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Where were you?

A choice is to be made.

It 's his life or both of theirs.

There is no middle ground and not both can be saved.

So, what happens to be the best choice?

It 's for him to live and her to die .

He's an agent working for a secret organization called Genesis. There wasn’t much a choice to joining Genesis. Although, the two met way before he was part of the organization. They met in high school, being two years apart from each other. Alice couldn’t seem to stay away from trouble and he found himself saving the girl’s ass every single day until they grew close. He’s always protected her even though he was aware Alice could protect herself. He may have protected her but the girl always understood his mind and would say things that would linger in his mind. The adventures had died off when high school finished but they’d always check up with each other once a month. After a long time he cuts of all ties with her and disappeared for a year.

Next year, his boss personally handed him a mission. He was given files and thought it would be an ordinary mission of killing someone the organization didn’t want them to exist. It wasn’t until he looked into the contacts noticing it was Alice they wanted captured, brought to the base and then forced to cooperate and then be killed.

“There better not be a problem. As an agent of Genesis there is no choosing your mission or the fate of the mission. Being that you do have connection with the target, it should be not difficult to retrieve her and bring her here. If you do choose to betray, you’ll be put to death along with her. Do I make myself clear?” The boss harshly spoke.

No one would explain why they needed Alice. He chooses to follow his mission but would it be so easy? The person that he’s protected like his own sister has to be murdered by his own hands in the end. Perhaps it was even more than that.


Name: Alice Everchant

Age: 23

Bio: Bio: She’s been a trouble maker since birth although her petit image gave others the feeling that she’s little miss perfect. Alice has always been a tom-boy and stood up what she believed even if it got her into danger. It seemed whatever danger this girl put herself in, she got out. It was because of her family ties. But when her family ties couldn’t help in high school she met someone. Guys were trying to mess around with her and because she picked on gangs during school, she got into a lot of trouble. It was only thanks to him that she made out of high school alive. She was deeply thankful for him and has a tiny crush on him, even if he only sees her as an annoying girl he always ends up cleaning the mess of. The quote ‘high school’ never ends seems to stay true for her because she continually gets herself in trouble and in danger. She is witness to many cases but also at times the victim. Many people when they hear she’s a trouble maker assume she’s in a gang, a thief, or a killer but it’s much different.

Personality: Blunt, bold, sarcastic, idiotically brave, sensitive, positive

Other: She recently got a tattoo, right behind her shoulder of a small phoenix representing some ones death.

Name: David Matthew Chase

Age: 25

Bio: David grew up always looking up at his father. His father was a cop and would often work everyday,allday. David met Alice in highschool. Immediately he felt drawn to protect her. They were so close,everyone thought they were related. David would cover for Alice whenever an adult would ask where she was. He was always there for the girl. No matter what. Deep down, David felt like it was his job to protect her. After highschool,David parted ways from Alice. He was offered a scholarship from an agency called Genesis. The agency paid David's way through college and training classes. Some would call him a hitman or a killer. But it was his job to get rid of the unwanted people in the world. David did his first kill right after he graduated from the agency academy. It was a drug dealer in Italy. Within two years he had killed over 15 people. Then he recieved the mission to find Alice and bring her in. Genesis wanted her killed for a a reason they would not tell David. So now he is on a jet to find her.

Personality: Protective,Stubborn, Outgoing,Serious,Anger-Management problem. Deep down he is sweet and kind.

Other: David has two tattoos. One is a Serpent crest in the middle of his back. He was given it by the Genesis and the second tattoo is on his shoulder. Its a gun wrapped with one rose with thorns. Representing what he does.

How you play:

1. I expect the male character to follow Genesis orders with exceptions. There isn’t a certain time limit to complete the mission.
2. He cares for her but doesn't love her: at least not yet. I don’t go for instant romance.
3. Create dangerous scenarios, romantic moments
4. Give a very realistic feel to the RP
5. He is not weak, don’t make him weak. He’s not inhumanely strong; don’t make him act like it. If he gets shot and attacking enemies like it was like a pebble-it’s not right. Get shot: pain: Loss of blood: Not much movement: Faint: May die.
6. Be free to get mad at each other’s characters
7. He’s the responsible one compared to Alice.
8. This story is not just about her, so don’t make it centered on her. I hate that. Don’t make it the other way around either.
9. LAST: As for the ending, it doesn’t necessarily have to end up as a happy ending, it could be a tragedy.

