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They hate each other with passion . They’ d do anything to make each other’ s life hell since they were toddlers. It all started with their mothers being best friends and their fathers being enemies. Because their parents knew each other well, they grew up with each other. Their mommy’ s teasing them to get married and their daddy’ s provoking them to cause trouble in the other’ s house. From putting bugs in their lunch in kindergarten to getting rid of each other’ s girlfriend/boyfriend. It ’s never enough for them to even pull the silliest of pranks-like when Charrie tied him up, put him in a box and sent him to a zoo trapped with lions. There’ s no telling how far they ’ll take it. Although, the worst comes when another get ’s a girlfriend or boyfriend and jealousy plays a part of it. They are attracted to each other and at the oddest times they end up kissing only to completely forget the whole thing and start another war.

The two are currently are starting their first day of college. It’s off campus housing with each other along with two other people. Both of their families are wealthy and so they can do just about anything in their power to annoy each other or attempt to get rid of the other.

Hints of the Male Character & Charri:

Male: He loves eye candy and he doesn’ t show any mercy toward Charrie. He’ s attracted to her body but no more than that. Occasionally he tries to touch her and that’ s when Charrie shows off her black belt skills. He’ s outgoing and has many friends.

Charri: Aside from the cruel stuff she’ s done to him, she’ s pretty innocent. She focuses into her studies and works an advice column. She never got close to a guy to sleep with them. She owns a black belt in martial arts, loves to paintball and always wins in a match with him.

They do get into physical fights, throwing stuff at each other and injuring and somehow that leads into making out. Their mothers still bothers them to get together and sometimes would send them on dates. They have the same group of friends.


1.No cybering, god modding

2.Mature RP but when the clothes come off-time skip.

3. Must be able to post at least 300 words, no less!

4. I expect at least one post per day. I’ m serious. Of course if something is going on, you can tell me you aren’ t able to post that day and I’ll understand ^-^. Normally, you should be able to post each day.

5. I’ m picky with pictures, so don’ t be offended if I ask you to change it >.<. Pick a good professional one. If you can' t find one, I have bunch.

6. This involves a lot of creativity. Be creative to how the make each other’ s life hell. Anything can happen, so they go camping, get lost in the city, or even run into the mafia.

7.No instant romance but yes they will soon truly fall for each other. If they end up together is up to us.

8.Type ‘Hater’ into the PM. If you don’ t have it, I’ ll ignore it.


Name: Charrie Danny Snow

Age: 18

Major: Film

Name: Mason Clint

Age: 19

Major: Chemistry

Other: He loves the female body, especially Charri's. Is a single, yet complicated child. He enjoys being independent, but nothing thrills his heart more than to see Charri in distress.


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He had a smile on his face, knowing that Charrie knew he was sexy. [b "If you know why are you still asking?"] he laughed and then he gave her a cracker and let his hands continue to rub lotion on her skin. He moved down her neck, his hands lathering more of her skin as he moved through her bikini top, touching her chest and then slowly moving down, but then he heard Charrie saying someone was there.

WHen Mason saw Conrad, he was pretty irritated. HE didn't care at all who this man was at all, but he ruined his time with Charrie by getting in the way. HE watched as he spoke with Charrie, running all shirtless and then trying to get her attention. WHen he left, Mason just sighed a little and then he looked back to see that even she was irritated. They were so alike, so perfect for each other.

Mason smiled and then he nodded [b "Good that's what I wanted to hear"] he told her, his hands moving back down to her stomach, rubbing more sunscreen down her stomach and her waist. He let his hands move into her bikini and then he could hear Charrie saying to keep going.

Mason continued to rub his hands through her bikini, rubbing her thighs and then massaging her skin. [b "A dream? You're not dreaming baby. I'm right here and you're all mine"] he took in the cracker she offered and then he nodded [b "We'll make sure it won't get accepted. I have an idea"] he told her, leaning in to kiss her neck, moving down her skin and then leaning in over her. His hands sliding between her thighs [b "You like that baby?"]
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 46d 17h 24m 41s
Charrie giggled [b "I thought so." ] She kissed him, taking in a cracker, covered him with sunscreen and then got to lay down herself and enjoy Mason licking her stomach and bellybutton. She nibbled on her lip, feeling the slight pleasure from him. She flashed a smile at his reply. Then his hands slipped in and it was just perfect... until someone came in and she had to get Mason's hands off her which was the last things he wanted to do.

