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"Thank you." She said and took the rose, before putting it into her hair. She smiled sweetly. "I don't spend much time at the school. I usually spend time in the forest." Speaking of forest, she had to go see her friend.
  Odile / darkelfprincess / 6y 226d 11h 35m 10s
" Good, i would like that. As far as studing, perhaps we can help one another." After all he was two years ahead of her. " Well..." Mika pulled a rose from thin air. " For you. " he said several others passing by observing them with a curiouse eye. " Your fan club , still hanging around?" he asked noticing the gaze of several of the girls not knowing if it was him or her that they were looking at.
  Mika Luther / whitewing / 6y 226d 11h 43m 55s
She noticed that he mouthed to her to wait so she stood out doors. She heard all that was being said and frowned. She didn't like being treated like a kid. She wondered what he meant by 'he was back', but decided not to ask him.

"Would you like for me to help you with your studies?" She asked him softly. She smiled softly and began to head for the outside world when she turned back to him. "I shall go to the ball with you." She wondered why she said that when she didn't even want to go.
  Odile / darkelfprincess / 6y 226d 11h 50m 39s
Mika drumbed his fingers across the desk Snape noticing the nervouse little habit. " Luth..." but before he could scold the class was dismissed and Mika stood. " Can i see you for a moment Mika?" Mika looked to the back of the room where Odile sat " wait for a moment?" he mouthed to her hoping that she would see him and understand.

" Why are you distracted, please dont tell me that you are talking to that little first year. Mika you cant be distracted, you need to get threw this. Get the scores..." " I know, and i know the lessions, Severus. Dont treat me like a....." " Dont !" Severus snapped " You Mika have ..." " Im sorry professor." He cut in his eye darkening with a short sort of anger. " He wanted me to give this to you." Said snape handing over a small slip of parchment to Mika. Mika took the piece of paper and read it alowed.
" He is back.? " said Snape looking down to the old tattoo upon his wrist.

Mika tossed the paper into the fire. " I am taking the girl to the yule ball, i am allowed friends." he said cooly looking back over his shoulder to the older man before he exited the room. Things would be changing, drasticly and quickly for all of them.

" Hey, so you want to go with me?" he asked again as he caught her by the arm. " Sorry, i had something i had to deal with. Snape didnt really like the score of my last exam. " He lied shrugging as he waited for her responce.
  Mika Luther / whitewing / 6y 226d 11h 55m 13s
She smiled softly when he had sat beside her and said hello. She said hello back then frowned slightly as he moved away. She heard Snape asking him a question and listened to the answer, had she been asked that question she would have replied the same way. She wished the day would end so she could go into the forest to play with her new friend. She had tamed a unicorn and often spent all of her time with it.

She heard his question and blushed. "I would be honored to."
  Odile / darkelfprincess / 6y 226d 13h 39m 54s
" How fantastic." he laughed only then realizing that she may get her wish this year was after all a tournament year. And even if she wasnt chosen perhaps hagrid would try to tame such a creature as a pet, for it was rumored that he had been given an egg. Either way, he found her enthusiam rather refreshing. " Well you never know." he agreed with a nod.

*Time skipp*

It had been several months now and other than seeing the strange red haired girl in class they had not spoken. But that was all about to change , the Yule ball was coming up and he was going to ask her. Well either her or Beth who at the moment was to enthralled with Draco to even care what time of day it was.
Mika slid into class just in time to take the open seat next to Odile. " Hey. " he said in greating giving the girl a quick not and them moving back to his own place . " Luther..." sneered Snape from the front of the class. " Perhaps you could inform us on wolfsbane and curterroot." Mika smile and gave Snape his answer all the while wondering what she would have to say.

" Perhaps you could join me for the ball?

Ps. I am sorry that you have not been given your chance to tame a dragon .
  Mika Luther / whitewing / 6y 227d 9h 14m 55s
She sighed softly at his response. She wanted to know if they played games or really anything. Like field trips, shit like that. She looked over at the girl who was watching her and smiled softly. She felt strange having a little fan club and hoped that it didn't grow.

