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He wasnt going to let them take her. He couldnt. Everything they've been through, he would gladly give his life to protect Charrie. He made that clear with taking a bullet for her. Still, he wouldnt let them lay a hand on her and touch her. It was clear they never have seen a white girl and male like this. THey were so tanned down from the sun living on this island. A white male like him wasnt important at all. What could he bring to the tribe? Nothing but brute strength and trying to take them down. Charrie on the other hand was a very attractive female. And with their eyes looking up at her from head to toe, Mason didnt even need to think. He knew what they were going to do with her if they got the chance.

But when they were taken away, he couldnt believe that they were able to tie her up. He hated how there were so many of them. If only there were like three, then he could take them on with Charrie. He'd go on a rampage if someone took his girl away. But right now since they were tied to a post in the center of camp, he felt weak and useless. "It's okay Char. It's bad enough we are tied to this pole, but I cant let them take you away. I saw it in their eyes. They're probably going to kill me, but keep you alive" he sighed and looked at the males passing by. They were all just glaring at him, but when they looked ar Charrie, they would whisper each other. "We'll get out of here somehow. I'd rather die protecting you than letting them just take you away" he said determined. The thought of being placed in the center of town wasnt a good thing. Charrie was right. THey were going to be used as an example. He just closed his eyes and hoped someone would rescue them.

One of the tribes men walked over to the poles with one other man as they attempted to get Charrie down. They hoisted her up off of the pole, her hands and feet still tied as Mason gasped. "Let her go! Dont take her away. Please....just let us go. We dont want to fight!" he was begging frantically, struggling as he tried to break free from the ties. He needed to save her.

The military was slowly swarming into the island. Each of the men were carrying guns and bombs and other machinery to make the process smooth and quick. Some of the men noticed the hut and they were sure that the two celebrities were somewhere on the island. Coming from all sides, the military had three teams searching the entire island, each heading in deeper into the forest.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 249d 1h 23m 17s
Excitement of the water was short lived. From the moment the man agreed to take them here, she was suspicious. She couldn’t take the whole blame for this to happen. They were hungry and they were thirsty. They could have never found fresh water. Now, they were screwed. They were truly screwed. If these people took them as a threat, they’d be dead before they knew it and maybe tortured. As much as she was trained for bad situations, she wouldn’t be able to handle any form of torture. If someone integrated her with torture, she’d just let all the information slip up unless it involved someone as important as Mason. But otherwise, she wouldn’t deal with it well. Who knows considering she is a girl they might even... She swallowed. Nope, it wouldn’t happen.

She realised the man as Mason told her. It wasn’t his fault that he believed the man. He could have never known the way things turned out. She managed to bring up a smile “It’s okay. You only tried to get us food and water.” No matter how much they talked to those people, they wouldn’t understand them. There was no point in opening their mouths. But if they could understand them, she had a lot to say. Since they couldn’t understand what’s she’s saying she can go into rage and spat out every known insult she knew but kept her tongue after spitting a couple of things. If she seemed threatening, she had no idea what they’d do to her. She then saw Mason losing it when the man looked at her. She felt Mason’s warmth, giving her a little comfort that he was there but still.

“Mase, calm down. They’re going to think you’re a big threat,” She softly spoke. Then they separated them and she couldn’t believe another situation was separating them again. They’d make it through it, just like other times. She didn’t want him to worry too much. He shouldn’t have to go through this. Every time he was put in situations that normally only happened in her world, she felt bad. They got brought to the center of the camp and they were tied there. Being tied up in the center was not a good thing. It meant they wanted to make this public. As Mason asked the question, she had no idea. If they were tied up like this, there wasn’t really anything they could do. Only when they were released and even then there were too many of them.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know,” She frowned and glanced around “All I know is that the safest time to escape is when the men go hunting. I doubt any of the rest would release us... If they understood our language, I’d try to talk our way out.” She didn’t like how some of the men around here were looking at her. She really was annoyed.

“Since they put us in the center, they want to make something public. If they want us dead, we’re not going to die easily. I’m not going to lie and make it seem like we’re okay now,” She mentioned “We have to wait for the right moment and try to escape, but for now, we’re stuck here.” Some of them started to gather up. Some woman and children would peak to get a glimpse of them. They weren’t fully covered.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 249d 6h 46m 16s
Mason was just so excited to finally be seeing the water. He was so glad to see the large waterfall and the fresh water. When he walked over, he nearly dipped his entire head int he water. He was so happy to finally drink all that he pleased. He had been so close to dehydration that he was going to pass out. But as he continuously splashed water towards his face, he held some in the cup of his hands, drinking it down. He just couldnt have enough. But when he heard her voice behind him, saying they were surrounded, he just turned around and he gulped in fear. What was he supposed to do? There were many of them. Even with Charrie holding the man in her arms, they were still able to threaten them with their weapons.

