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They hate each other with passion . They’ d do anything to make each other’ s life hell since they were toddlers. It all started with their mothers being best friends and their fathers being enemies. Because their parents knew each other well, they grew up with each other. Their mommy’ s teasing them to get married and their daddy’ s provoking them to cause trouble in the other’ s house. From putting bugs in their lunch in kindergarten to getting rid of each other’ s girlfriend/boyfriend. It ’s never enough for them to even pull the silliest of pranks-like when Charrie tied him up, put him in a box and sent him to a zoo trapped with lions. There’ s no telling how far they ’ll take it. Although, the worst comes when another get ’s a girlfriend or boyfriend and jealousy plays a part of it. They are attracted to each other and at the oddest times they end up kissing only to completely forget the whole thing and start another war.

The two are currently are starting their first day of college. It’s off campus housing with each other along with two other people. Both of their families are wealthy and so they can do just about anything in their power to annoy each other or attempt to get rid of the other.

Hints of the Male Character & Charri:

Male: He loves eye candy and he doesn’ t show any mercy toward Charrie. He’ s attracted to her body but no more than that. Occasionally he tries to touch her and that’ s when Charrie shows off her black belt skills. He’ s outgoing and has many friends.

Charri: Aside from the cruel stuff she’ s done to him, she’ s pretty innocent. She focuses into her studies and works an advice column. She never got close to a guy to sleep with them. She owns a black belt in martial arts, loves to paintball and always wins in a match with him.

They do get into physical fights, throwing stuff at each other and injuring and somehow that leads into making out. Their mothers still bothers them to get together and sometimes would send them on dates. They have the same group of friends.


1.No cybering, god modding

2.Mature RP but when the clothes come off-time skip.

3. Must be able to post at least 300 words, no less!

4. I expect at least one post per day. I’ m serious. Of course if something is going on, you can tell me you aren’ t able to post that day and I’ll understand ^-^. Normally, you should be able to post each day.

5. I’ m picky with pictures, so don’ t be offended if I ask you to change it >.<. Pick a good professional one. If you can' t find one, I have bunch.

6. This involves a lot of creativity. Be creative to how the make each other’ s life hell. Anything can happen, so they go camping, get lost in the city, or even run into the mafia.

7.No instant romance but yes they will soon truly fall for each other. If they end up together is up to us.

8.Type ‘Hater’ into the PM. If you don’ t have it, I’ ll ignore it.


Name: Charrie Danny Snow

Age: 18

Major: Film

Name: Mason Clint

Age: 19

Major: Chemistry

Other: He loves the female body, especially Charri's. Is a single, yet complicated child. He enjoys being independent, but nothing thrills his heart more than to see Charri in distress.


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He loved their kids and each one had a completely different personality. They each had traits from both him and Charrie and he loved them all so much. He played with Ari in the water, holding her and hearing her squeal and enjoy being on his shoulders. Mason swam through and she would point in the direction she wanted to go.

He placed Ari on the unicorn floatie and she would relax for a bit as Mason went to get Ori. He swam and heard Ori's little giggles. [b "Is our little boy in a good mood?"] he asked, smirking as he kissed his little cheeks and then he ran his fingers over his blonde hair. He helped Charrie equip him with floaties as he chuckled [b "Look at you all ready"] he brought Ori into the water, helping him walk as he stepped in and squealed. He giggled an then would kick his little feet splashing in the pool.

Mason would look over at Ari, seeing her play with Charrie, giggling and laughing as Charrie tickled her. Mason held Ori as he touched the water and splashed. He held him in his lap, but when he would suck his thumb, Mason would take his fingers out [b "No Ori, No"] he'd shake his head and Ori would just stare at him and then pat his thighs.

Mason laughed and then saw him leaning forward. He saw Charrie rushing over, but he caught him, not wanting Ori to get hurt. [b "He's okay baby. I'm watching him"] he smiled, lifting Ori up and then dipping him in the water. He'd then hold him up again and Ori would laugh, feeling the water go up to his belly, kicking his feet. He'd watch his mommy coming over with green eyes and then he'd laugh, reaching his arms out "Ma!" he'd cheer, kicking his feet and then splashing some water towards her.