[b "It is...pretty relaxing." ] She leaned back and watched Conrad smile and listen to him talk about the house, and probably hiring a maid. So...mainly alone. That, was going to be a problem. She could not have him live beside them. Wait... an idea came to mind. [b "Probably should if it's that big." ] She nodded and smile [b "See you next time." ] And then he went off...finally.

She met Mason's eyes and saw him look so irritated. She sighed [b "Yea...I wish he hadn't shown up like that." ] She liad back down and saw Mason bring out the sunscreen and she wondered if he would continue. She nodded [b "Continue. What...? I'd rather look at your fine body and feel your hands...yea...right there." ] She smirked, feeling him rub her never thighs [b "You're teasing...me..keep going. Ah...seeing you is like a dream." ] She stretched out her arms. She did not want to be interrupted like that again. She took a cracker and cheese and offered it to Mason while enjoying his hands on her.

[b "We need to make sure he's offer won't be accepted right after..." ] She mentioned [b "Can't have him living beside us." ]
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 46d 19h 51m 46s
When he ran his fingers down her skin, he couldn't stop looking at how perfect she was. He loved her and loved making her feel amazing. Her smooth skin and then the way she was smiling, he loved it all. [b "Well of course the better sight is going to be you"] he laughed and then he met her lips as he fed her another cracker.

He then lathered her shoulders and then down her collarbone. He had a smile on his face as he watched her spill the wine. Mason licked her stomach and then he let his tongue twirl in her belly button as he licked her skin clean. [b "Mmm, both. You are delicious"] he rubbed the lotion down her skin, slipping beneath her bikini and then he heard her serious tone. He looked back to see a man as he sat beside Charrie.

He mentioned his name and then Conrad spoke "Nice to meet you Mason. THe jog was great. It's really nice by the beach" he told her and then saw Faith looking at him. He smiled a little and then he told her about the house "It looks really nice. It's a huge one story. I probably will. Maybe I'll hire a maid" he said and then he heard her say to keep going.

"I will, good to see you two and nice meeting you Mason" he left and continued to jog further down the shore.

Mason faced Charrie with an irritated look on his face. He frowned a little [b "Man, that guy really knows how to get in the way"] he looked back at Charrie and then he grabbed the lotion, continuing to rub lotion down her stomach [b "Shall we continue? OR did you want to keep looking at that guy's body?"] he joked with her, his hands running into her bottom bikini, rubbing her thighs as he smirked.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 47d 7h 32m 14s
It was a lot of fun running her hands on Mason's skin, feeling where only she was allowed to feel. She couldn't stop smiling the whole time. Charrie even stuck her ass out in front of him, expecting his eyes to be closed, but he slapped her ass. It felt great and made her laugh [b "Yea? Is that something better my ass?" ] She moved around and kissed him, and took a bite from the cracker. She didn't see a single problem with them messing around. It was...a lot more relaxing than talking about work, and kids, because she didn't have much time to do anything in between.

She relaxed and enjoyed his hands rubbing her shoulders, kissing his lips. [b "Ohh..." ] She smirked, getting interested but spilled wine over her stomach and Mason didn't hesitate to lick it off her stomach. She nibbled down on her lip, smiling and enjoying him licking the wine off her stomach and bellybutton. [b "Mmm...thanks. What was good? The wine or me?" ] She watched where his eyes were heading and they made it beneath. [b "Mase..." ] She whispered, teasing...too much. Then she saw a figure getting close [b "Mase," ] She called with more alert.

She slid Mason's hands off and tried to sit properly, seeing Conrad, right here and right now. Why? Why now? She was having her fantasy of Mason rubbing her down on the beach and licking off wine of her body. Why now? Stalking? He knew where she lived.

[b "Hi, yea this is Conrad. Conrad, this is Mason, my husband. We were just having a little romantic picnic, we were...putting on sunscreen. How's the jog?" ] She smiled, lifting her head, and not wanting to get up. [i Please go. ] She wanted Mason's hands to run all over her before she had to start all over again. Ah, Conrad had kept up his body image, but even if her eyes travelled there, all she did was space out for a second about what she wanted to do with Mase.