"Charrie. Just let him go. We cant do anything now. They have us surrounded. Im sorry for believing in that man" he sighed and stood on his feet beside her. His eyes stared at that man that they kept hostage and he frowned. He couldnt believe that he trusted him. "We trusted you. Tell them we mean to harm. Tell them that we just want food and water. We dont want to fight" he tried to make the best hand movements possible, but the man just stared at them.

Mason didnt know what to do. But when she told him to put down the weapon, he placed it onto the ground and he sighed, putting his hands back to his sides. But he lost it when he saw the man looking at Charrie's body. He had a smirk to his face and Mase didnt like it. "Get away from her!" he pointed, shaking his head as he wrapped his arms around her. He tried to block their way from getting to her, but there was too many. "Charrie!" he frowned and tried to break through, but then the others tied him up as well. They had his arms tied around his back as they pulled him and Charrie from the river, leading them back to their tribe.

This was bad. What if they were killed as food, or sacrificed? How were they supposed to get back to their home. Once the men carried them towards their tribe, there were around ten huts circling in the center of the forest. The women and children were hiding in their houses as the men brought him and Charrie to the center of camp. They tied them up to two posts, smiling and talking with each other about what to do with them.

"Char. How do we get out of here? I cant move my hands and feet" he sighed and looked around.

Just off the coast of the island, a military team finally landed. There were ships and planes swerving around the island. The pilot of the plane was able to send the coordinates and now the army was here to rescue them. They had about a hundred men, heading onto the shores, looking around for the two of them.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 249d 7h 19m 34s
He was right about that. The man was cooperating and wasn’t making any sudden attacks. As long as he cooperated and nothing threatening came along then they wouldn’t be forced to go into self defense mode. She didn’t want to attack anyone or get into a fight. She’d rather not. She didn’t want to go back to the self that felt guilty for what she did back then. Even if there was cooperation, she was going to have to keep her guard up. She didn’t want any surprises. Surprises could get them injured or worse, killed.

They followed the man through the forest and so far she didn’t pick up anything to alert her. She’d calmly observe the details around them, the sound and the movement. She made sure to check all sides once and a while as they walked. The temperature in the forest wasn’t so cold or boiling hot. Both her and Mason weren’t very well covered. It could have been worse. They could have ended up with nothing. They stopped at a banana tree. She really loved that fruit. She smiled and ate the one Mason gave her. It was heaven considering they hadn’t eaten all day until now. IT wouldn’t be good for her not to be eating from wasting all that energy to fight, and make the weapons only to get injured. Mason seemed happy to get food. She loved it when he smiled. His smile was always beautiful. It cheered up the mood.

“He is,” She nodded and then added “but we can’t lower our guard. Not even now. I learned a lot of things in Russia. Strangers that help you out always have hidden motive. Well, there were some who didn’t but-there are some who do.” She wanted Mason to feel relieved that this wasn’t a trap but she couldn’t lie to him and say that it was safe now because the man listened. She knew how suddenly things could change. For all she knew, the man was cooperating just to save his own ass and take them to a place where he could be notice. She’s done it before. Lure the enemy to a place and have her bodyguard pick her position. They met the water. She drank along with Mason but quickly stopped knowing that both of their backs couldn’t be turned. Her stomach dropped seeing they were being surrounded.

“Mason,” She called out whispering and then rose her voice “Mason, we’re being surrounded!” She then looked for the man that they caught and he was feeling them with the tribe. She rushed into grab him and grabbed his arm and placed the short spear she made and pressed it against his neck. Then one of the tribe members shot an arrow near her head as a warning. She wasn’t too sure if she cut this man’s head off faster than the bow could kill her. They could have aimed correctly for her. She swallowed, not knowing what to do.

“Told you it could be trap,” She sang. She shouldn’t have followed this man here. She should have just denied untying him. She knew the danger of trusting. This time they aimed for her again and another aimed for Mason. They spoke something looking at the weapon in her hand. Guess that meant to put the weapons down. She shouldn’t take any chances. She had a feeling they’d really put an arrow through her heart if she didn’t threaten to kill this man. She wouldn’t be able to cut through his throat that fast, not to mention she didn’t know if she could because she did not want to know the feel of physically murdering someone. Back then she had a gun. She could just kill with the trigger from the distance. This was the actual feel.