Mason would let him wiggle his feet in his water and then watch Ari float towards them on the unicorn.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 333d 16h 37m 52s
Watching there kids attempting to learn to swim was adorable. She loved seeing Ariel splashing her arms around and kicking her feet. Charrie got Ori to wave. She held her baby in her arms. She loved how his eyes looked back at her. She watched Mason then carry Ariel. She was squealing and got excited being on daddy’s shoulders. Then she was back on a floatie.

Charrie watched Mason coming over, Ori wanting Mason’s attention. [b “he misses you.” ] Charrie said. She heard Ori’s little giggles and claps. She let Mason lift there baby up. She got up herself and kissed Mason’s cheek and then Ori’s. She heard him babbling and looking at the pool. [b “Ahmm, one second then.” ] She would grab Ori’s little floaties and help him in it. She wouldn’t risk it. She let Mason hold Ori walking to the water. Ara stepped into the water and saw Ariel coming in. She gripped at the bottom of Charrie’s bikini. She kissed her little toddler, “You’re having fun baby?”

Charrie laughed hearing Ori’s squeal from the temperature.Ori was sitting on Maosn’s lap. He’d look back at Mason, suck on his thumb and then would try to reach the water. Charrie was tickling Ariel, Ariel was trying to get away but couldn’t. Then she glanced at Ori and her eyes widened seeing Ori dipping forward straight into the water. Charrie rushed over, but even if neither of them catched him, he would float up with his floatie.
  Ravenity / 334d 2h 43m 28s
He loved their family and would do anything to have more days like this. The twins were able to experience some of their dangerous days, but he wasn't going to let anything happen to Ari and Ori. He would go into the pool and swim with the kids. Ari would wave to Ori and she'd kick her feet and swim around with her water wings. She giggled when Ori waved too.

Mason thought their kids were so cute. He'd carry Ari over his shoulders and let her splash the twins with her gun. They'd splash around and Rick would play dead and Belle would try and save him. Ari was glad they were okay. Mason then let ARi rest on a floatie for a bit as he glanced at Ori and Charrie. He saw ORi looking at him intently with his green eyes.

[b "Coming baby"] he swam over and looked over at Ori, getting out of the pool and rubbing his head [b "HEy you little guy. How's my boy doing?"] he saw Ori giggle and clap his little hands, raising them up to be carried. Mason lifted him up and kissed his cheek, bouncing him in his arms for a while as he watched Ori reaching out towards the pool. [b "Looks like he really wants to swim baby"] he saw him babbling out [i "Ma.....Da"] he'd point to his siblings and then wiggle. Mason walked him over to see them and let Ori dip his feet in the water.

He'd kick his little legs and squeal at the change in temperature. Mason would laugh, sitting at the edge of the water and keeping Ori on his lap, his arms around his waist, seeing him reach out to touch the water.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 1y 6d 7h 51m 46s
Their kids really brought light into her life. She let Mason give Ariel some daddy time. It was so cute, and she loved how good dad he was to them. She went into the pool with everyone and then went to bring Ori with her. Charrie giggled a little when Ariel said hi to Ori. Charrie took little Ori’s arm and made him wave back to Ariel. Ori made a little noise and she kissed his cheek. [b “Ori says hi too Ari.” ] Charrie said. She let Maso n and her play with the twins too.

Charrie sat back with Ori, holding him in, and letting him play with her hair or grab onto her bikini. He’s suck on his finger and sometimes babble to her, play with his toy. Charrie recorded a bit of the twins and Ariel playing in the water. Ariel looked a little panicked when Rick fell into the water. Rick jumped back up and Ariel gasped and would hold onto his arm, looking worried for him.

