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Mason gave her the right comfort, his arms around her. He didn’t have to say much to make her feel better. Besides, she also had her kids that were off into their own world of happiness that seemed to feed into her. They carried their two little ones upstairs. Mason came to check on Ori while she was just stepping out. She smiled at the room, watching Ori again. “Yea…they are. They’re so cute and ours.” She smiled back at Mason. They created them, and she was so happy to have babies with him. She head downstairs with him, but along the way she fell asleep.

“Goodnight!” The twins waved and Belle followed Rick. They were excited to talk and have a sleepover again.

Charrie felt a kiss on her forehead. She whispered ‘Mason’ in her sleep. She woke up a bit when she heard ‘night baby’ and felt a kiss on the back of her neck. She flet warm and cozy and continued to doze off. When she woke, it was bright and beautiful, sunlight streaming in and she could feel Mason right behind her. She lay on her back and saw Mason sleeping. She smiled to herself and brushed his hair carefully. She had such a perfect husband. She got an idea, and undressed herself. She put the blankets over them and pressed her body against him while he slept. It was comfortable for her this way and she thought it was a fun way to wake up. If he took too long to wake, she’d fall sleep again.
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He wrapped his arms around her because he could tell that she didn't look happy. That man made her feel guilty and he didn't blame her because it had to be done. He did feel bad for Conrad, but he did cause some trouble to their family even if he didn't mean it. He nodded and then he just sat on the couch with their family to relax. He loved seeing their little ones staying together and getting along. THey were adorable together.

Soon enough, Mason had Ari in his arms, carrying her to her room. He tucked her in and kissed her cheek as he stepped out to check up on Ori, smiling down at Charrie. [b "Looks like the littlest ones are fast asleep"] he laughed and then he went back with the twins, finishing up the movie. He saw Charrie fast asleep and Belle poking her cheek. [b "Okay, just make sure you two sleep okay? Don't stay up too long talking"] he laughed and then he watched them head upstairs. He loved hearing them bicker about nonsense.

[b "Good night you two"] he smiled and then he turned off the TV, looking down at a fast asleep Charrie. He leaned down and then he lifted her into his arms. He kissed her forehead and then he walked up towards their room, laying her in bed as he pulled the sheets over her. Mason got ready for bed and then he climbed in beside her, draping his arm around her waist. [b "Night baby"] he kissed the back of her neck and then he leaned into her, trying to fall asleep. They had a big day tomorrow.
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It comforted when Mason hugged her. Harm he’s caused…? She could only think of what she did because she did that on purpose, but he hadn’t meant it. “It wasn’t his fault. He didn’t know anything,” She sighed to herself. She was more than happy to have their family. She loved being smiled at, being kissed on the cheek. She truly hoped that Conrad would move on and meet some girl that would be good to him. He deserved it. A part of her still wished that she could tell him without having the backlash of it all but she’d never do that. Having him discover it terrified her because of what it would outcome to. It was better this way.

She took a seat with there family. They watched it together and soon there youngest had fallen asleep. She helped Ori out of Rick’s lap, carrying him carefully, and rocking him gently.
Belle and Rick grinned and nodded. “We are going to go on all the water slides,” Rick said, “Okay! You can rid the same slides with us.” Charrie smiled when she heard them chat. She was glad, she could make it up to them. She head upstairs and put Ori in his bed, covering him up with his blanket, and made sure he had his stuffed toy beside him. She brushed his little hair. He was beautiful. She took a peak into Ariel’s room, and Mason was just heading downstairs.

They really grew something. She went downstairs and sat down with the twins. But somewhere along the way she fell straight asleep on Mason’s lap.

The twins were giggling. “Mommy’s asleep,” Belle said and poked her cheek, “Daddy, I want to sleep in Rick’s room tonight because, because…Rick makes me sleepy.”
Rick frowned, “I don’t. I’m not boring.”
“Belle sighed and shook her head, “Rickk! I don’t know if you’re boring but I fall asleep faster. That’s allll I know.” She nodded. When they were little like Ariel they always snuck to sleep together in the same room. Plus, she wanted to talk to him about tomorrow.
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He loved their kids and seeing them spending so much time together was all he wanted. He watched Ariel eating her food as she tried to clean her hands on her own. They were still dirty, but she was trying. Belle and Rick were enjoying the food and Mason was just really glad to see Belle in a better mood.