Right. [b "How was the house? Really, we could visit sometime if they take the offer. Are you going to live there by yourself?" ] She needed to make sure he didn't get that offer pronto. The horror of Conrad being near everyday wasn't a comfortable one. He could watch, he could try to butt in her life, or cause problems... [i I don't want to move. ]

Charrie leaned into Mason and behind his back, she began tracing with her finger down his spine. [b "Well, you should keep the momentum and keep jogging, I know way further down it would lead you to a lighthouse, it's a beautiful spot." ] [i Just go. Go. ]
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He was putting on the sunscreen, loving to cover up her sexy skin with that lotion, seeing her body just oil up. She looked so sexy on the beach towel and when he moved down her back and then over her ass, he had a smirk on his lips. He sure did love touching her. How lucky was he to have such a sexy wife.

[b "Mmm, you're more sexy baby"] he admitted and then he rubbed her legs and over her ass. He finished doing her front side and then he laughed when she spoke about slapping her ass. [b "I wanted to see if you were still putting on lotion. I saw a better sight instead"] he smirked and then he met her lips and let her have another cracker.

When she allowed him to do her front, he nodded and then he added more lotion to his hands, rubbing her shoulders and then he leaned in to kiss her lips. [b "I won't tease you....that much"] he smiled and saw the wine spill over her. He leaned in and then he licked her stomach. He saw some spill into her bellybutton and then he let his tongue glide in to wipe it all off.

He had a smile on his face [b "Mmm, that's good"] he then ran his hands down over her chest, his fingers slowly gliding beneath her top, covering her chest as he slowly moved down [b "Ooooh, I just haad to do that"] he laughed and then he heard some footsteps behind him.

Mason looked back and then he saw Conrad approaching them. "Hey Faith! I was just jogging along the shore. Saw you two. Thought I'd say hi" he waved and then Mason looked back and just sighed a little.

[b "Hey, um Conrad?"] he looked up and saw that he looked familiar. Didn't he see him somewhere before? Mason just sat back down against the towel, a little irritated he couldn't continue.

Conrad saw the two and he was in nothing more than some gym shorts. "I was jogging and just checked out the house next door. IT looks really nice. I'm gonna make an offer"
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She was enjoying putting on this sunscreen more than she should enjoy it. Charrie smiled to herself, noticing his eyes closed. She giggled [b "You're doing better than I am, you're so sexy yourself Mase." ] She let her hands go just a bit beneath his trucks, and smirked a little when he spread his legs. Do? She raised a brow, [b "Is that a promise?" ] She kissed right above his trunk line.

She turned around and felt his hands touch her ass. She thought his eyes were closed... She looked back and gasped, smiling when he slapped [b "Hey...I thought you said the it was too bright to open your eyes. I think...you do need sunscreen here." ] She shrugged, getting her fingers a little more underneath his trunks. Then she moved back, kissing his lips softly back

She lay down and relaxed into the picnic blanket. She took the cracker he offered to her and felt his hands go down her shoulders, down her back. SHe opened her eyes when he slid his hands lower and rubbing her ass. [b "Mmm...what are you up to?" ] His hands felt just right on her. She felt him growing more near her. [b "Yea... I'll let you. I did that for you." ] She rolled around and lay on her back, peeking up at his eyes. [b "You're not going to tease me again, are you?" ] She smirked, because she definitely had teased him. She didn't mind it one bit.

She stretched her arm out and brought a glass of wine and offered to him but 'accidently' spilled a little on her stomach on the way [b "Whoops...hey you think you can help me clean that up?" ]
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 47d 15h 21m 34s
He laughed a little and then he nodded [b "I guess it is fair. We're pretty even then"] he sat on the blanket with her and just enjoyed the sun and the sound of the waves. He met her lips and then Mason laid onto his stomach while she lathered him in sunscreen. He had a smile on his face when he laid onto his back, wondering if she'd also do his front side too.

He felt her touching his bare skin and he closed his eyes, feeling really relaxed [b "Mmm, that feels good. You know me. I want to keep up with my sexy wife"] he smiled, feeling her hands move beneath his trunks and then he would spread his legs and then he smirked. [b "Oh don't worry baby. I'll definitely [i do] you after if you really want me to"] he smiled innocently and then he felt her straddling him.

He felt her hands touching every groove on his body as he watched her work. He saw her ass facing him and then he let his hands touch her cheeks. He patted them and then he even slapped her. He felt where her hands were going. [b "Hmmm, I don't know if I need sunscreen there"] he laughed and then he faced her and then he leaned up to kiss her lips.

