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They hate each other with passion . They’ d do anything to make each other’ s life hell since they were toddlers. It all started with their mothers being best friends and their fathers being enemies. Because their parents knew each other well, they grew up with each other. Their mommy’ s teasing them to get married and their daddy’ s provoking them to cause trouble in the other’ s house. From putting bugs in their lunch in kindergarten to getting rid of each other’ s girlfriend/boyfriend. It ’s never enough for them to even pull the silliest of pranks-like when Charrie tied him up, put him in a box and sent him to a zoo trapped with lions. There’ s no telling how far they ’ll take it. Although, the worst comes when another get ’s a girlfriend or boyfriend and jealousy plays a part of it. They are attracted to each other and at the oddest times they end up kissing only to completely forget the whole thing and start another war.

The two are currently are starting their first day of college. It’s off campus housing with each other along with two other people. Both of their families are wealthy and so they can do just about anything in their power to annoy each other or attempt to get rid of the other.

Hints of the Male Character & Charri:

Male: He loves eye candy and he doesn’ t show any mercy toward Charrie. He’ s attracted to her body but no more than that. Occasionally he tries to touch her and that’ s when Charrie shows off her black belt skills. He’ s outgoing and has many friends.

Charri: Aside from the cruel stuff she’ s done to him, she’ s pretty innocent. She focuses into her studies and works an advice column. She never got close to a guy to sleep with them. She owns a black belt in martial arts, loves to paintball and always wins in a match with him.

They do get into physical fights, throwing stuff at each other and injuring and somehow that leads into making out. Their mothers still bothers them to get together and sometimes would send them on dates. They have the same group of friends.


1.No cybering, god modding

2.Mature RP but when the clothes come off-time skip.

3. Must be able to post at least 300 words, no less!

4. I expect at least one post per day. I’ m serious. Of course if something is going on, you can tell me you aren’ t able to post that day and I’ll understand ^-^. Normally, you should be able to post each day.

5. I’ m picky with pictures, so don’ t be offended if I ask you to change it >.<. Pick a good professional one. If you can' t find one, I have bunch.

6. This involves a lot of creativity. Be creative to how the make each other’ s life hell. Anything can happen, so they go camping, get lost in the city, or even run into the mafia.

7.No instant romance but yes they will soon truly fall for each other. If they end up together is up to us.

8.Type ‘Hater’ into the PM. If you don’ t have it, I’ ll ignore it.


Name: Charrie Danny Snow

Age: 18

Major: Film

Name: Mason Clint

Age: 19

Major: Chemistry

Other: He loves the female body, especially Charri's. Is a single, yet complicated child. He enjoys being independent, but nothing thrills his heart more than to see Charri in distress.


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He was the cutest little boy ever and Mason was loving how each one of their kids were just a little bit like each other. He held onto their little boy and saw him playing on his lap as he asked Charrie about Conrad. He thought about how he was bringing danger to their family and thought it was probably best that he just left them alone, but Charrie looked so guilty.

[b "I see. I guess we'll wait on what your people find. Are you going to try and make up with him?"] he asked, thinking about it and then sighing softly. He didn't want her to be spending so much time with that man, but maybe a little vacation could take her mind off of all of this and let the kids just be kids for once.

He saw the movie Ori chose and thought he was a brilliant baby. [b "He's going to be a smartie when he grows up"] he kissed Charrie's cheek and then he carried ORi up to his room and tucked him in, kissing his forehead and then heading back down to finish the movie. WHen it ended, the twins headed up to bed and Mason would hold Charrie's hand. [b "So should we go to a resort with the kids? We can go to one of the biggest waterparks in the country...maybe get a suite for a few days?"] he suggested.
  ellocalypse / 2d 14h 59m 24s
How adorable Ori was. She watched him and he noticed slowly that she was looking at him but he continued to play with his dinosaur. Mason brought Conrad up, and she still wasn't sure what was going on with that but she was hoping that it wouldn't cause anymore trouble. [b "I don't know...for know we can't do anything until we know what's going on. They're still going through the contacts he provided me." ] She leaned back. [b "Well, not me, as in Charrie me. I mean, Faith. It has been a long time...if it's not, then... I don't know, then it would have been Conrad who ordered that or, maybe it'll turn out that he's not related at all and this came out of nowhere." ] She felt she was better off not making theories yet until she got more concrete information. She still felt guilty.