Charrie pet Ori’s hair, booping his little nose, and then he’d take her finger and put it I his mouth. Charrie lifted her eyes up at Mason [b “He’s doing really good. We’re having a little fun together but…he is kind of a biter.” ] Charrie laughed and tried to pull her finger away and tickle his tummy. He started giggling and trying to crawl down her legs but she pulled him back and he started laughing some more and then rested on her chest. [b “So cute…” ] Charrie kissed the top of Ori’s head and noticed Ori staring hard on Mason. [b “I think he wants you to come over Mase.” ] Charrie said.
  Ravenity / 1y 8d 12m 38s
He loved their little ones and he knew that ARiel was getting to that age where they really needed to help her learn to speak better. He hugged his arms around their toddler, [b "Of course. Ari is going to be another genius!"] he chuckled and kissed her little cheek. He helped wipe off her lips and then he fed Charrie a piece, feeling relaxed that they could spend time together like this.

He cleaned up and felt Ari clinging on as they all headed outside to the pool. Heath helped watch the kids as Mason put on Ari's water wings. He then gave the twins some water guns and put the floats in the water. He set Ari onto a unicorn floatie and then he would keep an eye out.

He'd see Ari splashing around and then dipping her feet in the water. Mason would step in and then he'd help her into the water, letting her kick her feed [i "Daddy! Is cowd!"] she giggled and then she would see Charrie and Ori, waving at them. [i "Hi Owi!"] she said happily, soon seeing the twins. She'd swam towards them and Mason would help her. He'd push her towards the twins and then he gave her a gun as she squirted Rick and Belle.

The twins were pretending to be spys. Rick was hiding behind some floaties and he'd try to shoot Belle and Juliet. WHen Ari squirted him, he pretended to fall into the water [+blue "Oww....I'm shot!"] he splashed into the water and then Ari looked shocked [i "Wiiick come back"] she called out, swimming over with her floaties.

Mason would laugh and look over, seeing Charrie and Ori relaxing. [b "HOw's our boy Baby?"] he asked, looking over.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 1y 19d 19h 38m 49s
Hearing there baby girl tight reminded her that they needed to be teaching Ariel how to speak better, and start to recorgnize letters more. She was still three, so it was okay. She was there cute little toddler. She adored seeing Mason be good to there babies. She thought he was such a good dad to them. “I think so Mase, we need to help Ariel out a bit more,” Charrie mentioned and would sit down with everyone else. The pizza looked really good and Ariel was really enjoying it. It made Charrie smile seeing her get herself into another mess.

Charrie saw mason leaning in and feeding her a piece. She took a bite from him, “Yummy.” She said. The twins were talking a little loudly together with Juliet but it was more than fine. [b “Mmm, we’ll help Ari,” ] Charrie promised. She saw Mason lifting Ariel up. Everyone was heading out to he pool. Charrie went to get changed too. She saw Airel clinging onto Mason’s leg. She took a quick picture and watched them step in. Charrie admired from the distance, adoring seeing everyone so happy. She heard the baby monitor go off. She assumed Ori couldn’t hold a long nap. She head upstairs and began soothing him since he began crying for attention. She spoke to him, letting him cling onto her tightly.

She went into changing him, and putting him in a blue t-shirt and let him just stay in his diaper for now. [b “Let’s go to everyone Ori.” ] She said, grabbing a bag of toys for him. She head down and went back into the view of the pool. She sat down on longue chair and sat Ori on her lap. Ori began nibbling at a truck in his hands and then shaking it around.

Ariel was squealing, and splashing around- a little too much, splashing water on Mason too. Charrie watched, until she noticed Ori tipping over. She held him in again and he was stretching out his lttle hand to her hair-and then boob. She sighed…he was hungry. She grabbed a towel and fed him a bit. She loved his pretty eyes. She looked back and noticed Ariel trying to go over to the twins wanting to take part but struggling to move too far herself. “Dadddy! Awi wan belle and wick” Ariel whined.
  Ravenity / 1y 23d 14h 32m 27s
He was having fun with their little ones. They were back home, but that didn't mean the fun had to stop at all. It was exciting and he was glad that they were back in their own home. It was much safer and more secluded, so there were less crowds. Mason pet Wolfie and he spotted Ari playing with him as well. Charrie carried little Ari into her arms and then hearing her talk as simply adorable.