Mason sat up and made her lay on her stomach so he could start lathering her skin with sunscreen. He brought a cracker to her lips and then he coated his hands and massaged the lotion down her shoulders and then down her back. He touched her shoulder blades and then her sides as he slid his hands into her bottom bikini and then he rubbed her ass and then down her legs. When he finished, he leaned in [b "SHould I do the front too? I don't know if you'll let me cover everything"] he said innocently.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 48d 6h 26m 37s
Charrie shrugged [b "Of course I do, you know mine. It's only fair." ] She smiled and got some time to share with him in a fancy picnic. She kissed his lips, and they both took a sip of there wine. Mason was so sweet, it was hard not to love him as much as she loved him. She got to rubbing his back, and kissed the back of his neck. [b "Great, let me finish this." ] She watched him lay on his stomach first, so she could finish off his back. She ran her fingers through his back, massaging his shoulders at the same time. She ran her fingers down his arms, feeling how great he felt. She tapped his muscle [b "You've been keeping up." ]

She let her fingers go down, past his swim trunks, but just a little underneath, between his thighs, running the sunscreen behind his legs, down to his ankles, very slowly. [b "I did your back." ] She stated and watched Mason roll over and smiled when he needed help with his front. [b "Alright...but you'll have to do me after." ] She squeezed more sunscreen out. Charrie end up straddling on top of him.

She ran her fingers down his collarbone, to his chest. She felt every one of abs, rubbing them with her thumb, and tracing the outline. She was having a little more fun than she knew she should. She pressed hard against him, and got down to his lower stomach, near his pelvis. Then's when she turned, and her ass face him because she figured Mason was closing his eyes anyway. She used the sun screen right between his thighs again, massaging the area before letting her hands go down his legs, feeling every bit of him. [b "I think I"m done... Unless I missed a spot?" ] She shifted around and faced him.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 48d 9h 15m 27s
He thought about it and he wasn't purposefully trying to flatter her or anything. He just really did think she could take down anyone. Why else would she be the leader of an organization if she wasn't good at fighting. [b "I make you weak? You make me weak and you know all my weak spots"] he laughed and imagined them fighting. It would probably always go down to them trying to just tease each other.

When the twins were upstairs taking their naps, he looked around and helped set up the picnic on the beach, taking out the crackers and the wine and then both pouring them a glass. He laid beside Charrie and looked out to the beach, the sand, and the sounds of the waves. It sounded so nice.

HE heard her cheers and then he met her lips, kissing her sweetly as he took a sip of the wine. He held a cracker to her lips and then he leaned in to take a bite of hers. He licked his lips and then he felt her kissing his skin. [b "We do. I like being able to just relax and spend some time with you. You know I'd love some help with the sunscreen"] he smiled and then he laid on his back. He felt her hands rubbing the sunscreen on his skin and then he rolled onto his back. [b "Well I think I need help on the front too. It's too sunny I can barely see"] he covered his eyes and then he smiled innocently as he laid there.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 48d 13h 54m 31s
[b "You flatter me so much." ] She grinned, [b "I think you might be the only one who can take me down though. You make me weak." ] She thought about all the crazy things they've done and all it had been so much fun. She hoped messing around with each other like this would never end between them.

The twins tired themselves out, which meant, they could really bring out the cheese, crackers and wine outside. She helped set things up and got to sit beside him. There was nothing better than this right now. Charrie giggled and smiled back [b "Cheers to the most sexist husband, best father and our amazing family." ] She met him half way and kissed his lips, taking a sip. She stretched out her legs and soaked in the environment with Mason. Just as she was about to grab a cracker and cheese, Mason held up one to her and so she took a bite. [b "It is...isn't it." ] She sighed, feeling so relaxed. She leaned into his shoulder and ate with him, offering hers a bite.

