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He loved seeing Ariel feel like she could play with her brother and sister. She was still just a little toddler, but he was glad the twins were allowing her to fit in. She was so cute with her baby talk, trying her hardest to make her character move. Belle and Rick were laughing, but eventually they enjoyed playing with Ari.

Mason was led further away from their kids, listening to Charrie when she mentioned that Sarah was pregnant. He felt worried for her, but at the same time, he thought she should have been more careful. IF it happens to not be Mark's child, he'd feel really bad for his best friend. At least if it was his, there wouldn't be a problem. The only problem would be if they were ready for a kid or not.

[b "Yeah, I understand. Hopefully we'll find him soon and clear it up. It's not good for her to be stressed out when she's pregnant"] he told her, knowing full well what happened to Charrie. He hugged her, seeing that her arm was acting up again. He wanted to do something to help her out. He wanted to make the pain go away.

[b "I'll make sure no one finds out. I'm not putting our family at risk again"] he knew that it was risky, but he did want to help her. He hated seeing her hurt when he could do something about it. [b "I won't"] he kissed her cheek and went back to the kids. Mason sat down, seeing Belle with Ari on her lap. She helped her little sister press some buttons and Ari looked excited to be a part of the game. Ori was in Rick's lap, sitting back and rubbing his eyes. He was getting sleepy, but RIck thought that since Ari was on Belle's lap, he wanted to be a big brother too.

Mason smiled and sat on the couch, watching their perfect four just relax. He couldn't wait to take them on a trip. They were being so well.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 128d 22h 38m 15s
It was good to see Ariel playing with the twins and having fun. She was down right adorable and Charrie wanted to snuggle her all day and kiss her cheeks. She was still learning how to say words. It was about time that they did focus on try to help Ariel how to really say them though. Then, she let the load on Mason, and hoped that he wasn't going to judge Sarah for it, or tell Mark. She knew Sarah wouldn't get herself into these things by purpose. If she were honest, she didn't think Sarah slept with anyone else. She felt that she was probably just paranoid about the even the slight 1 percent change that it happened.

[b "Me too... She's the type of person that's really careful about these things. Yea... That's why we need to find the guy who might know what happened. I don't think she did, but I need to ease her mind. Then, she can tell Mark." ] She hoped they found that guy soon. Ah, this was worrying her. Mark definitely might not be ready for all of this, and she didn't Sarah was either. [i You weren't ready. ] But they still talked about it. [b "I was scared out of my mind when I found I was but, we at least had a conversation about having a baby. I feel so bad for them. " ] She knew her pregnant days were completely over now, and now she worried for Sarah. [b "Do you think Mark will be even okay with having a kid if it is his?" ]

Shti, her arm was really starting ache again. It was going right to her head. She had it, and grabbed a pain med, taking it down and heard Mason. He really did want to help but she didn't want him to be inventing something like that or making what he had used before on her. [b "Mase... I know but if you help, what if someone finds out? I don't...want to risk it. If I have ot live with this than, so be it. I'll deal with it somehow, I'll keep taking pain medication. It might heal anyway, right?" ] Maybe she was wishful thinking. It hurt, and she didn't want to live with this. But she felt afraid of him making something, being found out somehow and causing attention that would endanger them.

She went to him, and took hold of his hand, [b "But I love you for even wanting to help. I'm just not sure if we could keep it quiet, and I don't want you to work tirelessly for it. Okay?" ]
  Ravenity / 128d 23h 40m 36s
He was really happy with the family that they built. IT was amazing to see that they were okay right now. THe only problem was when Conrad came to visit, he probably brought along some friends and that was disturbing their family.

Ari was soon crying and Mason didn't even notice because Ori wanted attention. When their baby boy got scolded, he didn't get it, but mommy seemed mad. He relaxed in Mason's arms and then he kissed his cheek as Ariel started playing with her siblings. Mason watched them for a while before heading what Charrie had to say.

