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Mason wouldn't hurt their kids. HE knew that Belle and RIck were old enough to do some adventurous things, but he also figured Charrie was just worrying about their safety. His eyes watched Belle and Rick, making them form a line until it was follow the leader. They were all clinging onto each other and then Mason would look back to see all of them. They were so adorable and perfect. Even Heath and Juliet soon joined in on the fun.

Ori was soon falling asleep in the water, so Mason carried him back to the shade and tucked him in for another nap. He watched them splash around and when he saw that ARi was soon on his lap, he hugged her [b "You tired cupcake?"] he saw the yawn and then he ran his fingers through her hair. He kissed her forehead and snuggled her in. She was so adorable.

She was soon fast asleep and Mason let her rest on the recliner as he watched everyone having so much fun. He soon sat with Charrie [b "It was a perfect day. I'm sure the twins are happy and so are Ari and Ori. We tired them out"] he looked at their sleeping babies. THe twins still had so much energy. They were playing some toss the ball to one another.

[b "I ordered some nachos and some drinks for us to share. We still are on vacation too you know"] he saw the water bring the nachos over and place it between them. He held up a chip to her lips [b "Don't you feel like a goddess with your handsome husband feeding you by the pool"] he teased her.
  ellocalypse / 75d 14h 51m 55s
She worried a little about Belle and Rick jumping like that. She didn’t want them to get hurt, not their babies, not until she felt they were older. Charrie watched them come over her and it gave her a good laugh. She looked at Ori was glad to see there little happy baby. He grabbed on Mason’s shirt. “Me too,” She laughed and took hold of his hand and kissed his little cheek. She adored the so damn much. How could they all be so perfect? She caught Ori falling asleep, and Mason handled it. Charrie went to Ariel, watching her splash around. The twins decided to play with a ball so she decided to join on. Ariel was on her team. Ariel wasn’t very good but Charrie caught it for her and let her toss the ball to the twins now and then-which didn’t travel a distance behind hands reach.

Ariel would look back at Mason, “Daddy,” She called, “Daddy.” She then looked back at Charrie, “Daddy, I wan go,” She said. Charrie raised a brow, “You want to go to him?” She asked. She nodded. Charrie got up and helped Belle out of the tube and sat her on Mason’s lap, “She wants your attention,” She smiled. Ariel leaned into him and would yawn.

Charrie smiled and kissed her forehead. She went to join the twins again, playing around, splashing them when she got them off guard. They were so perfect. She took a few pictures of them and then eventually, they returned to the shade. Charrie laid back and stretched, “Pretty good day huh?” She ooked at Mason, “I’m glad we came.”
  Ravenity / 75d 19h 55m 38s
He looked over at their adorable little kids, seeing them enjoying the water. Ori was just a little baby in a tube, but it was so nice to see him kick his feet when he was excited or look surprised when his mom would just pop out of nowhere. Even Ari was having fun seeing her baby brother making faces. Hearing her little giggles made him smile.

Belle and Rick were tossed into the deeper part of the pool, but they were soon caught by Charrie. The two knew better than to go against her, so they just began swimming around. They played with Ari, pulling her hands and letting her swim, while Mason pulled on Rick, who pulled on Bell, who pulled on ARi, so they made a chain. He walked over behind Charrie and held onto her [b "New leader"] he told her, looking at little Ori. [b "Grab on son. Mommy's taking us for a ride"] he told Ori, seeing him clap his hands as he reached and grabbed Mason's shorts, clinging onto him.

He laughed and they all played around, Charrie took some pictures and the twins would make funny faces. Mason would carry Ari around his neck. They all splashed around, but eventually Ori was falling asleep in his tube. Mason spotted him and then he lifted him up [b "Are you sleepy little guy?"] he carried him back to the stroller and set him down, putting a blanket over him so he could nap, while Mason sat in the shade and watched them.
  ellocalypse / 79d 15h 18m 16s
Charrie remained the Ariel, making sure she was okay while at the same time watching over Ori. She kept tricking Ori and it was so funny to see his reactions. He was the cutest. She went under water and moved behind him. Ori kept looking around to find her, until he finally looked behind and his eyes widened, wonder what magic she pulled. Ariel was giggling because he found Ori’s face really funny. “Owi!” Ariel called. Ori looked at Ariel and Ariel giggled.

