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WHen Mason caught her eyes, a huge rush of happiness flooded through him. All he wanted was to stand right there and hold her, make sure she was okay, and just to feel her very presence. At first he didnt think she was real since he's hadnt seen her in nearly a week, but he felt so happy when she wrapped her arms around him. Her warmth, her love and her smile made him feel like he didnt just get shot in the back with two arrows. He kissed her forehead and smiled up at Heath beside her. "Thanks for keeping her company. I know she was probably going crazy" he chuckled and smiled a little as he saw Dale approach them.

Mason gave the man a great big old hug, never being more happy to see him than at that moment. He felt so lucky that he had came here with a big smile on his lips. "It's good to see you Dale. Boy did I miss your help and this car" he patted the older man on the back and carefully made his way into his car, scooting beside her as he kept his back straight and vertical. His hands wrapped around her thin waist and he just rested his head into her neck. He really missed being so close to her, to smell her scent and feel her warmth. He was so happy to have her beside him again. The ride home was like a glory ride. Two heros coming back from fighting a war. They were the only two survivors and now they were going to take in the rewards of being back home.

Mason was sick and tired of island food and hospital food. He wanted a big, juicy steak, something fried, warm, or sizzling. He missed meat. And as they drove home, he just hoped his parents had a big feast ready. He didnt want to just talk to them about what happened, but he knew they were going to. HOpefully their fathers were okay with everything.

WHen he saw her mother, he smiled up at her, hugging her as well, not too hard or his wound would reopen. WHen she mentioned the wedding, Mase had the idea in his mind when she came into their hospital room. He's been thinking about it ever since. THey lived together and treated each other like a married couple. Why not? "I wont disappoint you Mrs. Danny" he smiled and headed into the living room of his old home. There he saw his mother and father. His mother rushing over to hug her son happily. "Im so glad to see you Mase! It's been weeks. But Im so glad to hear you didnt push Charrie out of the plane. You two better be married soon. I want to start planning the wedding. But first off. Start explaining what happened" she looked over at Charrie and hugged her as well. She was so glad the two came home safely.

Mason looked up at his father once Charrie made it clear. He nodded his head "We both jumped out of the plane because a man was after Charrie. THe only way we could escape was getting out of there. We parachuted down onto that island and waited for help. But the natives found us and took us hostage. We nearly died. I just wanted to make sure CHarrie made it back safely. I cant live without her dad. I'd do anything for her. We just need your support too. Im not going to hurt Charrie anymore and Im done with all this fighting. This isnt about us. It's about you two. Risk your own lives with your fighting. Me and Charrie are out of it" he looked up at their fathers and he held onto Charrie's hand tightly.

Mr. Clint heard the news and he was so disappointed. Not only did his son not push her out of a window, but now he was confessing his love to her. "Mase. You two just came back from a deserted island. I dont want to hear about this right now. You two just need to relax for a few days and get your heads straight" he told the two. He thought that since they were on an island together, they suddenly fell in love even more. Mr. Clint thought this would disappear in a few days.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 338d 2h 12m 53s
She caught sight of Mason and felt great to see him again. He looked better than before considering he could walk now. Hopefully, they could use the excuse that they’ve been through a lot and need time off from work. It seemed fair. They had been through a lot and slightly still needed to heal up. She didn’t want to think about getting straight back into the media. She just wanted time with him and no one else. She missed her parents but that could wait. Sadly, they were forced to go meet their parents head on. She didn’t know what they were going to say to them. It was better to stick to the blunt truth. Hell, maybe her dad wouldn’t hate Mason as much when he hears that he almost died for her. She remembered that she never told their parents that Mason took that bullet for her. That was still between him, her, Dale and Heath. She completely forgot that they didn’t know.

She wrapped her arms around him and smiled back “I missed you too.” Everything was fine now. Well, for now... But whatever they were going to go through, they’d make it. She wouldn’t let anything bring them down. Dale was there with the car. They got into the car together and she just made sure she had Mason close to her. The only good came from that island was at the start, at that night. They wasted so much time on work and started to drift apart. It couldn’t happen again.

Then they arrived to their houses. Her parents were over Mason’s house this time. She gently caught Mason’s hand and got out of the car. As soon as she stepped near the front door the door burst open and her mother came to hug her with tears in her eyes. She must have really been worried about her. She heard that when she left with Heath during those three years, her mother was devastated. She was probably afraid of losing her again.

“I’m so glad you okay but you’re in big trouble and we’re setting up the wedding!” She exclaimed and looked at her in the eyes. Charrie just smiled at her mother and laughed.

“I’m sorry, but we are fine. We’ll explain, and that’s not up for you to decide,” She stated. Her mother frowned at the last part. Her mother looked at Mason “You better marry my daughter or you’ll hear from your mother.” Charrie just blushed and gave her mother a look.