RP Rules

-400 words up to 1000 words
-Professional picture! No black & white, scene, gothic, and has to look the age of the character.
-Must be dedicated to this RP. I want someone who can post each day . Although, you do have a 3 day time frame to post without being bothered. If you PM me that you can’t, I’ll accept it as long as this doesn’t happen 100 times.
-Mature RP but as soon as the clothes come off it’s a time skip.
-No cybering or godmodding

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Watching him jump had nearly startled her. Matt really was tense but that might have not been his fault considering what they were going through. She softly sighed, “I understand but you’re not alone in this. I don’t need you to worry or look out for me, I can take care of myself. Right now, focus on Haiden just like I am. If it comes down to it, Haiden over me.”

She slouched into the seat and realized Haiden wasn’t the only one to notice. There again, Matt became tense when he noticed the graze. “Don’t worry about it, it hardly made a mark,” She managed a smile. She gave a short nod and took his wallet and then took the one she found to count it up in total. That guy carried a good amount.

“He had a thousand on him...wonder what he was planning to do with that,” She muttered, “In total we have a thousand and six hundred and twenty-including what I have in my wallet.” It should have been enough. Her eyes had flickered at the review mirror every now and then and it’s been a while since a car was following them. Her lips parted to say something but he beat her to it.

“I know. It’s been following us for a while now...” She said. They’d have to lose the car that was tailing them before they found a new car. This travelling wasn’t fun but it needed to be done. Then in came the traffic. She leaned against the window until she was gently pulled by him. She kissed him back and smiled, “I love you too.” She was more than happy to have the chance to be married to him. Then the traffic moved and she was also watching out for them. She was feeling a little dizzy and nauseous. It was probably because they were travelling for so long. They were going pretty slow right now since the dirt road was bumpy. It didn’t make her feel any better. It didn’t look like anyone was following them right now.

“Matt,” She patted his shoulder, “Pull over. Just for a second. I feel sick.” When he did pull over, she jumped right out of the car and breathed in the fresh air for a moment. She touched the side of her forehead and winced heavily. Well, she was dizzy for a reason since it nearly touched her temple. She needed to get that cleaned out. Then out came the vomit on the dry crab grass. She pulled herself together again, and climbed back into the car, closing the door shut.

“Okay. We can go now,” She nodded and saw a parking lot up near the entrance of a park ahead, “If we can be quick enough, we can switch cars there. Although, I think I have an idea. They’re going to be tailing us nearly forever. One of us takes this car and drives the opposite direction and the other with Haiden drives of away with the another car. I volunteer as bait. I’m pretty good at getting away these days, plus-you're better at protecting others.” She didn’t like the sound of splitting up but it would have them lose track of Haiden while her best friend figured this out.
  Alice Everchant / Ravenity / 6y 184d 3h 18m 4s
Matt glanced in the rearview mirror. The thought of someone finding them this far away so quickly was eating at him. The man bit his lip nervously as he drove. Matt slightly jumped when Alice touched his shoulder. Telling him not to be so tense."I'm sorry. I'm just a little on edge. When you and Haiden are safer, then I can calm down a little more."He sighed. Driving onto a bridge that was part of the highway.

Matt glanced at her. Seeing the blood."Did he make you bleed?"He said through gritted teeth. Matt's eyes went back to the road. Some headlights came up behind them. Matt blinked his eyes since he just got blinded from the lights. He glanced back at Haiden. The little boy was calm enough now that he had fallen asleep."It will be dawn soon. Then we will find Haiden some more clothes. Maybe some new clothes for us too."Keeping one hand on the steering wheel. His other hand dug into his pockets of his jeans. Pulling out his own wallet."Check how much money I have and add it to the guys cash. We need all of that we can for food and toiletries, plus hotel money. I should have at least five hundred in there."Matt sighed.

Matt glanced into the rearview mirror again. The same car with the bright lights were still behind them."Alice, don't look back there. But I think a car is tailing us. I think we might need to stop just enough to get a new car. And ditch this one."He muttered. Matt turned into the next lane, watching as the car followed. Only putting one car between them. Matt didn't look anywhere else but the road for now. Hoping to lose the tailer and drive safely somewhere else. "Tell me if you see a sign for a car dealership or a park of some sort. Maybe we could steal another car."Matt had to stop because early morning traffic was starting. He glanced at Alice, wearing the ring he gave her. It made him so happy. Matt couldn't wait for her to be his wife. He loved her so much. The thoughts of her being his for the rest of their lives made him want to kiss her.

And he did just that. Since they were at a dead stop. Matt pulled Alice gently and kissed her plump lips hard."I love you Alice."Matt muttered against her lips. He let go as soon as the traffic started moving once again. Matt looked in the rearview mirror to see where the tailing car was. He was stuck five cars behind. Matt took the opportunity to pull off onto the exit that was next. He slowly turned onto a dirt road. Watching if the car was still following them.
  Matt / Angelofmine / 6y 184d 17h 18m 50s
The early intrusion had struck a nerve in her, being that it was in the morning and she had hoped that she’d have peace so early. With the tables turned, she had least had more control of the situation if the gun at the man’s head instead of hers. Although, what she had noticed was the silencer on the gun and that did never gave good news. She was set onto integrating answers out of him until Matt had come in and made his demands. Once, he had pushed the man against the wall, she had taken her leave, trusting that he could handle it. On the way toward Matt’s room, she heard the man speak.