Charrie pushed them closer toward her, “You two are so cute,” She said and brought out a little ball for them to play with. Ori couldn’t play and Ariel kept losing it but it was sure nice to watch. She heard a splash. She looked over and seeing Mason throwing them into the air. “Mase!” She called out, shaking her head, “Guys, you can’t be doing this here. Not in water this shallow. It’s not safe.” She said. Then she caught Ori trying to suck on his finger. She pulled his finger out and gave him the little ball, that he tried to eat.

“You’re a really hungry little boy,” Charrie mentioned.
“Owi,” Ariel laughed, “no food.” She splashed around and Charrie splashed her a little. Ariel squeezed her eyes and squealed, trying to spit water out that touched her lips. Heath came in, Juliet talked a bit to Ariel. Heath brought her camera for her, and Charrie filmed the twins with Mason and there little ones, Ori staring at the camera curiously. “You’re wondering if you can eat this camera, aren’t you?” She asked.
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He made sure their little ones were strapped into the stroller and then he led them outside towards the kiddie adventure pool. There were climbing ropes across the pool, inflatable slides on the water, and even smaller pools that were shallow enough for Ori and Ari to stand in. Mason set their things down and made sure their kids were ready. As the twins headed off, he let Charrie cover his body in sunscreen before doing hers as well.

When he headed into the water, he saw Ori and ARi splashing around and enjoying it. Ori looked confused, seeing his mommy disappear. Mason laughed and then he saw Belle swimming over. He held her onto his back and then he looked over at Rick. [b "Do you guys want to try jumping off of daddy's back?"] he asked, looking over at Belle and then he leaned into the water. Mason ducked down into the water and then he launched BElle into the air. She flew into the water and splashed, resurfacing and laughing. [+red "That was cool daddy! Rick you try it"] she told him.

Rick swam over and then Mason launched him as well. He splashed into the water and ended up laughing. [+blue "Daddy I felt like I was flying!"] he looked so surprised. Mason smiled and then he splashed some water at them, swimming away. The twins tried to swim after him and tag him.
  ellocalypse / 82d 19h 2m 4s
Ariel cheered when daddy said they were going to the pool now. Charrie let Mason strap there little ones in. Ori looked too cute in his little hat. She wanted to hug her babies all over again. They made it to the pool and Charrie helped there little ones out first. She went to Mason and laughed when he looked so surprised. She hadn’t meant to surprise him realy but it was nice. She rubbed it onto his back, over his arm. She didn’t want Mason to get burned.

“Okay,” She smiled, and allowed him to rub the sunscreen on her. She went into the water and made sure Ariel was in his own tube. She was splashing the water, kicking her feet. Charrie leaned in and kissed her check. Ori was giggling, looking around happily. Charrie went under water, and hid. Ori would look around, wondering where she went. Charrie returned to the surface and Ori jumped a little, looking shocked. She did it a few more times and heard his little giggles. Ariel was curiously looking wondering how did she go in the water like that and make it out alive.
“Mommy whee go?” She asked, staring at the water.

Charrie laughed and rubbed her little hair. She saw the twins coming into the water too with Juliet and Heath.
“Can I climb on your back daddy?” Belle asked, wanting to feel taller.
  Ravenity / 82d 21h 15m 6s
He was proud of their kids and even though Rick won, Belle did a good job. Ari was as cute as a button and she was so honest. Ori was just a baby, but everyone fell in love with him after just meeting him. He wondered where Rick learned to lie like that, but when he mentioned Charrie, it made sense. She was good at teasing and tricking him. She was even good at manipulating her targets of her organization. It was only natural.

He laughed and then he held Ori, covering him up and seeing his bright green eyes looking into his. Mason lifted him up and kissed his cheek, setting him in the stroller as he felt small hands on his leg. WHen he saw Ari, he carried her too [b "Yup, we're going to play in the pool"] he set her in the stroller as well and made sure Ori had his little hat on too.

By the time they reached the kiddie pools, Mason helped Ari out and then set Ori onto the inflatable tube. HE squealed when the water touched his little legs, but began babbling as he flapped his hands on the water. Ari had her wings and followed Belle and Rick towards the water with Juliet.

When he felt something cold smack onto his back, he glanced back in surprise [b "Ahhh!"] he looked over, seeing that it was white. [b "Oh....let me get you too"] he let her rub some on his back and arms and shoulders and then he lathered his own hands and did the same for her. Mason got her arms and legs as well. When they were ready, Mason walked over to the towels, Ariel waiting for them as the twins headed towards the rope climb over the water.

