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Ariel wasn’t too sure about Ori not taking it. He has done before and there was no telling if he was going to do it again. She still kept it hidden just less hidden. She munched on her hot dog and watched Ori carefuly. Ori was just staring and then pointed, ”Daddy, Owi wan,” She pouted. She looked at the grown ups and they didn’t look too happy. “Why sad?” She asked.
Charrie leaned over to Ariel, “They’re okay.” She and watched attempt to clean her face but CHarrie still had to help her out. She was so adorable. Charrie laughed seeing Ori making am mess on Mason. She loved their kids so much. They were the best. She ate her own and heard Mason. She felt that there family really were one of the best. Ariel looked down at her hot dog and her eyes widened, “Tet dog!” She squealed, dropping her hot dog, definitely not wanting to eat a dog. “Ewe!”
Charrie laughed, [b “They’re not dogs Ari. Don’t worry. We just call them that.” ]
Charrie shrugged [b “I…don’t know.” ] Soon enough the cupcakes came in and Charrie was more excited then there little kids. She took a bite and tasted the sweet soft cream. Mmmmm… It tasted so good. Ariel squealed and took a cupcake in her hands. It was so pretty, and she stuffed the cream in her face.

Sarah couldn’t help but smile watching Ariel and Ori. At least they were cute. She hoped that…if she had this baby that it wouldn’t drive her mad and only do cute things. She definitely wouldn’t be feeding it as much cupcakes as Charrie did though. “Yea, it’ll be nice to relax.”
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He loved watching their kids enjoy the food that he made. As long as he made them happy, he felt really good about it all. He fed Ori and Ari, seeing them eat up being so content. He loved their two little ones and he wanted them to grow up living normal lives. THe twins were already getting used to it and they were learning that it still wasn't so easy.

Mason watched Ari hide her hotdog from Ori and he laughed [b "Don't worry cupcake, he won't take it"] he saw Sarah and Mark looking a little better. At least they weren't going to leave each other over this and they would try and figure things out. [b "We did, but we made it through and so will you and Mark"] he smiled and then he felt something on his shirt. He saw how he turned his shirt into a mustard color.

[b "You are one cute little guy"] he cleaned Ori's face and kissed his little cheek and then he watched Ari try to wipe her face. THey were still so tiny, but he loved them. [b "Those are world famous Ari dogs. Eat up"] he laughed, soon bringing out the rest of the cupcakes they had bought. [b "Can't forget about dessert"] he smiled and glanced back at Mark and Sarah. [b "Are you guys excited? We get to relax at a resort. Just try and enjoy it, especially since we'll have the floor all to ourselves in that nice suite."]
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Ariel was so happy with the hot dog daddy gave her. It tasted so yummy. She went inside with daddy and heard people talking but didn’t get it. She got put in her high chair and then Ori was placed too. She looked at Ori, and he was patting his table, and then looking at her hot dog. Ariel turned her hot dog away, not this time.

Sarah sighed and leaned back for a moment, “Yea…We really need to work it out.” She still felt worried but was glad that he wasn’t going to leave her exactly alone on this. This whole time she’s been giving Charrie and Mason advise and now the tables were going to be turned. Charrie quit her job entirely when she had the twins, and Sarah knew she didn’t want that but it would be difficult to do both. “Thanks Mason… But, you two were already married and I remember Charrie telling me you were trying even if she didn’t think it’ go anywhere.” Although she knew they were in a dangerous situation when the twins came in. She also remembered Charrie coming to her crying about being pregnant. “You two went through a lot…” She whispered. She got up and decided to eat with them. She watched Ori and Mason. It was cute, and just couldn’t believe she would be having one of those.

Charrie laughed, [b “I don’t think he gets it Mase.” ] She took a bite out of hers and oh, did it taste good. [b “Mmm…it’s good. I bet it’s because Ariel helped.” ]
Ariel grinned, “Awi hep!”
[b “Aw, baby. Yes you did.” ] Charrie leaned over and hand her a napkin, [b “Can you wipe your face Ari?” ]

Ariel tried but still had left overs. Charrie helped clean her up just a bit more [b “There you go cupcake.” ]
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He helped Ari take a bite and then he grinned, seeing her stuff her mouth with the hot dog. He wiped her lips and when he saw her sparkling eyes, he knew he did a good job. [b "Yeah? Good. I'm glad it tastes good then"] he he walked inside with her, setting her at the table as he brought the food inside.

