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He let Charrie sleep on his lap and he had a smile on his face because he loved seeing them both fast asleep and able to just relax for once. He tried to fall asleep too, but that wasn't enough time. He smelled the food the chef made and he ended up heading into the kitchen, seeing the twins as he smiled [b "You did? I hope you two were able to sleep at least"] he hugged them and let them eat before bringing Ori down.

He saw Charrie and tried reaching for her, but Mason set him down and he was content with eating breakfast. He fed him some eggs and then he sat down eating as well. Mason saw Ori reaching out his little hands and then he would kiss his cheek and give him more.

He saw the excitement on the twins' faces when Charrie mentioned Juliet. He said goodbye to the twins after they finished and when they headed out with Julian, he saw Ari sitting down and slowly waking up. [b "Do you feel better sweetheart?"] he asked, seeing Ari rub her eyes and nod. She was nearly falling asleep while trying to put more eggs in her mouth.

[b "Yeah, I'll start one once these two get occupied"] he saw Ori drinking from his sippy cup and then he babbled, "Ma! Ma" he reached his hands out, whining. [b "Looks like Ari wants to play though"] he laughed, rubbing the top of his head as he went to grab his laptop.

Mason looked at the weather forecast for the weekend and started making a list of things for each of them so they didn't forget.
  ellocalypse / 104d 6h 29m 36s
Charrie end up dozing off on Mason's lap the second Ariel was asleep. She really was thankful for Mason to get Ariel to sleep because she really wanted to get more rest. She kept sleeping through the morning and so did Ariel.
Belle and Rick were curious on what they were doing down there. "Is Ariel okay?" Belle asked. "I had a bad dream too," Rick said and went to grab some food. Charrie woke up slowly and saw everyone in the kitchen, and Mason heading up. She got up and gave the twins a hug and said good morning to them. She head upstairs to go brush her teeth and then she met Mason and Ori halfway there. [b "Hey baby." ] She ruffled his hair and watched his eyes follow her. He whined seeing Charrie go upstairs. [b "I'll be back Ori." ] She called, she went into the bathroom, cleaned herself up and then came back downstairs. She grabbed her phone, just remembering she needed to contact their friends.

She started to send messages and then sit down with the twins. Mason put Ori in his high chair. Charrie ate her eggs and then looked at the twins [b "Hey guys, we're going to invite Juliet, Kiera, Zack, Mark and Sarah." ]
"Juliet is coming!" Rich cheered.
"I can't wait to play around with her," Belle grinned.
[b "I'm glad you're happy about it, now hurry up, you got school," ] She kissed the top of their forehead and then saw Ariel wobbling around the living room toward the kitchen, wiping her eyes and yawning. Charrie went to get her and lifted her up, [b "Good morning baby," ]
She looked around and saw food, and she pointed, feeling to tired to speak. Charrie sat her down and gave her food. [b "Okay Mase, we have to start packing today, right? We have to make a list of what to bring..." ] She hoped that all of their friends could come too.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 104d 19h 41m 13s
It was difficult as it is to spend time with all of their kids and have the energy to do whatever else they wanted, but even when they tried so hard to sleep, it was too difficult when one of their little ones was already awake.

Mason sat on the couch with her and Ari, seeing her have so much energy. Mason went for the warm milk and brought it back, seeing her sip out of her sippy cup and slowly begin to drift off. He kept Charrie against his lap and let her sleep as he leaned back and rested his head against the couch.

When he woke to the smell of food, Mason slowly moved from the couch, holding Charrie and then letting her rest as he heard the twins. He saw them coming down and then he shook his head [b "No no. Ari just had a bad dream. You two getting ready for school"] he hugged them both and then he watched them sit at the table before heading upstairs to grab Ori.

