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Charrie lifted up asmile [b “Yea…we have some pretty close friends.” ] She was glad she had Sarah. Sarah knew her real identity…and she never thought that she would figure it out but she was glad she did. She was really happy that she hadn’t put Sarah in danger too.

When she said that To Ari she caught Mason narrowing his eyes at her. As if he wasn’t guilty of saying some things to her around the kids and it wasn’t like Ariel would understand a thing until she got way older. Charrie got there girls all dressed up and Mason got the boys.

She came in and saw there little boys and they looked so cute. She had to give Rick a hug and saw little Ori, unbothered. She smiled over at him and he looked at her curiously. He didn’t really notice the change of clothes. He babbled. Charrie had taken a picture of the girls before. She saw Mason and she came in, wrapping her arms around him and loved how he looked at her. She couldn’t contain her smile [b “Why thank you.” ] She kissed his lips quickly. She nodded [b “We should.” ]

Charrie grabbed the camera and set it up at a spot. Kiera, Zack, Sarah and Mark had acme up. They saw everyone dressed and went to go get dressed quickly. Charrie took pictures of the kids first. Which took a while because she took many. Then the two couples came out and they took one all together. She had changed some settings on the camera and took another one. She picked up the camera back into her hands and sighed to herself. Film making seemed like a whole entire life ago. They actually weren’t huge production films but they were her films and they got some attention. She missed it…

She tucked the camera in a bag and had put Ori in a stroller. Charrie looked at Ariel who came a long in a cute dress, with a little wobble to her walk. She held onto Charrie’s dress because she didn’t want to be accidently be forgotten. Charrie peaked at her, [b “Hey baby, do you want your own stroller? OR you maybe you want Daddy to hold your hand?” ] She smiled at there baby girl. She was perfection, just like their twins.
Ariel looked at daddy, “Daddy! Awi up up.” She cheered.
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He wondered that his entire life [b "Well maybe they were best friends. You and I became inseparable. I mean...Mark and I have been friends for a while, and you and Sarah. I'm sure that's how it is with them"] he loved relaxing with their family at home and on vacation. Everyone seemed to be at east. IT was getting later in the day and they had a reservation for one of the fine dining restaurants at the hotel.

He carried ARi, but when Charrie said he was all hers at night, he narrowed his eyes. IT wasn't something they should be talking about with their little girl. [b "I'll always be your daddy"] he set her down and she headed over to Charrie before Mason took care of the boys. He dressed Ori up in his little suit onsie and then he combed his hair to the side. He laid against the bed kicking his feet as he babbled. Mason let him play with his toy while he helped Rick get dressed.

After he had his tie on and his shoes shined, Mason stood with RIck in the living room. He was looking at how shiny his shoes were [+blue "You think mommy is going to like this on me dad?"] he wondered. Mason patted his shoulder [b "Of course Rick. You look just as good as me, if not better"] he smiled and when Charrie and the girls came out, they all looked amazing. He saw Ari in a cute artsy dress. She came in walking around. Belle twirled her golden dress and then walked up to Rick to tell him how good he looked.

When Charrie stepped out in that dress, Mason's eyes were on her as well. [b "Wow. My stunning wife is as sexy as always"] he wrapped his arm around her waist. [b "Maybe we should also take a group photo. Everyone looks amazing"] he suggested, seeing everyone else step out. They were all looking at how cute the kids were, saying that Mason and Charrie sure had adorable kids. Ari and Ori had a lot of the attention, but the twins were so cute together. Mason waited for everyone to get into view and let Charrie set up the camera since she was the expert.
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[b "Are moms really are close... I wonder how they stayed friends for so long." ] She did admire how they've always stuck together. Well, she stuck with Mason for a long time. She smiled to herself thinking how they went through so much and they were still together, still in love and still wanting to sleep with each other all day and night.

Charrie laughed and then winked [b "Maybe we could reenact it. I know I had things I wished I would say yes to and do." ] She took a kiss on his cheek. It was sweet and he made her feel happy all the time to be with him. She nodded, it was pretty peaceful. Mason was a good dad to his youngest daughter. Ariel gasped when she heard share. She looked at Mason and hugged his arm, "Awi daddy." Charrie laughed and nodded [b "You're right baby, except at night time." ] Ariel just looked puzzled and Charrie couldn't contain her amusement at how confused she looked and would hug Mason.

Charrie agreed to help out there little girls, and even Juliet. She scooped up Ariel and got Belle and Juliet. She helped them change first. They were all looking so cute. She let them roam around the living space while she got changed herself. She let her hair down and fixed herself up just a bit and then stepped out. She stepped out and saw Ori and Rick and they were absolutely adorable. Ori was patting the table like he was playing the drums. He was comfortable when he wasn't in layers.