Mark didn't really know how to be dealing with a child either, but he knew that he couldn't be upset with her right now. This was both of their faults and he didn't want to abort a kid either. Mark didn't really want to settle down yet, but he was more able to than Sarah since his job could be done from anywhere.

He met her eyes and then he just rubbed her shoulders. "We'll figure this out when we get back to my place. We'll talk about it later, but I'm glad you told me" he knew they had a lot to deal with now. THey were going to have a child and they weren't even married yet. Not too long ago, they were having problems too.

Mason heard the news and then he glanced back at them. [b "How about you try some of my hotdogs and then you two can try and work things out. If you ever need advice, Charrie and I are always here. We wouldn't mind helping either. [b "Just let it sink in for now and I'm sure you two can figure it out. Charrie and I managed....ours was a surprise too. We know how it feels"] he told them, taking a hotdog and then biting into it, smiling at the taste. He felt someone grabbing his shirt and when he saw Ori's sticky hands on his shoulder, he sighed. [b "Ori....I'll give you more, but don't touch daddy when your hands are sticky"] he wiped his little hands and then he gave him more hotdog.
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Ariel took one big bite, at least it was a big bite to her. She stuffed her mouth and her eyes sparkled, widening. It tasted so good! She gulped it down and looked up at Mason “Daddy, good!” She nodded and began finishing the hot dog off, Mason kissing her cheek. She was pretty pumped up eating this amazing hot dog that daddy made with a happy face on it.

Charrie felt worried on how this would turn out. But, she couldn’t leave Ori there any longer. She didn’t want him to be causing trouble too. She lifted him up and she decided to speak up a bit, hoping she made it better and not worse.

Sarah felt a rush of panic thinking about already settling down like that. She just didn’t see it coming and she definitely didn’t feel ready. How about her career? It wouldn’t be so easy to move around from location to location. It stressed her out. “Yea we do it’s just… I don’t Mark. Are we going to live together? I’m also worried about my job and we both are never in one place.” TO think her biggest worry was him bailing on her. They had been arguing over not being in the same place and she just couldn’t be constantly there. He was right…she couldn’t talk about this in front of anyone here. “Yea.. We should talk about it later.”

Just when Charrie went over to Mason, she saw him coming in with Ariel setting the hot dogs. Airel was looking so brightly happy. Charrie sat Ori on his high chair and kissed the top of his head, “Had fun with daddy sweetie?” She asked.
Ariel grinned and nodded and explained what she did and how yummy the hot dog was. Charrie turned her head again, seeing the two looked stressed out. Charrie sighed when Mason asked the question. She leaned into his ear and whispered, [b “Sarah told Mark she’s pregnant.” ]

She looked back at Mark and Sarah, [b "If you two need some time alone, just say so. And if you need some advice, we can do our best." ]
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Mark was pretty good around kids and since he had the twins hanging out all the time, he really did know how to calm them down. He held him close and let Ori just play around on his lap. He would glance over to see Ari and Mason and he knew their family was just the cutest.

Mason loved hearing little Ariel's giggles, making him smile as he took the ingredients. He showed her the hot dogs and wondered which one she liked. He took one and then he put it on a toasted bun. He put on some ketchup, asking Ari what else she wanted on it before topping it off with a mustard smiling face. He cut it in half and then he leg her hold one. [b "Let daddy know if it's good cupcake"] he watched her take a bite as he kissed her cheek.

When Mark heard the news that Sarah was pregnant, he looked so surprised at first because he felt like he wasn't really ready for that kind of thing yet. He could tell from the look on her face that she was really worried, so he thought about it and figured it wasn't a bad thing. He told her that it was great. "I don't think I'm ready yet either, but we can make it work somehow right? I'm not going anywhere Sarah" he told her, seeing Charrie lift up Ori. He held Sarah's hands and then he sighed a little.

"She's got a point. Plus we both have nice houses in the area....we can raise them here and have them play with Ori and Ari? We'll figure this out" he told her, hoping to try and make her feel a bit better. He knew they were having a rough time recently, but he didn't want to show anything to Charrie and Mason right now. "We'll talk more about this later, but um..." he spoke.

Mason came in with some hot dogs, setting them on the table and then smiling at everyone as he sat down. [b "Eat up guys. Ari helped me make these"] he said oblivious to everything happening. Ari sat in her high chair as he gave her more hotdogs. Mason took one and cut it to pieces for Ori as he sat down. Everyone looked so serious. [b "What did I miss?"]
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Charrie lifted a smile hearing Ori giggle, beating treated nicely by Mark. She felt that they would be fine. Although CHarrie was aware that they’ve been having problems not that long ago too. Charrie saw Ariel hurry along to Mason, looking so excited to be helpful.