He had them all in the living room as he began washing some dishes and cleaning up. They were soon on the couch ready to watch some TV. It was adorable to see Ari on Belle's lap and Ori on Ricks. They were all getting along and when the movie started, He walked towards Charrie and listened to her explain what happened. He could see how guilty she still felt and he knew that Conrad's life was mostly ruined because of her lie. Still, because Conrad mentioned him to his father, their family was in so much danger as well.

He hugged his arms around her [b "It's okay. I know the guilt will be there, but think of the harm he's caused to our family too. It'll be okay. He's going to move on and you're here with the family"] he smiled and kissed her cheek before heading out to their kids. THey were all watching the movie together and Mason was glad that everyone was in a good mood before the trip. They'd drive over tomorrow to the hotel they booked and then they'd have so much fun.

Ari soon fell asleep in Belle's lap, leaning back against her. Mason lifted her up and then he carried her to her room, tucking her in for bed as he headed back down to stay with the twins. [b "Are you two excited? We'll be at the waterpark tomorrow having so much fun. Daddy will ride the same slides down if you want"] he told them. The twins looked so excited as they talked about what they should do together. At least they weren't upset anymore about missing the school trip.

Mason watched Charrie bring Ori up and then he finished the movie with the twins. [b "Okay you two. Let's get some sleep. We're waking up early tomorrow"]
  ellocalypse / 55d 9h 9m 31s
She knew they were the most adorable out of everyone in the world. She loved holding Ori and loved watching there kids. Ariel was cheering, the twins picked a movie and Ariel even crawled over onto Belle’s lap. It was so cute. She got up and let Rick handle Ori. She knew Ori would soon enough fall asleep. She looked over at Mason, “Talk please,” She said. She hadn’t had much to say but it was always good to keep him up. Charrie waited for Mason and went into the hall for a bit.
“So…this will be really short. I talked to him, explained, and he agreed to watch by a bodyguard. At first-I’m pretty sure he was trying to guilt trip me. But, he admitted that we should stay away from each other and he doesn’t want me around. And that’s it. I’ll never see him again… It went well.” She nodded, but was frowning about it. “But I wish I could stop the guilt. I don’t think anything will stop it.” She sighed and heard Ori babbling out in the living room.

“We can join our kids now. We’ll have a lot of fun tomorrow.” She nodded. Ah before she did. She head over and grabbed a camera and would take a shot of them watching TV. She loved them, loved them so much. She still can’t believe she had four of them. She would join them with Mason and watch the movie with them, while watching Ori and Ariel getting sleepy. Their family was really peaceful, and she was glad that Conrad wasn’t the one out to kill them, that he would leave this alone. She really still felt happy because everything was going to fine.
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Mason was in the middle of cooking, looking over at the table and seeing his whole family just relaxing there. He loved seeing them all staying together enjoying each other's company. All he wanted was to make sure that Belle was happy for when Charrie came in. Luckily she was already getting over it.

Once everything was on the table, he watched everyone taking a bite. Belle seemed to enjoy the taste and Mason was glad he could cook her up her favorite food. He smiled, seeing all of them eating and all of them looking like they really were loving it. He even got their approval. Mason ate up some wings and let Charrie talk to the twins and their babies.

After everyone ate up, he saw everyone looking at Ori when he sneezed. He was the cutest little boy ever and it really did make him smile. He carried Ari into his arms and kissed her cheek, setting her down as she went to put her crayons away. She waddled up to the couch, trying to climb it up as she grinned [i "Awi watch mowie!"] she cheered, wanting to hang out with her older brother and sister.