His green eyes were still closed, but his feet were kicking. Mason lifted him up, seeing him open his eyes and he babbled "Da!" he said excitedly, hugging Mason's neck as Mason brought him down too. He sat in the kitchen, setting him down feeding him some eggs and bacon slowly. He didn't get much sleep and he was tired, but he really wanted to be up for when the twins leave. He pulled out his phone and then he started sending texts to Mark and Zack, inviting them to the weekend getaway as he thought about planning on which hotel they should stay at and such.
  ellocalypse / 105d 3h 49m 14s
She wanted to get some sleep when it was this early. Charrie went downstairs but Ariel was missing. She looked around the living room but she just vanished. And then she saw her, she woke up Mason when Charrie told her to leave Mason alone. She sighed. What could she do, she was a toddler. Charrie sat down, Ariel sitting right next to her. She gave her a kiss and Mason went off to do something.

Ariel nodded to Masons question and she pointed at the TV, but Mason placed a cup in her hands, a warm cup. She took sips and her eyes were starting to droop. Charrie yawned and Mason patted his legs and she took the offer and laid her head on his lap. She closed her eyes for a moment and looked back when Mason spoke. She saw Ariel, asleep. THank god... She looked up at Mason, [b "You're a life saver." ] She whispered and end up falling asleep. She slept through the smell of food. Ariel was still asleep, and roll around. SHe even began to roll off the coach. If no one caught her, she would hit the ground.

The twins were up and they found it weird how the three of them were already downstairs but mommy and Ariel were sleeping. [b "Daddy, why are you all here?" Belle curiously asked, leaning over into the sofa, [b "Did Ari wet your bed too?" ] She whispered quietly, because that's happened to her before when Ariel slept over and she wet the bed. It was really gross.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 105d 11h 56m 13s
Mason loved their kids, but he wished that they at least allowed their parents to get some rest when it counted. He faced little Ari and when he felt her tickling his ear. He kissed her cheek and then he carried her in his arms, heading downstairs when he sat on the couch with Charrie.

He knew that their little toddlers were just going to be toddlers, so he couldn't really say anything. Ari couldn't sleep anymore, so he had to be up too. Mason sat beside them and then he headed to the kitchen, grabbing some warm milk. Maybe this would put Ari to sleep for a while. He gave it to her and then he could tell Charrie wanted to rest more too.

[b "It's okay now right Ari?"] he rubbed her hair and then she nodded and sat back into the couch. She was slowly falling asleep and Mason would let her rest against a pillow. He looked at ARi drifting off and then he patted his legs, letting Charrie lay back if she wanted [b "You can rest now baby. I used the secret weapon"] he laughed, seeing Ariel now fast asleep on the couch. He leaned his head back and tried to catch more sleep before Ori started to wake too.

Mason soon woke again when he could smell some bacon and maple syrup. He looked over, seeing the chef in the kitchen cooking as he looked down to see Ariel still asleep. He yawned softly and then he leaned back and relaxed for a while, soon seeing the twins coming down to see him. Mason said good morning. It was their last day of school before the weekend trip.
  ellocalypse / 106d 8h 7m 30s
Ariel knew she said she was going to sleep but she couldn't, so she crawled around anyway. SHe got Charrie up and she didn't notice her going right back up. Charrie only realized when she was sitting on the sofa that Ariel wasn' there. Where dis she went off to? She looked around the room and called quietly for Ariel.

"Awi twied." Ariel was glad to see daddy up. She rubbed her forehead when Mason tapped her forehead. Was that supposed to do something? She didn't understand why he did that. Mason lifted her up before she remembered to ask the question. "Mommy down." Ariel pointed down the stairs. Ariel saw mommy's face when they went down and Charrie looked directly at her.

[b "Ariel...why? I was looking for you. You should have let daddy sleep." ] So much for bring her down so Mason could sleep. [b "Yea...I know. It's too early." ] Charrie yawned. Ariel sat between them, seeing Mason going off. Charrie looked down at Ariel and Ariel looked up at her. Charrie didn't look too happy.

Ariel frowned [b "Mommy mad?" ]
Charrie sighed and shook he head, [b "No." ] She kissed the top of her head. Toddler hair was so soft... She end up napping ontop of Ariel's head for a while until Mason came in and gave ARiel milk. She held it in her two hands and took a very long sip and held it there.

