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ul This is a regular highschool. I want it to be realistic, ul the kids are just comeing back from spring break and heading into another long boring year of school. What will happen this year?


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  • Make it like a real highschool
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Best friends-


YOE-years of Experience

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  • Selena Montez
  • Shizuri "Ricky"
  • Alicia Stone
  • Claire Sutton
  • Lance Thorn
  • Eri
  • Aaron Bishop
  • Nikki Jean
  • Corey Shadows


Name- Shizuri "Ricky" Kamikuza
Age- 17
Gender- Female
Grade/year- 12th
Boyfriend/girlfriend/crush- None yet
Group- Skaters
Best friends- She's a loner and a wanderer, but a cool person. She is looking for some good friends.
Personallity- She's nice, but she's also tough. She doesn't take anything from anyone, but she speaks with actions more than words. She is a partial mute; she doesn't talk much, but will if necessary.
Other- She has a few problems with her family, but she never lets them show when she's in school. Her outlook is a fairly good financial family, but on the inside, it is true terror. She prefers to be alone and to wander whether its classtime or not. She's a tom boy, so she doesn't wear skirts much.



Name- Alicia Stone
Age- 17
Gender- Female
Grade/year- 11th
Boyfriend/girlfriend/crush- None Yet
Group- Prep
Best friends- She is mostly friends with those who really try to get to know her.
Personality- She is cold and distant when you first meet her but she can actually be really nice. Though she seemed like a spoiled brat she can be caring. She is known for breaking the rules but doesn't get caught very often. Those who really get to know her find out there is more to her than everyone thinks.
Other- She lives with her dad who is always busy with work or tending to his pregnant fiancee. She has a little brother who she isn't too fond of. She wishes she was an only child so she could have all the attention. She really only shops in brand name stores with her friends.



Name- Aaron Bishop
Age- 15
Grade/year- 9th
Boyfriend/girlfriend/crush- No one yet
Group- Emo
Best friends- none
Personallity- He is very shy and loving to the ones that are nice to him, he is very calm and normal ether sleeping or wanting to cuddle with someone






Name- Claire Sutton
Age- 16
Gender- Female
Grade/year- 10th
Boyfriend/girlfriend/crush- Not Yet
Group- Musicians - Guitarist
Best friends- They have to be honest and trustworthy. They have to be able to get to know and understand her and her music.
Personallity- She is nice and polite when speaking to others however she can be secluded and withdrawn when it comes to her music.
Other- She used to be the opposite of what she is now until two years ago her and her father were in a car accident. Her father died and she plays his Fender stratocaster in her band.

Name- Lance Thorn
Age- 17
Gender- Male
Grade/year- 12th
Boyfriend/girlfriend/crush- None
Group- Musician specifically Guitarist
Best friends- He doesn't really have a best friend...none he trusts with things like crushes or secrets.
Personallity- He is nice to people and if he is friends with them,bubbly and bouncy...too the point some people call him abit mad but nothing someone would dislike him for, except a few jocks.
Other- He is very well known by the town itself since he grew up in the area their by he knows most people and strives to meet the new kids whenever there are some.He isn't the average guitarist eithier he is genuinly good at it,he is outgoing aswell almost like a punk with the jeans and tanktops but abit less destructive.He is also very protective of his friends though none seems to know why...maybe something someone close will find out about his past.

Name: Eri
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Grade: 11th
Group: Musicians-Piano
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush: None yet
Best Friends: Doesnt have one
Personality: He can be very mysterious and very anti social when he wants to be. When you get on his bad side it is best to stay away from him.
Other: Here is the thing with Eri, he is blind, he was in a car accedent when he was 10 with his father. His father died in teh accedent, the crazy thing is when he lost his eye sight, it was like his other scenses have grown, so its like he isnt even blind. The doctors finds this very strange but there is not explination for it.



Math Geeks

New kids

Name-Selena Montez
Group-New kids
Boyfriend/Girlfried, Crush-None yet.
Best Friends-They have to actually make an effort to be her friend like I'm not just ganna put them on here. They actually have to become her friend.
Personality-She is nice, kind, sweet, doesn't lie, tries to do everything she is told that she knows she is supposed to do. She is also terribly shy and it's really hard to break the shell. Once you break the shell she opens up all the way and is able to talk to you easily.
Other-She is the new girl of the school, she has never ever had a boyfriend or even a friend because she has been homeschooled. All her life she was homeschooled. No friends, no one to meet. She doesn't even have a job. She is an only child. Living with her mother and father who loves her and decided to let her go to highschool. She always wears skirts and nothing else. She doesn't wear revealing clothes. She wears long skirts that go past her knees, and short sleeved shirts and long sleeved shirts only. Nothing else, no tanktops, no short skirts. She is very different from everyone, and now she knows she is ganna get mocked and made fun of for it.

Name- Nikki Jean
Grade/year- 12th
Boyfriend/girlfriend/crush- Single: When ever she is in a relation ship, she is always the player, or heart breaker.
Group- New Kid:
Best friends- None at the moment: She

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<Oh crap, I forgot about this..sorry I have had family anf boyfriend drama>
  Claire Sutton / Alexis_Hart / 10y 160d 17h 52m 12s
hey im sorry but im out. this thing is dead.
  Eri / NoraGene / 10y 160d 17h 53m 46s
Eri hesitated for a while. He sighs. "No...they wont be there..." he says. "They never go..." he bit his lip. His family hasnt gone to any of his residals in years, he missed his family cheering him on. That was when his music use to be happy.