[b "I don't think he will... You should have seen his face, if...he really knew the whole story behind it-then I can't imagine the look he'll give me, or action he'll take. I don't know but he has some family member here, so maybe not." ] She shrugged. She heard Ori and he tried to trick her. SO, she tickled him and heard his little giggles and him trying to escape but she wouldn't let him.

She put Ariel to bed and then came back downstairs. She sat beside Mason and Ori and Ori began hitting buttons. Charrie laughed when moana showed up. Charrie leaned in and kissed the top of his head, [b "You already know hot to use the remote huh my little genius?" ] She rubbed his little back. She leaned on Mason's shoulder after [b "You're such a good dad." ] She sighed and watched the movie with them. Her and Ori fell asleep on him.
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He liked seeing their family agree on one thing and it was dessert. Mason laughed and then he finished feeding little Ori, cleaning him up and then helping the twins with homework. They were growing up so fast and being able to do things on their own so quickly. Still, Mason would always treat them like their little babies.

He held Ori on his lap, letting him play with the dinosaur as he listened to Charrie. [b "Oh? Hmm, well if it's beef with his family, we have to divert their attention somewhere. I doubt that someone recognized you...it's been a long time....unless they were really paying attention"] he sighed, thinking about how the little ones in their arms were almost hurt because of all this. He didn't want that to happen again.

[b "Well....maybe Conrad wouldn't want to be around us for now. Maybe he'll move back?"] he wondered, thinking about it, but then he saw Ori playing tricks on Charrie and it made him laugh. He snuggled him in and when Charrie tickled him, he had the cutest smile on his little face.

He held Ori and kept him in his lap, seeing the twins playing a game. When he suggested a movie, they both gathered around and then Mason saw Ori pressing buttons. When the screen changed to Moana, he laughed [b "Good choice Ori, this is a good one"] he rubbed his head, seeing Ori point to the screen when the chicken and pig came out. He babbled and tried to make the noises, soon snuggling up against his dinosaur and just laying back against Mason.
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Charrie laughed [b "Is it?" ] She watched there gets get excited and felt just so happy that they shared the same excitement. She ate the second slice and watched Mason feed Ori. He was just so cute and looked so content. She wanted to snuggle Ori tight, and she wanted to do the same to Ariel and the twins. She picked Ariel up and sat down with her. She let her sleep on her lap, kissing her forehead. She took a look back at Mason and asked a question.

[b "I know they are," ] She smiled. Charrie sighed. [b "He's linked in a way the way that he must have accidentally brought him here. I don't think this is directly related to our history with trouble. They probably had some beef with him, or his family and must have seen us together years ago. Although, it's more of a theory than concrete. It just..we can't find ties between them and our family yet," ] She frowned and recalled how angry he looked. She felt an ache spread in her chest. She felt bad for what she did to him still. Now, she was certain he wouldn't want to see her, and that was for the best.

She saw Ori wiggling around, babbling, playing with hist stuffed dinosaur. He was so damn cute. She turned her head to the screen, deciding to change the channel since Ariel was asleep. Then she heard Ori calling her. She turned her head and she flashed a smile and he hid. "Ori, what do you think you're doing?" She asked. Ori giggled and hid in Mason more.

[b "Oh no you don't," ] She leaned over and began tickling him and he eventually faced her, smiling. She looked at his eyes, [b "Your such a tease," ] She leaned in and kissed his forehead and smiled back at him. [b "I'm going to bring Ariel up to bed, I'll be back." ] She lifted Ariel and tucked her in bed, and seeing the twins talking to each other about a game. She gave them a kiss on there cheek, before heading back down and sitting down with Mason and Ori. [b "Should we watch a movie?" ]

Ori grabbed the remote and started to hit random buttons.
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He could tell that it was his family at the table and no one else's because he saw all of their hands raised up no problem. Mason just watched them carefully and then he ended up laughing. [b "Hmm, looks like mommy's genes is strong"] he narrowed his eyes, seeing Ariel raise her hands and then he passed around the second round of cake.

