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He ate the food he had with her and his brown eyes would look over to see how happy Ori was with his food. Seeing him giggle and squeal put a smile on his face because their little boy was happy. IT made Charrie really happy to see him taken care of. HE guessed it was because Ori was like another gift after their miscarriage.

Ariel was being such a cutie at the table. She was so adorable and watching her conversation with Sarah was making him laugh. He helped her turn the picture around and when Sarah clapped, it made Ari giggle. He kissed her cheek, finding her so cute [b "Aww see Ari, everyone loves you Ari"] he saw Ori finishing his food and when the man spoke to them, he looked over at his date and then the man.

Their kids weren't being that loud and he knew they were really happy. He saw that Charrie was getting irritated and then he looked up at the man [b "I'm sorry but our kids are just kids. They're being happy right now and he's just a baby. We're also trying to have a nice evening, so if you could be seated elsewhere, I'm sure that would help"] he told the waiter and he offered them another table on the other side of the restaurant.

Mason brushed his fingers through Ori's hair and smiled, "that's my boy" he then kissed Charrie's cheek. [b "It's okay baby. Just relax. They don't get it because they don't have a kid yet. Let's just focus on our dinner"] he brought some potatoes towards her lips.
  ellocalypse / 32d 32m 24s
Charrie shared some of her food with Mason, and ate most o it herself, until Ori asked for some. She fed him and made him giggle and squeal. She loved it the most when she could hear his happiness coming out. She loved giving him lots of love, smiles and hearing his giggles. It meant a lot to her. She looked at Ori and she also remembered the miscarriage and wanted to treat Ori with lots of love. His squeals and giggles caught some unwanted attention.

Charrie liked Mason’s explanation. Charie smiled at the way Ariel said ‘cute’. She looked back at Ariel’s picture and she gasped, [b “Wow Ari, looks exactly like Ori’s dinosaur. You are amazing baby.” ] Charrie smiled and Airel beamed, giggling and looking at her picture happily.

“Ariel you’re so cute,” Sarah spoke, “Can I see the picture?”
Ariel held her picture, but backwards.
“Other way Ariel,” Sarah laughed.
Ariel looked puzzled and looked at Mason for help. Once the picture was turned around, Sarah clapped, “Beautiful Ari.”
Ariel giggled, a little loudly in happiness. Ori squealed. Charrie paid attention to him again and saw he pretty much finished what was on his plate. She leaned and cleaned up his face a bit and then she whispered in his ear, “I love you.” Ori found Charrie’s whispering very ticklish and he started giggling and squealing. Charrie smiled at him.

“Excuse me,” A man cleared his voice behind them. Charrie looked back and saw another woman eyeing them by a near by table.
[b “Yes?” ] Charrie said.
“Would you be able to quiet down your kids? We’re trying to have a nice date.”
Charrie stared back at him and then glanced at the woman who looked annoyed. Charrie’s jaw stiffened and she was trying not to lose her shit. Ori babbled and then picked his nose. Charrie drew his hand out of there and heard that woman say “gross.”
Charrie couldn’t help roll her eyes [b “No. We’re trying to have a nice evening.” ]
Zack almost rose to make sure he stepped back from Charrie out of habit.
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Mason looked over at the twins, making sure they were doing okay, but when he saw them talking to each other and Juliet, he figured Heath could take care of it. They were still kids, but they weren't as crazy as when they were much younger.

His eyes glanced back at Charrie when she caught him salivating. He laughed and then he fed her some lobster, taking in some of the food she offered him. [b "Mmmm, that's pretty good baby"] he smiled and then he helped ARiel finish up her food, not liking to see her sad.

He was glad he could get her back to being happy as he kissed her cheek. She was giggling and then looking over at the twins as she continued to just draw on the paper. He saw Ori staring at Zack beside him, patting his arm and then Mason made a laugh about how he wasn't working out as much. He heard Ori's giggles and was glad their little boy was doing okay.

Mason looked around, seeing some people looking annoyed. Ari looked over [i "Daddy...Pepow wooking"] she said as Mason brushed her hair back [b "Aww don't worry baby. They just think you and your little brother are cute"] he kissed her cheek and then Ari would look at Ori [i "Owi coot?"] she wondered because she didn't really think so. [i "Owi funny"] she giggled and showed Charrie her picture [i "Mommy, wook. Is Owi's dinosaw"].
  ellocalypse / 33d 3h 14m 41s
Charrie smiled to herself while watching the twins talk to each other and Juiliet. It was nice to see them having fun [b “Yea…” ] She looked back at Mason and he looked dazed by that food. Charrie laughed [b “Hey, that expression is only for me,” ] She whispered by his ear.

