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Alex merely nodded and sat down cross-legged on the floor out of habit. He ran any possible issues with his staying here through his mind. He didn't have any real friends, just his online friends. As far as his family, well, he'd moved out when he was sixteen. Hadn't spoken to them since, didn't care to either.
  Alex / NekoScribe13 / 8y 11d 11h 12s
Sara looked into his eye.s "because you are perfect for our prince." she siad to him. "You are so shy and so meek and mild. It's the perfect eprson for him. And your artistic ability." She explained. She lead him into a grand room. "the prince will be here momentarily."She siad calmly. "And you will be caleld the next queen. It's what we call all of our kings mates, female or male." She said honestly.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 11d 11h 55m 44s
Alex looked around, then to turn to the ground. "Why me though? Shouldn't it have been someone that isn't so shy and, well socially inadequate?" Alex asked, looking up, waiting for her to lead the way and introduce ym to his... husband? Another question popped into his head. "Umm, since he's the prince, and I'm his mate, what will I be called exactly?" Alex asked curiously.
  Alex / NekoScribe13 / 8y 11d 12h 18m 13s
She held his hand as the white faded to an ope garden. "yes you'll be near importyant people, and people of all sorts." SHe said to Alex. "I will be your advisor and protector." SHe sia.d "you belong to the prince, you're his mate, his love, and his trustee." sara explained. "unfortunatly you ahve no choice in this."
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 11d 12h 29m 58s
Alex looked at her, completely shocked. "M-mate? To a prince? Are you nuts?! I can't be near important people! I'm just an ordinary guy... not someone that belongs with royalty of any sort." Alex said, wanting to run. If he ended up with a prince, he'd be near many people, and often. That wouldn't work so well for the shy artistic male. He bit his lip, realizing that he didn't really have a choice in the matter.
  Alex / NekoScribe13 / 8y 11d 12h 37m 8s
Sara nodded. "Ity's quiete a pleasure to meet you too Alex." SHe reached forward, and took his hand. In that second the earea glowed green with light, and the room around them dissapeared. "I think it's time you learned of your true destiny Alex." SHe siad calmly. "The destiny to be the mate to the prince."
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 11d 12h 46m 22s
Alex thought for a moment, his head tilted back. "Um, maybe enough Dr about a month... It depends on how many customers you get..." he said as he stepped toward her. He stuck out his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet the new owner of this place. I was afraid it would never be brought back again." He said with a smile as he waited to shake Sara's hand.
  Alex / NekoScribe13 / 8y 11d 16h 21s
She studdied. "how much food is on ghand?"She asked. She had already opened the portal, she just neeeded him to step in with her.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 14d 17h 43m 25s
"They opened another café on main street. Still not as good as this one was." Alex said with a smile. "Is there anything else?" He asked, after saying her the entire café.
  Alex / NekoScribe13 / 8y 15d 9h 19m 56s
She waled following him. "how did this palce become so dead? I use to hear it was very popular."hte girl siad, adns tudied ihm carefully. he ws a perfect mate for their prince. She wodnered how he would react.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 16d 5h 14m 53s
Alex blinked. He didn't know that the building had even been for sale. "I am. I came here back when it was open to. Follow me." He said, walking to the kitchen area. He decided to let her choose where to go from there.
  NekoScribe13 / 8y 16d 6h 5m 35s
"Actually yes.S"he siad smillign. "i'm the new owner of thsi palce."She siad ohnestly. SHe had bought this place. "i was hoping you could show me around. I was todl you're here a lot."
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 16d 6h 14m 10s
Alex looked up in surprise. "Oh hello. I didn't notice you walk in. Is there something I can do for you ma'am?" He asked, putting his things away and finishing his tea. He stood up, smiling at the woman.
  NekoScribe13 / 8y 16d 6h 15m 25s
Sara wlaked up. "Alex."she siad smilling. sh eoculd tell this was his time. It was tiem that he take his palce as their pricnes mate.
  Jazzmin-Anime / 8y 16d 6h 24m 21s
Alex smiled as her opened his sketch book and began drawing, tuning out the world. Someone could run into the room and he wouldn't notice unless they ran directly in front of him. He showed on his tea every so often, humming in approval as he did so.
  NekoScribe13 / 8y 16d 6h 49m 18s

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