“Alright, let’s go inside,” Her mother said and led them inside. She picked out her father that kept a hard straight expression. Her dad looked pissed as hell and Mason’s father looked a little proud. She couldn’t believe this. Even after all that they still continue to act like this. She wanted them to stop trying to feed their opinions on them. It wasn’t fair.

“Dad, don’t look so upset and Mr. Clint, don’t look too happy. Mason did not push me off the plane or cheat, understand? He almost died for me. I’m sick of you two not wanting us to be together. You’re our parents, support us,” She spoke through her teeth. Something snapped in her. After Mason almost dying and them acting the same way as they did, it hit her nerve. She was surprised how loud her voice grew. But she had to calm herself.

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The long ride had been terrible for Mason. IT took them about a week to reach the shore of the mainland since the ship was so slow and the island was rather far from US. It didnt really matter though since Mason wasnt able to move or go anywhere. The week was spent just lying in bed, watching the only tv in the room. He really wanted to roll on his gurney next door just o be beside Charrie, to see how she was going since she was always with Heath. Why didnt they allow her to see him more often. This really made him impatient and irriated the rest of the next few days. Just to see Charrie he had to wait until the ship docked on land? That was terrible. But over the next few days, his back was healing up. THe arrows didnt penetrate any organs or nerves. He was lucky that they missed his vital organs. He probably wouldnt have been able to walk if they did. He was just thankful he was still alive.

THe fact that both of them wanted the other safe wasnt helping at all. THey both wanted the best for each other and when one of them was able to do it, the other would just get angry because they didnt want them risking their lives. He knew that he shouldnt have risked his life to save her. He should have thought things through and led her to the safest exit. But he had been such a brute that he couldnt even pay attention to what was going on. He just pushed her as fast as he could towards the military.

But when they finally reached the mainland, he felt a huge wave relief. THey were back home and he could finally sit up. He just had to keep his back straight or else the scabs would tear and his wound would open again. When he thought about getting off of the ship, all he could think about was seeing Charrie. The press would be all over them, his parents would be angry. Well his father would be smiling with the news he saw. Still, he didnt want to talk. He just wanted to lay in his apartment with Charrie beside him.

WHen the nurses helped him up onto his feet, it took him a moment to start walking. And when he walked off of the ship, he had a huge smile on his face when he saw Charrie. He walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her waist as he smiled "It's so good to see you Char! I missed you" he kissed her cheek and looked around. THey were at the docks and apparently Dale was there as well. He was going to pick them all up and he was supposed to bring them to Charrie's house. Dale hurried over, hugging his potential son and smiling at the two. He was so glad they were alive and alright. Standing by the car, he held the doors open for them.
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Now that she could see that they were both safe she didn’t feel so worried. It got a huge burden of her chest. At least now she learned that she should trust her instincts more and to trust on her experience not to make the same mistake twice. It was common sense. Do not follow strangers and yet they did. All of it was just one terrible mistake but at least they survived. They were both injured, but weren’t dead or mentally unstable like before. She would do anything to get to Mason’s room despite people telling her she couldn’t. She didn’t care. She had to have it her way. It may seem like she was a spoiled brat but she felt she had the right to be at least this once. She’ll change but for now she just wanted to see Mase.

She decided to put up a good front in front of him. She understood why he did what he did but she still wished he didn’t. At least he lived.

“I know you just wanted me safe but I just wanted you safe too,” She told him. She was the fighter and could take care of herself yet he still protected her. It was sweet in a way but also very tormenting and something she’d rather not half. She really didn’t want him to be put in this kind of danger again. Not ever again... She smiled at him hearing that they would be together for the rest of their life but was that really true? She felt like it would be. She loves him and would never leave him. She wanted to spent more time with him but he looked terrible and she was nowhere in good state. Heath got her out and forced her to rest up. She felt utterly sick and weak. Her temperature rose but she knew she’d be just fine. Mason was stuck in that room for the time being and they just wouldn’t let her go to him. She barely could walk for a long time and depended on Heath or someone else if she wanted to walk around. Soon, she was able to force herself walk for a longer time and got better but it still bothered her. She talked to some of the people on the ship and told them she fought off the tribe people-two of them. They didn’t really believe her. Eventually it came to arriving back. Heath told her that they were going to go straight to her parents but she really didn’t like that idea. She did not want to face her mother. She didn’t also want to face the media.

“Don’t worry; there will be no media or cameras when we arrive. They made sure no one knows what time you’re coming or area,” Heath assured.

“Can I finally go see Mase now? I mean, we’re almost there anyways,” She asked. She knew Heath really didn’t like it when she kept on mentioning him but he handled it well. She felt bad for him. She wished he could just find someone he loved. Heath told her she couldn’t’ for some reason and just wait until they arrived. She tried to fight him but he won because she still wasn’t at top condition and he was much stronger. The ship arrived at the dock and everyone got off including her. She waited for Mason to come out impatiently.