Mark made the attempt to fix Sarah’s mistake and it…wasn’t the best but it worked for now. Charrie didn’t say anything to it. They seemed to buy it. They got Ariel to stop drawing on the table and she was sitting down and being fed like a princess. Ariel rubbed her eyes and she said “Okay daddy.” She was still a bit sad but she fwas feeling better after being fed and kissed on her head by daddy.

CHarrie couldn’t help but smile seeing Mason treat there little girl so well. Mason fed her, and it made her giggle. She took a bite and would take a bit and feed him too. She knew they were being hopeless romantics but she didn’t care, she loved how they showed their love for each other. Then…they noticed that the twins were gone. [b “I hope so too. I mean…he’s handled worse, I think.” ] She scrunched up her face. She knew the twins could be…a little chaotic sometimes. At least when they were very little. They loved to explore, they loved to prank.

Charrie burst out a laugh when she heard ‘work out more’. Zack narrowed his eyes “I do. Kiera-tell them.”
Kiera shrugged “Not as much as before.”
Charrie heard Ori’s voice in ht middle. She saw him pointing at her food. She took a little bit of her lamb and fed it to him and watched him make a face after, but then look content with it. She took hold of his little hand [b “Are you feeling happy Ori?” ]
He babbled to her.
[b “Yea?” ] Charrie grinned.
He giggled when Charrie smiled like that to him.
[b “Ori’s really happy?” ] She kissed his cheek and heard his beautiful little giggles and then a scream of happiness. Charrie by accident caught another table looking annoyed at them. She ignored it because she didn’t care. She wanted to hear Ori be this happy.
[b "That's my little Ori." ] She fed him a bit more of lamb but wouldn't put it in his mouth. Instead, she made him lean in and try to reach it and then gave it to him.
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He guessed that Charrie wanted some of his attention too since he's been really focused on their little ones. He fed her some chips and got some in return, making him smile as he watched Ori copy him. Their kids were so adorable and everyone knew it.

[b "I hope so. They put up such a fight and seemed so down they couldn't go. It looks like they were having fun though"] he sipped his wine and then he looked over at the food, his mouth nearly salivating. Mason heard Sarah....and then Mark's lame excuse. He wanted to facepalm, but that would just give it all away.

Ariel was soon drawing and Mason had to lift her up and place her back in her high chair. She looked like she was on the verge of tears, so he tried his best to calm her down. Mason fed her and she looked more content now. [b "You know your drawings are so pretty Ari. Your mommy's right though. We can't draw on something that's not yours or not paper"] he tried to explain.

She listened to Charrie and Mason kissed the top of her head [b "Good girl baby"] he let her finish her food before cutting up a piece of lobster and then giving it to Charrie. He brought it to her lips, but when he glanced back to see the twins missing, he sighed a bit. [b "I hope Heath is able to handle those three".]

He kept an eye on them, but then Zack got him curious. [b "He looks like he likes you"] he laughed, seeing Ori resting his hand on Zacks arm. He patted on him and then he babbled and squeaked. [b "He's saying you need to work out more Zack"] he teased and then Ori would look back and forth as they talked, as if trying to join in. [i "Da!"] he spoke and then would get distracted when he looked at Charrie's plate, pointing his little finger to try some lamb.
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Charrie appreciated the attention Mason gave her, feeding her. She tried to return that attention back to him. There kids couldn’t go long without getting or needing their attention. She fed there little Ori. She looked over at the twins to see them looking like they were having fun. She was happy they could give them a fun and safe trip. [b “It is…I’m so happy. Maybe they won’t be so upset at e now.” ] She whispered back. She tahnked him for pouring her a glass. Charrie would take small sips and then heard Sarah spill something out. She didn’t know how to fix it either. CHarrie looked back at Mason and almost laughed into her wine seeing him giving Mark a look. Mark’s excuse was lame but as long as there twins fell for it for now.

[b “We do.” ] Charrie kissed Mason’s lips briefly. Then she caught Ariel drawing on the table cloth. Ariel didn’t get hwy it was so wrong. She was pouting and looked like she would cry from being scolded. “Okay,” She said quietly, her eye sbecoming warm. She looked at her drawing and thought that maybe everyone would like it. “Awi dawin not nice?” She asked.