“Mase... Put the spear down. We don’t have a choice...” She told him. She released her hold on the weapon in her hand. She was afraid of what they’d do to them. Kill them? Treat them like a science experiment? Sacrifice them to the gods? Or maybe use them as slaves? She did not want that... Another came forward toward her and glanced at her body for a couple of seconds. Then he tied her arms together and grabbed her hair, pulling her forward. She yelped out and swore every kind of swear word she knew. They start to speak among each other. Then they focused on Mason to get him tied up.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 249d 8h 45s
Everything seemed to be turning for the worst. They were supposedly going to head out to war with these native people that he didnt even know. All he knew was that if he was being attacked, then he would attack made. It was simple self defense. But Cahrrie was right. If he killed someone, there would be no law against it here. They were on an island in the middle of nowhere.

"I dont know if he'll lead us to a trap, but he's been cooperating with us so far. He wasnt yelling and he wasnt trying to break free. I think he knows we're not here to harm them. We just want food and to get out of here" he helped the man to his feet and used the sharp edge of the spear to cut him loose. Mason wasnt sure if he was holding it correctly, but when Charrie began teaching him, he felt a but more confident.

Holding the spear in his hands, he made sure he held it in the center and with his right hand. His other hand was guiding the man out the door and onto the sand. Once again, he made the hand gestures for food and water, hoping that he got the idea. The man then began leading them into the forest. Hopefully they didnt have to fight anyone, and hopefully this man could talk with them and convince them that they were no harm.

Stepping into the forest wasnt an easy task. Mason had his shirt and jeans taken away from him and all he was left with was his boxers. He still felt exposed, considering the little piece of clothing covering his sacred area. Charrie's tips were helping him a lot. He held the spear loosely in his hands and began looking around. He could hear a few bustling in the bushes, but then the sound disappeared. THe man then led them up to a banana tree, pointing with his eyes. This was great. All they had to do was eat until they were content.

Mason used his spear to poke at the branch, using his strength to cut the bunches of bananas off, letting it fall to the ground as he quickly picked one up, trying to eat a few. He was starving. He handed some over to Charrie and he smiled "Looks like he's keeping his word. Maybe we can get out of this" he held the bunch and kept his eyes peeled for others as the man walked them further to the river. At the sight of water, Mason ran over in happiness, still holding his spear as he leaned down and began drinking the water. He was so thirsty and so tired. He was celebrating so much that he didnt even realize they were slowly being surrounded by the tribe and its people.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 249d 8h 33m 1s
She knew this must have been hard on him. She didn’t expect him to be so comfortable with it all and understood that. She wasn’t used to these situations happening long ago and she hated to admit it but she really didn’t handle it too well at the start. He was holding up better than she did. She could think on spot even with the pressure if it involved saving her own ass. But when it came to academics, she sucked. This was her field area.

“They must have practice with hunting though and since they haven’t had another encounter they could be curious or see us as threat. We never know Mase. They could be friendly but even the most friendly people can become violent if they’re scared or feel threatened.” She sighed and then smiled “We probably do have a bit of advantage over them though. Of course we’ll get through this and we’ll be fine. I promise that.” If they weren’t too violent then there shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Who knew that this would be happening? She never expected it. Then again she never expected they’d jump off from a plane. A lot of things were happening that she didn’t expect. A lot of the times she predicted and was right but not this time.

She arrived back. It was great to have his comfort after that. She was sure she’ll be fine unless it was infected. They had nothing for that here though. She just hoped it wasn’t and that rescue would come soon. She was worried of how things would turn out. They wouldn’t really kill them would they? Well, it that other person seemed like they’d kill her. Mason had a good point that they still needed water and food. She was thirsty, hungry and was becoming exhausted. She didn’t too sure trust this man to lead them.

“How do you know he might not just lead us to a trap?” She raised an eyebrow. She was taught to never trust someone who would attempt to attack her. She was in survival mode and she didn’t like it when other saw her in survival mode. She became harsh, cold, and practically merciless. Maybe they could use him and they could threaten to kill him if others did come. She nodded to cut his legs loose.

“I guess we have no choice. We need food...” She sighed. She then got up and glanced at the cut and decided to tear off a little part of her shirt and tie around it. She didn’t want it to bleed even more or have something infect it on the way to the forest. She still didn’t feel comfortable walking around with her legs bare. They were completely exposed. If she had her jeans it could protect her from scratches or scrapes. She turned to Mase and decided to lose the tension in her.

“Okay, let’s go,” She managed a smile. Then remembered Mase had to know how to at least hold the spear. She wasn’t too sure herself because she’s never used it until today but she was pretty sure she was holding it properly. She gave Mase a spear.

