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Kira was in his room thinking. He looked up at the old sky, and smile.d The sun was sunnty and beautiful. His long light hair fell in his dace and he smiled, enjoyign the feel of the air.

Suddenly a girl walked into the old cafe. Her dark hair hanging down to her wiat.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 16d 6h 48m 54s
Alex sighed as he walked out of his room, a black and silver messenger bag slung over his shoulder. In it was a change of clothes, a sketch book, pencils, pens, markers, and a few other things. He planned on going to the old cafe to draw for a while. He smiled as he walked in. It was abandoned, but everything still worked. He made himself a cup of tea. This was his own little get away place. No one ever came to the old café, not since the new one had opened.
  NekoScribe13 / 8y 16d 9h 4m 20s
The first ^,^
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 17d 3h 17m 24s
Okay in gonna show two pics. Pick the one you like better. This is the first.
  Alex / NekoScribe13 / 8y 17d 4h 52m 23s
Just reply wen you can ^,^
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 17d 5h 41m 17s
That's ok lol.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 17d 5h 41m 43s
Sorry i had to give my cat an emergency bath,l cause she got wasp spray on her fur.
  NekoScribe13 / 8y 17d 6h 5m 45s
(alright! Sorry I passed out. ^,^0
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 17d 7h 4m 51s
Sure, but give me a bit.
  NekoScribe13 / 8y 17d 8h 55m 18s
Sure, but give me a bit.
  NekoScribe13 / 8y 17d 8h 56m 30s

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