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Once Mason was taken away from her, the doctors began working on him. They removed both of the arrows and did their best to stop the bleeding. There was no way that they were going to let this man die. NOt because of some crazy natives, but they knew that he was Charrie's boyfriend. THey've seen the news. They know what her next film was about. Saving Charrie was priority number one, but saving this man was also a priority. After stitching up the wounds on his back, they wrapped some bandages around him to control the blood loss, laying him back down onto the gurney and bringing him into one of the rooms on the ship.

The rest of the military were searching around the island for anything else that was valuable. THey killed the natives that were trying to kill them, leaving the ones hidden alone. Once the rescue mission was complete, they began to depart from the island, heading back for the mainland. They had what was most important on board, the famous celebrity and director. THey also had the famous scientist on board as well. They were just so glad that they were able to find what they were looking for and were able to save them just in time.

When Mason woke up, it was hard to get up from his bed. HIs back was aching and just the fact that he survived was astonishing to him. He didnt think he would come back to this world, only the thought of protecting Charrie was on his mind the entire time he saw that man on top of her...about to just....He shook his head and looked up at the nurse. He really wanted to see Charrie. But how could he? He couldnt even sit up from his bed. "When can I see Charrie?" he asked the nurse, his voice a little raspy from the long surgery. "She's in the next room. You may see her when she's recovered, or back when we reach land" she smiled and did the usual checks, his heart rate, blood pressure, and his IVs. He was stable. So once she left the room, the door suddenly bursted open.

He had a smile on his lips to see she was alright. To see that she was standing here with nothing more but a bandage on her leg. As she spoke, he simply listened to her, his eyes just scanning her form head to toe. Nothing had changed. She was still the same Charrie. And she was going to be fine. "Im sorry Char. Im really sorry. I just didnt want them to touch you, or take you away. I promise I wouldnt leave you. I just wanted you safe" he saw tears in her eyes and he just felt happy she was okay.

When he felt her hand on his cheek, he closed his eyes and took in her warmth. He really loved being so close to her. Her words just made him feel so happy. She was right. THey werent supposed to leave each others side. "I love you too Char. I wont leave you again. When we get out of here, I promise we'll be together for the rest of our lives!" he had a huge smile on his face. Charrie wanted to be with him for the rest of her life. SO did he. He couldnt lose her again after everything that's happened. Smiling up at Heath, he shifted a little in bed, sighing at the sight of her leaving him.

The rest of the ride home was dreadful. It was nothing but days of changing his bandages, rubbing more burning creams on his skin as he laid in bed. He wasnt allowed to see Charrie since he was unable to move. But he did hear that they were arriving in a few minutes. He couldnt wait to get off of this ship and hold Charrie in his arms again. He wouldnt let her go anymore. It was clear they loved each other to risk their lives for one another. He just wanted to spend the rest of their week off together.
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As he begged her to go, she just couldn't. She'd rather die than leave him there. She didn't want him to sacrifice his life for her. This wasn't how she wanted things to turn out. If only he had listened and understood that he couldn't protect her not this time. Protecting her wasn't trading his life for hers. It wouldn't make things any better. Besides, it didn't matter too much if she died for him or just died with him. There was nothing more important and let's face it, she didn't do much in the world but entertain. They can always find another celeb to entertain them. It wouldn't make much of a difference because in a month she'd be forgotten except for her parents. However, Mason did help the world. She couldn't let him dying happen. She did see help was in the way, but she still wanted to stay by his side. She nodded no as he pushed her away.

"Mason, I can't," She barely breathed out. But she was pulled away and she was scared for his life. Scared of what would happen to her if he was gone. He didn't deserve any of this. He was dragged into her life with all the stuff she caused in the past. Because she did those stuff, this happened. It was self defense, yes, but she should have found another way. If only she could redo some things. If only she did spend more time with him when work got busy so they wouldn't have to be here right now. They got her and him on the ship. She was completely unconscious and then she was pulled into a sleep and some dream. The dream that reminded her of that time when she was in coma. She didn't want to wake up. Not if he was dead. She'd rather be sleeping forever and dream if he wasn't alive. But she didn't know that. She'd have to find out first.

She pried her eyes open and saw where she was. She glanced down at her leg to see the arrow out of her and the wound bandaged but slightly soaked in her blood. She had a needle in her arm. She looked around and wondered what happened to Mason. She felt in panic. She got up with her lips trembling. She then managed to pull things off of her and walked to the door. The door opened and some man appeared before her. She stared up at him, narrowing her eyes. He just seemed surprised she pulled that off and start walking. Her leg hurt like hell and she was gathering up all her strength just to stand. He told her to lay down again and she refused. He told her Mason was fine, she demanded to see him. She had to have it this way this time. She didn't care how stubborn, childish, bitchy she was being at the moment. She tried to make past him but he was blocking the door.

"Please move out of my way," She spoke hardly.

"I'm sorry but you need to rest. He's fine, you may see him when you recover," He spoke.

