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It wasn't going to be easy for Ori to be sitting at a table and eating dinner in such nice clothes. Everytime they put him in something nice, he'd look so grumpy. He didn't want to do that to their little baby, so he just decided to let Charrie take care of things.

Majority of the guys eventually fell asleep too, including Mason. It wasn't long until he felt Charrie trying to wake him up. His brown eyes opened and then he yawned a little [b "Okay, I can take care of the boys. I'll figure something out for little Ori"] he smiled, looking over to see Belle and Rick watching the movie still. He called Rick over and then went into Ori's room. He saw their little boy still in his crib standing up.

[b "Hey champ, let's get you looking really good for dinner okay?"] he saw Rick choosing something out of his suit case and Mason approved. He wore a short sleeve shirt with a collar. It was a button up dark blue shirt and some black pants with black shoes. Mason then chose a a shirt for Ori. It was a fake suit but on a shirt. Mason changed him and put him in some comfy pants and booties that were all black. Mason kissed his forehead [b "See fancy clothes aren't bad"] he babbled and pointed to his stuffed dinosaur. Mason gave it to him and then he changed into a dark teal shirt, some grey dress pants and he put on a tie.

Once they were ready, they stepped into the living room. Mason carried Ori in his arms and kissed his cheek, seeing him rest his head on his shoulder since he was still waking up. When everyone was ready, Mason saw the girls and he smiled. [b "Wow you guys are so pretty"] he grinned, hugging Belle and Ari. [b "You have pretty dresses"] he smiled, meeting eyes with Charrie and then smirking. [b "Ooh my wife is always sexy. We ready to go?"] he waited for everyone else before setting Ori in his stroller and then heading towards the restaurant.

[https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwi35dLllILcAhWHxFQKHe9QD9oQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2F429390145704520593%2F&psig=AOvVaw3IHKJz-iacHTHp7ABkqHDR&ust=1530680870606579 Mason's clothes]
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For the sake of having an easy to care for baby, she would keep Ori in clothes he was more comfortable in. She wondered what bothered him about it-the layers. Maybe he got too hot. Maybe because it was different fabric? She felt she needed to test things out to know.

Mason made great decisions and everyone seemed to be happy with it. “They are kids,” She smiled to herself. She was glad they did. Before she could keep up with the twins because of all the missions she had to handle, so she always needed to have that energy but life has been pretty quiet lately. She took comfort in Mason but soon enough-he was straight to sleep. Oh well. She hugged him and wondered if he was cold sleeping like this. Charrie watched the movie with whomever was awake. Eventually, it grew near time. She gently rubbed Mason’s shoulder, “Mase, it’s time to wake up,” She said, and patted him a few times until he would wake up.

“I’ll handle our girls, and maybe Ori too unless you want to handle him… If he’s up.” She got up from the sofa and head over to peak into the room but the door opened as she grew near. Out came a still sleepy Ari, rubbing her eyes and then hugging her leg, “Mommy water.” She asked. Charrie scooped her up and went to the fridge in there and grabbed her some water. She drank away and Charrie kissed her cheek, “Slept okay?”
Ariel nodded, still trying to wake up.
“We’re going to have dinner soon, and we need to put you in a pretty clothes.”
“Okay.” Ariel yawned.
Charrie then took a peak into the room again and Ori was sitting him, babbling to himself and then stood up when he saw her. “Aw, looks like you are up,” She smiled and kissed his forehead. She let Ariel walk on her own. “Can you tell your sister to come in? I’ll help her out too.” Charrie mentioned.

