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They hate each other with passion . They’ d do anything to make each other’ s life hell since they were toddlers. It all started with their mothers being best friends and their fathers being enemies. Because their parents knew each other well, they grew up with each other. Their mommy’ s teasing them to get married and their daddy’ s provoking them to cause trouble in the other’ s house. From putting bugs in their lunch in kindergarten to getting rid of each other’ s girlfriend/boyfriend. It ’s never enough for them to even pull the silliest of pranks-like when Charrie tied him up, put him in a box and sent him to a zoo trapped with lions. There’ s no telling how far they ’ll take it. Although, the worst comes when another get ’s a girlfriend or boyfriend and jealousy plays a part of it. They are attracted to each other and at the oddest times they end up kissing only to completely forget the whole thing and start another war.

The two are currently are starting their first day of college. It’s off campus housing with each other along with two other people. Both of their families are wealthy and so they can do just about anything in their power to annoy each other or attempt to get rid of the other.

Hints of the Male Character & Charri:

Male: He loves eye candy and he doesn’ t show any mercy toward Charrie. He’ s attracted to her body but no more than that. Occasionally he tries to touch her and that’ s when Charrie shows off her black belt skills. He’ s outgoing and has many friends.

Charri: Aside from the cruel stuff she’ s done to him, she’ s pretty innocent. She focuses into her studies and works an advice column. She never got close to a guy to sleep with them. She owns a black belt in martial arts, loves to paintball and always wins in a match with him.

They do get into physical fights, throwing stuff at each other and injuring and somehow that leads into making out. Their mothers still bothers them to get together and sometimes would send them on dates. They have the same group of friends.


1.No cybering, god modding

2.Mature RP but when the clothes come off-time skip.

3. Must be able to post at least 300 words, no less!

4. I expect at least one post per day. I’ m serious. Of course if something is going on, you can tell me you aren’ t able to post that day and I’ll understand ^-^. Normally, you should be able to post each day.

5. I’ m picky with pictures, so don’ t be offended if I ask you to change it >.<. Pick a good professional one. If you can' t find one, I have bunch.

6. This involves a lot of creativity. Be creative to how the make each other’ s life hell. Anything can happen, so they go camping, get lost in the city, or even run into the mafia.

7.No instant romance but yes they will soon truly fall for each other. If they end up together is up to us.

8.Type ‘Hater’ into the PM. If you don’ t have it, I’ ll ignore it.


Name: Charrie Danny Snow

Age: 18

Major: Film

Name: Mason Clint

Age: 19

Major: Chemistry

Other: He loves the female body, especially Charri's. Is a single, yet complicated child. He enjoys being independent, but nothing thrills his heart more than to see Charri in distress.


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He was walking on his own and Mason couldn't help but watch. Charrie with their little baby boy was so adorable to him. He loved seeing her with their youngest. It was a big step from since they lost their other child. He walked over, leading ARi towards Charrie and then carrying little ORi. He felt their baby boy wiggle and then wrap his hands around Mason's face. He babbled, smiling at Mason and then he carried him towards the trampolines.

Mason let him play around, seeing him bounce and look so excited. With each jump, a squeal followed and then he would look up at daddy. Mason let him crawl and as he patted his hands on the floor, he laughed and then he watched him crawl around. Ori was curious as he moved towards the foam pit and then he crawled in, but Mason watched him. He screamed and then realized he could crawl still. Mason rubbed his head and watched him until he heard someone yelling.

HIs eyes went to the woman who was yelling at their toddler. It was so sad and upsetting to see the poor toddler being treated so poorly. Mason didn't have the heart to yell at their little ones. Ori started to whine, hearing the woman. Mason carried him and then he rubbed his back, seeing Charrie head over to where the woman was. [i Uh oh].

He walked towards them, wondering if Charrie could handle it. She spoke to the woman and then he looked frightened. He saw Charrie come back and then he smiled. [b "You always know what to do"]] he laughed and then he jumped around with her and Ari for a while, still holding onto Ori. Once they were all tired, he sat down on the bench, keeping Ori on his lap. He looked up at his daddy and squealed, pointing to Ari and Charrie. He rubbed his head and let him relax before they headed over to see the twins.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 10h 54s
Charrie couldn't contain her laughs when Ori was taking a few steps on his own, but noticed and sat down. It was a little too cute, and that innocent little face made her feel so awed at him. She helped him back up and tried to get him to do same thing again. SHe loved there little boy, she lifted him up but soon enough he was searching for Mason. She held him well, so he wouldn't fall over but he was very eager, "Da, da." Charrie released Ori onto Mason's hands and adored there little baby interacting with Mason.

