went into the water and it was just perfect. Being with him with the fire and now under the moonlight in the water... She really just wished time would freeze and stay there. This was it. It was the perfect moment. It matched up to fairytale expectations. She held his hand tightly and loved to hear him say the words. She really was loved by him and she loved him. They were under the moonlight, the stars. She leaned into him, pressing her body against his. Then she looked up at him and pulled him into a kiss.

“I love you too,” She whispered and then smiled happily “I always wanted to do that. Kiss someone under the moonlight.” Then her smile faded.

“You know... I’m not sure if I want to leave. I mean, I want the bed, electronics and such but I like that we can be here together and not have anything try to separate us. When we go back, there’s work, there’s people and other stuff... I can’t spend time with you there like I can here and I don’t want to ever fight again or get so pulled into work. I’m so afraid that we’ll split and get distracted by everything around us,” She admitted, speaking quietly. She didn’t stop leaning into him. She felt like she needed him, really needed him. Her life wouldn’t be her life if he was never there. ) ) )
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He didnt know why, or how, but for some reason he just soaked up information like a sponge. There was nothing special about him in his mind. He just thought he was an average guy. The fact that he really loved chemistry didnt really apply to this situation, but he still felt like everything around him was just a big puzzle that needed to be solved, just like diseases or sicknesses. Everything he watched from tv stayed with him and so did little things that he would do in the lab. Whether it was making a container, or mixing chemicals together, the world was just a giant lab in his head. He figured he could do anything he did in the lab in the real world. Not to mention how the earth was made up of thousands of different elements that he was quite familiar with. It really helped them a lot and Mase was just glad that Charrie thought of him that special way. He couldnt handle being on this island without her.

"I miss my bed too. I miss the sheets and pillows, the kitchen, stocked cabinets! A working toilet! I cant believe I took those all for granted!" sighed a little and then held her in his arms just for a moment longer. He didnt want to think about their luxuries. It was just going to make them feel worse. Who knows when they were going to get off of this island? They didnt know for sure. He just hoped those pilots remembered their coordinates. Otherwise if this place wasnt on a map, they were screwed.

"Let's take a nice swim and then head to bed. THat flight really has me exhausted. I was freaking out because I thought he was going to kill me!" he shook his head and followed her to the water. A lot of people seemed like they were out to kill him nowadays. He had dodged death more times than anyone he's known. Maybe not as much as Charrie.

Stepping into the water, he shivered a little, his arms wrapped around his shoulders as he took a deep breath. He was only in his boxers, so it was okay. And it's not like anyone cared what they were wearing right now. It was just Charrie. And she's seen all of him. As he dived down, he soon adjusted to the temperature, swimming over to Charrie as he looked up at the night sky. He's never seen it like this before. It was amazing. All of the stars showing, the full moon lighting up the sky. IT wasnt so bad being out here. It was sort of like a vacation with Charrie. "I love you Char" he whispered softly, reaching over to hold her hand in his. They had nearly lost their lives today with that man and jumping off the plane. He wanted to tell her, to remind her that he did.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 250d 1h 18m 57s
She really was glad that she was taught how to handle these situations. Sure she could use the information she saw on television to survive but it couldn’t beat actually being taught it. She was stuck in the forest for a day on her own once and then Heath found her and they had to spend longer there. She could never be close to him like she was close to Mason. Mason was special. No one could ever beat him. Everything was set up. They had shelter, they had food and they had fire. For some reason she found it a lot easier to make food in the wilderness than it was using a stove. It was probably the other way around for other people.

“I miss the bed the most. I want a mattress so bad,” She groaned “Yea... At least we have each other. I wouldn’t be able to survive here on my own either. Well, technically I might be able to from the training but mentally I’d lose it and would give up because I’d be just so depressed and alone.” She couldn’t imagine being put through this alone. She was done being alone. She had enough time being alone during those three years or when the only thing she’d see through the day was the people that she had to work with. She can be surrounded by so many people and fans and yet she’ll still feel like the loneliest person in the world if she didn’t have Mason. She ends up finishing up her fish, just not the head. At least it was food but she really wanted something that made her die for. She looked up at him to hear he’d come along.

“It definitely does look amazing,” She agreed. She really wanted to swim during night. She’s never done it before because she had episodes of criminal and serial killer shows in her head. People were always dragged down into the water and drowned to their death. She didn’t like that chance. But there was no one around here. Unless this was some kind of like horror island-which wasn’t possible because horror movies don’t exist. She shook it out of her head, not wanting to scare herself. She was going to go out in the water as soon as she was ready. Then she heard him mention about fresh water. They definitely needed to do that.

“Well, I doubt this place is complete dessert. There will be water, we’ll check tomorrow. And if all else fails, we’ll use coconuts or if it rise, find a way to gather the rain water. We have options,” She smiled to herself. It was odd for them to relax when they were on some random island. Maybe because it was just the first day, everything seemed chill. She doubted she’d panic later though unless a storm hit. After a little bit, she got off him and decided she felt like going to go into the water.