Ariel nodded and went to go get Belle, tugging on her shirt telling her “Come.”
Charrie went to grab Ari and Belle’s dress first. She got a pretty laced pinkish dress for Ariel and this strawberry patterned white dress for Belle. She thought they were going to look so damn adorable. As for herself, Charrie wore a deep v neck black dress with a spaghetti strap with the right side being slit up to her lower thigh. She pulled Ariel’s hair up and let Belle have her hair out, brushed. Charrie let her own hair let out. She did some makeup using nude colors. Ariel wanted to use it badly too because it reminded her of markers, pencil crayons and such. After some convincing Charrie only let her use some lipgloss she had in her bag that was hardly noticeable, but it satisfied Ari.
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He stepped into the suite and everyone seemed tired enough. The guys were going down so many waterslides just to keep up with the energy of the kids. THey were all laying back on the couches and eating snacks. Mason hugged Charrie, missing her embrace already. He was always at her side and now that they spent most of the afternoon away, it felt nice to be back in her arms.

[b "Okay, a semi formal dinner? I like it"] he was glad everyone else seemed to agree. They'd all get dressed and ready and he had to make sure their kids were dressed appropriately too. He thought of Ori in his nice clothes, giving a grumpy face all day. He didn't want that. A happy Ori was much easier to handle.

[b "Okay, then let's get ready soon. I'm already hungry from all the slides we went down. Those kids have too much energy"] he laughed and then looked at the other guys that were just tired. He leaned back and accidentally fell asleep on Charrie's shoulder, his eyes closing and he relaxed for a bit.

Mark ended up falling asleep beside Sarah and Zack was still up with Kiera, just watching the movie. After about an hour, they all got up and were trying to get ready for the dinner.
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She wasn’t used to the distance. They were together for most of the day-ever day. He came in with everyone else and she got up and wrapped her arms warmly around him. She flashed a smile when he admit he did, “Thank you. I want to see them all after.” She kissed his cheek back. She sat down, right beside him, realizing she already missed him. Charrie wanted to just stay in his arms and watch something together. Wow, she has grown really clingy.
“I’m up for it,” Sarah said.
Charrie lightly smiled when he wrapped his arm around her. She leaned into him and kissed his jaw again. She cuddled into him while he talked. “We could dress up a little,” She liked the sound of it.
“I might not have something really fancy but, close to it,” Heath said, watching Juliet follow the twins to their bedroom.
Charrie lifted her eyes up to Mason, “Or not…? Why?” She tried to think of a reason for it and eventually after running into circles she realized-Ori. Ori got real grumpy when he was put into fancy clothes. He put this adorable grumpy face but-it was hard to manage him and she didn’t want to be managing him most of the night.

“I’ll just put Ori into something comfortable. He’ll be fine,” She promised.
“Does Ori cry often at places?” Kiera asked out of curiosity.
“He’s usually fine,” Charrie shrugged, “We usually can calm him down pretty quick once we find the problem. I promise I’ll do my best not to annoy anyone.”
Sarah lightly laughed, “Don’t worry about it.”

Charrie lightly smiled. She hoped Ori would behave tonight. She didn’t like going out too much with a baby because she didn’t like attention that drew on them when Ori cried because it was mostly annoyed looks. And when people looked mad at Ori-well she wanted to violent things. Because no one should dare look at their Ori like that. She looked up at the time, “We should get ready for dinner in an hour…well I mean I can’t actually go until Ori and Ariel wake up.” And she definitely couldn’t wake them up, they had to wake up on their own or she’d face a grumpy crying baby and maybe even a crying Ariel.
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He felt as if he should just let Charrie win this one for now since he always got to tease her and she's been feeling down lately with Conrad. He headed out with the older kids, taking them onto the waterslides and trying to make them have as much fun as possible so that they didn't miss out on a fun trip.

Having it be all guys was new also. They could talk about guy things, how being a dad was, and just talk about their relationships. The twins were really daring, asking Mason to ride some extreme slides. He went down with them and Juliet stayed with her dad on a few because she wasn't as daring as the twins. They all relaxed in the river and soon enough, they were tiring out.

They headed back to the suite, seeing the ladies relaxing in the living room as Mason went in to grab more snacks, setting it on the table. He saw Charrie walking over and he hugged her, kissing her cheek. [b "Of course I did. That's why I bought the waterproof phone"] he smiled, knowing that his movie star wife would want that.