"I'm fine right now!" She exclaimed and then noticed how much of a big lie that was. She was still dizzy, she felt weak as a baby and she was pretty sure she had a high temperature along with it. She tried to break through again and was actually thinking to fight him off and get there. Then all the sudden she saw Heath behind him. She gasped and Heath just gave such an angry stare, she thought he'd kill her. He was probably really worried. He glanced over at the man and told him that he could handle her. The man still stood there.

"This man won't let me see Mason. What are you doing here anyway?" She asked.

"When I heard they were coming searching for you, I decided to join in," He explained "Now lay back down."


"Okay," He spoke and then moved to her, picked her up and lay her back down. She struggled to get up again and she started to yell at him. Then he sighed "Fine. But only for a minute and then you got a lot of explaining to do." She managed a smile. He picked up again and she held onto him. She really couldn't walk. Putting more strain on her leg wasn't going to help. He then brought her to Mason's room and let her stand herself but lean onto him. She brought a big smile to see Mason awake and then remembered how he said to leave.

“Don’t ever tell me to just leave you again! And listen to me when I said don’t protect me. You could have died. And what was about to happen to me is less worse than having you die,” She frowned and end up letting the tears go out. She really loved him and seeing him badly injured destroyed her.

“You’re not always going to able to dodge death every time you protect me,” She calmed her voice. She then leaned in and rested her hand on his cheek for a bit.

“I love you; I want to be with you for the rest of my life. So you can’t just die and I can’t just leave you. I don’t want to live and survive if you don’t. Okay?” She told him. Then she remembered Heath was in the room and this was probably hard on him. She was right, because the next second she was lifted up.

“Okay, you had enough time to talk. You can talk when we get both of you home. Let’s go. You need to rest or else you’ll pass out again,” He instructed and glanced at Mason “Thanks for taking care of her.” She could tell what was on Heath’s mind. He was treating her like a kid again.

“I’m not a kid.” Charrie stated.

“Oh yea you are,” He smirked.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 338d 4h 45m 48s
Mason was going to anything to make sure she was saved. The world needed her more than they needed him. She was the biggest thing on television and not to mention the most wanted whenever she went out her door. They wouldnt take it if she died and neithr would he. He was going to do his best to see this through. To see Charrie being carried away by plane or helicopter back to where she belonged.

WHen he had her walking towards the sand on the island, he bit his lip and felt the first arrow strike. He knew that this was bad. Ever since he pushed that man out of her way the arrows were aimed at him. He wouldnt take it if anything else hit her. He knew that right now they just wanted him dead so they could take Charrie with ease. These native men were nothing more than monsters. Those people that didnt care what they got. THey were animals and they just wanted to be on top of this island.

Mason continued to walk through the forest, he was determined to not let anything pass them. To not let anyone take her away. She was his precious diamond and wherever he went, no one would steal her. But as she stopped him in the forest, he shook his head. "Charrie! Go. You need to be saved! Ill be right behind you. Look! There's help!" he cried out to her, wanting her to just stop being stubborn and get onto the ship. THe sound of machine guns were going off as the blood of the natives spilled across the land. But that didnt stop someone from shooting another arrow into his back. But this time, he wasnt even capable of hearing her say no. She needed to move.

When she said it was her fault, he shook his head and turned around. "CHarrie. Im begging you. Just go. PLEASE!" he wanted her safe. He pushed her even more, all that was left in his body. It was clear the two of them were losing blood fast, but with the military here, they could be saved. As he watched them take her away, a huge feeling of relief came through him. It was all he thought about and he was just glad she was going to be okay. He did it. He saw it through. Charrie was saved.

Mason was finally feeling it. He was getting light headed. He was getting so tired. When he finally fell to his knees, he collapsed onto the sand.

The next time he woke was on the ship. He had a dream that they were back at tree house. Charrie had a smile on her face and the two of them were snuggled into bed, not needing to get up, not needing to work. It was just the two of them. Being so happy.

Mason looked around the room, seeing that he was in some kind of hospital room. There was needles and machines and way too much lights. He sat up only to feel a surge of pain before falling back against the pillows. "Ouch" he looked down seeing he finally had pants on. But his chest was bare, covered in bandages. He then remembered all that had happened. THe arrows, the military, falling face first. Charrie! That was when he started to panic. The heart monitor started beeping like crazy. The nurse rushed in and tried to calm him down. "Where's Charrie?" he asked frantically trying to get up. "Sir. YOu need to rest. She's fine. She's just next door relaxing, just like you" she told him.

Mason just felt a huge wave of relief as he calmed down. Thank god. They made it out alive. All he wanted now was to go home with her.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 338d 8h 20m 8s
“No, don’t attempt anything. Okay? No matter what, don’t try to protect me. If you try to protect me than they’ll kill you,” She ordered. But she had a feeling that no matter what she said he wouldn’t listen to her if she told him not to do anything. She didn’t want to see him die, lose him. If he was gone, then she would no longer be living. She’ll just be an empty hard shell.