Mason fed little Ori and then he cleaned up his fingers and cheeks. He gave him a kiss and then he stood up and then headed into the living room to help the twins with their homework. He helped them answer any questions they had and then he would watch Charrie and Ari relaxing together. He grinned, loving the sight of their family just spending quality time together.

He sat beside her and Ari [b "Yup. They're bright. They barely needed any help. How's it going with the Conrad thing? Is he linked to any of the suspects that broke into our house?"] he wondered, looking over and then lifting Ori into his arms, seeing him wiggle around and then babble. He was still awake, but would reach for his stuffed dinosaur. Mason brought it over and he immediately began nibbling on it. He brushed his hair and then he saw Ori looking up at mommy with his big eyes. "Ma!" he called out, burying into Mason to hide again.
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Charrie adored how they all raised there hands. Ine one way, it wasn't good because having this much cake wasn't good for them but she really liked cake. She was just happy some part of her fell onto there kids. "Okay!" Ariel cheered, raising both hands up until Mason gave her a slice. It made her pretty happy. Ori raised his hands and he stared back at Mason in confusion when he held his fingers. He patted the table and he opened his mouth to be fed.

"Aww," Charrie frowned a little. The twins giggled and ate there cake. Charrie ate more and then she helped clean up. THe twins helped out too. Charrie helped Ariel out and she kept on blinking and rubbing her tummy, "Mommy tummy so biggg,"
Charrie leaned down and kissed her little tummy [b "Looks small to me. Want to sit with me?" ]

Ariel nodded and Charrie picked her up, and sat on the sofa with her. Charrie checked her phone a couple of times, and made calls. She saw Mason helping the twins out. Ori was playing around, saying whatever he was saying. Ari was watching cartoons and laying her head on Charrie's lap. Charrie finished her call and felt that nothing could ever be more perfect. She ran her fingers through Ariel's hair and let her fall asleep. [b "The homework went well?" ] Charrie asked.
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He loved watching little Ariel and her little actions. She always wanted to do whatever she wanted and he loved that she could. SHe hid her food from ORi and then he smiled, distracting their little boy so he'd keep his sneaky hands from taking more. He loved hearing her say thank you though. She was so adorable.

[b "Of course sweet heart"] he kissed her little cheek, seeing her looking so cute as Mason continued to feed ORi more fries. He seemed to have a big appetite today. ONce he finished cleaning off his little hands, he could see Ori babbling so excitedly as he squealed. Mason rubbed his hair and when dessert came, he could see that everyone was excited for the cheesecake.

He saw Charrie looking over at their family and he was glad that she was happy with them. He loved all of the so much, so to see them all doing okay really made him happy. He served the cheesecake and saw all of them raising their hands, making him laugh [b "OKay okay. Looks like daddy was right. One more slice, but that's it okay?"] he served them another slice, seeing Ori raise his hands. Mason laughed and held his fingers [b "You don't even know what you're doing"] he smirked, seeing Ori pat his table. Mason fed him another slice and then he stopped. [b "No more guys. That's too much"] he cut them off and then he saw their family eating and then he began cleaning up. [b "You okay baby? You look out of it"] he told her, seeing Ariel say it was yummy.

The twins finished eating and hurried to go finish up their homework. WHen Mason placed everything into the sink, he went to lift ORi into his arms. [b "There's my big boy"] he snuggled him in, seeing ORi getting comfortable and then yawning to himself. Mason set him into his playpen for now as he glanced over to help the twins with homework. He helped answer their questions and then he kept an eye on Ori, seeing him lie back and relax with his toys. He was glad that he was doing okay and that the twins were enjoying time with him and Charrie. He wanted to baby them too and take them on a vacation.
  ellocalypse / 8d 12h 45m 28s
Ariel was so protective of her food because she's had a couple of experiences where Ori definitely stole her food and she didn't like that. THankfully, daddy distracted him but she still had a pout on her face. "Tank you daddy." She said and ate, but still hid her food away from Ori. She wasn't taking any risks with Ori around. Charrie found it so damn adorable and she end up watching instead of eating, like she should be. She still remembered to eat though.