Ariel grinned when daddy picked her up. Bubbly giggles came out of her when he called her a good girl and that she helped him. She was a grown up too. She snuggled her small body into him and peaked down at the grill. She pointed to the one barely grilled, “tat one daddy.” She could feel the heat of the grill. “It hot?” She asked, staring back at Mason’s face.

Sarah felt the tightness in her chest grow. They met each other’s eyes and she felt sick to her stomach thinking about telling him. How would he react? She wasn’t ready for this either, so how could she expect him to be?
Charrie turned her head and felt the awkwardness fill in her. She was looking at Ori debating if she should take him or avoid any conversation and let him stay in Mark’s arms. Was that safe right now? Ori didn’t seem to notice a thing. Mark looked down at Ori and Ori raised his head and looked back making a short squeal. Sarah felt the fear run through her when she saw how shocked he looked and she just slowly nodded. Charrie’s eyes widened when Mark looked directly at her. She turned her head quickly and only stayed around because she wanted to keep an eye on Ori.

Sarah nibbled on her lip, looking down at her lap until he said ‘that’s great’ and not in a sarcastic way. She looked at him, a bit surprised, seeing him poke Ori. Ori gave this grumpy confused look and touched his tummy too, babbling. Sarah looked down at Ori and she thought that babies were cute, that Charrie’s and Mason’s babies were adorable but she was fine with just being at the sideline. “I don’t think I’m ready to be honest. I don’t think we’re ready. But, I have less of a choice now and I don’t think I could give it up. You don’t have to stay but…it would mean a lot to me if you did.”

Charrie would watch from the distance and saw Ori raising his hands up, looking back at her. She should probably retrieve Ori. He started to whine for her. Definitely had to get him. Charrie slowly went over, wanting to sneak in there, and she did, she took Ori out of Mark’s lap into hers but Sarah was looking back at her, damn it.
[b “You’ll be fine. I wasn’t really expecting to have babies after I and Mason got married, and I was much younger then you two and let’s face it-I am the least capable of children. So…you’ll be okay Besides, they give more happiness than they take, isn’t that right my little Ori?” ] She tickled his tummy and he squealed but he was trying to get some food.
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He could see Ariel doing her best to try and help out daddy. Mason had a smile on his face as he watched their little red head walk towards him as he took hold of the condiments and the vegetables. He lifted her up and kissed her cheek, hearing her adorable little giggles [b "You're such a good girl Ari. Daddy is so glad you're helping"] he told her, holding her in his arms as he turned over the hotdogs. [b "Do you like the hot dogs like this or this?"] he showed her one barely grilling and then one that had a lot of grill marks on it.

When Mark and Sarah were talking about the itinerary, he looked down at little Ori on his lap and he would hold the little boy. He didn't mind being around kids, they were so innocent and they smelled really good. He liked the way they were, but he didn't really feel ready for one yet.

He smiled when Charrie said she supported them. He tried to turn Ori so that he wasn't biting on his shirt and then he tickled his little sides, hearing his giggles. When Sarah said she had to tell him something, he wondered what it was. She looked really serious, so when he glanced over, he met her eyes "What is it Sarah?" he asked, soon hearing the big news.

Mark's face suddenly looked shocked and then he gulped, glancing down at Ori. "Wait....so....we're going to have a baby?" he gasped and then he glanced at Charrie, wondering if she knew. Well...now she did if she didn't know.

"I...I mean.....that's great Sarah. That means we'll have a little one like this guy" he poked Ori in the stomach, glancing to meet her eyes, noticing that she was a little more timid about this. "I mean..what do you think? I know it's a surprise, but I'm sure we can figure this out. How do you feel about this?" he wondered.
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In between conversations, her eyes would fall on their Ariel trying to walk fast with both hands holding on whatever ingredients he had for that trip to make it out to daddy. She would release giggles and smiles and looked up at Mason with wonder, feeling proud of herself when he took the ingredient from her. She was helping and that meant that she was big.

Sarah and Mark-were concerning her. Sarah looked nervous and was keeping fairly quiet around all of this. She didn’t break it to him yet and she was starting to think that maybe she shouldn’t, maybe she should give it up and pretend like it never happened. She remembered talking to him about getting married as a joke once, she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to take it that far but if this was happening then… She just weakly smiled when Mark nudged her.