He changed into some swim trunks and then he went down to order some pizza. When it arrived, Mason brought it in and set it on the table, calling everyone over. As they all sat down, he heard Ari cheering and he was glad she was in a good mood. Everyone watched ARi trying to say some words, but it was a struggle. He would eat a slice and then he would look over the twins, making sure they were focused on eating and not playing.

He kissed Ari's cheek [b "We should. I think she'd do a lot better if we held conversations with her too. Right Ari?"] he fed her some pizza and then she nodded [i "Was wight?"] she asked, her fingers covered in pizza sauce. He helped clean her fingers up and then he heard her singing about pizza.

He laughed and then he took another slice and fed Charrie a piece too. [b "I'll spend an hour everyday helping her learn new words too"] he nodded and then when they finished, he lifted Ari from her high chair and set her down. They all soon headed outside into the backyard and Mason set up some floaties and tossed them into the pool.

The twins jumped in with Juliet going down the stairs and then Ari clung onto Mason's leg. [b "Want to go in together babygirl?"] he asked, seeing her nod. [i "I go in wit daddy"] she said as Mason walked her towards the steps, seeing her go in slowly and then begin to float because of her floaties. Ari kicked her feet back and forth as Mason held her hands.
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CHarrie enjoyed coming down after seeing there littlest one to bed, seeing Ariel excited to see wolfie. It was adorable how she called his name, and being licked by him. Ara took her phone out and took a picture of her. There twins were all changed and Mason helped Ariel. Charrie let Mason order the pizza. She went over to change into her red bikini and coming down and hugging Mason. She saw Ariel coming right over. Ara smiled at there cute toddler. [b “Okay, up you go baby,” ] Charrie lifted Ariel up in her arms and gave her cheek a kiss. [b “You excited you saw Wolfie?”] Charrie asked.
“Yup!” Areil cheered, grinning “Woofie wick awi.”
[b “He really loves you.” ] Charrie smiled and saw Wolfie coming over. She pet their dog, kissing the top of her head [b “You missed us didn’t you? We missed you too.” ] Charrie said. Everyone was getting ready, and she would make sure that Ariel had her floatie on. She wouldn’t dare to let Ariel in the water without them. Mason brought everything they needed to have fun. The pizza came shortly and everyone gathered. Heath was talking to Juliet and the twins. The kids eyes beamed when they smelled the pizza.
“PIZWA!!!” Ariel cheered loudly. Startling everyone a bit.
[b “Baby don’t yell so much,” ] Charrie laughed and stroked her hair.
“Sowwy mommy,” Ariel said and looked at the pizza and pointed, “I wan.”
“Can say, may I have some pizza?” ] Charrie asked.
“My I -some pizwa” Ariel tried.
[b “Oh cutie.” ] Charrie giggled.
“It’s MAY, I, have some piz-za,” Belle tried to correct Ariel,” Belle laughed.
The kids tried to help Ariel saw the words and she said ‘may’ and ‘have’ right but Pizza she struggled with. Charrie sat and admired them, and would give each of them slices. She cut Ariel’s pizza into small pieces so it was easier for her. Charrie leaned into Mason and looked up at his eyes, feeling so content [b “We should probably teach Ariel how to speak a bit better,” ] She whispered and quietly laughed. They definitely needed to work on it. She was glad they were home often to raise there babies together. Charrie would give Masons' cheek a kiss and then took a bite out of the pizza too, "Mmm, this is good."

"Piwwa-Piwwa," Ariel sang as she took nibbles.
  Ravenity / 1y 46d 3h 9m 35s
He loved their family so much and he couldn't wait to take them home and keep them safe. Being out on vacation was fun and he was glad the twins really enjoyed it. He wanted them to have fun even if they couldn't with their classmates. Mason would help sort the kids out into the van and then he would buckle up Ari and let her play on the table. He gave Ori a kiss and then had the twins with their games and snacks in the back.

