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They hate each other with passion . They’ d do anything to make each other’ s life hell since they were toddlers. It all started with their mothers being best friends and their fathers being enemies. Because their parents knew each other well, they grew up with each other. Their mommy’ s teasing them to get married and their daddy’ s provoking them to cause trouble in the other’ s house. From putting bugs in their lunch in kindergarten to getting rid of each other’ s girlfriend/boyfriend. It ’s never enough for them to even pull the silliest of pranks-like when Charrie tied him up, put him in a box and sent him to a zoo trapped with lions. There’ s no telling how far they ’ll take it. Although, the worst comes when another get ’s a girlfriend or boyfriend and jealousy plays a part of it. They are attracted to each other and at the oddest times they end up kissing only to completely forget the whole thing and start another war.

The two are currently are starting their first day of college. It’s off campus housing with each other along with two other people. Both of their families are wealthy and so they can do just about anything in their power to annoy each other or attempt to get rid of the other.

Hints of the Male Character & Charri:

Male: He loves eye candy and he doesn’ t show any mercy toward Charrie. He’ s attracted to her body but no more than that. Occasionally he tries to touch her and that’ s when Charrie shows off her black belt skills. He’ s outgoing and has many friends.

Charri: Aside from the cruel stuff she’ s done to him, she’ s pretty innocent. She focuses into her studies and works an advice column. She never got close to a guy to sleep with them. She owns a black belt in martial arts, loves to paintball and always wins in a match with him.

They do get into physical fights, throwing stuff at each other and injuring and somehow that leads into making out. Their mothers still bothers them to get together and sometimes would send them on dates. They have the same group of friends.


1.No cybering, god modding

2.Mature RP but when the clothes come off-time skip.

3. Must be able to post at least 300 words, no less!

4. I expect at least one post per day. I’ m serious. Of course if something is going on, you can tell me you aren’ t able to post that day and I’ll understand ^-^. Normally, you should be able to post each day.

5. I’ m picky with pictures, so don’ t be offended if I ask you to change it >.<. Pick a good professional one. If you can' t find one, I have bunch.

6. This involves a lot of creativity. Be creative to how the make each other’ s life hell. Anything can happen, so they go camping, get lost in the city, or even run into the mafia.

7.No instant romance but yes they will soon truly fall for each other. If they end up together is up to us.

8.Type ‘Hater’ into the PM. If you don’ t have it, I’ ll ignore it.


Name: Charrie Danny Snow

Age: 18

Major: Film

Name: Mason Clint

Age: 19

Major: Chemistry

Other: He loves the female body, especially Charri's. Is a single, yet complicated child. He enjoys being independent, but nothing thrills his heart more than to see Charri in distress.


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[b “That’s that I meant, play a game with me. I want to play with each other.” ] She said, keeping her eyes on him. She cut him off and kissed him and heard a moan follow. She smiled when he agreed. She wanted to have a good night with him. Charrie nibbled on his lip, “Of course I do. Mmmm…I’ll do better than a good job.” She giggled.

Mason kissed her again, it was warm and filled with love like it usually was. She had her half naked body pressed onto him. She’d nudge her body closer whenever he slid his hand down her skin, and then into her underwear. “Mmmmm…” She closed her eyes for a brief second, enjoying his touch and kisses on her body.

“You’re right.” She slid his shirt slowly above his head and tossed it aside. She felt his hard chest, and then reached down to his pants. She lowered them, and tossed them aside. She then straddled his waist. She took hold of his hands, “Ready to play?” She asked, grinding ontop of him, ready to go low on him.
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Mason held her in his arms, his hands squeezing her ass as he met her lips. [b "It wouldn't. I'm sure you want to play with me as much as I want to play with you"] he was cut off as she kissed him, making him moan out. He nodded [b "Okay okay Ms. Eager Beaver"] he teased her by asking her what kinds of games to play.

[b "Oh? You want to play with me? Hmm, I'll let you play with me, but you have to do a good job okay?"] he teased her, kissing her lips again, feeling her warm body press against his. His hands slid down her sides, into her underwear as he touched her bare skin.

Mason pulled her closer and kissed down her neck, kissing her shoulder and collarbone gently. [b "I think it would only be fair if my clothes were removed"]
  ellocalypse / 149d 13h 39m 14s
Charrie lifted a smile when he faced her. She loved hearing him, and having grip her ass like that. She brushed her lips along his. [b “Good…otherwise it wouldn’t be fair.” ] She ran her fingers down his arm and kissed his lips in the middle of him speaking. [b That’s okay, I’m here now. Play with me…play with me now.” ] She kissed him softly, hugging his body with hers. Mason kissed her and it felt nice.