“You know I’ll 100 percent support you two. Being married is nice,” Charrie smiled and sat Ori on his lap. She figured Mark liked kids, since he was good with theirs. Charrie laughed when Ori bit his shirt. “Ori, don’t do that baby.” Charrie leaned in and kissed his cheek and slowly separated him from biting, “It’s not nice,” She frowned. He stared for a while. Charrie looked back and Mark, “Yea, you did. They like you a lot.” She told them about the trip, some pictures and such. Sarah watched Mark with Ori half of the time debating if she should just tell him or not.

Sarah nodded, “Yea, it’s pretty big. Um…” She sighed. Charrie felt something thug on her leggings. She looked down and there was Ariel. Charrie brushed her hair back, “It’s in the fridge Ari, but they’re a bit too high for you. Come on, let’s go get them.” Charrie got up and held Ariel’s hand, walking to the fridge toether.

“Mark, I have to tell you something. I’m just going to say it or else I might never,” Sarah said and was looking at him at first bust topped after, “I’m…pregnant.”

As Charrie took out the ketchup bottle and gave it to Ariel, she picked up what Sarah said and turned her head. Uh oh. Ariel didn’t get it and she just went dancing off to give Daddy the ketchup. Charrie then looked at Ori and wondered if she should go get him so they could talk but she was also afraid to get in the middle of it right now.
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He brought the bags upstairs as fast as he could, not wanting their little curious Ari taking a sneak peek at what he had. He then headed back down into the kitchen, looking around and then sitting as everyone spoke. He asked about being ready for a baby, but when Mark said he wanted to be married first, Mason glanced over at Charrie and then he kept holding little Ori as he tried to bounce him on his lap for a while.

He looked at the two and could tell that Sarah wasn't sure how to tell him now when Mark phrased it like that. Instead, he stood up and then he decided to grill some hotdogs outside for a change. He headed outside to start the grill, having little Ari help him by bringing the ingredients in her arms as she walked outside to daddy.

Mark thought about the getting married question and he wasn't quite sure what to say. "I mean, we've talked about it before. I don't know when it'll happen though" he nudged Sarah and then he kept his arm around her. When Ori sat on his lap, he looked down at him and then he felt him tugging his shirt. He smiled and then he patted his head, seeing him babbling and biting on his shirt. "Ori, it's not food" he told him and looked over at Charrie's itinerary. "I don't mind babies. I used to play with the twins all the time"

"The place looks really nice. Looks like we'll have tons of fun. Look Sarah, we'll even get a huge room to ourselves" he smiled, seeing Ari walking in and then tugging on Charrie's pant leg.

[i "Momma wer da kachp?"] she asked, since Mason asked her to bring out some condiments.
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Charrie hoped to be good enough of a distraction, so that Mason could get those bags up with no problem. She did not want Ariel's curiosity to click in. She saw Mark and Sarah's eyes following Mason and telling from how they smirked, they definitely knew what they were bringing up was anything but innocent. Well, it wasn't like they knew what was in there. Mason came back, Ori got attention. Then it got awkward... Charrie locked her mouth for a moment. Sarah clearly hadn't said anything.

Sarah stared back at Mark and she tensed up about him not wanting kids. Married. She hadn't even thought about that. Charrie glanced back and forth and tried to hold a smile. That didn't sound good.
[b "Oh, you're thinking about getting married?" ] Charrie lightly laughed, [b "I can get you two a really good place," ] Sarah didn't say anything, she looked down and felt the weight on her. She didn't know what to do about this. SHe knew he was right, she didn't want a kid right now, not like this. She lifted her head slightly. She didn't think he would think she would be.

[b "Yea, she would. She always gave us good advice." ] Charrie smiled and then tried to mov ethe conversation else where. She saw Ori pointing to her boobs and but of course. She sighed and heard the laughter. How embarrassing, in front of Sarah and Mark. Ariel didn't get it. Ariel grinned when Mason said he'd make hot dogs, "Yay! Okay daddy! I wan." Ariel giggled and held the buns he gave her, following towards the backyard, looking like a little red haired Charrie.

"Alright," Charrie nodded and carried Ori in her arms, snuggling him in, kissing his cute baby cheeks. "You'll eat soon, don't worry." She adored him so much. Sarah sat down and Charrie could tell she looked upset, worried. Charrie didn't know how to fix it.
[b "Mark, can you hold Ori for a bit. He won't bite, just maybe slobber. Um...do you like babies by the way?" ] Charrie asked, [b "While I tell you about the trip." ] Charrie would sat Ori on his lap. Ori was lean back and look up curiously and babble. "So we would have to leave early morning..." She began and pulled out her phone to show them the place they were going to.

