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I want a studentxteacher relationship, malexfemale. I am looking for a younger male teacher. I want their relationship to be kind of like Aria and Ezras relationship on pretty little liars where they have their secrets and stuff which we will discuss before starting.

Mini plot: Skye was abused as child, and raped about 2 years ago, she trusts barely noone except her friends, when working at a coffee shop she meets ___________________ who she gets into a relationship with and turns out being a student in __________________ ____________ class.

PM me if interested
No ANIME, real pictures only.
post when possible
200+ minimum
Romantic relationship and drama needed,
No cybering
***I will duplicate if needed**

We will dicuss a small plot and build with drama and ect.

Teaching subject:
Mini bio:

Username: xLyrax
Name:Skye Claire
Mini Bio: Skye was abused as child, and raped about 2 years ago, she trusts barely noone except her friends, works in a coffee shop.

Username: Scenemorawr
Name: Lucas Scott
Teaching subject:English
Mini bio: Lucas lives alone with a dog for company. He works all day and night grading and marking so weekends are times off to get what he needs and relax. Mother and father dead, little sister lives with his uncle and comes to see him from time to time.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Skye smiled and blushed a little bit, she snuggled into him, and just as she got comfy, she had to get up and go to the bathroom. "I'll be right back" she said removing herself from his arms, and standing up throwing on at least underwear, and walking to her bathroom. She saw blood, but wasn't really panicked, yes this wasn't her first real time, but he must of have fully popped her cherry. She was kind of happy about that, it means the asshole who raped her, didn't get all her virginity. she finished up washing her hands, and heading back to her bedroom with a huge smile on her face.
  Skye Claire / xLyrax / 6y 209d 5h 37m 26s
Lucas looked over at her and smiled at her. He bit his lower lip gently, watching her for a moment before turning onto his side, kissing her forehead and putting his arm around her, closing his eyes and relaxing. He smiled and chuckled some.
  Lucas Scott / Scenemorawr / 6y 229d 2h 34m 57s
Skye was out of breath, and was in some pain, but according to everything she had read the first time was always painful. She pulled the blanket up to her waist as well and moved closer to Lucas.
  Skye Claire / xLyrax / 6y 232d 6h 15m 48s
Lucas smiled at her, leaning up to kiss her. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, held her up and started.


Lucas panted, looking over at Skye and smiled at her. He looked at the ceiling and bit his lip some, turning his head again and looked at Skye again. He watched her for a moment, putting his hands on his stomach and pulling the blanket up to his waist.
  Lucas Scott / Scenemorawr / 6y 234d 2h 14m 13s
Skye looked at Lucas and watched his movements, as both of their clothes were off. She knew she wanted this, she wanted to experience this with someone she was falling in love with and that was Lucas. She nodded her head at him to give her the ready sign.
  Skye Claire / xLyrax / 6y 236d 4h 14m 58s
<Don't worry about it!>

Lucas smiled a little and holding her close to him. He looked up at her and took in a deep breath, removing the rest of their clothes and looked at her curiously. He hoped she wanted to do this because he wanted to do this. He smiled at her and bit his lower lip again, taking in a deep breath.
  Lucas Scott / Scenemorawr / 6y 244d 9h 29m 3s

Skye smiled kissing him with passion like she never had before. She pulled herself tightly to him as he arms snaked around her waist. Skye let out a light moan as he kissed and bit her neck.
  Skye Claire / xLyrax / 6y 245d 2h 48m 58s
Lucas smiled at her, kissing her deeply and took in a deep breath. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, leaning down and kissing her neck and bit it gently. He leaned back, looking up at her and smiled brightly, moving his hands over her body and took in a deep breath.
  Lucas Scott / Scenemorawr / 6y 251d 2h 59m 11s
Skye smiled letting him undo her bra. She wasn't sure what to do next, so she looked into his eyes and placed her lips in his with deepness and passion wrapping her arms around his neck pulling herself closer to him.
  Skye Claire / xLyrax / 6y 258d 4h 6m 10s
Lucas bit his lower lip gently, looking down at her and leaned down, kissing her deeply and wrapped an arm around her, moving them around and pulling her on top of him. He smirked and chuckled some, reaching behind her and slowly removing her bra.
  Lucas Scott / Scenemorawr / 6y 262d 8h 51m 29s
Becca helped remove her pants, this left him in his boxers, and her in her underwear and bra. She let a moan leave her mouth.
  Skye Claire / xLyrax / 6y 262d 8h 57m 39s
Lucas smiled a little, running his fingers down her side and let her undo his pants before taking them off. He stared at her in silence before moving down and gently kissing her shoulders and collar bones.
  Lucas Scott / Scenemorawr / 6y 262d 9h 18m 43s
Skye smiled. Lifting her lower half to let him remove her pants. She smiled kissing his neck, she started to undo his pants.
  Skye Claire / xLyrax / 6y 262d 9h 40m 20s
Lucas kissed her deeply as she pulled him in tightly. He was glad she removed her hands from her body. He laid himself gently on her and moved his hands down her sides to her pant line, smiling brightly and pulled back, undoing her pants slowly.
  Lucas Scott / Scenemorawr / 6y 262d 10h 28m 44s
As Lucas kissed her, Skye removed her hands from covering her body and wrapped them around his neck pulling him closer to her and deepening the passion in the kiss.
  Skye Claire / xLyrax / 6y 262d 20h 35m 14s

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