He sat on the couch as the others did as well just munching and talking. Mason talked about where they should eat for dinner. He looked at the few restaurants they had here and let the majority pick. [b "This seafood place looks good"] he suggested, seeing it was also an outdoor restaurant by the beach. Mason leaned into Charrie and he wrapped his arm around her [b "We can even dress fancy if you guys want?"] he thought about Ori all dressed up. [b "Or not...."]
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Charrie felt she got the edge when she gave him the preview. It wouldn’t be for a long while before he could do anything about it. She spend the time with her two friends. She remembered a time when she was best friends with Heath. It was odd to separate but it was nice to talk to girls about a few things because it wasn’t like the guys could comfortably talk about it. She found that they avoided those conversations entirely.

They had a lot of fun playing with Ariel and Ori too. Ori was thankfully being more adorable then trouble this time around. He was fond of the water, patting it, playing with his toy and floating around. Charrie felt happy to be holding him and having Ariel play a bit with Ori too. She managed to catch pictures of their kids. Kiera and Sarah were fond of playing with Ariel and making Ori give cute reactions.

Ariel and Ori were off napping, and they sat in the living space. After a while, the front door opened and in came the guys and the twins with Juliet. Charrie waved, “hello everyone. Did you have fun?” She bet they had more fun than they did considering she was mostly stuck in the kiddy pool. She honestly wanted to go play with the twins after. The twins stretched their arms and yawned a bit.

“We had fun,” Belle grinned, “I’m a little tired.”
“You should all come and sit and rest a bit then,” Charrie suggested and looked over at Mase, and decided to get up and hug him, “I missed you already. I hope you got pictures of our twins and Juliet.”
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It was nice to be able to just hang out with the guys once and a while, but he hasn't really be separated from Charrie in such a long time. He changed into his trunks, but saw her in her bikini, slapping her ass and then getting payback. She really was good at giving him payback. He saw her preview and Mason gasped, thinking it was unfair sneak attack. [b "Just you wait!"] he complained and then he left the room to meet up with the guys.

He walked towards the slides with the twins and Juliet, making their way up to the top. They were all going on the bigger slides that fit more people on a raft. They shared two rafts that fit four each. Luckily Juliet was able to go down a few slides as long as her daddy was there. Mason, Mark, and Zack were on a float together talking about how Mark was going to be a father soon.

"It's actually really scary, but I think we'll work things out. She's getting used to the idea of having a baby and I'm actually excited" he told Mason.
[i "You know, they'll have a playmate too. Ari and Ori...they'll be beside friends"] Zack patted his shoulder.

They went down the slides and the twins were soaking wet and giggling. Mason would bring them to the lazy river and they'd all relax on some rafts talking about the perks of being a father. Zack mentioned how he's been trying to coax Kiera into starting a family, but she was still being adamant about it. [i "I bet after playing with Ari and Ori, she'll change her mine"]
[b "I don't know. Ori can be a handful. We're lucky Ariel is such a cutie though. She's our little artist"] he said so proudly.

The twins were splashing water with Juliet and Mason would splash water on them too. Soon enough, they got into a splashing war in the lazy river, everyone getting soaking wet. Mason ended up carrying the two on his shoulders and so did Heath. They splashed around and went on a few more slides before the twins wanted a break.

They ended up heading back to the suite for some snacks and to recharge, meeting up with the ladies as well. Mason pulled out more snacks and soon they were all on the couch just relaxing and talking about their day so far.
  ellocalypse / 201d 3h 50m 38s
Charrie couldn’t recall the last time she sat down and talked to her girlfriends. It sounded like a good plan. She felt the little separation between Mason and her would give her some more energy to tease and play with him tonight too. Charrie entered there room, closing the door behind her and began changing into her red bikini. As she was tying up the top half, she felt a light sting on ass and heard a ‘smack.’ “Just a maybe?” She asked, and slid down her bikini top to flash him a bit, “Here’s a little quick preview.” She then fixed it up again, smiling and left the room.