He moved a strand of hair from his face. "They day they go will be the day I get my eye sight back..."
  Eri / NoraGene / 10y 167d 22h 58m 14s
"Okay, that works for me," She said smiling and then nodded. She smiled a little before she looked down and ran her hand through her hair. "You should come and listen to my band play too, we're still in the garage phase but hey we're okay." She then looked at him. "Will any of your family be going?"

After she asked Claire felt a little awkward since she had the strangest feeling the answer would be no. She couldn't believe his family gave up music, the idea of it was just unfathomable to her.
  Claire Sutton / Alexis_Hart / 10y 169d 22m 6s
Eri smiles. "Its at the community center down the street. There will be lots of people there. A few others will also be there as well." he says, he knew his mother wont be there, she never goes to his residals, she says she will be there but never shows up. He remembers when he found his mom in the front lawn naked...some guy used her and left her there. He shook the memory out of his head. "Its at 4:30."
  Eri / noragene / 10y 171d 17h 8m 10s
<It's okay>
Claire looked at him and smiled before she shook her head a little. "Well that would be great thanks, where is it?" She asked softly as she quietly wondered if it would take place at school. She smiled not wanting to wait until she could hear him play again, he was truly sensational when he played.

"I bet you love playing," she said softly and she looked over at him and ran her hand through her hair. "I know I would if I was that good," she said smiling as she then thought about her mum going to see her play with the band. If only she would.
  Claire Sutton / Alexis_Hart / 10y 171d 17h 23m 47s
Eri shrugs. "Whenever you want me to." he says softly. "I got a residal today after school, maybe you can come and then afterwards I can show you some stuff?" he asked. He loved to show off his skills to others, it made him feel good. He hardly gets to show people and when he gets the chance to, he takes it.

  Eri / noragene / 10y 171d 17h 28m 11s
"Maybe but she just doesn't get that I don't want dad's guitar to just sit in a box like his other belongings," She said as she looked at him, "Thanks, I appreciate it." She then turned in her seat as she made sure her scar was covered by the scarf she wore around her neck.

"So when can you start teaching me?" She asked softly as she moved her guitar again and pulled out a small writing pad. She started to write a new song the words simply flowing as she whispered them as she waited for Eri's reply. She looked over a little before she continued with her writing. As she red over the first verse she had written she smiled it sounded good and she could probably get a rift or bridge to fit with it.
  Claire Sutton / Alexis_Hart / 10y 172d 4h 30m 27s
Eri nods. "Im sure once your mother sees you in the future being famous, she will rethink all that." he smiles. "Ill be sure to buy your album." His mother use to be supportive of him before she went into this great depression, now she doesnt even know he is there.
  Eri / NoraGene / 10y 172d 16h 5m 28s
"Yes, he did teach me, he was great and he was proud and supportive of my dreams unlike my mum," She said as she looked at him. It was nice to talk to someone who understood what it was like to lose her father, to talk to someone who had the same passion for music as her. She smiled and leant back before she sighed again.

She gently ran her fingers over the case of the guitar, she smiled again. She loved the guitar, it was the only thing she had left.
  Claire Sutton / Alexis_Hart / 10y 172d 16h 10m 14s
Eri smiles. "Really? is he the one that taught you how to play?" he asked, he rest his chin on his hand. It felt nice to actually talk to someone who talks to him like he was human.
  Eri / NoraGene / 10y 172d 16h 17m 48s
"My mother was a mess but she's moved on and she's with someone else," she said as she looked at him, "It must be hard on you having to deal with that. I know I couldn't." She then sighed a little and looked down a little. "Yeah I know how that feels, my dad was everything to me. It's his guitar I play."
  Claire Sutton / Alexis_Hart / 10y 172d 16h 19m 34s
Eri nods. "Its hard..." he says. "Ever since my mother has been so depressed...drinking every night." he frowns, still taping the pen on the desk. "its been years now and she is still partying every night, drinking. Its horrible. My life hasnt changed one bit since he had died."
  Eri / NoraGene / 10y 172d 16h 23m 19s
"It must have been hard for you to lose him. I know what that's like," she froze finding it hard to breathe as he mentioned a car accident, "M-my father and I were in a car accident two years ago. I have been so angry since it happened, my father protected me and died and all I cameout with was one measly scar.." She trailed off. Her breath was still laboured as she panicked lightly. The images flashed in her mind of the car accident.
  Claire Sutton / Alexis_Hart / 10y 172d 16h 25m 52s
Eri sighs before speaking. "Just. The loss of my father. When I was 10 years old my father and I went out to a concert, it was late at night and people were drinking. A car hit us and the windsheild shattered, how I lost my eyesight. Got in my eye...My father didnt live..." he explains, a couple of kids around them seemed to be listening, they were whispering to each other.
  Eri / NoraGene / 10y 172d 16h 32m 39s

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