Neither of them could do much for each other without getting hurt. She didn’t want to take the risk of getting him killed. They wouldn’t kill her, not yet. She decided to go in with the fight after all because she knew that even if they may shoot her they wouldn’t go for the kill shot. After beating up the man, she untied her legs but couldn’t do the same for her hands. She had to get Mason out of here at least because they probably were going to kill him if he didn’t leave now. They’ve been through so much and she just couldn’t let it all end here. She didn’t want to die like this. She’d rather have her life taken than his. Because every time Mason tried to protect her, he got hurt. Just like the time he took a bullet for her. That’s why she kept on telling that there was no way out and he couldn’t protect her. If he died, she might as well be as good as dead. Even with the arrow in her, the extreme pain she was feeling, she could only focus on getting him out.

When they got her off the post, it killed her to hear him yelling out. The feeling of not being able to do anything was the worst. And all the sudden, Mason lost it. He gave the man a punch that she was proud of. She felt a rush of relief when the man got off of her and Mason came but at the same time, she knew they saw him as a threat now. They were going to kill him.

“Mase, I told you not to-!” She exclaimed with tears going down her cheeks for him. They were going to aim their weapons on him. He helped her put hers shirt on and hugged herself. She tried to get up herself but the arrow in her body made it painful. Her leg was already bleeding out. Mason helped her out and she managed. She grew more worried as the tried to escape. She gasped as the arrow struck his back. Her heart stopped and she stopped breathing at it. She knew this would happen. He pushed her forward and she just stopped and turned to him.

“NO!” She cried out “I’m not going anywhere! How fucking dare you think I’d just go!” She moved toward him and saw the amount of blood. That image was forever in her mind. That time where he got shot and she tried to stop the bleeding and her hands were covered in his blood. He could bleed out and die. He was going to bleed out and die! There was no medical help here.

“You can’t die here... You just can’t. I can’t live without you. This is my fault,” She sobbed and then noticed her blurry her vision was becoming. She glanced at her leg to see she was losing blood too. They struck her in bad spot. Then the military arrived behind her. She felt a sudden giant relief. Maybe they wouldn’t die after all. They came to her but she just wanted to go to Mason but they just pulled her away saying that they’ll get him and she didn’t need to worry. She couldn’t bare the ache in her that if he were to die. They got on the ship and she was just watching Mason. She was still awake and it wasn’t too long before she passed out herself. She imaged that they would be fine and they’d be back home. They’d go back to that tree house and spend time with each other. They’d just have fun, make love and be there for each other. She could never lose someone like him.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 338d 9h 42m 3s
Everything was suddenly moving way too fast. Faster than anything he's felt in such a long time. There was no way that this was happening right now. Everything seemed wrong, their lives were nearly ending on this random island in the middle of nowhere. No one knew what was going to happen to them and he just didnt want to die with this kind of ending. There was no way he was going to die from these island people. He imagined maybe a gunshot from Charrie's father, or maybe even of old age. Nothing like this.

As he stood beside CHarrie, he gulped and shook his head "I cant protect you from this, but Ill do everything I can Char. Just dont think about it okay. They are going to let you live and that's all that matters. You living" he told her, trying to think of someway they could get out of this. The two of them just couldnt die there. When they had Charrie off of the post, he continued to beg and yell, his arms using up all of his strength to break free. The stupid rope and the post just werent breaking. He felt so helpless, so useless. He couldnt save Charrie. NO. He wouldnt live like this.

WHen Charrie was beating that man, he fell to the ground. This was their chance. As she helped him get down from the post, he saw the man aiming his arrow at Charrie. "No stop!" he struggled to get the rest of the ties off, kicking and pulling his arms out of the knots. When he finally was free, he could see the aim of the men from him move away. His eyes narrowed and looked back to see a native on Charrie. "Get the hell off of her you monkey!" he ran towards them, tackling the man off of her as he took her shirt. He immediately punched him across the face as hard as he could, keeping him occupied with the pain of a broken nose as he hurried to Charrie. "Ill get you out of here" his mind was thinking so fast, his heart racing as he pulled the shirt over her head. He wrapped his arms around her waist, hoisting her up as he pulled her with him. He was able to hold her up, leading her away from the crossfire, but that didnt stop a sharp pain pulsating on his back. "Fuck!" he yelled, not wanting to stop standing. He kept his feet firm on the ground, pulling Charrie with him out of the forest. He was moving as fast as he could, the water in sight as he kept her in front of him. "ALmost there Char. Hurry. You can make it" he kept pushing forward until he felt another sharp pain in his back. Two arrows were now sticking out of his skin. He couldnt just fall now. Yelping in pain, he ushered CHarrie forward "Go Char" his voice began dying down in intensity as he winced in pain.

The military finally found them in sight. The redheaded celebrity was in view. THey quickly rushed over to her side, holding her as they led her to back to the ship. The other men noticed the natives firing arrows as they blasted their machine guns. Mason was losing alot of blood, but he wanted to see Charrie through. WHen he saw the military men, a smile fell on his lips. Finally. They were rescued. He hurried as best her could, soon falling onto his knees as he pulled himself forward. He was lifted up by another man, being dragged into the large ship with Charrie. That was all he remembered before passing out.