He wrapped her arms around her and just when she thought he was about to say something sexy, he said something that made her frown. [b “The only game I want you to play is me. You know what I mean.” ] She batted her eyes hoping he’d get into it with her. She pressed her chest against his and kissed his neck.
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He heard here shedding her clothes and it made him really excited. All he wanted was to be close to her and show her how much he loved her. It was nice to be on this vacation and get a lot of time to spend with just him and her. He felt her beside him and he heard the sound of the toy....was she really?

He felt her press against him and when he turned to face her, he pressed into her and smiled, feeling so warm. [b "Very"] he gripped her ass and nodded [b "I wouldn't fall asleep when my baby is waiting for me"] he heard her asking him to have some fun with her and that made him grin [b "Of course we can. You know I love playing with you. I just wished I noticed sooner and I would've been the one taking you out of that dress"] he smiled, meeting her lips a she kissed her lips.

Mason wrapped his arms around her and then he teased her [b "So what games do you want to play? I think there's a console in that cabinet....um....we have some cards?"] he joked around with her.
  ellocalypse / 150d 7h 49m 20s
Charrie slipped down her dress slowly, to tease him, her back facing him, to give him some of a look if he was peaking. She climbed over him and lay in bed with him. She did grab a toy, and laid at the side for herself. She knew she wouldn’t have to use it because she had Mason, because she knew he was faking, but she wanted to tease. She hugged his body from behind, pressing her chest against his back. That was until he faced her. She smirked when he buried his face into her chest. She ran her fingers through his hair. She lightly laughed and kissed the top of his head. [b “Isn’t it? ] She flet his hand reach her waist, and then to her ass.

“My sexy husband is up after all huh?” He was in his PJ’s, but she planned soon enough she’d take everything off. “Play with me Mason, tease with me too” She whispered by his ear, and put one leg over his thigh. “Can we do that tonight?” She giggled. She liked messing around. She liked feeling his hair, liked feeling his hands on her because it made he so sure that he loved being in bed with her. She glanced at the door, just making sure she had closed it. “It’s too bad I didn’t get to take your clothes off,” She admitted and tried to kiss him when he raised his head.
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He looked over at her and could see that she wanted to tease him as well. HE loved how she enjoyed playing around with him too. Mason sure loved their family and loved his wife so much. He smiled when she touched him and then he helped carry the kids as they headed back to the suite.

When their kids were taken care of, Mason kissed them all good night and headed into their room, changing and then pretending to fall asleep. He snored and then he heard Charrie enter the room. He pretended to be asleep until he heard her changing. He bit down on his lip and then he listened to what she was saying. He couldn't undress her! His eyes opened and then he was about to turn around when she mentioned the 'toy'.

But when she came behind him and nibbled on his ear, he slowly turned around to face her and then he buried his face into her chest [b "Mmm, this is nice"] he pressed his face against her bra and then he wrapped his arms around her waist, his hands gliding down to her ass.
  ellocalypse / 151d 11h 9m 54s
She felt over his thigh, wanting him to get excited, to anticipate for tonight. She didn’t know if they’d end up just falling flat asleep but she sure liked to tease. And then…Mason returned the favour, feeling her skin and squeezing her thigh. She couldn’t conceal her smirk when she lifted her hands even higher, in a place she could only touch. She saw him smile and speak. She giggled. They got there children up stairs and changed. Charrie sat down on the edge of the bed. She set Ori in the crib, and read the book to Ariel, but also showed Ori’s the pictures. Ariel was falling asleep faster than Ori. She had read the beginning again for Ori and he was off to sleep. She put a blanket over his small body and gave them both a kiss goodnight.

She head over to the twins and saw them chatting away with Juliet. She gave them hugs and told them not to stay up too late. Afterwards, she came into their room and Mason was already changed and laying in bed. Charrie laughed and rolled her eyes, recognizing the fake snore. She closed the bedroom door.

[b “Aww…too bad I don’t have someone to help me undress tonight.” ] She said and would zip down her own dress. It fell onto the ground. She put the dress back into the suitcase and remained in her bra and underwear. [b “Too bad my husband is asleep…” ] She sang, [b “Guess, I’ll just have to use a toy tonight.” ] She said and climbed into bed. Charrie pressed her body onto him, [b “Mason…are you really going to ignore me?” ] She felt his inner thigh and nibbled on his ear.
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He didn't mean to say it out loud, but he was sure by now that everyone here knew that Charrie loved cupcakes and desserts, so what was wrong? He took a bit of her cheesecake, knowing that she wouldn't mind. He loved having her attention on him though.