“Make sure to hold it firmly, like you’re shaking someone’s hand but don’t hold it too tight. Hold it more on the center. If you’re using two hands, then the right hand at the back and the left at the front,” She instructed and just demonstrated a bit “I may be wrong but it feels right to hold it this way. If you want stab then I made the tip sharp but that doesn’t mean you have to take a little effort to stab even further to really make a mark.” She would mention about throwing it but even she didn’t know exactly how to aim with this ting. She never got taught how to handle a spear.

“Got it?” She asked and then leaned into him, quickly kissing him on his lips “We’ll make it through this island alive. I promise. Now we can finally go.” Then the man said something but she really couldn’t understand what he was saying but she could see that he was smiling a little.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 249d 8h 51m 37s
Mason was really nervous and afraid inside. He knew that he should try and fight, try to stay by her side and look confident, but he really wasnt right now. It wouldnt help them if he started to panic. Charrie was right. When it came to fast thinking situations like this, he was pretty much useless. Not only did he love the time to think things through, but when he was in the lab, he had all the time in the world. Sometimes he had to think on the spot if his mixture was going to explode, but that wasnt so common.

He watched over the male in the hut, holding his hand onto the man's mouth so he could keep him from speaking. Everything else was pretty much calm and with CHarrie beside him, he knew he was safe for now. "I know they'll have the numbers, but Char, they're native people. They've never had another encounter with humans from another land. Maybe we have a small advantage. They're more primitive and we think ahead. If you just keep your distance and use your skills wisely, we can get through this. A weapon will always help. Just be careful Char. I dont want to be here alone. We're both coming out here alive" he told her. "WHen you get back, just teach me the basics. Im a fast learner" he promised. Especially in situations like this. He would either learn quickly or be killed.

It was really different for Mason to deal with all of this. Not only has he never killed a person before, to do it now to these native people? He felt like a barbarian. It was as if they were turning on their survival skills and just ignoring everything that civilization taught them. He didnt kno if he would have the power to kill, but maybe if his life depended on it, he would.

When Charrie left the hut, he was nervous. All he had beside him were sharp rocks and this man that was tied up. What if more came. He was completely vulnerable with nothing right now. He just hoped that Charrie came back quickly. Mason tried to speak with the man, wanting to show him that they were no harm. They seemed to understand each other through actions. He demonstrated trying not to fight and the man seemed to nod his head. Maybe if he could get this man on his side, they could interpret. "No fight.....friend?" he held out his hands to shake. It was a long process, but thankfully no one came to attack.

When Charrie returned, he nearly threw a rock at her in shock. "Oh Charrie! Thank god" he smiled up at her and hugged her, soon seeing the rip in her shirt and the blood seeping through. This was bad. They had no medical items on the island and she was bleeding. "It doesnt look bad Char, but if many of them come, we're dead" he watched her make their weapons and he kept an eye out for people outside. THe man before them calmed down and stopped talking. Maybe he realized they werent going to kill him. "We need water and food. Maybe we can bring this man with us into the forest. He could guide us. And if the others come, we can threaten his life?" he suggested, making eating actions to the man.

He seemed to be cooperating. Life meant alot to these native people. Mason helped him up to his feet, looking up at Charrie for approval before cutting just his legs loose.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 249d 9h 25m 25s
She could tell Mason was just as embarrassed that he was nude. So was she but at least she had her shirt. She still felt completely exposed. If she let the little bit of her psychotic side break out, she’d just kill the man for forcing her and Mase to be without clothes and then threaten to stab her boyfriend. She wasn’t going to take it so lately. She was more ticked than she would ever be afraid. The man was too focused on attacking her with the spear to notice her go for hand to hand combat. When it came to hand to hand combat, she was really good unless the enemy was triple the size of her. She was also pretty good dealing with weapons though too.

No matter what they said to this man he wouldn’t understand. She was glad that Mason was handling this pretty good with her. The man just looked at him confused but could see Mason was angry as well for staring at her.

“Got it,” She said as she decided to go on ahead and get the rope. She had her bra and underwear in her hands. Once she arrived to the hut, she dressed up fully and then went to the man. They tied him up pretty good. She was really worried if there were more of them. She’d question the man but he wouldn’t be able to understand her at all.

“I doubt weapons will help much if a lot of them come. They’re going to have to an advantage of having numbers and I’m the only one that’s able to fight...” She mentioned but they still should make weapons. She wouldn’t survive without her weapons. Mason didn’t know how to fight and she didn’t think he even knew how to use a weapon.