The men carried him into the emergency medical area where the team had him laying on a gurney before beginning to work on him. They had also taken Charrie into the same area, working to get the arrow out of her knee and to take them home.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 338d 17h 52m 16s
She was trying to run through everything that she could do to get away. Everything she came up with had almost to a hundred percent chance to end up terribly. They won in numbers and they were on their turf. It was like going on the turf of a gang but somehow she thought this was worse. Maybe was because out here, no one could save them. She couldn’t just call up somebody to save them or have Heath find them and save their asses. It was only the two of them. The more she thought about it the more she felt discouraged of how would this turn up. They couldn’t die like this. She refuses to die in such a shameful way or even let Mason die. She listened to Mason as he said something she didn’t even want to think about it.

“I think I can handle being dead than that,” She admitted. They were tied up and there was no hope unless something changed. She really hopes something changed because the fear in her stomach slowly picked up. Before she was just mad, now she was scared of what could happen to them. She turned to him when he said he’d die for her. She didn’t want that.

“There’s no way you can protect me from this,” She softly told him and met his eyes “Just don’t get them mad, then they’ll let you live. At least I hope... I’ve never felt so useless in my life.” She never could handle feeling weak and so helpless. She hated the feeling. She couldn’t protect herself and she couldn’t protect Mason. If only she refused to fall that man but she decided to anyway. One small decision can lead into death.

“To be honest... I’m a little scared,” She admitted “I can handle being killed, I can’t handle if they’re threatening your life or they’re thinking of...” She shook it out of her head “I’ll keep trying to figure a way out. I’m not going to let us die here.” Then everything grew worse when they got her off the pole. This couldn’t be happening. They got her up to stand. She could hear Mason yelling. Then she was pulled one direction and she felt a rush of panic. She could not let anything happen to her or Mason. She was going to fight like hell. She dragged herself back and then put her arms over that tribe man and then stabbed her knee cap into his crotch. He yelled pretty loud. She stabbed pretty hard, and knew that there could be permanent damage. She then stepped away from him and rushed over to Mason to get him out. As she was helping him out of it and untying the ropes, she suddenly felt a sharp pain at her thigh. It became more painful by the second. She glanced down and saw she was shot with an arrow. She sucked her teeth and groaned. She shot her head back and then aimed to kill Mason. They weren’t going to kill her. They could have killed her right there but didn’t. They were going to kill Mason though. She moved in front of Mason quickly.

“No! Stop!” She exclaimed “Not him. I’ll do whatever, just don’t.” She tried to use hand gestures hoping they’d understand. They did because their aim lowered. Another tribe’s man moved to her and then pushed her on the ground. She winced feeling more pain over her thigh. Then she had her shirt taken off and she just felt the verge of tears because she couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t get them out and she couldn’t stop this. If only she was smart enough to refuse to follow that man than this wouldn’t happen. It was her fault. She was the experienced one. She should have stood her ground and tell Mason no they weren’t following him.

Going to bed

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 338d 18h 18m 14s
He wasnt going to let them take her. He couldnt. Everything they've been through, he would gladly give his life to protect Charrie. He made that clear with taking a bullet for her. Still, he wouldnt let them lay a hand on her and touch her. It was clear they never have seen a white girl and male like this. THey were so tanned down from the sun living on this island. A white male like him wasnt important at all. What could he bring to the tribe? Nothing but brute strength and trying to take them down. Charrie on the other hand was a very attractive female. And with their eyes looking up at her from head to toe, Mason didnt even need to think. He knew what they were going to do with her if they got the chance.

But when they were taken away, he couldnt believe that they were able to tie her up. He hated how there were so many of them. If only there were like three, then he could take them on with Charrie. He'd go on a rampage if someone took his girl away. But right now since they were tied to a post in the center of camp, he felt weak and useless. "It's okay Char. It's bad enough we are tied to this pole, but I cant let them take you away. I saw it in their eyes. They're probably going to kill me, but keep you alive" he sighed and looked at the males passing by. They were all just glaring at him, but when they looked ar Charrie, they would whisper each other. "We'll get out of here somehow. I'd rather die protecting you than letting them just take you away" he said determined. The thought of being placed in the center of town wasnt a good thing. Charrie was right. THey were going to be used as an example. He just closed his eyes and hoped someone would rescue them.

One of the tribes men walked over to the poles with one other man as they attempted to get Charrie down. They hoisted her up off of the pole, her hands and feet still tied as Mason gasped. "Let her go! Dont take her away. Please....just let us go. We dont want to fight!" he was begging frantically, struggling as he tried to break free from the ties. He needed to save her.