He followed Ari into the water and then he watched her splash around. He also had Ori beside him in his tube as he got splashed. His little hair was wet, but he was enjoying the water, kicking his feet around.
  ellocalypse / 84d 18h 37m 42s
Charrie did feel proud of Rick for winning a game of putting on a good poker face and lying. Maybe she shouldn’t but she was. She smiled to herself and then looked back at Mason about being sneaky. She tried to think back about times Mason was sneaky-well he definitely was but she had him a few times.Rick smiled, “I learned it from playing games with mommy.” [i Damn it. ]
“What…nooo….” Charrie tried to cover it up.

She saw Mason with there baby girl, bouncing on his lap, giggling and being happy. She was adorable and she loved how well Mason took care of their kids. He was such a good daddy. She would watch for a while before attempting to put sunscreen on Ori but it proved to be difficult. She let Mason handle it and she covered AReil with sunscreen, rubbing it around her smooth toddler skin. She kissed her little girl, “Make sure you take your hat, okay Ari?” Charrie smiled.
Ariel nodded and ran over to find her hat and then put it on, “Daddy!” Ariel snuck up from behind him, holding his leg, “I wan pwol,” She was traying to stay ‘pool.’ She squealed when she heard snacks.

Charrie helped the twins put on sunscreen. They were so young and so cute too. She made sure she covered them and gave them a hug, her twins that went through so much because of her. She remembered them being Ari’s age, they’re brave little kids. “I’m excited to hang around you two,” Charrie admitted and let Mason place Ori and Ari in the stroller. Heath came with them. They reached downstairs and found a place for themselves by the pool. Charrie set down towels and a few things she brought for there kids. Charrie blew up a tube for Ariel and another one for Ori to sit in so they could float around the big pool with them.

Ori called out by screeching from the stroller, stretching out his hand to Mason. Ariel snuck out of the stroller and would watch mommy blow the floating device up. “Awi wan,” Ariel pointed at the thing she was blowing. Charrie gave it to her and she tried to blow into it-but failed. Charrie laughed, “Good job baby, how about you hop on and we can go into the water?”

“Do you have sunscreen on?” Belle mentioned.
Now that she thought about it, “No…I should have, “Charrie said, “Thanks Belle.” She went to go grab some and realized Mason probably didn’t have sunscreen on him too. So, she went behind his back and applied some.
  Ravenity / 84d 20h 20m 37s
He could tell that Ori didn't understand and just kept trying to eat things. He played the cards with ARi and worked hard as a team, but there was no way he was winning either. Ariel only told the truth and she didn't really get what a lie was just yet. He saw how Rick won and was proud of their kids. They were so smart [b "Good job you guys. You're really sneaky Rick. I wonder where you learned that from"] he smirked, soon holding Ari and letting her bounce on his lap.

[b "Good job babygirl. Let's go and ready then for the pool. Do you want to swim more cupcake?"] he asked, seeing her look up at him with her brown eyes [i "Awi wanna swim with mommy and daddy?"] she asked, also looking at Charrie. He nodded [b "Of course cutie"] he kissed the back of her head and then he lifted her up and let her stand up so he could take care of Ori.

[b "Aww, he's just being a little handful"] he lifted Ori and then he rubbed the rest of him, trying to get the white streaks off. Ori would babble and wiggle around. [b "Hold still Ori"] he tried to get the remainder off of his face and then he would giggle and clap his hands. [b "You little sneak"] he laughed and rubbed the top of his head.

Ori raised his little arms and then Mason lifted him in and hugged him tightly, kissing his forehead. [b "Looks like he's ready"] he looked over at Ari and Charrie. [b "Come on you guys, let's get to the pool. I heard this pool delivers snacks and drinks while we lounge too"] he smiled, thinking about lounging with their kids again. It was a good vacation so far.

The twins walked over to Charrie so they could help them. They were slowly adjusting to be more dependent on them again now that there were two of them.

Mason placed Ori and Ari in the stroller and waited for Heath and Juliet before heading down.
  ellocalypse / 86d 18h 56m 31s
Ori didn’t get what Mason was trying to say, he had kept slobbering around until Charrie took it from him. The game was fun, and she could tell there was no winning in this game with Ori slobbering around on her guards and taking her attention. Rick was the winning champion. “Good job Rick, you put on a good poker face,” Charrie smiled and heard there baby cry. She got up and fed him some food. He got happy when he was fed. She carried Ori on her lap while he played, and they looked through another story book.