“I should give you a quick course on how to at least use a weapon. And if someone appears, or this man here manages to get away and threatens you, don’t hesitate to kill him. Got it...? You won’t be charged for murder here, so it doesn’t matter,” She instructed and handed him her spear that she stole off from the man. Then she noticed how crazy she must have sounded to him. Mason wasn’t use to these situations. She doubts he’d be able to kill anyone. She felt bad for telling him to go ahead and kill the man if it came down to it but there was really no other option. She’s shot people before, but stabbing them was also a different story.

“I think we should change our position. Maybe more know our location,” She said and then decided she should go making some weapons as soon as she could. The man was babbling and she was ready to truly knock him out unconscious.

“I’ll be right back then,” She told him. Then she escaped the hut and entered into the forest but not too deep. She picked out some fallen branches that were good enough to use as spears. She grabbed a thin rock that was sharp as a blade. She made one spear before she heard movement around her. She instantly glanced around and picked up another person. Her heart raced and she moved to the side as a spear cold have stabbed her in the stomach. Sadly, it did scrape off some part of her skin at the edge of her waist. She winced and started to swear. The person started to yell and face her. The person’s attacks were very savage and sloppy. She dodged mostly all of them and then decided to grab a rock and knock the person out. Then Charrie decided it was better to make the rest of the spears back in the hut. She grabbed the wood and arrived at the house, dropping them on the ground.

“I’m back. I just fought off another one, knocked it out. It could wake up any time and I think I should just kill it. I didn’t notice anyone else though,” She told Mason and then scrunched up her face at the sting. She looked over her at the side of her waist to see her shirt slightly wrapped and her some skin torn off along with blood slightly soaking her shirt.

“Damn it...” She muttered and looked at Mason “It’s fine. I don’t think it’s life threatening. I’ll just continue to make the weapons.” She looked at the man tied up and he blurts out something as if he knew that this would happen to her. She then decided to use continue with making the weapons. She made sure the tips were incredibly sharp, both ends. She also just got some wood that were short and made the tips sharp to use for close range and it was easier to swing by. She was getting tired and the damage on her waist did not make things any better.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 249d 9h 41m 45s
Mason didnt think that the man was going to go after them with a weapon. He thought they would be afraid of them. Maybe he was curious to see what they had. The sight of his spear almost stabbing him through made him jump onto his feet with the adrenaline pumping. HIs life was at stake and even Charrie's. The man held his spear up to Mason as he backed up towards the water a little. He gulped and watched as Charrie ran over, pulling on her shirt. Yes that was a good idea. He didnt want anyone else seeing her naked. But that didnt stop this native. As Charrie was able to take his weapon and kick him back, Mason just stood there embarrassed that he was clearly showing off his manliness as he blushed. "Charrie?" he looked up at as if his dignity was in her hands. As he slipped into his boxers, he sighed in relief as he listened to the man's voice. It was in a language he didnt understand.

THat left two options. Either he was stranded here like them, or there was a tribe in the center of the forest. BUt considering the way he was dressed, how all of their food disappeared so quickly, he knew that there was probably more of them. This left them in a bad position. Hopefully no one else was coming after them so suddenly.

As Charrie used her skills, he was quite proud to call her his girl. She was so skillful, he wished he could be that strong sometimes. The native was scanning her from head to toe and he just snickered. "Get your eyes off of her" he grabbed the man from behind, holding him in a hold as he looked up at Charrie. "There's some left over rope by the hut. Let's use that" he pushed the man across the sand towards their hut, tying his hands and legs together and placing him inside. "We need to start making weapons. If there are other people, we need to be prepared" he told her. "YOu can head out Char, Ill watch over this man here. Just stay close to the hut so I can help you" he told her, glancing down to this man.

He was blabbering something they didnt understand, so Mase just tried to keep him quiet by holding a large rock. They couldnt play around anymore. They had to start finding water and weapons to keep them safe. If they stayed out here on the shorline, maybe the tribe would leave them alone. "Once we have the weapons, we can check out the forest" he sighed, hoping someone rescued them soon. It was no longer a vacation. THeir lives were in danger.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 249d 10h 26m 6s
It was amusing to watch him jump around the water without the slightest embarrassment. No one was around but her, so it didn’t matter really. She would never ever in her entire life ever do something like this if they were back in civilization. She could just imagine how my pictures they’d get out of her. Her poor parents would have to see something on the internet. Thank god, that there was no people around here. She stopped for a second remembering the tiny fishes. She knew the tiny fishes were there but she wasn’t as scared as of them as the big ones. She really hated remembering they were there though. She still ends up going in the water with him. Just staying for a little bit wouldn’t kill them, right?