The dinner was amazing and after everyone was finished, Mason paid for everything and then he smiled at the idea [b "We just all want to celebrate with you, so I think it's a great idea"] he tried to assure her. Mark looked pretty excited too and he seemed to be taking it well.

Mason got distracted by Charrie's hand though. He did the same, letting his fingertips graze her smooth skin. WHen he squeezed her thigh, he felt her hands moving elsewhere. His eyes looked over at her and then he smiled [b "Got it!"] he grew excited. Mason carried ARi down and walked with them back to the hotel room. He made sure to get ARi ready for bed, putting her in her cute PJs and then seeing her run out to mommy when Charrie came in.

Mason watched her reading the book to the two and he smiled as they fell asleep. THey must have been tired from all the fun today. Mason went to check up on the twins and Juliet, seeing them playing around. He hugged them and then he headed towards the bedroom, changing into some pajama pants and a shirt. He laid in bed, waiting for Charrie. If she came in, he would be pretending to be asleep, lightly snoring.
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It embarrassed her that Mason would mention it in front of everyone. Charrie enjoyed eating her cake but also watching Ariel and feeding Ori. She caught Mason take a bit of her cheesecake. She smiled back at him and kissed his cheek. Despite the annoyances, she found that this dinner was a good one. They had their friends and there kids were happy. She couldn’t wait to see Sarah’s and Mark’s baby too.

“I’ll let you know,” Sarah said, she wasn’t showing yet. She nearly took an alcoholic beverage right after and frowned remembering she couldn’t. Oh, this would suck for her. She was glad she was getting all of this help from friends though. Sarah gave this unsure look about throwing one, “I don’t really want to announce it to everyone. It’s enough for me to have you guys and a short hand of friends-which believe me, isn’t a long list since they’re mostly co-workers.”
[b “You can have a small one. Doesn’t have to be big.” ] Charrie smiled. She’s never been to one, and she didn’t really want one back then but she thought why not get Sarah to celebrate it. Charrie hoped she could help her out someway since she’s helped htem so much.

Charrie felt Mason underneath the table. She saw him glancing over and smirking. The edge of her lip flicked up, but she tried not to let it show too much so that the others couldn’t tell. She felt Mason’s hand glide down her own thigh. So, she snuck her hand higher up his thigh, to a spot. She felt Mason squeeze. She smirked and then Mason went into lifting Ariel. She helped Ori out and Ori looked puzzled, but didn’t complain. Charrie giggled [b “Keep your voice down,” ] She whispered to Mason. Everyone followed, and they headed up stiars.

Charrie helped Ori out his clothes, into his comfy Pj’s. She kissed his little tummy. She made sure the twins got changed. They wanted to have their own fun with Juliet in their room. Charrie continued to hold Ori with one hand. She went over to make sure Mason had Ariel already changed. [b “Ready to go to bed cupcake?” ] She looked at Ariel. Ariel lifted up her head and then shook her head.

As always. Charrie smiled [b “Okay, how about we read a book in bed? Ori can listen too.” ] Ariel grinned “Okay!” She hopped onto the bed, liking the idea of listening to a book and not sleeping. Of course Ariel would sleep, and so would Ori.
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Hearing their kids' laughs were the most precious things to hear for him and Charrie. He loved seeing Ori and Ari being so adorable and so damn happy. He thought that no one was allowed to mess with their kids, so he did his best to just drive them all away.

Mark was worried that Sarah would be stressing herself out and he didn't want that. He wanted her and the baby to be okay. "Okay, just let me know if you need any help or anything" he smiled and helped her take a seat for now. They both ended up getting a cheesecake and sharing dessert as well.

Mason teased Charrie and then he could see her blushing. He loved seeing her get all embarrassed. HE heard Ari's adorableness and he nodded [b "Yup. You're already getting big Ari"] he rubbed her back and then he let her eat her cheesecake. Mason cut up a bit of Charrie's cheesecake and took a bite, smiling at the taste.

He smiled [b "Perfect dinner"] he grinned and then he glanced over at Sarah. [b "Yeah you guys should throw one. It'll be the first baby besides our kids!"] he nodded and glanced over at Mark and Zack [b "We'll help out too"] he smiled and they all soon finished up their food. Mason cleaned up Ari's lips and then he felt Charrie's hand beneath the table.