[b "Wow, my boys look amazing!" ] She went over and had to take a picture of Rick. Rick felt a bit awkward about having his picture taken but he went through it. She took a picture of Ori but Ori wouldn't stop moving. Then she saw Mason and she smirked, and kissed his lips [b "Hey my sexy husband." ]

[https://i.pinimg.com/564x/2c/2b/6e/2c2b6e6884f11fa84a7f2b587be566c2.jpg Ariel ]
[https://i.pinimg.com/564x/4a/05/48/4a054842f93fb9669da01c01ba97b55c.jpg Belle]
[https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/540220917798196620/ Charrie]
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Mason thought about not growing up together and he shook his head [b "I don't think that would be possible though. Our moms are too close for that. Even if we didn't want to be together, I bed they're so happy we are now"] he laughed when she thought about him that way.

[b "I had a lot of thoughts and ideas I could do to teenage Charrie"] he chuckled, leaning in and kissing her cheek. Sometimes he got too scared and would ask her to go somewhere, but ended up saying something hurtful to cover it all up.

[b "Right now we have everything we want and it's peaceful"] he said proudly. He held ARiel on his arms and when she said it was like magic, he found her so adorable that he snuggled her into his arms. She kissed his cheek and brushed his fingers through her hair [b "You're such a sweetheart Ari"] he heard her and Charrie's conversation and then he smiled [b "You guys can all share me"] he told them.

Mason watched Ori walk and then get it on his own for a while. HE was so loved by his family. Once they were all relaxed, he stood up and set ARi down [b "Okay, come on boys, let's get you dressed up"] he told Rick and Ori as they headed towards the bedroom. He picked out clothes for him and Ori and let Rick choose before stepping into the closet [b "We'll change in here baby"] he called out to Charrie.

Mason changed into his pattered, button up shirt and put on his pants and his blazer before helping out ORi into his clothes. Rick dressed himself, trying to fix himself up like daddy.

Rick got help from Mason to button up his longsleeve shirt and he helped him wrap his tie around. He then helped ORi into his onsie before styling up his and Rick's hair. They used some gel to part it off to the side and smooth it back. He helped Rick spike up the front a bit since he liked it that way. Ori just had his hair brushed to the side.

Once they were ready, he headed outside and waited for the girls. The others were slowly finishing up as well, looking at how cute RIck and ORi looked.

[https://www.express.com/clothing/men/extra-slim-navy-blue-cotton-blend-suit-jacket/pro/04371709/color/NAVY/e/regular/?mrkgcl=638&mrkgadid=3277343180&CID=SEM_Goo-PLA-M-Main-Retail-39-000-Suits-US-Product-NA&SearchID=Goo-PLA-M-Main-Retail-39-000-Suits-US-Product-NA&product_id=11821151&adpos=1o3&creative=228884606865&device=c&matchtype=&network=s&programId=101475153&merchantId=41548191&affiliateid=101184100&gclid=Cj0KCQiAoo7gBRDuARIsANeJKUabiTtvFaXkdzpPzCpR5KudF2_Wab6HBhyidUR9xg6x3fadDkSk_cIaAiN2EALw_wcB Mason's Suit]

[https://images.bloomingdalesassets.com/is/image/BLM/products/7/optimized/8135317_fpx.tif?op_sharpen=1&wid=500&fit=fit,1&$filtersm$ Ori's suit]

[https://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server1300/vsmfh/products/72/images/1288/NEWBlackNBianco8__74679.1532452138.243.300.jpg?c=2 Rick's Suit]
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Charrie filled a smile [b “I know… I wonder if we didn’t grow up together though.” ] She laughed when he talked abut lust and then rolled her eyes while she smiled [b “Oh I know. If I wasn’t I would be surprised. But…when I first thought of kissing someone, or had indecent thoughts I imagined you. I got excited each day thinking that maybe we’d kiss when we became teens.” ] She remembered a bit of the memories and what she felt then. Sometimes she’d end up acting shy for the first time around him and run away when she’d blush. It…really broke her heart when Prim told her that she was dating Mason.

[b “That…was so long ago, it’s like another life time.” ] She whispered.

They all headed up, everyone was clean.

Ariel was snug with Mason. She looked back at him pouting when he explained to her about her wet hair. She felt the dry part and then the wet part. “Oh.” She got it, “It meawick,” She meant ‘magic’, since she’s been watching fairytale shows a little too much and books. She giggled when Mason kissed her cheek, “Awi do.” She tried to kiss Mason’s cheek too.