Mason held Charrie's hand and drove them back home, Heath and Juliet behind them. THe drive was long, but their kids seemed to be good. Ori would wine now and then and sometimes Mason would make a few bathroom stops. He would look at Ari's accomplishments in the game and he'd kiss her cheek [b "You're so good sweetheart"] he grinned, soon taking them home.

As they arrived, Mason held Ari's hand and then led the twins inside. He made a few trips to grab the rest of their luggage and then he saw Charrie putting Ori to bed. He led Ari to the couch and they were greeted by Wolfie. Mason would pet the pup and then he would jump over and start licking Ari's cheeks. [i "Woofie nooo"] she'd giggle and pet him.

Once everything was in the house, he saw the twins change into their swim suits and then Mason would help Ari change into hers as well. He put the floaties on her arms and then he saw Charrie [b "Okay. I'll order two pizzas"] he grabbed the phone, asking what the twins wanted. He got them a pepperoni pizza and the adults a combination. He smiled as Charrie hugged him, seeing Ari walking over, raising her arms. She wanted to be carried.

Mason would then hang up and then he'd look outside, heading out to warm up the pool and test the water temperature. When it was ready, he threw in some inflatables and brought up the water guns as well. He then headed back inside to change also. Once he headed up, he changed into some red and black trunks and a tank before heading back down. He saw the twins and Juliet watching Spongebob on TV as he sat with them, rubbing their heads.

After a while, the doorbell rang and Mason would grab the pizza and pay the delivery man. He took it in and set it on the table, seeing everyone come over quickly thanks to the smell.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 1y 48d 6h 46m 37s
Charrie saw Ori in the stroller and he was the most cutest baby right now with his t-shirt. She admit she did like Masons’ choice. She had to give her baby kisses, while holding Ari’s hand. She did love there kids very much. Then the twins came out and they dressed themselves well. Charrie smiled at Rick [b “He does. Belle is even prettier than me.” ] Ara came over them and gave her cute smart twins a hug. Ariel was twirling her indress, and then she told Charrie she was a big girl and she could walk.

Charrie made sure to hold her hand, holding Ariel’s hand. She helped her little girl in her seat while Mason took care of Ori. Charrie gave Ori his toy and Ari a tablet so she could play on. Charrie went into her seat and would turn on some music for everyone.
“Yea!” Belle yelled out.
“Me too,” Rick said.
“Can I come…?” Juliet asked quietly and shyly.
[b “Of course you can, I need to put things away from our suitcase first but we can all have fun in the pool.” ] Charrie smiled and then noticed Mason reaching to hold her hand. She held his and brought his hand to his lips to kiss the back of his hand. She felt really happy with there family.

The drive there was pretty tame. Ori did make a little bit of fuss, but Charrie gave him some water and another toy and he was doing okay, even falling asleep. Ariel was trying to show everyone what she did on a game and how proud she was of herself. Soon enough, they were back and Charrie carefully took Ori out without waking him. She held his little warm body. She kissed his forehead. [b “Mason, I’m going to put Ori to his bed so he can nap for longer,” ] Charrie said. She would also grab a bag with her other hand. Ariel would follow Mason around like a little puppy, clinging onto his shirt. Everyone else was helping out with the bags, well the kids took there own small bags at least.

Charrie brought Ori to his room, his little hands wrapped around her finger. She felt like she could watch him sleep all day. They had amazing kids. She would put her bag away right after and quickly look through an email on her phone. She decided she could handle the situation later. She made sure Ori’s room was very secure before going to meet Mason. The twins were back into there bathing suits downstairs, chatting, Heath supervising.
“Do you kids want to eat first?” Heath asked.
“I’m hungry,” Rick admitted.
[b “So am I.” ] Charrie asked and would hug Mason, [b “Should we order some pizza?” ]
  Ravenity / 1y 49d 2h 7m 32s
The vacation had to come to an end even though Mason loved every second of it, they had to head back home too. It was a good trip to make sure the twins were satisfied because they deserved to have fun if they couldn't spend time with their school mates. He would feed Ari until she finished up her food and he'd wipe her clean. She looked surprised to hear it wasn't her new home. Mason reminded her of it and she instantly wanted to go back. It made him laugh a bit because she was so adorable.