“You can come with me now or later,” She spoke. She stripped off her shirt and jeans and used her bra and underwear like a swimsuit. It was the next best thing. She didn’t care because it was just the two of them. She stepped into the water finding it slightly cold but not freezing. It wasn’t something that she wouldn’t get used to. She got further in and did start to become used to the temperature water. This night wasn’t so bad. She was actually really enjoying herself. It’s been a while since she could enjoy herself. She started to float in the water and stare up into the starry sky. She could see very single star since there were no lights below and there was the moon. It was all just so beautiful. She had a smile on her face.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 250d 1h 46m 3s
Mason laughed when she mentioned that he didnt smell. He was sure he did after all that hard work building a hut. And with no soap or shampoo, they were probably going to smell like this for a while. Charrie didnt even smell bad. He could smell the fish on her hands, but other than that, she still smelled like....Charrie. And he liked that smell.

WHen he saw the food, it was more than enough for dinner tonight. He was glad she was able to bring back so much. They even had berries and other little fruits from the forest. As he started with the fire, he kept her safely on his lap, loving be so close to her. She was right. WHen it came to survival, whatever she learned in Russia, that was going to help them both out. Mason was only surviving by using his head and what he knew from experience, but Charrie had completely different experiences than he had. And he was glad that he could always depend on her. It was weird though how she was now catching the food when she was never good with food, but he wasnt complaining at all. Mason couldnt dive and catch fish at all. He would try tomorrow, but he didnt think he could do it.

"A net sounds like a really good idea. Im sort of glad you learned some survival skills up in Russia. I dont think we'll have that much of a problem. But you're right. I know we wont have any beds, or cell phones, or tvs, but we still have each other. We didnt lose everything. And Im thankful for that. I dont think I would be able to survive here alone" he spoke softly, taking a few bites out of the fish when he saw that it was okay to eat.

The fish wasnt too bad, either it was because he was practically starving after building that hut, or maybe it just was a really good tasting fish. He felt her lips against his neck and he smiled, loving to be right next to her. Close to her. Just holding her in his lap while they ate was something he didnt get to do at home very often anymore. Maybe being here on this island wasnt a bad thing. They had each other, and they could move closer than they were before. "I think I want to go swimming too. I want all of this sweat cleaned off. And the moonlight reflection on the water looks amazing. That reminds me. We need to head into the forest to find fresh water. If the trees are living, that means there's got to be some in the center" he told her, finishing up what he could eat.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 250d 2h 17m 24s
She liked the warm heat of light rising higher and higher into the sky. It wasn’t big but it was something. She was about to laugh when he sounded worry about being sweaty or even smelling. She barely noticed. The sweat, yea but not any smell. Maybe it was because she spent the day out in the forest with a mix of animal poop and such. That was the least of her worries. She smelled like fish anyways. This was the worst thing that could happen to her because she couldn’t stand fish unless it was in her mouth.

“It’s fine Mase. I’m not exactly presentable either,” She assured. He really did work hard on that hut. She admired him for it. Well, she admired him for a lot of things. He could so many things she couldn’t do. Sometimes she wished she was just much of a genius of him but was still fine to sticking to her skills. She wouldn’t make it through the day if she didn’t know how to defend herself. She just smiled at him as he sound excited that she got some food. Well, she wasn’t exactly that great. She had to kill a squirrel to test things out but she was going to leave that out.

“Well, it’s not like you can cook out here much,” She shrugged and then smiled “Yup, it’s not as easy as it looks to catch them without a fishing rod. I’m thinking making a net to get the fish instead. You can gather a lot in a shorter amount of time with less effort.” She learned quite a lot about survival skills. She had to, just in case anything had happened during those three years.

“Heath was worried if we were going to get caught in Russia so he taught me how to handle myself in the wilderness if it resorts to that. There was a forest where we hide out. If they found out where I was, than I was supposed to escape into the forest and stay there for a while,” She explained “I’m not actually that worried of not being able to surviving out here. I’m worried of missing expensive things.” She really could tell that he did change. She wasn’t pulling all the weight of handling dangerous situations. She didn’t have to order him or anything.

“I really feel like you’re my equal now. You’re doing great. I just have to change a little too,” She admitted “I think I’m going to go for a midnight swim. I always wanted to go swimming in the dark.” The beach was right in front of them. As long as she didn’t go too far off there won’t be big fishes to bother her, touch her. She just couldn’t take it. She decided to take the offer after all and sit on his lap. She leaned her head on his shoulder, gently pressing her lips against his neck for a quick second.