He heard ARi's cute little words and he would laugh, seeing the twins really having fun now because Ari was just so adorable. Mason set Ori down and then he went to speak with Charrie. He listened to her talking about how Sarah was pregnant, but didn't know who's child it was....was that real? What about Mark....his best friend would probably be hurt by all of this. They weren't even ready for something like this. So that's why Sarah was being all emotional about their family.

Mason sighed and then he shook his head [b "I won't say anything. I just can't believe that....she's pregnant. She must feel stressed out and I don't know how Mark is gonna feel when she tells him"] he sighed, looking to see Charrie taking more pain meds. If her arm kept causing her this much problem, he had to do something.

[b "Char....I won't tell anyone anything. We have to let them figure this out, but if you need my help....I can at least try and do what I can. I hate seeing you hurt like this. At least....just let me try and help. Please?"] he asked, hating to always have her taking pain meds. SHe looked so stressed and her arm wasn't adding it to it.

Mason glanced back at their kids and he knew it was going to be hard if he had to look after all four of them all the time. He really wanted to help.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 129d 14h 45m 47s
It made Sarah happy to hear that they were happy with their lives. She knew it came with a big cost, but she knew that they wouldn't have it any other way, because their kids were adorable and just perfect. Then again, they were both already married. She was glad they were doing okay, so there was still hope in the world. She had to go, but already felt better than she did before.

Ori didn't get what was going on, just people were making sad faces to him and that didn't make him so happy. He clung onto Mason, relaxing when he rubbed his hair, looking up at him and kept quiet, while he looked at whoever was speaking each time. Charrie sat down and tried to get Ariel to play and hope that the twins would be okay. She didn't know what it was like to have sibblings, but she thought that the twins were doing really good. She let Ariel go do her own thing, and the twins were getting some laughs at what Ariel was doing at least-the stuff that she was saying, like 'oh cawk,' or 'no mawo,' the worst one was 'oh wuck.' Charrie raised a brow to that one. Was she trying to say...no she couldn't be.

Charrie stayed close to Mase, and had trouble keeping quiet. She knew she said she wouldn't tell Mason, but she told him everything and she didn't think Mase would tell. [b "For sure you won't say anything? You can't let Sarah know I told you either. You think you could do that?" ] She asked. She let him drop off Ori and then took a step back from the kids, to talk to Mason, [b "It...sounds pretty bad. You see...you really can't say anything alright?" ] She wanted to make sure, before she moved on [b "Sarah thinks...she might be pregnant. But, Mark and Sarah broke up a while back ago, before they got back together. Sarah got really drunk one night and she doesn't remember much and she's not sure who is she pregnant with, if she is pregnant. So, she's trying to get me to track a person down t find out the only person she sort of remembers and ask him what happened. Plus, Mark and Sarah are not even at that stage where they could have a...well baby. So, it's a big mess." ] Charrie sighed, unsure how to help even fix this. What if Mark didn't want kids yet? What if he did and it wasn't his? What if Sarah didn't want kids? She felt Sarah didn't want them... What if she did keep them but wasn't ready to stay with mark?

[b "I'm really stressed-oh my arm." ] She winced and went to go grab that pain killer she forgot to grab. She drinked it down and then faced Mason [b "You can't tell him, okay? He can't know anything, until I can figure out what happened that night." ]
  Ravenity / 129d 16h 30m 44s
He knew she was risking her life being around their family, but her and Mike always stayed with them. Charrie did her best to keep them protected too, but he'd hate for anything bad happening to their best friends. Mason smiled as she spoke [b "Yeah, it was really sad because we thought we couldn't have any, but we were blessed with the twins and then two more"] he smiled, glad she enjoyed spending time with their kids.

When Sarah left, Ariel went downhill. No one wanted to play with her and Mason was busy with Ori, so he didn't notice her go find her mother. When she asked Ori what happened, Ori buried into Mason and he hugged him [b "See, don't break Ari's drawings. She made them for you Ori"] he rubbed his hair and he stayed quiet in his arms.