“You have a lot of trust in me,” She stated. He seemed really happy she came in. As long as no one was around this was fine. She kissed him back, holding on to him. They spend some time in the water together and then they did have to get up.

“Yea, we have a lot of things to do,” She nodded and got up with him. At least their clothes were still there. She would panic if they weren’t. She’d just loose her mind. Then she began to notice a person. She stared at it and then found that Mason noticed the same thing. Her heart beat went incredibly fast. This couldn’t be happening. He was right; this was all they had left. And if that was gone, she didn’t know if she wanted to be rescued like this. How could she possibly explain it? That they decided to strip off and just have fun while being stranded and some person stole their clothes in a supposed to be deserted island? She’ll never hear the end of it.

“I knew this was a bad idea!” She whined. She was embarrassed now. That someone was trying to steal their clothes and saw them. She was completely red. She honestly thought that at least nothing would come up and try to take things while they were around. She was in panic and froze in spot for a good minute. She then looked around and still saw her shirt. She put it on but still felt uncomfortable. Then she heard Mason yell out and saw that he could be in danger. That man was holding a weapon. She instantly was ready to fight for the clothes and him. She’s had the training. She wouldn’t just let this mysterious person win. She ran at her top speed toward them and completely ignored Mason telling her to run away from it. She caught up to the man and attempted to pierce her with the weapon. She had fast reflexes and it didn’t even make a mark on her. She grabbed the spear with her right hand and strongly kicked the man in the stomach. He started to fall back on the ground and she pulled the spear in her position. She spins it around and pointed the spear at the man’s throat. He spoke something she couldn’t understand. She then grabbed Mason’s shorts and turned her head at him and threw his shorts back to him.

“Here you go,” She said. She looked down at the mysterious man “Fucking thief.” Then she noticed the man was looking up her shirt. She pressed the spear slightly more into the man with narrowed eyes and he at least understood not to look there. She was irritated and was willing to just stab him. He seemed like something she’d see out of the movies. Maybe there were more of them. In that case, they needed to find another place to camp.

“Mason, let’s tie him up,” She decided. She just really hoped that an army of them weren’t to come by either. She could handle this man but a bunch of them? Too challenging. And who knew what other weapons they had.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 249d 10h 39m 25s
Mason was jumping around in the water, prancing and kicking his feet, not caring who was watching him swim around with no clothes on. He kept an eye on his lone boxers and he dived down, getting his hair soaked as he resurfaced to face her. "COme on in Char, the water cools you off and it's so clear you can see the rocks underneath. Even a few tiny fishes. But dont worry. THey swim away from you. Their afraid!" he tempted her to go in after him. Mase knew all the work that needed to be done, but they had all the time in the world. Still, they didnt know whether they would be rescued or even when that was going to be, or even if they were even going to get rescued. It was too difficult to think about, so he just decided to relax for a little while longer.

"You know you want to come in Char. Dont worry, we have all day to collect food, find water, and make our weapons. Just spend some time with me. Pretty please?" he begged her, soon seeing her head into the water. With a huge grin on his face, he stood there, the water up to his waist as he wrapped his arms around her happily. "I knew you wouldnt leave me alone" he leaned in, kissing her lips. THe warmth of her body pressed against his made him so comfortable and relaxed. It was as if he was completely comfortable being in this position with her. It honestly looked like a sexy magazine cover. The press would pay millions to get a picture of them like this.

"Mmm, you are one of a kind Char" he hugged her close and slowly leaned forward, pushing them both into the water. Slowly resurfacing, he smiled and helped her up. "Mmkay, let's get going. Our clothes are still there and we have to make our spears" he walked with her back to the shore, holding her hand in his. When he noticed someone quickly running out from the forest, his eyes widened brightly "Char! He's going to grab out clothes! We cant let him. It's all we have left!" he quickly released her hand and ran towards their clothes, hurrying to try and beat him. It was obviously human. Really tanned skin and he wore some strange outfit with shells and paint covering his body. "You're not going to get these!" he ran onto the sand, practically diving to cover the little pieces of clothing they had.

He gripped onto it tightly and he looked up at the strange man. "This is ours. Get your own!" he yelled up at the mysterious man. But the man wasnt phased by any of this. He didnt understand, but he was holding a weapon. When he saw Mason holding onto his shorts, he used his spear to stab him. Mason saw this coming. He rolled off to the side and quickly got to his feet. "Char! Run!" he looked back to find her. They needed to get away from this man.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 249d 11h 17m 51s
“I think you’re dad would be proud of that. Pushing me off the plane and cheating,” She mentioned “We can explain things to my parents but I have no idea how to clear the rumour that’s around the media. I can’t tell them there was a Russian man out to kill us and the only way to safe ourselves was for you to seduce and to jump of the plane.” She’d come up with something. For now she’ll let those thoughts go away. Right now, it didn’t really matter. They’ll deal with it when it actually happens.