"I feel like taming a dragon and flying on its back. Or finding a unicorn. Something like that." She said and giggled before reaching across the table for a chocolate cupcake.
  Odile / darkelfprincess / 6y 231d 19h 56s
Mika shrugged " So now you want something to do with me?" he asked with a teasing smile. Mika shrugged " We fly?" he said not really sure what exactly she was looking for after all this was a school. Mika looked over to one of his classmate Cassie who inturn was looking back in his direction , but when he gave a short wave he was returned by no responce. Cassie wasnt looking at him but instead at the girl next to him. " Wow, looks like you have a fan club." he scoffed brushing that aside he continued "So... what are you going to do for fun? First year and all , you an proubly get away whith alittle more than nothing.
  Mika Luther / whitewing / 6y 232d 10h 6m 7s
She nodded her head, not really paying attention to the man rambling on next to her. She was trying to read. After she finished her chapter, she placed the robe back into her cloak and smiled softly. She grabbed a piece of chocolate cake and began to eat it.
"What do you do for fun around here?" She asked softly. Her gaze glanced over a few males at the table. She wondered why she was the only female at this end of the table. She also noticed she was getting glares by about half of the females in the school.
  Odile / darkelfprincess / 6y 237d 11h 3m 38s
Mika returned the greeting with a quick nod, she was reading something or other but nothing really seemed to be to enchanting about the book, just some sort of romance. " So , your a legacy?" He asked knowing most of the occupants of his house were among long blood lines all involved within the Slytherin house.
Reaching across the table Mika took another roll from the basket and thew it at the back of another students head. "Shut it." He scowled as the other boy suddenly shot around to see what had happened, and then fell silent seeing that it had been Mika. Turning back to the table and his plate the boy seemed distracted then and abandoned his tormenting of one of the younger students.
  Mika Luther / whitewing / 6y 237d 13h 8m 24s
She sat down hearing a few of the males talking about her, but she focused more on the bloody steak in front of her while reading a rather trashy romance novel. She looked up from her book, slightly annoyed when she noticed a male voice. It was the male from before. "Oh. Hi. I'm Odile." She said and smiled wickedly.
  Odile / darkelfprincess / 6y 243d 14h 30m 6s
Mika nodded to Draco, Goyle , and another one of the goons that normaly crowded round. Soon the hall was filled with 1st year students aswell as those of his own class and above. The great hall seemed to go from quite still to loud and full of motion, alive.
He loved it this way, for it was the begining of a new year and the start of a new adventure. " Hey look at that little bit." stammerd goyle pointing over to a firey headed first year. " Pretty." Draco agreed with a shrugg nudging mika in the ribb. " Looks to much like a Weasley for my taste, how about you Mika?" " I dont know her Draco..." " well you might get to, she had just joind our table." Golye said reaching across the table for a roll. " How was the summer?" and so the conversation went on. Mika drifting in and out of focus of the group, and all the while happy for it. " Hey, my names Mika, welcom to Slytherin. Dont mind the guys, they are just fooling. " he warned as some of the other third year levitated and flung berrys at some young boys.Jerrying mudblood comments all the while.
  Mika Luther / whitewing / 6y 244d 10h 22m 26s
Odile was a new student, but excited to be apart of this school. She had met a few others on the train, but kept to herself. She was of pure blood, but her parents became stupid and had to be taken care of. She looked up as she was the first person to enter the castle and saw a male standing there. She kept quiet but kept her dome high. She was sorted into Slytherin and walked over to the table.
  Odile / darkelfprincess / 6y 244d 17h 33m 36s
Mika made his way down the long corridor that lead back into the main commons of the slytherin lounge. He had always loved walking the halls when no one was around, it was the last few days of summer and soon other students would flood the halls and he would be forced to share his home. Mika Luther was a child of blood and yet no family, other than those who he had attached himself to such as Snape. The man had always been good to him, not exactly the nicest of people but he had always been good.
Mika twirled the chess piece around while he sat silently in the lounge, the dark lord was on the rise... So he was not to be out and about the grounds, at least not until the others arrived. " Mika ?" Asked Snape waving to the boy to come along and Mika obediently fallowed. " Take your seat, the train has arrived early.Seems to have been some trouble, death eaters..." He explained briefly never turning to look at the boy but instead continuing on leaving Mika standing alone in front of the great hall.
  Mika Luther / whitewing / 6y 245d 9h 59m 29s
It is fine. I have done that too :)
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 6y 245d 13h 6m 51s

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