“Go to hell, none of that is happening. That woman and you will die as long as you keep that boy-I suggest you hand him over before it’s too late,” He smirked even in pain. Alice had stopped in her tracks for a moment, glanced back with her blood boiling at the thought of that man possible kill Haiden, “Thanks for your concern, although it’s not needed. I’d worry about yourself.” She then got into Haiden’s room and instantly picked him up and let his head rest on her shoulder. He asked questions that she didn’t want to answer. She grabbed whatever she needed and then exited the room and head back into the car. She set down Haiden in the back and got in herself.

“I got everything,” She nodded and rested her back against the seat. She could see how angry he was but that part was over. She took hold of the wallet and looked inside of it, pulling out anything she could get her hands on but only fond a loud of bills. That said something itself.

“Only cash,” She called out, “No licence, picture or any card... He came here to kill and not be noticed. That’s all I can get out of it.” She had glanced back and noticed Haiden looking worried. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like to go through this at his age. “We’re going to be fine. I and Matt can get rid of the bad people,” She told him with a smile. Haiden’s eyes seemed to rise up at something else-her forehead. She had a bit of headache but wondered if something funny was there. She put her hand on it and then felt a bit of blood. She sighed and guessed that maybe that bullet grazed her when she put it up into the air. She didn’t see it as anything to worry about since it didn’t really make a mark.

“I’m fine, don’t worry,” She told him and then faced up front instead and then rested her hand on Matt’s shoulder, feeling how tense he was, “Matt calm down... Anger is not going to do us any good.” She saw how hard he was holding to the steering wheel. She was irritated through all of this but through the years she’s been kidnapped, bit of tortured, stabbed, drugged, harassed and she was just gald it wasn’t any of those. Well, she’s learned through the years how to handle it better and it never happened being on her own much-unless it really was by complete surprise by someone close.
  Alice Everchant / Ravenity / 7y 25d 10h 32m 20s
Matt shifted in bed from the nudge from Alice. He hadn't slept so good in so long.Matt was snoring lightly. When Haiden came to the door, it woke him slightly. Matt peeked through his lashes and watched Alice.

Matt sat up as he heard a click of a gun. As soon as Alice was shouting about someone found them, Matt stood up. Pulling on his clothes. He grabbed his gun."Alice! Get Haiden out of here. And into the car. I will be right out."Matt jerked the man up and against the wall.

Matt glanced at Alice. Watching her leave."I promise I will be right there."He turned back to the man. He drew his hand back and punched the guy in the stomach so hard that it cracked the guy's ribs."Tell whoever you work leave us alone."Matt growled. Letting the guy fall to the floor. Matt searched him. Taking the concealed knife and the guy's wallet.

Matt ran out the door to join Alice and Haiden in the car."Did you get everything?"He looked at her. His eyes were filled with anger. Matt hated that they couldn't rest like they should. He got into the drivers seat and cranked up the car. Matt pulled out of the cabins driveway. Speeding out of there like a bat out of hell.

"We need to keep going and not stop until we get somewhere safer."Silently cursing himself for stopping at the cabin."Here look threw this."He handed the wallet to Alice."Tell me anything that sticks out. Like a weird business card. Or name."Matt licked his bottom lip and kept his eyes on the road. He clenched the wheel as hard as he could."Haiden, you should sleep buddy."He glanced at the rearview mirror. The little boy met his eyes."I can't sleep..."He whimpered. Matt sighed."Just lay down. Maybe you will soon."Haiden nodded and did as he was told. Matt continued to drive on the highway.
  Matt / AngelOfMine / 7y 25d 19h 41m 33s
It surprised her little to hear that he asked Vic for permission but Vic was like family to her. It was always Vic who was worrying over her while her parents didn’t know what was going most of the time. They’d call once in a while but she always just told them everything was fine, and left it with that. They never bothered to question her before. Right now, she was filled with glee kissing him and having her heartbeat beat so quickly. With the distraction of the kisses she barely noticed him pulling out the phone.

“You’re always one step ahead,” She laughed and took the phone and left the room for a bit. She dialed up Vic and kept the phone a good distance away from her when she told her, knowing that Vic was going to break her eardrums. Once she was done chatting with Vic, she put the phone away and then entered the room and was pulled into bed. She couldn’t help but smile right back at him and let her hands wonder “Vic... She killed my eardrums even from a distance. And she said she was going to kill you for not proposing to me while she was there-but I think that’s a good thing for our ears. Oh and she wants to plan the wedding-which I don’t think it’s a good idea because she’ll go overboard. As for the investigation, she’s still stuck at the hospital and they haven’t found much except for more dead bodies and they’re still trying to solve that out...” Her voice drifted off as they made love. She fell asleep comfortably in his arms, feeling secure being right there.