Belle and Rick washed their hands and then they also sat on the couch. [+blue "Okay, but can we watch the Incredibles?"] he asked and then saw Belle agree as she sat down. Ari crawled into her lap again and looked at the TV as Mason sat beside them. [b "Are you going to watch too baby? Or did you want to talk now or later?"] he wondered, looking over and then seeing Ori reach his arms out. Everyone was sitting together and he wanted to sit there too.
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Ariel was happy to be on Belle’s lap, holding her picture and looking at it again, feeling so proud of herself because it made Belle happy. It made up for that secret she had with daddy too. All of them were sitting and sharing a dinner together. Charrie ate one and watched all of them, admiring there kids and how they functioned. Charrie raised a brow, “What were you upset about?” Charrie looked over Belle. “I fell but I’m okay,” Belle smiled. She was glad, “Alright, I’m glad your okay. If you ever need anything, come to us, or I’ll try to figure it out and come to you.”

Charrie laughed when Ariel asked if she did good. “You did amazing baby,” She watched her clap her little hands. She felt so happy to be here. It helped, numb the guilt and slight sadness of having to say goodbye again. “I’m fine. We can…talk about it later,” She pointed with her head, motioning to their kids. She didn’t want to say anything front of them. “But it went well.”

Once Ori was done, she cleaned up and scooped up, “Is my little Oreo happy?” She asked. He raised his hands. AH, she forgot to clean his hands. She wiped his hands too and then he suddenly sneeze. IT was the most cutest sneeze. “Aw Ori. I think you need to sit a bit.” She sat down on the sofa, keeping Ori in her arms. She looked over Ariel, “Ari, are you done?”

“Yes! Daddy, daddy, up up!” Ariel called.
Charrie looked over at the twins, “Hey you two, do you think you kids could watch a movie together? With Ori and Ari? Any movie you want.” She suggested, thinking it would just be adorable, so she could sneak in a picture.
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Her picture sure made Belle smile. She lifted up little Ari and hugged her because she was still so tiny and Belle knew she loved her brothers and sister. Belle and Ari smiled from Charrie's kiss and then Ari would look around, smelling the food.

Mason set the wings and fries on the table, seeing all of them just looking so hungry. He watched Charrie refuse to eat....he'd ask her about the Conrad thing later, but when he saw her sneaking in some bites, he laughed and then he lifted ARi up to sit her in her high chair. He pulled apart the wings for her and gave her some fries as he watched Ori approve of his food.

Belle and Rick were eating and talking to each other. [+red "THank you daddy. It's yummy"] she smiled, feeling so much better now. Ari would eat the fries and her hands would be covered in oil and garlic. Mason helped her clean up and wiped her cheeks. [b "You cheered up Belle Ari"] he kissed her forehead and then she would grin. [i "Awi did good?"] she clapped her hands and continued to eat more, enjoying Daddy's food.

Mason sat down and began eating too, looking over at Charrie. [b "You okay baby? How did it go?"]
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Ariel grinned and giggled so happily. She did it! Her picture made Belle happy. Guess giving her a picture of a pink monster wasn’t the best idea. Charrie thought it was outright adorable, “Awe, my two little cute girls.” Charrie kissed both of their cheeks and looked back at Rick. “And my amazing little boy.” She kissed Rick’s cheek. She knew she had the best kids ever. Mason came in and the food was ready. “Oh it looks so good!” She smiled but…”Although…I’m kind of full.” She was definitely not going to tell Mason she just ate cake though.

“You guys should eat my share,” She suggested and watched it, “Okay maybe just one,” She grabbed one once Mason had it on the table. Oh-it tasted so good. “Mase, your amazing.” She nodded. Their kids giggled. Ori began trying to fight her for it, leaning in and trying to take a bite of her chicken wing. She shared it with Ori and he was a happy baby. “Mase, Ori really likes it too. I think we can officially say we’re giving you five stars on it.”

She then placed Ori on his high chair and broke the chicken wings for him, so it would be easy for him to chew. It was nice to be back home and have her family unintentionally cheer her up. She took a seat and just watched them engage with each other. Belle was back to feeling better and talking to Rick, asking what he wanted to do at the water park.
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When Charrie came home, Mason was in the kitchen frying up some wings. He would look back to see Rick looking sad and Belle still in a slump. He would do his best to ask her what she wanted and cheer her up, but he could tell she was still sad.