She really wondered where there stuff went on to. She wasn’t sure of going after them though. It was actually just best to stay where they were if weren’t for the fact they needed fresh water. But they couldn’t keep letting this happen. Whatever came here to steal their stuff were going to leave them without in the morning. That really angered her. That anger in her was actually enough to go search for them and go insane on the creatures that were stealing their stuff. She didn’t even feel a bit scared anymore. She was just pissed.

“Well, those people are so dead for stealing our stuff,” She frowned. He had a point. They didn’t check the whole island there could be other people. If they were stealing their stuff, she doubted they had a cottage or something. She stared into the water in anger that this was happening. It was bad enough that they fell from the plane and tried hard to get all those stuff, now people or a creature was stealing their stuff. She turned her head to Mason and saw him stripping out of his boxers. What was he doing? Then he ran into the water and it made sense. She didn’t think it was the time to do this. They had to go out and get fresh water before they just relaxed. As he talked she was more convinced that it was okay. She bit her bottom lip unsure. She was worried if their clothes would disappear but if they kept their eyes on it, guess they wouldn’t really loose them.

“I still don’t know Mase... We still have a lot of stuff to do to make sure we survive the day and we have to get it done by the time the sun goes down,” She mentioned but she started wanting to go in seeing him smile and swimming around. She was drilled in that in survival there really wasn’t any time for fun unless they finished all their work. Heath would never let her just relax until everything was done. The more he talked, the more she was just give in and go in. The thought of creating more spears seemed good but it was going to take work to do it. She just hoped there weren’t dangerous wild animals in the forest. She knew how to kill but if they were big and fast-it would be challenging to just kill them with a spear. She wished she had a gun or a blade, or maybe a bow and arrow.

“Hopefully nothing to dangerous,” She sighed. She couldn’t help it. She wanted to go in with him and let every other worry go away.

“Okay, I’ll come in,” She slipped on a smile. She stripped and felt a little cold. She stepped into the water and made it beside him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into him. She enjoyed the feel of being so close and touching. It let her mind drift away from her worries.

“You realize that if something does steal our clothes, than we have practically nothing,” She reminded. She wasn’t too worried though. It was just better to spend the time together as much as they can before they did get rescued and were put back in there works. Who knows, maybe if they were lucky enough they’d be rescued today or tomorrow and still have time to spend the rest of the week together-except with a mattress and good food.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 249d 14h 16m 54s
"I really hope our dad's dont kill us. I mean....we'll be rescued. WHat more could they want from us? We can try and tell them the whole story. That I didnt push you out of the plane, and that I didnt cheat on you with a flight attendant. That would be bad if those rumors werent cleared. I just hope that when we get back, nothings changed besides the news headlines" he didnt want to think about the people back at home. Sure they were going to be worried and upset, but he just wanted to think about thier survival right now.

As Mason stayed by her side in the sand, he watched the water reach his toes, the coolness waking him up a little. When he looked around, he couldnt find his clothes anywhere. It was gone just like Charrie's yesterday. Everything seemed to disappear in the morning. If they had no more food, and her spear was gone. This couldnt just be an animal could it? What would an animal need a spear for? ANd one that would be able to lift it had to be huge. "Hmm, I wonder what could have taken it. Eyes? I mean, what if there's other people on this island Char. We still havent searched through the entire place yet. It's possible" he dipped his feet in and slowly began stripping out of his boxers. He placed it onto the sand and ran before her, diving into the water. "Mmm, this feels great Char. It's healing my back with ice coldness. You should come on in. It'll wake you up. We can keep an eye on our clothes and then head into the forest after a morning dip for food and water" he smiled up at her, wondering if he was able to catch her attention. It was nice to be swimming freely.

"We should make new spears before we head in. Who knows what's in there" he spoke softly, swimming around the shoreline as he grinned. "You dont know what you're missing. COme on, stretch out your back and relax. If we see a plane, Ill even set up a new campfire"
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 249d 23h 33m 49s
“I know, I’m sorry,” She sighed “That’s in the past. You’re the only one who can get to me.” She had a good defense in not letting people really in. She didn’t like getting emotionally attached to other people that much. There was only a certain extent she’d go and then she’d just let them go away. It was hard to get into her. Only people who really deserved it got in, except for Prim. Prim was a huge mistake. So many things happened yet; it seemed like way far off at the moment. When being together in an isolated place it felt like everything before was long gone.