She would take a look at everyone else. There kids truly were the cutest. Charrie raised her head and eyes when Mason gave a suggestion [b “Yea, we could. Ready to play in the water with me Ori?” ] She asked, kissing his cheek. He looked back at her curiously and then pointed at his book at the big bad wolf. [b “I think Ori agrees,” ] Charrie laughed. [b “Let’s get some sunscreen on them first,” ] She suggested. She set Ori’s book down and he whimpered, looking at her with the most concerned eyes, [b “We can look at it later.” ] She grabbed the sunscreen from her back, bending down. She sat Ori on the sofa and he just wouldn’t hold still enough to wipe the sunscreen properly, so he had white streaks. Charrie sighed, [b “Mason, can you deal with your son. Ariel, come here baby, I need to put sunscreen on you.” ] She said, and saw Ariel come over. She put sunscreen on Ariel’s pretty face and arms, and back.

“Awi wan,” Ariel pointed at the sunscreen, trying to get some on her finger. Charrie allowed her and Ariel poked the sunscreen on Charrie’s face. Ariel giggled, “Funny.”
Charrie laughed and kissed her. Charrie wiped the sunscreen on her face, “[b Yes, I look funny. Bell, Rick, do you want me to help you get sunscreen on?” ]
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He loved their little one's smiles. The way Ari was talking to Ori was so cute, Mason kissed the top of her head and then he let her be on his team when they sat down to play some cards. He would look over and see Ori trying to eat everything. Mason looked over at the slobbered up cards and he laughed a little [b "Ori, no eating. Those are dirty"] he saw him looking at more cards.

He did his best to try and lie, but sometimes Ari didn't listen to what he told her to say. She'd look at the cards and say what was really there and he would get caught. He had a decent deck now. Seeing that the twins were doing a great job made him smile because he knew they were both really smart. Mason would call out on Charrie and Ori's cards because he could see through them with all the slobber.

Everyone would laugh and Rick eventually won the game. Ori started crying, but when food was placed in front of him, he was all good. Mason let Ariel play for a while on her own, but sometimes she'd get caught putting in half of his deck of cards.

He laughed and kissed her cheek [b "You trying to be sneaky cutie?"] he asked, brushing her hair back. [i "Daddy we gonna win"] she smiled, showing off her baby teeth.

Once they finished, Mason looked at the time. It was still early in the afternoon. [b "Should we head over and take the twins around the small waterpark. I saw there were nets and slides and even a baby pool. We can all hang around together there"]
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Ariel grinned at Mason, snuggling into his arm before she went to try to talk to Ori.
They all sat down together to play. Charrie tried to stop Ori from eating the cards, but he’d somehow still end up letting his baby drool on them. Charrie pouted at Mason pointing at the slobbered on cards. She looked down at Ori, he didn’t look one bit guilty. He reached for her lip when she narrowed her eyes at him. He stood up on his feet on her lap, and looked over at Mason’s cards and then at everyone else.

Charrie cracked out into a laugh when Ariel would tell everyone what cards Mason had in his hands. Mason end up with a big pile of cards on him. Ori would knock the cards out of Charrie’s hands or sometimes try to lift up cards from the pile. She would pull him back. Heath was winning the game, and Rick was coming in close. Juliet hasn’t lied even once so she wasn’t that close. Rick would call Belle out everytime he suspected she lied and most of the time he was right.

Charrie was having a bit of fun, but Ori kept distracting her. She’d eventually let him pick the cards, even if it was the wrong number. Juliet looked worried because she wasn’t winning. “Cheat,” Heath called after Juliet placed her two cards. Juliet giggled and watched her dad pick up all the cards after when it was proven she wasn’t cheating. Charrie felt Ori trying to slip out of her arms and stretch for Mason’s cards. Charrie caught up but not after he managed to reach far enough to take one and put it in his mouth.

“Ori! Not food.” She took it away and he gave her the saddest cutest pout. “No, it’s not food. You can’t eat this.” She shook her head. She set her cards down and he started to cry. She went to the fridge and grabbed a fruit cup for him and returned to sit. She fed him at the same time as she played.
  Ravenity / 89d 22h 26m 3s
Their kids were everything to them and Mason sure loved the way she was treating their kids. Their littles ones were growing up and living normal lives. He really wanted ARi and Ori to live quieter lives than the ones that the twins experienced.