Her eyelids fluttered open at the sound of footsteps out of the room. They were very faint footsteps-small ones. She decided to ignore it for a bit more and rested against Matt. She couldn’t get rid of that tingly feeling at the pit of her stomach at the thought of what happened yesterday. Eventually, the footsteps were irritating her and she sat up in bed, covering herself with the bed sheets.

“Haiden?” She called out.
“Yes...” He quietly responded.
“Go back to bed, it’s early...” She mentioned.
“I can’t sleep. Can I come in?” His voice raising. Bad idea.
“Not yet, okay? Go back to your room, I’ll be out in a little bit,” She told him. That reminded her that they still had some more driving to go on with. It wasn’t over but at least she could keep Haiden safe for the time being. She nudged Matt gently over the shoulder to wake him up. If he didn’t, she would leave him to sleep. She rose up, washed herself self as well as getting back into her clothes and then stepping out of the room to head into Haiden’s. As she opened Haiden’s door, she felt her stomach turn. She felt a gun resting to her head and without a doubt she kicked the man at the crotch as well as her hand pulling his gun up into the air so that it wouldn’t accidently shoot her. She took the gun away from him and pointed it at the man.

“How did you find us?” She narrowed her eyes “Matt! Get up! Someone found us.”
  Alice Everchant / Ravenity / 7y 121d 6h 2m 31s
Matt smiled and was pushed to the floor by Alice. His arms wrapped around her as soon as he felt her lips on his. Matt kissed her back deeply. His hand slide up her back and cupped her hair gently. When she pulled back, Matt pouted."You just made me the happiest man alive."He smiled.

Matt got up and kissed her again. "I love you so much,too. So much Alice."There was a goofy smile played across his face. Matt nodded."Yes, I asked her if I could marry you and she said yes. And she even helped me with the ring. I have Vic to thank for alot of things."

"I was going to wait to ask you. But this moment was something I couldnt wait for."Matt kissed her. Running his hands down,over her hips. He bent down and kissed her more. His hand went into his pocklet,pulling out a untrackable,disposable cell phone."Why dont you call her and talk to her for a few minutes?With this phone, they cant find us."Matt handed it to her. He fell back onto the bed and closed his eyes.

Matt relaxed and took off his shirt while she called Vic. He slipped off his pants, letting them fall to the floor in their own pile. Matt crawled into the covers to wait on Alice to get into bed. He was so tired. But he wanted Alice more. Matt laid back. Smiling. The man couldnt believe that Alice said yes. And that in the future, they would be getting married.

As soon as Alice got back from her chat on the phone, Matt pulled her into bed."How did Vic take the news?"He smiled. His fingers ran through her hair. Matt started kissing her neck slowly."Is she ok? How is the investigation?"Matt looked at her. He listened to her until he got lost under the covers with her. Then they made love.

Matt fell asleep holding her in his arms. Their bodies fit together like a puzzle. Matt never dreamed,but when he did. Well he loved it. This time, Matt dreamed of Alice. ANd their life finally being normal. Once the dream was over, he just fell into his sleep more. No more dreams.
  David Matthew Chase / LeeLeeRose / 7y 124d 12h 18m 49s
“I would rather it be me than you and Haiden,” She played back with a smirk “Two can play at this game.” She wouldn’t allow him to throw his life out. She wasn’t going to let it happen, she couldn’t. She didn’t care how, she’d figure a way. She stared outside of the car noticing that it was just their car. She let out a small yawn and then tossed her head hearing him. She nodded and waited for them to arrive. Once they stopped, she stretched out her arms and then got out of the car. She was going to pick up Haiden herself but saw Matt was handling it.

She dropped down on their bed, feeling a little tired from the long car ride. It relived her that they could stay here for a bit instead of going back into the road. He was always handling everything so perfectly. Then she tossed her head toward him and placed a smile on her lips, kissing him softly back, moving so closely to him. Her ears perked up at those words.

“I love you too, Matt,” She whispered softly. She couldn’t get tired of him saying them. She was too distracted staring at his eyes to notice anything else. Then as she rose up again thinking of maybe a change of clothes and then their lips met again. She smiled; she would do anything for him as well. As much as he wanted to protect her, she wanted to protect him too. She felt his kisses trailing down her neck and was sucked into it. And then it happened, something that she didn’t expect. She doubly blinked in slightly confused when he fell down to one knee. Her heart was thudding so loudly she thought it would burst. She felt like she was going to die right there. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. She felt the heat rising in her cheeks. She nodded and then blur out “Yes!” She let him put the ring on her and then she playfully pushed him down to the ground, hovering over him. She smiled and then kissed him deeply. She felt so much joy right now that it was unbelievable. She slightly pulled back.