Charrie peeked down at Ariel and knelled down, [b "Hey baby, you looked like you had a lot of fun with daddy." ] She kissed her forehead.

"Awi did." Ariel nodded and raised her little hands up. She lifted her and asked her what she wanted to do. Ariel pointed at a different slide and Charrie put her down, [b "you can do it." ] She let her go off, still wobbling a little when she walked, placing her palms of the little stairs she had to take while getting up. Then she went down the slide and screamed, falling into the foam pit.

Charrie clapped, [b "So brave." ]
Ariel giggled and began rushing to do it again, loving the encouragement. Charrie took a quick glance at Ori and Mason, hearing his little squeals.

Then she picked up yelling.
"What did I tell you? I told you not to do that again! Get over here, and sit down!" A woman raised her voice at her toddler and toddler started to cry and stay in spot.
"I said come over here," Her voice harsh.
Charrie frowned, feeling so bad for the poor toddler that could easily be not much older than Ari. Ari gasped and ran back to Charrie, a little spooked by the yelling. "Mommy, up, up." Ariel stretched out her hands, looking so spooked. Charrie picked her up, [b "It's okay." ]
"bad an scawy," She pointed.
The other toddler kept crying and it made Ari uncomfortable and made her want to cry. Charrie could tell on Ariel's face and now, she was pissed.
[b "Hold on Ari," ] She spoke to her quietly and walked in front of the woman, [b "That's not a way to get a toddler to listen. Could you please lower your tone, your scaring the other kids." ]
Ari hid in Charrie, gripping on to her tightly.

"Mind your own business, you proper prick." She gave Charrie a look.
Charrie stared back at her. Ohh..[i Control your rage. ] "Just lower your volume, I'm trying to give my kids a good day." And then Charrie leaned and said something quietly, and she shut her mouth.

[b "Thanks for listening." ] Charrie backed up and Ari pointed to where Mason was, "Awi wann jump." She still looked a bit spooked but she wanted to be away from that yelling person. Charrie went to Mason and jumped around with Ari for a bit.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 16h 5m 45s
He was having so much fun with her in the bouncy area. Ari was so adorable just waddling around the foam ground and then climbing up the slide on her own. She would call out Mason's name [i "Daddy! Wach!"] she said as she looked down again and then she slid against the slides. Mason smiled and clapped his hands, seeing her interact with another toddler. He was so proud of her, she was so cute.

They played together until Mason heard Ori's screams. He was such a curious little baby, seeing him walking around with Charrie, looking so happy. He saw him sit like what he did with him earlier and then he laughed [b "He's such a good boy"] he smiled and then he saw him raising his hands. Mason ended up jumping around with Ari in the small trampoline place for toddlers. She'd fall on her bum, but then she would keep her eyes on her daddy. Her bright smile made Mason feel so much awe for their babies having so much fun.

She held Mason's hands and then they were both jumping, soon seeing little Ori calling out his name. Mason saw Ori reaching out and almost falling over. [b "Here Ari, jump with mommy"] he held her hands and brought her to Charrie as Mason leaned in to carry Ori. [b "Hey there champ. Do you want to jump with daddy?"] he asked, feeling him wrap his baby arms around his neck, patting his cheeks. Mason walked back to the bouncy trampoline and then he held Ori's hands, letting him stand. When Mason picked him up and then bounced him, he'd kick his feet and squeal, feeling the floor move.

Ori looked up at his daddy and babbled, as if saying, 'did you see the floor?' Mason laughed and then he let him crawl for a while, seeing ORi looking at the floor and patting his hands on it, trying to grab the elastic. Mason rubbed the top of his blonde hair and then he smiled back at Charrie, seeing their kids having so much fun with them.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 1d 5h 29m 50s
Ariel with her adorable many questions awed her. She was such a brave girl going down the slide all by herself and even talking to another toddler. She was giggling around and Charrie couldn't help but keep watching-until Ori started to scream. She helped him walk around, loving his little babbles and helping him walk. She tried to release his hands to let him walk. For a second, he didn't notice he didn't have assistance and took two steps before realizing, and then sitting down on his bum and looking up at her.

"Ah, ah!" He raised his two hands, for aid to get him back up on his feet. Charrie laughed, [b "You had it Ori, you should have kept walking." ] She got him back on his feet and let him walk around again, releasing his hand and he would do the same thing-again. Charrie lifted up Ori for a bit and he pointed to Mason and Ariel who was bouncing around. He watched very curiously, babbling and then he saw another baby. Oh, did the sight of another baby shock him.