He glanced over at her and smirked as he let his own hand glide down her thigh. [b "Yeah let's go. It's getting late"] he squeezed her thigh and then he lifted Ari up into his arms. He grew excited [b "Nuh uh baby. No touching until we get to the hotel"] he teased and then he held Ari's hand, walking with her behind the twins back to their suite.
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She loved to hear Ori’s happiness. It upset her on what happened, but she tried to forget about it. She focused on her own kids instead, watching Ariel choose the cake, Ori babbling and looking around. Charrie loved how Mason was such a good dad to there little ones. She heard Mason’s laugh and she raised a brow.

Sarah would shrug “I’m okay. I’m careful, don’t worry,” She smiled and forgotten that she had a baby inside her for a moment, “We’ll be fine.” She didn’t really know how to depend on someone else but she figured she’d have to.

Charrie narrowed her eyes at him, while blushing [b “Shh…they don’t have to know.” ] She whispered. She didn’t want them to know she had a secret stash of cupcakes. She smiled thinking about Ori having another baby to play with.
[b “Aww Ari…you’re going to be such a big help.” ] Charrie smiled big to there cute daughter. Charrie got cheesecake too. She took a bite of it. She took Ori’s bit from Mason and fed him. His eyes were wide open, and he was patting his table happily. She made sure he got to drink. Ori gripped onto his small toy dinosaur soon enough. He began babbling around. Charrie finished off her cake and bumped her shoulder against Mason, [b “It’s a pretty good dinner.” ] Even If they were bugged. She was just about finishing her wine.

[b “Sarah, why don’t you have a baby shower?” ] Charrie asked.
Sarah looked back and Mark and then back at Charrie. She shrugged “I don’t know… I don’t want to jinx it yet. You didn’t have a baby shower.”
[b “Yes…but I didn’t have many friends.” ] Charrie said.
“I don’t know, maybe. We still need to decide what we’re going to do,” Sarah sighed.
[b “I’m here if you need any help.” ] Charrie smiled.
“You can always ask me too,” Heath mentioned, “I have to watch Juliet on my own while working, I might be able to give some advice.”
Everyone was just about done eating, “Should we all head up?” ] Charrie asked and snuck her hand underneath the table to feel up Mason’s thigh.
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Ori with his giggles were worth the whole world to Mason and Charrie. Each of their kids were special and he wanted them to be as happy as they could be because after what him and Charrie have been through, they deserved a normal childhood.

He kissed her cheek and then seeing Ori smile made him relax more. At least that nasty couple had a table far away from them. He couldn't believe someone would get so upset from a happy baby. Ariel looked at pictures of the cake and then she decided to get a strawberry cheesecake. She pointed it to Mason [i "Daddy, dis won"] she spoke and then Mason nodded [b "Okay cupcake"] he smiled and told the waiter. The twins ordered a lava cake and a cheesecake.

Mason laughed when they all sounded like Charrie. Mark was getting scolded and Mason couldn't stop chuckling. [b "You better step it up Mark. Don't let Sarah take care of everything"] he told him. Mark just narrowed his eyes and then he smiled up at Sarah "I know. Just be careful, we want to make sure you and the baby are okay"

Mason teased her about her pregnancy and then saw her trying to deny the cupcake room [b "Oh please baby. I know you better than anyone"] he teased and then he looked over at Sarah. [b "Wow ORi, you'll have a little playmate soon"] he nodded in agreement.

Mark and Sarah were both really good looking as well. HE was sure their little one would be adorable. [b "Are you going to look after them Ari?"] he asked and she nodded. [i "Awi watch Owi and baby weal good"] she spoke, still coloring.

Their desserts came in and Mason watched the twins try each others and then share with Juliet. He placed the cheesecake in front of Ari and then he cut it in half and gave the rest to Ori.
  ellocalypse / 154d 10h 40m 57s
Ori was up and happy again once he got smiles, kisses and encouragement. Charrie still felt down about it, but she liked getting Mason’s comfort. Mason kissed her. She didn’t like the judgement she got sometimes about having kids or their kids. She thought Ori was just fine with noise level. She half smiled when Mason fed her. There twins came in and they were out picking their dessert. Ariel took the big responsibility on what she wanted to get for herself and Ori.