The teens felt that was a fair tradeoff even if it didn't sound so great. Charrie smiled when Mason spoke [b "Thank you guys, really, I mean it. But don't worry, I'll still baby you too." ] Charrie grinned.
"I'm not a baby," Rick mumbled. She knew he really wasn't, they grew up faster. She wanted to baby them though. She wished she had been here. She watched Mason clean off Ori and Ori rying to say food. It amazed her, that he actually was close to saying it. Charrie rested her head on her hand. She fazed it for a while, just enjoying time being here with there family-well then the chef brought the cheesecake. Her eyes instnatly went on it and she grew really excited.

Mason called them out. [b "We do not!" ] Charrie defended. Even Ori had his hands out in the air for cake. Ariel started patting her table, grinning, and singing "Cake, cake, cake." Charrie instantly went for the point when he gave her a slice. Ori just stuffed his hand right in there and tried to eat it that way. Charrie helped feed Ariel and the twins ate it up so quickly. [b "It's soooo goood." ] Charrie moaned.

"Mmmm!" Ariel tried to mimic, "Yummy!"
"I want more!" Belle raised her hand and everyone else began to raise there hand too. Ori didn't get it but everyone was doing it, so he decided to do it too.
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He could hear Ori's squeals and it made him laugh because their little boy was just so damn adorable. The way he would look at them made Mason really happy. He was definitely their amazing child. Mason did his best to keep his messes to a minimum, but he knew that he was just a little kid and didn't know any better.

Mason kissed his cheek, feeding him another fry as he watched him try and steal Ari's food. He diverted his attention and then he smiled, seeing him take the bait. [b "It's okay Ari, Ori has his own food"] he told her, not wanting her to worry. Mason was watching him and then he fed him another fry, seeing Ori's attention all on him. He grinned and then he saw how happy the twins were to hear that they were going on their vacation.

He heard Charrie's demands and when the twins agreed, he rubbed Rick's head. [b "I know you two will look after your baby brother and sister"] he smiled and then he finished cleaning off Ori. His green eyes were wide as he faced them, patting his hands on the tray as he babbled out "Da foo!" he spoke and pointed to the fry. Mason laughed again and fed him another one. [b "There champ. You're daddy's big boy huh"] he saw the chef bring in a small cheesecake and everyone's eyes seemed to light up so much.

Mason held out his hand [b "Hey hey! I'm going to cut it and hand it out. You all look like monsters"] he smirked, knowing they all took that from Charrie. He started cutting up some small slices and gave one to the twins and Charrie. [b "If you want more, I'll think about it later"]
  ellocalypse / 10d 14h 28m 17s
Ori's squeals caught everyone's attention. Charrie watched him and adored him so much. He was keeping himself messy with the food but Mason was handling it. She knew how much more messes bugged Mason though. Babies really didn't know any better. She would cut pieces smaller for Ariel. She ate herself, and felt pretty happy with there meal. She was definitely happy about her arm not aching the way it had. SHe still couldn't believe how effective these pain killers were. It really couldn't compare to what was out there.

Charrie heard Ariel scream for a moment when Ori tried to take her food. Ariel pulled her plate farther from ORi and gave this really grumpy face. Charrie tried to hold her laugh, [b "He won't take it Ari, it's okay." ] She smiled at her. Ariel pouted and leaned more towards Charrie's side, to avoid Ori from reaching out again to her. She ate and saw Ori watching Ariel until Mason gave him another fry.

The twin's eyes lit up. "Really!" Belle grinned.
"You're feeling better? We can go!" Rick straightened his back.