“I love you Matt. I love you so much,” She told him and then smirked thinking about Vic “That’s why she’s been acting funny. You told her!” With this all happening, she couldn’t even remember the situation they were in right now. She wished she could call Vic but that wasn’t the best idea. She was bursting with happiness right now.
  Alice Everchant / Ravenity / 7y 170d 1h 24m 43s
Matt nodded."I know you dont want me hurt. But I would rather be hurt than you or Haiden."He glanced at her. The highway was mostly empty now. And it was harder to hide the fact that they were the only car speeding.

Matt bit his lip."Im about to pull off an exit and get us a hotel room. We need to lay low for the night."He glanced back at Haiden that was sleeping. The little boy was curled up under the racecar blanket and looked so innocent.

Thirty minutes later, Matt pulled off the highway and went up to a forrest lodging area. He got out first, letting Alice stay with Haiden. Matt rented out one of the cabins for a night and drove them up there.

Matt helped Alice get Haiden insode. Laying him in the other bedroom. Matt laid down on their bed and sighed."So I guess we can stay here until noon tomorrow. I will go out first thing tomorrow morning and get food."He sat up and looked at her. Pulling her over to him. Matt kissed her gently.

"I love you, Alice."Matt looked up at her. His other hand swept over his jacket. Making sure the ring was still in there. Matt looked up into her eyes,kissing her more."I would do anything for you." Matt stood up, pulling her close. Kissing down her neck.

Matt slowly fell to one knee, holding her ring hand."Alice Everchant, My Alice in Wonderland, you are the only girl for me. You are my other half. From the first day I met you, I knew that I would be with you as long as I live. Will you do the honor and marry me?"He blushed and pulled out the ring. It had three 10 karaot diamonds.You are my past, present and my Future. was carved inside the golden band. Matt looked up at her."Will you be my wife?"Matt waited for an answer.
  David Matthew Chase / LeeLeeRose / 7y 172d 19h 17m 28s
“Shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t like talking on the phone much,” She sighed. Her mind would be more at ease if Vic stayed oblivious to where they were heading. If Vic found out and others found a connection to her, it would make things more difficult than it already was. Even if being in difficult situations were practically her speciality throughout the years, she didn’t want it to make it even worse. She just tried to relax her mind while sitting in the car seat. Long drives were only calming when there weren’t people after you. She couldn’t remember a time where she actually visited a place to even relax. Actually, she couldn’t remember a time she could relax without something at the back her mind for not too long.

They stopped and she got out the car to grab fresh air and stretch her legs. She took out Haiden to go to the washroom and went herself. Then they came back knowing she had to get back into the car for more. She picked up Matt smoking and it was ready to lecture him about how smoking will kill your lungs, shorten your life and such. But hey, she couldn’t complain. She felt his arms wrap around her and she loved his embrace. She didn’t ever to let go. She’d rather just stay like this. He sounded so confident and it really assured her things would be just fine. But she didn’t like hearing that it would go wrong on his end. If it went wrong on his end-it went extremely bad on her end. It was so much easier to die than go on living and dealing with grief. She was going to say something but felt his kiss.

“Don’t say that. You may not care if you get hurt but I do. I can’t live without you. So if you do get hurt, it can’t be life threatening because if you’re gone, I might as well die too. Don’t be selfish, I won’t be happy if you’re gone. You want to make me happy too right?” She spoke and loved feeling his body heat. She didn’t want to lose him and when he spoke like this it scared her. She didn’t want a re-run from what happened before to her last boyfriend. She kissed him softly back and then felt his lips move down. These moments, she did forget what was going on around her. Then he pulled away and she was reminded they had to get going.

“Yes we do,” She sighed and smiled a little as she got back into the car “If we’re driving some time again, I’m driving next time.” She actually enjoyed driving. They were back on the highway and she was slowly starting to fall asleep herself. Her head was falling at the side every few seconds and she’d open her eyes. She didn’t think falling asleep in this situation was such a good idea.

“How much longer?” She asked tiredly and then glanced back to see Haiden asleep. No wonder it was so silent.
  Alice Everchant / Ravenity / 7y 207d 4h 40m 24s
Matt nodded to Alice."Its a good idea not to tell Vic where we are going. She needs to just relax and recover from her injury. We dont need anyone to find out that Vic knows us,or they might hurt her more. Or just kill her."He sighed as he drove.