“I know. At least we’re alone now,” She said. The sun was just about gone. The warmth of the fire felt nice. IT was perfect. Even if they were lost. She loved being near the fire and cuddling up with him. She closed her eyes for a couple of minutes. Once the fish was good enough to eat, she opened her eyes. She was hungry. It wouldn’t be like food back home but at least it was food.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 250d 5h 42m 54s
Mason was finishing up the rest of the hut. It took a lot of skill and work, but Mason knew how to handle it. Tying knots were easy. It was as if he was working in the lab to make some kind of container, but on a large scale. He tied the leaves together by their stems, soon tossing it over the roof. He even covered some of the floors inside with large banana leaves. They werent has hard as the wooden floor, but at least they could rest. Charrie could even lay on him if she wanted, he didnt mind. He loved having her so close to him, and at his arms reach.

When he managed to get the fire started, he didnt think it would work at first. If it didnt he would scavenging into the woods for some specific rocks. As the sun heated his lens and then scattered to the wood, it started rather quickly. He wrapped his arms around Charrie, rubbing the back of his neck hesitantly "Sorry Char. Im kind of sweaty. And maybe even smelly" he apologized. Building a hut was a lot of work. He had to redo it a few times too. He loved to see her smiling like this. The fact that he could brighten up her mood made him feel so pleased inside.

When he saw the food she held in her hands, a large smile fell on his lips. "WOw that looks great Char. You're an expert!" he looked around for a sharp stick, grabbing a piece of wood and shaving down the tip with a few rocks. When he was thin enough, he held the fish and pierced the thin stick through, holding it over the fire to let it cook. I know it's not the best cooking, but maybe we can catch something better in the water tomorrow if you want to join me. We are on vacation. And the beach is right there" he tried to lighten up the mood, even though he didnt know when they were going to get off the island. Surely the people on the plane would send for someone. Two celebrities were missing. Some of the biggest names in the US.

Mason sat beside CHarrie, offering her to sit in his lap if she wanted. (b "We probably are. I hope they come save us. But right now, Im so happy for the peace and quiet. I was starting to get so irritated on the plane. I just wanted to spend more time with you, without the paparazzi and without the noise. Here we have that" he kissed her cheek softly and he smiled. He still felt bad about the flight attendant thing. He didnt mean to hurt her. He just wanted her to know that he wouldnt leave her side unless she wanted him to.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 250d 6h 18m 36s
He really could pick up his own weight. She knew he could because he was incredibly smart and now she was actually glad she could depend on him at times. Most of time she only just depended on him on food, and if she got sick. Now she felt as if she could depend on him for a lot more than just that. She didn’t want to depend on him too much. She was more of independent person after all. Depending became new to her when she went to Russia and now it was still a little odd just to depend on people. She mostly saw depending on another person as being weak but it wasn’t.

“You’re not the exact same guy but you’re still yourself,” She smiled at him. Getting everything done was important. Maybe they could survive through this with each other. They always made it look terribly dangerous in those movies. She just hoped it wasn’t like that in reality. It was just the two of them after all; it wasn’t like it was some plane or ship wreck. They purposely jumped out. She came back from obtaining food. She hoped they didn’t have to stay till tomorrow. But if they did at least she’s got herself a sort of a spear. Although, it was better to make a net... When she saw the hut she couldn’t believe he could do all of that on his own. Then she started to check him out and nicely toned body. She then looked away not wanting him to know what was on her mind.

“Fire, sounds good. I’d say to use a mirror but I don’t have one.” She decided “You did a good job.” Then she saw him bring out his glasses and stood there waiting for the fire to start. She sighed wondering if it was actually going to work. It worked on TV. When she was camping in Russia they used matches. If she knew they were going to be stuck on island, she would have brought a lot more stuff. Too bad she didn’t expect this at all. Then the fire came in and she just jumped out of excitement.

“You did it!” She exclaimed and embraced him tightly and liked the feeling of her hands on his bare back. That bitchy flight attendant could never get close to him like this. No one could, no one but her. Okay, now she was starting to sound possessive but she really couldn’t help herself. She didn’t want to share him with anyone. She separated from him and glanced at the fire growing. It was going to get dark and then night would hit.

“Now we just need to cook the fish and we’re all good,” She sighed. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all. She wasn’t sure how it was going to be at night though. They had no mattress. Her back was going to hurt like hell. She didn’t know if she was going to be able to sleep. Although, at least they were together. No one could bother them here. She then suddenly laughed.

“You know this might not be so bad. No one can bother us here. There’s no fans, no work, no people... We can just be close to each other without a single soul bothering us,” She mentioned. He had no idea how great that was to her. She just felt excited to have privacy. Her privacy was nonexistent back at home and around the world but if she was on an island-there would be no one to capture her life or put it on the news. Speaking of the news.

“I wonder if we’re on the news right now,” She said. There were no doubt people we’re going to look for them. They were famous after all. Losing a big celeb and a scientist that won a noble prize is not something people take lightly.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 250d 8h 16m 4s

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