Charrie couldn’t help but saw, “Awww-but Ari he’s mine.”
Ari looked puzzled, “Nooo he awi daddy.” She said.
Charrie laughed [b “That’s true.” ] She had Ori up and then had him walking. He was so cute walking. He was amazed until he got a little panicked when he was moving a little too quickly. Eventually Charrie released his hands at last and he was walking a ahead thinking he was still holding to Charrie’s hand. But the second he realized he wasn’t, he began falling back. Charrie caught him [b “You did it baby! ] Charrie grinned [b “Yea, I think he’ll be able to walk soon.” ] She picked him up and showered his cheeks with kisses.

[b “Yea we could do that. Just make sure Ori isn’t in layers. He seems to hate that.” ] She reminded, figuring that’s what bothered him. If Ori had it his way she was pretty sure he would be wandering around in his diaper.
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He smiled brightly because he loved hearing she'd fall for him again [b "I don't think I could fall for anyone else when you were there beside me my whole life....I think you were the first person I lusted for"] he teased her and then they headed back up to the suite.

After Mason washed the boys, he carried Ori in his arms, drying his blonde hair as he kissed his cheek. Rick and ORi were on the couch watching TV, but when Ariel came rushing in, Mason held her in his lap [b "So your hair won't be wet anymore"] he ran his fingers through her hair, showing her the wet one and the dry ones. [b "See, this is dry"] he kissed her cheek. She was such a cutie.

Ori heard his mom's voice, so when he saw her, he whined to be picked up. He giggled and walked with her as Mason watched them. [b "He's so good. He'll be walking in no time"] he looked at the time.

[b "Should I dress the boys then? We can pick out what they need to wear and dress up. I heard that Zack and Kiera will be back soon too. THen we can all head out"]
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[b “I would fall for you,” ] She giggled [b “I can’t resist you, and never will be,” ] She heard his beautiful laugh. She hugged him tightly and enjoyed his kiss on her cheek. They arrived bak and they were all cleaned up. She was proud of Mason for washing Ori all clean. The twins were all clean too and she loved to see them look refreshed. She wanted to hug them too, so she went over to them and hugged them tightly, asking them if they were having a good time.

She spotted Ariel had runned to Mason. She looked puzzled at his question about what she meant, she thought she was very clear about the ‘voom’ thing. “Wat dat?” She asked, not knowing wht dry meant. She sat down right by him, to keep herself away from that weird thing that had the speed of a monster wind. She snuggled into him and heard Belle laughin. She hugged Mason’s arm tighter.

Charrie came to sit down and she heard clapping. She smiled over to Ori and ashe lifted him right up [b “Hey baby.” ] She kissed his forehad, [b “Did you miss me Ori?” ] She tickled his little tummy and decided to set him on the ground and walk step by step with him, holding his hands. He weas…perfect. For a baby he surprisingly had the strength of hulk on her fingers, making sure she wouldn’t suddenly let go. Ori squealed when Charrie moved backwards a little too fast. She laughed and looked at there babies pretty eyes. Ori would squish her face and then turn around and look at the noise that the TV produced.

[b "We should plan what we should wear," ] CHarrie suggested with her face still smushed.
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Mason grinned and wrapped his arms around her waist [b "Mmm, me too. It's perfect"] he smiled and then he held her hand in his [b "I would probably be a huge tease still, but I bet you'd still fall for me anyway. I mean....how can you resist these good looks"] he ran his fingers through his hair and laughed, kissing her cheek.

They made it back to the suite and then he grabbed the boys, helping them wash up as he let Rick clean himself off. Mason let Rick sit in the tub with Ori as he quickly showered. He then saw Ori covered in bubbles, making him giggle as he cleaned him up.

Once the boys were cleaned up, they were all on the couch watching TV. Mason had Ori beside him. He was biting on his toy dinosaur, babbling and then crawling over Rick as he sat in his lap. When Ari came running, he hugged her [b "What do you mean?"] he looked back to hear the hair dryer and he laughed, kissing her cheek. [b "It's okay cupcake. It's just to dry your hair"] he told her, seeing how cute she was. [b "You're perfect. Here sit with daddy, there's no voom voom here"] he snuggled her in and then he heard ORi clapping.

[b "WHat's happening Ori?"] he asked, seeing him see mommy and then shifting in Rick's lap, raising his hands up "Ma! Ma!" he called out.
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[b “I love this…I love our life right now,” ] She fed him and enjoyed fingers through her hair. Her husband was perfect for her. She would smile while she was looking at him. She was in awe when he said she was good at making him feel amazing. She held his hand for a moment, [b “I will always continue to be.” ] She found his hand sneaking in and…she liked it. She lightly laughed [b “Yea…? I wonder if you’d still be a huge tease. I know I’d fall for you so fast.” ] She said.