[b "Bad dreams huh..." ] She felt bad. She rubbed her little back and looked up at Mason, [b "No, that's okay. I'll stay too. ] and looked up at Mason. She was glad the were taking care of there babies together. She hoped that Ariel would remember more good moments rather than the bad ones.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 106d 10h 6m 31s
Mason thought their little girl was so adorable, but when she was getting smothered up by Charrie, he ended up laughing. He could see her trying to wiggle free, but she was so tiny. Mason helped her out and then he hugged her, letting her relax as told her to go back to sleep.

Mason slowly closed his eyes when he saw Ari asleep, but he didn't know she was only playing with him. He felt movement on the bed, but he was already too tired to worry about it. He was fast asleep, dreaming until he could feel little pokes on his cheek. Mason went back to sleep, but when he felt someone playing with his hair, he opened his eyes when he heard Ari's little voice and when he met her brown eyes, he smiled.

[b "Didn't you say you were going to sleep Ari?"] he asked, tapping her forehead and then he slowly got up and rubbed his eyes. He lifted Ari into his arms, not seeing Charrie there beside him. [b "Where'd mommy go cupcake?"] he asked, walking with her downstairs, seeing Charrie in the living room.

Mason sat on the couch and yawned [b "This one is wide awake. It's only five"] he sat her in between them and then he went into the kitchen to grab some warm milk, letting Ari drink some. [b "Baby, you can go back to sleep. I can watch her"] he told Charrie.
  ellocalypse / 107d 6h 51m 56s
Charrie fell asleep again and she was holding onto Ariel. Ariel would try to make her grand escape but couldn't do it. Daddy was laughing and that didn't make her very happy. "Dadddy, help," She whined and he got her out. She panted and Mason hugged. [b "Awi bweath!" She cried out. Ariel looked up at him and nodded, but she never did it.

Charrie would keep toss around after a while of the constant poking She started to feel weird movement in the bed. After awhile, that woke her up. She opened her eyes and searched for the strange lump that was close to her legs. She opened the blanket and saw Ariel's little cute tush out. Her head stuck out the other end of the blanket. Ariel then crawled onto Charrie's tummy. [b "Ariel, what are you doing?" ] Charrie whispered.

Ariel poked her head out of the blanket and looked back at her, "Pwayin"
[b "Baby, it's still early, come here." ] Charrie pulled her up and hugged her and closed her eyes.

"no, no no!" Ariel let out, not wanting to be trapped again.
[b "Okay, okay," ] Charrie released her and Ariel decided it would be funny if she leapt on Mason. Charrie caught her mid air and sat her down, [b "Ariel, don't do that to daddy. You'll hurt him and he'll cry."]
Ariel frowned, "Really?"

[b "Yes, you don't want daddy to be sad do you?" ]
Ariel shook her head and Charrie kissed her forehead, "Come on, let's go downstairs. We can watch something together." ] She said, Charrie crawling out of bed. She really just wanted more sleep. She helped Ariel out and went downstairs with her. Charrie went downstairs but forgot to hold Ariel's hand. So, Ariel head upstairs again, back into bed and whispered in Mason's ear, "Daddy, awi up." She played with his hair too.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 107d 10h 6m 11s
He watched her fall asleep in his arms and he sure loved being next to her like this. Charrie was amazing he loved her more and more each day he was beside her. He fell asleep peacefully, but when he woke to movement on the bed, he saw little Ari and then he smiled [b "It's okay cutie"] he hugged her and when she spoke, Mason tried to tell her that him and Charrie would take care of it.

She was giggling and when Charrie said she sleep more, he laid back beside her, seeing ARi close her eyes. Mason would brush her hair back and when he saw Ari trying to get away, he laughed a little, lifting her up into his arms as he hugged her and snuggled her in his chest.