Charrie returned to pick up Ariel and Ori. They made an agreement to meet around six.
Kiera, Sarah and Charrie sat in the kiddy pool. She stood near the ankle deep entrance. Oreo sat between her legs, splashing through the water with his amll fingers and pushing a small yellow toy boat around and babbling to it. Charrie occasionally would grab another toy and play around with him. Ariel was sitting down and splashing the water and going just a tad bit deeper, trying to pretend she was a fish. It was a poor imitation buts he tried.

“Wow, you’re pregnant,” Kiera said to Sarah, “Guess you’re kid will be friends with Charrie’s.”
Sarah sighed, “I hope so. I didn’t expect it to happen before I got married.”
Kiera shrugged, “You’re together, there’s that. How have you been doing with Mason?” Kiera looked over Charrie.
Charrie smiled, “Really well.” She kissed Ori’s back.
“They have huge hots for each other still,” Sarah added.
Charrie laughed, “I’m sure you guys have it too.”

Sarah shrugged, “We do, but Mark likes to play it more than the safe side.”
“Or-you just like playing it really kinky,” Charrie corrected.
Sarah nodded, “Guess that’s true…Mason would probably do it.”

Charrie shrugged, “We probably already did…anyways I think it’ll be exciting. To have another baby around that isn’t Ori. Ori will have someone to play with.” She smiled. They talked about a few couple of funny stories that’s happened recently. Charrie then would take the time to play with Ariel and Ori. Somehow, Sarah kept trying to dig into what she’s been doing with Mason, and both of them trying to get advice onto having it their way. As if she knew…. But she could track a bit of jealousy that Zack and Mark wasn’t as much of a pervert as Mason. To think she hated that once….definitely not now-since she was too for him.

They played more with the kids, and talked about movies and such. Ariel and Ori eventually tired themselves out and she had to go put them in there beds. They stayed up at the suite for the meantime. They got drinks, watched a movie along with some snacks.
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It was a fun ride because their kids were being so patient about it. Belle and Rick talked about their plans and Ari was occupied with her drawing. Ori was just playing in his car seat, babbling away. HE loved watching them in the mirror. When Ori called out Ari's name though, Mason was so amazed. He was only a baby and he knew who his sister was already.

Once they headed up to their suites, Mason brought all the luggages in and then he had everything settled. The large room had an open kitchen and living room with a nice view. After everyone picked out their rooms, they all met up in the living room. [b "So I'll take the kids to the water park. Want to come along Heath?"] he asked, knowing that the twins would probably want to be around Juliet. They could even bond a little more.

Sarah and Kiera decided to spend time with Charrie and the little ones, while Mark and Zack also offered to go with Mason and Heath. [b "Looks like us guys will be having some fun. You ladies enjoy"] he smiled and then he headed into the twins' room to see if they were changed. They were both in their swimsuits and Mason grabbed some sunblock and helped them lather up. He grabbed a bag of towels and change of clothes for them as well as changing into some black and red striped trunks.

Once they were ready, he met up with Charrie again in their room, slapping her ass. [b "Wow baby you're sexy in that. I wish I could come along and mess around, but maybe later"] he smirked and then he hugged Ari and Ori [b "Be good with mommy okay?"] he headed out with the guys and made sure the twins were okay.

THey soon all headed to the resort together, seeing the pools, waterslides, lazy river, and seeing everyone having fun. Mason waved to Charrie and the girls [b "We'll meet up here around six for dinner?"] he suggested and then the guys headed off towards the slides with Juliet and the twins.
  ellocalypse / 201d 7h 16m 15s
A one hour ride with there kids wasn’t bad, Ariel kept herself busy and Charrie found another toy for Ori. Ori’s little babbles were downright adorable. “Wi wi?” Charrie whispered to herself. Charrie raised a brow, he was calling Ariel’s name!? She thought about it and got where it came from. Aww. Charrie looked back for a split second catching Ariel showing a picture. She got them all safe and sound to their destination.