“I wasn’t really seeing you as not being attractive when I came back. I just saw that you weren’t healthy. Seeing you like that destroyed me,” She admitted and smiled “At least now you’re healthy and strong.” She remembered those days clearly. She also remembered their first time. It shouldn’t have seemed like the best memory because of the movie being so loud and Heath outside the door wanting to stop them and then the next morning her dad barging in. Yet, she really loved that memory. She wouldn’t trade it for another place. Then the second time was at the tree house. She remembered how peaceful it was there. Waking up to birds chirping was really nice.

“Hmm... Maybe because you couldn’t possibly bear with me through all of that just to get me in bed,” She spoke. It took a lot of will to stay with her through all of that.

“That’s what you see me as. Most people don’t have the ‘sexy’ image of me. Not the way the Media portrays me,” She had reminded. And she was glad for that. Because if she had that image, then it would be a lot more annoying. They would look at her body, not her films and she didn’t want that. It was great sleeping next to him. She slept next to him all the time but this time it was different.

In the morning she heard him have the same reaction to her from waking up. She still looked ahead in the water, just listening to the breeze. It really was peaceful here. She wondered why she didn’t go on trips just to be around nature. She always loved the tree house and that was the closest thing you can get to being to a place like this but over there it was better. Over at the tree house they had everything they needed. She glanced at the sky as Mason mentioned about the plane.

“I didn’t hear anything,” She sighed and turned her head to him “They’re coming. They wouldn’t just leave us here. There are a lot of people searching for us, I’m sure of it. We’re probably on the news. Well, I have no doubt we’re on the news because of the way we jumped off the plane. Unless they think we’re dead... Then they’re searching for our body in the water.” She suddenly became pale. She didn’t want them to think they were dead. If Heath thought she was dead, she could just imagine him blaming himself. Forget about Heath, her dad! Their dads!

“My dad is going to kill you and you’re dad is going to kill me when we come back. Or maybe they’re so depressed they decided to comfort each other. I think the last one is impossible though,” She mentioned. She didn’t want to think of what was going back there that much. She knew their families were panicking and the people that knew who they were for what they did in their jobs.

“I slept great. It wasn’t until I woke up that it was terrible. I feel so sore. Oh and all of our food is gone, and my spear. Not to mention I think I’m losing my mind because I thought I just saw eyes in the distance. I’m probably going insane...” She heavily sighed “We should go for water soon... I’m so sore right now. I’ve never felt this sore since I did hard core training.”

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 250d 5h 11m 47s
Mason wondered why in the world she was laughing? Was it that funny that someone else saw her besides him? He didnt think it was funny. THat always made him angry. Everyday he wished he could wipe away Heath's memories. He had something Mase couldnt take away from him anymore and that was always there. The way he spoke about Charrie that day, it made him so angry. "Um...it's not funny Char...but it doesnt matter. That's a long time ago. And I know you're just for me. You are also my first and maybe even the only girl I'd want to be with right now" he smiled and thought about Charrie. Yes she was very attractive, but he loved her for being her. The way he thought she was cute. When she would always tick him off, the way she kissed him, held him. He loved it all and nothing would change that. THey had too much history together thanks to their moms.

"I know you love me for me Char. I wasnt very attractive the day you came back, or back in high school. It's only because you helped me. YOu've loved me ever since and I know that. If you wanted me healthy, that's probably true, but you still loved me before then. Since the day we slept with each other" he winked and chuckled softly. "But how do you know that I dont just love you for your body. Because let's face it. Everyone thinks you're sexy Char" he sighed, knowing the world knew that too. HE was just glad she only had eyes for him.

Laying beside her, he was able to relax. Not only did her warmth comfort him, but what they just talked about made him feel so much more relieved. The fact that the world had their eyes on her, the fact that everyone loved her. She still only wanted him and he was just glad that with all that attention they were still able to be together.

That night he slept rather quickly thanks to the ocean breeze and the waves crashing. The floor was hard, but Charrie beside him was like a warm blanket. He didnt even wake when she ran her fingers through his hair in the morning. The sound of her complaining outside made him jump. "Char?" he looked around in the hut and he didnt see anyone. He stood on his feet and headed outside, seeing her towards the water. It was already warm with the sun shining so much. He leaned back, groaning softly from how his back ached. "Oh god. This hurts!" he stretched and twisted his back to the sides, following her to the sand as he sat down. "Looks like there was no sounds of planes last night. I wonder if they're coming" he sat beside her and kissed her cheek. "You okay? Did you not sleep well?" he wondered, wrapping his arm around her shoulders as he yawned. He was still half asleep. But they needed to go out and look for water and food.
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