They got up and they head upstairs together with their kids. Everyone was up. Charrie nodded [b “Sure.” ] Ariel was wiping her eyes, and wasn’t looking like she wanted to move much for a while. Charrie made sure Belle and Juliet had everything they needed, and they would end up taking bubble baths-which took a while so Ari slept on Charrie’s lap a little longer. When they were done, Charrie went to give Ariel a bath, she played with the bubbles a little too much, looking silly with bubbles all over but she was having fun. Ariel decided to stay in the bathroom while Charrie finished showering.

Charrie wrapped a towel around herself before stepping out. Ariel would look at herself in her blue dress, wondering whey she didn’t wear a towel too. Charrie picked her right up and they went to go dry their hair together. Belle and Juliet hadn’t yet, so Charrie invited them in and they started to play with the blow dryer. Ariel went running out of the bathroom screaming because she was being blown with too much wind. Ariel went onto jumping onto Mason’s lap with half dried hair, “Daddy!” She pointed at the bathroom because she realized she didn’t know how to say what she needed to say because she didn’t know what it was called so she made a “Vooom! A Awi.” Sort of sound.

Charrie soon came out with the girls a little later, hearing Ari and laughing. heath came to sit on the sofa and heard Belle and Juliet continue to laugh, "Did something funny happen?" Charrie shook her head.
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Mason held her close and just loved how comfortable they were together. IT was so natural to be this close and he's been beside her since they were kids. Being together was just something that they did naturally. His eyes went to meet her brown ones and he smiled [b "Mhmm, all of that hard work to finally end up like this. It's what we've always wanted"] he kept his fingers moving through hair and relaxed as she fed him.

[b "Me too. You're really good at making me feel amazing both also. I'm really glad you're always there beside me"] he laughed and thought about her being squishy. [b "You're the best wife I could've asked for"] he thought about how if they met later. [b "Oooh, well I'd probably accept your job offer and see you looking so bad ass I'd want you to be my wife anyway"] he laughed, shaking his head at the thought [b "I don't want to see our babies growing up so fast"] he slowly sat up and then set Ari in the stroller with Ori.

He helped dry off Belle and Rick with a towel before heading upstairs. They made it back to their suite and then he started the bath. [b "Alright...you three take a shower in the tub"] he pointed to Belle, Juliet, and Ari. [b "Baby you take care of the girls...I'll take care of the boys?"] he suggested, starting the tub in the other bathroom for the boys. He lifted Ori into his arms and then kissed his little cheek.

He sat down at the tub and filled it with bubbles for the boys. Rick showered himself, but he helped Ori get all cleaned up, washing his hair and then seeing him splash around again. Once the boys finished up, he died off Ori and Rick dried himself off. Mason then let Rick run off to change and then he changed Ori into a new diaper and a dinosaur shirt and red shorts. THey were soon finished, laying back onto the couch watching TV as they waited for the girls.
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She found his lips sweet. Mason pulled her in close, and she felt warm, welcomed. She love loved the array of emotions he made her feel when he was just being around her. [b “Me too. We finally have a decently quiet home.” ] The family they built together was a dream made real. Charrie nodded, “Maybe we should.” She laid her head on his lap, her hands felt his chest while she felt relaxed having his hands brugh through her hair. She fed him some nachos.

[b “Okay, deal.” ] She felt his laugh when she had her hands on his abs. [b “I love you how you make me feel good, sexually…and mentally.” She raised a brow when he squeezed her ass. She laughed, “It can’t be that squishy...I love when you tease me.” She leaned in and gave his chest a kiss. She went inthought and just wondered would it would have been like if they weren’t a couple until later. She was in such awe from what he said.

[b “You really are the sweetest husband. I would always want to have kids with you too. If…I met you later in life I would have probably found you so cool, so smart. I’d really try to hire you.” ] She caressed his cheek and saw his eyes falling over into their kids. [b “One day…they won’t be so little. Can you imagine? Them growing up. I hope we can handle all four of them when they’re teenagers.” ] She mentioned and then sat up, “Okay come on, let’s go up.” ] She said to him. “Guys,” She called their twins, Heath and Juliet, “How about we head upstairs before we head out to dinner?” She asked. She saw the twins pout a bit.
“I think that’s a good idea,” Heath said, “Come on, we can keep up playing upstairs.” Heath told the twins and Juliet. They nodded.
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He loved breathing in that fresh ocean breeze. THey were all having so much fun in the water and it might have been a little too much for their little babies, but the twins were still so full of energy. He smiled at Charrie and continued to feed her and each the nachos she offered. He smiled and then he kissed her lips, pulling her in close [b "Well I'm glad they're able to just run around and be kids"] he smiled, thinking about the family they've built up until now.