"That looks nice," Sarah said but looked visibly bothered, and then sighed, "Everyone will love it."
Charrie looked back and forth and tried to talk more about what they were going to do, while Ori began tugging on clothes, babbling, sucking on his finger and looking around.
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He headed towards the stairs when they returned home, hoping that he could bring their goodies upstairs before anyone found out. As he stepped inside, he saw Charrie distracting Ari with the cupcakes. Mark spotted Mason heading upstairs and he had an idea of where they went and what they bought. He smirked and then Sarah caught a glimpse as well.

Mason returned into the kitchen, his eyes looking at little Ori as he lifted him up and kissed his head. He was adorable. He held him in his arms, but could tell he was trying to reach for something. He glanced back to see Charrie and then he asked Sarah about the baby to come. When she mentioned he was joking, Mason got the hint and then he glanced at Mark.

"You know...I don't think we'd want any kids right now. At least not until we get married. I do think Sarah would make a great mother though" he told her, wrapping his arm around her waist as Mason shrugged a little, hoping it would work out for them. He heard Ori's loud voice and when he pointed to her boobs, everyone was laughing. [b "You're really something champ"] he laughed, moving to sit down, thinking about what they could eat.

When Ari mentioned hot dogs, he smiled [b "I can whip up some hot dogs really quick if you guys want. It'll taste better though if I cook it on the grill outside"] he suggested, grabbing the ingredients and the buns from the fridge. [b "Do you want to watch daddy cook babygirl?"] he asked Ari, letting her hold the buns as he carried the hot dogs and the toppings towards the backyard. Maybe some good food would lighten the mood too.

[b "Baby, I'll start cooking. You can tell them about the trip and the itinerary"] he smiled as he went out to start the grill, little Ari following along, going back and forth, bringing daddy the ingredients.
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Mason was glad that she was agreeing with him. They never really fought much when it came to the bedroom things, but he was glad that it wasn't what their relationship was all about. THey've grown past the point where that was the only thing they wanted from each other.

He drove to a secluded area by the beach and then he opened up the sunroof and then he glanced over at Charrie, seeing that she looked just as eager as him. He laughed when she spoke [b "I knew you kind of sort of liked that. WHo knew it would only take a couple of years huh"] he felt her hands just making their way to his skin. A smirk appeared on his face. [b "Okay, let's start it off with you sitting on my lap in the driver seat. I do want to have a good view"] he reached over and helped carry her towards him onto his lap. He leaned in for a kiss and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her slowly and repeatedly.

Mason let his hands glide down her back slowly, over her ass and holding her against him as he met her eyes. [b "How does it feel to be in the front seat? Like it?"]
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This was their first time buying something like this together. She hoped that it would become easier because, she liked doing a lot with Mase in bed. Charrie walked along the sidewalk with him. She thought doing it in the lambo would be lots of fun. Sure, it might make a mess...but she felt so excited to try things out while they were alone. She got into the car seat. Charrie nodded [b “I’d like that.” ] She closed the door and leaned back, getting anxious about doing it in there car.

Mason parked and her eyes watched him, waiting patiently for him to put the car in park. The sun roof opened up and she nibbled on her lip while smiling. [b “I think we’ll have more room at the back, but I could always hop on while you’re there and then we can move into the back. Ah-“ ] She remembered something from the past and laughed a little [b “Remember that time, you tried to glue me in the car seat and felt me up. That didn’t end well…but funny how I’m so willing to do it now.” ] She leaned in and let her hand reach underneath his shirt a bit, [b “Do you want me to come over there?” ]
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He was glad that they were both figuring out all of these things together. She was willing to try out some new things with him and that got him really excited. Mason wanted to always be able to keep her happy and to keep that flame burning every time he spent time with her. That never went away. He loved her so much.

After they had all of their things purchased, he stepped outside with her, walking along the sidewalks, past other shops as he made a suggestion. Now that they were alone, he didn't think they could pass up a chance to get some alone time together, so when she agreed, he smiled and then he led her towards his lambo, putting the bags inside as he felt the anxiousness build. He really wanted to be able to do things with her right now.

HE got into the driver seat, waiting for Charrie to step inside. [b "How about we go somewhere a little more secluded?"] he backed up and drove towards the beach more, a little further away from the city. He parked off to the side, away from any buildings beneath some palm trees. He opened up the sun roof and then he glanced over at Charrie. [b "Well we're all secluded now. DO you want to come with me to the driver side? Or should we get dirty and head into the back seat?"] he suggested, getting really excited.
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