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At the age of sixteen, Jace isnt just your average high schooler. He was born with many feminine features. His delicate face, those tender looking eyes, even those pouting lips. It was no surprise the people in his class would mistake him for a girl. They would even tease him. Still, he had a few friends in high school, along with his crush ___

Living with just his mother, the boy had to find someway to make a lot of money. So he decides to join the city wide modeling competition, hoping to win the grand prize of fifty thousand dollars.

What happens when he sees one of his classmates in the competition. Will she figure out his secret? Will they still be good friends?

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Okies cool :)
  Jace / ellocalypse / 6y 106d 3h 29m 53s
Yeah.. that's fine :)
  Aeryn / WinterRose75 / 6y 106d 3h 34m 48s
No worries hun. Im really busy too. Ill keep the rp going though, you can just post when you're able too :) Is that alright?
  Jace / ellocalypse / 6y 106d 4h 6m 34s
<I'm going to take a break from roleplaying for a while. I really need to focus on my schoool work at the moment. Sorry :( >
  Aeryn / WinterRose75 / 6y 106d 4h 17m 47s
Jace nodded his head pretending to be so excited. He was able to fake a small giggle as he took in a deep breath "Okay, well Ill see you in a few days when they tell us the news. Rivals or not, It was fun working with you Aeryn. Your idea was amazing" Jace was just speaking as a normal male. Whatever she thought of, he felt as if it was amazing. Waving his hand, he watched her leave the building and he followed slowly after.

Making his way down the street, he slowly rubbed the makeup out of his eyes. His hands then ran though his hair, shaking it up as he messed up the clean cut that it was. He then made his way home. Once he headed up to his room, he changed out of his blouse and skirt, putting on his baker's assistant uniform. When he slipped into his khakis, he wore a white shirt and his apron, he then ran towards the shop to do his shift for tonight. And tomorrow would be school, the boy would be so exhausted.
  Jace / ellocalypse / 6y 114d 2h 49m 16s
Aeryn stretched lazily feeling much more relaxed now that the whole photoshoot thing was done with. At least for now. If she made it through she'd have to come back and get all stressed and irrritated again. She sighed telling herself that it was worth it.

With a smile at Janey, she said. "I hope you're right. They said they'd be getting back to us in about two days. Though, if we both make it we'll become rivals instead of 'best friends'" Aeryn laughed and walked out of the building after another pair of girls. There were still a few waiting, but most had already gone home.
  Aeryn / WinterRose75 / 6y 114d 4h 49m 15s
Jace was listening closely to Aeryn's answer. He wanted to know if she ever noticed him before, because honestly in class, he was always watching her from behind, even his notebooks were covered in her name. Not to mention the sappy love poems and song lyrics he would write. You could say he was obsessed, but any male would do that right?

But his answer was met with some satisfaction. At least she knew he was in some of her classes. That meant she's notice him before, and that put a huge smile on Jace's face.

When they were called in to do their photoshoot, Jace needed to win. The money would do great wonders for his small family of two. Maybe he didnt even have to work anymore. So he tried his best. As she pulled out her ipod, Jace knew exactly what she was going for. Not because he was feminine, but because he'd seen many of his classmates doing the same thing. When he had her ipod in his ear, he had a small grin hiding. He was actually wearing Aeryn's headphones. This was fantastic. And with his emotions riding so high, his smile was as bright as ever. The pictures were taken, flashes of cameras were blinding his eyes. When the photoshoot came to a close, he looked at his partner and smiled "That was a great idea Aeryn. Im sure we'll make it to the next round" he complimented, knowing that maybe if he was good friends to her as Janey, maybe he could invite her on a date with Jace! It would be perfect.
  Jace / ellocalypse / 6y 118d 20h 22m 11s
Aeryn raised an eyebrow. Jace and Janey really did look a lot alike for cousins. She shrugged it off as inconsequential and replied, "Yeah, I have some classes with him." She'd always thought the boy was kind of cute, but he seemed kind of shy.

The next group got called in, and Aeryn turned her attention back to the competition. She didn't care too much about the prize money, though it would be nice. She was here mainly to prove something to herself. She couldn't lose right away. It was unacceptable. She bit her lip as she considered Janey's suggestions and tried to come up with anything of her own.

Thinking of an idea, she dug through her purse until she found her ipod. Handing one of the earbuds to Janey, she put the other in her ear before slouching a bit and putting one of her legs over the other girl's. The position made them look comfortable with each other which was what she'd been going for.
  Aeryn / WinterRose75 / 6y 118d 21h 3m 50s
No worries Hun. Post when you can :)
  Jace / ellocalypse / 6y 121d 21h 24m 8s
<<I'm really sorry its taking me so long to reply, but its been a really hectic weekend. I can't reply now, but I promise I will either tomorrow or Tuesday. Please hang in there>>
  Aeryn / WinterRose75 / 6y 121d 22h 32m 8s
After the small silence, Jace was wondering if she had seen through his pathetic disguise. It wasnt brilliantly done, only having a touch of make up on his cheeks and around his eyes. The glitter gloss on his lips was to seal the deal, but he knew his hair had to be done a certain way. He considered having long hair extensions, but he didnt have the money for anything too fancy, which is why he thought they wouldnt even accept him. BUt luckily his feminine features won them over and he was able to stay.
His hairstyle was more organized than usual. Jace's hair was always spiky and messy, so a bit of hairspray and combing it down really made him look like a completely different person.

Jace was glancing down to his hands, trying not to give too much eye contact to Aeryn. He would get nervous around at school, and that was exactly what was going on here. Maybe everything would start clicking together in her mind and he soon wouldnt even be able to talk with her at school. She would think he was a crazy cross dresser.