The twins didn't want to play with Ari because she was still too small to understand their games. They understood that Ariel wanted to play, so they decided to play with her. Mason sat down and then he watched the twins trying to teach Ari how to play. She was really little and pressing whatever she could, so when the twins played, they just tried to be patient.

Mason glanced back at Charrie and when she mentioned something about Mark, he wondered what it was. [b "If it's a secret between you and Sarah, of course I won't say anything. That's their business"] he told her, wondering why Sarah was upset today.

[b "Is it that bad?"] he wondered, placing Ori in his pen and seeing him look at the TV, watching his siblings play.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 129d 18h 31m 1s
Sarah didn't really get the risk she was putting herself in by being around them. It seemed safe to her. She never had a single problem that came from them. But, things had been peaceful. [b "It's no problem, I love being around you and your family." ] She smiled and remembered a little about how things were before. She knew Charrie wasn't ready to have a family at that time but she wasn't sure if Mason was the same or not. So, he did. [b "You got your family. I remember she came over and crying about how you two got in a little fight about that, and then she realized she was. Charrie was really upset." ] Out of all of her friends she had at that time, she thought Charrie was the last girl to get on the baby train.

[b "They are amazing." ] She smiled, and it made her feel a little less tense about it. Maybe, it would be okay. They were here, happy, with four kids. She left, and when she left Ariel was really sad, and then Ori even crumpled her picture. She went straight to mommy, but couldn't open the door, so she cried in front of it.

Charrie snuggled her in, and when she went downstairs, she listened. Why were the twins trying to get away though? [b "Ori did what? Ori, why did you do that to Ariel's picture?" ] She asked the little baby, trying to fake a sad look. Ori stared back very confused but Charrie's face didn't look so cheery and made his eyes warm and he started to whine and hold onto Mason.

The twins didn't look too happy about playing with Ariel because Ariel was a toddler and she could not play a game with them. They sighed, and sat down on the couch. Charrie sat on the sofa too, with Ariel in her lap. Charrie cleared her tears and leaned into the twins [b "Guys, I know she's very little, but still try to play with her sometime. She really wishes she could fight like you do or be like you." ] She spoke quietly while covering Ariel's ears, just in case.

[b "It's alright, four of them all together are not easy." ] She patted Ariel's head, [b "Workload is okay, just a little stressful. I have to track someone down. I was thinking...ahh...shoot, I need another pain killer." ] The pain in her arm was picking up again, it really was the worst. She watched Mason speak to Ariel and Ariel look away. She held the controller and play with the twins, tears drying. Eventually, Ariel started to have fun, standing up and then asking the twins what button to press but really, she was just mashing buttons.

Charrie got up and went over to Mase, leaning into him, "If I told you something, would you tell Mark or get involved?" ] She wondered. Maybe it was best to keep her mouth shut, but he was her husband and it was hard not to share things with Mason now, since she always did now.
  Ravenity / 129d 23h 10m 0s
He didn't know what was on Sarah's mind, but she deserved to relax and be happy. If their family made her feel at home, then she was welcome to stop by anytime. [b "You don't have to do that. You already put yourself at risk just stopping by, but we're glad you do"] he smiled and saw Ari showing her the pictures.

Mason thought about when they wanted kids. [b "Yeah, I wanted to start a family, but Charrie was still into her career. We thought we couldn't have kids anymore, but here we are. They're amazing"] he loved their kids so much.

When Sarah left, Mason carried Ori, holding him and showing ARi's pictures, but when he grabbed on and crumpled it, Mason shook his head. He took away the paper and smoothed it out onto the table. [b "Ori your sister drew that for you. Bad"] he pointed his finger and Ori kept looking at his eyes and fell silent when Ari started crying. It made him want to cry, but Mason tried bouncing him on his lap, tickling his tummy. He managed to stop, but then when he saw Charrie coming down with a sad Ari, he sighed. [b "Ori crumpled her drawing"] he looked at the twins and saw where they were heading.