"By the time Vic figures out the license plate, we will already be in another state with another car."Matt smiled slightly."So she wont be on us at all. We will keep in contact with her. But limit the calls too only 5 minutes or less. Or Vic and the police will track us. We cant have them and whoever that is after us.So yea. We will be fine."Matt fell silent. Concentrating on driving.

Within the next hour, Matt pulled into the states' borders. They were already in West Virginia. He pulled over at a Country Convienent store. Letting everyone have a break from being inside the car. Matt went insode the store and bought a pack of cigarettes. Whenever he was stressed out, the man would buy them and ened up only smoking a few. Matt leaned against the car and pulled a cigarette out. Lighting it up, he blew the smoke into the night air. Matt smiled as Haiden curled up in the back seat to fall asleep.

Matt looked at Alice. He threw his cigarette down,stomping on it.Matt walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her."I love you Alice. And I promise nothing will go wrong this time. If it does,then it will go wrong on my end and you will get Haiden out of the situation."He nodded. Kissing her gently."I dont care if I get hurt. As long as you and Haiden are safe, I will be happy."Matt smiled slightly. Pulling her close to to him. Matt started kissing her lips, down her jawline and onto her neck.

Matt pulled away finally and hugged her. "We better get moving."He whispered and helped her into the car. Matt got in ,cranking up the car once more and taking the highway.
  David Matthew Chase / LeeLeeRose / 7y 207d 5h 12m 57s
She honestly felt bad for Haiden being pulled into this kind of life. He shouldn’t be in this as a kid and most of the time he probably had no idea what was going on. If only Alice had a clue that he wore pull ups than this wouldn’t be happening. In her defense, she’s never dealt with a kid except for playing around with Vic’s little girl. That’s how far it only went though. She looked back at Haiden how embarrassed he was. She couldn’t blame him. They couldn’t just let him stay wet either; it was a good idea to stop by a shop.

“Seems like a good idea,” She sighed and watched his driving and then glanced back at the car Haiden pointed out. She just hoped it was nothing to worry about. Or at least that they weren’t armed. She really wanted to avoid danger for Haiden’s sake. He didn’t need to see anything.

(font "Arial Narrow" (center “Okay, Matt,” Haiden nodded and looked at her “I’m sorry.”
“It’s not your fault. Don’t worry, okay?” She told him with a smile and he nodded. She didn’t want him to worry about anything. He deserved just to be a kid and live a desired childhood. Then she thought about Vic. Vic who was in the hospital right now. She couldn’t believe what her husband was thinking right now. Matt, was right, she had to call her and explain what was going on. As he parked and went off with Haiden, she stayed near the car and dialed up Vic. At first she got a voice message. She waited for a while and then Vic called her back.

“Hey Vic, Haiden’s safe along with I and Mat,” She first stated and instantly Vic picked up.

“What happened?” She asked “-Never mind, don’t tell me. Who did you mess with?”

“I swear I didn’t mess with anyone. While Mat was outside he picked up a car that was probably watching us. We escaped safely, and everything is fine. The only problem we encountered was Haiden peeing in the car,” She spoke calmly.

“Oh god... Is this involved with Haiden or this is something else?”

“Nope, I’m pretty sure it involves Haiden. Don’t worry, we’ll keep him safe.”

“Where are you going?”

“Uh... I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell you that.”

“Alice! How am I supposed to help if you don’t’ tell me where?”

“That’s the thing Vic; you’re not going to help. No one can know but us. No one can come to threaten you if you don’t know where we are. Oh and if you see a missing car report within a couple of hours, ignore it for a bit, okay?”

“You stole a car!? Again!?”

“Did you want us to use our car?”

“No but Alice I have to charge you for that-unless I don’t find any evidence. Just, tell me where you are going!? Weather they threaten me or not.”

“Sorry... Haiden and Matt should be coming back now,” She wanted to finish it off.

“So, how do feel about a kid being between you and Daniel? You really love him, don’t you?”

“Um okay...and yes...? Didn’t you already know that?” She spoke puzzled. They then give their goodbyes, Vic unwillingly. She then saw Haiden and Matt come outside. She waved to them and they were right back near the car. She was going to help out with Haiden but it seemed Matt was handling it himself.

“She handled it...well,” She cracked a smile “She was upset about the car but I don’t think that’ll be a problem. I think Vic is determined to figure out where we are going, so we better hurry it up before she figures out which car is stolen and gives other people the licence plate. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for her to find out where we’re going.” She nodded as he said they had to leave. She got back into the passenger seat and remembered last time she drove. She actually enjoyed it, except for the part that she practically almost fell dead asleep. They were back in the highway and she checked every couple of minutes if everything was fine.

“I don’t think I see anything right now. I think we’re safe for now,” She smiled at him “Do you think nothing is going to go wrong this time?” She just couldn’t imagine him getting shot again. She didn’t want to think about that. Right now, they were safe and that’s all that mattered.