[b “Of course it’s nice Ariel. But this is someone else’s picture and we can’t draw on that.” ] Charrie tried to explain. Ariel was back in her high chair and Mason fed her food. She tried to hold it up and eat. Charrie was happ that at least Ariel wouldn’t draw anymore. But…it was already done and she didn’t know how she would explain it, besides paying for the vandalism. Charire than half wondered if Ariel thought it was one of those restaurants where they allowed people to draw on the paper on the table. Charrie leaned over and patted Ariel’s little back, [b “It’s okay Ari, we’re not mad. Just ask us if it’s okay first, okay? You did a beautiful picture.” ]
Ariel looked back after Mason fed her a bit more. “Okay mommy,” she said.

Charrie then realized that the twins and Juliet wasn’t sitting in there seats anymore. Where were they? She looked around and they were wondering and taking pictures around. Heath-had followed them.

“How you watch four kids is beyond me,” Sarah added.
“We had to watch the twins before,” Kiera mentioned, “We loved them, but it was sometimes hard because they were always so curious.”
“Looks like they’re still curious,” Zack mentioned and noticed Ori looking at him while he was talking. “Are these two just as curious?”
Charrie half shrugged [b “Not like the twins but…Ori sure likes being free of clothes. He doesn’t’ mind being in one play pen though and doesn’t escape like the twins did.” ]
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Mason was worried at first because he didn't know how well the restaurant was going to go with their four kids. THe twins were behaving, Ari was distracted with coloring, and Ori just wanted some food. He gave Charrie attention, letting her lean into him and then he offered her a chip and got one in return. He grinned, feeling really lucky to have such a loving wife. Even Sarah and Mark were jealous.

He saw Ori opening his mouth and thought he was such a smart little boy. [b "Me too. I'm glad the kids are having fun. I was hoping the twins would enjoy our vacation more than the school trip....and it looks like it's a success"] he whispered to her and then he helped pour her a glass of wine.

HE heard Sarah and just stared blankly when she mentioned shaking the bed. He sighed and glanced at Mark, giving him the 'you better fix this' look.

Mark just gulped and thought about an excuse. "She meant to say that your mom and dad love each other a lot. Even if there was an earthquake that shakes the whole house....they'll still love each other" he tried to divert their attention.

Rick eyed him [+blue "Ohhhh yeah mommy and daddy love each other"] he told them, eating his fish and chips.

Ariel soon was the center of attention when she sat on the table. Mason lifted her up and set her back into her high chair [b "We sit on the chair baby. Food stays on the table"] he brushed his fingers through her hair when she was scolded [b "Ari....only draw on the paper okay?"] he told her, pointing to the table and shaking his head [b "THis isn't paper, you can't draw on this. This is supposed to stay nice and clean because it covers the table"] he tried to tell her, soon feeding her a scoop of mac and cheese. She managed to calm down and focus on the food for now.
  ellocalypse / 34d 22h 9m 40s
There little Oreo was adorable. She liked the enivornment she was in right now. There kids were happy and save and she got to lean onto Mason. She wanted the attention too. She really liked getting attention from Mason. Mason had his arm around her waist and she wanted to hug him tightly, because she wanted to give him all of her attention too at times. They heard Ariel’s singing and it made her smile so much. She nodded and [b “I will.” ] She took the chip with cheese and then would bring on chip to his lips, laughing when he said ‘ahh’. Charrie kissed Mason’s cheek and felt a tug on her dress. She looked back at noticed Ori was copying his daddy.

Charrie laughed, [b “Ori you too?” ] She fed him too and watch him munch. [b “Aw, my little baby is so happy right?” ] Charrie felt through his hair and he’d open his mouth again. Charrie fed him again and he’d pat the table happily. Charrie took hold of Mason’s arm again. [b “I’m…feeling really happy.” ] She looked at his amazing eyes, feeling so greatful for all she had here. Her family, her friends… she did want to see her parents as well soon and Mason’s. There food came in and Charrie poured a glass of wine for Mason first.

“I want to be like you guys, always so in love and always shaking the bed,” Sarah mentioned without even thinking and forgetting about the kids.
“What’s shaking the bed?” Belle picked up, grabbing her burger. The other two would curiously look at Sarah. Sarah cussed under her breath “It’s um…an expression.”
“What’s an expression?” Juliet asked.
“It’s...Mark help me.” Sarah nudged him and realized she didn’t know how the hell she would deal with a kid twenty four seven.