[b "Are you going to go back to sleep Ari?"] he asked, seeing her lay on her side and nodded her head. She closed her eyes and waited for Mason to sleep too, so he closed his eyes. He eventually fell asleep and didn't really get to see her fall asleep.

Ari would stay in bed, looking up at the ceiling as she rolled to face mommy, tapping her cheek again. She would then turn to Mason and poke his cheek too, giggling to herself. [i "Mommy and daddy sweepy. Awi no sweep"] she spoke, crawling under the blankets and moving around.
  ellocalypse / 108d 7h 7m 40s
Charrie laughed [b "It was." ] She closed her eyes and fell asleep remembering what they did together as children. She wanted to continue to asleep. She woke a bit first and then Ariel poked her cheek, so she opened her eyes. SHe watched them, interacting with each other. Bad dreams? She frowned, hating that what had happened affected her but it would have been more surprising if it didn't. Ariel liked being held by Mason and having Charrie right there too.

"But mommy huwt." She whined. It did happen, but the monster was much uglier. Charre saw Mason looking at her, and spoke. Charrie tickled Ariel's little tummy, "Daddy is right, and we'll kick any monster's butt. And I'm okay, my arm is okay now." She smiled and heard Ariel giggle because Charrie said the word 'butt'.

"Okay, I wan sweep wit mommy and daddy," She stated.
[b "Only if you have nightmares, because you're becoming a big girl," Charrie hugged her too and then yawned, [b "Can I get just a bit more sleep?" ] She asked.

"Awi sweep too," Ariel said and closed her eyes and then would peek a moment to see if everyone else closed there eyes. CHarrie definitely closed her eyes and was still hanging onto Ariel. Ariel tried to get away but Charrie went straight back to sleep and Ariel had trouble getting out. "Daddy, help." Ariel directed her hands out to Mason, trying scoot lower to get out but was having a lot of trouble.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 108d 12h 56m 7s
He loved laying beside her at the end of the day because it was as if he could finally relax. All he wanted was to snuggle her in and kiss her lips because she was everything that he wanted. It was nice to just be close to her and fall asleep together.

[b "It was fun. We were both causing so much trouble for one another"] he laughed, falling asleep beside her. In the morning when he saw little ARi in their bed, he wrapped his arms around her, holding her and kissing her forehead. He tried to calm her down, brushing her red hair back and meeting his same brown eyes.

[b "Of course you can babygirl. Let's not wake mommy though"] he told her, seeing her poke Charrie's cheek. When he saw Charrie's eyes open, he sighed a little, but then he had her attention again. When Ari explained her dream, it must have been like that time that man came into their home. He couldn't believe that it was scarring her like this.

[b "There's no monster in Ari's room. Daddy and mommy will keep the monsters away. YOu don't have to worry cupcake"] he rubbed her back, letting her snuggle in between them. [b "It's only a dream. It's not real okay?"] he kissed her cheek, hoping to get her mind off of things.

[b "Right mommy?"] he looked over at Charrie and then he smiled. Charrie was always good at cheering up their kids. She was a lot better than him at it, but he tried his best anyway. [b "Whenever you have a bad dream you can always sleep beside mommy and daddy"] he told her, to reassure her.
  ellocalypse / 109d 4h 30m 10s
[b "Me too... I miss them." ] She laid in bed and closed there eyes a bit as they spoke. she laughed thinking about the things they did as children. [b "We did. I had the best childhood with you. We were the best of friends.] Mason hugged her and she snuggled right into his warm cozy body. She loved him, loved him so much and she kissed his cheek, and he kissed her lips. She whispered "Good night." back to him hugging him tight before falling asleep.

Charrie was laying on her back and sunlight was starting to get into her eyes. She felt around the bed and felt a small lump in between, that definitely wasn't a pillow and definitely wasn't Mason, unless he shrunk a load. She opened her eyes slowly and saw Ariel in between them. She heard Mason talking to her and Ariel replying. She leaned in and stroked Ariel's red hair and kissed the back of her head and kept sleeping.