He screamed and pointed, and patted Charrie's cheek, almost as if he was saying 'did you say that, there's a thing just like me.' Charrie kissed his cheek and he gave that grumpy little face.
[b "What's wrong?" ] Charrie forwned.
Ori patted her cheek and she kept frowning, so he planted his lips on her cheek like Ari. Charrie was so awed that she had to smile, he giggled and stretched out his hands to Mason, "Da, da, da!"

[b "Mase, I think Ori wants to be held by you."] She called out. Ori was stretching out so much that he was nearly falling over. Charrie kept him close though, making sure he didn't fall off her arms.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 1d 11h 12m 15s
He felt her kiss his cheek and Mason ended up smiling happily. He loved the way she looked at him and how much she loved him and he loved her the same. THeir love wouldn't change at all and they had four beautiful kids to prove it. Ori was babbling and Mason rubbed his little head, holding their baby boy as he helped him get dressed.

When they arrived at the bouncy area, Mason pushed the stroller with Ari in it, her brown eyes looking around so curiously, asking daddy what everything was. There were kids jumping in the trampoline park and foam pits, while the toddler area had small kids crawling and playing around.

Mason said goodbye to the twins and then he walked with Charrie to the toddler section. Mason took Ari to the slide, seeing her look so afraid, but as she slid down, he gave her a high five. [b "Was that fun Ari?"] he asked, seeing her nod her head. [i "Awi no scawy"] she said as Mason kissed her cheek. [b "You're so brave"] he helped her up and then she went down the slide again.

When Ori screamed in the balls, Mason laughed and saw how much fun he was having. [b "Wow, look at our little boy having so much fun"] he smiled, seeing Ari play with another toddler in the ball pit. They were swimming around and giggling as Mason smiled. He was glad that Ari was getting along with other toddlers too.

Mason watched Charrie and Ori walk around to the small foam pit and the small foam figures on the floor. They were adorable. Mason helped Ari up when she ran back to him, holding his hand and then pulling him towards the small jumping area. She walked slowly onto it and started jumping, giggling as she looked up at her daddy. [i "Daddy I up up!"] she said happily as Mason walked beside her and bounced around with her.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 2d 6h 14m 31s
Charrie laughed and leaned in to kiss Mason's cheek too. Ori was obliviously looking back at Mason and babbled to him, patting his legs and grabbing onto his foot. Charrie was completely in awe by their kids. She got Ariel all dressed, helped Belle, and was all ready herself. She placed Ariel in her car seat, making sure she was secure.

It wasn't long before they arrived at the locations. Julian and Thomas went to the twins for now and she let them have their fun. She had Ori in her arms, while pushing his stroller around with her other hand. He really liked to be held instead of going in a stroller. Charrie let her stroller at the side and Ori was looking around with his big eyes, sucking on his finger. She took out his finger from his mouth and instead, he took her finger and she had to pull back. [b "Ori." ] She laughed and spotted Ariel on the slide. She looked pretty scared, but she was brave enough to go down. [b "So brave Ari," ] Charrie giggled. [b "I can see, you're going to a great swimmer." ]]

"Ba!" Ori pointed at where Ari was, and babbling out loud, and began to whine.
[b "Oh Ori." ] She got near and dipped Ori inside, but held him. He screamed and then quieted, and kicked his feet in the ball bit, giggling. It out was outright adorable. She spotted some other toddlers around. One little girl moved over to Ari, "Hi. I swim too."

Charrie lifted Ori up and he was still kicking his feet, noticing he was being lifted up until he was in her arms. He looked at her with wide eyes and shock. Charrie couldn't help but laugh and let his feet touch the ground again, helping walk around to wherever he wanted. He moved to the slide but of course she couldn't allow him on that.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 2d 11h 45m 4s
He laughed and then he shook his head [b "Well I'm not going to lie"] he smirked and then he wiped off Ori's face. [b "Like father like son"] he carried baby Ori and then they headed up to his room. Mason dressed him in some warm clothes and then he carried him in his arms, smiling as he kissed his little cheek. Ori babbled and wiggled around in Mason's arms all the way to the car, patting his cheeks.