Charrie decided to stay far away from that conversation. Then she had noticed Ariel somehow crawled out of her high chair was sitting on the table. [b “Ariel, Ari…you can’t do that baby.” ]
Ariel looked back at her and pointed at the table cloth and grinned because she drew on the table cloth. Charrie’s eyes widened [b “Ari! No!” ]
Ariel jumped “No wike?”
[b “Ari, you can’t draw on that.” ] Charrie sighed.
Ariel pouted, looking really sad and not really understanding why she couldn’t.
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He smiled, seeing Ori taking a bite of the bread. He looked fine and he had a smile on his face the minute that he got some food. Mason would watch him and then he saw the twins taking more pictures and then letting Juliet try some too.

He really did like the idea of sharing food with Charrie, so he agreed. When she leaned on him, he wrapped his arm around her waist, loving how she wanted his attention. It was nice to go out and eat dinner with all of them.

Mason spotted Ari coloring and then singing, but when she caught her mom filming, she was being adorable again. Mason gave her some calamari and then he glanced back at Charrie, laughing a bit. [b "Only if you feed me too"] he teased, holding a chip with cheese on it and then bringing it to her lips. He leaned into her and opened his mouth [b "Ahhh"] he asked, laughing a bit and then Ori saw.

He reached out and tugged on Charrie's shirt, opening his mouth wife for more food as well, copying Mason.
  ellocalypse / 35d 22h 21m 32s
[b “Oh, he’s okay.” ] Charrie laughed and handed Ori some of the bread. She kissed there baby boy on the cheek. She heard Ariel and it had her laughing. Ari’s eyes widened, not realizing she would look like that. “Awi monsta?” She asked.

Charrie shook her head. She leaned into Mason and nodded [b “I like that idea.” ] She leaned her head onto his shoulder because she could, because she liked taking in some of his warmth. She heard there little Ariel and it made her smile. Charrie took hold of Mason’s hand underneath the table. Sometimes she felt needy, sometimes she wanted to just hold hands and get the same attention from him that he gave there brilliant adorable kids that deserved the world. They got a lot of appetizers.

She’d reach out and take some calamari first. She watched Mason feed Ariel. Charrie decided to go against giving Ori anything but a bit of the lettuce wrap. She didn’t know how well he’d chew everything else down yet. She heard Ariel’s singing and Charrie got her phone out and recorded it a bit. Ariel caught her and she gasped and pointed. [b “What are you singing baby?” ]

“Ahhh, I don know.” She admitted, she was making random sounds.
Charrie nudged Mason, [b “Can you feed me too?” ] She asked, pouting.
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Their family looked stunning in their clothes and everyone knew it. The waiters in the restaurant complimented their kids and the other customers couldn't keep their eyes off of them. Mason sat with Ari and beside Charrie as they looked through the menu. It seemed like all of them wanted dessert first, but they couldn't have that.

Mason helped Ari choose the mac and cheese. Belle and Rick went for the fish and chips. He heard Ori sneeze and Mason held onto ARiel as Charrie cleaned him up. They were all soon laughing at the picture of Ori's scrunched up face [b "You okay Champ?"] he rubbed Ori's back and then saw him going straight for the food. He seemed okay.

Mason laughed at Ari's words [b "He's just sneezing. You sneeze too"] he told Ari and then he set her down in her high chair. Mason looked through the menu [b "I like the idea of wine....what if I get a lobster....and we can share?"] he suggested, looking over at Ari. [b "We'll get you some punch or chocolate milk cutie"] he told her and her eyes lit up. [i "Punsh"] she told him before Mason gave her some crayons to color the the little book she was given from the waiter.

Once they ordered their food, appetizers came out. There was calamari, chips and dip, and lettuce wraps. [b "Help yourself guys"] he told everyone and then he would give Ari some chips, seeing her try to dip it in the cheese. [b "Here baby, say ahh"] he told her, holding the chips dipped in cheese and aimed it into her mouth, seeing her munch on it happily and sing a song as she colored.
  ellocalypse / 36d 22h 48m 24s
There kids were adorable in their clothes. She had Ariel on her lap, letting her pick out what she wanted. It made her laugh when she pointed at the choclate cake. [b “I don’t eat chocolate cake first,” ] She tried to defend. Ariel’s cute little voice spoke what she wanted. She snuggled her little girl and kissed the top of her head. She was so adorable [b “I love you baby.” ] She heard a sneeze. [b “Ori are you-oh ew,” ] Charrie scrunched up her face. Before she knew it Ariel was taken rom her. She sighed and went onto cleaning Ori’s little nose.

[b “Don’t get sick Ori.” ] She said and then he sneezed again except she got these boogers with a napkin this time. Then…she noticed his finger. Gross. She wiped it off and looked at him in the eye and somehow he knew he did something wrong because he covered his face like she couldn’t see him if he couldn’t see her. She heard laughter from Bell’s side.