They met their friends, got help with their luggage. Charrie kept a good eye on their luggage, not wanting them to be tempered with. They used a key card to open the suite and it held more than enough space for them, a large living room and different doors that would lead into different bedrooms. Charrie held Ori in her arms, he was attempting to suck on his finger. Charrie slowly pulled his finger away, “I don’t think so baby” She kissed his cheek. The twins made it clear-waterpark first.

“I can take Ori and Ari into the kiddy pool,” Charrie suggested and watched Ariel who was wandering around the room, gasping at the smallest things. “We need to get her the inflatable wings first. Come on Ariel! We’re going to get you in your bathing suit.” Charrie called out.
Ariel heard her name and grinned, “Okay!” She ran over and attempted to pull her own small luggage toward the room Charrie believed would be Ori’s and Ariel’s. The room consisted of a baby crib and a single bed. She would prefer to have some fencing for Ariel too but it would do for now. She rested Ori down and helped Ariel change out of her clothes into a pastel teal and pink one piece. Charrie changed Ori too and kissed his little tummy, hearing happy giggles. He was perfect…they all were.
“Ariel can you watch your baby brother will I change?” She asked.
Ariel nodded, “I can!”
Charrie smiled and kissed the top of her head and head toward the master bedroom, grabbing her luggage and changing into a red bikini, and putting on a white slightly mesh slip on. She put her hair up. She decided to let Mason handle the twins and make sure they were set and ready, and to let everyone else know what they were doing first.

She picked up Ori again, and got Ariel to walk out with her. Charrie held a small bag that contained her phone, tablet, headphones and few other things. “I think we’re ready,” She said, waiting for the twins and Mason to come out.
  Ravenity / 201d 10h 59m 13s
He loved the way their family was. THeir kids were so adorable and when he saw Charrie picking up Ari, he carried their little boy and then they had all of their kids settled in the van. Their luggages were set and when everyone was ready, he started driving to the hotel at the resort.

Mason would glance back at the rearview mirror, seeing the twins talk to each other while Ari drew and Ori played with his toy. He would look over to Ari and try to talk, holding out his toy and babbling "Wi Wi!" he spoke and Mason would smile. He knew what to call his sister! [b "Aww Ari, look Ori can say your name"] he told her and then he saw Ari looking over and showing Ori her picture.

When they arrived, Mason helped the kids out of their high chairs. Belle and Rick were off and when Mason saw everyone he greeted them all with a smile. He sure missed Kiera and Zack. It's been so long since their wedding. He headed towards the elevator as an employee helped them bring up their luggages.

Once they made it to their suites, Mason set down everyone's things and then he heard the twins. They wanted to do waterslides. [b "Okay. So waterpark first?"] he asked, looking at the adults. [b "What do you guys think? We'll take these little ones out and we can also get a tan"]
  ellocalypse / 201d 13h 27m 13s
There family was outright adorable and perfect in her eyes. She took pictures of everyone and Ori was stretching out. She grew close figuring he wanted a hug but he instead tugged on her dress. She kissed the top of his head anyway. Mason took hold of Ori and she scooped up Ariel. The two of them got their kids and luggage in the car. Ariel was entertained for the hour. The twins were busy talking to each other and Ori-Ori was getting bored and babbling loudly and yelping for attention, up until CHarrie gave him another toy to play with. She was glad they could most of the time keep themselves busy.

They arrived there soon enough. She got out of the char, helped Ariel out and together they made sure the twins got out of the car too. She smield when Mason kissed her cheek, “Okay,”
Ariel was still holding her tablet and then showed CHarrie her picture.
“So pretty Ari,” Charrie grinned.
Ariel giggled. Soon enough, everyone had parked their cars one by one. The second the twins saw Juliet, they went off to talk to her. Charrie gave everyone a hug-and well so did Ari-shyly but she did it. “Thanks for coming everyone, let’s head up.” Charrie felt so happy to see Kiera, Zack and Heath again. It really was good to have a few friends. As they head up, Charrie asked the twins, “Guys, what do you want to do first today?” She didn’t even know why she asked.