The military was slowly swarming into the island. Each of the men were carrying guns and bombs and other machinery to make the process smooth and quick. Some of the men noticed the hut and they were sure that the two celebrities were somewhere on the island. Coming from all sides, the military had three teams searching the entire island, each heading in deeper into the forest.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 338d 19h 5m 4s
Excitement of the water was short lived. From the moment the man agreed to take them here, she was suspicious. She couldn’t take the whole blame for this to happen. They were hungry and they were thirsty. They could have never found fresh water. Now, they were screwed. They were truly screwed. If these people took them as a threat, they’d be dead before they knew it and maybe tortured. As much as she was trained for bad situations, she wouldn’t be able to handle any form of torture. If someone integrated her with torture, she’d just let all the information slip up unless it involved someone as important as Mason. But otherwise, she wouldn’t deal with it well. Who knows considering she is a girl they might even... She swallowed. Nope, it wouldn’t happen.

She realised the man as Mason told her. It wasn’t his fault that he believed the man. He could have never known the way things turned out. She managed to bring up a smile “It’s okay. You only tried to get us food and water.” No matter how much they talked to those people, they wouldn’t understand them. There was no point in opening their mouths. But if they could understand them, she had a lot to say. Since they couldn’t understand what’s she’s saying she can go into rage and spat out every known insult she knew but kept her tongue after spitting a couple of things. If she seemed threatening, she had no idea what they’d do to her. She then saw Mason losing it when the man looked at her. She felt Mason’s warmth, giving her a little comfort that he was there but still.

“Mase, calm down. They’re going to think you’re a big threat,” She softly spoke. Then they separated them and she couldn’t believe another situation was separating them again. They’d make it through it, just like other times. She didn’t want him to worry too much. He shouldn’t have to go through this. Every time he was put in situations that normally only happened in her world, she felt bad. They got brought to the center of the camp and they were tied there. Being tied up in the center was not a good thing. It meant they wanted to make this public. As Mason asked the question, she had no idea. If they were tied up like this, there wasn’t really anything they could do. Only when they were released and even then there were too many of them.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know,” She frowned and glanced around “All I know is that the safest time to escape is when the men go hunting. I doubt any of the rest would release us... If they understood our language, I’d try to talk our way out.” She didn’t like how some of the men around here were looking at her. She really was annoyed.

“Since they put us in the center, they want to make something public. If they want us dead, we’re not going to die easily. I’m not going to lie and make it seem like we’re okay now,” She mentioned “We have to wait for the right moment and try to escape, but for now, we’re stuck here.” Some of them started to gather up. Some woman and children would peak to get a glimpse of them. They weren’t fully covered.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 339d 28m 3s
Mason was just so excited to finally be seeing the water. He was so glad to see the large waterfall and the fresh water. When he walked over, he nearly dipped his entire head int he water. He was so happy to finally drink all that he pleased. He had been so close to dehydration that he was going to pass out. But as he continuously splashed water towards his face, he held some in the cup of his hands, drinking it down. He just couldnt have enough. But when he heard her voice behind him, saying they were surrounded, he just turned around and he gulped in fear. What was he supposed to do? There were many of them. Even with Charrie holding the man in her arms, they were still able to threaten them with their weapons.

"Charrie. Just let him go. We cant do anything now. They have us surrounded. Im sorry for believing in that man" he sighed and stood on his feet beside her. His eyes stared at that man that they kept hostage and he frowned. He couldnt believe that he trusted him. "We trusted you. Tell them we mean to harm. Tell them that we just want food and water. We dont want to fight" he tried to make the best hand movements possible, but the man just stared at them.

Mason didnt know what to do. But when she told him to put down the weapon, he placed it onto the ground and he sighed, putting his hands back to his sides. But he lost it when he saw the man looking at Charrie's body. He had a smirk to his face and Mase didnt like it. "Get away from her!" he pointed, shaking his head as he wrapped his arms around her. He tried to block their way from getting to her, but there was too many. "Charrie!" he frowned and tried to break through, but then the others tied him up as well. They had his arms tied around his back as they pulled him and Charrie from the river, leading them back to their tribe.

This was bad. What if they were killed as food, or sacrificed? How were they supposed to get back to their home. Once the men carried them towards their tribe, there were around ten huts circling in the center of the forest. The women and children were hiding in their houses as the men brought him and Charrie to the center of camp. They tied them up to two posts, smiling and talking with each other about what to do with them.

"Char. How do we get out of here? I cant move my hands and feet" he sighed and looked around.

Just off the coast of the island, a military team finally landed. There were ships and planes swerving around the island. The pilot of the plane was able to send the coordinates and now the army was here to rescue them. They had about a hundred men, heading onto the shores, looking around for the two of them.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6y 339d 1h 1m 21s
He was right about that. The man was cooperating and wasn’t making any sudden attacks. As long as he cooperated and nothing threatening came along then they wouldn’t be forced to go into self defense mode. She didn’t want to attack anyone or get into a fight. She’d rather not. She didn’t want to go back to the self that felt guilty for what she did back then. Even if there was cooperation, she was going to have to keep her guard up. She didn’t want any surprises. Surprises could get them injured or worse, killed.