Charrie smiled, watching Ariel pick out what she wanted.
Sarah came back and took a seat. Sarah shook her head in disbelieve, “Guys, I’ve never done anything illegal. I had a word with them, how shameful they were being. The guy felt bad and only did what his wife wanted. He offered to apologize by giving us a bottle. I think you’ve all spent too much time with Charrie.”
Charrie shrugged. She knew Sarah has never done anything real bad.
Sarah looked back at Mark and raised a brow “I didn’t see you get up and do something. I can handle it, don’t worry Mark.” Sarahs smiled and looked over at Charrie “Us girls need to stick together.” ]
Charrie smiled back [b “She’ll be okay.” ] Charrie picked out crepe or herself and then turned her head when Mason reminded her if when she was pregnant. She just stared at him for a while because she remembered him being away at work most of the time with Crystal when she had the twins. Although she blushed a bit at the mention of the cupcake room [b “What cupcake room? Stop joking.” ] She patted his shoulder and smiled, [b “You did get me lots of snacks.” ] She leaned in and kissed his cheek, [b “I’m so glad I’ll never be pregnant again.” ] She admitted.

Sarah gave that concerned look, “Is it really that bad?”
Charrie almost nodded and then shook her head [b “You’ll be okay. What comes out of it is beyond worth it.” ] She smiled, looking at Ori and gave him a bit o water.
Zack looked over at Kiera and whispered to her something.
[b “I’m excited, Ori is going to have a little friend.” ] Charrie smiled [b “And he or she won’t be that much older than him, isn’t that right my little Oreo cookie?” ] She kissed Ori’s cheek.

Sarah blushed, “You sound way too excited.”
[b “Because I am.” ] Charrie grinned [b “I’m going to love your kid to death too. No one is going to mess with them.” ] She figured that baby would be really cute too.
  Ravenity / 154d 13h 15m 39s
Mason just wanted to eat a nice, fancy dinner with their family and seeing that their little ones were putting up with it and having a good time made him really smile. Ori was behaving and Ari was being Ari. She was cute and would mess up, but still listen like the good girl she was. He glanced over at the man speaking and then he saw Ori not smiling or giggling anymore. It wasn't right and he understood Charrie being upset.

He asked the waiter to take them elsewhere. At least they wouldn't have anymore jerks around them. He came back and tried to cheer Ori up. [b "THat's my little guy"] he smiled, seeing him happy again. He sat beside Ari again, seeing her continue to color obliviously. He leaned into Charrie and kissed her [b "I know baby. It's not their fault. That woman and her husband didn't know what they were talking about"] he tried to feed her and lift her smile again.

The twins looked through the menu and were talking about to get. They each decided on a different thing to eat and they'd share. Ari looked over at the twins [i "Daddy wan kek?"] she asked and pointed to the picture of the cake on the menu.

[b "Of course sweetheart. We'll get you and Ori a little cake okay?"] he brushed through her hair and then glanced at Sarah. What did she do? [b "Mark....what did she do?"] he asked and then Mark glanced over "Um....I hope it was all legal Sarah..." he glanced over at her, patting the seat and asking her to sit. SHe was still pregnant and shouldn't be doing anything too stressful. "You should just leave all that stuff to me" he tried to tell her.

Mason smiled, remembering how he had to take care of Charrie each time she was pregnant. [b "Reminds me of when I took care of you all the time. Buying you snacks, finding you in your cupcake room"] he laughed.
  ellocalypse / 155d 6h 55m 45s
It made her upset hearing him complain over there kids happiness. She didn’t think they were even being that loud. They weren’t crying either. Charrie felt tense and thought about raining the reasons why they shouldn’t be talking to her like that. Mason spoke up and Charrie retuned her eyes onto Ori. Ori looked curiously around, and then looked at her, not smiling anymore. He could tell something was not right by the not so happy expression on Charrie. She kissed his forehead and he babbled to her. She managed to pull on a smile for him and tickle him to return his smile and giggles.

The other couple got offered another table, and…it annoyed her. Mason came in and was being sweet to Ori. Ori looked up at Mason, saying “Da, da ,da.” Charrie felt Mason kiss her cheek right after. She leaned onto him. She hated when stuff like this happened. She’d rather deal with some criminal being offensive because she could outright torment them with reason for harming her family or people that worked for her.

[b “Ori wasn’t being loud…” ] She told him. She noticed him offering some potatoes to her so, she took a bite. The twins returned soon enough with Heath, smiling and laughing around, looking at the pictures they took. Sarah looked ticked, [b “Ignore them.” ] She told Charrie [b “Actually hold on.” ] Sarah got up and Charrie tried to peak into where she was going but lost sight of her.

“When’s dessert!” Rick asked.
Charrie shrugged [b “You can pick out what you want for dessert now.” ] She said.
Ori began licking his fingers. Charrie drew his fingers out and he whined. She realy didn’t want him to be using his fingers as a tool for nibbling. Sarah came back and sat down “So, we’re getting a free champagne bottle, courtesy of a ‘friend.’ For the inconvenience” Sarah smiled.
Charrie raised a brow but decided not to ask questions.
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