[b "Hey you two, why don't you play a game with your sister? There's three controllers, let her play and show her how to play"] he told them, seeing them come back and sit on the couch. He brought the controller to ARi and the twins decided they could play with her for a little while.

Mason looked over at Charrie [b "How's the workload? You can get back to it if you need to. I guess I lost sight of Ari"] he watched her and then he set Ori back in his pen to play. Mason brushed Ari's hair. [b "Do you want to play with your brother and sister?"] he asked, seeing Ari nod her head and then look away shyly.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 131d 9h 16m 35s
Sarah didn't think she ever could be like them. She always believed that if Mason and Charrie didn't stay together, that there was no such thing as true love in the world. Sarah nodded "I know, I wish I could help you guys in protecting them, but...I'm useless when it comes to that. I'm glad I can still baby sit though." She smiled. She liked being around them. Ariel was so cute and she would keep showing her new pictures that Sarah hadn't seen before.

Right, Charrie didn't want kids at that time. She nearly forgot. They thought it was impossible for her to get pregnant. "But you did want to have kids, right?" She asked. Sarah laughed and shrugged "I got it. Ah, yea we shouldn't have. Things would get pretty nasty..." She then had to go.

Ariel looked pretty dissapointed. She pouted and stared at the door "Awi fwend." Ariel meant that she was Sarah's friend. She watched daddy go get Ori and Ariel followed along, pouting, wanting attention too. She end up trying to bug Rick and Belle to play with her but they were getting a little annoyed and told her they were busy. She got a little sad but then daddy showed Ori her pictures, and it made her feel reallly good when he talked about how good her pictures were. She giggled and looked at Ori "Owi like?" She asked and saw him reach out "Owi can hawe." She choose one of the pictures she thought Ori would like and gave it to him and he crumbled it. Ariel went full blown tears.

She went running off and tried to find Charrie. She couldn't open the door so she just cried in front of the door. Charrie heard her and came out and opened the door up and saw her standing, head low, crying. [b "Ariel, what's wrong, why are you crying?" ] She tried to lift her up. "Mommy, Bwe, Wick, Owi..." She cired, and end up getting the hiccups. Oh boy. Charrie went downstairs [b "What happened? Why is she crying?" She looked at the twins and then at Mason.Ariel was holding onto her shirt. The twins were trying to slowly escape.
  Ravenity / 131d 16h 25m 29s
He was glad that both Sarah and Mark were in their lives. If they didn't have their best friends near by, Mason didn't know what he'd do. Mark has helped him so many times inventing some cool things he used to get back at Charrie when he was younger. He even helped them out traveling so many times with his planes.

Mason wanted to help cheer Sarah up though. There's been so many times when she helped Charrie and looked after the twins. He missed having her around. [b "We try really hard. I don't want to see them get hurt you know"] he saw her playing with Ari and Ari looked happy that she had someone new to play with. [b "Well it all started with the twins. I remember how Charrie didn't even want to have kids yet. We kind of just had them"] he rubbed the back of his head and then he heard her say she caught them peeking.

[b "We didn't mean to peek. We were just on a walk. You guys left the curtains open"] he laughed and then he saw that she had to go. Mason smiled and led her out, promising to pass the message as he looked over at Ari. [b "She has to meet her friend. She'll come back soon Ari"] he rubbed her head and then he glanced at Ori and picked him up into his arms. [b "What are you trying to do Ori? Do you wanna play?"] he bounced him in his arms and kissed his cheek, seeing Ori giggle as Mason kissed his tummy.