HE then helped Ori change into his clothes, giving him a kiss on his forehead. He would wiggle around and call out "Da da" as Mason hugged him and carried him outside. He set him on his stroller for now as they readied up. When the twins came out, they looked so good. The most attractive kids he's ever seen. He loved them so much. [b "You're looking handsome just like daddy"] he patted Rick's shoulder and then he smiled at Belle [b "You too Belle. You're looking as pretty as mommy"] he walked out to see Ari in her cute, little dress.

SHe wanted to be a big girl, so as they all headed out, Mason led them back to the car, settling Ari and Ori in and then the twins in the back with Juliet and Heath. Mason would drive and the others would say their goodbyes.

[b "Thanks for hanging out guys. We'll all go on another trip soon enough"] he waved to Zack and Kiera and then Mark and Sarah. They all lived really close anyways. He then looked at the rearview mirror [b "So what should we do when we get back guys? Want to swim in the pool?"] he asked, looking over at Charrie and holding her hand in his.
  Mason Clint / ellocalypse / 1y 53d 18h 52m 2s
It truly did seem like everyone had a great time. There little kids, and there friends, and themselves too. [b “We could do that Mase,” ] Charrie said, and would seit down and feed there baby boy. She make sure he finished up his bites before feeding him another. She also make sure he was chewing it down because the last thing she wanted was there little baby taking too much. Charrie laughed a little hearing Ariel sound like she thought they lived here now.

Ariel gasped, “Wolfy! Where wolfy!” She called and thought about her art room and really did miss it very much, “Awi wan home.” She told Mason. She got a kiss on her cheek from daddy, so she grabbed his face-or well put her two hands around it and tried to kiss his cheek too. Charrie smiled seeing her being so good to there baby gril. The twins were chatting. Charrie cleaned Ori’s cute little face and scooped him up. Charrie would get up and saw Ariel following her.
[b “Yes baby? Of course,” ] Charrie smiled and allowed Mason to carry Ori. Charrie took hold of Ariel’s little hand and brought her inside her room where they had her clothes. She let Ari decide what color to wear, it was blue today. She took out a cute little casual blue dress for her. She helped her put her over her head, and picked out her white sandals. Charrie combed her hair and then carried her in her arms, [b “You look so pretty Ari.] Ariel giggled and hugged Charrie tightly. She came out and saw Ori in his stroller buckled up. [b “Hey Ori, Ohhh, you’re a mommy’s boy aren’t you?” ] Charrie laughed, finding him so damn adorable. Ori was babbling. Charrie had to take a picture of him and Ariel.
Ariel would grip on Charrie’s hand and then see the twins coming out with daddy. The twins dressed well, Belle in a pair of jean blue shorts and a red top, and Rick in black shorts and navy blue t-shirt. [b “Baby, do you want to be pushed around too?” ] Charrie bet down to Ariel.
“Awi big gurl!” Ariel defended.
Charrie smiled, she was just a cute little toddler, but she figured she’d be okay if she went on the elevator and wouldn’t get tired. [b “Okay, for now.” ] Charrie kissed her cheek. The others were getting ready, and soon came out.
“I’m a little sad to have it end,” Sarah mentioned, “And I’m going to miss waking up to your cute little kids.”
Charrie smiled, “You can always visit as usual.” Charrie really did feel good about having four babies with Mason. They were a lot to take care for but she loved the four of them so much.
  Ravenity / 1y 53d 21h 4m 51s
He spoke with Rick and Belle, telling them that they'll go on another vacation soon enough. He smiled [b "It's fun isn't it. I'm glad you two had a great time"] he thought about one more day, but they did have to travel back soon [b "Maybe we can do something at home? Swim in the pool or have a picnic since we still have to travel back"]

He smiled [b "We'll always go on vacations"] he promised and then they all sat at the table and ate together. He looked over at little Ari [b "NOt home. Remember sweetheart, your house is where Wolfy is and where your pretty art room is"] he told her and then he kissed her cheek because she was adorable.