[b “What’s funny guys?” ] She asked and Belle showed the picture. Charrie started laughing and showed it to Mason, [b “Look at this.” ] Ariel saw a peak and shrieked “Who dat!”
[b “Ori.” ] Charrie said.
Ariel gasped and whispered to herself “Owi a monsta.”
Charrie shrugged [b “You’re not all wrong.” ]
Ori whined, trying to stretch out for the piece of bread on the table. Charrie grabbed a bit and go the soft part for him and gave him a bit to eat. Charrie leaned into Mason [b “Mase…what do you think I should get? Maybe lamb?” ] She asked, [b “We could get some wine too.” ]
“Awi too!” Ariel cheered not knowing what wine was but sounded intresting.
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Their family had come a long way since living in their first home and having the twins. THey had such reliable friends, people that cared about them, amazing kids, and a great family. Even after all of that, they could be happy with who they were.

The photo session was finally over and he could remember coming onto set, seeing the twins being put into a commercial or even having him model for a small ad sometimes. IT was such a long time ago. He walked with them and found little Ari being the cutie that she was. THey sat at the table and he had her on his left. He looked through the menu, picking something he wanted, but when he saw Ari so close, he kissed her cheek [b "What do you want baby?"] he asked, seeing Ari pointing to the chocolate cake. [b "You're all like your mother. We have to eat something before dessert"] he told her and then he also glanced at Belle.

[b "How about this?"] he pointed to the lobster mac and cheese for Ari and luckily she agreed. [i "Den kek?"] she asked and he laughed [b "Yes yes, then dessert"] he glanced over at Charrie and then saw Ori picking his nose and then sneezing.

[b "Hmm"] Mason lifted Ari into his lap so Charrie could take care of Ori. Belle snapped a picture of the sneeze and Ori's face looked so scrunched up that it made her laugh so hard. Rick saw it too and then they all started laughing.
  ellocalypse / 40d 21h 17m 52s
Life has moved so forward, and they still had friends that mattered to them. Charrie really was glad they had them in their life. She forgot she had a different identity sometimes, because they made her feel like she didn’t have to pretend.

There kids were very cute. She had taken photos of them and then everyone. She remembered how different life was when she was on a movie set. They all went out, and Mason was being a great dad picking up Ariel. Charrie smiled back at Ari, adoring there little girl. She pushed Ori’s stroller and made sure she had sight of there twins with Juliet. They all went down and she heard Ariel clapping and trying to say ‘vacation’. It was so cute she wanted to sotp right there and kiss Ariel’s sweet little cheek.

They got there large table for dinner. Everyone sat down, Charrie sat beside Mason, but Ori was on her right. Ariel pleaded Charrie to sit on her lap, so Charrie sat her on her lap for now. She couldn’t say no to her. Charrie opened the menu and would hold it up for Ariel to point at the pictures of food she wanted to try. Ariel then looked back at Mason “Daddy wa eat?”

Belle sat up “Daddy! Can I have dessert first?”
Charrie laughed and shook her head.
“Belle, could you kids do me a favour? Take my phone and take pictures whenever you feel like it.” ] Sarah said and gave her phone to the three kids. Belle took it and then would take pictures of Rick and laughed, then Rick took it and they would start taking funny pictures together.
  Ravenity / 42d 2h 52m 59s
He smiled because they had some great friends, both old and new ones. Mark has been with him ever since and when he figured out that Charrie was Charrie, even he was surprised. Who knew he'd even be dating Sarah. It made him happy to know that their friends were still really close to them, even until now.

He loved teasing Charrie, so when she mentioned having him at night, he smirked and then he stood up to get changed. The boys were all done and when they stepped out, he was impressed. ORi looked really cute and he wasn't making a fuss. Rick looked dashing. They were soon all outside getting compliments from everyone as they gathered to take some pictures. Everyone got a couple photo, even Belle and Rick. Ari and ORi got one and then their family as well. Heath and Juliet took one and then they managed a group photo.

ONce the pictures were done, they got ready to leave. He walked outside with the twins, but when he heard Ariel's voice, he glanced back and lifted her up into his arms [b "Of course cutiepie"] he held her and then they headed towards the restaurant.

Mason told the host of their reservation and they were seated out on the deck by the water. Mason sat beside Ari and Charrie beside Ori. The twins and Juliet were together and then everyone else. [b "You guys all look great! Happy vacation!"] he cheered and then ARi looked at him and clapped her hands [i "Vawashun"] she tried to copy him. Mason laughed and then he held open the menu, looking through to see what he wanted and something to get ARi.
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