Mason buckled him up in his car seat and then he saw how adorable Belle and Rick looked. He helped them into the van and then he sat in the driver's seat, smiling at Charrie as they headed to the bouncy park. When they arrived, he carried little Ari and helped her into the stroller as he watched the twins head off with Julian and Thomas. [b "Be careful. We'll meet you over there soon"] he waved and then he walked with Ari, seeing her bright, brown eyes looking around and pointing. [i "Daddy I wan der!"] she pointed and then Mason saw the toddler park. There were other toddlers and babies playing with their parents as well.

Mason led them there and then he carried ARi in his arms. [b "Where do you want to go Ari?"] he asked, seeing her walk towards a slide that wen to the ball pit. She climbed up the foam ladder and then she sat at the top. Then Ari looked a little frightened, but slid down into the ball bit and Mason smiled. [b "That's it Ari!"] he grinned, seeing her lay against the balls, wiggling around. [i "Mommy I swim!"] she called out and then she moved towards the end of the ball pit, being so brave. She looked over to see if her mommy was watching as Mason held out his hand, giving her a high five.
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Charrie laughed, [b "You hear that? Sometimes." ] She stared at Ori's adorable face, [b "Your just like your daddy." ] She kissed his cheek and let his little hand wrap around her finger. He was an adorable baby. She snuggled Ariel, and gave her the attention she deserved for being such a hard working artist. She looked so dedicated, so serious in her work. She had a feeling Ariel would do great in whatever she chose to do.

Charrie lifted Ariel up in her arms and had her help her out, before dressing there little toddler up. She let Ariel dance around while she dressed herself into a pair of leggings and long t-shirt. Charrie swooped Ariel up when she didn't notice and Ariel screamed and then giggled and kissed Charrie's cheek, "Awi gonna, Awi gonna ha-fun."
[b "Yes you are. It's 'going to have fun' sweetie." ] She tickled her little stomach.
"gone ha"
[b "Going to have." ]
"Ga to have!" She grinned.
"Well I guess that will do for now." ]] Charrie laughed and ran into the twins and saw they dressed themselves pretty nicely, but... [b "Belle, how about you wear shorts, sweatpants or leggings like mommy and Ari? It'll be more comfortable than jeans." ]
Belle stared down at her jeans and t-shirt and shrugged, "Okay. But...can you help me?" ]
[b "Sure," ] She smiled and glanced back at Rick, [b "You look great Rick," ] She went over to help Belle and Ari followed along.

Eventually, everyone got into the car, Ori and Ariel secured. Mason drove them to the location and she saw that Thomas and Julian was following along with another car. When they arrived there she took Ori in her arms and found his outfit adorable. He definitely was one cool baby. [b "Have fun," ] She smiled at the twins.

"Are you and daddy going to come after too?" Rick raised a brow, wanting to spend some time with them too.
[b "Shortly, I promise." ] Charrie smiled and heard Ori babble and try to tug on her lip.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 3d 10h 21m 50s
Mason held their baby in his arms, not wanting to let little Ori go. He loved him so much and he didn't want anything to happen to him. He had a smile on his lips as he sat him down on his lap, brushing his fingers through his blonde hair as he looked through a few files. Ori helped him browse through web pages as he laughed and then he kissed the top of his head. He would look up at his daddy with his big, green eyes and then he would babble.

Mason saw Charrie holding little Ari and then he wiped the drool from Ori's face, hearing her words [b "Hey! I don't....okay maybe I do, sometimes"] he admitted and then he glanced away as he bounced Ori in his lap. HE was giggling so happily as he watched his sister draw. Mason told her about the plan and then thought about Ori being without them. THey'll just have to see what happens. His eyes moved to see how happy Ariel was and he knew they just had to go. They just had to.

[b "Okay, I'll go change this guy into something comfy. Come on Oreo"] he carried Ori in his arms and then he brought him up to his room, helping him into a one piece shirt over his diaper. It had a picture of a dinosaur wearing sunglasses that said "I'm too cool" on it. Mason smiled and tickled his little stomach, hearing him giggle as he raised his small hands.

When they were ready, everyone was downstairs and Mason began loading them all into the car, buckling up Oreo and Ari into their car seats as he took the driver seat. Soon enough, they were off moving towards the city as Mason found the building. THey were parked and he brought out two strollers, setting Ori in one and ARi in the other, making their way inside.