They followed the man through the forest and so far she didn’t pick up anything to alert her. She’d calmly observe the details around them, the sound and the movement. She made sure to check all sides once and a while as they walked. The temperature in the forest wasn’t so cold or boiling hot. Both her and Mason weren’t very well covered. It could have been worse. They could have ended up with nothing. They stopped at a banana tree. She really loved that fruit. She smiled and ate the one Mason gave her. It was heaven considering they hadn’t eaten all day until now. IT wouldn’t be good for her not to be eating from wasting all that energy to fight, and make the weapons only to get injured. Mason seemed happy to get food. She loved it when he smiled. His smile was always beautiful. It cheered up the mood.

“He is,” She nodded and then added “but we can’t lower our guard. Not even now. I learned a lot of things in Russia. Strangers that help you out always have hidden motive. Well, there were some who didn’t but-there are some who do.” She wanted Mason to feel relieved that this wasn’t a trap but she couldn’t lie to him and say that it was safe now because the man listened. She knew how suddenly things could change. For all she knew, the man was cooperating just to save his own ass and take them to a place where he could be notice. She’s done it before. Lure the enemy to a place and have her bodyguard pick her position. They met the water. She drank along with Mason but quickly stopped knowing that both of their backs couldn’t be turned. Her stomach dropped seeing they were being surrounded.

“Mason,” She called out whispering and then rose her voice “Mason, we’re being surrounded!” She then looked for the man that they caught and he was feeling them with the tribe. She rushed into grab him and grabbed his arm and placed the short spear she made and pressed it against his neck. Then one of the tribe members shot an arrow near her head as a warning. She wasn’t too sure if she cut this man’s head off faster than the bow could kill her. They could have aimed correctly for her. She swallowed, not knowing what to do.

“Told you it could be trap,” She sang. She shouldn’t have followed this man here. She should have just denied untying him. She knew the danger of trusting. This time they aimed for her again and another aimed for Mason. They spoke something looking at the weapon in her hand. Guess that meant to put the weapons down. She shouldn’t take any chances. She had a feeling they’d really put an arrow through her heart if she didn’t threaten to kill this man. She wouldn’t be able to cut through his throat that fast, not to mention she didn’t know if she could because she did not want to know the feel of physically murdering someone. Back then she had a gun. She could just kill with the trigger from the distance. This was the actual feel.

“Mase... Put the spear down. We don’t have a choice...” She told him. She released her hold on the weapon in her hand. She was afraid of what they’d do to them. Kill them? Treat them like a science experiment? Sacrifice them to the gods? Or maybe use them as slaves? She did not want that... Another came forward toward her and glanced at her body for a couple of seconds. Then he tied her arms together and grabbed her hair, pulling her forward. She yelped out and swore every kind of swear word she knew. They start to speak among each other. Then they focused on Mason to get him tied up.

  Charrie Danny Snow / Lexxiia / 6y 339d 1h 42m 32s
Everything seemed to be turning for the worst. They were supposedly going to head out to war with these native people that he didnt even know. All he knew was that if he was being attacked, then he would attack made. It was simple self defense. But Cahrrie was right. If he killed someone, there would be no law against it here. They were on an island in the middle of nowhere.

"I dont know if he'll lead us to a trap, but he's been cooperating with us so far. He wasnt yelling and he wasnt trying to break free. I think he knows we're not here to harm them. We just want food and to get out of here" he helped the man to his feet and used the sharp edge of the spear to cut him loose. Mason wasnt sure if he was holding it correctly, but when Charrie began teaching him, he felt a but more confident.

Holding the spear in his hands, he made sure he held it in the center and with his right hand. His other hand was guiding the man out the door and onto the sand. Once again, he made the hand gestures for food and water, hoping that he got the idea. The man then began leading them into the forest. Hopefully they didnt have to fight anyone, and hopefully this man could talk with them and convince them that they were no harm.

Stepping into the forest wasnt an easy task. Mason had his shirt and jeans taken away from him and all he was left with was his boxers. He still felt exposed, considering the little piece of clothing covering his sacred area. Charrie's tips were helping him a lot. He held the spear loosely in his hands and began looking around. He could hear a few bustling in the bushes, but then the sound disappeared. THe man then led them up to a banana tree, pointing with his eyes. This was great. All they had to do was eat until they were content.

Mason used his spear to poke at the branch, using his strength to cut the bunches of bananas off, letting it fall to the ground as he quickly picked one up, trying to eat a few. He was starving. He handed some over to Charrie and he smiled "Looks like he's keeping his word. Maybe we can get out of this" he held the bunch and kept his eyes peeled for others as the man walked them further to the river. At the sight of water, Mason ran over in happiness, still holding his spear as he leaned down and began drinking the water. He was so thirsty and so tired. He was celebrating so much that he didnt even realize they were slowly being surrounded by the tribe and its people.
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