Charrie gently smiled and nodded [b "My arm is okay. "]
"We really want to go!" Belle cheered,

[b "Then, we'll go, but I would realy like if you two could help us watch over Ariel and Ori. There a little hard to keep track off." ] The twins were much harder to keep track off when they were little, and sometimes still were. She figured that they'd keep close if they felt the responsibility to stick around. They sighed but nodded. [b "Thank you."] Charrie smiled.
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Mason really did enjoy spending time with their little ones. Ori was always with mommy so it was nice to have some guy time. He would hold him and then let him touch his computer as he did his work, but when they started to smell the aroma flowing through the house, he knew that it was over. It smelled amazing. Ori was looking and pointing his hands the closer they went to the kitchen.

After giving him a bite, he didn't really want to spoil anything until dinner. Soon enough, everyone made it inside and Mason saw the twins sit down and grab their portions. He sat Ori in his high chair, seeing him reach out to grab food. Mason gave him small pieces and he would put them into his mouth, squealing at the taste. Mason would laugh, helping to clean him off, but he kept getting his hands on fries and other things, keeping his fingers greasy.

Mason saw him trying to touch his face, but he moved away [b "Ori, those are dirty"] he wiped his little hands clean and then he kissed his nose [b "There. All clean"] he told him, seeing him now stretch out and reach for Ari's food. [b "No no Ori. You have yours here"] he showed him, holding out another fry. Ori just reached over and quickly put it in his mouth, making the twins laugh.

[b "So how do you guys feel about going on our trip this weekend? It seems your mom is feeling better and there's a holiday? What do you say?"]
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ARiel tried hard to copy Belle and Rick, until Charrie pulled her in and tried to tell her just to watch for a bit. But she did go back up there, and tried, -it mostly looked like dancing to Charrie. Shew as this adorable little girl trying her best. Charrie watched her, feeling so in love and then correcting the twins posture, form and how they defended themslves. Mason and Ori came in soon after. She heard Ori's babbles and decided to give the twins a break. Charrie laughed quietly when Belle spoke to Mason.

"Yummy! Your the best daddy." Belle grinned and tehy ran off inside, wanting to eat right away. Charrie lifted Ariel up and kissed her cute cheek, [b "You were so good Ariel. I have such a smart little girl." She tickled her little tummy and saw Ori curiously watching and then babbling and patting Mason's shoulder and pointed towards the font. She smiled and headed inside. She placed Ariel in her high chair and she began to yawn. Following Rick and Belle was helping tire her out. She set a plate for Ariel, breaking things into smaller pieces for her. She then sat down herself, and let Mason handle Ori who was still eager to eat more foot and keep his hands messy.

The food was good. Life was good... And it helped forget about some problems. [b "What did you and Ori do while I took the twins and Ariel away?" ] She asked. Ori was stuffing his face and touching his face with his messy hands. She sure loved how adorable he was. He titled his head up and looked up at Mason, trying to touch Mason's face too with his dirty hand.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 13d 17h 58m 38s
He knew she could persuade him with the whole birth thing, but he couldn't argue. She did have to carry him for nine months and do all of the hard labor. He cleaned up Ori quickly and when he was all smiles again, he kissed his cheek and let him kiss Charrie.

It was adorable to see little Ariel begging to be apart of the sparring though. The way she spoke was so adorable and seeing her mommy give in made him laugh. He let them spar for a while as he did a few things on his laptop, letting Ori relax on him as he babbled and would ask what daddy was doing. Him and mommy did the same thing. Sometimes he would touch the screen and when Mason finished, he decided to let him get a glimpse of dinner.

Ori was excited when he took a bite. He wanted more, but Mason had to pull him away. He brought him outside to get some sun, seeing their kids all sparring. It was the cutest thing to see Ariel trying to follow the twins. Ori pointed and was babbling as if asking what they were doing. [b "See that Ori? Your brother and sisters are training to be like mommy"] he smiled, seeing them all come in. Mason rubbed the top of the twins' heads, seeing them both go up to change. When Ari wobbled in, he leaned down. [b "Did you have fun cupcake?"] he asked and Ari nodded her head. [i "I fowwow Belle and Wick"] she said so proudly, clapping her hands as she walked up to mommy, raising her hands.