By the time the twins finished their homework, Mason let Ori see the drawings that ARi drew. [b "Isn't your sister so good?"] he asked, showing him her pictures. Ari looked so proud and Mason made sure to keep Ori at a distance. When he'd reach out, Mason just held him on his lap, giving him his dinosaur as Ori babbled, pointing to the picture.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 132d 9h 17m 29s
Sarah liked being part of their kid's life. She wanted to see the twin's science fair. She remembered when they were so little and now they were in school being great kids. Apparently, that caught their attention and she was glad to talk to them, hugging them and telling them they could always give her a call if they needed anything. Ariel was starting to cheer her up with her cute voice and drawings.

She had many questions about how Charrie and Mason even did it. She didn't know what would even happen with her later on, what would the result even be. SH ewasn't ready for any of this, she wasn't even that far with Mark. [b "I'm glad you kept them so safe. All of you deserve it. She looked back at Ori who was babbling around and playing. Her best friend really did go so far with her life. She knew Charrie always wanted what she had right now, but Sarah couldn't help but admire her so much and didn't think Charrie should be any other way. [b "I do, they're adorable and so kind." ] She smiled.

[b "I saw you and Charrie peaking," ] She reminded and laughed [b "I mean go ahead but I'm not responsible for what you see." ] She saw a quick glimpse at the clock [b "I have to get going. Planned to meet up with a friend, can you tell Charrie to, just message me?" ] She asked, before she gave the twins a hug again and telling them she'll see them later and waved to Ariel. Ariel had a little pout, sad to see Sarah leave. She looked up at Mason, "Daddy, why awa go? She asked and Ori started babbling realy loudly to catch Mason's attention.
  Ravenity / 132d 17h 4m 50s
He knew their twins were so smart. Just seeing little Ari becoming an artist was already amazing. He had full confidence that they could do anything, especially after they helped look after him when their mom was away. [b "Of course you can. The twins love you. I bet they'll get excited seeing Auntie Sarah come visit"] he told her, seeing the twins overhear. They asked her to stop by because they were excited with what they had done too.

Mason could tell that she didn't want to talk about Mark that much too. He left it alone and let Ari cheer her up. He spoke with Charrie about his department and he nodded [b "Yeah, I'll let them know. I've already scheduled a day"] he smiled and then he continued looking through his computer, helping the twins and then giving a bottle to Ori.

WHen Sarah said that she was on break, he was glad. That meant whatever problem she had, maybe they could work it out. [b "It's tough raising four kids with all of this danger. Ari almost got hurt again. I couldn't bare to see any of them getting hurt, so Charrie and I are trying really hard to make sure their safe"] he told her, wondering why she was asking about their kids so much.

[b "It's never easy, but it's all worth it. To see that Ori has a much better place to grow up in than the twins is all we can ask for. We just want them safe"] he met Sarah's eyes and shrugged. [b "I bet you miss spending time with them"]
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 133d 14h 38m 48s
It made her happy to hear Mason's confidence in the twins winning the science fair. Sarah looked back at the twins [b "of course they are, their dad is really smart. Could I drop by their science fair? They're like nieces and nephews I never had." ] Sarah really did love their kids and was glad to be such good friends with Chairre and Mason to see how far they've gotten. They were just so precious. Ah, and then Mason would mention Mark.

[b "Good." ] Sarah said, not really wanting to add more and have him tell Mark about all the things that she wasn't sure of. She went off to play with Ariel. Charrie was by Mason's side for a moment before she figured she should head up. She knew there was trouble with work on his side, she wanted to show the people that worked for him what would happen if they screwed up like that. [b "Thank you Mase. I think it's better for them to see it first hand, scare them just a little." ] Her way of ruling was kinder than most illegal business, but she still would be a bit hard if she needed to be.