Charrie than would kiss his neck and take a hold of his hand. "[b We need to relax like this more often." ] She watched the waves, feeling so relaxed here. [b "It's getting pretty hot out, do you want to help me put on the sun screen on my back?" ] She asked, pulling out the sunscreen out [b "Or should I help you first?" ] She squeezed the tube and at least applied it to her face. She got some more up and moved over to Mason's back and ran her the sunscreen over his back, rubbing it in and the back of his shoulders [b "Okay, all done, unless you want me to help you put it everywhere else." ] She shrugged and kissed the back of his neck.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 48d 15h 15m 56s
He did want to do anything for their kids and keep them safe. He loved how she was thinking about the same things that he was. He kissed her cheek and hugged her close, loving how well they got along lately. Usually they argued at least once a day and then tried to solve it with sex. He thought about sparring with her and remembered how good she was at taking people down.

[b "Maybe? But not good enough to take down the amazing Charrie"] he told her and then he laughed as she spoke. They did a lot of crazy things together and it was so much fun. He didn't regret any of them, even if they were seen by a few people. HE laid back and then he suggested that they could foreplay that. He did like messing around with her and doing new things. Of course he'd never hurt her, but they could pretend fight.

Mason looked at the twins, seeing them tire themselves out and then he made a suggestion to Charrie. THey saw Belle and Rick head inside and then he allowed her to look over them as he stood up and then headed into the kitchen.

Mason asked the chef for some snacks and was able to get some crackers, cheese and wine. He kept it in a basket and then he headed outside onto the sand, facing the beach. He saw Charrie and then he helped set up along the sand, pulling out a plate and setting the cheese and crackers on it. He pulled out the two glasses and the bottle of wine. When he poured them both a cup, he smiled [b "Cheers to me having the sexiest wife and the most amazing family ever"] he smiled, leaning in to kiss her lips, taking a sip of wine and then putting a cracker with cheese in his mouth.

Mason made another bite and held it up against her lips. [b "Mmm, it's a great day, especially since you and I have been spending a lot of time together"]
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 49d 18h 56m 58s
[b "And we'll make sure they won't. We'll keep them safe." ] Charrie lightly smiled and adored his kiss on her cheek. She laughed [b "Yea, me too." ] She hugged him tightly. She didn't really worry about sparring. She assumed it would be just for fun and no one was actually going to get hurt. [b "Aww, maybe but you're pretty strong too." ] Charrie laughed at what she said and how he smirked. [b "God damn right I do." ] She recalled what they did with each other and she didn't regret it, it was too much fun.

[b "Yea...they wouldn't. No, they haven't. We're secure." ] She smiled and stretched on the recliner. She heard his laughter and though it might be a fun thing to do, [b "Deal, no actual abuse," ] But she never worried for that. She took a peak at the twins, seeing them having so much fun and using up there energy. [b " A break sounds nice... Mmm, that sounds good. Look at us, having a fancy rich picnic date." ] She laughed, [b "We should get the most expensive cheese possible too. ] Her eyes followed the twins again and they end up running around and squirting Mason.

[b "Hey guys! Be careful." ] But they were so busy that they nearly ignored, but they did went away. Charrie leaned back into Mason and nodded [b "Let's do it." ]
The twins kept at it, and eventually, they crashed. They sat down at the edge of the pool, kicking their feet slowly. Belle kept mentioning how tired and sleepy she was. Rick asked if she wanted to back inside, Belle nodded.
"We're going inside... I'm tired. I think I'm going to lay down in bed for a bit." ] Belle mentioned.
[b "Okay, just make sure to dry off first. Do you need me to help?" ]
Rick shook his head, "No, it's okay. We got this. You and daddy can play in the pool now." ]
[b "Okay, but, let me just help a bit." ] Charrie got up and followed the twins inside. She made sure they were dried off, and they end up laying down in Belle's room watching on their tablet but Charrie could tell they would fall asleep. She stepped out of the room and reached Mason [b "Time to crack out the cheese, crackers and wine?" ] She raised a brow, giggling a little. She helped bring things out, grabbing the bottle of wine and picnic blanket.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 49d 20h 43m 55s
Mason knew she was a bright little girl because he could tell their kids were smart. Just their behavior and the way they worried about their parents was beyond their years. He smiled when she thanked him, wanting her to know that no matter what happens, no one could bring her down. Not even her own brother.

He saw the twins playing with one another and was glad Rick was apologetic. He didn't want him treating his own sister that way. He should know better. Mason walked back to the shade with Charrie as he relaxed into a recliner as well. [b "I don't want them to experience what happened before. I want them safe"] he told her, kissing her cheek and then he smiled. [b "Well I'm glad I'm Mason and I'm glad you're Char"] he laughed, loving the words she spoke.