“Waterslides!” The twins shouted.
Waterslides it was.
On the other hand, Juliet looked horrified, because she’s never been on one before. “Do we have to?” Juliet whispered to the twins.
  Ravenity / 203d 9h 14m 41s
He thought their little girls were looking so damn adorable. He couldn't take his eyes off of them. They were twirling their dresses and looking so cute, he couldn't believe he had such pretty daughters. Mason saw Charrie taking pictures and Ori would babble and reach his small hands out, wanting to touch the dresses.

Mason lifted Ori up into his arms and then he soon led them into the van in the garage. He had Ori buckled up and then he began bringing in the luggages, making sure everyone was set before taking the keys from Charrie [b "Sure. I don't mind"] he told her and then he started the van. Everyone was in their seats as Mason backed up and then he headed towards the resort.

It was about an hour drive as he headed past the city, through the mountains. They were all set to meet at the hotel, so as he drove, he could hear Belle and Rick asking if they were there yet. Mason turned on the radio to some disney songs and everyone started singing. He would peek at the rear view mirror, seeing ORi nibbling on his toy and Ari drawing on the tablet.

Once they arrived, Mason parked in front of the hotel and then he stepped out, grabbing everyone's things and then waiting as he kissed Charrie's cheek. [b "Let's wait for everyone and then we can head up to the suite. THen we can do whatever the twins want to do today"]
  ellocalypse / 203d 23h 52m 4s
Charrie brought Belle downstairs. She thought Belle looked so pretty and adorable. She hugged her little girl and kissed her cheek after Mason complimented Belle. “You definitely do.” She smiled at her. She watched Belle and Ariel spin and thought they were so damn adorable. She had to take a picture of her phone and took a picture of Ori and Rick. They were looking so adorable too. Wow…there family was big, and also evened out in the number of boys and girls. It made her smile. Thomas and Julian were coming too.

“We really do,” Charrie smiled and moved to kiss Mason’s cheek, and wrap her arms around him. She watched the twins get up. She helped make sure Ariel was all cleaned up, and everyone was ready. She then texted Kiera and Heath to make sure they were ready. Then she helped pack up the car, that Ariel and Ori were buckled in. She gave Ari a tablet in the meantime and Ori his toy to play with.

“Everyone buckled in?” She peaked over at the back to make sure that the twins had their seatbelts on. She lifted a smile at them, “Alright then-Mase do you want to drive?” She asked, holding onto the car keys.
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Mason knew that Charrie was so in love with him that no matter what he did, she'd be into him. He loved using that to his advantage in teasing her because she did the same to him. He was a little sad though that his charm didn't really work this time. All he really wanted to do was make her feel turned on, but they had all night to play that game.

He helped their little ones each breakfast, feeding little Ori and seeing his chubby cheeks fill with happiness. He kept his beautiful green eyes on Mason's spoon as he fed him. He was squealing as he saw mommy come in and when Ari came down looking like a cutie, he hugged her and kissed her cheek softly as he set her down and watched her twirl around the living room.

Mason noticed Belle's expression and he knew exactly what she wanted. Mason looked over at Rick's outfit and he smiled. He was in a striped shirt and some shorts just like daddy's. [b "You don't needs daddy's help huh Rick. You're already looking so snazzy"] he smirked and Rick just looked at daddy's clothes and he nodded. [+blue "I just try picking stuff like you dad"] he told him and Mason rubbed his head. [b "That's my boy"] he grinned, hearing Ori clap his hands. [b "My boys"] he laughed and then when Belle came down, he saw how cute Belle looked. [b "Wow Belle, that's such a pretty dress. My three girls are looking so adorable today"] he asked Belle to spin around and when she did, he nodded. [b "I approve. You look awesome"] he cheered and Belle's face lit up. She spun in a circle with Ari and the two were smiling and giggling.

[b "Wow, our family is looking good. Let's get ready, everyone brush your teeth and we'll be off"] he told them, sending a text to Mark and Sarah to head over when they could.
  ellocalypse / 205d 2h 37m 3s

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