  Alice Everchant / Ravenity / 7y 219d 2h 14m 2s
Matt cursed himself in his head. He looked into the rearview mirror."We will stop in twenty minutes off the highway and clean him and the car up. We cant ditch this car yet."Matt glanced back at Haiden."Do you usually wear pull ups at night?"He glanced at the road. Increasing their speed a little.

Haiden nodded."Mommy usually gets them for me."He blushed. Haiden looked down. Cuddling the racecar blanket.

Matt nodded."We will stop at a local family shop and pick up some of those. So we dont have to stop every hour." He glanced at Alice."We can also get him some more clothes."Matt smiled slightly."Haiden if you see another can like the bad man's I want you too tell Alice. Then we will get away from it."Matt swurved into the fast lane and sped up.

Matt glanced at the road. He bit into his lip as he concentrated on the task at hand."Alice, I think now is the best time to call Vic and tell her whats going on. Tell her that Haiden is safe and that we are getting to a safe place. "Matt smiled slightly.

He suddenly passed a nearby sign that showed a convienent store after the next exit."Hold on Haiden to your underwear."Matt winked and turned quickly onto the exit. He drove off the pavemented road,taking a shortcut to the store.

Matt got out,letting Alice speak to Vic. He picked Haiden up. Letting him walk himself. They walked into the store casually. Matt went to the little boys clothes. Picking out a few outfits. Then went to grab some clothes for him and Alice."Come on Little Man. Gotta get a few more things."He smiled. Getting pullups and bathroom supplies for them. Matt went through check out and walked outside. He helped Haiden change and clean up the backseat.

Matt glanced at Alice."What did Vic say?"He smiled as he passed her the store bags."We got everything back here cleared away. Now we just gotta leave before they catch up."Matt got back into the drivers seat and started back on the highway.
  David Matthew Chase / LeeLeeRose / 7y 219d 23h 35m 29s
She trusted him. He knew what he was doing. The only thing she ever got into was trouble; Matt was the one that fixed the mess that she creates. It wasn’t a good thing but whenever she tried to fix up her own misses it was experimental. Sometimes it would end up with a great ending and other times it put others more in danger. At least he said that they were probably out of their league.

“Hmm,” She wondered “Should I just call some of my other cop friends to go ruin their stake out parade after we leave?” She didn’t know if it was a good idea but at the time it did seem like a good one. Arresting more people involved in this the better. Maybe even a little questioning could come into it to gather up more information and solve this quickly. She raised an eyebrow hearing grand theft auto.

“Why would Vic come after us-” She asked puzzled and then her eyes lit up “Oh! We’re steal-oh yea she’s going to be pissed. I almost got charged by Vic because I stole a car once. In my defense, I was in a rush to get away.” Well, Vic couldn’t mind too much. They needed to get away here safely without getting caught. She saw Matt go into the bedroom before packing. He probably just needed something on the way. She really hoped what she got was enough. This should be enough because last time they went out into hide out the thing that they needed most was the first aid-which they didn’t really have. When she was done that she followed what he said. She made sure the lights were open and then she grabbed the remote of the TV and blasted it up and put it on a music channel. At least it would seem they were celebrating or something. They went to the door.

She picked Haiden up and he leaned his head against her shoulder looking excited. She carried him all the way down and then put him in the back seat. She saw Matt give him the blanket and just smiled a little. She got into the car and was calm for a good minute until it hit her they were doing this all over again. They were going to hide out until this all died down. Now, she really couldn’t help out with the case except for look out for Haiden being far from it.

“Looks like we’re doing this all over again,” She sighed and glanced back at Haiden “Except now we have Haiden. How are you doing Haiden?”

“Good!” He exclaimed.

“It might be a long ride, don’t get upset okay?” She told him.

“I won’t, I promise.”

“Good boy,” She laughed and turned to Matt “He’s really starting to grow on me... Too bad Haiden has to go away after all of this. Matt? Do you think the danger will ever stop?” She wished that it would die down but knew as long as she wanted to help others the danger would come back. After a while, Haiden said he needed to go to the bathroom. She was going to open her mouth to resolve it but then-

“Never mind,” he spoke. She doubly blinked and glanced at him “You don’t need to go anymore?”

“Nope! I’m good.”

“You said you really needed to go.”

“I did,” he blushed. Oh no...

“Haiden, why didn’t you tell me before?” She groaned.

“I didn’t need to go before. A car scared me so...” He spoke and became redder.

“Which car?” She asked. Haiden poked out his head to the window behind him and pointed to a black one slightly far.

“Why?” She asked him, slightly worried.