[b "We should all go up together. I don't mind spending a bit more time with you here"] he watched her lay on his lap and then he ran his fingers through her hair, brushing it back slowly. He ate more nachos and smiled [b "You can give me one after we eat"] he watched her touch his abs, making him laugh [b "Mmm, I love you too. You're so sexy and all mine"] he let his hand run down her bare side towards her ass, squeezing it a bit. [b "Pretty squishy. Perfect"] he teased her.

WHen she brought up later life, that didn't change a thing. He believed it wouldn't have changed a thing. [b "After everything we've been through...I think we would be fine. We've overcome so much, even if we got married in our forties, I'd still love you so much and I'd still want you to be the mom of our kids"] he kissed her cheek and then he looked over to see Ari fast asleep and Ori kicking his little legs in his dream. He was probably still swimming.
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Mason started feeding her, so she would open her mouth and take them in. It was great. Laying down, being fed in a warm weather and there little cute ones were asleep…Belle and Rick were having fun. She felt at peace. “It is a real vacation.” She offered him a nacho. She laughed as she nodded, “Yes, they have your stamina. I am so lucky,” She kissed his lips briefly. Mason held her hand, and she gave it a light squeeze. [b “A nap on your lap…that sounds realy nice.” She dropped her head on his lap easily, “Should we? I don’t want to leave the twins down here.” She released a light yawn.

“Yup…very comfy.” She snuggled onto his lap, facing his stomach. She leaned in and kissed his stomach. She felt right at home and at pace right here. She offered him a nacho when he said ‘wife feed me nachos’. [b “I think I can do that.” ] She raised a brow and smiled, “I can give a back massage…I’m not so sure about the good part. Do you want one now?” She asked, feeling through his chest and knocked on his ab, “Pretty Solid.” She looked up at him and reached her hand out to poke the tip of nose, “I love you… You’re so perfect… We’re so good together. I think… we’re a strong married couple.” She smiled to herself while looking up at him. She got lost in her own thoughts.

“Can you imagine... What if we met later in life? What if I met you around this age and were still single? Would we date?” She started to think about it, “I’d like to think we’d get married anyway.” She took hold of his hand and gave his wrist a kiss. "Maybe we'd still have some fun sex." She laughed.
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Ariel was snuggled up on his lap and Mason brushed his fingers through her hair, finding her so adorable. He loved their kids so much. After he set her down on the other chair, Mason sat beside CHarrie, ordering them some food. He stretched out his arms and he smiled over at her [b "Yeah it was a lot of playing and having so much fun. It feels really nice"] he waited and then he began feeding her some nachos too.

[b "Mmm, it feels like a real vacation"] he laughed, taking in another bite and then he would watch the twins play. [b "Are you saying they got my stamina?"] he smirked and then he held her hand in his [b "You can take a nap on my lap if you want? Or we can head back up to the hotel and then rest before dinner"] he suggested and then he patted his lap.

[b "You do know my lap is really comfy"] he tried to persuade her. He didn't really want to go back home yet. There was a few things to deal with and he wanted their family to just have more fun together. [b "I don't want to leave. I want to stay in this recliner and have my wife feed me nachos all day. Maybe even....have her....give me a good back massage?"] he joked.
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Charrie helped there little one into Mason’s arms. Ariel was comfortable snuggling with Mason, clinging onto his shirt. She looked at him when she heard his voice. She felt the kiss on her forehead and would snuggle into his shoulder. She fell asleep once more in his arms.

Charrie saw Mason sit with her. She scooted closer, [b “It was. I think…this day turned me a bit out too.” She wrapped her arms around him. She rested her chin on his shoulder [b “Yummy.” ] She She watched the waiter come on. Charrie opned her mouth and took a bite. She fed him too and then she smiled brightly, “Yes, I do…my lovely husband treating me like a goddess. I love it.” She fed him again, “Eat up.” She kissed his cheek. She would look back at the twins.

[b “I seriously wonder how they could have all that energy.”] She tilted her head and then looked back at him, [b “Actually…I know how.” ] She laughed to herself. Mason had some serious stamina. She took hold of his hand, [b “I acutally…feel like taking a nap or some rest too.” ] She mentioned [b “We should have dinner with everyone later on. Because…we’ll have to leave tomorrow afternoon.”
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