Seeing her with little Ori made him smile because they were so adorable. Mason hugged ARi, hearing her say she loved him and then he kissed her cheek. [b "Daddy loves you too cupcake"] he grinned and then he saw her trying to talk to her little brother.

When they were all at the table, he saw how excited Ori was to see his siblings. He was adorable. The soon were sitting at the table together, Mason lifted Ari onto his lap. She looked really excited to be playing with everyone.

[b "I know how to play. You'll help daddy right ARi?"] he smiled and Ari nodded. [i "We gunna win daddy"] she smiled and then she looked at the cards and would show it to him. Mason let her hold the cards and when he saw Ori slobbering, he laughed. [b "Wow, I call that cheat! There's no you have two fives. You only have two slobbers"] he teased and the twins laughed.

Ari would listen to daddy whisper into her ear and sometimes she'd say the words wrong because she'd really look at the cards and she knew her numbers, making Mason get caught a few times. [b "Ari....you have to listen to daddy. Don't look at the cards again"] he'd tell her.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 91d 20h 51m 50s
There children were perfect. She watched Ariel so carefully, loving to see her put all of her effort, being a normal little toddler. She saw how beautiful her smile was, there little Ariel with the same hair she was born with. She held Ori, giving the attention he and everyone of there kids deserved. Ariel was happy to be snuggled. Her pretty brown eyes looked up into Mason, squeezing his arm because her arms couldn’t really wrap around him. “Awi love daddy,” She grinned and went to have a conversation with Ori.

Charrie returned with the twins and saw Mason overlooking at their youngest children. She felt happy, in peace with all of them safely here. The family they built together.

“I like snacks!” Belle cheered and went running to the fridge. She took out the pudding and gave one to Rick and even Juliet. The three of them sat on the chairs by the table. Charrie raised a brow and looked down at Ori, “You hear that baby? You’re on my team.” She scooped up Ori and his eyes was just glued onto the TV, but eventually moved to her. She gave him his stuffed animal, and let him babble to it. Then he saw the twins and would squeal.

“Hi Ori,” Rick said, waving at him.
Charrie laughed and looked down at Ori and took his little hand to wave back.
“We’re playing cheat,” Ariel said, “Do you know how to play daddy? Heath taught us. You can lie but if you lie and you get caught you’re in BIG trouble.”

Charrie smiled and sat down, “I know the game.” Charrie looked back at Heath. She remembered when she had left for three years that they played a lot of card games together. It had been hard leaving everything behind. She was glad that her life turned out to this, to Mason and their kids. She held Ori in her lap and he would try to grab her cards. She managed to stop him from eating them but he still slobbered. Belle was easy to read when she cheated, making a guilty, worried face.
  Ravenity / 91d 21h 26m 41s
He knew how hard it must have been to learn how to write, especially when Ari was still so little. He knew she had it in her since he was a genius and so was her mom. Ariel may have gotten a more normal start than the twins, but he wanted to make sure she didn't miss a thing, nor fall behind. She was such a little smarty already. Ariel looked so excited when Charrie and Mason praised her. She gave them the cutest, little smile, feeling like she did something great since mommy and daddy were so proud.

Mason made sure they got some snacks and when he saw Ori in Charrie's arms again, he snuggled Ari in his arms. He brushed his fingers through her hair, seeing her relax into him. She was still so tiny. Their adorable little three year old that went through so much already.

He ended up relaxing with her and ORi, holding Ori in his arms while Charrie went to check up on the twins.

Mason would hear Ari try to name the characters and Ori sat beside his sister, reaching over and looking at her hands. He patted her hands and giggled as Ari looked over and rubbed his head [i "Owi wook. Is Pawick"] she pointed to the starfish and Ori looked over and babbled jibberish. Mason hugged them both, keeping them in his lap until the twins returned.

He smiled and saw the twins looking like they enjoyed it. [b "Sure. I can play. You guys should eat some snacks first. There's pudding and fruits in the fridge. I'll have Ari on my team. Ori can be on Charrie's team"] he spoke and Ari nodded. [i "Awi pway too"] she spoke, wanting to join her siblings as well.

Ori just stared blankly at them, squealing when he saw his older brother and sister.

[b "Okay, what card game are we playing?"] he lifted up Ari and then he set her down onto her feet.
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