The building was huge. As soon as they entered, there were trampolines everywhere, inflatables down another hallway, and a toddler land the other way. The twins looked so excited, wanting to go off and play already. Mason spoke with the receptionist, getting them each some jump time as he asked Julian and Thomas to look after the twins.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 4d 5h 48m 22s
When she came down she got the perfect picture of there family. Mason on the laptop with a cute baby that was their own on his lip. Ariel coloring her pictures and taking it so seriously, which added to her adorableness. She felt so much love for them all. She took a seat and had to give there baby and toddler as much as love she could. She loved seeing his smiles, hearing his giggles. She laughed when she saw the bit of drool, [b "That's daddy's face when he sees mommy." ] They wouldn't get it but Mason just might. She kissed his little cheek and had Ariel on her lap.

[b "Isn't she? I'd pay millions for her doodles," ] She stroked Ariel's beautiful hair and listened to Mason talk about the place they would be going to. He had a good idea. [b "That sounds like a good plan. Although, I'm a bit worried about Ori getting frustrated and crying without us." ] She would just have to see how he would do. Ariel was definitely excited. [b "Hey, I don't think it's safe for Ari to jump around with Belle and Rick." ] She reminded and saw the excitement in her. She didn't even know what they were exactly going to be doing because she's never been.

Charrie giggled, [b "I guess that's that, we'll be going. Let me go gather Ori, and Ari's things. Do you want to help mommy Ari? Then we can dress up together?" ] She met her eyes and saw her nod, "Okay mommy."
[b "that's my good girl." ] She snuggled her in and then got up, Ariel following her. Charrie called out to the twins, [b "Rick, Belle, get dressed! We'll be going soon." ] She could hear them shout out in excitement. She went to tell Thomas and Julian about it and then gathered stuff with Ari to put in the bag. Then she got Ariel upstairs with her, to get her dressed, getting her in a pair of teal leggings or her and a comfortable white sweater. She put her hair in a pony tail and thought she looked adorable. While Charrie was getting dressed, Ariel got her to play some music, and was shaking her bum bum.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 4d 9h 13m 35s
He was sitting on the sofa, playing with their little boy, making him giggle and laugh. He liked seeing his adorable little grumpy face, but at the same time, he wanted him to be happy. His happy little baby boy. He looked at Ariel's drawings and then he smiled and rubbed her little head. She was so cute and so creative, Mason was so proud of her and their little artist. He loved their kids so much.

He walked with Ori around the house, seeing him take baby steps. He would babble and then Mason would release his hands, but then he would stop walking and sit down and look up at him. "Da!" he raised his arms and Mason carried him again and then he set him on his lap as he scanned through some files on his computer. Ori was pressing the buttons and when Charrie came down, he saw his mommy and then grinned, his saliva moving down his lips as Mason wiped it off. He listened to Ariel's words and then he laughed.

[b "Our little girl is such a good artist"] he smiled and then he told her thank you. [b "I found the place, but maybe it would be good to bring Julian and THomas. There's a small area for babies and toddlers, we can play with Ari and Ori there while Julian watches the twins. THen we can switch too"] he suggested and then he looked down at Ari. [b "Do you want to go jumping with Belle and RIck too Ari?"] he asked, seeing her smile.

[i "Awi jump too"] she spoke and ORi babbled in reply as well.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 5d 18h 14m 52s
She came back down and saw Mason sitting on the sofa with Ori's on his lap, Ariel coloring. It was a perfect image to see right after dealing with a headache. She took a seat beside him and giggled when she saw Ori trying to be like Mason and tapping the buttons on the keyboard. "Is my little cutie working too?" Charrie kissed his little cheek and snuggled her nose in his cheek, and Ori turned his head. He smiled and turned his head giggling, "Ma." She stroked his hair and felt all giddy seeing him so happy. She peaked down at Ariel and saw her getting up to show her picture to her.
"So pretty Ariel," Charrie grinned pulling her on her lap and kissed her cheek, "Can you tell me more about your picture?"

"Okay mommy. Tis twee," She pointed at the lollipop looking tree. "Twis water." She pointed at the entirely scribbled blue background, making it look like a lollipop with a blue background. "Wow, so pretty, my little artist is a genius too." Charrie tickled her little stomach. Ariel giggled and grinned, "Daddy and momm can have," She said seriously.

"Thank you baby," Charrie smiled big at her. Charrie looked back at Mason, "So did you find the location the twins mentioned? Although... I'm not sure if we could take care of Ariel and Ori at the same time while keeping an eye on the twins." It wasn't going to be easy. She should just get Thomas and Julian to come with them but she definitely had to watch Ori instead of playing around. It was always difficult to go places with a toddler and a baby.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 5d 19h 46m 17s
He heard Charrie and Ariel was grinning. She looked so adorable with her cute smile and her small arms trying to hug him all the way around. [b "Aww, thank you baby girl"] he kissed her forehead and then he smiled as he helped clean her hands and her fingers. Mason saw Ori and his grumpy face, wanting their little boy to forgive them already. He heard his cute babbles and then he rubbed his head.