Rick offered his cupcake, but when she said she was full, he smiled and took a bite. He loved cupcakes too. His eyes went to her and Ori in her arms as he looked over at Belle, not wanting to tell her that he made Belle sad. Luckily Ari came in with a pretty picture and when she gave it to Belle, she smiled and hugged her sister. [+red "Thanks Ari"] she lifted her up and hugged her, keeping her on her lap. She really liked Ari when she was doing things like this for he.

Mason had some wings coated in a dry rub, the other half in some barbecue. He placed it onto the table and then he took out the garlic potato wedges from the oven. [b "Okay, let's go eat guys!"] he said, hoping to cheer up the mood.
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She knew he didn’t know. It caused a whole load of. She nodded and lighted a smile. Problems for her too. “He did…You thought you were helping, not making things worse.” She added. She said what she needed to say and there he was, going. She felt a tightness in her chest. She felt bad what she did and she felt like she was still sad to see him go again. At least he was okay. She sighed to herself and soon arrived home and Ariel was running towards her arms. She scooped her up and give her lots of love. Then she heard Ori calling her out. She smiled over at Ori, seeing their cute little baby.

Belle stared at the cupcake and then looked up at Rick. He looked sad. She wanted it, but she got it. He was trying to offer peace. “It’s okay…I’m full. You can eat it.” She sighed. Daddy was making her wings anyway. There head turns when they saw mommy come in.

Charrie went over to Ori too and kissed his little forehead but it looked like he wanted to be picked up too. She set Ariel down, “Did you make a picture? Can you show me them?” She asked. Ariel grinned and went over to grab her picture. In the meantime Charrie lifted Ori up and tickled his little tummy, “hey baby, you had fun?” She asked. Ori babbled to her and she kissed his cheek this time. She came forward to Belle and Rick, “Hey guys, why do you look so sad?” She asked. Ariel came in and displayed her picture to Charrie. “Ohhh, what a nice picture.” She only saw stick figures but it was damn right adorable.

Then Mason spoke out. Charrie looked over at him, “Aw, did she? That’s an amazing request. I can’t wait to eat,” Charrie laughed. Ori raised his hands and babbled loudly as if he was telling them something.
“Well,” Ariel rested the picture in front of Belle, “Fo you.” She said, hoping she’d like it.
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He listened to her and was slowly starting to calm down. He could sense that she wasn't trying to one up him or anything, but she genuinely cared. It made him angry because she was so happy with her family and he just felt so upset because he felt like he got played. He did his best to calm down and just listen, remembering Veronica.

"I didn't know. My father did terrible things to a lot of people. That guilt will always be with me" he told her, wondering why she was so confident in him being happy. He just ended up sighing. She was always good to him, who was he kidding. Conrad just ended up sighing and getting up. "We'll see. Thanks though. I'll try and figure things out for real this time" he stood up and left.


Mason was doing his best to cheer Belle up. It wasn't much, but he wanted the twins to feel spoiled too. He was in the kitchen, seasoning the wings as he looked back to see Belle and Rick watching. He would ask Belle how crunchy she wanted it and then he would toss them into the fryer.

Rick felt bad, so he offered her his cupcake. [+blue "Yeah you can"] he gave it to her, feeling really sad that he didn't get a cupcake, but he wanted Belle to be happy.

When Charrie came in, he saw little Ari running towards her. Ori was in his pen, standing up and then calling out to her too. "Ma! Ma!" he called out, wanting to be picked up too.

Mason smiled [b "We're okay baby. Come on in. Belle requested wings and fries, so I'm making some"] he told her.
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Charrie shook her head, [b “Somewhat... She had a thing for you, she was a scientist, invented something that I can’t remember and she thought you’d keep it a secret but didn’t specifically tell you to. You told your father about her and your father threatened her to get her invention. He end up killing her sister. She told me all of it and asked for my help to…do something but I declined.” ] She figured that was the reason for it. Charrie wasn’t sure if talking to her would solve it either. It was Conrad’s fault too that he suggested to go for Mason to his father. Well..it wasn’t exactly his fault. He didn’t know.