THey soon saw Kiera and Zack and then Sarah and Mark heading out. They all ate and Sylus would clean up Ari's hands and her cheeks and then he would see Charrie feeding Ori. When they finished, he helped Ari gather her things and put it back into her suitcase. When he finished, she would go into Charrie's room and look for her mommy. [i "Mommy? Hewp Awi cwothes!"] she asked and then Mason walked over and lifted Ori in his arms. [b "Hey you champ. Let's change you too"] he went into his clothes and put on his shirt that said 'Mommy's boy' on it. He then put on his shorts and socks. He kissed his cheek and then he set him down into his stroller.

He went to check on the twins, seeing them put their clothes into their suitcases and he'd help Belle and RIck close them up. He then made sure they were dressed properly before doing a last check through their rooms to make sure they didn't forget anything.
  ellocalypse / 1y 60d 19h 4m 5s
Charrie would give a look at Mason and smile to herself seeing him talk to Rick and Belle. Rick pouted a little but nodded, “Okay… I like vacations.” Belle had a bigger pout on and would go “Awee. Not even one more day?”

Charrie liked seeing them this happy. She would love to continue to allow them to have so much fun here but they did need to go, [b “I’m sorry Belle. But we will go again.” ] She promised. She felt that she did make up for not allowing them to go on the trip now. She saw Mason lift Ariel up. “Tis not home?” Ariel looked at Mason’s eyes, because she thought for a second this is where they lived now.

Charrie made an attempt to get Ori to walk and he did stand before hre alized he was standing and just sat back down. Charrie laughed, and heard Ariel speaking up. She looked back, loving there little girls voice. [b “Yes he almost did,” ] She scoope dup her baby boy and put him in his high chair. She fed him, and as she was, everyone else came in. They all ate. Kiera and Zack looked the most tired. Charrie assumed they did some stuff.

[b “Mmm, we really do,” ] Charrie said.
“It has been a lot of fun,” Sarah admitted, smiling, and looking at Charrie feeding Ori, still not believing that if this went through she’d have a baby too.

Charrie cleand Ori’s little face up right after, and got him to drink some water. [b “Twins, make sure you don’t forget anything, okay?” ] Charrie reminded them.
“We won’t!” Belle promised. Charrie smiled at her and leane din and would kiss her forehead, “Thank you baby. You two are so perfect.” She truly felt so content with there family.
  Ravenity / 1y 62d 11h 42m 18s
Their kids were just so adorable, Mason loved each of them so much. They were perfect in his eyes and he wouldn't trade anything in the world for them. They were exactly what he wanted. HE lifted up Ariel, hugging her and kissing her cheek before letting her choose breakfast. He had her on the couch with Spongebob on and then he would hear her sweet singing.

Mason then hugged the twins, seeing them with their morning hair [b "We can always come back another time or go on another vacation soon kiddos"] he ruffled Rick's hair and then he went to see Ori. Mason loved seeing him calling out and he'd kiss his cheek. He then went to the couch [b "You ready to go home cutie pie?"] he lifted Ariel into his lap again and then he watched Char and Ori walking around and then seeing him sit back down. He chuckled and Ari would point [i "Owi awmost stan!"] she cheered and clapped her little hands.

When Charrie got the food, he lifted Ariel and then he sat her at the table, helping to serve each of them some food. When everyone slowly started coming out, he'd wave [b "Morning guys, breakfast is ready"] he'd let Ariel eat on her own, putting the waffles in her mouth. He'd wipe her lips and see Charrie feeding Ori. He looked at the time. [b "We gotta pack and head back. I'm sure everyone has work tomorrow"] he brushed Ari's hair so it wasn't so messy as Rick, Belle, and Juliet started eating as well.
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