It was nice just being with their whole family together and being able to relax like this. THe twins were happy with their cupcakes and excited about being able to go to the bouncy place. Mason helped Ari out of her high chair so that she could walk around and play and then he saw Charrie head off. He heard little Ori and then he carried him in his arms. [b "Don't worry Ori, you can play with daddy for a while okay?"] he kissed his forehead and then he wiped the tears from his eyes. He held him in his arms and then he rubbed his head and saw him calm down.

He sat on the couch and then saw Ariel coloring beside him, showing him her picture and letting Ori look too. He looked curious, reaching out his little hands. Mason kept him on his lap, holding his hands up and letting him stand as he walked around the living room. The twins headed to the couch, playing their games as Mason watched for a while, waiting for Charrie. He then sat down and pulled out his laptop, looking for this bounce house place. It was nearby and had a special room for toddlers too. He smiled and figured that they could all go.

Ori babbled, looking at the screen and then pressing buttons on the keypads. Mason ended up going on weird sights, making him laugh as he checked how his group was doing through their files.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 6d 10h 46m 2s
[b "She's prettier." ]] Charrie laughed. Ariel was grinning, hugging Mason, as much as her arms could reach anyway. "Daddy pwetty too," Ariel grinned. Charrie laughed and enjoyed the time they were spending with their family right now. Ori was showing his grumpy face but he sure liked it when he heard his daddy laugh and have his hands in his hair Ori babbled back to Mason and Charrie couldn't help but kiss the top of his head. He was an adorable baby. She loved holding him and loved that they had him. She heard his lovely little giggles when Mason smiled at him big.

She fed Ori the cupcake, and took bites out of her own herself. She did want to have fun with there kids but she also had to do some work that she couldn't leave for too long. She needed to check up on things. [b "Alright, thanks," ] She smiled and Charrie kissed Ori's cheek. When she got up to go, Ori started to whine and get even more upset. "Ma," he cried, full blown tears and crying. He couldn't see her anymore and he really was upset. Charrie moved back and she leaned into him. He still cried and put his hands up. How could she say no to him? She lifted him up and kissed his cheek, [b "you miss daddy too, don't you? I will be back Ori. I promise." ] She carried him over to Mason and put him in Mason's arms. Ori calmed down but still had tears in his eyes.

[b "I'll be back." ] Charrie assured and head over to her office to do some catching up. Most of them were going okay, but she got one report that hadn't ended well. She called the person up, and let them explain through it one more time and end up having to call the others involved wanting to make sure she was getting the same story and no one sounded hesitate. She pushed there buttons a little, to get answers. By the time she finished, it was a bit passed lunch time. She went downstairs to check up on how everyone was doing.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 6d 11h 31m 34s
He smiled, glad that she was such a great mother. It was always a lie hearing her say she wasn't the best mother, but she really was. She always put their kids lives before their own. He held her hand and then when they returned home, he opened the doors to see their youngest.

Ori looked so grumpy, as if he knew the entire reason why we left. He seemed to be so mad, but Mason couldn't help the look on his face because he was so adorable. Those big, green eyes and his little blonde hair. He was so cute. He said goodbye to Sarah and then he looked back at Ari, seeing her waive her little hand. Mason looked at Ori giggling, but then it went straight back to being grumpy.

He sat at the table and shared the cupcakes with their kids as he watched the twins eating it up. Ari had a white mess with crumbs on her face as he helped clean her up. [b "You're really pretty Ari. Just like your mommy"] he brushed his fingers through her hair and then he looked over at Ori, feeling him grab his nose. HE laughed and then he ran his fingers over his small head. [b "Aww, why are you grumpy Ori? Do you want to play? When mommy is done with her work, we can all go to the bouncy place"] he suggested, knowing he couldn't understand, but seeing Mason's smiley face made him somewhat giggle and then it became grumpy again as soon as he finished.

Ari looked up at them [i "Bowsy?"] she asked, her brown eyes looking up at Mason's. [b "It's a bouncy place where you can jump and crawl around. Daddy will look it up"] he told her and then he grabbed his laptop. [b "You can work on your things baby, I'll look over Ari and Ori"] he told her and then he smiled at the twins. [b "You two are going to have so much fun"]
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