“Because it looks like a scary man’s car,” He frowned. Poor kid was so scared he wet himself. They weren’t being tailed were they? She held her breath and then glanced at Mat “Do you think it’s something we should be worried about it? I’m pretty sure that car is pretty common.” She just hoped that Haiden was wrong but now they had to do something about him wetting himself.

  Alice Everchant / Lexxiia / 7y 226d 23h 58m 40s
Matt nodded."Alice, Im sure. The whole time I was out there, the van was parked and men were looking around. By the looks of it, they are out of their league. They arent really good stake out guys. So it will be easy to get past them."He was thinking of possible ways."Im glad I parked in the back. Especially when I dont want Vic to be after us for grand theft auto."Matt smirked and chuckled.

Matt walked into the bedroom. Slipping the small jewelry box into his pocket. He smiled at Haiden and hugged him."Haiden, I promise. Those bad men will never hurt you again. Me and Alice will protect you and find your mommy."The little boy just smiled.

Matt grabbed the race car blanket."You can sleep in the car."He smiled at Haiden. Matt walked back into the livingroom. His eyes went to Alice. Watching her go back and forth,grabbing everything they needed.

Matt started to turn off the bedroom lights."We need to leave the livingroom and the kitchen light on. Then leave the tv turn on. Turn up the volume as high as possible. We have to make it look like we are still here."Matt kissed her cheek and grabbed the keys.

Matt let Haiden go to Alice. Letting both of them go out the door first. Matt locked the door behind him. He carried their bags down the stairs of the firescape. Matt unlocked the car and stuffed the bags into the trunk. Giving the blanket to Haiden in the backseat.

Matt got into the driverseat and cranked up the car. He drove out of the parking like casual. Matt sighed and glanced into the rearview mirror. The van stayed where its at. Matt pulled out his phone. Mumbling into the phone. He shut it within minutes."Dimka has a flight out of the city tonight at 11. We will be going to Montana. No one will think we would go there."He smiled. Matt drove toward the farthest airport.
  David Matthew Chase / LeeLeeRose / 7y 227d 53m 45s
She felt more relived to see he texted her back. She just calmed herself watching cartoons with Haiden as he laughed. He must have been depressed for many days. He was really a strong kid being able to just laugh and smile after being separated from his mother and being struck in a terrible place. Now, everything was going to be fine. Or at least so she thought. Matt rushed inside and she knew something was wrong the minute he came in. He seemed in panic of something. She turned her head directly at him and watched him close the curtains.

“What’s going on?” She asked puzzled. Then he explained and she turned pale. She couldn’t believe this. She was sure that she wasn’t being tailed. She was sure that she fled that scene quickly with Haiden so that there wouldn’t be any witnesses but Vic and the paramedics. But of course she could never be sure if that was true. Haiden’s case wasn’t the only issue in her life though. There were so many others that wanted to get back at her.

“Are you sure?” She asked. Of course he was sure. He wouldn’t tell her something like this otherwise. Then he mentioned about leaving. She didn’t want to leave. She didn’t want to go into hiding again. She hated hiding. She really didn’t want to be put through that situation again.

“Matt, calm down. Maybe it’s not that serious. And if there are bugs in here and if they are listening, you just blew up we’re escaping,” She reminded. Well, just the fact that Matt saw the RV would probably trigger them that they’d leave. She couldn’t care too much that he threatened her. She understood why he did it. Yes, she was a little upset but not enough that she’d actually be mad at him for it.

“I know. You’re not going to lose me and I’m not alone in this case. I still have you. And it wouldn’t matter even if I was. It’s better just me being in danger than me and Vic. Vic has a family. If it’s serious, I won’t let her put up with dangerous criminals that would go to the ends of the earth to shut her up,” She stated. Vic mostly helped with cases that normally didn’t involve large groups or anything too serious but this one just happened to be longer than they thought. She didn’t want Vic to be a part of it. Haiden seemed excited to go on a road trip. She was reminded of the last time. Last time, Matt got shot. She sighed seeing the suitcase. He was right, it was better to leave before things got worse. She never like fleeing but there really wasn’t any choice.

“Got it,” She nodded. She grabbed some clothes, whatever her hand caught and then she got the first aid box. She got another gun, blades, medicine and snacks on the way for Haiden. She didn’t know if that would be enough or if they needed anything else. She already had a weapon on her just in case and a small tape recorder in her pocket. They always came in handy if you wanted to arrest someone. She then quickly zipped up the suitcase and pulled it near the door.

“Here we go again,” She sighed and decided to pretend like everything was okay so that Haiden didn’t catch on what was really going on. She wanted him to feel like he was safe. She opened the door and hoped it wouldn’t be like last time. Or at least not almost getting killed part. They couldn’t afford that to happen, not when they had Haiden.

  Alice Everchant / Lexxiia / 7y 228d 19h 56m 44s

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