"Awi wing toys?" She asked Mason, and then looked behind, seeing Charrie asleep again. She giggled "Mommy sweep." She poked Charrie's cheek and Charrie opened her eyes slowly again. Then she poked Mason and liked the closeness, and then frowning remembering her scary dream. "Daddy, da monsta in awi woom." She told him, "mommy and awi in wa-sit." She explained her dream to him, the best she could.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 109d 8h 25m 2s
He did want their kids to have some fun because they really did deserve it. They went to school, worked hard and even trained with Charrie everyday. Ari was always drawing and ORi was being the adorable baby he was. He wanted to treat them all out to a fun little trip.

He thought about going with their friends and that made Mason really excited. He wanted to see Zack and Kiera again too. [b "Yeah, I'll give them a call in the morning. I hope they're all able to go though"] he smiled and laid in bed beside her for the night. [b "We were troublemakers as kids, but we had fun. It was always great just sneaking out to do whatever we wanted"] he smiled and then he leaned into her, his arm wrapping around her waist as he hugged her.

[b "Good night baby"] he kissed her lips and then he slowly fell asleep. It wasn't until the morning that he opened his eyes to the sunlight filling the room. He looked down to see Ari between them, she was peeking around and poking Mason. [b "Ari?"] he rubbed his eyes and she snuggled in. [i "Awi bad dweem"] she said as Mason pulled her in close and hugged her. [b "It's okay cupcake. Here stay with daddy. It's only a dream nothing's real. We're going on a trip soon too. We have to pack and get ready"]
  ellocalypse / 110d 4h 34m 23s
[b "Yea, I guess we could." ] She nodded. She felt that there kids would enjoy it. She couldn't wait to take a load of pictures of them, and get to see how much fun they were going to have. She also figured it would be good to bring more people along. [b "Yea, that would be a good idea." ] She tried to remember her childhood, and remembered how her parents would invite plenty of there friends to come with them, that was including Mason's family. She remembered sneaking out with Mason and having everyone struggle to find them. She smiled to herself and hugged Mason.

[b "Remember when we were kids... We had so much fun together." ] She laughed. She tilted her head and was trying to remember if Kiera and Zack were going to, [b "I don't know. We should ask them. How exciting would that be?" ] Yea, she didn't even know of Sarah said anything to Mark. [b "Well, I'm sure it will be since Sarah's not pregnant with someone else." ] She shrugged, that was her biggest worry.

Charrie nodded and would yawn. [b "It is..." ] She thought about it, and realized that they did have to start packing. [b "Oh yea..." ] She said and got up with him. She head upstairs, got ready for bed and crawled into bed with him. She rolled to lay on her side, and faced him [b "Yea...it does... They're so adorable." ] She snuggled into him and closed her eyes to fall asleep.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 110d 20h 49m 26s
Mason heard her sigh and then he figured that he should just leave the Conrad thing alone since he didn't want to upset her at all. He diverted his attention to the trip they were going to have and he was trying to think of a few things that they could do together. [b "We can take Ari and Ori on a kiddie ride. I bet they'd love that too"] he suggested, knowing there were some they could all go on.

[b "It would be nice to be able to go with all of our friends. It could even be our treat for them helping us out so much. It's also been a while since we've spent time with Zack and Kiera"] he smiled at the thought, also hoping that Mark and Sarah were doing okay. [b "Do you think Zack and Kiera are trying to have a family? Ooh, I wonder if Sarah told Mark already...I hope it's all okay"] he told her, looking at the time.

[b "I really do like how calm it's gotten. It's nice to live a close to normal life with our kids"] he grinned, slowly getting up. [b "Let's head to our room and rest. Tomorrow we have to start preparations and get packing. The weekend is almost here. I'll let Mark know about it too"] he smiled, heading up to their room.

Mason laid back against the sheets after changing into a shirt and his boxers. He faced her and yawned softly. [b "Just looking after ORi and Ari tire you out hmm"] he said pulling the sheets over himself.
  ellocalypse / 111d 5h 25m 51s

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