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This place died.
  ll Casuall ll / llStrawberryll / 7y 252d 7h 56m 59s
hiii supp
  queen X3 / Princess-Epic-Necko / 7y 280d 11h 56m 5s
  ://:Gumi://: / SuZuKi-Fai / 7y 281d 31m 27s
  sexy in heels / Princess-Epic-Necko / 7y 281d 3h 57m 51s
  Nightmare / DutchNightmare / 7y 284d 8h 51m 21s
Yay :D I love having best buddies x)
  Moon / _Moonlight_ / 7y 287d 7h 20m 15s
Your mai best buddy now. :3
  ://:Gumi://: / SuZuKi-Fai / 7y 287d 7h 22m 44s
It's amazing :D
  Moon / _Moonlight_ / 7y 287d 7h 23m 27s
x3 Yay!
  ://:Gumi://: / SuZuKi-Fai / 7y 287d 7h 26m 38s
Thank you so much! I love it! Off I go to put it on my profile!^^
  Moon / _Moonlight_ / 7y 287d 7h 26m 58s
Here ya go!
  ://:Undertaker://: / SuZuKi-Fai / 7y 287d 7h 28m 56s
Why thank you! Now I can't wait^^
  Moon / _Moonlight_ / 7y 287d 7h 29m 47s
But, of course! I'm editing it for you!
  ://:Matryoshka://: / SuZuKi-Fai / 7y 287d 7h 32m 21s
How wonderful! Can I see it when you're done?
  Moon / _Moonlight_ / 7y 287d 7h 33m 19s
Ah, I see!

I'm editing an Undertaker picture!
  ://:Matryoshka://: / SuZuKi-Fai / 7y 287d 7h 34m 52s

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