[b "We're having wings and fries for dinner guys, so get ready"] he told them, bouncing Ori as he leaned into Mason's arms, looking down at Ari who was reaching up. [i "Mommy. I did good?"] she asked Charrie, wondering if she was able to do it well.
  ellocalypse / 16d 15h 56m 31s
Charrie knew she got him when she pulled out the 'I gave birth' part. It always seemed to work. She didn't like the whole diaper situation, but she sure liked being with Ori. He took her face and kissed her. She loved how loving he was as a baby. She knew he was probably copying what he saw too.
Ariel won this round. She was too hard to resist with her cute little red hair in a ponytail, adorable brown eyes, tiny little hands and big smiles. She didn't want Ariel to do anything like the twins but, she knew there was no harm in her watching and playing. Ariel giggled when daddy said she would do good, and just had to hug his arm before Charrie scooped her up to take her outside with the twins. The twins ran upstairs to go get changed into easier clothing. Ariel tugged on her shirt wondering if she should be like the twins. She pointed upstairs "Awi too."
Charrie didn't see why not, so she head upstairs and helped Ariel change into a little pair of leggings and a t-shirt with a pair comfortable shoes. She was so damn adorable. She the twins come out and they were just...perfect. She couldn't believe Ariel was going to be that big.
She went outside with the twins and Ariel. She first let the twins warm up and Ariel wanted to try, so Charrie ran in small circles with her and let her stretch. It was so damn adorable that she had to start filming the twins and Ariel. The twins did something and Ariel would try. It made the twins laugh and tried to teach Ari how to touch her toes. But Ariel end up tipping forward with her bum sticking out. Charrie helped her back up. She watched the twins practicing sparring, knowing the rules that they shouldn't actually hurt each other. Charrie convinced Ariel to watch this time, and Ariel watched very carefully. Watching how focused Ariel was reminded her when she was a kid, how watching her dad or his friends would practice their aim or fight. She rubbed the top of Ariel's hair, knowing she would grow up to be different then her but it was nice to see a bit of her in there.

After awhile, they saw Ori and Mason come out. Ariel was carefully watching. Charrie helped fix Belle's footing. She heard Ori babble and it got her to turn her head. [b "Hey," ] She smiled over the two and then looked back at the twins [b "I think we're okay for the day, We should get ready for dinner." ]

[b "What are we eating?" ] Belle asked and looked down at her clothes [b "I need to take a shower." ] Charrie watched Belle and remembered how she really couldn't treat them like babies. They didn't need her help with anything because they had that year where she wasn't here and Mason was struggling. SHe wondered if she still didn't talk to them enough.
  Charrie Danny Snow / Ravenity / 16d 18h 1m 17s
Mason didn't think it was fair that she always made him change the diapers. How could she anyway? He was always the one doing it. But when she made that point, he just kept quiet. Yeah she did....maybe he should change the diapers more. He looked down at Ori, hearing his cute babbles and then feeling him bounce on his lap.

Mason watched him kiss his mommy and thought he was going to be one adorable kid like Ari. He thought about a way to get her to understand that the pain killers were just working really well, but when she just left it alone, he figured he had some time.

Mason let Ari play with the twins, but hearing Charrie teach them sparring made her want to also. She always thought her big brother and sister were so cool. Mason carried Ori and when Charrie decided to show them some things. [b "Yeah you're going to do well babygirl"] happy that she was at least happy. Mason would then pull out his laptop and check on his inventory. Ori was on his lap pressing buttons, so as he checked through and replied to emails, he ended uplifting Ori and tossing him in the air, hearing his little giggles. [b "You like that huh little guy"] he caught him and then he kissed his forehead. [b "Let's go see what the chef is making for dinner"] he told him, walking towards the kitchen and smelling some chicken wings and fries.

When he showed Ori, he would reach his hands out to eat one, but Mason only held him back. The chef offered him a little piece and he clapped his hands when he got to try some. After a bit, he started to whine, wanting more, but Mason just led him outside so he could watch his siblings.
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