The thought of sparring her did cross his mind. It made him nervous because he didn't know what else he could possibly do. She was a veteran, he was mostly just fighting on impulse. [b "I know you wouldn't baby. But I know if you really wanted to, you can win no problem"] he told her, wondering if she was trying to make a point. [b "Exactly no one lives to tell the tale because you beat them all"] he smirked and then he heard her talking about how she slept with him between breaks. [b "Well I don't think anyone would believe you. But that did happen. We did it over camera. Good thing they only really heard it, not so much see anything. Besides, it's not like they've seen you personally"] he told her, remembering how much they did together.

[b "We haven't fought in a long time. We could definitely add that in bed. I'll make sure to go easy too"] he laughed and then he saw the twins swimming so fast to beat one another. [b "Hopefully. Then they'll take a nap and you and I could get a break. Maybe we could have a snack on the sand, just you and I. A little picnic with a glass of wine. Maybe some cheese and crackers. We'll be a little fancy"] he suggested, seeing Belle and Rick having a water gun fight. They were also squirted in the crossfire. [b "Nooo! You got daddy all wet. You have to aim better you two"] he told them, leaning into Charrie more [b "What do you say? A little date with Mason when they tire out?"]
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 50d 2h 40m 16s
Belle felt great being called smart by her parents. She was grinning and then giggling, [b "Thanks daddy." ] That was a big confidence boost to her. She hugged him tightly back before Charrie let her down too, and she went off to play with Rick. Rick really felt bad and end up apologizing a second time to her.

[b "I don't doubt it...but I don't want them to handle it too much. I don't want them to get too hurt." ] Charrie smiled when he kissed her cheek and then she laughed [b "How would I know you would make such a great father? I married you for so many reasons, and the biggest one of them is because your Mason." ] She snuggled into his arm for a moment. But, she did want to step out of the pool for a bit. She laid down and her eyes followed Mason laying back as well.

[b "Mase, I would never really hurt you." ] She smiled [b "You don't know that. Maybe you're a lot stronger than you think you are. I don't actually know...there are not many people in the world that lived to tell the tale." ] She laughed and couldn't help but let her eyes wander on him. She smirked, [b "Who would ever even think that there their hot boss fucks the crazy sexy, head of chem division between breaks? That's probably for the best." ]] She laughed and shrugged. [b "But...wait didn't we do it over the phone or cam before?" ] She titled her head trying to remember, and was pretty sure they did or was that just some crazy dream she had? That seemed like a crazy dream.... Some of the things they did she was questioning but she sure loved every second.

[b "When was the last time we play fought with each other? I think we should do that sometimes in bed-and I do mean playfully, and I will go super easy on you. Promise." ] She grinned and kept an eye out for their twins. They were racing each other and most of the time they cut close. [b "Do you think they'll tire themselves out and end up taking naps too? ] She did have to wander. The twins did have a lot of energy though because they were kids.
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Mason knew that if he sparred with Charrie, he'd probably have a hard time. Charrie was physically strong, flexible, and she had so much experience. He's trained with her before, but he was never that good. It was mostly just enough to make sure his family was safe. HE saw how happy it made Belle and then he smiled brightly. HE just wanted all of them to be happy, but the twins always still worried about them. He loved them for it, but he didn't want them to worry. THey were already too mature for their age.

He hugged her and then looked upset hearing that people called her dumb. Belle was anything but. She was so clever, so outgoing and impulsive....he couldn't see why anyone would call her that except if they were jealous. She heard Rick and nodded, glad that her brother didn't think she was dumb. SHe hugged Charrie and then Mason kissed her cheek and could see how happy it made her. [b "Good, they are, just know that you're smart"] he put Rick down and then he let them play as he looked back at Charrie, hugging his arms around her.

[b "I think they can too. If there was a bully though, the two of them could handle it"] he smiled and kissed her cheek. [b "That's not the only reason why you married me right?"] he asked, laughing a little and then he stepped outside of the pool and laid back too.

[b "You better go easy on me when we spar. I don't want to throw out my back or anything. I feel like I'm going to get pummeled. Who would be stupid enough to challenge the organization boss anyway?"] he shivered and then he looked back at her from the side, seeing how sexy she was in her bikini as she laid back.

[b "Then again, who would have thought the boss was this sexy and hot.....they all don't even know"]
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