He definitely didn’t sound like he meant it but she understood why he wouldn’t. [b “It’s going to be you-with someone you love. Honestly, I’m the last person you want to be with. Just so you know, when I was with you, you really made things a lot easier at one of the hardest moments of my life. I know you’re going to make someone else feel that way or someone will do that for you.” ] She hoped her little encouragement would help. It just didn’t make sense for her to ever think that he really felt something for her.

“Mmm, same here. I feel a lot better knowing that you’re walking. When it’s easier, when you build a life, maybe we can talk again? If that’s okay. I really want you to be happy,” She meant it. She sighed, feeling her chest still ache. “Goodbye,” She gently smiled, seeing him head off. Well…that was over. She wished she didn’t ruin him. Her eyes warmed up. She took a deep breath and got up. She head toward her car and waited for Quinn. She drove herself back home.

Belle felt like mopping around but daddy was being really nice. She felt happy to know she got to eat what she wanted. She lifted a smile, “Really? I like fries.” She watched daddy cook and then Rick came. She frowned again and tried to turn her back on him again. She slowly turned back around. He would give her his cupcake? She looked at it, “I can really have it?”

Charrie opened the door and Ariel heard. Ariel instantly started to make her way to Charrie calling out “mommy!” Charrie lifted her up, “Hey, how is everyone?” She kissed Ariel’s cheek.
  Ravenity / 59d 10h 54m 6s
He could tell that Faith was probably getting really irritated by his answers, but he didn't care. She moved on and left him behind and he wanted her to feel guilty for it. It was heartbreaking to come back and find your loved one with someone else and with a family. "Veronica? I haven't seen her in years. DO you know what she wants with me? Is it about my father again?" he asked, sighing softly.

He frowned when she mentioned she was a completely different person. If that's how she saw it, then there really was no point. "I guess I'm happy for you. I just wished it would've been me"] he didn't care much about his own well being right now. IF he was killed at least he wouldn't feel all this pain for her.

Her words seemed like lies to him. He felt that if he didn't show up, she'd feel better. Conrad just stood up "I guess so. It's good to know at least that you're alive and well. Goodbye Faith" he met her eyes again and then he let out a deep sigh, knowing how hard it was going to be without her again. He paid the bill and stepped out of the coffee shop, heading back to the bar where his friend was.


Ari was working really hard on those pictures for Belle. If that would make her happy then she'd do what she could. Mason walked over and then he patted her back [b "Cheer up Belle, we're going to a water park this weekend"] he smiled and then he heard her request, going into the kitchen. [b "Of course I can. I'll even make fries"] he told her and then he started a pot of oil and then he pulled out some wings from the fridge. He grabbed the spice rubs and then he prepared.

Rick felt really sad now that Belle was hurt. He sat at the kitchen table to try and cheer her up [+blue "Belle. You can have my cupcake"] he told her, giving her the one that he had.
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Charrie rested her head on the palm of her hand. [i watched like a child. ] He should be thankful not complaining. Her bodyguards were pricy and instead of putting them to put on missions that make them money, she had to put them here. She still felt she owed it to Conrad, so she knew she had to do it. Conrad definitely became immature over the years. [b “That person won’t show up directly, I doubt it. It’s Veronica Wells. It’s a pretty solid lead.” ] She was still irritated.

She was getting through the cake a lot more quickly than she thought she would. It…ached. Love her?[b “I think you’re in love with who I was, I’m a lot different now. I can’t… I have my family now and I love my husband. I’m really happy with them, and…if you really think you love me, then you’d be happy for me. I’m not trying to…I just want to make sure your safe. That’s why I called.” ] She explained. Charrie sighed. He definitely wanted her out, which was good.

She made herself to lightly smile, “Well, I guess I won’t be seeing you again then. Unless it’s for safety reasons. I’m still glad that I got to meet you again, to know that you’re not gone.”


Belle heard a bit of what Rick said to Ari. She turned her back and slumped on the kitchen table. Then daddy came by. She liked the idea of daddy making something she wanted. “I want…chicken wings. Can you make that?” She asked, and began wondering where mommy went off to. They never really did tell them anything. She felt pretty lonely when she wasn’t talking to Rick though because she talked to him a lot.
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