Sarah raised a brow [b "You didn't find them at all yet? Stay safe okay? I can't have anything happen to you guys. Um...the movies." ] She left just a bit early but they did finish filming. [b "Filming is done, I'm not on any other project just yet. So, I guess now I'm on a break." ] She smiled and then thought about something else. [b "I bet it was really hard raising your kids, with all this added danger that I didn't even know about for a long time, and having four. You guys still make it look so easy..." ] She didn't think she could do it herself, she didn't picture it that way.
  Ravenity / 133d 15h 59m 29s
He didn't know why Sarah was in a bad mood, but he hoped she could at least open up to Charrie. Sarah and Mark were so close to them, he wanted their relationship to work out because he wanted their best friends to be happy. [b "I'm doing well. Been taking care of these little ones. The twins are going to definitely win the science fair though"] he smirked and then he saw Ari showing Sarah the pictures. He loved that their kids could cheer anyone up.

Mason smiled when Sarah complimented her. [b "How are you and Mark?"] he asked, soon hearing Charrie say that she didn't want him to know about the girl things. He understood and then he frowned to hear things were tough on her. He felt bad because she was always so busy and he just wanted her to have a normal relationship.

[b "Okay baby, I can look after the kids. I already spoke to my team, but I can definitely organize a meeting and have them explain things to your guy"] he told her and then he sat on the couch, scheduling some appointments. He heard Sarah and then he shrugged a little [b "We're doing okay. THe two of us at least. Um...there's someone that might be on our tail that's a little worrisome, but I think Charrie will be able to handle it. How's the movies going? THink you'll get a break soon?"] he wondered.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 134d 13h 38m 59s
She had never even thought Sarah would run into a problem like this. This was really a lot to take in. She couldn't imagine being on her side of everything. She got Sarah down, and everything was turning out okay, she hoped they'd find an answer soon. Ah, this was stressing her out too. She gently smiled over Mason. Sarah replied "I'm okay. How are you holding up?" She asked and went to Ariel finding her to be such a adorable little girl.

"Wow, it looks exactly like him." Sarah told her and grinned at Ariel, getting her to show her more pictures. It was cute to see her walk and talk and try to explain her pictures to her. It made her wonder, if this were to really happen...She spaced out just for a moment.

Charrie sighed. [b "Sarah doesn't want you to know, because she's afraid you'll talk to Mark. It's kind of like girl stuff... Things are tough for her right now." ] She added. She kissed Mason's cheek [b "I have to get some work done." ] A lot of it. Then she remembered [b "Oh, that's right. I got an email that there were problems with some of the weapons. It injured on of my guys, I want you to organize a meeting with the guy and the people working for you, so they'd realize what happens." ] She decided to head up and get straight into talking to people, investigating through the folder herself, and seeing if she recognized any names, or could find their faces.

Sarah helped Ariel fix up her hair again and asked her to draw with her this time. Sarah agreed and then would glance back at Mason. [b "Mason, are things going good between you two? Do you think your still safe here?" ]
  Ravenity / 134d 16h 44m 49s
He knew the twins were going to do great because he knew how smart they were. Maybe they didn't have to pursue a career in science like he did, but it sure made him really happy when they did things like this at school. He sat with the twins and helped them do their homework after dinner and then he kept his eyes on Ari and Ori too. They were both just playing and doing their own thing, but it was adorable because he would watch Ari trying to show Ori the picture she drew.

Ori stared at it and tried to reach out and grab it, but he was in his pen. He babbled and Ari told him what she drew. She pointed out some things and Ori kept babbling, soon laying back and kicking his feet in the air. He helped the twins until Sarah came to visit. She didn't look very happy, so when he saw he, he smiled [b "Hey Sarah"] he waved and then he saw her head up with Charrie. Maybe Charrie could cheer her up.

Mason helped the twins finish and when Charrie came down, he smiled [b "Their all done. See?"] he pointed, seeing the twins playing their games. He laughed and then he looked over at her [b "How are you doing?"] he asked, glancing at Sarah and seeing Ari show her the drawing.

[i "I daw Owi"] she pointed it out, already having warmed up to Sarah since she's always here and always around mommy.

Mason smiled and was glad that the kids could at least cheer her up. [b "Do you want to talk later? Or is it a girl thing?"]
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 137d 9h 37m 32s

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