But as she spoke, he was realizing that she still hadnt discovered his true self. Hopefully it would last. Biting down on his bottom lip, he lifted a small smile, trying to think of what he saw many of the girls at school doing. "Well we could try a hug pose? Or maybe even a cheek to cheek smile kind of thing? Just something close to each other I guess?" he suggested, hoping that helped. When the question of having a bother came up, he froze and tried to think of something on the spot. "Uhm....well J-Jace! OH he's my cousin. W-Why? Do you know him" he looked up into her violet eyes, wondering if she even paid any attention to him at school.
  Jace / ellocalypse / 6y 125d 2h 35m 51s
One of Aeryn's eyebrows raised as she listened to this Janey stumble over her words. Maybe she was just shy or nervous for this whole model thing. It would certainly be expected considering this crowd of frilly self acclaimed professionals. She was definately glad she'd been paired with Janey instead of one of them.

Aeryn heard group one get called in and she turned her attention back to her partner. "Yeah you're right we should probably practice." She bit her lip as she thought. What would a best friend pose be? She didn't often think of what she was doing or standing when with her friends. She sighed. This wasn't going to be as easy as she thought. She looked back at Janey as she considered and once again felt the familiarity. And then she realized. "I'm kinda stuck on the whole best friend pose. You have any ideas? And do you happen to have a brother named Jace?"
  Aeryn / WinterRose75 / 6y 125d 3h 31m 16s
The entire process was taking more time than Jace thought. He had dedicated the day to this competition, but he promised his manager he'd work the night shift so he could get some extra bucks. What could they possibly need to do? The only thing written for today was to have a photoshoot. Other than that, they were free to go.

So Jace waited alongside the others when he heard the announcement of them being placed with partners. WHy did they have to do it this way? There were many more options than to have to be paired with someone. His partner could probably guess that he was a male soon enough. But now that the opportunity opened, he had no choice.

Jace kept his eyes open, scanning the room for his partner. THe other girls beside him were already giggling and coming up with strategies for their photoshoot. This made him really nervous. He had no experience in any of this, and he was just going to wing it. He just hoped his partner wasnt so harsh when she saw him.

At first, Jace noticed a familiar face walking around. But it wasnt until she started walking towards him that he realized who it was. It was Aeryn! One of his classmates at school. And even worse, he's had a small crush on her since freshman year. He was now freaking out the closer she got to him. One good thing about this was that the two werent even good friends at school. They were just in a few classes together. Maybe she wouldnt notice at all.

When she handed him the paper, he read the instructions and then he lifted a hesitant smile. "Best friends hmm?" he spoke in his normal male voice. BUt that was when he realized he was blowing it all so soon. He coughed a little and rubbed the back of his neck, trying to raise the octave of his voice "Ahem....I mean....That one should be an easy one. I-Im Jace-....y.....I meant Janey!" he tried to cover himself up. He couldnt give his name away too easily. If only he'd thought of this sooner.

"Nice to meet you Aeryn! Partners it is" he said in much girlier tone, hoping she didnt catch him. "Group 27...okay. maybe we should practice some poses?" he suggested, smiling at the thought of being able to work with Aeryn. Not only did he think she was attractive, but now he had the chance to get closer to her. Maybe not as Jace, but Janey!
  Jace / ellocalypse / 6y 126d 4h 9m 7s
Aeryn was thinking about taking a nap while she waited when a woman came out and got the girls' attention. "Because of the large number of contestants, the first round is going to be done in pairs. Everyone with odd numbers come and draw a prompt. The prompt will have information for your audition and the number of your partner." She held up a bowl and girls began to shuffle forward. Aeryn definately thought they could've found a better way to do this. It was ridiculous. She hung back until it began to clear out as the girls located their partners. She made her way forward and selected a piece of paper. Moving aside she unfolded it and read. When your new group number: 27 is called go into the audition room and do one or two poses with your partner: 80 for the judges. Your theme is: Best Friends. She almost laughed. How the heck did they sort all of this out? She shrugged it off looked around the room for her partner, eventually spotting the girl sitting along the wall next to another pair. She next to her and handed her the paper. "Looks like we're now partners and 'best friends' " Aeryn said with a slight smile. The girl seemed kind of familiar, but she couldn't place her. "I"m Aeryn by the way. What's your name?"
  Aeryn / WinterRose75 / 6y 126d 5h 24m 53s
The rows of female contestants filled the lone male's view as he nervously walked down the line towards the contestant table. The line moved slowly and the eyes of many attractive girls fell on his for a second, before they glanced away as if he was no threat. Someone without a chance of winning. Was he not feminine enough? His bright blue eyes, his defined cheek bones, or his smooth skin? Was he too short? Or was it simply because he was a male in disguise.

Once his flatfooted steps reached the table, he was given a number 80 he peeled off the white paper and stuck the number on his stomach, moving forward behind the other girls. Jace was his name. A boy with many problems.

Living with his single mother, he tried to support her as best he could. One of the many ways he accomplished this was working at a part time job. He worked at the local bakery, an assistant to the manager. Some of his tasks were to organize the different breads into alphabetical order, along with making deliveries on bike. This helped him in keeping such good shape. But the pay was small. He needed all the help he could get.

With the constant teasing at school, he hatched an idea to enter the city wide modeling contest. He knew this idea was farfetched, but he had no other choice. The prize could help his mother for years to come. And with his girlish features, he decided to use it to his advantage and try to win. So here he was.

In nothing but a sky blue blouse and a black skirt, the male stepped forward with his flats, sitting down after contestant 79. This was going to be a tough competition. But that wasnt what he was afraid of. He just hoped he wasnt caught for being a male.
  Jace / ellocalypse / 6y 126d 18h 1m 1s

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